BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


27 June 2017

​We just looked back to see what we selected as quotes from this day in 2003.

27 June 2003

1225 - I trust that consciousness knows what needs to be said and will bring it forth when it needs to be said.

1226 - What is it that I have to sell?  What services am I able to provide and to whom?  And, who is willing to pay for such services? 

1227 - How do we build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh?  That is a monumental undertaking even for a major group. 

​We were particularly impressed by 1226 since it reflects something that we were addressing yesterday.  And, here we are 14 years later.  It seems that we should have made some progress in this area by now.  But, who are we to judge.  Indeed, when we realize that we are only the passengers in these vessels, everything takes a new meaning.  We can no longer attribute actions to the passengers.  They are observers just as we are in the dramas that surround them.  No, that does not mean that we can absolve ourselves of responsibility.  However, it does mean that we need to be careful as to where we place blame, if indeed we choose to  do this at all.  There are no evil monsters our there committing crimes against us.   Such is simply not how things work.  How do we know what is true?  We are inundated with information.  In many cases, there is no way to determine its veracity.  So, how do we determine what is useful not only to  us but to others?  Yes, ultimately it comes down to utility.  And, that is something we must determine for ourselves.  That does not mean that we can't work with and learn from others.  Indeed, we can.

Earlier, 319 popped up in three contexts with regard to the place I am seriously considering as my next residence.  913 is 9:The Hermit 13:Death.  Also, 319 = 11 x 29 = The Master x light.  This is p5 x p10.  913 = 11 x 83 = p5 x p23.  139 is prime in its own right.  Indeed, it is p34.  It is just prior to the 149 that is a factor of 1341 and the 151 that is a factor of 1359.  Further, the Beyond Imagination expression began in my 34th year.  In Wayne's World, there are no coincidences, only connections and synchronicities being revealed.  WE = 23 5 = p23 p5.  Same symbols just a different order.  9 13 = I M. 

Hmm ... it is still 27 June.  We forgot that we got up in the middle of the night and wrote the above.  That is just how it is.  We do not remember a lot of what we do.   We really are an observer in all of this.  Indeed, more than even we know.  That is OK.  It signifies that we have reached a level of awareness that many never reach.  We would argue that this occurred because at some level we were ready for it.  At some level, we were ready to take on the responsibility that it would bring.  Further, we would know firsthand that all of this, everything that we create and experience is created and experienced by SPIRIT through us.  Yes, we suspected that as much as 25 years ago.  Now, we KNOW that it is true.  We have experienced it.  We have see SPIRIT express in excess of 10 million words through us.  Yes, that is a lot.  But, there is no telling what remains to be expressed.  Indeed, it is ever a surprise.  Our experience of SPIRIT is that she is unpredictable and unfathomable.  She has been thus to us personally since 1992, when SPIRIT began to express through us in writing.  Looking back, we would have it no other way.  We would not take back one moment of being a channel through which SPIRIT expressed in flesh.  No, not one moment.  This is what we do for FUN.  This is what excites us to our very core.  This is what we are PASSIONATE about.  What more can we ask than that.  The only thing that we can think of is for what we are PASSIONATE about to become our occupation, to provide out means of earning our livelihood.  That is what we ask.  However, we do not ask with any sense of expectancy or urgency.  If it is for the good of all concerned, for the good of All That Is, then it will manifest.  If not, it will not manifest.  Yes, it is that simple.

26 June 2017

It won't be long before we need to start a new page for the third quarter of 2017.  There was a time when we were musing so much that we generated a file the size of a large book each quarter.  But, that seems so long ago.  The past four years have been relatively silent by comparison.  Nearly four years ago, we began the BISPIRIT phase of our expression.  We thought that this was going to be an outward focused phase.  That was the intent anyway.  But, that does not seem to be what SPIRIT had in store, at least not as far as we could tell.  So, here we are wondering what is to come next in our life.  We have a decision to make regarding the lifestyle that we would choose during our time remaining in LA.  However, we do not know how long this time will be.  If we could have it our way, we would move to our home in Grants Pass, OR permanently NLT our 60th birthday on 4/8/2018.  But, that does not seem to be our choice to make.  The minimum retirement age is 62.  That would take us to 2020.  The standard retirement age is 65.  That would take us out to 2023.  At the moment, that seems to be an eternity.  Especially since we don't expect to live to age 68.  For us, the occurs in 2025-2026.  We are talking of only 9 years from now.  We definitely don't want to spend much of that continuing to work for anyone or any company to earn our living.  We are far too valuable to do that.  Indeed, the works that we can accomplish, that SPIRIT can accomplish through us, make everything else pale by comparison.  Yes, I mean that.  More importantly, I KNOW that.  Yes, KNOW.  How I know is not something I have awareness of.  Nor does it seem to matter.  What is important is to know what you know.  It also helps to realize that there are many things that you don't know.  But we can't let that stop us from living and doing our best.  Yes, I could definitely engage in this activity for at least 8 hours per day times 7 days per week.  That comes to 56 hours.  But something I read recently about millionaires comes to mind:  they work 95 hours per week, NOT 9 to 5, five days per week.  That is the difference between earning a living and making a life.  It seems that the vast majority are not ready for the latter.  By the 95 hour standard, my musing would come out short by 39 hours per week.  Wow, that is approximately what most people work or are paid to work anyway.  So, where do I put the other 39 hours.  That comes to just over 5.5 hours per day.  Clearly, if we are going to muse that much, we need time to observe our world and make connections.  That brings us to 13.5 hours per day or at least on average over the days, weeks and months.  In a 24 hour day, that leaves 10.5 hours for everything else!  If we sleep 8 hours per night on average, our free time drops to 2.5 hours per day.  That includes shaving, shower, and all breaks for meals as well as for anything else for that matter.  Effectively, our life becomes fully engaged in fulfilling our mission and there simply is no free time for anything else ... not much else anyway.  That is OK.  This is what we would choose.  This is how we desire to live.  For us, there is no alternative.  We MUST DO what we CAME TO DO!  Truly, that is all that matters.  Though, it does seem that we can do that better if our health cooperates with us.  It seems that we have been struggling far too much in this area of late.  And, not just recently, but going back in excess of 3 years.

