BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


The primary works of Beyond Imagination to date have primarily been written ones.  In particular, they have been stream of consciousness works that have come from source through me over the past 20 years. since 1992.  In that time over 9 million words have come forth.  These have been package into several dozen works, including 9 self-published books.  Much of the expression is captured here.  The hope is that through walking in out mindsteps, you will discover and awaken to who you truly are and you will find a way to express that in your own life.  No, written expression may not be your thing.  That is OK.  It happens to be one of my gifts and my passions ... especially metaphysical expression.  Though, spirit can express in flesh through any form of creative expression.  Find what works for you and apply it to your life in whatever way suits you.  Remember, utility is what counts.

Here, we deal primarily with ideas, and a lot of them at that.  These are often condensed into selections of quotes, best passages, and special topic works.  This has truly been a labor of LOVE.  Now, we desire to share what has come forth with others in a more direct and meaningful way.  It seems that we have gone as far as we can go as an individual.  Now, it is time to see what can be done in the context of society.

Original versions of nearly everything are available at the old Beyond Imagination website

Nine Beyond Imagination books were self-published through Infinity Publishing

Links to descriptions and instructions for obtaining these books through the publisher

All of these works are available for free as files from as well

Free once you subscribe to the scribd service

They provide access to a large library of works of various types

Search for Beyond Imagination and Wayne Hartman to get to our works

Works from 2004 through 2012 are available in several places as well.

At the old Beyond Imagination site, there is a section for newer works

These consist of Musings and Best of Musing files

The suggested price for these works is $50/$25 or 2 hours/1 hour of time in service to others

For sale at for various prices based on the size of the work


We would like to publish all of our works.  Many people still prefer physical books to their electronic versions.  In many cases, the only physical versions of our works are single copies that we have printed and took in to be spiral bound.  Unfortunately, the cost of doing this comes to roughly 10 cents per page to print plus $7 to bind.  With many of our works coming in at 200-300 8.5 x 11 pages, that comes to $27 to $37 per work.  Further, the final product is not conducive to putting in bookshelves, carrying, or determining what the work is without looking at the front cover.  If you do choose to print and bind any works, we recommend selecting a clear cover sheet so the first page is visible and choosing spiral bound.  We have found this the most easy to work with.


If there is a particular work that you are interested in seeing published, you can choose to bear the cost of transforming these works into books.  Of course, if you desire to be acknowledged for your contribution, we would be happy to do that.  For books generated from the works that have come forth through Wayne, the cost to sponsor publication is: $700 to publisher plus 40 hours x $50/hour = $2000 to proof, format, create descriptions, identify keywords, select excerpts, and review proof copy provided by publisher.  The total cost involved is $2700 per book.  

Note:  For the average 250 page work, the writing time was 250 hours with another 250 hours spent reading, thinking, or experiencing things necessary to bring forth the material.  At 500 hours per work x $100 per hour for creative time, that comes to $50,000 per work.

Once a book is published, any proceeds from sales of books will be distributed as 22 percent to the author, and 78 percent to the BISPIRIT Organization to fund community projects and building tools that facilitate our mission of building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  If you choose to become a BISPIRIT member, you can have a voice in determining where such funds will be applied. We would estimate that we have close to 30 works available that could be transformed into books.  Any of the works since 2004 are potential candidates at this time.  As our BISPIRIT community grows, we expect this to increase substantially as well.  

THANK YOU for your time and consideration and for any help that you may be able to provide.
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