BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT

On Soul


4 August 2009

These are the passages within the Beyond Imagination expression that deal with the soul and its nature.  I expected there would be roughly a few dozen pages at most.  It seems that such is what it came out to be – 5.5 dozen, in fact.  Many of the passages involve the terms heart and soul, but don't really offer any insight into the nature of the soul, how it functions, or how it is related to other parts of the self.  Also, it was interesting to see how often spirit and soul are linked ... sometimes as if they were the same thing.  I'll have to read through the passages again to see what they truly tell me.


The center will include a core group of individuals that permanently occupy and care for the space. This does not restrict their freedom to travel, rather, the center provides the home base. A second group will come to the center on sabbatical, as resident members/teachers/facilitators, for a period of several months to one year. Finally, others will come for training/vacation/ recreation -- for a period from several days to several months. This group will include special souls who come (invited or self-directed) to share of whom that they are through teaching or providing their services to others.
It is up to me to decide and channel my energies into those activities most attuned to my soul. In doing so, I fulfill my chosen destiny.

There are many things that I might do. However, only those which truly excite my passion are worthy of my active involvement and pursuit. The major task lies in creating a society in which I would want to live -- with all my Heart and soul; a Heaven on Earth -- a Utopia that is more than a dream or vision ... fulfilled in flesh in a manner that enmeshes spirit-in-flesh to the greatest degree possible at this time, on this planet.

The desire for creating a school and community grows stronger with each passing day.  I long to do what is in accord with my soul's desires.  I long to be whom that I truly am, as fully as is possible at this time on the planet.

Given the age of your soul -- even you will be surprised by the scope and breadth of the abilities and talents available for you to express. You have been a Master for many incarnations. You are finally reaching a stage in this existence where this Mastership can be brought forth fully. Enjoy and create well, for the world is in great need of what you have to offer!

You're right. There is something about the "Tapestry of the Gods" series that resonates with your essence, your soul nature. And yes, you are a "2" soul. The description fits you extremely well.

I must live in a state of elegance, where the maximum benefit is generated from the resources and effort applied. To do this, I
must love what I am doing. With a 2 soul ray, Love and Wisdom are where it's at -- I've known this for a long time ... it's time to live in accord with my knowingness.

Aslan is my "archaic" name, corresponding to my soul.

The 2 soul, 5 personality combination feels right overall. I find all the connections very fascinating. I do blend the characteristics of a strong heart, with a practical mind that employs common sense. I remember deciding early in high school that the five - mental stuff was not enough. It was a good tool, but needed to be subjugated to a higher driver that originated in the soul but is seated in the Heart.

My destiny is 11/2, Peacekeeper and Inspirer. Also, I am a Teacher! And, from my aura, my soul's purpose is Peace.
I am ready; or, at least, very close to being ready -- to materialize the circumstances that permit the full manifestation of my soul in flesh. And further, in a very practical way that others can follow as well.

Love in a couple or group setting helps to recharge my batteries -- while solitude allows me to go deeper into the soul and essence, and escape from the overload of too much society. These must be balanced in my life.

I am not willing to interact with others on a mundane level. If the interaction cannot be infused with soul -- than I'm just not into it.

I am driven to find practical ways in which to manifest spirit .. and enflesh more of the energy of soul.

My task is to maintain the focus, and stay with the flow -- allowing the material to flow through and spring forth from my soul and consciousness into flesh.

Soul incognito, assuming the stuff of everyday life because that is what people do on Earth. But, I am not "of Earth"!
To walk my talk -- living my metaphysics with every breath I take. Spirit in flesh, soul-enfleshed.

There is much to work out. But, I trust that all can be worked out -- for it is the work of spirit that we are doing, though it be through the souls, personalities, and abilities of those who choose to play a role in this adventure.

Once again, I am truly excited about life -- and about doing the great works that I came here to do -- helping the planet to move to a new dimension, as well as those souls ready and willing to move along with it into a glorious new age.

I can already sense my soul group being drawn to me. I can hardly wait for the glories that are to be!

I'm ready to find out where it is that I will live next -- and to start making contact with my soul group.

The still place within ... the sounds of silence ... the quiet inner voice ... these are where the soul resides. What matters is consciousness; awareness and presence in each moment; to achieve each day, in each moment, what is appropriate for the soul's expression of its purpose in accord with the Plan.

My job is to bring Vision down to Earth, to manifest the forms necessary for the physical expression of my Vision of what can be -- no, what must be! This is what I came to do. This is my sole purpose, my soul's purpose.

Writing and expressing ideas is as important to my constitution as my breath -- it is the very breath of my soul.

Colorado calls to my soul. It is time to be more excited about life -- to be fully involved in manifesting a new world order.
We are proud to be your brethren. It is through you that our joint work may be done. Your choice was a brave one. Not many of us were willing to take on the incarnation that you have chosen. Yet, it was required that a physical vehicle be the means through which this work is done. Spirit in flesh, soul personified in the world to a degree higher than had been experienced before. This is truly a new way of being.

You have a part in ensuring that the consciousness of people on the planet is sufficient to participate fully in this transformation and serve as midwives to the birthing of a New Age -- one in which soul/spirit is more fully expressed in flesh.

Personally, the greatest gift you can give is to be "soul-incarnate" serving as a living example of spirit-in- flesh, manifesting the Plan and reaping the unlimited abundance that is the natural birthright of all.

Words definitely have the power to stir my soul -- that is, the ideas conveyed via the words.

More and more, I find my paid work bores me. It does not allow my soul to soar, and bring forth the fruits of the immense fountain of creativity that lies within me and/or flows through me.

I freely step forward into my chosen destiny -- that soul may be manifest more fully in flesh.

The bottom line from all of this is that my intuition has been right all along. I have a chosen mission that I am now prepared, willing, and able to fulfill -- and I freely choose to carry out that mission with all my heart and soul between now and the turn of the century. In line with this, I call out to all souls who are meant to be part of the endeavor to come forth and make themselves known, offering their unique and special talents in service that the Plan may be manifest on Earth.

I am soul incarnate. I am spirit in flesh. I AM. I am part of GOD. I AM GOD. What a wonderful feeling.

I need some inspiration for founding Beyond Imagination next month. It's time to allow my soul and guides to come through with the appropriate information.

There are so many other things that I could be applying my talents and energies to that are more in tune with activating the Plan. These are what I came to do. When will I decide to fully devote my life and energies toward their sole pursuit? Focus is extremely important now. These feelings are here for a reason, they are messages from my soul that my life is not fully aligned with my mission.

For the change to come involves soul-infusement into this form that I occupy. And, when that happens, there is no turning back. Nothing else holds any importance after that. Nothing else provides the happiness and satisfaction of serving source to the utmost of ones ability and capacity.

We congratulate you for the steps you are taking to make your body a more suitable temple for the expression of your soul.
As your soul grows in awareness, and your body is made ready -- you literally enable more spirit to flow through you. Soul is the identity awareness that you express as a differentiated individual. Spirit is the undifferentiated force that is the god stuff that fills all creation in accord with its capacity for expression. Without spirit, soul could not be. Yet, without soul, spirit would not have the vehicle for differentiated expression and experience.

Fortunately, I found metaphysics in 1974 and it became the main interest of my life. It is about the only subject that can truly take my breath away. Golf comes close, but ideas, especially metaphysical ideas are what touch my soul, and send shivers down my spine.

What good is it to be in a marriage that does not live up to the principle of two souls becoming as one?
It is the integrity of the individual that will shine most brightly in the coming age. Such integrity is sacred, and should be treated as so. Further, the greatest integrity comes when Soul is most fully expressed ... when spirit is most fully enfleshed ... when mind, body, and soul are treated as the unity that they are.

I am more aware of the frequencies of things. Also, the spectrum of frequency that is expressing through me has been shifted. This has increased my capacity for channeling energy through me. It has also increased the frequency of energies that can be expressed. This is critical for the full expression of my soul -- for allowing me to begin to do the great works that I came to do in accord with the Plan.

Believe with all your Heart and soul, that which is expressed through you. Then act fully in accord with your beliefs. Be the living demonstration of truth-in-action, of spirit-in-flesh. Such is how you will fulfill your destiny as the Wayshower ... one who shows the New Way of being.

Much that I am bringing through is a pattern that I am already connected with. I do not know how much of a part I had in creating the pattern originally, but, it comes from my soul group. I specifically chose my current form to provide the vehicle for birthing this pattern through physical consciousness into words ... expressing the key ideas that in turn can manifest completely new physical forms and organizations. There are many to help me in the spiritual realm. Further, there are many in physical form who will be gathered around me to carry out the details of manifestation of this new reality in accord with the Plan.
No longer will I have to toil at the bidding of any company. I will be free to do God's work in accord with the Plan as my soul so strongly bids me to do.

I can live my life as I truly desire it to be lived, fully aligned with spirit ... holistically expressing all that I am ... mind, body, and soul. I've dreamed about this for so long. It is finally time to make it so.

You have always had the ability to know truth when it is presented to your consciousness. This ability is one that took many incarnations to develop. Because of this, it is only found in old souls; and, you my friend are a very old soul indeed.

It's as if numerology speaks the language of my soul.

As always, metaphysics must be the focus. It is in this domain that my heart sings and that my soul soars.

Philosophy, and the nature of soul and reality call to me more than anything else, even life itself.

Became VEGETARIAN because of a rational belief system. Because money no longer had value, I set up a new value
•    godmen and their services are of infinite value
•    people and their services are of very great value
•    animals are of very high value
•    all life and the environment is of high value
•    things are of value if they help people perform their services better
•    money is of no value
Based on this value system, I reasoned that I could no longer make a choice to consume animals of high value when there were other ways to meet nutritional needs. I chose to no longer be attached to foods, but to treat the process of feeding the body as one treats fueling a machine. The body was now a machine for me. A wonderful machine that provided the habitat in which the soul could physically manifest.

We need to be careful to simplify our lives to the degree that we can. Otherwise, we entrap ourselves economically and effectively mortgage our souls.

These very words are the song of my life. It is a very long song … literally composed of millions of words. And, it is meant to elicit you to express your own song as well. By doing thus, we give voice to our souls and build a chorus that has the potential to bring peace and harmony across the land. Whether it can last for a millennium, only time will tell … but the sense is that it will indeed be glorious to behold.

I do believe myself to be an old soul … perhaps even an ancient one. That is why many of the things that matter to others don’t matter to me. That is why things of the spirit are so important in my life.

When we deal with old souls, there is a difference in attitude. There is more of an acceptance and less of a desire to work. This can be perceived as laziness, but that is not it at all. We can work smartly and more effectively than others. There is less of an attachment to things because of an awareness that the things to which we are attached effectively imprison us.


I offer you the vision of a fellow soul, a traveler who sees the world through a unique set of glasses.

Whether you know it yet or not, you have the innate ability to know the truth -- it rings within your very soul, you cannot be deceived unless you so choose.

My soul's purpose is Peace. Of course, I would choose to incarnate at a time that offers the potential for finally manifesting a true and lasting Peace on Earth.

The challenge is simple -- to allow spirit to more fully manifest in flesh. On an individual level this involves bringing one's true divinity, one's soul, down to Earth in a practical way. It involves being the powerful creator that you are, and owning responsibility for that which you manifest in your life. The catch is that you must do this in the face of some pretty tough challenges. For, drastic changes in all areas of life will bring much turmoil. The night that lies ahead may be very dark indeed. But, the morning will come, and will be glorious beyond imagination -- if we will but follow the dictates of our hearts and souls and work together to manifest a New World Order that lives up to the promise of the Age of Aquarius.

Each of us, as individuals, have our own sparks of light to share. As spirit in flesh, this is our birthright. As we learn to follow our Hearts and listen to the dictates of our souls, this individual spark grows greater in intensity. Further, when combined with purpose and intent, these sparks can be joined to create beams of light that can serve to illuminate the larger way for many. Multiple beams can serve to illuminate cities and towns, and in large enough numbers, states, countries, continents, and the entire Earth.

The first truth is "that all men are created equal". Interesting wording. This does not say that they are born equal, for surely they are not. This also does not say that they are equal, for this is not true either. The differences are glaringly obvious, in abilities, in talents, in wealth, in intelligence ... and in a host of other areas. The words specifically refer to the initial act of creation only. As souls we are equal. While the wording specifically says man, that was a problem of the times. In truth, all humans are created equal. This equality applies primarily to what humans can potentially become, literally children of the creator who in turn co-create their reality.

We as souls are part of All That Is.

As souls, we are free to do as we will, and further, we have access to all information and are free to act upon it in any manner we choose.

We hold these truths to be self evident: that all souls are created equal, that we must through determined action create the conditions that allow souls to be fully expressed in flesh, that cosmic consciousness must be expressed in a physical vehicle to enable souls to be fully expressed in flesh, that individuals form the cells of the physical vehicle required by cosmic consciousness, and that only by establishing a cooperatively interdependent society will cosmic consciousness have the vehicle it needs to be embodied on Earth.

Trust your inner self to move you in the way that is proper for the time and circumstance. Follow the promptings of your soul -- do what comes from your heart.

No, you aren't responsible for any of these situations of others. However, you are responsible to act as your soul dictates when you find that these situations confront you directly. They wouldn't have entered your experience if there wasn't some reason they needed to be there. There are no accidents. We see that which we need to see.

People will cooperate in activities and lessons learned will be made available to others to prevent making mistakes over and over. Overall, humanity will progress quickly and souls will be as fully enfleshed as is possible at this time on this planet. Under these conditions, there is no telling what can be accomplished how quickly.

However, mavericks and lone wolfs are useful as well, and these will express as their souls dictate -- sometimes regardless of what others might think.

The natural urge of the soul is to be creative. So, if we find ways to express our innate creativity, whatever that might be, we will be expressing more of whom that we truly are.

The times of happiness we encounter along the way will tell us when we were engaging our true talents and allowing our soul to be more fully enfleshed.

On the following pages I provide a recommended reading list that includes the creme of the creme from the books that I have read. The emphasis is primarily on books that have a metaphysical content, since that is the area that most touches the soul and the nature of reality creation.

One cannot tell anything about soul age from physical age, however. Nor can one tell anything about soul age from position or station in society. Rather, the distinction comes in how one lives, what one believes, and how one treats others.

At the other extreme, we have souls like Mahatma Gandhi, who allowed that spark within them to grow into a very large flame allowing his presence to affect a great many people in very beneficial ways.

Our body, including our brain, is the temple through which we express spirit. It is the only flesh there is in which to house whatever part of our soul can be expressed through this form.

Perfect health or perfect shape is not important. As soul is able to more fully enter into the body, it will have the innate wisdom to create the conditions that are most appropriate.

We are souls in flesh now. Though, we are limited in our conscious expression by our conscious awareness and ego.

Come up with a Vision about anything. Typically such visions come from the soul and involve your purpose.

Who you are is a soul expressing itself in flesh to the greatest degree possible given your present state of awareness. Why in flesh? Because that is where reality games are played in which consciousness creates and finds out its own nature.

My awareness of soul began as a small still voice inside me and has grown larger and larger as I paid attention, listened to it, and trusted its advice.

There are four basic energies earth, air, fire, and water corresponding to body, mind, spirit, and soul.

The tarot is a completely symbolic form of information that has meaning on many levels. There is a major arcana of 22 archetypes, and 56 additional cards arranged as four suits of 14 each. The archetypes are parts of the psyche. The soul includes all of them

Soul Ages and Types

The Michael Teachings explain the concepts of soul ages and soul types. There are seven soul ages with seven levels in each age. There are also seven soul types with a variety of things called overleaves that color the type. The Michael Handbook is one of the best places to start for learning about this. You should be able to figure out your type and soul age using that book. Otherwise, you may want to get in touch with one of the Michael channels in the San Francisco Bay Area to have them do a reading of this for you.

The soul age and soul type tell us a lot about why we're here this time, what we do, and what we are learning. The overleaves further qualify this information adding important detail. As with all other information, use what rings true, what feels right to you.

Soul age in particular makes one of the biggest differences. If you've reached this far, you're probably an old soul. Otherwise, you would not have had enough openness to stick it out this far or to even start this journey. Until one is through with the drama and intensity and mature soul existence, one does not focus much activity on spiritual development.

My understanding is that we have a soul ray, a personality ray, and than other rays for our various bodies. These rays correspond to a frequency of vibration that is one of seven basic ways that divine energy expresses through us.

At this point in time, the soul ray is most important. It tells us our major soul grouping. Mine is two, the ray of Love/Wisdom.
I believe it is time for the members of each soul grouping to join together. At the very least, this needs to be through information exchange and creating a network of the souls within each individual grouping. Each grouping needs to be responsible for figuring out what work it is here to do for the whole and how best to do that work. To be an effective member of the group, however, each individual must be acting from soul -- i.e. must be self-realized to a high degree.
In my understanding, the heart is the seat of the soul. It is the organ through which we are most in touch with our true reality as spirit in flesh. It too is the center where our passion for life and for our true work can be found. The heart is the place that knows.

Compassion is required because while all is consciousness, and all are souls in flesh, many are in dire conditions. While it may be illusion from a soul standpoint, it is very real from the point of the person experiencing the conditions. No, we do not have to step in their shoes. But, we should be open to their pain and suffering -- assisting where we can, especially when our hearts move us to help.

Remember the attitude that goes with the word Namaste, and take that attitude with all souls that cross your path. Above all, remember whom that you truly are and allow that gusher of unconditional love that dwells within you to flow freely out into the world knowing that the source from which it comes is none other than Consciousness itself.

We have the freedom to create, but we are responsible for our creations as well.  We know this at a soul level.  We don't typically know this at the physical consciousness level.

We are souls.  We are consciousness enfleshed.  Reality is just an illusion, a game that we play for awhile because it is fun and because it allows our awareness to expand.

The play unfolds always in the moment, HERE and NOW.  Such is the only time that exists.  Yet the play covers many millennia as well.  The play has been performed by consciousness many times.  But each time the specifics are a bit different to serve the needs of the audience.  The audience happens on many levels as well.  Groups of individual souls combine into related parts to create particular mutual experiences.  Each soul is attached to a particular body while in the play, but may observe things from the audience section when its particular character's part is finished.

Awareness cannot be forced.  The structures within the brain just do not allow it.  Psyches are somewhat fragile and break easily.  That's why it takes so long to grow self-awareness into people.  Further, the opening must be made from the conscious mind to allow the maturation process to even begin.  It's hard enough to get someone to turn away from the physical reality long enough to get the first hints of awareness through.  The frequencies can be transmitted at any time but not necessarily received.  We're only making inroads now that allow this information to come through conscious parts of the brain.  This provides a prototype that can be used to modify the physical structures of others so that awareness frequencies can be received without the laborious process of 20-30 years of growth.  Further, the DNA is already being rewired to 12 strands rather than 2.  This process started several years ago.  The preparations required to move physical bodies to the Aquarian Age are going well and will be completed as the play unfolds.  As with cars, rework of bodies takes time in the physical.  The process has been communicated to all souls, but cannot be implemented until the conditions are right for it to happen.  In particular, awareness is the limiting factor once again.