What services do I have to offer given the gifts that I know that I possess?  And, how would I find those who might benefit from these services?  How do I set a price, a value on these services that people would be willing to pay?  Am I even meant to use my gifts in such a manner?  Something within me says no.  And, something knows that this is right somehow.  That is not how I am meant to operate.  Further, this is true for any hermit.  While I am one, clearly there must be others.  So, where do we go from here?  As always, we allow our life to unfold as it will, knowing that in doing so, it will take us to precisely where we need to be.  Yes, of that we are certain.  On our path, destinations do not matter.  They are just waypoints that we stumble upon during our journeys.    It is the journey that matters, along with how it transforms us as we experience it.

There is a growing urgency to be somewhere else.  It is as if I have done what I can here.  There is nothing connecting me to this place anymore other than the continuing need to earn a living.  That comes to roughly $4000 per week.  If I could eliminate the place in LA and the personal travel between LA and Oregon, $3000 per week would suffice.  Yes, 25% less than I presently make.  And, as I stated above, I am willing to commit to the 95 hour per week club to make that happen.  Though, there is also a sense that I need to work with others in ways that I have not done before.  Perhaps that is an indication that the hermit crab is ready to step out of its shell.  Indeed, that could be the case.  After all, in a world that is ONE, we need have we for a shell?  There is nothing hidden and there is no need for protection in such a world.  We are curious to see where our journey takes us next.  There are a host of possibilities.  We have a preference for an outcome.  However, at the same time, we are not attached to that outcome. 

Back again.  Sometimes, we simply cannot stay away.  It matters not that we know not what will come of it.  When we are moved to express, we MUST express.  It matters not if we know who the audience might be, or even if there is an audience other than SPIRIT and us.  In a world that is ONE, the very fact that SPIRIT knows means that ALL THAT IS knows as well.  In this respect, nothing is hidden.  I am only aware of the expression in the present moment and in the future moments when I am moved to find and read what has been expressed before.  We still capture that in a manner that is posted as web pages at a website.  In this particular case, at  Though, there is a lot of material at as well.  Indeed, far more than here.  We find it interesting that the only cost we charge for accessing this material is 1 hour of service to others per work consumed.  We believe that to be more than fair.  A typical work of 100 pages takes us roughly 100 hours to create.   Further, that is only so because of the 40 plus years of metaphysical study and 25 years of metaphysical practice that we have invested.  So, we are truly asking far less that 1 percent of what each work took us to create.  Further, we are not asking anything for ourself in this exchange.  We are asking you to pay it forward by providing you services to others.  This is an interesting extension of barter.  From my perspective, a better one since the wave of impact of services can expand outward indefinitely.  Further, it does so outside of the economic system.  There are no taxes paid or money exchanged.  Rather, it involves people empowered to cooperate and help one another.  No, this is not suitable to the entire economy.  Some things consume resources other than labor.  Also, often paid labor is not necessarily conducive to truly being of service to others.  That is OK.  However, an information age opens up incredible opportunity in the regard.  The capacity for expression, and for reaching others with that expression is close to unlimited.  Further, it is becoming greater with each passing moment as technology provides us with new and better tools to serve us.  Already, we can do things that were not dreamed of as little as a decade ago.  When I build the Beyond Imagination website in 1995, the internet was still in its infancy.  No music, no streaming video, limited graphics, extremely low data throughput.  Also, no web page building software.  And, search engines were just beginning to navigate through WWW space.  Indeed, in those days I could type a few word phrase from my works into four different search engines and pull up everything connected to it from my works.  With the exponential expansion of web sites and information at those sites, such is no longer the case.  You pretty much have to know BISPIRIT and Wayne Hartman to find any of my stuff anymore.  I don't know why that is.  Such is simply what I have observed.  That brings me back to: for your eyes only.  That has come forth so many times here.  I still find it difficult to believe.  But, my experience is that such definitely applies.  Given this, what am I to expect? 

