BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT

School Curriculum 

Namaste!  Thoughts on the manifestation of a spiritual center.

 The intent of the BISPIRIT School Curriculum is to provide opportunities for our members:

        to awaken and know thyself;
        to be all that they can be;
        to discover and develop their gifts, talents, and abilities;
        to find what they a passionate about;
        to create a masterpiece of their life; 
        to achieve balance on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels;
        to live a happy and harmonious life;
        to learn tools and techniques for embracing challenges and turning them into opportunities;
        to be more consciously aware of the oneness and interconnectivity of all things;
        to manifest the reality that they prefer;
        and to serve spirit, others, and even the world in some meaningful way that makes a difference.

Hopefully, you will find something in this that moves you to want to participate either as a student or as a teacher.  We all have knowledge that we can share with one another.  The grandest thing that we can share is not what we think that we know, but WHO WE ARE.  We urge you to choose to do this.  That choice is the choice that truly makes a difference.

Spirituality and Metaphysics:  This is what differentiates us.  Here is where we focus both the Beyond Imagination endeavor and the BISPIRIT endeavor.  Our approach is to embrace spirituality without the dogma associated with most religions.  Metaphysics offers an abundance of concepts, ideas, and disciplines that can be applied in practical ways in our life to help us on the voyage to know thyself and then to apply this in our lifes in ways that are beneficial.

Definitions:  It helps to be clear about the terms that we use ... crystal clear.  There is so so much that is not well-defined.   this makes sharing of our experiences in these domains difficult at best.

The Spiritual Path:  The spiritual path that we follow is extremely important.  But, there is no path that applies to everyone, or even to large numbers of people.  We have found that each of us must create and follow a path that is unique to us.  That does not mean that we cannot learn from the paths of others.  Also, our path unveils itself in the moment.  We can only follow it one step at a time.

Basic Principles:  It is important that we find balance on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Metaphysics offers an abundance of tools that can help us in this regard.  However, for the most part, they are tools that appeal to our intuition.  They are tools that require us to operate from our right mind.  For many, this is a huge leap from being rational and left-brained.  But, it is a step that we have to make.

Advanced Principles:  Here, our intent is to offer detailed classes and instruction in particular metaphysical disciplines.  Frequency and number form the basis of everything.  We would help people to understand how the numbers in their life characterize who they are, and what reality they are drawing into their lives.  In addition, there are so many good books that provide a solid foundation in this area.  It is a matter of providing people with an effective means for finding the specific material that they need.

Consciousness:   One of the primary concepts that spirituality and metaphysics deals with is consciousness.  There is so much that is unknown in this area.  Here, our sense is that we can learn much by sharing our experiences with others.  However, to do that, we have to practice awareness.  We have to observe what we think.  Further, we have to observe what it is that we observe.  Yes, the whole process of observation is so important.

Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious:  Consciousness is typically split into these three components.  But, there is truly no seperation to the self.  Yet, it seems that conscious and other than conscious parts of us are only aware of each other through what they do ... through their works.

Collective Conscious:  There is a collective consciousness that is connected to all of us.  It is aware of everything that is experienced everywhere.  It exerts itself wherever there is a need to know.  We can learn to tap this collective consciousness whenever we need to do so.  Indeed, it is simply a matter of going within.

Spirit:  Spirit is what animates us.  It is our life force.  Though, it is not subject to death.  It enters form after form to experience and express.  Here, we would help others to realize the spirit that they are and how to express that as fully as they can.

Connections to Spirit:  We connect to spirit within.  Once we experience making this connection, our life is never the same again.  We realize that we are living for something that is greater than anything that we knew ourself to be.

ONE Spirit:  There is only ONE spirit that animates us all.  It is via this spirit that everything is expressed and experienced.  Here, we would help individuals to truly realize that they are indeed cooperatively interdependent parts of ONE whole.  

Expressing Spirit in Flesh:  We are spirits having a physical experience.  Expressing spirit in flesh is what it is all about.  Indeed, it has to be in spirit or it doesn't count.  Here, we would provide people with the understanding and techniques that they need to make the most of this.  There are many techniques that can work.  It is a matter of finding the ones that are most suited to each individual.

Discoving and Unleashing the Soul:  Soul and spirit and consciousness are different aspects of us.  Here we would focus on connecting with the soul and unleashing its energy and power in our lives.  While the spirit soars, the soul is much more grounded.  The spirit is seated in the consciousness and in the mind.  The soul is seated in the heart and operates from emotions.

Living from the Heart:  Most people live from the mind.  They are left-brained and they think far too much.  It is important to silence the mind so that we can open to our heart.  And once, we do this, we need to live from this place.  Here, we would help others to discover this aspect of there being and develop it to the degree that they can.

The Care of the Soul:  Here, we would offer guidance in how to care for not only their souls, but the souls of others.  Personally, we still have much to learn in this area.  However, we know that there are others that are far more grounded and expert in this area that will be attracted to this endeavor.