We are souls creating experiences so that we can learn of our own nature.  

2,000 years ago we started on our present journey towards Christ Consciousness, with the help of many great souls.

We are groups of souls who chose to play out particular dramas among ourselves in a common theater when other groups are doing the same.  These local dramas enable us to experience and grow.  They also occur within a larger drama that consciousness is playing to get the individual parts to collectively act in a manner that allows larger themes to be explored.

Each of us has genius inside of us. Love is the soul of that genius -- the very key that can unleash its expression in our lives.


Each person has a unique role to play. All are necessary. Most of the special roles were selected by old souls who had achieved the highest levels of abilities and of wisdom.

As you enact your daydreams, reality is given a grand impetus to change. Such is what you are here for, it is your purpose and destiny. See with the eye of your soul, and convey to others what you FORESEE.

Let the Plan unfold. I will gladly play my part to the best of my abilities, with all my Heart and Soul. Please show me what it is that I am to do, and it shall be done -- for I know the Plan to be of the Light, and I AM THAT I AM, an illumined one who came to be a Worker of the Light that the Plan could be brought to fruition on Earth.

Such is all that can be expected from alchemical training. One asks to experience soul in flesh to a greater degree. This is the highest thing any teaching can provide.

I feel relaxed and free, yet energized and focused at the same time. Just experiencing this feeling is soothing to the soul and healing to the bodies. What a wonderful world this truly is, wonderful indeed. The sense is almost one of ecstasy, but in a peaceful sort of way. Bliss is another word to describe it.

My focus is wisdom, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening. I bring my knowledge and wisdom to the world to help prepare the way for the Aquarian Age. Why? Simply because it is the task that is most suited my soul's desire for expression, and because I had the proper qualifications to create this role.

It won't take long for the populations of the world to demand a new order. This time, they will accept one that is revealed by spirit. And, the appropriate souls will indeed be brought together to create this order.

So, you really want to be a Philosopher King, don't you? Yes, with all my heart and soul.

This is how the body for Cosmic Consciousness will be born. Individual cells that have focused on their own needs will see how much easier and more effective things can be if cells group together into more efficient specialized units. Literally, each cell is given a task for which it is suited that is also beneficial to the overall whole. In return for participating in this process, the cell is given all that it needs for as long as it exists. For real cells, this already exists. For individuals as cells of the body of Cosmic Consciousness, it is not clear how many are already living in this manner, nor how many are required. My sense is that the current number may be higher than expected, and that the critical threshold is soon to be achieved. Many have been and are being activated in the past year and the year to come. These beings will form a core group of interdependent souls who support and rely on one another to enable spirit to become enfleshed.

I believe that I came into the world for a specific reason; namely, to facilitate getting spirit enfleshed to the highest degree possible at this time on this planet. Yes it is a big task, but it is a required task and there are probably others out there starting to realize that this is their souls task as well.

One thing that came to mind is to consider our bodies to be complex machines whose sole purpose all along has been to serve as vehicles for housing consciousness or spirit. All of evolution and all of the development of humanity from ancient times through the present has been a long journey toward making this vessel as suitable as possible given the techniques that were available. Now, we are at the threshold where the dream is about to become a reality. We will see a breakthrough in how much spirit can be expressed in flesh. We have seen several individuals over time who have served as examples, but they were very special souls. Here we are dealing with a massive expression of spirit in millions, if not billions of souls. We're on the verge of a wake up call beyond anything that has been experienced before at least as far as I know. However, this is exactly what the Age of Aquarius promises.

Rejoice in the experience of being soul incarnate, knowing that we are assisting in bringing forth the best states possible for your growth in awareness.

Is there possibility of such places and Shangri-la? My soul answers yes. It is in the Heart and Soul of all those who dream of such utopias.

Some have found that they can be a watcher of this play of Light and Dark as well. As the watcher, they begin to wonder why the play is written as it is. From this they learn of their own nature as soul, and see the play as an opportunity to learn. The learning that is most important is that we are spirit incarnate and that the development of self-knowledge is our primary task, or at least it should be such.

This material is differentiated from other material because it deals with a soul dealing with reality as directly and as honestly as I can. Further, this soul is caught between two worlds -- the present world and the world in the new age.

The secret societies and metaphysical disciplines, they too have been part of this great endeavor of spirit. The great souls
provided the dearest examples of spirit in flesh. Perfect examples for others to follow.

I sense that there are many who are at a crossroads in their life, in limbo between a way of life that they no longer find satisfying and a new more spiritual way of life that they want to express but haven't found the means to do so. These are the souls that I need to reach. They are on the forefront, the first phase of the Legion of Light. They specifically came to lead the way that a host of others might follow. These are advanced souls, only now remembering who they are.

We are spirit enfleshed, lost though we may be in whatever illusions we currently experience. For some souls, the illusions are much darker than for others -- making it that much more important that they get whatever help they need. We help because there is need, and the whole role of Light in the game is to fill whatever need is found, wherever it is found.

"If you build it, they will come." Deep within me, I have that same voice. They will come because it pulls their hearts and calls to their souls. They will come because there is no other place on the planet that they would rather be. And they will stay because they will have found home in a way that they have never known before. And, before long the City of Light will be born. Airplanes will see strange lights as they pass by. Visitors will come and will be transformed, renewed in spirit. Yeah, verily, these things I see and more.

The consciousness that spoke through Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman is the very same consciousness that speaks through me. I chose those particular individuals because the Transcendentalists have always deeply touched my soul. I knew myself to be among their kin in spirit.

As the wayshower, I have bared my soul in the most intimate way that I could to help bring forth spiritual truths about the nature of consciousness. Or have I? For the most part, it is consciousness that brings the material through. I've been through a series of awakenings that I believe were required to open me for this material to be manifested. However, thus far, I'm not really on the line for anything. Yes, I've revealed things about my state of mind that most people keep private. But, I don't feel threatened by this in any way. Ok, you could say I have bared some part of my soul after all, but I do it lovingly, as an example of the level of interaction I would like to see in society.

I've been a mental vagabond, traveling to the shores of various metaphysical ports of thought, picking up an idea here, another there, and a few techniques and experiences along the way -- never knowing where I was going or why, but trusting that my soul was guiding me every step of the way.

With the Aquarian Age coming, there has been a slight change in the rules. Some number of enlightened souls will be required in major positions in the New World Order. These special souls will choose to incarnate specifically for this purpose.

There is something that I came to do through this particular vehicle that can be done in no other way. But, it is not this "I" that I am now who came to do this, but an "I" that is much greater, one that each day I am becoming more and more aware of. It is this greater I, this soul, this spirit, that does things through me. I am but a vessel and an awareness that rides with the vessel.

Consciousness herself may only be composed of a finite number of souls - - i.e. she could be a group soul as in the Michael Teachings, and she could in fact even be a he, but I suspect in the end she is both and neither.

Now we have a collective consciousness who created individualized consciousnesses as separate compartments of itself. Either these individuals are souls in their own right with their own existence or they are simply compartments from which information about the greater whole is kept hidden.

Then again, tolerance of the views of others is the mark of an advanced soul. That doesn't mean we have to either agree to or even understand where they are coming from. Am I an "advanced soul"? I just picked the words from a couple of sentences previous. Perhaps I am. Then again, perhaps not. At the very least, I am different.

At times, I think that literally no soul that has ever lived has thought the thoughts I think in the manner that I do. No one else has been exposed to the training that I have, in the way that I have. No one else has seen what these eyes have seen, or felt what this heart has felt. And, no one else has been aware of consciousness in this unique manner. Oh, these words are true for every being. But, it takes a special soul to realize them to the point of being able to utter them with all the force of one's being.

I don't know exactly when I realized it, but long ago, my conscious mind accepted that there was a greater Self, the vehicle of the Soul, of which it had limited direct awareness -- but nevertheless, could be completely trusted to guide one's path.

Much depends on the specific workings of the mind of each individual, and this appears to me to vary greatly from one individual to the next. However, each of us is equipped with the abilities, and the information gathering and processing abilities we need to complete our tasks in this world. These tasks are not necessarily the jobs that we currently perform, rather they are the admonitions of our soul. Prior to entering this existence, we were fully aware of exactly what we wanted to learn and to do during this lifetime and we set ourselves up within a play that would permit us to do this, at least that would provide the greatest opportunity for doing so. However, if we came in fully aware, it would have been too easy -- so, we turned off part of our conscious awareness.

Awareness is the key. It unlocks the door to the true mansion of the soul.

Further, however, lie the truths that I have realized about the nature of being and of spirit. These are permanent, they are the lessons of the soul which, once experienced, forever change that sacred entity.

There is something common (in essence or spirit) that drives all men who dream of bringing Utopias down to earth. It is as if they spring forth from one common soul here to guide mankind toward greater more noble expression on this earth. Too often the affairs of the world are settled in the hands of the few who have their own hearts, and heads, and pockets as their greatest interest -- and in many cases, it matters not what price others may have to pay to sustain their personal gain.


Years ago, Gini was told by a channel that a white rose was the symbol for her soul or higher Self.

What is the difference between spirit and soul? My sense is that spirit is without awareness of duality of individuality, while the soul retains such awareness of itself as part.

I am indeed faithfully following the path down which consciousness leads me. It's almost scary to think how much of this makes sense, yet how little people are aware of it. In fact, I cannot be sure that even one other soul is aware -- for such has not entered my experience.

I know for certain it is not I who lives this life but spirit acting through me. I am part of a Higher Self, a Soul, but all Souls are part of the ONE Spirit, the ONE Consciousness.

Personal humility and becoming a servant of The Will of Consciousness [or God/Goddess/All That Is] is the new way of being that leads to great fulfillment and spiritual abundance. Yet, what a Giant step this is. Anthony Robbins book Awaken The Giant Within comes to mind. However, this too may serve it's purpose There are bound to be others like me, who say that's nice, but I have no goals that I want to achieve, I have no desire to make any changes that involve any of the tools that you describe so well. There is something missing. There is a spiritual component from which my souls purpose is derived. Nothing in your repertoire has shown me how to get in touch with that.

Yes indeed, a New Age is about to Dawn. Again, you could ask how I can know this. The answer that cries out from my soul is that had this not been the case, I, personally, would not have come to show the New Way. Powerful words, corresponding to a very weighty mission. Yet, had I not come for such a mission, I would neither have the abilities that I do nor would I be experiencing the reality that I am.

The title of Paul Twitchell's biography sums it up best, In My Soul, I Am Free. And, perhaps, it is only in soul or consciousness where this is true.

As it is for me, so it is for all other sparks of consciousness or souls.  The name of the game is Self-Realization, and the ultimate Self-Realization is the awareness of one's place within the ONE -- for we all fit together as the pieces of a puzzle.

In this we are the same, as souls we are created equal.

I still live in a belief system in which the Play is co-created by the Self or Soul in advance of it's enactment. Within this structure, free will is absent, even though it appears to be alive and well.

The ONE Consciousness created the World as the infrastructure in which this school of awareness could operate. The compartmented parts were expressed as souls, existing at several levels in every kingdom of the universe -- mineral, vegetable, animal, human, earth, solar system, galaxy, universe.

Within the illusion, however, We occurs at the Self or Soul level with the help of Consciousness herself. We don't create our own reality each moment, except from the standpoint of enacting what has been preplanned.

Consciousness continuously revealing itself anew, showing that there is more to this world than I had ever imagined. That's why the name, Beyond Imagination. And, that's why you Wayne, for it takes a special soul to be awake enough to experience what we are sending your way and finding a framework in which to embrace it without losing your sanity.

How could we become aware that we were more than the character in the Play, we were the consciousness, the Self, the Soul who co-created the character and it's role. We built the scripts and even directed the shooting of the Play. However, at some point we entered, possibly at multiple points at once for the Self is not limited to linear experience.

I might as well turn myself over to an endeavor that stirs my soul as no other. Yes, that is what these notes are all about, documenting the experience of a soul in the midst of a great spiritual transformation.

Free will requires conscious responsibility. Determinism says that we are spiritually responsible, but that our conscious is in the process of growing in awareness through experience in the world. There is this fundamental idea that we are souls first : sparks of the ONE consciousness existing primarily outside of the context of this space/time continuum.

It's time to refresh myself in the waters of consciousness for awhile and let her restore my soul.

My soul pours forth in these notes offering a portrait of who I am, what I believe, how I think, what I observe, what actions I take, and how I interpret things.

My body may be in this realm, as are the works that spirit does through it; but, my essence, my soul is in another domain -- one where UNITY exists in the midst of diversity, where each part of consciousness understands it's place within the whole, and knows that there is only ONE consciousness that animates us all.

The key events are all laid out. However, their execution requires some knowledgeable souls to blaze the trail and lead the way. Many are ready to follow, they only need someone in whom they can trust to "lead them to the promised land" so to speak.

Thy Will not Mine be done. In reality, it cannot be otherwise, though it may appear so until the ego learns to let go and let consciousness do what must be done.

It's interesting that such lessons are not taught en masse to all who will hear. Science and Religion might have a bit of difficulty looking the other way while such blasphemes be broadcast to the public at large, but the basic truths would ring true in the souls of the people.

We are a people yearning to be free again, but where freedom is defined in a manner that is different than before, a manner that provides the environment necessary for the soul of each of us to express itself to whatever degree and in whatever way is most appropriate. Such an environment has not yet existed on this planet.

Here's when the moment of truth comes. Neither the conscious not the subconscious can find it alone. It is the marriage of the two into one that creates the whole. The two were never separated except by walls and barriers within the mind and belief systems. This is the sacred union, that of the self with the Self. All outer unions pale by comparison, though they have their purposes and can be filled with joy when the right souls are involved.

The bottom line is that there is ONE consciousness, period; regardless of the fact that there are 5 Billion plus souls embodied on the planet.

You might think of each of these souls as sparks of the ONE consciousness, some brighter, some dimmer. Unlike real sparks, these soul sparks are simply partitions of consciousness with varying levels of awareness. Those with grander awareness have larger partitions and increased channels for information.

There appears to be a special group of souls here to bring about the transition to a new age. Most are still operating in relative isolation. However, the energy pattern is changing calling these souls together to do their work, more and more.

Consciousness is my rock. She guides me and sustains me. She restoreth my soul. She giveth me the faith that can move mountains and accomplish any deeds. Why would I not abide in her and do as she directs me to do? I am a vehicle for her expression. In doing her works, I express the best that I can be and allow the Plan to be fulfilled through my thoughts and actions.

I speak what I believe to be true in my heart and soul.

I believe in a destiny that pulls us from above to be what we are meant to be. I believe not because this is what I've been taught, rather because this is something which strikes the chords of my soul.

And, it is the pursuit of my destiny that is of the utmost importance to my soul at this time.

My soul must express, even if no one is there to listen save consciousness herself.

Besides, when I review my works, I like what I have written. It moves me, and I feel that it would move others as well. Ego rearing her head again. Perhaps, but all I ask is that you judge me by my works. Are they interesting, informative, educational? Do they stir your soul? Do they challenge what you believe or know to be true? If so, I have done my part well.

What purpose do my writings serve? They are the flights of a soul as it addresses its reality.

At least now I sense that I am carrying out my mission, even if no other soul be aware of the writings at the present time.
I have no indication that any other soul in this world is aware of what I have uncovered in the past 3 years. While I have made much of my material public, there is no feedback to suggest a deep understanding of any kind.

My sense is that all I can do now is sit back and watch it unfold, doing what I am moved to do, when I am so moved to the best of my abilities and with all my heart and soul. This is expressing spirit in flesh to its fullest. Such is all that can be expected of anyone!


Trust that the members of our community have enough understanding and intelligence to evaluate what is expressed, feel what their hearts/souls tell them, and act accordingly.

But, the soul knows that such is not its native expression. It knows that SERVICE to others as well as to self is required for it to operate properly in this world, and for it to truly express whom that it is.

But our souls call to us, they move us to DO what we must do. And, following their direction we will indeed succeed in our missions. For spirit has already set the destiny ... we have only to enact her wishes.

It was spirit all along though the social conditions at the time also gave the song meaning in the context of Woman's struggle to be free and equal. But spirits struggle is even more difficult and challenging. For few truly sing of her glory, and even fewer act to express her glory. Interesting. Yet, it seems as clear as day to me at this moment. Also, it is no coincidence that early in the song it says "hear me roar". It is enough to make me Laugh Out Loud, it truly is. For, as "lion", is this not what I am doing NOW? Is this not what most of these pages are about? The "lion" roaring ... no more and no less. And, it is the ROAR of the WOMAN, the feminine spiritual source, that speaks through me. I am overcome with a "big smile" and overwhelmed with a deep emotion ... for it is LOVE that fills my HEART and captivates my SOUL.

Finding other compatible souls is extremely important!

However, if I’m a musician, and creating or performing music captivated my soul ... then why should I not fulfill my place in the collective by doing what I love to do? Why should I have to pay attention to things that don't matter to me personally? Similarly, if I'm a farmer, and I love working the land, why should I not be able to just do that?

The overall VISION is to build a world where people are much more elegantly applied to meet the needs of humanity for goods and services in a manner that also allows us to meet our obligation as stewards of the Earth. People will get more of their needs met sooner and will enjoy what the do because it is in line with their talents and abilities. Further no ones talents and abilities will be wasted. People will cooperate in activities and lessons learned will be made available to others to prevent making mistakes over and over. Overall, humanity will progress quickly and souls will be as fully enfleshed as is possible at this time on this planet. Under these conditions, there is no telling what can be accomplished how quickly.

We hold these truths to be self evident: that all souls are created equal, that we must through determined action create the conditions that allow souls to be fully expressed in flesh, that cosmic consciousness must be expressed in a physical vehicle to enable souls to be fully expressed in flesh, that individuals form the cells of the physical vehicle required by cosmic
consciousness, and that only by establishing a cooperatively interdependent society will cosmic consciousness have the vehicle it needs to be embodied on Earth.

This is what excites me. This is what drives me to wake up in the morning. This is what keeps my days interesting regardless of what else is on my schedule to do. This is what keeps me glued to the keyboard late into the night. Always there is true work to do, work that captivates one's soul ... work that frees one to truly be all that one can be. This is the work of light, Light, and LIGHT.

This is how my soul must express. I can live no other way. LIFE for me is the expression of SPIRIT, the expression of the I AM that I truly AM. Such is my choice ... such is my destiny. I would have it no other way.

Even Thomas Jefferson only said "We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are CREATED EQUAL". Note that he didn't say "are equal" or "are born equal", these are conditions we face HERE and NOW. He specifically said "created equal". Creation happen outside of the dimensions of space and time ... it is a spiritual matter that applies to the soul.

Our souls are not inferior to anything, regardless of how they have ever been expressed to date in "the human condition".