Long ago, I became aware of an inner contract between SPIRIT and me.  It was stated simply as: $1 per word.  However, there were no provisions called out for how payment was to be made.  Well, I did what I understood to be my part.  In roughly 20 years, I brought forth over 10 million words of expression from a source within that I believe to be SPIRIT herself.  During all of that time, I have had to hold done a regular job as my means of earning my livelihood.  Why is that?  If I truly had a account with $10 million, even at 2 percent that gives me the $200,000 that I need to live comfortably and not have to work for anyone other than SPIRIT ever again.  That is not to say that I would not work.  I would still choose to be one of the 95 hour per week members.  From what I know at the moment, that is what it will take to complete my mission in the timeline that I believe I have available.

25 June 2017

​Another day, another musing.  We are still looking for meaningful numbers appearing in the first 500 digits of PI.  It amazes us to see how many there are.  Variations of the final four of our SSN, 2184 are particularly prominent.  The sense that I got was a strong confirmation that my understanding of my mission is greater than I had thought.  Also, I appear to be precisely on the path that I am meant to follow.  That part is not surprising.  I am open to having SPIRIT lead me where she will.  Such is how I have chosen to live my life.  Though, I am still 9:The Hermit.  It is curious that 999999 shows up in the first 500 digits of PI.  The closest other multiples are 1111, 3333, 000, 000, 000, 111, 111, 444, and 555.  To find those, I looked horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.  The grid was 44 characters per line including the period in the first line.  The 9-sextuple is in line 18.  I interpret that as the Community of the Hermit = the Star of David with sides of length 9.  6 x 9 = 54 = LOVE = Unconditional Love.  This is also 2 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 13 expressed as prime.  Isn't that interesting, another form of Death.  The sense is that to express Unconditional Love, we have to allow our self to die.  Selfish ways are simply not compatible with Unconditional Love.  So. where do we go from here?  How are we to carry out the Beyond Imagination mission of "Creating the Foundations for a New World".  Not just any world but one in which SPIRIT can express more fully in flesh.  We have know this to be our calling for over 25 years.  That puts us at the 34|25 point in our life.  In 2017+9 = 2026, we will be at 34|34.  There is a strong sense that this is when we will transcend and move onto other things.  We have been a visitor on a mission here, a stranger in a strange land if you will.  We have always felt that to be the case.  It only gets verified more and more as our life unfolds.

​At the moment, we muse, we listen to music, and we watch the TV show:  Person of Interest.  It seems that nothing is sufficient to command our interest.  This has been true since we were a kid.  We have no awareness of how others experience such things.  It is not clear that it resembles our experience at all.  That is OK.  Our experience of reality is meant to be unique.  The more separated we are from others, the more unique this becomes.  For many, inputs and reactions of others provides the feedback needed to restrain this to something close to a norm.  In my case, I have always avoided anything that even smacks of being normal.  This comes from an inherent need to be exceptional.  Though, as a hermit, I would do so without others being aware.  It is enough that SPIRIT is aware.  What I experience, the collective, the ONE, experiences through me.  What SPIRIT expresses through me is available to any who have a need to know.  It is not for me to decide who has such a need.

24 June 2017

Read something interesting this morning regarding millionaires being 95 people rather than 9-5 people.  That is, they work 95 hours per week rather than 40.  That is more than twice as much.  That is an average of 13 hours per day every day of every week.  There were times when between the Beyond Imagination endeavor and my job, I was doing just that.  And, I was loving it!  Indeed, I consider that to be the best time of my life.  Another piece of advice was to NOT quit your day job.  In your own business, you have to generate 4-5 times the amount you are paid to replace that income.  Also, your present job provides a security blanket in case the new business venture tanks.   That seems to be sage advice as well.   Am I ready to commit to this again?  Yes.  It does not matter that the only things that seem to have come out of my prior efforts are an abundance of written works and enlightening experiences that expanded my awareness.  Those things were well worth the effort expended.  Indeed, I have no regrets in that regard.  The written works move me deeply to this day.  I had hoped they would move others as well, and many others at that.  But, such does not seem to have been the case.  At least not yet.  There was a reason that I was moved to bring forth the Beyond Imagination works.  That I do not know what this reason was does not matter.  The works came forth from SPIRIT nonetheless.  And, they were posted at a website where they could be accessed by anyone.  That is, anyone guided by spirit to find them.  I did not consider it to be my responsibility to find an audience for the works.  I thought that would happen naturally.  That it did not still surprises me.  But, surprises are good.  They keep life interesting.

​Back again.  We are curious as to where our life is taking us.  We just spent over an hour on the internet looking for a new place to stay, one conducive to truly living here while we are in town.  As of January, this is more than it has been for the past two decades.   We realized that our domicile in the LA area is going to cost us between $1600 and $2000 per month.  That is roughly $1000 more after taxes than we have been accustomed to paying for the past two decades.  Our choice would be to bring in additional income to cover that.  However, this means earning this delta in a different way.  Actually, we would do more than that.  We would earn in excess of $5000 per month.  This would allow us to start moving on the path towards retirement.  We consider "retirement" to be freedom from having to be employed by any company to do other than our own and SPIRITs bidding.  Yes, that is our ideal work style.  Though, we would continue to do whatever is asked of us until such time as our circumstances change.  It is not our place to make anything happen in this regard.  The universe knows far better than us as to where our unique skills and abilities can best serve SPIRIT.  That is where we would apply them.  We are here to serve.  We know that.  It matters not whether we are aware of who our efforts serve.  It is enough that we do what we are moved to do.  Such we have done for the past 25 plus years.   Such we will continue to do to the end of our days.  So, how is it that we can start the flow of this new source of income?  The commissioning of as little as one picture quote work per month would suffice to begin with.  Surely that is not asking too much.  Though, I would not dictate how this is to manifest.  For that matter, or even if it is to manifest.

