BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


We speak a lot about PASSION and doing the things that we are passionate about.  In particular, we would find ways to harness these things in ways that can be of service to others.  Though, sometimes we just need to do the things that stir our souls and engage us completely.  As an example, I'll offer the history of what I've been passionate about over the course of my life to date.

1966:  Math and numbers.  From the time that I was a young kid, math and number have fascinated me.  I could not get enough of it and excelled well beyond most of my classmates.

1972:  Geometry.  This was my all time favorite class ever, especially when it came to proofs.  Geometry naturally engaged my gifts, talents, and abilities.  I took it a year earlier than my peers and  truly mastered the subject.  Literally, I was in love for the first time in my life.

1972:  Racquetball.  This was the first sport that I truly enjoyed.  Throughout my high school years, I played it nearly every morning with the same few friends.  Later in the Air Force, I would play it two to three times per week through roughly 1985.  Overall, my performance was decent enough to have fun ... but definitely not close to expert.

1974:  Metaphysics.  This, I had to find on my own.  It only took reading a few books such as Plato's Dialogues, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, and Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah ... and I was HOOKED.  Indeed, this has been the centerpiece of my life since then.  Yes, for 39 years to date.  I suspect that this will continue to be true so long as I am alive.  Indeed, in 1974, I found HOME, and I am here to stay.

1976:  Linear Algebra.  This gave me new ways to manipulate numbers and symbols.  It was so natural.  There was an inner resonance that attracted my heart and soul.  I don't know how to explain it.  Indeed, it was a class that I took twice at different colleges and excelled at both times.

1978:  Windsurfing.  I was at a beach on the east side of Lake Tahoe and watched as a van drove close to the shore near me, a man and woman got out, they unloaded two sailboards, set up the sails, put their rigs in the water and before I knew it, they were halfway across the lake.  Yes, Lake Tahoe is a big lake, very scenic, but also very cold.  Anyway, I was so impressed that I bought a board a week later and went out on a regular basis to several lakes in the Sacramento area.  I loved going windsurfing, but I was averse to taking risks.  I would go out and ride without ever falling for as much as two hours.  Unfortunately, if you are not falling (failing) you have probably stopped learning.  That is OK.  The activity can still be fun.  Though, in my case, by 1984, this phase of my life was over.

1984:  Golf.  This is probably the activity that I have been most passionate doing.  I can still remember the first time that I hit the driving range.  From the beginning, I was striking the ball well, naturally.  It wasn't something that I had to learn.  Nearly everyone else in the beginners class was struggling to hit the ball.  Anyway, I golfed at least once nearly every week from 1984 to 1994.  Overall, I was a bogey golfer, averaging aroud 90 with an all time best round of 74.  I thoroughly enjoyed golfing.  Indeed, I would still be doing it if the side effects of my bipolar medications did not impact my fine motor coordination to the point where I cannot strike the ball cleanly.  Of all of the physical activities that I have engaged in, this is definitely the one that I miss the most.

1988:  Spiritual Statuary and Art.  We found ourself highly attracted to spiritual statuary in a number of media: wood, bronze, resin, soap stone, and even plastic.  In most cases, these are of Gods, Goddesses, and Immortals.  They vary from as small a a couple inches to as large as over five feet.  At this point, we would estimate that we have collected a couple of dozen such items.  Indeed, we have four prominently placed where we can see them even as we write.

1993:  Musing.  Over the past two decades, we have brought forth over 9 million words.  That is the equivalent of over 60 large books.  Yes, writing and in particular musing is something that we love to do.  We have no clue as to why we have been as prolific as we have.  In our case, it is the source, the spirit within that expresses through us.  It is as if a switch was flipped in 1993 transforming us from a metaphysical information consumer to a metaphysical information generator.  Though, there have been times over these years when we read extensively even as we were musing.

1993:  Numerology.  My fascination and facility with numbers took a whole new turn when I discovered numerology.  All of a sudden, numbers had a whole new context and spiritual meaning.  This completely opened my eyes to a whole new world ... to a framework that underlies the mystery of reality.  Every day, more and more connections are revealed.  Every day, I am driven by my intuition to notice particular numbers and to make machinations that allow them to unveil the hidden meaning that is within them.  All that is is composed of vibrations.  All vibrations can be represented via numbers, via wavelengths and frequencies.  Everything is digital.  Our movies and television shows demonstrate this.  We know that a DVD stores a digital representation of audio and video that can be played at any time.  The record in the DVD is static, a sequence of ones and zeros that is captured in a pattern that allows it to be experienced as it is.  Each video frame is captured, and played at a specific rate to make the video appear continuous.  The audio is synched to the video.  If we extend this analogy to 3-D, then it is not that hard to imagine that the very reality that we experience is created in a like manner.  Any way, numbers fascinate me to this day.  They are everywhere.  It is a matter of paying attention to the ones that appear to us, and learning to discover their meaning.  

1993:  Making connections.  This is what has excited me most over the past two decades ... seeing myself making connections between disparate things in many cases.  It seems that this is something that I am here to do.  It is something that I am outstanding at and do regularly.  Much of this happens as a result of applying numerology to the numbers, letter, names, words, and phrases that come up in various contexts in my life.  Lately, I have become more and more aware of when I am doing this.  It seems that it is important for the process to become more conscious.  We are curious to see where all of this will lead.  In any event, we are willing to do our part.  
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