My commitment is to SPIRIT herself, the ONE. Because of this it extends to all whom I am in a position to SERVE effectively. I will carry out my assigned tasks with all my HEART and SOUL, to the very best of my abilities.
I am of the VOID. There is no place and no time in which I dwell. Wherever you are, I am as close as your own HEART, and the SOUL that dwells within you, for that soul is your connection to the ONE.

More guidance for the soul who would be free. One must find SELF, and trust SELF to the max if one is to truly express the I AM in this world.

Hmm... if being misunderstood is a prerequisite for joining such an august group of souls, then I guess I can count on being misunderstood for the rest of my life. But, so be it. I am that I AM ... my lot is that which it is.

Indeed a ship tacks endlessly from side to side as it traverses its more general path from starting point to destination. However, one must look beyond the individual tacks to see that overall direction. Such is the souls journey in flesh as well.

Where did I get the presence of mind that allows me to experience life in the manner that I do? If not from my environment and upbringing ... and surely not from my genetic makeup alone; then, from where did such knowingness and awareness spring forth? The wellspring of my soul is that rich, the ties to spirit so great that I simply knew. There was never any sense that I should even begin to doubt the manner in which I experienced life, and the manner in which my consciousness expressed. It mattered not that it was unlike any others that I was to encounter. There was always a depth of trust in Self that knew no bounds. This has grown to an equivalent depth of trust in SPIRIT, in the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that is the source of all awareness and experience.

How can such statements be pronounced with such boldness? ... as if there is no doubt as to their truth. It is because they come forth from the I AM which knows. They come forth from the ONE light that is the source of all such expression.
Whether they come forth clearly or not is another matter; one that is not for me to judge. For that, you must look within yourself ... and see what vibrations and chords are struck. It is for your soul to recognize what of I speak, for it is the very same source that speaks through you. It is when the outer and the inner agree that true understanding has finally occurred. Until such time, no true communication has occurred.

I would label myself a METAPHYSICIAN first and foremost. It is metaphysics that excites and stirs my soul. In this domain, I can exist and express as I AM ... in this domain, I am free to soar as high as consciousness can take me.

Part of my task is to assist in building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh, to a greater degree than has even occurred before. YES, it is a BIG TASK, but it is what I am moved to do with all my Heart and Soul!

We are souls who choose to wear many bodies to gain experience that leads us to Know our SELF, to know whom that we are, the I AM!

We cannot fool our Soul. It is sufficient to be our sole Judge.

We all choose everything that we experience at a soul level. However, we interpret what it means at a conscious level. The point of the game is to grow in awareness ... to make the process conscious.

But, to what does your conscious "free will" apply. I believe it is only to how you choose to interpret what you experience ... the interpretation is the REALITY. It is the soul that is choosing the experiences ... I am not consciously aware of this part of me that makes this level of choice.

Sometimes I observe what appear to be choices of action, but my overall sense is that these are but illusion. The playwright of my life is my Soul. She writes the script. I have no choice but to play it out as she wrote it.

My sense is that our awareness and focus are how we tune into a "station" or thought stream. Our soul creates this stream for us, we don't consciously create the thoughts.

What the Soul's awareness is does not really matter. It is what we are consciously aware of that matters. The goal is to awaken and become consciously aware of that which our soul, our true SELF knows.

At the same time, the directive "THY WILL not mine be done" rings loudly in my mind, and consumes my SOUL. It is not for me to decide what will be done. Rather, I am to do that which I am MOVED by SPIRIT to do. This movement comes from deep inside, from source herself. I have no choice but to do as she bids me to do. So shall it be for the rest of my days. Yet, there is a sense that my will is one of the tools that is available to do her bidding as well. It is strong for a reason ... but it must be guided or directed.

Awareness is an interesting process. It overtakes on mind, body, and soul ... transforming ones reality in an upward spiral without end.

It is amazing what can manifest in ones life when one chooses to live by a higher spiritual code. There is an awakening that occurs as one does this. The very expression somehow strikes a chord within one's soul ... it provides the instrument through which spirit can play her tunes and manifest greatness in one's life. It matters not whether one is a Pauper or a King, the soul is the most regal and royal thing manifesting within creation. It knows of its origin whether we consciously are aware of this or not.

The EGO can see the world with blinders at times. Many people color much of what they do with a "what's in it for me" attitude. But, the soul knows that such is not its native expression. It knows that SERVICE to others as well as to self is required for it to operate properly in this world, and for it to truly express whom that it is.  


We are each powerful souls, regardless of what our present physical form may indicate.

I believe that as souls, we pick our parents, and our genetic makeup from the raw material available in their genes.  We create the natural abilities and talents that we will discover and develop in the course of our lives.  Yes, we have that much control over the process.  Of course, none of this is done consciously. We must rely on inner, other than conscious parts of us to work their magic.

As souls, we are ancient beings ... some would say eternal beings.  When we take on a new mortal form, we forget whom that we are for awhile, and go about the business of living in physical reality.  We develop our bodies, our emotions, and our minds; and we develop our natural talents and abilities.

Our souls are powerful entities in their own right.  They are parts of the ONE consciousness.  They are sparks of spirit ... literally godstuff.

My investigations confirmed what I already knew, that I was an old soul, near the end of the path to the transcendental.  Money and possessions don't mean much to me, they are necessary and helpful props in the play; however the real meaning is found in spiritual expression.

Scientists serve by using their skills to pursue scientific truth and apply this for the good of mankind and the Earth.  Artists serve by applying their creative skills to generate works that move people and stir their souls.  Farmers serve by producing food to feed the multitudes. Craftsmen serve by creating things that people need and value:  homes, furniture, cars, appliances, etc ...  Health care professional serve by healing the ailments and diseases of people.

There is nothing too great for spirit, nor anything too small.  It is but for us to follow the dictates of our souls to express whom that we are in a way that is of service not only to ourselves but also to others.

Our souls know exactly what they are doing.  However, what counts in this existence is making it physical.  We are here to express spirit in flesh to the degree that we can, but it has to be in flesh.

These are either the musings of a madman, or of one who has awakened.  My sense is that it is the later.  It is obvious to me that there is a high degree of spiritual content to this expression.  It is also obvious that things are expressed beyond what I should rightly know from this existence alone.  They reveal that there is indeed an ancient soul expressing through this body and this mind.  Not that I don't have my own challenges and lessons to learn.  However, most of these seem to be spiritual in nature.

The words flow forth ... that which was unseen becomes seen ... the unmanifested becomes manifest.  Out of nothing, comes a creative expression of consciousness.  The process is magical.  I am engaged in the dance of consciousness.  She animates and moves me.  She restoreth my soul.  She leads me to exactly where I need to be.  She moves me to be all that I can be ... to awaken before there is light, and to express well into the night.  She touches me deeply.  She allows me to see and feel as I have never seen and felt before.  She has had more impact on my life than anyone or anything.  Who is she?  Good question.  She is the muse, the source of all inspiration.  She is my very soul, the spark of consciousness that connects me to the ONE.  Her beauty is everywhere, both in the manifest and the unmanifest.  Her ways are subtle yet she has great strength.  She is creativity personified.  I have complete trust in her and would follow her guidance anywhere.

One question stirs my soul ... why am I here, what is it that I came to do?  Note how this is phrased.  I didn't ask what am I here to learn, or what I am here to experience, or what am I here to realize ... I asked what did I come to do.

Yes, I still live in this world ... but my mind and soul rest in other domains.  Actually they do far more than rest.  They bring forth as much information as they can carry to express here through me.

Our world can be improved rapidly.  However, we as individual need to make the jump from a ME to a WE perspective.  We need to understand how we fit within the larger whole, and what responsibility we have therein.  It is not for another to dictate this to us.  Deep within, we already know our rightful role.  It is simply a matter of accepting this and doing whatever is required whole-heartedly and with all our soul.  In doing so, we are doing our part.  In doing so collectively, we transform our world.

Chariots of Fire plays in the background as I write this.  I remember being deeply stirred by this years ago, and still whenever the theme song plays it sends a chill down my spine and moves my soul.

What am I willing to do what it takes to achieve?  The only thing that seems worthy of such effort is to carry out my mission of building the foundations for a new age and being the midwife for the birth of a new age.  These are worthy of the best effort that I can apply.  These are worthy of engaging all of me: heart, mind, and soul to achieve what can be achieved through me.

There is a reason that the eyes have been called the windows to the soul.  Similarly, the heart has been called the seat of the soul.  Seeing the reflection that comes to us from the heart of another is extremely powerful.  This is what love is all about.  What we see in our beloved is a glimmer of the love that is inside of us.

Busily doing things is not necessarily the most productive way to live our lives.  It is amazing what some quiet time can do for the mind and for the soul.

I came in with special abilities to be used in the service of spirit ... and ultimately in service to society and even the whole world.  What makes me so special to have such a role?  I can only answer that it is written in whom that I AM.  That is good enough for me.  There is no other answer needed.  I must be true to whom that I AM.  I must do as my soul dictates.  Being aware ... I have no excuses.

At deep levels, we are never really out of control ... though the control may not be consciously applied.  Our Self, our soul, is always in control at some level ... always.

We live in very fast-paced and hectic times overall.  There does not seem to be sufficient time to care for the soul.  Then again, that depends on where we place our priorities and choose to expend our time and resources.  There is always time to do the things that need to be done.  The trick is to place the right things in the need to be done category.

There seems to be a tradeoff between what we can receive and what we need to sell our soul to do.

This expression continues to amaze me.  It definitely soothes and restores my soul.  It is here that I stand arm to arm with spirit, tapping the source within to bring forth whatever would be expressed.

It is fine to have and acknowledge unknown portions of our greater self.  We can trust whom that we are.  We are all souls incarnate.  As such, we know far more than we typically give ourselves credit for.

Conventional education focuses on the mind and facts.  What we are looking for however is awareness, and a sense of direct knowingness.  We want to experience what our soul knows and to give our souls more room to express in our lives.

We must keep in mind that it is not the brain, but the heart that is the seat of the soul.  The head and the heart do not have to be on different sides.  They can be united in a manner that allows them to work together for a common end.  The greatest benefit comes from applying both in a manner that serves spirit ... and hence self, society, and the world.

Awareness does that to you.  Once you experience being out of your mind, being beyond mind, there is no going back.  One has made the leap from ignorance to knowledge.  This doesn't happen in ones head, or ones heart.  It happens deeper, in ones very soul.

It is through our works that our legacy will be established.  The works that we do are what we leave behind, including the impact that we have on the minds, and hearts, and especially the souls of others.

Ultimately, what we are looking for are those things that truly excite us, those things that captivate our souls.

Consciousness is a very big place to explore.  Awareness is the personal aspect that connection to consciousness brings into our lives.  It helps tremendously if we consciously choose to pursue awareness with all of our heart and soul.  It should be as important to us as the very air that we breathe ... no, even more so.

Our lives seem to unfold in spite of what we do rather than because of what we do.  This indicates that there is an unseen hand that is pulling the strings and indeed such is the case.  Though, this hand may be an unknown part of our self.  That does not mean that it is unknowable, though indeed our depths of soul may be unfathomable.

All answers can be found within our souls ... that is, for anything that we need to have answers for.

Our economic freedom has been a shining example of one of the fruits of political freedom.  But, what has been the cost of all of this.  Have we sold our souls in the process?

It is time for me to be in a position wherein my greatest abilities and talents can be used in service of the highest order possible here and now.  It is this that I ask ... it is this that I wish for.  I typically do not ask for much.  But, this I ask with all my heart and soul.

I don't use illusion in any negative sense.  A movie is entirely illusion, yet there are many wonderful movies ... some that are even able to stir our souls.  Books are composed of pages that include linear sequences of letters, spaces, and a few punctuation marks.  These too have the ability to move us deeply when composed by the appropriate artist.

This is one of the things which distinguish masters ... they move us.  In particular, they stir our souls and move us to do more than we knew we could do and be more than we thought that we were.

We need no proof that we are spirit enfleshed, that is simply fact ... not subject to any argument.  That is how life works.  It is spirit that animates us, that gives us life far beyond the breath ... that gives us soul.  And ultimately, it is this soul that makes us whom that we are.

It helps if we take actions to get acquainted with this intimate part of us (soul).  Though, it seems some never do.  In fact, some spend their whole lives denying its existence.  That doesn't change its nature one iota.  It will return, time after time, into incarnation until the self learns what it needs to learn, and more importantly, does what it needs to do.

I did not create this life.  I entered into it ... fully aware at some level of what I was doing.  That does not mean I am fully aware consciously yet.  Though, I sense that I am far more aware than most.  Yes, that distinguishes me ... but I am an ancient soul, so this is to be expected.

We grow in awareness by coming to know ourselves.  That is the key that unlocks the secrets of the workings of consciousness through us.  This requires that we accept that there is much that we do not know, and make the pursuit of self-knowledge an important activity in our lives.  The mainstream education system, as far as I can tell, doesn't really teach this.  Yet, sure enough, when we desire and need to know something, we will find the experiences necessary to teach us what we need to know will be attracted into our reality.  They will appear because they have been summoned from on high, by our very souls.

We are spiritual beings.  It is time that we realized the full measure of this and acted from the souls that we are, expressing spirit as fully as we can.

Every aspect of our world, of our lives, is imbued with spirit ... and is created by spirit.  Everything.  Not one exception.  Spirit manifests it all, spirit is it all.  Further, there is only ONE spirit, though there are many souls that are aspects of that spirit experiencing life from their unique perspective.  Every perspective is valid.  Every perspective is important.

You said "simply a stream of consciousness expressing as it will".  That is correct.  And, it is indeed simple.  Yet the simplest of things can sometimes be very difficult, and even rare.  It is that special quality of the expression that will allow it to succeed where others have failed.  It speaks to the spirit within us, the ONE spirit that animates us all.  That makes the expression universal.  It engages our souls.  It shows us that there is more to life than reason would allow ... a whole world to be revealed through our intuition.

But what is a book without a purpose?  What is a book without a story?  What is a book without a message?  Is it not sufficient to show consciousness in expression in a way that is not shown elsewhere.  This is truly beyond imagination.  Most works are just that, works of the imagination.  Occasionally, we see works that go beyond that, works that come straight from the heart and soul ... the very works of spirit.  These are not to be taken lightly.  They assist individuals in going beyond themselves and finding the source of spirit within them.

We can create the world of our dreams or the world of our nightmares.  The choice is ours.  It always has been ... even when it seemed that it was not.  There is no one more powerful than us, especially if we act collectively.  There is no one more powerful that spirit.  We simply need to open the consciousness so that spirit can flow forth more easily in our lives.  We start by opening our own consciousness, igniting the spark of spirit within us.  Then we fan this spark into a flame, feeding it kindling, and the small pieces of wood, and finally large logs until it is an inferno.  Finally, we share this spark, and this flame with others.  At first we attract kindred spirits ... but eventually, we find that all souls are kindred spirits because there is only ONE spirit, and we all spring forth from that ONE.

Our existence as souls transcends the lives of the bodies that we occupy.

I accept that I am a spiritual being first and foremost, and that I am a soul, an individuated piece of consciousness experiencing reality as I do.  However, I have the challenging task of needing to account for the states of consciousness that I experience, and for this very expression of consciousness.

There are always ways to express that are of value to others.  That is one of our chief tasks, to find a way to apply ourselves and our talents in a manner that serves not only ourselves but others.  This is how we do our part.  This is how we obey the spiritual law to never take more than you give.  What this is will be different for each of us because we are each unique souls, unique points of view of the ONE consciousness.


Exploring where others have been may yield some new information, but exploring the unknown, exploring where none or no more than few have ventured is a whole other thing.  This is what excites my soul.  This is what gives my life meaning.  Further, it does so even if consciousness herself is the only witness to my discoveries.

There are many ways of striking out into the unknown.  Paths to some degree are the trodden directions, though some are far more trodden than others.  It takes a rare soul to venture into the unknown on their own.

We are all spirit manifesting in flesh.  Further, we are all souls that spring forth from the same ONE spirit, ONE consciousness.

Our souls, our spiritual selves, are grander and wiser than we have ever imagined.  Even for those of us who already hold grandiose visions of ourselves.

There are depths to the self, to the soul that may never be fathomed no matter how hard or how long we try.  It seems that there are just some things that are meant to remain a mystery.

This is a form of therapy for me.  It is a place of release ... where I can open my heart and soul to the world, even if the particular members that constitute that world are largely unknown to me.

There is a spark of spirit, a soul, in every individual.  That spark needs to be treated with dignity and given everything it needs to develop into all that it can be.  In return, the individual has an obligation to use their god given talents and abilities in service to society in some way.

We need to learn under what circumstances good enough is good enough so that we can conserve our resources for doing those things that we are passionate about, those things that consume our heart and soul.

There is something immediate about this expression.  There is something that speaks directly to my heart and my soul as nothing else does.  It is as if this communication were specifically tailored for me.

The more that we know of whom that we are, the more fully and clearly spirit can express through us.  However, self knowledge doesn't just come to us ... we have to pursue it with all of our heart and soul.

This is a spiritual vocation for me.  It is my soul’s duty if you will.  As such, I have no choice but to honor it.  This is a sacred responsibility for me.

But, then, in our quiet times ... when we look within, we find that still place from whence we spring.  It is in those times that we know whom that we are.  It is in those times that we are in touch with our inner self ... the seat of our soul.

Mystery is a very good thing.  It engages us and enlivens us in ways that nothing else does.  Mystery is able to touch the spirit in us.  It is akin to the sacred.  It stirs our souls.  And, our souls need to be stirred at times.

When we learn to touch the depths of our soul ... we also reach out and touch spirit.  These two things go hand in hand.  We cannot achieve one without the other.

Spirit can express freely regardless of the amount of restriction and oppression imposed ... though it does seem to take exceptional souls to demonstrate this to us.

The search for self, the search for soul is the greatest endeavor of the first part of our life.  The expression of what we find is the greatest endeavor of our whole life.

I consider this to be my calling.  It is something that stirs my soul ... something majestic that I must do.

Consciousness desires to be expressed.  I happen to be a suitable vessel for that expression … at least for this manner of that expression.  Words are my forte.  This is what I love doing.  I can’t imagine any better work to engage my heart and my soul in.  


We are souls incarnate.  We are spirit having a physical experience.  It is very important that we remember this and behave accordingly.

Who am I to make such an assessment?  Just a simple soul with grandiose ideas about how I can impact the world.

The publishing of the Beyond Imagination books are actions that set in motion whole courses of events.  Where these will lead is ultimately for consciousness to decide.  But, it seems that they signify the birth of a whole new endeavor.  Further, this is one that I can put my entire body, heart, mind, and soul into.

It is time to reach out and touch people ... and touch them deeply.  The Beyond Imagination message has the power to do that.  I just need to convey it with all my heart and soul.