​Continuing.  We can't think of a more important thing to be doing in the moment.  We can remember a time when we were doing this in excess of 30 hours per week for lengthy periods of time.  We are curious as to where the latest changes in our life are taking us.  We are optimistic that they are taking us to exactly where we need to be.  This has been true for a long time in our life.  Also, we have always felt alone and our of place in society.  Whether that is caused by our hermit nature or results in it is not something that we have questioned before.  It is what it is.  We are what we are.  Whether that is what we were designed to be will become evident in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  No, we do not expect it to take years at this point.  It seems that the changes in the world have accelerated dramatically.  This accelerated timeline is driving revolution.  Yes, revolution.  This is far faster than evolution can handle.  But, revolution is tricky business.  You never know going in what the end results will be.  Often, they are other than expected. 

Several weeks ago, while watching Touch, we heard that PI contains every possible sequence of numbers somewhere within it.  This is true of every transcendental number.  However, PI is special as the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter.  In graphical terms, it is the relationship between 0 and 1 or the relationship between the analog and the digital realms.  Earlier,  I was looking for variations of key numbers in my life embedded in PI.  My final four of my work badge number and work phone number were embedded in the first six digits.  That alone blew me away.  I found the final four of my SSN = 2184 embedded 8 times in the first 250 digits.  In addition my past several addresses as well as the year my house in Monterey was built (1870) were there early in the sequence as well.  PI = 169 = 13 x 13 = Death x Death.  13 is M as well.  13 13 = MM = 2000.  Yes, the Y2K from 17 years ago.  Long ago, I discovered that 13  x 13  x 13 =  2197 = 2184 + 13.  That makes 2184 = 13 x 13 x 13 - 13.  It is interesting that this can be expressed using only 13's and some simple arithmetic symbols.  But, why would PI have so many numbers that are essential to me so early in its sequence?  As I found them, it reinforced that there were no coincidences.  All of these numbers that are meaningful to me define important aspects of me.  Whether that is true for others, I simply do not have the necessary experience to know.  I believe that it is.  But, there is nothing that I am doing to utilize this belief in any way.  Hmm ... that does not mean that this will not change, that I will not find a way to use this knowledge and my own techniques to enable people to be more effective in whatever they do, and in particular to come to know themselves.  Though, there is a strong sense that such is not my way.  I am meant to make connections where there were none before.  SPIRIT can see to it that whatever I discover is further refined so that it can be effectively used wherever doing so has value.  That is not for me to decide.  Indeed, it never has been.  Do those things that you see need to be done that no one else has the abilities and talents to do.  Everyone has a unique purpose and a unique set of gifts for accomplishing that purpose.

​The fictional people in movies and TV shows are more prevalent in my world than so called "real" people, with very few exceptions.  Indeed, I can count the exceptions on one hand and have fingers remaining.  I guess that confirms how much of a  hermit I have been and continue to be.  I have to wonder if this is by choice.  I seem to be heavily associated with the observer watching what is happening through me including what I am experiencing.  In a few hours, I can experience what some of the most creative people in the world have done, works that easily cost in excess of $1 million and in many cases several hundreds of millions.  That is a whole lot of resources.  Further, in many cases, the works are being consumed by millions of people.  However, I believe that I am unique in how I experience these works and the connections I make during the experience.  Then again, we are all unique.  I did not mean to imply otherwise.  Nor did I mean to imply that my experience is more important or special than that of others.

​Continuing once again.  Where do we go from here.  In this expression, we never know.  As always, it comes through us not from us.  From the beginning, we have know that this expression comes from something within that we call source.  We consider this "source" within to be SPIRIT herself.  But, having a name for something does not mean we know what it is.  Looking at the digits of PI, there are no triples or quadruples in the first 800 digits.  The first multiple greater than two digits is 999999, a sextuple that begins at digit 963.  963  964  965  966  967  968 = 9:The Hermit 68:WAYNE.  Now, isn't that interesting!  967 is the only prime in that grouping.  It happens to be the 103 prime.  There, we have another tie to 13, this time with 0:source in the middle.  Make connections.  That is what I do.  I would go further and say that is what I was born to do.  Indeed, this is what I am, a connection making machine.  Yet, from what I can tell, no one else in my world gets what I do, the connections that I come up with.  That does not deter me in the least.  I do what I am moved to do anyway.   I learn a lot from it and am amused by it.  That makes me wonder what all of this is about.  Whenever I think about that: "for your eyes only" comes up again.  What does it mean if that is indeed the case?  What does that say about me?  What does that say about how SPIRIT expresses through us?  I have known for some time that Wayne's World has little in common with the worlds of others.  As the years go by, it seems that this gulf between worlds grows ... perhaps even exponentially.