Soul Mates:  Here, we discover the variety of relationships of our souls ... how to develop these and nurture these so that we can be the grandest beings that we are capable of being and so that we can truly be content with our lives.

Spiritual Assessment and Health:  Here, we would offer the tools, assistance, and guidance to assess where we are spiritually and help us to grow into all that we are meant to be.  There are a variety of metaphysical disciplines that we would bring to bear on this.  Each discipline allows us to see ourself from a different perspective that typically involves a different symbol system.  In many ways, this is much like learning new languages ... in this case, spiritual ones.

Self-Assessment:  It is important for people to do a self-assessment to provide a starting point for fuller growth.  Here, we would give people the tools to do such an assessment.  There are many tools.  It is important that individuals select the tools that are most aligned to there nature in doing this assessment.  As the individuals grow, they may find that other tools appeal to them.

Assisted Assessment:  Here, we involve others in the spiritual assessment.  These provide additional insights and perspectives that can reveal additional facets that may be useful to the individuals being assessed.  We expect that our community will include a variety of members that can offer much in this area based on their own awareness, gifts, and experiences.

Maintaining Spiritual Health:  This involves providing guidance and exercises tailored to the individual that promote the spiritual health of those we serve.  Spiritual health is all about maintaining balance in our lives.  Though, this "balance" differs dramatically from one individual to the next, depending on the nature of each individual.  While we are the same in many respects ... we are also very diverse.  Indeed, one of the remarkable things about nature is that it allows diversity to thrive and coexist to the degree that it does.

Spiritual Guidance:  Here, we provide guidance to facilitate the spiritual growth of those we serve.  That requires some level of monitoring and assessment to ensure that the spiritual guidance that we provide is appropriate and optimal for the individual involved.  Here, we must walk our talk.  We can't expect to guide others, if we do not have our own spiritual life in order.

Awareness:  One of the most important things that we can do is to assess our awareness and work on increasing this awareness to the degree that we can.  The more aware that we are, the more of who we truly are that we can share with others in our life, in society, and in the world.  Awareness is the one thing that we keep as we pass from incarnation to incarnation.  So, any gains that we make here are truly gains that serve everyone.

Being, Doing, and Observing:  These are the three major aspects of our life.  Often, we are engaged in more than one of these simultaneously.  Of these, being is the most important.  Though, what we do or choose not to do, can make a huge difference.  Also, at least for some of us, it seems that observing may be the most important of all.  Though, there, it involves observing for the sake of observing ... observing because seeing things from different perspectives allows us and spirit to experience things that could not otherwise be experienced.

Awakening and Quantum Shifts:  This is the holy grail that we seek.  These experiences totally shake the foundations of who we are, the foundations of our reality.  It is not clear what we can do to help generate such experiences.  But, at least we can help individuals that find themselves in the midst of these.

Beliefs and Belief Management:  Beliefs are fundamental to what we experience and how we experience it.  Most people are unaware of what they believe either consciously or other than consciously.  Further, often beliefs on different levels are contradictory.  As a result, there is great confusion in what most people experience.  Belief management involves discovering our beliefs and tending to our belief garden.

Employment of Psych-K to Create Empowering Belief Systems:  Psych-K is a methodology for exploring our subconscious beliefs and then altering them as necessary to align our subconscious and conscious beliefs in a manner that empowers how we live our lives.  Psych-K practitioners are the best that we have found at doing this.  Hopefully, we will attract such individuals into our BISPIRIT community.

Emotional Health:  We cannot fully realize and operate from who we truly are as long as we neglect our emotional baggage.  Here, we would focus on what is necessary for emotional health, on what is necessary to achieve balance in this area ... on what is necessary to FEEL GREAT.

Releasing Trapped Emotions:  Trapped emotions from our childhood, and even from past lives restrict us and keep us from reaching our full potential.  There are techniques for accessing and releasing these trapped emotions.  We expect that some of our members will be practioners who are able to help in this area.

Reality and Reality Creation:  Here, we explore the realms of reality and reality creation.  The basic premise is that we create our own reality.  However, it seems that much of this occurs on other than conscious levels.  The intent is to make the process more conscious.  There is a whole body of knowledge that goes with this, along with a variety of techniques.  The challenge is to find what works for us and to allow this to evolve over time as we mature spiritually. 

What We Experience:  We experience precisely what we draw into our life through our beliefs, choices. expectations, dreams, visions and imagination.  If we want to change what we experience we have to start with ourselves ... we have to change who we are being, what we are doing, and the choices we are habitually making.  Our beliefs form a filter that colors all that we see and experience.  As we learn to adjust our focus and our perspective, we allow ourself a lot of latitude in this area.  This is extremely important.