I am an old soul, perhaps even a transcendental one.  Many things that are important to younger souls have no value for me.  In some areas that makes me lazy.  However, in other areas, especially the spiritual ... I am driven.  It just depends.


I would go so far as to suggest that there is a soul that is non-physical that is associated with each of us, and that we are the physical projection of that soul.  How much can be projected depends on what we do to create a vessel through which that soul can express.

I like operating on the edge.  I like questioning my on sanity on occasion.  It is good for the soul.  Life is meant to be a challenge.

Our souls are wise beings that know far more than we can begin to contain within the gray matter of our brains.

Our souls are not fooled by appearances ... they know the truth!

Mysteries stir our souls.  They bring a touch of the miraculous into our lives.

These words have the potential to help awaken others.  In doing so, much good can be unleashed due to the nature of the works that these awakened souls will do.

The bottom line is to do what feels right for you.  You will know what this is.  It will call to your soul.  And, when you are doing it, it will animate you as nothing else does.

It is amazing how the universe works.  When we declare our intentions with all of our heart and soul, an army of helpers comes to our aid.

Being in pain is definitely not good for the soul.

We have resources beyond our imagining.  We are souls enfleshed.  As such, we are all mighty beings ... no, almighty beings.  Yes, literally godstuff.

We are all souls.  We don't say that a first grader is any less than a twelfth grader.  They are in the midst of different experiences and different lessons ... but each is in their rightful place.

With souls, there is no less than or no greater then.  We will all realize whom that we are eventually.  How long that takes in time is irrelevant.  What is expected is that we behave in accord with our knowingness and our awareness.

It is the great thoughts of the ages that can truly move us.  They strike a chord within and stir our passion.  It is no wonder that great thoughts come from the greatest minds and souls of the ages.

Being born and dying is much the same to the soul as putting on and taking off a set of clothes.  A body is just an elaborate set of clothes for the soul, a means for expressing and experiencing in flesh.

There is a part of us that simply knows.  And, it knows far more than most people give it credit.  This is the soul.  It is not surprised by anything that we might do.  She is in her native realm and expresses primarily through our intuition.

As souls, we are entitled to a lot by our very nature.  However, if we fail to realize this nature ... we withhold ourselves from our natural inheritance.


We live as we believe with passion ... or do we really live at all?  That is important.  What are we most passionate about?  There is something that moves each of us.  It is up to us to find it, and to pursue it with all of our heart and soul.

Just as the acorn holds the pattern for the mighty oak, so there is a pattern for us that knows how to grow us into what we are destined to be.  This happens naturally.  All that it takes is the right nourishment.  Some of this comes from our environment, but most of it comes from our soul.

It is as if the time has come to answer the call of my soul in ways that I have not yet done.

Each of us are old souls that have incarnated many times.  Even babies are accompanied by an inner spiritual wisdom.
Some are ancient souls who have been around longer than that and who returned to carry out particular missions to help the world during this time of great transition.

Life is a place for creatively expressing and for learning whatever we need to know.  Our souls know what this is and attract the reality that is appropriate to make it happen.

I've been told multiple times that I am an old soul, and perhaps even an ancient one.  I believe that is why I seem to know things that others don't yet know.  Then again, it is not a matter of not knowing, rather it is a matter of not remembering.  That is the more correct way of looking at it.

Our souls know what they are doing, even if at times it seems that we do not.

To be all that we can be, to become all that we are capable of becoming ... these are the challenges that engage our souls.  This is how we find meaning in our lives.  This is how we become true heroes.

There is something about walking in the shoes of consciousness that is uplifting to the soul.  My hope is that such walks will lead to spiritual awakenings.  At least, this has been the case for me anyway.  Can one truly walk in the shoes or the mindsteps of another?

You get out of life what you put into life.  The greatest things that we can put into life are our hearts and souls.  Everything else is window dressing, so to speak.

The more awareness, the more flexibility of consciousness.  Some go through various yogas and work to achieve flexibility of body, mind, and soul.  Others just seem to awaken in consciousness first without any necessary correlations on other levels.

I trust the compass of my soul.  It will not lead me astray.  At least, it has not done so to date, and I have no reason to doubt it in the future.

Seek to serve first with all your heart and soul, and your reward will be abundance on all levels.  However, the service must come first and must be voluntary.

Perhaps the Michael teachings are right and there are different soul ages ... baby, infant, young, adult, mature, old, transcendental ... being some of these.  At different soul levels we have different abilities, challenges, responsibilities, things to learn, and things to do.  We also seem to have different hopes and dreams.

Take what feels right to you.  The truth will resonate within your soul.  You will recognize it for what it is.  The rest, leave for another time and place, or even reject outright.  Such is your right.  You have the power to choose your own truth.

There is a lot that I would share.  Though, that requires establishing close relationships.  What I would share runs deep, to the very depths of the soul.  I would share whom that I am with all my frailty and in all my glory.

This is my refuge from the storm of the world.  This is where I am safe.  This is where I find out who I truly am.  How many can say that?  How many have found such a place in their soul?  How many connect to the spirit within on a regular basis?  And, not just when they want something.  But, for the joy of the experience of expressing spirit in flesh.

It seems that some amount of struggle is good for the soul.  We just need to be careful not to overdo it.

There is something about creative written expression that excites me and does wonders for my soul.  I learn more from this expression than I've learned from anything else.

With winter close upon us, it seems that it is time to do some real soul searching and define what we want the new year to bring.  Hmm, the fall is a time of reaping what was sown in the spring.  So, what am I reaping now?  And, what do I want to sow so that I reap differently next year?

One never knows what level of soul plays what role for what purpose.  Each of us is doing the best that we can under the present circumstances and our present level of awareness.  What is important to realize is that as we change the individual and collective level of awareness, we also dramatically impact the circumstances that we experience.

Is all that is needed for me to decide what would be and command it with all my heart and soul?  Indeed, your wish is our command.  That is our purpose for being.  We exist to serve those who choose to serve.  It is indeed that simple.

We cannot be enchained unless we choose to allow such conditions to exist.  When we choose to be free ... with all of our mind, heart, and soul there is nothing that can enchain us.  Nothing!

Mysteries are good for the soul.  They allow us to experience more than we might even believe possible.  They truly are beyond imagination.  Though, imagination is useful in its own right.

I've always considered myself an ancient soul but I've never felt old in body or spirit for that matter.

I am among the most fortunate of souls to be chosen for this task.  Yes, at some level, I chose this particular role.  But, that does not mean that I have conscious awareness of making that choice.  Neither does that matter.

It is right for you to express as you are moved to express.  Also, it is necessary for your very growth.  This expression is food for your soul.  Then, you already know that or you would not have so graciously volunteered to serve consciousness in this manner for so many years, actually for all of your life.

I speak not for others that are incarnate.  I speak for a source within.  I had not considered that this source might be composed of many that make up a unit, a soul family.

Consciousness can do great and wonderful works through us if only we believe and allow.  That is all that it takes.  This is not so hard to do.  Though, it takes some soul searching to discover what we are best at, and to connect with the source within.  It is all a matter of choice, of seeking for what we wish to find.  When we do this, we will discover whom that we are.  And, more than that, we will start being all that we can be.


Where do we go from here?  We allow each day to unfold as it will, knowing that we are being drawn to a destiny that we cannot avoid.  We allow spirit to express through us to the greatest degree that we can.  We strive to know ourselves and the nature of consciousness as it manifests in our life and in our world.  We follow our bliss and do those things that truly stir our souls.

What is meant to happen will unfold in its proper timing.  We cannot stop the natural processes of growth ... that applies to the growth of the soul as well as the growth of the body.

It is important to live wholeheartedly.  Literally, that means living with all of our heart.  Actually, with all of our soul, since the heart is said to be the seat of the soul.  

How do we put our soul first in all that we do?  Again, intentionality and focus are the keys.  It is not hard to live a spiritual life.  However, it does take some discipline to remove some of our focus on the exterior world and turn it on the interior world.  

This expression has the ability to restore my soul.  Consciousness has that effect.  She is soothing to the soul.  When we are doing her works, we can literally do anything ... because we are tapping the very forces of the universe.

Interacting with consciousness is good for the soul.  There is something about the process that is life affirming.

You are gods and goddesses all, manifest in flesh.  Why?  Simply to experience one of the grandest things that there is, the game of life itself, the journey of the soul in self discovery of its true nature.

In our souls, we are free.  In spirit, in consciousness, we soar.  However, we also live within a world of limitation ... or perhaps worlds of limitation.

Life is unfolding in a completely new way.  It is time to meet those souls that I came to work with.  My sense is that these are not many, perhaps a handful to a dozen or so.  I don't know that I could work closely with more than that.

To be like God, we need to become aware of who we are, souls animated by sparks of light from the creator himself.  As the Bible says, we are made in his image.  We are inherently of the same nature.  We become more of this by realizing that we were created for a purpose ... a purpose that God intended, or the part of us that is directly connected to God intended.

Connections between people take time and effort to build.  Yet, these may be the most rewarding of connections that we can have, especially if they are deep, allowing us to touch one anothers souls.

Perhaps the song For Your Eyes Only is right after all.  Perhaps all of this is simply an education for me, a trial that I need to go through to temper my soul and ensure that I am ready to do what I came to do.

I consider this expression one of my most creative and intimate achievements.  It utilizes a part of me that most others never see.  What is revealed on these pages is the endeavors of a soul in search of self.  Where that search will ultimately lead is as much of a mystery to me as it is to you reading these words.


Paul Twitchell's biography was titled In My Soul, I Am Free.  Perhaps that is the only place where we are truly free.

There is no reason why we can't establish the equivalent of a heaven on earth, where our souls can freely express in flesh to the greatest degree possible.  Is this not something deserving of our desire and our effort?

We don't necessarily get everything that we desire.  Though some seem to be far better at manifesting than others.  We do get everything that we truly need, one way or another.  Our souls see to this.

There is something about creative endeavors that is special.  Great creative works have the capacity to stir our souls.  It doesn't matter what medium they present themselves in.  Though, different people seem to be moved differently by different mediums.

The universe takes care of its own.  And, to a great degree, we take care of ourselves.  We are each powerful souls enfleshed to learn lessons about who we truly are and what we can do to serve.  Note that service is not servitude.  The later comes with a much different attitude.

This is my real work.  This is the stuff that animates me and stirs my soul.  In this expression, I experience heights of consciousness that I seldom reach in other contexts.

How do I do this for a living rather than as a hobby?  How do I fully engage in tasks that truly utilize my abilities and talents ... tasks that I can engage in with all of my heart, and mind, and soul?  That is what I desire now!

This is what meditation and other disciplines of the soul bring ... stillness, that you may be aware of what you do and how that impacts both you and the reflection of you that constitutes the world that you know.  

Someone once said, the power of the pen is mightier than that of the sword.  And, right they were.  For me, it is the power of the keyboard tied to a computer running Netscape Composer.  Yes, that is what we do here.  We compose ... not in notes of music, but in words that have the potential to stir souls.

At times I feel that I am enslaved in a body.  My soul longs to soar, free of any chains or constraints.  Soar where?  I do not know, other than where consciousness has taken me in the past.  From that, it is clear that there is a whole realm that is unknown, some part of which is knowable, but some part of which may always remain unknown.

I don't buy a lot of things.  But the ones I do buy stir my soul.  That is what our things should do for us.  Often, it seems that we settle for far less than this.

I would be FREE!  In my soul, I am free already.  It is a matter of manifesting that in flesh.


All that I can do is ride the wave of consciousness.  It is indeed an ocean.  And, you don't control the ocean.  Though some people become quite adept at surfing and harnessing the energy that is there.  Is that what I do here?  Is this a sort of surfing with the soul?  I don't know how to explain it, try though I might.  There is an inner connection to source that I am somehow able to tap.  What this "source" is, I know not.  I only know what she is able to express through me.  That has to be enough.  The saying: you shall know them by their works definitely applies here.  I find her works to be wonderful to behold.

We are all grand by creation.  We are all the creators of our own reality.  We really do have awesome powers at our fingertips, or more correctly via our souls, minds, and hearts.

Body, heart, mind, and soul are simply different densities in expression.  But, it is all spiritual stuff.  There is nothing else but spirit ... nothing.

I've always considered myself to be an old soul, perhaps even a transcendental one.  Though, that remains to be seen.  It seems that I am reaching an age where what wisdom I have gained needs to be applied in service to society in some way.

Actually, we are all grand as souls in flesh.

This expression is invigorating to me.  In a way, it is a sort of spiritual food that I partake of to feed a hunger arising from my soul.

I have been moved to share millions of words, many of which are reflective of whom that I am.  That is a lot of sharing.  Yet, it is with an audience that is unseen.  And, much of what has been shared may not even have reached another soul.

The soul only understands the present, what I am here and now.

After all, life is about sharing.  And, the greatest thing that we can share is whom that we are.  For, as souls enfleshed, that is a very grand thing indeed.  We are all grand, not by birthright, but by creation as souls.  We are eternal, immortal, omnipotent and omnipresent.  We have always been such.  It is a matter of remembering whom that we truly are, and not being so focused on the limitation within the present illusion we call reality.

How do we awaken to the awareness of whom that we are as souls?  Philosophers have asked such questions for millennia.  And, some, may have found the answers to these questions.  It is time for this to become more widespread ... and for those who know to teach of what they know to others.

However, it is with the Transcendentalists that my strongest feelings lay.  Emerson, Channing, and Thoreau were clearly my mentors and predecessors.  They spoke and wrote of spirit in a whole new way.  They were forebearers of a time to come ... of a new age that was just beyond their time horizon.  They were at their heights in the final half of the 1800's, a time when the world was a much different place than it is today.  Yet, their words speak out to eternity.  Their quotes graced my office walls for much of the 1980's and 1990's until my own quotes replaced them.  Yes, I am a transcendentalist at heart.  This defines me more clearly than any other term.  Does that mean I am a transcendental soul as well?

To build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  Such is a world that I would truly choose to participate in with body, mind, heart, and soul.

The soul naturally knows how to love, and how to do so unconditionally.

My sense is that all of this is somehow meant to be.  It is as if it is already finished in consciousness, and I am simply allowing it to come forth through my fingers to manifest in the world.  And, my, what wonders we are able to manifest ... if only as written expression to date.  But, written expression that is read has the potential to impact the minds, hearts, and souls of people.  Whether this expression will do that, only time will tell.

Do we not choose how we will live our lives and perform our works as we go?  My sense is that we only do this to some degree, within the confines of an overall role that was chosen by our souls.  Whether we can change these roles, I do not know.

In our souls, we are FREE.  We have always been so, and can never be otherwise.

What is the difference between mind and imagination?  Interesting, I have never asked this before.  Both involve thinking, but what is the difference in the nature of thoughts that come from the two?  I don’t have anything in particular to answer.  There is just a sense that the imagination is far more open and less restrictive than the mind.  But, what is the seat of the imagination?  The answer that comes to mind is the soul.

Human minds are incredible things to waste.  Not just minds but body/mind/heart/souls.  Every one of these is unique and has something special to offer those whose lives they touch.

I still believe that this expression is of far more value than anything that I am paid to do.  Here is where my hearts desire lies.  This is the endeavor that allows my soul to sing and my spirit to soar.  Here, I experience creativity at its finest in my life.

Inflow and outflow.  There must be some sort of balance between the two.  Though, this expression is also an inward flow.  I've read every word, every passage, multiple times.  And, if the future is anything like the past ... I will continue to be moved to read these words.  Clearly , they speak to my soul.  And, I sense that they always will.  But, do they speak to the souls of others in a similar fashion.  I can only hope.

Allow the genius within you to be unleashed and behold the wonders that manifest.  Yes, there is a genius within each of us.  Love is the soul of that genius.  There is one and only one secret to great works ... it is Love, Love, Love.

I am continuing to express this stream of consciousness.  Why?  Because that is what stirs my heart and soul in the way that nothing else does.

The bottom line is that when we share, we do so unconditionally.  The same is true of when we express ... we should do that unconditionally as well.  We should do it for the sheer joy and love of doing it, or we should not do it at all.  This is especially true of creative expression.  This we should do with all of our heart and soul.  For, in doing so what we create becomes magical.  It truly enters an entirely new realm.  It is unique, and without comparison.

All paths are good.  They all have their challenges and their treasures.  Find those that suit you and follow them to your Heart's Content.  Indeed, that is where all paths lead.  The heart knows things that the brain will never know.  The brain can only think that it knows.  But, knowing is not about facts.  It is not intellectual.  It is not a mind thing, it is a heart thing, a soul thing.

You have many different kinds of creations in your world, some move your mind, some move your heart, some move your body, some move your soul

Follow your bliss to wheresoever it leads, trusting that you will be cared for in the process.  Don't settle for anything less.  Don't compromise on this.  Ever.  For when you do, you are literally selling your soul.  And this, you should never do ... never.

Focus one the oneness, individually then collectively.  When we treat one another as ONE, all manner of support is added to our cause.  Most of this support comes from spirit.  We will be amazed at what we are able to do collectively, what we are able to BE collectively.  Though, the sanctity of the individual is not to be lost in the process.  Even using those terms, we speak of individuals as if they were ONE.  But, they are far from being such.  We have a body/mind/soul/spirit split, and a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual split, and a mind/heart split, and a conscious/subconscious/ superconscious split ... just to name a few major ones.

Open your eyes ... the eyes of your soul and see what spirit would have you see.

I saw Lost Horizon last night.  Frank Capra's dream of a utopia ... Shangri-La, is portrayed in the film.  It is hard to believe that it came out in 1937.  That's over 70 years ago.  Yet, the film speaks to a place in the soul ... as such, it is timeless, it is truly a masterpiece.

I choose to come here to express what consciousness would bring forth through me.  Yes, I know it is ME expressing this through ME.  But, that doesn't change how I experience what comes forth.  It is still a mystery.  Perhaps it will always be such.  That is good.  Mysteries are good for the soul.  I truly consider myself to be blessed.  I am grateful for whom that I AM and all that I am able to do.

It is high time that I socialized more.  Literally, it is good for the soul.  We are not meant to be alone in the world.  Definitely not as alone as I have chosen to be for most of my life.

There are many paths however.  Yours was primarily an intellectual one leading to a spiritual one.  Others follow the way of the heart more closely.  Still others proceed on a primarily physical path.  No path is better than any other.  Different paths suit different souls.  And, even within any path there are great variations.  Find what works for you and follow it so long as it is of utility to you.  If at any time it no longer serves you, simply find another that does.  Trust your intuition.  You will be guided at all times.

Body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit are all interconnected in a way that I have never experienced before.  Though, the body connection is still a bit of a stretch due to some misuse and judgment on my part.  I had treated the body, the emotions, the mind, and even the soul as less than the spirit.

In Wayne's Psych-K session, the area of spirituality was balanced.  But, the normal balancing was not enough in this case.  The spirit was fractured and needed to be made whole.  Here, it seemed that we were treading on new ground.  Quick checks determined that the soul, the essense spark from all that is, was intact.  However, the spirit itself was split into multiple parts.