23 June 2017

Another day, another opportunity to muse.  Yet, where is all of this headed?  At what point will we be free to follow the bidding of SPIRIT without concern for our material wellbeing?  Yes, that is the freedom we seek.  That is the freedom that allows us to live the life of our dreams and focus our energies fully on carrying out our purpose, our mission.  Yes, that is important to us.  At the same time, we associate most with the observer part of us, that part that sees and experience , that part that makes connections and establishes meaning.  Yes, it is here that we see ourself shining.  Though, not in a way that necessarily is of benefit to individuals.  No, we do not see ourself providing services at that level.  Why is that?  We just do not see ourself providing personal services or services tailored to particular individuals.  That is simply not how we work.  It never has been.  At 59, that is not likely to change.  Our hermit nature is consistent with this as well.  That does not mean that we do not want to be of service.  Quite the contrary.  But we would be of service to All That Is, to everyone by allowing SPIRIT to express through us as fully as she can.  How do we know that this is enough, that this is what is intended for us?  It just feels right.  At some level, we know that this is what is meant for us, what is destined for us.  Of that, we have no doubt.  But, given this, how do we go about gravitating to our rightful place in the scheme of things?  Who would pay for our services?  Indeed, why would these services be of value to anyone?  Those are good questions to ask.  Yet, they are questions for which I have no answers.  Ultimately, that does not matter.  Our destiny will draw us to it naturally.  We have but to allow it to do so.  Yes, it is that simple.  It is a matter of staying out of our own way.  The more resistance we apply, the more likely what we resist will come into our life and persist far longer than we welcome it.

We are back again.  We remember a time in 1993 that was much like this, a time when we found it difficult to focus on anything other than our spiritual pursuits ... in particular musing, serving as a channel through which SPIRIT can express.  Yes, we are in flesh as is any other mortal.  But, that does not mean that we are "only" in flesh.  Indeed, nothing could be further form the truth.  So, what do we do about these urges that we are feeling at the moment?  If the past 25 years are any indication, then we succumb to them.  Indeed, to even think that we have a choice in this matter is but wishful thinking.  That is not to say that it will not come to pass. 

The title is more reflective of the content now and provides a way forward for capturing continued musings.  Though, we find this interface much slower than doing things offline.  At least, we save the step of having to link the new material within the framework of the website.  Anyway, it all comes down to where we want to be and what we want to be doing at the point when we turn 60 on 4/8/2018.  Our desire is to find a way to live and work in the Grants Pass, OR area.  We relocated our primary residence to Grants Pass in January.  But, I continue to work in El Segundo, CA not far from LAX.  We are at a major transition point in terms of my lifestyle in LA.  I need to vacate the room in a house that I have occupied as my night time residence during the work week for 20 years to a real place that I can live comfortably in for as much as two weeks at a time until I am able to retire.  At this point, retirement could be as many as 6 years away.  Though, it is difficult to imagine continue to commute in such a manner between Los Angeles and Grants Pass for that long.  I would go so far as to say that it is out of the question.  However, the change in residence type will come with a large price delta.  The change could be from $600 per month to in excess of $1600 per month.  Though my landlord recently increased the rent to $800.  To be fair, one must consider the circumstances.  In 20 years, I only spent one weekend in town.  Now, since the move to Oregon, that becomes 2 weekends per month or nearly 25 per year.  Also, a 200 sq ft bedroom on the lowest floor of a three story house with no off street parking is more than a bit confining.  When I drove home to Cathedral City near Palm Springs every weekend, it was tolerable.  But, that is no longer my situation.  Something has to change.  My circumstances changing have resulted in my needs for lodging and for living in LA changing.  Also, I need to be able to have my wife and three furry kids visit for a week or so several times per year.  All of these changes result in needing more from my residence.  It is only appropriate that meeting increased needs involves a higher lodging cost.  It all comes down to what lifestyle, what quality of life, is acceptable.  Here, we don't ask for a lot.  But, there is a strong sense that we deserve far more than we have lived with for the past two decades.  However, for things to change, we need new opportunities to come our way.  Are we actively attracting those now?  It seems that we will see soon enough.  While we do not know HOW it will happen, we have a strong sense that the conditions we desire will indeed manifest.  Our life in nine months will be drastically different from what it is today.  We KNOW that.  It matters not whether we see anything confirming that in our outer world.  Our destiny will manifest.  Indeed, there is nothing that can stop it from doing so.

