BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


There are certain principles that we embrace in Beyond Imagination.  It is important that those who would be members of our community at least attempt to embrace these principles and live by them to the degree that we can.  Doing so makes the interactions within our community loving, positive, nurturing, and supportive.  This is also reflected in every aspect of our interactions with others in the world.  Who we are is broadcast in our vibrations to everyone that we touch in our life.  Knowing this it is important that we focus on being the true spiritual beings that we are.  The following principles are not presented in any particular order.  Indeed, we leave it to you to prioritize and even choose among them.  We don't expect you to embrace and abide by all of the principles that govern how we choose to live our life.  Though, do consider them.

Namaste!  The spirit within me bows to the spirit within you.  This is the degree of reverence and respect that we grant to one another.  We acknowledge the sacred spirit within each of us.  This becomes especially potent when we realize that there is only ONE SPIRIT that animates us all.  At this site, you will see that expressed as I AM THAT I AM THAT YOU ARE.  Meditate on that until you grasp it.

Love Unconditionally:  There are only two forces operative in the universe, love and fear.  We would ask that you choose LOVE to the degree that you can.  This is how spirit operates.  It is the only way in which she can express.  But, it has to be unconditional, or it simply is not LOVE.

Responsibility:  Each of us is responsible for our choices and our actions, even for not doing what we might have done.  Every choice and every action has both results and consequences.  We are responsible for these whether they are intended or unintended.

Reality Creation:  We create our own reality both individually and collectively.  It matters not whether the processes for doing this are conscious or other than conscious.  The objective is to create a masterpiece of our lives and to help others to do the same to the degree that we can.

Learning:  Learning is a life long endeavor.  If we are not learning and growing, we are not really living.  We have a responsibility to share what we learn with others as well.  We do this by teaching.  Indeed, often it is through the process of teaching that we learn the most.

Diversity and Uniqueness:  Each of us is a unique instantiation of spirit in flesh.  While it is the things that we have in common that bring us together, it is from exploring our differences that we experience things and relationships that trigger our growth.  No two things are identical.  Nature thrives on diversity.  Life itself thrives on diversity.

Kindness:  If we all abide by this one simple thing, be kind, then the world would be a much better place for all of us.  Ultimately, this is an attitude with which we choose face everything and everyone.

Compassion:  Having compassion for others, for what they experience, and for what circumstances they face brings our heart into play.  If we act in accord with what we feel, we can truly make a difference.

Awareness:  As spirit in flesh, it is important for us to focus on expanding our awareness of who we truly are.  The more we do that, the more that we can serve as a clear channel through which spirit can express.  When we do this, our life becomes magic, and our productivity increases by leaps and bounds.  It can take a lot of self work ... but it is well worth it.

Acceptance:  It is important to accept people for who they are and to accept life as it unfolds.  In most cases, we do not have to make things happen.  We can trust that this is happening perfectly already.  Though, that does not mean that we can't desire for things to change.  Indeed, preferences on our part are perfectly fine.

Doing What We Are Moved By Spirit to Do:  We are instruments through which spirit expresses in the physical world.  It is important to connect with the spirit within us so that we can know when she moves us to do what is ours to do.  At some level, everything is perfectly orchestrated.  We have only to play our role.  We have only to do our part.