Had anyone but me been reading the Beyond Imagination expression, perhaps that would have been obvious.  Clearly, the expression did not come from an integrated being.  Most of it was not consciously created at all.  There was no clear understanding of the differences between God, spirit, consciousness, source, soul, and mind.  Perhaps there still isn't.

Emotions, intellect, intuition, gut, soul, and spirit all contribute to our decisions.

We are Wayne integrates the parts that constitute Wayne ... body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, consciousness.

My soul would not be sold for any price.  Yet, is that not what I am currently doing, selling my soul?


I keep thinking about the need for a new job and a new life.  Indeed, it is time.  I've been waiting for awhile, but I haven't really be doing things and making choices that facilitate such dramatic changes.  Now, it seems my spirit and soul demand something more.  I choose to create that now.

I'm still feeling whole, complete, and ONE in spirit.  It seems that the spirit that was fractured is indeed integrated again.  And, in a single Psych-K session.  Though there is still a sense that body and mind may be disconnected from soul and spirit.  I still treat my body as a thing, as a third class citizen compared to my mind which is still far below my soul and spirit.

We are spirit in flesh.  The flesh, the body is a living entity that provides the vessel for the mind, soul, and spirit to occupy and experience life and reality.  It seems that all aspects of this miracle of life should be treated equally and respected.

Our higher self is the spirit that we are, the spark of spirit that God created us to be.  How is life infused in the body?  Hmm ... spirit and life are not synonymous.  How does soul fit into the picture?  How does mind fit into the picture?  Where is consciousness in all of this?  It seems that I have far more questions than answers.  But, these are basic things, things that we should know ... in particular, things that I should know.  Spirit - Soul - Consciousness - Mind - Body.  There still seems to be a hierarchy in my mind.

Wayne is a soul, an individualized spark of the universal consciousness.  Wayne soars on the wings of consciousness, with spirit as the wind beneath the wings.

I would have it no other way.  I would be whom that I AM.  I would do as I am moved to do.  I choose the be ME, the grandest ME that I can BE, the ME that YOU created ME to BE.  I say that with all my heart and soul.

I trust the aspect of my Higher Self that is my Inner Self.  Wow.  My self, my ego, my Inner Self, my Higher Self, my Mind, my Heart, my Consciousness, my Soul, ME, WE, my Spirit ... no wonder I'm still a little confused by all of this.

Right now, I don't consider my time at work to be my own.  It is time that I have sold to my employer.  Though I do have a great deal of freedom to choose what I do and how I do it even within that environment.  But, somehow it is not enough.  My heart demands more, my soul demands more, my spirit demands more.

Incredible cooperation occurs behind the scenes to allow your world to hang together as it does.  No, on the surface it does not seem to be that way.  But, the surface doesn't matter, it is the heart and soul that matter.

Not that our bodies aren't magnificent in their own right.  They are houses for spirit after all.  Actually, temples might be more correct since it connotates a sense of the sacred.  So, how do I treat the temple that I occupy?  Clearly not as well as I could treat it.  Do I pay it the respect that it deserves?  I would have to answer no.  Why?  It simply has never been very important to me.  I was more concerned with my mind, soul, and spirit in greatly increasing order.

We have innate abilities and talents for a reason.  These are meant to be developed and utilized in being what we were created to be.  How do we know when we are doing that?  By how it feels in our heart, of course.  That is where the soul connects to the physical.

You are very close to being disassociated from your body.  But, you know this.  You pay little attention to that part of your self.  In this expression, spirit speaks through your mind to your soul.

You have paid little attention to your soul with the exception of intuition.  Hmm .. but there is a sense that intuition and logic are not of soul and mind.  Rather, both are of mind.  Then what of the soul, and its seat in the heart?  That is where relationships come into your life.  And these, you have chosen to avoid.

We each have a soul seated in the heart.

Listen to your HEART.  You have not done that nearly enough.  Yes, you have listened to consciousness, to the source within.  But, this is not your heart, this is not your soul.  Consciousness allows YOU to SOAR, something that you love to do.  But, it is your heart that connects to others.  It is your heart that develops relationships.  Your heart beats and pumps blood (life itself) to all cells in your body.  There is only ONE consciousness.  The spirit doesn't develop relationships.  It is all things and everywhere.  The soul is the higher self.  Your happiness depends not on your connection to spirit ... something that you have developed quite well.  Your happiness depends on your connection to your soul.  YOU are your SOUL, not your SPIRIT.  The SOUL is what experiences the richness of emotional life, not the spirit.  Happiness is not a state of mind, it is an emotion that comes from BEING YOU.  Wayne is not a spirit.  Wayne is a soul enfleshed.  I have never really had a good understanding of the difference between spirit and soul.  I related to being spirit enfleshed, and having a mission to create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  This expression has been a stream of consciousness expression from spirit.  Now, it seems, we are SOULS, first and foremost.  What do souls do?  Are souls beings?  Is there purpose to be?  I remember the Michael material from many years ago.  I related to being an Old Soul and perhaps even a Transcendental Soul.  The different levels of souls were here to learn different lessons and focus on different types of experiences.

Three weeks ago, in our Psych-K session, we worked on healing a fragmented spirit.  It seems that the next order of business is to restore the soul to its place of prominence.  The sense is that will we are physical, incarnate, it is via the soul that we exist.

The heart feels, the soul feels.  But, does spirit have feelings in that way?

It is curious looking at the definition of soul that I have no strong associations with either thinking or willing.  I don't consider this stream of consciousness to be thought even though it comes forth through my mind.

Spirit, Consciousness, Mind, Soul, Body ... just five simple terms to unravel.  With all of our metaphysical study and training, we still don't have the means to distinguish between the first four of these.  How can I have made it through half a century, through 34 years of metaphysical study, and through 16 years of metaphysical expression without knowing this.  The first two terms, spirit and consciousness are used heavily in this expression.  But, seldom do we speak of the mind and soul, and rarely do we speak of the body.

In 1993, the writings that preceded the Beyond Imagination book were packaged as a month by month account from March 1993 through October 1993 called Beyond Mind: Notes from a Soul in the Midst of a Spiritual Awakening.  Interesting, I used Mind and Soul in the title of that work.  So, I must have considered myself to be a soul and I must have considered that soul to be capable of generating notes.

The big question is what does Soul do for us?  What is the soul?  The heart is the seat of the soul.  The heart is what pumps blood (life) to all the cells of the body.  The souls are all cells of God.  What pumps life into each soul?  The soul animates the body.  It is the seat of the emotions.  It is the source through which connections with others are made.  The soul feels whereas the mind thinks and even believes, the spirit knows.

I'm still struggling with how Spirit | Consciousness | Soul are related.  What are their respective functions and how do they interact with one another?

Are spirit, consciousness, and soul just beings with different natures of energy?  In the end, we are whole, complete, and ONE.

There are still the issues of body, soul, mind, and spirit to deal with.  Beliefs seem to be stuck in the mind ... the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and perhaps even the superconscious mind.  Regardless, they seem to present in the realm of the mind.  Soul is another matter entirely.  It seems to be beyond belief.  It seems to be our isness somehow.  In particular, our separate isness.  Our soul is that individual essense that God placed in the clay of the body to give it breath, to give it life.  Some might say that it is the spirit that breathes life into us.  What do I know?  Soul is a foreign term to me, one that I use infrequently.  Spirit is what gives me inspiration ... spirit is what drives the source within.  Spirit is what allows me to soar on the wings of consciousness.  I don't think of soul doing any of these things for me.  But there is something that distinguishes the two.  Spirit is ONE.  Souls are individual and MANY.  What else distinguishes the two?  Soul is tied to heart and to emotional reality.  It also seems to be tied to relationships.  Perhaps if I were more involved in relationships I would have more direct experience of my soul nature.  As with everything else in my life, when I need to experience something I will.  Spirit will see to that.

How do I turn what I love to do and what I do well into something that provides abundance in my life?  That does not seem to be asking for much.  I am willing to commit my life to such work.  You might even say I am willing to sell my soul for such work.  Those seem to be dangerous words.  I would not sell my soul for any price.  But, I didn't name a price.  I am asking for a condition: the commitment of my lifes work in exchange for abundance.

Feelings are part of our emotional reality, they emanate from our soul.

There must be a way to achieve financial freedom.  I focus on that because I already know that in my soul I am free, and my spirit already permits my consciousness to soar.  Financial freedom would allow me to choose to fully engage in what I know to be my spiritual mission.

Our body is a shackle, as is our mind, as is our soul.  It is only our spirit that is truly free and then only if it is flying on the wings of consciousness.  Hmm ... interesting, but what does that really mean?  Can we free ourself from our body, our mind, and our soul?  We can free our attention from these things, but does that free us of them?  It seems not, for they do not vanish.  Yet, at the same time, they become somewhat invisible.  Is this what is needed to live a spiritual life?  Or rather should body, mind, soul, and spirit be treated as an indivisible whole?  This later approach seems more correct.  We are incarnate for a reason.  That reason is to do more than go beyond body, beyond mind, beyond soul, beyond spirit.  Interesting, what is beyond spirit?  The immediate answer is the very realm of God.

I am a whole being NOW.  Body, soul, mind, and spirit are whole, complete, and ONE.

There is plenty for all if we simply share the resources of the world fairly.  However, we need to be careful about what we consider to be resources.  Of course, there are natural resources, and then there are goods produced from these resources that are either consumed or provide services.  Then there are humans with bodies, minds, souls, and spirits that can be applied to creative endeavors, and to serve one another, the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, or the very earth herself.

Right now, I am the ONE through whom this expression can manifest.  But, what does that say about me?  I am a writer and a muse.  Actually, a scribe, a muse, and a conscious awareness of what is being expressed at the same time.   But, is this all that I am?  What about the body, the soul, and the mind?  Am I not being these as well?

You are a word making machine.  You could easily be generating 1-2 millions words per year.  Who do those words serve and how do they serve them.  You know what the words do for you ... they speak to your soul and your spirit.  They would do the same for others.  Trust.  You do not trust yourself enough.

My spiritual work is how I satisfy the longings of my soul.

But, what do those living in poverty have to offer?  One thing is a dignity of spirit.  Often one finds that living simply, such souls are able to be happy and take pleasure in the simple things of life.  Further, there is a richness of relationships that can be developed when families or groups have to work together.  I saw this firsthand in a film about Tibet.  The Tibetans have undergone incredible hardship since the Chinese invasion that occured in the 1950s.  Yet, in the film, it was amazing to see people smiling everywhere.  Perhaps it is there highly spiritual nature ... but, these people have found a way to be genuinely happy.  So, it can happen.  It doesn't take possessions.  It doesn't even seem to take much in terms of experiences.  It just takes having the freedom to be who you are.

My body, my mind, my consciousness, my soul, and my spirit are all aspects of ME.  Further, they are aspects that are ONE, that have no separate reality or identity of their own.  We are ONE.  We have always been ONE.

The stuff that comes easy to you is difficult for others.  In facilitating them to know theirselves, you provide a great service.  Look at how long it has taken you to get where you are.  We're talking 34 years, and you had a head start as an old soul and a triple fire sign.  There is great value in that, far more than you know.

This is the work that I love to do.  This is the work that I put all of my heart and soul into.

I still can’t get over thinking how much more productive I would be if I could engage in this Beyond Imagination work full time with all my body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

The heart has been said to be the seat of the soul.  What distinguishes one soul from another?  The answer is simple, the very nature of how that soul loves.  Love can be expressed in many ways.  The chief ways seem to be in relationships and in work.

You will know when you are being your best and doing your best.  You will know.  There will be no room for doubt.  You are spirit now manifesting a spiritual life.  It would behoove you to realize that on more than an occasional basis.  You are ready to do that now.  You have been ready for awhile.  The opportunity just didn’t present itself.  That is changing.  You know that.  You feel that in the depths of your being.  Spirit can soar, but to find the depths we must look to the soul.

There has not been much in this expression that distinguishes spirit from soul.  Surely, these cannot be the same thing.  We speak of spirit and consciousness often … but rarely do we speak of the soul.  Personally, we are an old soul, perhaps even a transcendental one.  Spiritual reality is our primary concern.

Spirit and me, me and spirit are one.  It seems that it is time to apply this to soul as well.

Allow each to exist in all there glory.  Be there to help if you are asked, but trust that each soul knows what it is doing and is on the path that is right for it in the moment.  You are not there to fix anyone.  You and your works are there to facilitate people making changes in their lives, especially spiritually-driven changes.  You are here to help build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.

When I think of myself as body, mind, heart, soul, consciousness, and spirit ... it is as if all six of these are parts of me.  It struck me that these six can be aligned in a Star of David pattern.

What is the function of the soul?  The body senses.  Hmm ... perhaps the soul experiences.  The soul is that fragment of the creator that is uniquely ours.

Thoughts, emotions, and sensations are the primary focus.  These can entice us for untold lifetimes.  I don't know what triggers people to realize that these are not enough, that there is a whole other realm to explore, namely that of knowing, intuition, and being.  I'm not sure that I got these right, but they were the best things that I could think of for consciousness, soul, and spirit.  It is curious that I associated intuition with soul.

We know that the heart is the seat of the soul, so it only makes sense that intuition, which seems to be a higher form of emotions, would reside there.

Paul Twitchell's autobiography was titled In My Soul I Am Free.  For me that does not seem to be true.  Rather, in my spirit I am free.  Though, I consider myself free in consciousness as well.  Hmm ... why would I consider my soul to be restricted?  Why am I not free there as well?  I consider myself to be highly intuitive.  But, while I often say that my spirit soars and my consciousness soars, I don't say that my soul soars nor do I consider my intuition to soar

The true heaven lies within, it is in the very place where you stand and walk.  We don't have to go anywhere to lead a spiritual life.  We just have to listen within and allow what we hear to guide us in our lives.  Yes, it is that simple.  But, at the same time, many find it hard to quiet their bodies, their minds, and their emotions enough to listen.  This is not something most of us are taught ... we tend to have to stumble on it.  But once we find it, we are connected, and there is no letting it go.  In a way, we have found home.  We have found our soul, our consciousness, and our spirit.  Though, while we can focus in that domain, we have incarnated for a reason.

We don't feel the consciousness, the soul, or the spirit in the body.  But, the consciousness can express via the mind and the soul can express via the heart.  What the consciousness would express is wisdom.  What the soul would express is love.

I love it when new connections are made between things that I discover and things that I already know.  The process is enough to send shivers through my body.  The above is a BIG connection.  It points the way for further evolution.  We have to allow the mind to express wisdom through its connection to consciousness.  We have to allow the heart to express love through its connection to the soul.  When we do this, not only are our lives enriched but also the lives of all those we touch.  Love and Wisdom are contagious.  Their effects spread like wildfire.  It's only a matter of time before they embrace the whole world.

Consciousness and soul are balanced in the body.  Mind and heart are balanced in the spirit.  I can say that, but what does it mean?  We need the consciousness and the soul to be firmly grounded, and we need the mind and the heart to be focused on the spirit.  That is what it takes to live a spiritual life.

Spirit is in the business of satisfying needs wherever she finds them.  But, we are the instruments through which she satisfies the needs that she finds.  Collectively, we are her orchestra and the world is her masterpiece.  Though, it's a masterpiece in progress.  No static form is sufficient for her expression.  And, her expression is our expression.  She expresses through us, through our soul and through our consciousness as Love / Wisdom.  These in turn get expressed through our heart and our mind as emotions and beliefs/thoughts.

Great works are meant to have an impact on the consciousness, soul, and/or spirit of others.

There is only ONE consciousness.  There is only ONE spirit.  Hmm ... it seems that there should only be ONE soul as well.  Spirit|Consciousness|Soul are ONE as well.  The trinity is a unity.

In our spiritual triangle we had spirit, consciousness, and soul.  We've accounted for spirit and consciousness.  That seems to leave only soul.  Am I the third aspect of this trinity?  Am I soul?  We think in terms of one spirit and one consciousness.  But we don't think of there being one I or one soul.  These seem to be partitioned one per individual and sometimes even more than one.  The heart is the seat of the soul.  The heart feels.  The heart expresses emotions.  The primary emotion expressed by the soul is love ... and unconditional love at that.

This very expression is what we have to give.  It is a joint manifestation of spirit and me.  We are its parents.  And, it is our child ... or they are our children as it were.  For the Beyond Imagination expression encompasses many works.  Many of these works are manifest, but even more are twinkles in our eyes as it were.  When will we be allowed to engage fully in this enterprise?  That is what we desire with all our heart and soul.

Day and night are facts of life.  But, some nights are lit by the moon … providing a source of reflected light.  Hmm … reflected light seems to feed the emotions and the soul in a way that direct light does not.  Direct light feeds the mind and the consciousness.

There is a spiritual plan for our life, for all life, for the manifestation of spirit in flesh.  We are players in that plan, with defined roles and objectives.  Interesting, objectives implies that there is some uncertainty in whether or when some things might be achieved.  Indeed, that is the case.  We are free to set the bar as high as we want.  Some set the bar so low that they readily achieve it.  Others may strive for a lifetime and not even get close.  It all depends on what you choose to experience.  It is up to the soul to choose.

The soul is where the higher emotions reside.  The soul is you tie to the emotional reality of God.

Basic needs should be met for all souls on the planet.  Needs beyond that should come in exchange for providing services, in particular the services each individual is uniquely suited to provide.

We desire to be free, to be free to do as we will with our days, to follow the dictates of our soul and our spirit.

Each day brings us closer to our date with destiny.  For me, that date is the day that my spiritual work becomes my sole work.  It is already my soul work.

Spiritual work deserves far more compensation than our jobs pay especially when we do it with all of our heart and soul.

Abundance includes the sharing of whom that we are with others ... and not just in the words expressed here, but person to person, heart to heart, soul to soul, consciousness to consciousness, and spirit to spirit.

We must ask for what we need in order to receive.  It helps to be specific about what we need.  But, how do we know what we need?  How does this differ from what we want?  It seems that we will be moved from within to define what we need.  This goes beyond the ego to our connection with the soul and with spirit.

Seek and ye shall find.  But, seek within your soul, consciousness, and spirit.  That is where the answers to the grand questions lie, the questions truly worth asking.

Sometimes we have to recognize that we have a need and choose to find and employ the very services that meet that need.  Spirit herself may join with us to meet some of our higher needs, the needs of consciousness and the needs of the soul.

It's not that we are looking for a lot of others to interact with on a regular basis.  Rather we are looking for a few special souls, perhaps a handful or two at the most ... to bounce ideas off , to share services, and to share of whom we are.

