SpiritualNumbers are a form of spiritual shorthand that allow us to make connections between many disparate things.  Everything is vibration, everything is number,  Consider that the television show or movie that you watch, and for that matter everything that you can access from the computer in which you are experiencing this is all brought to you digitally as combinations of 1's and 0's that are captured in patterns and given meaning that allows it to be translated into all that you see.  Is it that hard to extrapolate that our entire world and everything within it, including our minds and all of the thoughts that we think, and including our consciousness and all that we experience are digital as well?  The concept of the holodeck in Star Trek comes to mind, replicators as well.  The movie, The Matrix captured this as well but in a context that was perhaps more negative than it needs to be.

The world is an illusion, yes, but an enticing one that has a purpose.  It provides a framework in which we can discover and explore different facets of who we are.  Each of us is endowed with a focus and point of view,  Each of us is a facet within a larger context.  We can learn to control our focus and find ways to change and expand our points of view.  It is not necessarily easy.  If it were, far more people would be doing it by now.  But, the world is perfect as it is as a whole.  There is no hurry.  Time too is an illusion.  However, that something is an "illusion" does not mean that it is not "real".  Whatever we experience is real to us  In what follows, I will attempt to convey some of the symbols in the illusion and what they mean to me from a spiritual standpoint.  Unfortunately, this is still one person's perspective.  The processes that I use are intuitive for the most part.  I notice what I am moved to see,  And then I watch myself do machinations with the numbers involved until I get to other numbers that are already significant for some reason.  By now, in many cases, these numbers are significant for many reasons since they have appeared in a variety of contexts over the past two decades.  Here, it seems that time does not matter.  Rather it is the connectivity of the things that triggered the numbers.

Recently, the focus has shifted more towards uncovering or discovering meaning for the numbers or for the connections that are being made.  It is as if we have been creating a fabric over the past two decades and now we need to step back and see how it is being applied or reflected in the world.  Hopefully, we will be able to convey some of that here.  If you have similar or related experiences, by all means contact us ... or better yet, become a member of our community.  Now is about exploring what we can do together.  We believe that will be far more than the sum of what we could do alone.

Namaste!  [11/11/2013 = 11 + 11 + 33 = 55, our present age]

So much is going on that I just had to do something to capture it.  Hmm … where to start.  On Friday, I bought a Murano glass bird bath.  Birds are particularly significant to me.  BRD = 2 18 4.  This is the final four of my SSN.  This is the number that I associate with my life’s work … with Beyond Imagination.  The bird bath had five birds.  2184 = 888(16).  5 x 888(16) = 2AA8(16) = 10920.  This is 9:01 to the left through 9:20 to the right.   I am 9:The Hermit.  I took this to mean that I have traversed from the first step on my path to the 20:Judgement step on my path.  It took me 55 years to reach this step.  Though, I have to wonder whether the starting point was my birth.  If so, they each step took approximately 3 years.  If the 9:20 step just happens, then the cycle should finish in another 9 years.  I will be 64 then.  Interesting 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2.  That completes the step to six dimensions.

More regarding the birdbath.  The height including the birds is 22 inches.  The diameter is 13 inches.  2213 is an interesting number.  We have noticed times on watches being between 22:08 and 22:12 for over two decades.  Actually 10:08 to 10:12.  We made the leap to PM much more recently.  Indeed, we saw a Rolex ad on a billboard during our commute last night.    

22:00(88) = 1936.  22:13 takes us to 1949.  19:The Sun  49:consciousness or soul.  19+49 = 68 = WAYNE.  In most of my machinations, I try to look for personal connections … things that are directly meaningful to me.  Much of that is driven by my hermit nature.  But, often I find connections that seem to have more universal applicability.  Just checked major historical events for 1949.

Soviet Union tests first atomic bomb
NATO established
Communist People’s Republic of China proclaimed under Mao Tse Tung
George Orwell’s  1984 published
First commercial computer – Ferranti Mark 1 Released
Harry S. Truman fair deal speech.  Everyone entitled to fair deal from Gov’t.
First VW Beetle sold in US
First Polaroid Camera sold  ($89.95)
Emmy Awards first presented
RCA perfects system for broadcasting color television
Apartheid made official in South Africa
NBA comes into being

The birdbath has a few other interesting measurements and symbolic meanings.  First, the piece of glass holding one of the birds was broken off.  So immediately, we get a 41:Wayne breakout.  41 + 9 = 50:Utopia on Earth.  So the process of restoring the birdbath is symbolic for creating community in my life.  Bird bath = 2 18 4 and 2 20 8.  The later is the lowest watch time that I have seen in ads over the years.  That corresponds to 1944 which happens to be the year that the first computer was created at Harvard.  I think it too was a Mark I.    The height of the bird bath from the ground to the top of the bowl is 19.5 inches.  This is extremely close to the 1949 that 22:13 gave us earlier.

21 22 23 have been important to me as ellis, heart’s desire, and wayne.  These are also UVW.  XV has been showing up in my life a lot, somehow associated with 2014.  XV is 24 22.  We have been familiar with 12x13x14 = LMN = 2184 for many years.  22 23 24 seems to offer a similar message.  Actually, the product is 23 x 23 x 23 – 23.  While we were focused around 13:Death before.  It seems that now we are focused around 23:wayne.   Though, the PM connection comes to mind here as well.  22 23 24 is also 10 11 12 = 1320.  Interesting, that is my time of birth.  It is curious that a connection related to death would take us to birth as well.  Then again 13:20 is Death:Judgement.   10 11 12 = J K L = 11 x 11 x 11 – 11.  So, we now have 11:The Master, 13:Death, and 23:wayne in similar formats. 

2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23.   These are the 5th, 6th, and 9th primes respectively.

23 is wayne.  57 is ELLIS.

16 x 17 x 18 = 4896  PQR.  4/8/96 was about the time I announced “IT IS FINISHED”.

18 x 19 x 20 = 6840  RST.  My address in Cathedral City has been 684-33 for the past 18 years.Type your paragraph here.

BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT