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BEYOND IMAGINATION is an entity dedicated to building a better world in which SPIRIT is more fully expressed in flesh. At this site you'll find several thousand pages of metaphysical works that have come from SPIRIT through Wayne to YOU describing a VISION of what we are endeavoring to create and documenting our progress in achieving our goals of creating a COMMUNITY where individuals are truly able to be all they can be in a cooperatively interdependent environment where the real needs of all are met effectively. We hope you enjoy what you find here, and that it moves you to want to participate so that we can co-create the WORLD in which we would prefer to live in the Aquarian Age that lies before us.


I dream of a world united in love, peace, and harmony; 
where people are equal and receive what they need
physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually;
where people are employed in a manner that engages
their natural abilities and talents fully
for the good of both the individual and the society;
where people are happy and free;
where people are helpful to one another;
where industry operates in harmony with nature,
righting the damages caused due to excesses in the past;
where governments are efficient and honest,
and truly represent the rights of the people.

 This is the image that most reflects what we see ourself to be.  It is a balance between female and male energies.  For us, the symbol of community is the Star of David, consisting of an upward facing triangle interlocking with a downward facing one.  In this case, the upward facing triangle is composed of three Gods, the Chinese Immortal of Longevity, Buddha Enlightened, and Shiva.  The downward facing triangle consists of three forms of Quan Yin.  For us, spirit has always been feminine.  Spirit has also been ONE.  This reflects that.  Further, God is typically expressed as a trinity.  We find it curious that in creating this image, we choose three very different forms of God.


  MIND                                    HEART

CONSCIOUSNESS                    SOUL


This is how we see things at this time anyway.

body = 2647 = 19
mind = 4954 = 22
heart = 85192 = 25
TOTAL = 66

spirit = 179992 = 37
consciousness = 3651396315511 = 49
soul = 1633 = 13  [Note:  16 + 33 = 49] rising soul to the vibration of consciousness
TOTAL = 99 or 135

Notice that 66 and 99 are rotations of one another

Also, 49 = 7 x 7 = the field of 7 spiritual rays x 7 spiritual rays
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