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BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT

Tithe Service


If you are thinking about becoming a BISPIRIT member, you may be wondering what you can do with the tithe of time that you will be providing.  All that we ask is that you use it to provide spiritual / metaphysical works, products, or services that help others.  We don't think that is asking too much.  Indeed, if all of us would tithe, a huge amount of energy and resources would be unleashed to do good works.  Our mission is to build the foundations and environment that facilities harnishing the effort in ways that have the most impact ... in ways that are productive and do the most good.  There are many ways in which you can apply your tithe.  Here are some of them, but don't let this limit you.  Find bold new ways to creatively apply the things that stir your PASSION.  The more connected you are with whatever you choose to do, the better the results will be.  Also, focus on using your greatest abilities ... whatever they are.  These will enable you to maximize your results and impact.  

If you have ideas for Projects to generate works, products, and/or services, provide the requested information on the Projects page.  This will allow others to join your Project if they have the right skills and are interested.  Though, feel  free to suggest Projects even that would be of service, even if you are not interested in participating in them.  The suggestion just may be something that others can be passionate about doing.  The following are some ideas for tithe work that come of the top of my head.

WORKS:  By works, I mean any kind of written works.  Though that may be more limiting than it needs to be.

Beyond Imagination Quotes Works:  Pick quotes from the Beyond Imagination expression and arrange them in some order that stirs you.  If it stirs you, it may stir others.  This can be overall for the Beyond Imagination expression, or for a particular Beyond Imagination Work such as 2009 Musings - Book 1.  There are one 2008, four 2009, four 2010, seven 2011, and seven 2012 Musing works for which such quotes have not yet been selected.

Beyond Imagination Special Topics Works:  Some examples of these are On Spirit, On Consciousness, On Soul, and Reality and Reality Creation.  There are many other spiritual / metaphysical topics on which you might choose to focus.  Here, you can select applicable passages chronologically, or arrange them in whatever way makes sense to you.  If you feel up to it, you can add your own commentary based on your unique perspective.  We urge you to do this.  We value the synergy that comes when ideas and concepts are explored from different perspectives.

Research Works:  There is great utility in doing research on a topic, analyzing the information you find, summarizing things, and making it easy for others to come to their own understanding of the topic at hand.  It is very inefficient to have people all doing their own research.  Personally, I have found search engines to be woefully lacking here.  There is so much information readily available.  But, finding the specific information you need can be difficult.  Also, the nature of the WWW is that there is no one checking the veracity of the information.  Here, we have found it important to find the source within that knows whether information is right or not.  Though, it is not all black and white.  There is so much that is unknown when it comes to spirituality and metaphysics.  That is OK.  All that we have to do is our best.  Also, remember to be the instrument through which spirit does the work.

Your Own Spiritual / Metaphysical Works:  If you are a writer, we encourage you to express whatever spirit would have you express from your perspective.  Every perspective is unique.  Every perspective has value.  You may or may not express in a stream of consciousness.   That is our primary way ... but it takes a leap of faith and a willingness to operate on the fringes of the known.  We like to think that we make what was unknown known.  Your style may be more structured ... also, it may involve fiction rather than non-fiction.  Don't let anything limit you.

Spiritual / Metaphysical Book Summaries and Reviews:  Here, we are looking for people to read, assess, summarize, review, catalog, and identify connections between the key ideas in various spiritual / metaphysical books.  The intent is to help people in there search for books that may be of the greatest utility to their spiritual growth and development, and to the impact that they have on others and the world.  This is not something each of us should have to do on their own.  Further, this is something best done by a team of people so that multiple perspectives are engaged.

PRODUCTS:  Products are things that are created such as works of art, computer programs or apps.  They may be things that you create, or things that you find and buy.

Perhaps you are an artist of some type and have particular products that you can create that may be uplifting or beneficial to others.  In the Numbers section we have examples of Apps that would make the process of finding spiritual meaning in symbol systems much easier for me and for anyone that has an aptitude in this area.  Indeed, if you have the talents to build such Apps, you would be providing a great service enabling an enormous amount of research and analysis to be done very effectively and quickly.  We can only imagine what connections that will allow us to find.  Indeed, it will allow us to do things that have never been done before.

Books are extremely important to me, especially spiritual/metaphysical ones.  I have found that thrift stores are a good place to find them at a bargain price.  Hardbacks are typically $2 and softbacks are $1.  Often the books are in close to new condition, as if they have not been read.  At these prices, it is inexpensive to set up a fairly good lending library that you could offer to those in your area that might be interested.