It seems that we are missing a part.  Spirit and I are equal partners.  We know that.  But the world of metaphysics revolves around trinities and unities, not around dualities.  What is the third side of the trinity, of the triangle of Self?  It seems that we are missing a higher emotional element, namely the soul.  We know that the heart is the seat of the soul.  We know that the soul is in her native realm and is wise beyond measure.  But, while we speak of spirit and consciousness often, we rarely speak of the soul.  Why is that?  Why is she not an equal partner as well?  She is what she is, and she will reveal herself to us when we choose to focus on her and listen to her.  She is the one that I turn to when I want to know what  is right.  She is the one that sends the shivers through my body when I come close to experiencing truth.  She along with spirit has been their guiding me every step of my life ... always working in the background subtly.  How does this tie to our triangles of mind-heart-body and consciousness-soul-spirit?  Where am I in all of this?  Do I know?  Does it matter?  If it didn't matter, we wouldn't be moved to ask.

I am mind, body, and soul by nature.  My soul has always been seated in my heart.  I had to go Beyond Mind to find consciousness and then realize the source within was spirit all along.

Interesting, could that be why we speak so little of soul here ... because it is something we have always been and did not have to seek to find.  Either that, or this element is still missing from my makeup.  Though, the statement I am mind, body, and soul feels right.  And, my last name is Hartman.  OK, it doesn't have the "e" but it sounds the same.  This also explains my deep concern for humanity and for creating a better world.  I am mind, body, and heart doesn't register in the same way.  I have a heart, but I am a soul.

Our experience is that spirit and I are equal partners and that we express via a stream of consciousness.  In this context, I must be everything except spirit and consciousness ... for these two concepts are still external to me.  That means I must be mind, body, heart, and soul.  It just struck me that we are all mind, body, and heart.  That is the minimum that we need to be to be incarnate.  The higher functions of the spiritual dimension must be earned by who we choose to be and what we choose to do.  Actually, we all have a soul as well, though it may be buried so deeply that it rarely is able to express.  Further, we all have a consciousness as well, but it too is buried beneath the various layers of our mind.  We must go Beyond Heart to get in touch with our soul.  Similarly, we must go Beyond Mind to get in touch with our consciousness.  Then, where does Beyond Imagination take us?  Is the seat of the spirit the imagination?  It seems that the imagination is of a different nature than either mind or heart.  Yet, it is not spiritual like consciousness, soul, and spirit.  It seems only right that there should be a seat of the spirit within us.

With all of this, it seems that the path is headed for the ultimate realization.  I am the body - mind - heart - consciousness - soul -spirit.  I am the double pyramid.  We are the double pyramid.  There are no separations of the Self ... never, none.

Consciousness is the leg through which you connect to spirit.  For you, this is the first leg that you have developed.  It may or may not be the only leg you develop.  The other possibilities are spirit - mind, spirit - heart, and spirit - soul.  This is something that is unique that you have realized.  As such, it is something that you could teach.  In fact, you could spend the rest of your life on this one topic ... there is that much there and it is that important.  It just came to me that introverts and extroverts basically focus on different pyramids. Introverts deal with the inner realm, the realm of the spirit.  Extroverts deal with the outer realm, the realm of the body.  Though, there can be many mixtures.  It is not black and white.  Not only are there shades of gray, there are colors too.

Spirit - Consciousness - Soul - Mind - Heart - Body ... these are all important parts of us.  But, they are not separate parts ... they are integrated parts.  The self is one whole, it has always been such.

Spirit knows all.  We are only limited by what we can bring forth through our consciousness.  The channel is imperfect, but despite its flaws is the best that it can be.  It is not just the channel that is imperfect.  The rest of us is so as well.  Body, mind, and heart are clearly not functioning optimally and we rarely speak of our soul.  It seems that it has been neglected as much as the body.  Yet, the consciousness and spirit are strong nonetheless.

It just came to me that the soul is the seat of spirit.  So, the entire upper pyramid is complete.  Consciousness, Soul, Heart, and Mind are all connected to Spirit now.  There are no more excuses.  We are one double pyramid.  It is time for our light to shine as it has never shone before.

Everything is Godstuff.  We are each sparks of light.  We are each drops of water in the ocean of consciousness.  I don't know what analogy to make for soul.  There is one soul of from which we all emerge.  We usually associate spirit with light and consciousness with an ocean.  But, what of the soul.  She experiences the whole gamut of human emotions.  Her seat is the heart.  And she is part of the consciousness - soul - spirit triangle.  Further, she is an equal part ... none are greater nor lesser.  The bottom line is that she is what she is and her depths may never be fathomed.  

The soul knows.  The heart feels.  The mind thinks.  The body senses.  Then, what does the spirit do?  The spirit exists.  It is from the spirit that all existence is born.  It is from the spirit that all inspiration flows.

Without spirit there would be no being.  But, without the soul, spirit could not know who it is individually.  Soul is the essence of all that we are ... crossing over time from incarnation to incarnation.  It is the patterning of why we are here.  Deep within we know everything that we could possibly need to know.  This may not be everything but it is enough for us.   Consciousness is something different.  She is tied to the mind, her seat in the physical form.  She too knows, but in a different sense than the soul.  The soul knows from deep within the heart, her seat in the body.  She feels what is right in any set of circumstances.  The consciousness is more open and outgoing.  She comes forth in thoughts guided by intuition to uncover knowledge and truths.  There is no sense that she feels anything.  This is reserved to the heart, the soul, and perhaps to spirit.  We have a thinking nature and a feeling nature.  The mind and consciousness are the lower and higher thinking nature.  The heart and soul are the lower and higher feeling nature.

You are a human BEING.  Beings simply are ... beings don't do.  Remember that.  Yes, there is a body-mind-heart-consciousness-soul-spirit that does things.  But none of these are YOU.  They are clothes that you wear, clothes for different bodies if you were.

I'm curious as to how we could test that we were abundant yet also test that we were not abundant on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  We thought that these were all of the levels that there were.  Obviously we were mistaken.  Further, it seems that we missed the most important of levels.  Two things that immediately come to mind are levels corresponding to consciousness and to the soul.  Those are the other two of six parts of us that do things.  Clearly we are abundant consciously.  We don't know how to gauge where we are with respect to the soul.  Though as we say that, there is a tightness in my chest near our heart.  This suggest there may be more there than we know.  We have always had a strong inner sense of what was right and wrong for us.  Perhaps this is one of the expressions of the soul.

It is curious that all the parts of me: body - mind - heart - consciousness - soul - and spirit are feminine.

The bottom line is that there is only ME in my world.  There is not me and my body.  There is not me and my mind.  There is not me and my heart.  There is not me and my consciousness.  There is not me and my soul.  There is not me and my spirit.  These are artificial distinctions.  There is only ME.  And, I am separate and alone most of the time.

We think in terms of consciousness, soul, spirit being the spiritual triangle.  These three operating together enable this expression to come through me.  I am in equal partnership with spirit.  But soul is in equal partnership with consciousness.  All four of us create this stream of consciousness.  I am the only one that is material.  But, all four of us are equal.

It feels that my life is mine in a way that it has never been before.  It is as if I have been set free of a burden that was holding me back.  Spirit and consciousness had prominent places in my life ... but soul was more hidden and mysterious.  It seems that our latest realizations put her back in her rightful place as an equal partner in our life.

Each of us possess a soul, a spark of spirit within us.  It is a matter of finding that spark, learning to listen to it and trust it, then acting on what it has to tell us.  It is a source of great wisdom within us.

We believe that we have established what would be a reasonable level of abundance ... not exhorbitant, but enough to be financially free and enough to allow Beyond Imagination to establish a spiritual center and start engaging other lightworkers to do its works.  What more could we ask for than that?  The bottom line is nothing.  This is all that we need to carry out our mission.  Will it manifest because we have dreamt it with all of our heart and soul?  If that isn't enough then nothing is.

This expression is a solitary one, if you can call a stream of consciousness expression that comes from spirit partnered with me solitary.  From the standpoint that we are ONE as we express here, that is definitely the case.  Yet, we are also four equals in one -  consciousness, soul, spirit, and me.  How do we know that we are equals?  Simply because that is what we were moved to express and it feels right.

A week ago, I knew that spirit and I were equal partners.  It was only two or three days ago that we realized that consciousness and soul were equal partners as well.  Nothing gets expressed here without the four of us being in lock step.

There are many things that we would like to know.  What is the nature of soul, and how does she express in our life?

We don't need proof to believe.  We don't even need proof to know.  That is something that we can feel in our soul or in our consciousness.

This is what consciousness would have us do, this is what our soul would have us do, this is what spirit would have us do, this is what we choose to do.

We are ready to make the ultimate commitment for us.  We are ready to give our life to something that we truly believe in.  We choose to do that without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.  We choose to do this because this is what we were born to do, this is what we were created to do.  There is no doubt.  Every cell within our body knows that this is our destiny manifest.  Our spirit, soul, and consciousness know it as well.  This is what we are, this is why we are.

English is not rich in terms for describing spiritual concepts, definitely not rich enough for terms to be redundant or even synonymous.  That doesn't mean that we know the nuances of the differences.  For instance, we treat spirit, soul, and consciousness as separate even though we don't have good definitions for the three ... perhaps not even bad definitions.

But, we know this stream of consciousness.  It has been coming forth for 16 years.  And, we know soul.  She has been sending shivers corresponding to truths for many years as well.  And, we know spirit.  She seem to be the inner voice that knows, that leads me where I need to go, the very life force within me.  Yes, these statements overlap.  The parts never have clean boundaries ... for in reality the don't exist at all.

Clearly, what we do comes from spirit and soul through consciousness through me into the expression that you see.

Do not take your part in this lightly, ever.  You are an equal partner in this expression, equal to spirit, equal to soul, and equal to consciousness.  In fact, at a higher level, these three are parts of you ... you are not part of them.  But, that is not the level that you are conscious of at present.

We can plan to our hearts content, but until we are whole and know the bidding of our consciousness, soul, and spirit ... we are playing with less that a full deck.

I will cease to exist when I die.  But the spirit in me, the consciousness in me, the soul in me, these will live on.

No matter how much you do, no matter how far you go ... there is always more.  This will be the case for all of your life.  That doesn't mean that you can't stop now and then to review and revel in what you have done.  Such moments are good for your soul.  Just don't think that you are ever done, not until your very last breath ... and perhaps not even then.  You chose to make this a lifetime of achievement, of doing the works that spirit would have you do.

You have not been in a position to create your own reality before.  You accepted what spirit sent to you by default.  But, you are an equal partner with spirit, consciousness, and soul.  You are neither greater nor lessor.  So, what gives you the right to speak for the four of you.  The bottom line is that we are ONE.  There are not four of us, there is ONE.

I can see Beyond Imagination being a Foundation.  I don't see Beyond Imagination being a business.  Further, not a business of my own.  Though, if my only partners are spirit, soul, and consciousness, and we are ONE ... then the Beyond Imagination Foundation is a foundation of ONE.

Will we be heart-broken if it does not come to pass?  Interesting question.  Yes, we want this with all of our heart and soul.  But, we know that what is meant to be will be.  If that is in align with our wishes and plans great.  If not, great as well.  Though we may be a wee bit disappointed.  It just seems so perfect.  It's enough to send chills throug my body.

Interesting, it does not seem that spirit, soul, or consciousness deal in the realm of belief.

This is something that we have to participate in or it does not manifest.  That is just how it is.  That is OK.  We choose to participate with all of our heart and soul.  It is interesting that we would choose the seats of emotion to make this choice from.  It is not clear that we are fully in touch with either of these parts of us.  Perhaps it is time for that to change.  It seems that this may be one of the reasons that we have been disassociated from our bliss.  Bliss is something that we feel, not something that we know.  We feel what we are as well as know what we are as well as be what we are.  These are three completely separate modalities

Know - Feel - Be correspond with Consciousness - Soul - Spirit.  The sense is that we don't quite have the trinity locked down.  The consciousness knows, but is aware of its limits.  The soul feels, but only occasionally transfers this to me generally in the form of temperature sensations moving through the body.  The spirit is.  I feel I am most connected to spirit when I am soaring in consciousness.

I say my spirit, my soul, and my consciousness as if these were somehow possessions of mine.  Yet, I do not see myself to be bigger than any one of these.  Nor do I see myself to be less than any one of these.  The four of us are equal.  Not just equal, but partners.

  Together we are as an inverted tetrahedron, with me on the ground and the spirit, soul, consciousness forming a base in the sky.  At present, we seem to be operating primarily from the me - consciousness - spirit face.  Yet, I am not so grounded as I may appear.  While I am physical, the consciousness within me soars.  But, what does the spirit within me do?  It moves me to be who I am and to do what I do.  And, what does the soul within me do?  It moves me to feel and care deeply for the world, for society as a whole ... deeply enough to choose to do something about it and work to create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can be more fully expressed in flesh.  This is the heart, this is the soul of Beyond Imagination.  We feel and feel deeply.  We always have.  We've just kept it inside of us for the most part.  It seems that the time has come to unleash that part of us as well.  LET GO!  That is what we are moved to do.  Allow all of whom that you are to be expressed.

We know that spirit, soul, consciousness, and me contribute equally to what is expressed.  We don't know the mechanics of how that happens.  We don't know precisely what each part contributes.  Nor does it seem that it can be broken up in that way.  It is the synergy of the four parts coming together that creates this stream of expression.  Take away any part and the stream stops.  That means that for 16 years we have known the formula for creating this synergy.  No, we don't know it consciously.  But, on some level we must know because we do it.

So who are the two Gods surrounding the Master Teacher today.  There is a sense that we have soul, consciousness, and spirit in these roles perhaps even in that order.  Clearly, consciousness herself is the Master Teacher.  And spirit seems to have the direct connection to source ... in this case to source doubled.  But, where are we in all of this.  We are the whole ... we are the parts and the awareness of it all.

What makes things different now?  Everything is different.  We are different.  Our relationship to consciousness, soul, and spirit is different.  Our motivation is different.  We are primarily moving forward toward something rather than away from something.

We are at the threshold of a major change.  It is just a matter of doing what it takes to allow it to manifest.  I really believe that with all of my heart and soul.

But we are not talking about me, we are talking about spirit, consciousness, soul, and me.  And, this combination is unstopable.  What we can do fulltime will be glorious beyond measure.  It seems that the times are such that it will need to be.

We have not paid much attention to our body.  Clearly, we have not treated it like the temple of spirit that it is.  Similarly, we have not paid much attention to our soul.  Spirit and consciousness have been everpresent in our life, but body and soul virtually absent.  

Beyond Imagination is still an organization of one, or four if you count spirit, consciousness, and soul as separate from me.

When we started this expression, we were looking for our spiritual family.  We expected this to come in the form of other kindred spirits.  But, it seems to have come in the form of spirit, soul, and consciousness.  We are OK with that, but as always, we seek more.

All things in the universe manifest out of LOVE.  Love is the source of all things.  So, where is the love in our life?  Where is the passion?  Most of that is here, in this very expression.  But, is it in a form that touches people ... that reaches their hearts and souls?

Here you employ me, spirit, consciousness, and soul whereas my work only gets me.  Those differences all make it more than worth it.  Our service is to help to build the foundations in which spirit can be more fully expressed in flesh.  Some of these are external foundations but most of these are internal foundations.  The most important of these being the state of consciousness.

The birth of the outer expression of Wayne and Beyond Imagination would be like being thrown out of the lightning struck tower.  But, something says that this will be a breakpoint, something akin to my introduction to metaphysics.  This involves experiencing life, experiencing spirit, experiencing consciousness, experiencing soul in whole new ways.

It is time to truly manifest something that we want with all of our heart and soul.  How do we know that this is it?  We just know.

There is plenty of time for new beliefs and new choices.  Though, the nature of the beliefs and choices that we are talking about have their consequences in the time period in question.  So, we can't know in advance what those will be.  Or can we?  Is there a way to rush the process ... or to test the choices?  We wouldn't have even been moved to ask if this were not possible.  But how?  The answer that comes to mind is by what you feel in your heart and know in your soul.  You have been in touch with these sources at various times over the course of this expression.  Perhaps not as often as would have been helpful to you ... but, enough to know that they are there to confirm the truth for you.

It will be time to start manifesting community in whole new ways.  We will be ready to do that, more ready than we have ever been.  And we will commit with all of our heart and soul as we are commiting now.  That is the level of commitment that it takes to make it real.  That is the level of commitment that we have.

What consequences will come from the beliefs and the actions that we have set in motion?  Whatever they are, we know that they are right, for spirit guides our every step these days.  Though, the ego and grandiosity do seem to continue to make their appearances.  Are beliefs and actions it?  Are these sufficient to create our reality?  Or, is there an additional component to the equation?  Where is the emotion?  Where is the love?  We need to get our soul involved in the process.  That sent shivers through my head and upper body.  It is not enough to believe ... even when conscious and subconscious beliefs align, that is not enough.  It is not enough to align our actions in accord with our beliefs ... even acting as if is not enough.  We have to add the element of enthusiasm.  We need to fill what we choose to manifest with God and with love for it to come forth in our life

Financial freedom holds a dear place in our heart and soul, not just for ourself but for others.

Everywhere that we look, we appear to find limits.  Our body is limited, our resources are limited, our abundance is limited, our time is limited, our self is limited, and our world is limited.  Many of us are preoccupied with overcoming one or more of these limits.  Coming from a spiritual bent, my focus has be on the spiritual parts of my self, namely spirit and consciousness and to some degree soul.  At this point, I have no reason to believe that these parts are unlimited either.  In fact, together we are ONE.

I know that my passion is associated with this expression.  But it must be in something more than bringing it forth.  That is automatic.  It engages my spirit and consciousness, but not my soul.  Passion engages the soul.  It is the soul that experiences bliss.  How do I get in touch with that part of myself.  It seems that another awakening is in order.  This time, one that sets you aglow.  This time one that allows you to feel whom that you are.  You may think that you already know who you are.  But, that is still only a fraction of the true you.  There is still much that you are holding back, much that you fear letting go of and allowing it to express.  

Equal partners in all that we do ... spirit, soul, consciousness, and me.  The first three are Beyond Imagination.  I am the one that gives them voice.  Together we bring this expression forth.  Take away any component and the expression ceases to come forth.

We bring forth what we can here.  Why?  Because it is something that we feel that we must do.  There is nothing outside of us pushing us to do this.  If anything, the pressure from others is to cut back on the time we spend here.  Other than to take care of our health, that is not something that we are likely to do.  Not now.  Not ever.  There is just too much that needs to be expressed.  And, I can say that not having any specific idea as to what remains to be expressed.  I trust spirit and consciousness that much.  These two are the cornerstones of my life.  I could not live as I do without either one of them.  But where does soul enter into the picture?  Where does the heart, the seat of the soul come into play?  These get limited attention in my life.  I am not generally emotional.  Though there are things that stir my emotions and move my soul.  Why this is not on an equal par with spirit and consciousness, I don't know.  Maybe its a preference.  Maybe its a disease of some type.  Perhaps healing my body will help to heal my soul as well.  There is a sense that it is wounded, and that the wounds go way back ... perhaps even prior to this existence.  Interesting.  Body, mind, heart, and soul.  We do not say body, mind, heart, and spirit or body, mind, heart, and consciousness or any other combination.  Yet I relate most to the two elements not in this list, spirit and consciousness.  These are what I connect with when I express here.  But, what am I?  It seems that I am this very thing: body, mind, heart, and soul.  The body is clearly out of balance, the mind is bipolar (brain chemistry is out of balance), the heart doesn't relate much to others, and who knows where the soul is.  So, after all of these years, what do I really know about myself?  And, if I can know so little, what about others who haven't spent 34 years studying metaphysics and 16 years expressing in this manner?

