BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT



Yes, we have returned already.  Indeed, it seems that nothing can keep us away any longer.  Yesterday, we declared what we wanted in terms of a new position.  We fully expect that the universe will comply with our wishes.  Yes, we know that it is audacious of us to believe in this manner.  Yet, that has no bearing on the facts and on our feelings in this case.  Once again, we do what we MUST DO.  We do what SPIRIT herself would either have us do or would do through us.  In either event, it is really the same thing.  It is all a matter of perspective.  Do we perceive ourself as the whole from which we spring or as a part of that whole that is every separate.  This later perspective is far too limiting for me.  Hopefully, this would apply to many others as well.  Though, my world does not yet offer evidence of that.  However, the belief always comes first ... then, the evidence.  What does it take to manifest the "reality" that we desire?  If neither time nor space are real, then neither are the character strings that represent bank accounts and their associated balances.  I have long been a proponent of a universal debit card that keeps track of and credits us whenever we GIVE and debits our account whenever we TAKE,  Then, it is a simple matter of abiding by the universal law to NEVER TAKE MORE THAN WE GIVE,  At least not for any sustained period.  In my case, I have given in excess of 10 million words over the course of the past 24 years.  That is a lot of giving.  Long ago, the price for this expression was set by SPIRIT herself to be $1 per word.  Yes, a nice round number,  Indeed, that would be sufficient for me to retire completely.  But, I have no intent no need to "retire".  Divorcing myself from doing the bidding of any prince is another matter entirely.  I would be FREE, with the exception of whatever ties bind me to SPIRIT herself.

It seems that we are not done yet.  That is good.  There is something about musing that excites us to the very core of our being.  This is clearly something that we are PASSIONATE about.  There are not many things that impact us in that way.  Indeed, there never have been.  But, metaphysics, now that has the ability to stir our soul and get the inner juices flowing.  Indeed, we become ALIVE in ways that we otherwise cannot. Perhaps that will change over time.  However, at 59, it no longer seems that we can count on that.  Such is life.  It is all GOOD!  We have no need to make it other than it is.  That is, with the one exception of the change in employment that we seek.  We would do our work out of our home for effectively the first time ever ... that is ever in our career since January 1978.  Can that really have been over 39 years ago?  Have we really been working for others for that long?  Yes, that is indeed TOO LONG.  Now, we have declared our desire to be free of that.  The details as to how that might occur are not my concern.  I need to be crystal clear as to WHAT I WANT, and KNOW THAT THIS WILL MANIFEST.  It is not for me to determine HOW. Indeed, I could care less.  At 2400 hours x $125, I would have $100,000 with which to hire someone or even a few others to support me on a part time basis.  Even more if we could leverage this into work for which we were paid.


​It seems that we are not through yet.  Sometimes, one just has to write.  Or, so it is for us anyway.  There is something about this form of expression that is natural to us.  You might say that we are HOME when we express in this manner.  Earlier, on a television episode that we are watching, Person of Interest, Finch said that PI, the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter contains every possible sequence of numbers as well as all text that can be expressed as sequences of numbers as well as all movies and other forms of art that can be digitized.  All of this in a single simple ratio of such a basic symbol.  OK, this is true for every other transcendental number and their are an infinite amount of these,.  So, everything is a matter of finding the right point in the sequence and expressing that.  Though, not only the "classic" forms are captured but all of the flawed trial sequences as well.  In addition,, determining the next digits is not such an easy thing to do.  With the latest computers and software, this is much easier than ever ... but it still takes intelligence to find the MEANING in what is revealed.  Further, detecting and fixing errors may be easier than finding a different place in the string where the flaws are not present,  There is a sense that while GOD could express ALL THAT IS in something as simple as a circle, the experiencing of ALL THAT IS is better done in much more diverse and direct ways,  NAMASTE!


We cannot remember when we  were last moved to come here to muse.  Clearly, it has been a while.  Actually, looking down, the last date that I see is 8/2/16.  That is over eight months ago.  It seems that it is time to change that, and further, to do so now.  Earlier, I announced to the universe and to the one real friend that I have my intent to find a new job.  It seems appropriate to post that here as well.  As far back as I can remember, my desire was to be a Philosopher King as described by Plato in The Republic.  So, this is what I seek:


$125 per hour.  Min of 40 hours per week x 40 weeks.  Max of 60 hours per
week x 40 weeks.  Hours reported weekly.  Hours based on my choice as to
how many hours to expend during what weeks.  Employed as an outside
consultant.  Guaranty of 5 years of employment under these terms.  Neither
employee nor employer entitled to break this contract.  The only exception
being the death of the employee.

It is my choice as to how to expend the hours on what projects and how to
disseminate any results/outcomes from my efforts.  All such
results/outcomes shall be delivered to employer at least 5 business days
before being otherwise disseminated.

The bulk of effort shall go to pursuits related to Beyond Imagination and
BISPIRIT.  My grandest desire is to enable SPIRIT to do her works through
me in a manner that best serves ALL THAT IS.  This is what I am PASSIONATE
about.  This is what captivates my HEART and SOUL!


ASAP but no later than 8 April 2018


At this point, I do not desire to sign up to a journey that is longer than
5 years.  Once we are at least 3 years into that, we can evaluate whether
to extend our present course or not and if so, for how long.


Grants Pass, OR.  No travel other than local day trips by car desired.  No
exceptions.  If there are to be meetings, they will be within 75 minutes
driving distance of Grants Pass.

So let it be written, so let it be done.




Interesting.  Only the background graphic came over with the New Page.  I like that.  There is something about a blank page that excites and intrigues me.  I am meant to write.  If only I could earn my livelihood doing this in a manner that did not require to serve any prince or to sell my services to anyone for that matter.  I would offer myself as a vessel through which SPIRIT freely expresses in and to the world.  Yes, I choose to do so freely.  I have no misconceptions about being the author of the words that come forth through me ... no more so than the version of MS Word that I am using is the author.  Besides, in a world that is ONE, the separation required to take that position either does not exist or is not valid.  There is ONE SOUL, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, ONE ALL THAT IS, and we, all of us are that.

8/2/16:  Yet the separation persists in the illusion nonetheless.  I have to believe that such is what it is for a reason, and a good reason at that.  At the same time, there must be more to life than this, and more to me that this.  There is so much to do.  Though, why is it that my physical condition has deteriorated to where it is?  It has been 19 months since the accident that shattered my right heel and broke another bone in my right foot.  I would guess that I am at roughly 70 percent of where I was prior to the accident from a physical standpoint ... maybe substantially less than that.  I was walking 3-5  miles each night before the incident.  Now, I can barely walk half a mile without much pain.  It was one thing not to be able to golf due to the sided effects of being bipolar.  It is quite another to have such difficulty walking, and even moving for that matter.  Yet, the hope of this changes for the better is fairly dismal at best.  It seems that the physical situation is something that I am going to have to accept and deal with as best I can.  I don't really like that prognosis.  However, I do not see a more promising one heading my way.  What about "we create our own reality"?  The sense is that I have already done that.  Now, it is a matter of dealing with what I have manifested.  Yes, I take responsibility for it all.  Indeed, I always have.  At least since the early 1970s.