Education:  Here, we engage the master teacher that we are to assist others in their spiritual growth and awakening, and in mastering the knowledge and skills that various spiritual and metaphysical disciplines and practices have to offer.  Remember the quote from Richard Bach in Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah - "You teach best what you most need to learn".  Also, remember that teaching others how to learn is probably the most important thing that you can teach.  They can then use these abilities to effectively learn whatever they are interested in an passionate to know.

We ask that you consider it your responsibility to pass on all that you know to others in some way such that there is a living continuity of this knowledge.  That does not mean passing it all to one person ... not in the least.  It is highly unlikely that any one person would be interested or even able to grasp and apply it all.  Also, it is important to recognize that when we learn, we are realizing what we already know at other than conscious levels.  Further, we have to KNOW THYSELF, before we can operate optimally in society and in the world, before we can truly create a masterpiece of our life.

Mediation and Counseling:  Here, we help people with relationship issues and maximize cooperation, compassion, and harmony.  Trust yourself here.  You already know if you are good at working with people, if you have the listening skills, relationship experience, and compassion to be able to assist them with the relationship issues in their lives.

Coaching:  Here, we encourage people to do what it takes to uphold their commitments to themselves, to others, and to the world.  Many people need help with motivating themselves to do the daily things necessary to complete whatever tasks they are doing or to achieve whatever goals and objectives they would like to reach in their lives.  If you are the type of person that is good at such things, then do apply you talents to help others maximize what they achieve.

Guidance:  Here, we assess what people need and provide guidance that helps them to fulfill those needs.  In this case, the guidance is primarily spiritual / metaphysical.  This may happen in multiple ways.  Some people know what they need ... it is simply a matter of fulfilling those needs.  Other people do not know what they need.  Here, we must determine this before we can guide them in ways that are of value to them.  Also, each person is unique.  We need to find ways to tailor whatever guidance they might need into a format and means that is effective for them.

Mentorship:  Here, we serve as a role model for specific others, monitoring their growth and progress, and offering advice and assistance where we can to allow them to become all that they can be, and carry out their mission in an effective manner.  In some cases, multiple mentors may be needed to address the full spectrum of gifts, abilities, talent, interests, and passions of those we mentor.

Additional ways to apply your tithe ...

Help people to find BISPIRIT and all that we have to offer.   There are many ways to do this.  

-  If you have a website of your own, provide a link to us.  We would prefer you use:

BISPIRIT (www.bispirit.com):  Creating the Foundations for a New World in which Spirit can more fully Express in Flesh

-  Find other compatible webites and submit for them to link to BISPIRIT as identified above.  If these sites require link exchanges, we will consider such as well.

-  Submit the BISPIRIT site to various web browser sites.  Use all of the spiritual related keywords that you can think of such as:  spirit, consciousness, soul, awakening, aware, awareness, reality creation, bliss, spiritual mission, metaphysics, spiritual growth, quotations, quotes, stream of consciousness, tithe, spiritual community, goddess, god, illusion, and any others that you feel might be relevant.

-  E-mail people who you think might be interested in joining us or might benefit from what we have to offer.  Feel free to include particular works, excerpts, or pages from the BISPIRIT site or Beyond Imagination site that you believe would be of interest or utility.

-  Describe BISPIRIT and post the link above in relevant spiritual /metaphysical blogs.

-  Have "spiritual business cards" printed with the BISPIRIT website link.  We would be happy to show you the ones that we use.  Be creative.  Express WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  As you do this, you will find that you become what YOU state yourself to be.  It is a matter of acting as-if until you become it.

If your work involves providing metaphysical / spiritual services to others already, you could simply choose to apply these services for free to people that would benefit from them but cannot afford them at the moment.  This latter constraint is important.  Though, we do not advise doing this if it is not something that you can be passionate about.

We do not want tithing to become a burden EVER.  It is extremely important that you find something to do with your tithe that you are passionate about that truly serves others and makes a difference.  This can be at an individual, collective, world, or even universal level.  Each of us is here to make a meaningful difference.  That is the mark of a life well-lived.  In doing so, we will find that we truly make a masterpiece of our life.  Don't underestimate how much of an impact you may have.  Helping someone to awaken and become more aware has ripple effects that reach far beyond anything that you may be able to fathom.  Indeed, the effect that you are having may seem inconsequential.  But, it never is.  If you are sharing WHO YOU ARE and operating out of YOUR TRUTH and your PASSION, you cannot help but to make a big difference.