WOW!  I discovered a wonderful numerology website today:  Life Answers by Jill Saint John.  She offers a wonderful service that I highly recommend.  You can get a sample reading for free, and an extensive reading for $40.  It truly is a bargain for the amount of insight it will give you into WHO YOU ARE.  I typically do not recommend the services of others.  But, this is so good that I am making an exception.  In my experience, everything that serves us in the endeavor to know ourselves is extremely valuable.  In this case, the service is automated.  The results literally come back instantly.  However, that does not detract from their quality one iota.  It is obvious that a lot of effort went into generating the numerological meanings that apply to each of the characteristic numbers that are calculated.  Besides, there is a money back guarantee ... so there is really nothing to lose.  You don't have to know anything about numerology to benefit from this service.  Just retain an attitude of curiosity and be open to what you can learn about yourself.  And then, marvel that all of this can be captured in a few pieces of symbolic information ... a name and a date of birth.  It truly is amazing!


Numbers have always fascinated us ... first arithmetic, then algebra, then geometry,  The later was our all-time favorite class in high school.  But, our metaphysical studies took us into a whole new realm.  With numerology, we were give the keys to uncovering the spiritual meaning of numbers.  In 1992, this brought us to a fever pitch, allowing us to find spiritual meaning in places that we had never thought to look before.  Indeed, our world has grown incredibly richer as a result.  We have gone far beyond anything that we have learned about how others do numerology.  Everyday, we make new connections.  Everyday, spirit reveals new facets of herself to us ... often through the numbers that we encounter in our life.  In our case, "numbers" appear everywhere, in names, in shapes, in addresses, in license plates, in totals for anything that we buy, in patterns of windows and window panes of houses, in words, in phrases, in quotes, in temperature, in odometer readings, in quantities, in savings, in number of spokes and lug nuts on wheels.  Yes, nearly everywhere that we look.   Clearly, we look in places others do not look. 

Though, spirit is subtle.  She does not embed her meaning in standard ways.  Indeed, it is only through our intuition that we can approach here and find the gifts that she has to offer us.   Over the course of two decades, we have developed a number of machinations that we can use to transform numbers into other numbers.  We find this process to be quite revealing ... especially when our intuition is the driver.

To date, I have not found another person who speaks the language of numbers that spirit has taught to me directly.  There are so many things that are connected.  Fibonacci numbers, primes, periodic table, musical frequencies, ASCII codes, names of all types, company slogans, license plates, dates, addresses ... everything has meaning, and often many meanings.  It is for us to find the connections and there meanings.  Everything is number, is frequency, is the inbreath and outbreath of God.  Here, we are not speaking of "math" per se.  No, this is far more fun.  We believe that you will be amazed by what is revealed.


If you have the skill to build apps, there are many that we would love to be able to offer to our community members in this area. 

1.  Input: n from 1-1000 and return the nth prime.

2.  Input: n from 1-1000 and return the nth fibonacci number

3.  Input n from 1-100000 and return the prime factorization in the form 2(k), 3(l), 5(m), ... where k, l, m are the number of times that prime appears

4.  Input n from 1-34 and return the nth perfect number

5.  Input a name (first, middle, last, suffix) and return

Conversion of letters in name to 1-9 per numerology
Totals for each part of name
Total for name
Number of P: 4's, 5's  M:1's, 8's   E:2's, 3's, 6's   I: 7's,9's
P M E I totals
Conversion of letters in name to Initial Caps (1-26 for caps)
Totals for each part of Initial Caps name
Total for Initial Caps name
Conversion of letters in name to ALL CAPS (1-26 for each letter)
Totals for each part of ALL CAPS name
Total for ALL CAPS name

6.  Input a word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph. 

Return PMEI breakouts in 5.4 and 5.5 above
Return lowercase total
Return prime factorization of lowercase total

7.  Input a file of paragraphs.  Output a file with the items in 6 inserted after each paragraph.

That is enough to start with now.  These seven "apps" would enable me to do so much more research and make so many more connections and would allow me to enlist others to do the same.  At that point, the "bottleneck" will be the processes of making connections and finding meaning.

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