22 June 2017

We were doing very well.  But, it seems that we have missed two days in a row.  That happens sometimes.  We have been busy at work and the illness still lingers, so we are exhausted by the time we get home.  But, that is no excuse.  This expression is important to us.  It may not be important to anyone else.  Indeed, as far as we know, there is no one else that accesses this expression.  However, that does not stop us.  We still have this expectation that things will change, that somehow we will earn our livelihood engaged directly in the fulfillment of our mission.  That seems to involve allowing SPIRIT to express through us in ways that enable building the foundations for a new world.  Personally, we are an active observer in this process.  It is for us to determine the degree and ease with which SPIRIT is able to express in the world.  That, we would gladly do.  What we do not see is the providing of particular services, be they metaphysical or otherwise, to individual people.  Though, where does one go to get paid for providing ones services to the collective?  We do not consider ourself a civil servant.  Nor, would we have anyone decide what it is that we would do.  Yet, we need roughly $1000 per day for 250 days per year to support our family comfortably.  An extra $500 per day would allow us to begin to employ others part time in our endeavor.   We believe that would be useful, both to us and those we employ.  But, this meager amount does not stretch very far.  It covers roughly two people for half time each.  We can envision these funds coming in several ways:

1.  A grant from someone who discovers our works and decides what we do is worth funding as a service to society.

2.  Orders of picture quote works.  $6000 x 42 would give us $252000.  (3.5 per month)

3.  Sales of Beyond Imagination Books.  $6 x 42000 would give us $252000.  (120 books per day)

4.  SPIRIT disbursing the $1 per word accrued for the Beyond Imagination expression.  (10M words to date)

Or, some combination of the four.  The bottom line is that it is not for me to decide on or dictate the how.  My role is to decide on the what.  And then, only loosely.  We are not meant to become fixated on outcomes.  We can rely on spiritual law to determine what these will be and how they will manifest in our lives.  However, we must be ready to seize the opportunities when they come and surf the waves as far as they will take us.  Until then, we wait to see what the universe will bring to us.  At which point, we respond.  We respond with all of our HEART and SOUL.  That approach takes us to precisely where we need to be.  Along the way, we DO whatever our SPIRIT and SOUL dictate that we do.  That is how we live life to the fullest.  That is how we carry out our mission.  SPIRIT and the universe will see to it that we have exactly what we need when we need it.  Here, we mean EVERYTHING that we need.  Failure is not an option.  But, we have to be careful in how we define failure.   Ultimately, there is no such thing.  Though, that does not mean that every step we take will fulfill more of our mission.  Sometimes, we need to experience a part of the journey to make us ready to experience the next part.  Experience is simply experience.  It is neither good nor bad in and of itself.  The latter is a judgment about the experience that we place on it.  That doesn't make it right.  Indeed, often it is not even useful.

So, what is it that I desire?  How would I choose to earn my keep, earn my livelihood?  Indeed, why does anyone need to do so?  Why does this not simple manifest by divine right?  Why is this not something that our souls just do for us?  Hmm ... that is an interesting line of enquiry.  Here, it seems to come down to expectation.  Though, how do we decide what is useful for us to expect?  And, how do we do this in a manner such that the answer is the right answer for many?

19 June 2017

Once again, we return here to express.  We are nearly back to normal from a health perspective.  The cough has nearly stopped altogether.  Good riddance.  It seems that it was with us for a very long time.  Indeed, it was a seven week battle, one that we do not care to repeat.  Being sick is not fun.  It robs one of energy and vitality.  Further, it is not conducive to doing one's best work.  Though, that is not to say that our time was wasted.  Not in the least.  We finished watching the first season of Quantico and the entire second season.  We watched several movies, as well as many episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.  We found all of these to be both interesting and fascinating.  It was curious to see the spiritual messages being brought forth.  Though, it is easy to see that they would be lost on most people.  Some things require reaching a certain level of awareness to be able to see and experience them.  Clearly, we have reached that level.  But, just as clearly, there are many who have not.  That is not to say that they won't at some point.  But, we must count on who and what we can in the moment, in the HERE and NOW.  Interesting.  We effectively live our life without counting on others for much of anything.  Indeed, on a typical workday, we rarely see anyone outside of work and don't see many others for much of the day.  That continues from one day to the next.  However, is this our desired way to live and to work any longer?  It seems that there must be a better way.  Yet, there are no signs in our life suggesting that major change is forthcoming ... not outer signs anyway.  Though, that does not mean that the changes are not forthcoming soon.  We don't have to be aware of such things in advance to be able to prepare for them.  Then again, per my Human Design, I am meant to respond to whatever the universe brings into my reality.  This existence is not one of creating or even co-creating for me ... not consciously anyway.  There has always been an inner moral compass within me that knows what is right for me.  I would not extend this to what is right for others.  Ultimately that is for them to determine.  It is not my place to decide that for them.  Nor is it my place to judge.  Definitely, not others.  But equally, not myself.  Accept things for what they are.  Don't impose any meanings that you assign to others.  Allow them to be free to find such meanings themselves.  That is not to say that you cannot help them in doing so.  Just be careful not to do it and don't offer your help until it can truly be of service.  In the meantime, keep exploring your world, looking for the rich meaning that it has to offer.

