BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


The web page builder that we had used to create BISPIRIT just over 3 years ago became no longer supportable necessitating rebuilding of our site.  To be honest, it was about time for a revamping.  However, we were not able to get the same sense of the Divine Feminine in the various standard backgrounds that were available.  So, we settled on this one.  With the exception of some graphics which we haven't figured out how to upload and reference yet and some links for accessing other works of our own and potentially other BISPIRIT members, the entire content has been transferred.  We were given a quote of two weeks and $400 based on content and number of pages.  Once we got down to it, it only took a few hours and we learned a lot in the process.

The situation is what it is.  By the end of the summer, the vendor will no longer support version 6 of their web-builder software.  However, we can turn the bad news into the opportunity to update our content.  That is not an opportunity that comes along very often.  It is amazing what you find you can do when your only choice is to do it or lose it.  I was not ready to allow the BISPIRIT site to die.  Not that it gets many visitors.  But, that has never really mattered to us.  We needed a place to express.  More importantly, where SPIRIT could express through us.  We found that here and in BISPIRIT.ORG

Do take the time to visit what we have created.  In many respects, this is our world.  We welcome you to explore it to whatever degree you are moved to do so.  Our hope is that in the process of walking in our mind steps, you will discover and awaken to your own.



Please Visit our sister site:  BISPIRIT.ORG for a wealth of metaphysical expression that has come forth since 1992.  We are particular proud of the picture quotes works from the past few years, first because they involve images, second because they involve collaborating with all of the others whose quotes and graphics were required to produce the works.


​We believe that you should know more about who is bringing this information to you.  In some respects we do not know since it comes from a part of us that we know to be different than any parts of our mind.  In that respect, it is BEYOND MIND.  But even more important, from the very beginning, it has been declared to be BEYOND IMAGINATION.

Our first experience of Mania began in the spring of 1993, concurrent with the birth of the Beyond Imagination expression.  By October 1, the mania was extreme to the point where we could no longer reconcile our reality with the consensus reality.  We did not see that as a problem.  Our experience was that we had experienced a major spiritual awakening.  This was incredibly positive.  Though it did result in a four month medical absence from work and a 10 day stay in the mental hospital where we were diagnosed as bipolar.  Even 23 years later, we have never experienced this as being an illness in any way.  Rather, we have seen it as a feature of how my mind functions that enables me to view the world from a variety of perspectives that others do not seem to experience. 

Since 1993, we have had another half a dozen awakenings [highly manic periods], one in which we could not sleep for 10 straight days, but in which we were more AWARE and more productive than ever.

We also had pneumonia, double pneumonia, and even a grand mal seizure in which we literally lost 10 days of time.  We don't recall anything from a few days before, through the seizure, through the ambulance ride, through the 3 day hospital stay, through a few days after going home.  Even 10 years later, the memories have still not returned.  It is as if I were simply not here for that time.

For the first 20 years, the Beyond Imagination expression primarily came forth in written form from a feminine source within.  This was a solitary expression.  In 2013, this changed into a more outer expression that you see here.  Though, that did not really succeed either.  Now, we are open to allowing things to  change in whatever manner spirit would choose.  Our choice is to be a vessel though which SPIRIT would express.  That is how we know to LIVE.