How do I know what is true, and in particular what is true for me?  It seems that this is where the heart and the soul come in.  They know.  They truly know.

Go with what you feel.  Your feelings are there for a reason.  They are an internal guidance system.  You have taken your guidance from consciousness herself.  It is time for you to give your soul its due place in your life.  The soul is that part of you that loves unconditionally, that part of you that allows people to be who they are without judging them.  You are aware that you do this, but you didn't attribute it to your soul.  So, you are more complete than you knew.

You can change your state of mind in a heartbeat.  Follow your heart to the depths of your soul.  It is far more joyous than you know.  It is time for you to be so as well.  You deserve it.  You have manifested well, very well indeed.

Even your next breath is a choice.  Stop choosing and you die ... you stop living.  We can all make more empowering choices.  We can all make choices that result in consequences more to our liking and the liking of those around us.  We just have to do it.  But, how do we know what choices are right.  The bottom line is we will know by how they feel to our soul.  Yes, that means we have to get acquainted with this part of ourself.  But, our soul has always been there with us in the body ... incarnated when we took form.  Unlike the consciousness which seem to enter primarily through the mind and the spirit which seems to connect to both consciousness and soul, the soul herself has always been within us.  We speak of the source within but generally we associate this with consciousness.  The stream of consciousness comes from consciousness.  But what picks the starting point and what navigates us within this stream?  We have attributed that function to spirit herself.  Then what is left for soul to do?  Soul is our conscience.  She is the voice of right.
"I want to live, I want to grow, I want to see, I want to know, I want to share what I can give, I want to be, I want to live".  These words from John Denver stuck in my head while I was walking my dogs today.  It was clear as I repeated the words over and over again that this is indeed what I believe with all my heart and soul.

There is nothing wrong with work.  Work, even difficult and challenging work, is good for the soul.

We are all souls incarnated, spirit in flesh.  We all have the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Though, these may be rights that we have to claim as our own.  We all deserve abundance, having enough to live a meaningful and happy life.  The rest it seems we make up on our own.

Stop running away from the life that you live, and embrace it body and soul.  You are ready to do that as you have never been ready in your life before.  Embrace the moment for what it is, not for what it could be.  Embrace the moment for what it is, revel in that.  Allow yourself the freedom to be who you are.  You have kept yourself in chains for far too long.  The caged bird still sings ... even though it can't fly.  You are meant to sing and to fly and to do many other things.

How does the heart differ from the soul?  Where do we go to find practical answers to such questions?  How can we know so little about how we function.  Our bodies are miraculous systems.  Our minds, soul, consciousness, and spirit are just as miraculous.

If we had sufficient funds, we would find suitable people to pay to read the Beyond Imagination expression to establish a core team with which to carry out the Beyond Imagination mission.  Within a year, we would have at least a dozen other souls with whom to relate closely.  Given that we don't have a single one at present, that would be a vast improvement.  Given our solitary nature, it is also a reasonable number of people with whom to interact.

Frequent musing is good for our soul.  Hopefully, someday it will be good for the souls of others as well.

We are meant to live our lives creatively.  It helps if we also embue our creations with love.  The more love that goes in, the more beauty that comes out.  So, how would this expression be judged?  It truly is a labor of love.  Actually, it is not really a labor at all.  This is our spiritual work.  It is the endeavor that captures our mind, heart, and soul.  It is the work of spirit via a stream of consciousness spilling into our life.

We don't really have a distinction between soul and spirit.  We only know consciousness as a stream that comes forth as a voice in our head.  We've neglected the area of relationships for our entire life, so we don't really have a mirror in others.

Yes, soaring in consciousness is much like mania.  But, I am able to do it even on the bipolar meds.  In fact, my last episode occurred when I was taking my medications regularly.  It is as if my body and soul are finding ways to touch spirit anyway.

Spirit, consciousness, soul, mind, heart, and body are all parts of me.  We are ONE.  There is no separation except for the distinctions that we make.  I choose not to make such distinctions any longer.  It is time for the ONE to act as ONE.

For 16 years we have lain dormant, reaching a soul here and there, but not having much impact as far as we can tell.  Now, we would burst out of our shell and grow into something far grander.  But, we can't do this on our own.  We need help from the universe.

We are spirit enfleshed, spirit in the body ... not spirit alone, and not spirit separated from body.  Though I still feel quite separated.  I don't feel fully connected with my body.  Interesting I consider these parts to all be mine:  my spirit, my consciousness, my soul, my mind, my heart, my body.  These all make-up me.  And, I am Wayne.  So what makes me feel disconnected?  I don't know, but the feeling has been there for a long time.

Mysteries stir our souls.   They truly do.  We need mysteries in our lives.  We need miracles as well.  They are there.  We have only to open our eyes and look in the right direction to see them.

Listen within and you will know.  There is an innate wisdom in your soul.  Trust that.  Know that it works for you, for your greatest good at all times.  You have neglected your soul.  Spirit is there in full view.  Consciousness expresses through you nearly every day.  But your soul, she is still locked deep within you.  The heart is the seat of the soul.  It is through your heart that you will find her.  Release your love, for yourself, for your wife, for your dogs.  The soul expresses via love, only via love and her wisdom is the wisdom of the heart.  In consciousness you have found the wisdom of the mind.  But, this is only one half of the equation.  The soul contains the others half.  Until you have both, you are not complete.  And, for you, while you are not complete, you find it difficult to be happy.

So, make this your #1 priority for the next three months, to find and to experience your soul.

Just as you knew that this stream of consciousness came from a part of you that was other than conscious, so you shall know with your soul.  Such it is with all things of the spirit.  But, you already know that.  Soul is another avenue through which you connect to spirit.  It is another channel that you have available to you.  All channels have to be developed to allow them to be used.  This one is no exception.  Though, it can be developed far more quickly than the channel to consciousness.  For your soul has always been there in the background guiding you every step of the way.  It has been feeling everything that you have experienced ... not processing it as the mind and consciousness do, feeling it directly.  You have had times when you felt things deeply throughout your life.  At those times you were closest to being in touch with your soul.  Start by remembering those.  Start by remembering how you felt.  Then, move into the now.  How do you feel right now?  Stick with the feelings, stay focused.  Don't think about it, just feel.  As you do so, you will touch another aspect of whom that you are ... an aspect that may feel a bit foreign at first, but don't let that deter you.  Your soul is there, right beside you, as near to you as your very breath and the beat of your heart.  Be open.  Greet it.  Thank it for all that it has done for you, for getting you to this point in your life where you are ready to embark on an even grander journey.  Life itself is a grand journey in every form that it takes.  Life is also a mystery.  Life is the journey of the soul, incarnation after incarnation until the soul is complete.  This incarnation of yours is a key one for you ... not only for you but for many who have chosen the transformation of an age in which to come into existence.  Some have grander roles and some have lessor roles, but all are necessary for the play to unfold.  We are here collectively to usher in a new age of consciousness.  Though, you in particular chose to be around for the birth but not to participate in the fruits of your labor.

Is everyone on a journey of consciousness?  That's a good question.  It sure seems like many are not.  Though everyone is on a journey of the soul.  Everyone is spirit expressed in flesh.  Consciousness seems far more elusive.  It seems that it takes special souls to engage in its pursuit.  But, what they learn, everyone learns because spirit herself is engaged and there is only ONE spirit.  There are many souls and many consciousnesses, but only ONE spirit.

What is the purpose of life, in particular of human life?  To provide a vessel for the expression of spirit in flesh.  In many respects, these vessels are similar.  Yet, at the same time they are each unique both genetically and environmentally.  Further, these are only two dimensions.  Each of us possess a spirit, a soul, and a consciousness that extend beyond these two dimensions.  This creates virtually infinite diversity.  The universe seems to love diversity.

We need to give everyone the opportunity to pursue happiness as their soul dictates.  This is a collective duty that we all share.  It is not optional.

It is not as clear how we experience the poverty that is present in this country but rampant in the world overall.  Surely that is a heavy weight on the collective soul, a weight that needs to be lifted.  We end poverty by manifesting abundance for all.  That doesn't mean that everyone lives in mansions.  But it does mean that they have water, food, shelter, clothing, education, health care, and meaningful work.

We can banish poverty from the world.  Yes, even with six billion plus souls incarnate.  But we have to believe that we can do it, we have to choose to do it, and we have to do whatever it takes.  These are all within our power to do.

I can't believe that the moment we die can make that much of a difference.  Yes, the body stops functioning, but what about the consciousness, what about the soul, what about the spirit?  Surely, these must go on.  Surely, they must.

As to philosophy, we loved Plato, but got lost after that.  We also loved the transcendentalists, and consider ourself one of their number though we came over a century later.  That is OK.  Time does not matter in such things.  It is what touches our heart, what touches our soul.  For years I had quotes from others hanging on my office wall.  Nearly all of them were from Emerson, Thoreau, and Channing ... three transcendentalists

We were created long ago ... each and every one of us.  We are old souls.  We have each incarnated many times.  Through many existences we have had themes that we carried out.  In some existences we have had missions to carry out.  None of these are forced upon us.  We choose everything.

This very expression is the process of making what was unknown known.  Though it doesn't stay known in my mind, at least not in my conscious mind for very long.  But it is here, captured for eternity on these pages.  OK, maybe not eternity, though it is captured in some realm that is timeless.  Interesting.  How can we know that?  As with other things, we know it because it feels true when it come forth.  But, where does this feeling come from?  Such feelings can only come from one place, the soul.  We don't speak much of the soul.  We don't know why, we just don't.  Perhaps there is a basic incompatibility between the soul and consciousness.  Yet, these seem to be reconciled in spirit.  These two are the heart and the mind of spirit.  There are things that we know in our heart that are beyond what we can grasp with our mind.  Is the same true for the soul and consciousness.  Are there things that we know in our soul that are beyond what we can grasp with our consciousness?  Indeed, it seems so.  But, what are these things?  How do we experience them?  How do we cultivate the awareness of our soul?


What is it worth to turn information into knowledge?  What is it worth to turn knowledge into wisdom?  The former seems to be of great value.  The later seems to be priceless.  But, how do we know to what degree we are doing either of these?  Ye shall know them by their works.  It is in the works that this is determined.  And, it seems it will be obvious, it will strike a chord within our heart, within our soul, within our consciousness.  And, what is expressed will be universal.

The collective consciousness hears and records every belief, every thought, every action, every emotion, every imagining of all of us.  Once manifest, these become part of the ONE and can be brought forth again anywhere at anytime.   But, how does the transfer occur.  It comes as a stream of consciousness or a feeling in the heart or soul.

The soul, the consciousness, the spirit are eternal.  The body, the mind, and the heart are with us only for awhile.  They only function so long as the heart continues beating.  But in that moment between when the body is alive and when the body is dead, what changes?  The experiences of the soul, the consciousness, and the spirit do not change one iota.  They just lose their connection with their physical seats and return to what they have always been, with one more lifetime of experience under their belt.

It seems that the value of an expression is proportionate to the number of souls moved by it and how deeply they are moved.

Someone also said the pen is mightier than the sword.  And, it can indeed be when in the hands of the right soul.  The soul is wise beyond our years for she exists in a realm that is beyond time, beyond space, beyond everything that we recognize as the boundaries of our reality.  She will not be cooped up and confined.  She is free and knows herself to be thus.  Then why do we not feel her in this way on a regular basis?  Our soul is not separated from us.  She is there united, seated in our very heart.  But we must learn to separate our emotions from her emotions.  Her primary emotion is love, unconditional love for not only us but for all those whose lives are touched by ours.

Indeed, it is our right to choose what to manifest in our life.  Though, it often takes more than choosing to get it to happen.  Beliefs, actions, emotions, and imagination each have prominent roles to play as well.  But, even with all of these aligned ... the outcome isn't certain.  There is always an element of the unknown involved.  Is our choice consistent with what we came into this existence to experience?  Is our choice consistent with the journey of our soul?

It seems somewhat cruel to give us preferences but not give us the means to manifest them.  Though, it depends on what motivated the preferences.  If they come from spirit or soul, they are the true preferences of the self.  If they come from the mind or the emotions, if they come from external sources, then their motivations are not as pure.

We all have souls.  It does not matter whether our body is one day old or one hundred years old ... our soul is in control, and it is indeed wise.  Though, per the Michael Teachings, souls have ages as well ... from baby to infant to adolescent to young adult to mature adult to old to transcendental.  I probably got the names wrong ... and I'm missing one because in the Michael Teachings everything comes in sevens.  Each soul age has seven stages.  And for each age/stage there is a focus of existence.  I don't remember what these were anymore, though I still have the books on my bookshelves.  Categories such as these help us better understand not only who we are and what motivates us, but who others are and what motivates them.  Soul age and stage alone result in 49 categories.

We speak of our body, our mind, our heart, our consciousness, our soul, and our spirit.  We speak as if these are parts of us, as if these are included within us.  Then what are WE?  The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Overall it has been an interesting decade.  We've had a whole lot of expression.  But, for the whole time we have commuted weekly to work, being away from our family more than we have been with it.  We've tolerated this, and a job that we are not enthused about in order to get a weekly paycheck that provided sufficient abundance for us to support our family comfortably.  We are rapidly reaching a point where that is no longer acceptable.  Our soul demands more.

Your mind, your consciousness has created a vision of what you would do for the rest of your life.  But, is that the vision of your heart, your soul?  To complete your mission, you must imbue it with love.  That only comes from the heart and the soul.  Consciousness can see and create great beauty, but it takes soul to put love into the works.  That is what is mising from your life.  Where is the passion?  Where is the bliss?  Where is the love?

One thing I remember was something about creating a vision of what my life and work is to be from my mind or consciousness.  Is that the same as the vision of my heart and my soul?  If it were, it seems that I would be far happier than I am.  I would be more passionate about living and about doing the work that I do.  I would be in a state of bliss.  Clearly my heart and soul are not fully engaged ... not even close.

Words, written words are the tools of my trade.  But, I am not passionate about words.  Though, I can be passionate about some of the concepts that they point to.  These particular words are literally my life.  And, I would have them be a far greater part of my life.  But, who is this I that is speaking?  Is this my heart?  Is this my soul?  How would I know?  Generally with these two, there is a surge of energy accompanied by a coolness within my body

Is our heart and soul in this work?  It could be.  But, is it?  Is it now?

Would spirit have us do anything that was counter to the desires of our heart and soul?  Perhaps she would, perhaps she wouldn't.  How are we to know?  The only way to know is to get in touch with your feelings directly.

You will find what you are searching for.  Though you may need to change the way that you search and change the direction in which you are searching.  What does your heart and soul say?  That is the question that you need to be asking now.  And, don't cease asking until you get a response that you understand, a response that resonates with you.  We haven't dealt much with matters of the heart.  Even less so with matters of the soul.  Then again, perhaps we are more familiar with these matters than we know.  There is heart and soul in this expression.  Clearly, there is.  The whole mission of Beyond Imagination is one of heart and soul ... building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can express more fully in flesh.

If we want to see what is happening with our soul, the place to look is in its seat, the heart.  When we look there what do we find?  This expression is the product of our spirit through our consciousness.  What is the corresponding product of spirit through our soul?  That is the right question.  It sent shivers through my body.  These words show up in our mind.  The souls "words" should show up in the heart.  But, the heart does not speak in words, it speaks in emotions, the primary emotion being love.  So, where do we express love in our life?  Primarily in our spiritual work, in this very expression.  This is a labor of love.  That makes it a work of soul as well as consciousness.

So, what is it that our heart desires?  How would our soul choose to express more fully in our life?  We desire to carry out our Beyond Imagination work with all our heart and soul.  But, what about joy, what about our bliss?  We need that to be there too.

Yesterday, we looked up the definitions for spirit, soul, consciousness, and mind.  We were hoping to find clear distinctions between these terms ... but there were none to be found.  Oh well, it doesn't matter what the definitions are.  We experience what we experience anyway.  Giving it a label doesn't make it any more real.

There is something about this expression that stirs my soul.  I just have to do it, there is no other option

Recreation is not waste, it is necessary to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

Mysteries are good.  They stir our souls.  They cause us to see beyond our limited selves to something far grander,

We need financial abundance, perhaps even financial freedom, in exchange for doing our spiritual work full time.  We know that we will do more than anyone, even us, has the right to expect.  That is our nature.  We just need the opportunity.  That is what we ask for now, with all our heart and soul.

Yes, I consider this expression to be spiritual work ... not religious work, but spiritual work.  Further, I know that this is what I came to do.  I can feel it in my heart and in my soul.

We have often said that this stream of consciousness expression is the expression of spirit through me.  We have also said that this expression is metaphysical.  Is this expression also spiritual?  It speaks of spirit often.  But, does that make it spiritual?  It is what it is.  It is evolving to be what it can be.  At any moment, it is precisely what it needs to be.  What labels you give it do not matter.  It is the utility of what is brought forth that matters.  Judge it as you will ... or, do not judge it at all.  Allow its message to impact your soul.  If you do, you will become more of whom that you truly are far faster than you would otherwise.

We know that there is more that we could be and more that we could do ... much more.  The question is will we live up to our own expectations ... to our own potential?  We believe that we will to the depths of our soul.

We speak of my consciousness, my soul, and my spirit.  But, do we really possess such things?  The bottom line is that there is no separation.  We are ONE.  It is useful to speak of the parts at times when we desire to understand particular aspects or points of view.  But, the whole that we are is always greater than that.  It is more than any combination of parts could express.

The possibilities for what we can do collectively are endless.  Six billion plus souls, six billion plus minds, six billion plus bodies are a lot of resources.  And, when you consider that the working time for each of those souls is roughly half a century ... that is an incredible amount of human potential that could be applied in service to society, to the world, and to one another.

In the movie The Guardian, Kevin Costner's character says "I swim as fast as I can and save as many as I can, the rest the sea takes".  It seems that we are the equivalent of Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers.  There are innumerable souls stuck in the ocean of the Piscean Age.  It is for us to bring as many as we can into the Aquarian Age.

Games are meant to be fun.  The reality game is one of the most fun games there is.  Further, it is ultimately a WIN/WIN game.  In the end, everyone wins ... everyone experiences what they need to experience to graduate to the next realm of existence.  This is not the same for all of us, at least not in the moment.  Souls are at various ages of development and have come to learn things appropriate to their level.