How We Apply Meaning:  Often, it is not what happens that truly matters.  Rather, it is the meaning that we assign to what happens.  This meaning is not inherent in the experience itself.  It is something that we choose.  Further, it seems that each of us chooses to apply the meaning in our own way.  For instance, numbers and symbol systems have a great deal of spiritual meaning to me.  They are everywhere I look.  But, much of the time it seems that I am the only one experiencing reality in the way that I do.  Here, we can learn a lot by sharing our perspectives and our techniques for finding or assigning meaning with others.

Deciding What We Prefer:  This is a personal choice.  However, it helps to know something of the spectrum of options that is available to us.  Otherwise, we needlessly limit ourself.  We can discover this through the works of others if such works allow us to walk in their mindsteps and see things from their perspective.  We can also discover this through sharing who we are with others and allowing them to do the same.

How We Create Reality:  There are many books and spiritual techniques that deal with this.  Though, much of it comes down to exerting our will to manifest things in the world.  In this case things may include events and experiences.  There is another way however.  We can resign our will to Thy Will and allow spirit to be the creative force in our life.  When we do this, we place our trust in the idea that our life and the world for that matter is unfolding perfectly ... precisely as it is meant to unfold.

Basic Reality Creation Techniques:  For those who choose to play the reality creation game, it helps to know the spiritual rules that apply and the tools available for creating the reality that we prefer.  There are some basic techniques such as positive thinking, affirmations, belief management, visualization, acting as if ... and the like that facilitate the manifestation process.  There are metaphysical disciplines such as numerology, tarot, aura reading, and astrology that involve symbol systems that can reveal new meaning within one's current reality framework.  It is help to keep an open mind and use utility as your measure of what to accept and what not to accept for you.  Don't assume that others are experiencing the meaning from such sources in the same way as you are.  In all likelihood, they are not.

Advanced Reality Creation Techniques:  For this, it is much of the same, but to far greater depth.  Personally, I have found numbers to underlie everything and to allow me to make meaningful connections between very different things, including very different disciplines and fields of knowledge.  Yet, I have also found that the futher I get into this, the less that I desire to manifest on my own and the more I desire to observe of the ONE, of the interdependent whole in which we are all immersed.

Indeed, in my final musing on 9/18/2012, I wrote:

As an old soul soul, few things are important enough to be worth doing what it takes.  Here, it is a matter of reserving our energy and resources to manifest the things that are most important to us.  Ultimately, all that we manifest is illusion.  Yet, there is a purpose for the illusion ... that is until it is no more.  Ultimately, that is what we seek ... the cessation of the illusion.  Though, this comes not with deah.  No, it takes far more than that.  Some call this state Nirvana.  Though, its character is such that it cannot be understood in words.  Awareness is something that must be experienced.

Living the Life:  Here, we offer the foundations and tools that help others to live the life of their dreams, whatever that may be.  We are already masters in the art of reality creation.  So, this is a matter of reaquainting us with what we are, and with what we know at some level.  We can trust the inner parts of ourself.  If we remove the blockages, and allow ourself to be who we truly are, and to create from that state ... what we will achieve will be far beyond anything that we can imagine both individually and collectively.

Creating a Masterpiece:  This is a matter of being the artist that we are and applying the tools of reality creation in a way that only we can do to create a true masterpiece of our life.  Here, it is not enough that we recognize the masterpiece for what it is.  We need to do what we can to inspire and assist others to do the same as well.  You might liken these to art classes ... though in this case to the greatest of all arts ... life itself.

Being WHO We Truly Are:  This is the goal.  Though, it does not seem to be something that naturally happens for the vast majority.  The bottom line is that we cannot have the impact that we are meant to have until we achieve this state.  Even then, WHO we truly are is always a mystery.  No matter how much of it we fathom, there is an even greater part that is unknown, and a good part of that that is unfathomable.

Living with PASSION:  This is extremely important.  If we can't find something to be passionate about, then we are not existing, we are simply surviving.  That is not sufficient ... ever.  We need something that stirs our soul, something that causes our spirit to soar, something that allows us to escape our normal bounds and be free to express in a manner that only spirit can express through us.  Passion keeps us engaged in life ... it keeps us coming back for more.  Here, we help individuals to find what they are passionate about.  Generally this is something that we love being or love doing.  Though, it is not necessarily something that we are great or even highly skilled at.

Service:  Life is about service.  We are meant to apply develop our gifts and then find away to use them to serve others, serve spirit, serve society, serve the world, or any combination thereof.  Here, we would open peoples eyes to the spectrum of opportunities that is there awaiting them.  It is all a matter of choosing what type of service gives us the greatest joy and maximizes the impact that we are able to have.

OK, that is enough of a curriculum to start with.  Now, we just need to manifest the spiritual center in which we can offer it.  The Anza Trinity property is definitely a possibility.   Indeed, it could be PERFECT.   Anyway, if it is to be, it will indeed manifest, one way or another.  My role is that of visionary and wayshower.  I believe that I have performed these roles well.  That is, except for attracting others to whom to show the way.  That is fine.  We have done what we were moved by spirit to do.  The outcome is in her hands, as always.