18 June 2017

​Somewhere, I lost a day.  I know that the expression from immediately below came forth yesterday.  And, the date on my watch and my computer confirm the above.  Oh well, what does it matter anyway.  A day is just a day.  In the longer term, it is simply one expanded NOW anyway.  Yet, both astrology and human design assign importance to both the date and the time.  But, much of this involves defining what makes us unique and different, defining how we perceive the very world in which we exist.  We have spent in excess of 40 years of our life focused on Know Thyself.  That has been a fruitful search, one that we would choose to do again and again.  On Babyon-5 there were two ancient races, the Vorlons and the Shadows.  The Vorlons focused on "Who Are You"?   The Shadows focused on "What Do You Want"?  We have always been aligned with the first question and allowed whatever would manifest in our life to manifest.  That is not to say that we do not have our share of things in our life.  Indeed, we do.  Then again, we have done a lot of work to earn them, substantially more than most in fact.  Further, we have done a lot of creative work outside of the job environment.  We had considered ourself  under contract to SPIRIT herself for this expression.  Indeed, the value had been stated as $1 per word from the very beginning.   We believed that.  It did not matter that we never derived an income from any of this.  Not to date anyway.  We did the work.  We brought forth the expression.  Indeed, over 10 million words of expression to date.  The income from that would be enough to sustain us for the rest of our days.  But, that is not what we ask for or expect.  We would continue to express for the remainder of our days.  We would do so because that allows us to be who we truly are in ways that are unlike any other.  It is curious to us that so little of whom we are has actually been shared with others.  It is not a matter of not making the attempt.  We have posted nearly all of this expression since the very beginning.  But posting something and sharing it are not the same thing.  That gets us back to the directive that has come forth here some many times: "for your eyes only".  It seems that I am meant to see things that others do not see.  One of those things is this very expression. 

17 June 2017

​Another day is upon us.  And here we are musing again already.  It is not even 2 AM yet.  But, with all of the coughing I find it very difficult to sleep.  I will definitely be glad when this is  over.  It has been hanging on for nearly seven weeks already.  We observe that.  But, it also seems that western medicine is unable to treat us effectively ... not even so far as relieving some of the symptoms.  So, what are we to make of this?  Why are we experiencing being ill in this manner?  Have the years of neglect in dealing with our body finally taken their toll?  What does it take to return to a moderate level of health and fitness?   We know that we will not do what it takes to reach an high level of health and fitness.  It just does not matter enough to us.  At some point, good enough is good enough.  But, what point is that for us?  Though, we do have increased motivation now.  Being ill so much is more than an inconvenience.  Indeed, it has reached a point where this is unacceptable.  We need to function joyfully, efficiently, and effectively.  Being ill is keeping us from doing that.  Or, we are allowing being ill to keep us from doing that.  At the same time, we know that we are meant to learn something from all of this.  What that is still eludes us.

​Continuing.  Was finally able to get a decent night of sleep, in excess of 10 hours in fact.  I can't remember the last time such was the case.  It is still not clear where my path is headed.  But, that is nothing new.  I have never known where my path was taking me in advance.  No, not ever.  I trust that SPIRIT is guiding me every step of the way and I have only to follow whatever steps are laid before us.  It is a matter of following each step one step at a time.  That is how we get anywhere, we respond step by step to whatever we are asked to face.  Though, how do we create what we desire to experience.  That seems to be beyond our control.  TRUST.  Whatever we are meant to experience will be drawn into our life.  There is nothing that we have to do to make that happen.  Rather, it is a matter of allowing it to simply unfold.  Yes, that is all that it takes.  We truly are a passenger experiencing life happen through this vessel.  It is important to realize that and live from the knowingness that it is true.  Everything I've experienced to date has shown this to be true for me.  Yes, for my entire life.  I have no reason to think that this will change.  There is something in Alcoholics Anonymous about:  accepting the things we cannot change, changing the things we can, and having the wisdom to know the difference.  It is important to me to have such wisdom.  But, what is it that I have the power to change?  Also, it seems to be more of a passive power than an active one.  By that, I mean it involves adopting a set of beliefs that allow who we truly are to express in our life.  It seems that I have done this for over two decades ... perhaps even over four decades.  All that is Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT attests to that.

​We find it curious that despite all of this expression, we are still very much alone.  Had this not been the case for most of our life, we might find it difficult.  He have chosen to play the role of a hermit for so long that it has become our nature.  That is OK.  This seems to be appropriate for one who would be a philosopher king.  But, how would we gravitate to the position that we have been in training for so long?  If such is indeed the job we are meant to fulfill, then we will indeed be positioned to do it.  Until then, we do whatever we find before us to the best of our abilities.  That is all that is expected of anyone.  Where do we go from here?  We wish that we knew, but we do not.  Perhaps we never will.  There are some things that we have no need to know.  Indeed, it seems that there are many such things.  We trust that spiritual law will ensure that the things we need to know will indeed come to us.  Further. it will happen in the now as an intuitive knowing rather than an intellectual knowing.