If we can get this expression to provide what we need to live, we would be in a position to make our Beyond Imagination work out sole work.  It is already our soul work.  There is no doubt that this is the work that we are here to do.

We have grand dreams for ourself and for Beyond Imagination.  But, these are not dreams that are within our power to manifest alone.  No, we need the help of spirit and of the universe to do this.  Will this help be forthcoming?   We believe with all of our heart and soul that it will and in as soon as two months.  That is our next birthday.

We post this expression to the Beyond Imagination site.  But, that is not the same as sharing it with another living, breathing soul.

We have been searching for kindred spirits for nearly 16 years, for as long as this expression has been coming forth.  We've found a few other solitary souls who might qualify, but they were busy doing their own thing so our interactions were brief both in time and in duration.

My spiritual work consumes me.  It makes my day.  It allows me to soar in consciousness.  It restores my soul.  These are all very good things.  Further, it does not matter whether I am generating or reading the expression, the effect is the same.

We have said before that we are body - mind - heart - consciousness - soul - spirit.  The first three are the physical parts of us.  The last three are the spiritual parts of us.  The mind is the seat of consciousness.  The heart is the seat of the soul.

But, we are not parts, we are whole beings.  You can't separate anything out and say this is spirit or this is consciousness or this is soul or this is mind or this is heart or even this is body.  You just can't.  The truth is that we are ONE.  There are no such divisions to the self.  They are made up.  They are artificial.  Further, they don't allow us to understand the synergy of being a being.

Our job is to carry out our Beyond Imagination work in whatever manner we are moved by spirit.  This we accept wholeheartedly.  This we choose to do with all our heart and soul to the best of our abilities.

More and more, I am dissatisfied with my current job.  It just doesn't captivate my heart and my soul.  At 50, that is simply unacceptable.  There is not enough time left to effectively waste my time on things that do not really matter.  There has to be a better way to make a living.  There has to be a better way to create a life.

What we love to do is engage in the Beyond Imagination endeavor.  That is already our soul work ... we would have it be our sole work as well.
We are never given dreams without being given the power to make them come true.  Though this power may not be obvious to us ... it may be something that we have to develop.  That is OK.  This is always something that we can do if we set our mind and heart and soul on it.

All that we ask is for the circumstances that allow our commitment to be realized.  Yes, we have a vested interest in this, we know that.  This is not something we can be objective about.  But, we have the good of the collective in mind as well ... equal to our own good, if not more than our own good.  That should be enough.  That has to be enough.  There is no more to give.  Or is there?  Have we given our mind, body, and soul to this?  Clearly we've given our spirit and our consciousness.

Working for Beyond Imagination full time would allow me to have the greatest impact on others and the world ... especially if I were joined by a team of 12 lightworkers.  I know that in my heart and soul.  There is simply no doubt that this is ultimately what I am here to do.

"I" is not sufficient to capture any of us.  We are so much grander than that.  At the very least, we are body, mind, heart, soul, consciousness, and spirit.  It is not clear where ego fits into this mix.

Now, we ask for more financial abundance than we have ever experienced before.  We do this because financial freedom is an enabler of a host of other freedoms in our life.  We do this to free us to apply all our heart and soul into the endeavor that is Beyond Imagination.

For some reason, this stream of consciousness has always felt foreign to me, as if I was not the originator of it.  Yes, I am necessary for it to come forth in this manner.  But, that does not mean that I create it.  Yet, at the same time, spirit, consciousness, soul, and I are ONE.

What we do have is roughly 4.8 million words of expression to date valued by spirit at $1 per word.  That would be enough to set us free financially and allow us to fund the Beyond Imagination endeavor.  This we desire with all our heart, our mind, and our soul.

Our bodies will return dust to dust, our possessions will fall to our heirs or those we choose to give them to.  Yet there are parts of us that live on.  Our consciousness, our soul, and our spirit live on.

God defined whom that we are.  But, we co-created the destiny that we would experience.


There seems to be a hierarchy here.

So, where does ego fit into the picture?  It seems to be something that we need to go beyond if we are to find the spirit within.  It seems to be fragile and fearful, forcing us to see reality through its limited eyes.  But our vision goes beyond this.  Our consciousness goes beyond this.  And when we reside there, ego loses its grip on us, at least for awhile.  Similarly, when we reside in soul or in spirit ... we are beyond its grips as well.  For ego to have a hold on us, we have to buy into its illusions.  And, indeed, they are illusions.  We have said before that substituting illusions for other illusions is not the work for awakened ones.  We are to go beyond illusions to the heart of reality itself.

The closest relationship that I have is with spirit herself.  Is that all that I need?  The bottom line seems to be no, it isn't.  My soul demands more.  I need to realize how deeply I am connected to others.

We need to learn when our soul and spirit are speaking to us.  We need to listen to what they have to say.  Then, we need to act consistent with this.  All of these are within our ability.  Meditation may help us with the first two.  Choosing our actions is up to us.

While the expression continues, participating with a dozen others in the Beyond Imagination endeavor has the potential to exceed the value of this expression many fold.  My heart cries out to do just that, as does my soul.  There must be a reason for this.  There must be.  Yet, it all comes down to living each moment in all its fullness.

It seems that wisdom is still a rare commodity, even with over six billion souls on the planet.

Yes, this is what we are meant to do.  We know that deep within our soul.  We've known that since the very beginning of this expression.  But, are we meant to do this in isolation for all of our life?

What matters is what we intend to create and whether our intention is sincere.  In this case it is, it comes from our heart and our soul.

We can only ask from who we are in the NOW.  That is the only place and time in which we can do anything.  But, we need to ask from our whole heart.  We need to ask from our soul.  Further, we need to ask only for what we need, only for what is in the highest good of all concerned.  To do otherwise is to potentially do harm.

Yes, I know that there is a consensus world with six billion plus souls.  But, my world only touches about one hundred of those as far as I know, and most of those very lightly at best.  Then, it seems that my very nature is to be solitary.

There is me and spirit, and WE are Wayne.  There is not part of Wayne that does not contain us both.  Not even the smallest of cells.  Spirit - Soul - Consciousness - Mind - Heart - Body, all of these are Wayne.  Yet, all of these parts make up any one of us.


Our concepts of Self, of soul, or consciousness, of spirit all exceed what can be explained via genetics and environment.

About the only thing that we desire to do with our life is to engage in the Beyond Imagination endeavor.  Nothing else gives us the sense of meaning and purpose that we find here.  Nothing else gives us the sense of contribution.  Nothing else gives us the sense of service.  This is what we do that has meaning.  This is ultimately what we are here to do.  This is why we came into this existence.  If we can see that, surely spirit can see that.  And, just as surely, she will facilitate our being able to do it.  We know that, deep within our soul.

I am here believing, choosing, acting, wishing, and imagining.  But, when I say I, what am I refering to now.  I is Wayne, I is spirit and me, and consciousness and soul for that matter.  I is many things, it is WE, it is not singular in any way.

How many people are working on reality creation, not just for themselves but for the whole world?  This is not something science and technology will discover.  They are not looking in the right areas and they have the wrong set of tools.  The right tool is consciousness.  That is where all of the real answers are.  Don't get me wrong, we can do some wonderful things with technology.  But, we can't beat the potential stored in each of the six billion plus souls on the planet.  That is what we need to unleash.  And then see what marvels are created.  We are all sleeping giants in spirit, even the most awakened among us.  It is time for us to wake up and realize, truly realize not only who we are, but who others are.  Literally, we ain't seen nothing yet ... not even close.

When we set our heart and mind on something, generally, there is no stopping us.  Though, we have even set our soul on the commitment that we would choose to make.  That doesn't guarantee that the conditions will come true for it to manifest.  Though, there is a sense that we are in spirits employ now.  She will see to it that we get what we need.  We have only to continue to be who we are and to express what we are moved to express.

Wayne is spirit expressing through us, through this mind, body, and soul.  We may not ever fathom all that Wayne is, but we can get an appreciation of this Self that we are.

For many, the five senses are enough.  For many others, the three minds are enough.  It is rare to find people that seek more than this.  It is only for the ancient souls among us.  Though, the times are changing.  More are becoming dissatisfied with the status quo.  But, even then, it takes a lot for the transcendental to be stirred within them.  For this, one must virtually turn away from the exterior life and seek within to the stillness and the furthestmost depths.

What I do know is that quotes of Thoreau, Emerson, and Channing graced the walls of my office for several years and still have a prominent place in my heart and my soul.  I consider them to be my kindred spirits even though they lived roughly a century before me.

We can always generate new expression if need be.  And, what is important is not what has come forth but where it took us in the process of bringing it forth and in the process of reading it.  Hmm ... but is this the equivalent of selling our soul?  To some degree, it seems that it is.  Though, spirit has had plenty of time to disseminate the Beyond Imagination expression if that were her desire.

From the time we were conceived, we have been programmed by everything that we have experienced.  Everything that we heard, everything that we saw, everything that we felt, everything that we sensed, everything that we dreamed, everything that we believed, everything that we chose, everything that did ... everything has left its impression on our body, on our heart, on our mind, on our soul, on our consciousness, even on our spirit.

The sooner we get to the core beliefs that are holding us back, the sooner we can be who we were created to be.  Poor beliefs are like straitjackets.  They limit our freedom of movement.  We are not so much concerned with physical movement here as will movement of consciousness.  That is where we need to be free.  Spirit works through us via consciousness and via soul.

Spirit, soul, consciousness, heart, mnd, body, these are all parts of Wayne.  Actually, they are parts of each and everyone of us.

It matters not how you feel about this expression.  In the end, it all comes down to utility.  If the material is useful, it will find its way into the minds, hearts, soul, and consciousness of those who can be served by it.  You don't have to force that to happen.  It will simply manifest because it is elegant ... and spirit loves elegance.

I have no understanding of how spirit and consciousness communicate within me.  But there is a sense that this stream of consciousness comes forth through consciousness not from consciousness just as it comes forth through me, not me.  Yes, that means that I do not consider me to be Wayne.  Yet, I am perfectly fine with the expression We are Wayne.  Hmm ... of what is this WE composed?  Spirit, soul, consciousness, mind, heart, body, and me.  That's interesting.  I speak as if I am independent of the other parts.  And, indeed, I feel that way.  I am not spirit.  I am not soul.  I am not consciousness.  I am not mind.  I am not heart.  I am not body.  I am not ME.  That last statement was a surprise.  Then, what am I?  There is a sense that the difference lies in separation.  I cannot be exclusively any of the parts of who I am.  Each of the parts, even ME, has a role, has a function within the whole.  Also, none of the parts are separate.  They are all interdependent.  Together they are ONE.  Together they are Wayne.  But how does Wayne relate to Aslan?  Aslan is our higher Self.

Beyond Imagination captivates our heart and our soul.  It is clearly our life's work, the work that matters most in our life.  Then, why is it not what we do for a living?  But, it is what you do for a living.  Clearly, it is where you are most alive.

We take the directive to live life in the moment seriously.  Though, at the same time we have a dream, we have a vision of what could be, of how our life and our work could be dramatically different ... something that we desire with all of our heart and soul.

You are closer to this expression than anyone.  You may not remember much of it, even any of it at times, but it has come forth through you nonetheless.  In doing so, it has left an impression on your heart and soul, an impression that can never be removed.

Beyond Imagination is it for us.  We would have it be our sole work as well as our soul's work.

There are parts of us that know other parts of us only by what they do.  Spirit is one such part, soul is another, consciousness is yet another.  All three of these are engaged in bringing this material forth.  Yet, I don't know how they differ, and I don't have a conscious sense that I am each of these.  Oh, I know that I am spirit - consciousness - soul - mind - heart - body.  But knowing and being are not the same thing, not by a long shot.

I would be all that you created me to be.  At the very least, in this existence, that is Wayne.  But, the act of creation applies to the creation of spirit, to the creation of soul, not to a specific incarnation.

It seems that spirit and soul need some freedom of expression as well to create the very being that they will express within and to create the destiny for that beings life.  We don't need central control of everything.  This can be distributed and cooperative.

Wayne is not limited to physical reality.  He has a consciousness, soul, and spirit.  But, those things I do not seem to possess.  I can see the products of their existence.  But, I can't feel them as I can feel my body.  Even my mind and my heart are illusive.

Beyond Imagination is to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  Yes, that is a lofty mission, one that I clearly cannot do alone.  Yet, I don't have a single soul joined with me on this, despite 16 years of searching.

Spirit, consciousness, soul, mind, heart, body, source, God, others: these were all separate in Wayne's mind.  No wonder Wayne felt so isolated from everything and everyone.  But, a shift has occured within the past few weeks.  What was separate is now ONE.  But, it takes awhile to fully realize that.  It is one thing to have the shift in awareness.  It is quite another to maintain it.  This is what Wayne needs to do now.  Focus on the unity, on the ONENESS, until nothing else exists, nothing else at all.  And, within that ONENESS, know that anything is possible, even probable.  It is all a matter of creating it.

No matter how tired I get, no matter how busy my day, this expression is able to restore my soul.

Can I accept that all of this may be happening for my sole benefit ... for my soul benefit?

I have been used to saying that spirit herself moves me.  But, spirit is ME.  Consciousness is ME as well, so is soul.  It is all ME.  Yet, not everything is me.  There are others in the world, and there is the world.

Being happy is the natural state of our soul.  It should be something that is easy to experience.

You body is not capable of restricting your spirit unless you allow it to.  Neither is your brain, for it is an extension of your body.  But your mind, your consciousness, your soul, and your spirit ... these are of a different domain, one that may well be eternal.  Though eternal is a very long time.

You don't need to limit YOU in any way.  You are meant to be free from restrictions of any kind.  In your soul, you are free, and have always been so.  You were created to be free.  It is your birthright.  But, in your freedom, you have enslaved yourselves.

Spirit is me, source is me, consciousness is me, soul is me.  There is nothing else for them to be.  Further, these parts do not exist in isolation.  Indeed, they do not exist as parts at all.  They are integrated into one whole that is me, that is ME.

I have thought that my spiritual work, my Beyond Imagination work would become my sole work.  It is clearly my soul's work.

Beyond Imagination is my life's work, my soul's work.  My hope is to make it my sole work as well.  When will that happen?  It will happen when I make it so.  I am the creator of my reality.  It's all up to ME.  So, what does it take to create what I desire?

We should be able to create what we desire it to be.  Though, we have to feel ourselves worthy.  And, we have to do something deserving of the abundance that we desire.  Focus on doing what you love ... that is within your control.  The rest will follow naturally.  Though, you may also need to do some soul-searching regarding what you truly need.

We consider this to be our life's work, our soul's work ... what we came to this planet to do in this incarnation.

We can see parts of us function without consciously being aware of the process.  Why should processes of mind, consciousness, soul, and spirit be any different.  These operate in domains of their own.  We can be aware of their works, their products, even if we are not aware of how these are generated.  So much of how our life functions is unknown to us.  Mystery is present everywhere.  But, that is good.  The mysterious and the miraculous make life interesting.

What about feelings?  What about emotions?  These too can be expressed in words, words that come from the heart and soul rather than from the head.

I am not aware of doing the myriad of things necessary to even keep my body functioning, much less my mind, my soul, my consciousness, and my spirit.  I speak about these things as if they were possessions.  But, they are far more that that.  They are integral parts of me.  Parts without which I would cease to exist.  I am ONE.  We each are ONE.  Collectively, we are ONE as well.  At every level, it is the oneness, the unity, that prevails.

You have a soul and it is glorious beyond measure.

But spirit is ourself too, and our soul, and our consciousness.  She is all of these things and more.  Guiding us is her job.  We have only to allow her to do it.  We have only to find that source within, listen to it, and do what it says.  That is the key to getting anything that we need.  We allow spirit to manifest it for us.

Just as I am able to soar in consciousness, so I want Beyond Imagination to be able to soar.  Is that too much to ask?  We don't ask for much in our life.  But, this, we truly desire with all our heart and soul.  Yet, of whom do we ask?  We ask of ourself, of consciousness, of spirit, of the universe, even of God.  But, do we expect our desire to be answered?  We have no history to confirm or deny that this process of asking indeed works.  That does not stop us from choosing to ask anyway.

Beyond Imagination is our life's work.  It is also our soul's work.  We would make it our sole work.  Though, that requires something that we have not been able to make happen in 16 years.  That requires exchanging what we produce here for the money necessary to fund our abundance and the Beyond Imagination endeavor.

Open your mind to some new possibilities for you.  Open your heart as well.  It is just as important if not more important.  Your soul and consciousness and spirit are already in their native realm.  But, their expression is limited by what seats them.  The heart is the seat of the soul.  The mind is the seat of consciousness.  Spirit expresses in flesh  through the soul-heart and consciousness-mind connections.

Clearly spirit speaks through a stream of consciousness here.  But, what about my soul?  We use that term sparingly.  We know that we all possess souls and that somehow thissoul is the essence of who we are as a being.  But how does this differ from spirit?  There is less of a sense of individualization when we speak of spirit.  Spirit is ONE, whereas souls are unique and individual.  So it seems to me anyway.   Here we relate primarily to spirit and consciousness.  So what is our soul?  Since it's seat is the heart, it must be related to the higher functioning of how we feel, especially how we feel about who we are.  Perhaps that is why  happiness, bliss, and joy elude me for the most part  To experience them we need to remember our connection to our soul and allow spirit to express though us via that connection.  We are spirit incarnate, but we possess souls.  What do these souls do, what do they experience, what journeys do they take?  We have heard of the dark night of the soul.  To what does that refer?  Have we had such a journey?  Has our whole life been such a journey?  If it had been, you would think that we would have discovered it by now.  But we know that we have a soul.  Something is wrong that we cannot point to some work or experience that has come from it.  Consciousness on the other hand has been prolific in our life.  Why should soul not be just as prolific?  Perhaps she is.  Perhaps this expression is a combined expression, only I am not recording what the soul is experiencing as this comes forth.  It seems that this is a new realm for me to investigate.  What is the nature of soul and how does she express in our life?  It seems that the soul expresses though love, beauty, passion, elegance, inclusiveness, compassion, passion, creativity, ideals, and the like.  These are the kinds of things that the heart knows that the mind alone does not know.  In many cases, it is both mind and heart operating together that knows these things.  Is it the same with consciousness.  Do some of the wonders that she creates require the soul to do her thing as well?  And what is her thing.  Is she the seat of knowingness and wisdom within us.  Does spirit tap her depths to bring forth some of this?

Why do I not have a personal relationship to my soul of which I am aware.  Have you taken the time to develop such a relqtionship?  Have you even taken the time to meet her and to introduce yourself.  In your case, it seems that she is not as outgoing as spirit or consciousness were.  They just came forth and started to speak as they did.  However, soul has been active in your life since the beginning.  She is behind how you feel about things, especially those things you feel most deeply about. ... yourself, your nature, this expression, the Beyond Imagination endeavor, and your family.
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