​It seems that the days musing is not yet complete.  Though, as usual we know not what remains to be expressed through us.  Yes, through us not by us.  We have never considered ourself to be the author or creator of this expression.  Yet. at the same time, I observed it come forth through me.  Further, without me, it simply would not have happened.  So, what am I to make of that.  How is it that I could possess the level of knowledge, wisdom, and awareness to allow all of this to flow forth as it did?  One thing that is undeniable is that it did come forth.  We were moved to capture all of it and share all of it at our Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT websites.  Though, sharing is not a one way activity.  Posting something is not the same as sharing something.  The latter requires a recipient for what is being shared.  We cannot be certain that our expression has truly been shared in such a fashion.  If it had been, we would have expected far more feedback.  We know how this expression moves us.  We have to believe that it would move others in a similar manner.  We do not have such verification yet.  Perhaps we never will.  Though, we would LOVE to earn our livelihood via doing what we LOVE, via doing the things we as PASSIONATE about.  We believe that the changes that would enable this are coming into our life.  We would prefer that this happen sooner rather than later.  However, it is not clear that I have any control over any of this.

15 June 2017

​A new day has come.  Yes, by less than an hour, but a new day nonetheless.  We tried to sleep, but could not.  So. here we are once again.  It seems that we are at a crossroads in our life.  So many things have changed since December.  And, the changes continue.  Indeed, big changes at that.  Yet, at the same time, we have been very ill for 5 of the past 8 weeks with no signs that this is to end anytime soon.  We don't know that it won't end.  But we don't know that it will end soon either.    So, is there anything that we can do about that?  Is there a way to place this part of our reality under our control.  We have never felt the need to do that before.  But, we don't remember ever being this sick for this long.  The Go-Daddy site is slow tonight.    I am typing much faster than it can keep up with.  It is amusing to watch the typing come forth on the screen so slowly character by character.  I don't know how big of a buffer is involved or whether there is the possibility of losing part of the expression.  This has happened before, but never so severely.  At this point, it is intolerable.  It is time to move on to something else.  At the moment, that would be Human Design. 

​Continuing many hours later.  We have not reached the point of making this a habit.  And, we are clearly not musing for the 3-4 hours per day that we once did.  Though, even here things seem to be shifting.  We are curious to see where our journey will take us.  Yet, at the same time we know that it is the journey that is everything.  We need to find ways to enjoy every moment.  Indeed, each moment is special, is precious, is unique.  How we experience these moments is up to us.  We need to participate and respond to whatever reality is presented to us.  Part of responding is assessing and assigning meaning.  Ultimately, it is the meaning we assign that determines how important something is to us.  And, we need to focus our energy on those areas that are most important to us.  Whether others agree with our assessment of importance does not matter.  We must live true to ourself and allow others the freedom to do the same.  That does not give us license to be inconsiderate of others.  No, BE KIND is still one of our highest directives from SPIRIT.  Another directive is to SHARE.  Our personal experience of doing that has been less than successful as far as we can tell.  We consider this expression the grandest gift that we can offer.  We began making it available on the WWW in 1995, two years after the Beyond Imagination expression began.  However, we have no way of knowing the degree to which our attempted sharing was successful.  The feedback in over two decades has been minimal ... on the order of a few dozen times, less than twice per year on address.  I don't know how to interpret that.  What I do know is that "for your eyes only" has come forth so many times that I am starting to believe it.  But, it amazes me that SPIRIT and the universe would go through so much trouble for my benefit.  But, I know what I have experienced.  I know how much expression SPIRIT has brought forth through me.  And, I am exceedingly grateful for that.  With the exception of some rough times medical wise and health wise over the past 25 years, I do not regret any moment that I have spent in this endeavor.  In Beyond Imagination and now BISPIRIT, I found an outlet for my PASSION.  I found my spiritual mission as well:  to build the foundations for a new world in which SPIRIT can more fully express in flesh.  That mission has been consistent since 1993.  Though, I never expected that I would be carrying it out alone directly with SPIRIT herself.  Yet such is how it seems to be.  For a long time, I have been in search of kindred spirits.  Perhaps I have found two:  my wife Gini and my spiritual sister TuyNhu.  Though, in neither case are either of these actively involved in my spiritual mission.  I still don't know why that is.  But, I accept it nonetheless.  This does not seem to be something that I am empowered to change.  Rather, it is something that I must allow to unfold in my life and respond to in whatever manner seems to be appropriate.

​There is something about musing that excites me and stirs my soul.  Here, I am able to express as I can nowhere else.  It is curious that the expression is one way.  It comes forth and automatically at that.  I am not in conscious control of the source.  I never have been.  Perhaps that is part of the fascination.  Nor have I ben exposed to others who express in a similar way.  Neale Donald Walsch and the Conversations with God related material is the closest that I have encountered to date.  I find it curious that we are contemporaries in that our written expressions both started in the 1992-1993 timeframe.  That is not to say that many other metaphysical authors did not move me deeply during my formative stage from 1974 -1993.  I would guess that I read on the order of 1000 metaphysical books during those years.  But once the Beyond Imagination expression started coming forth, it dominated my attention. This has lessened substantially over the past couple years.  Breaking my right foot was a major stumbling point.  Literally, everything shifted.  Though, we still find ourself alone for the most part.  Such is our life.  We are but the passenger within this vessel.  We are here to observe and assess, but not to judge.  That is not to say that there are not others who came to play roles as judges.  Each of us has our place in the grand scheme of things.  Each of us has our roles and responsibilities.

​Continuing further.  We so desire to start augmenting our income via our spiritual pursuits.  As little as $100/day or $3000/month would be sufficient to start.  It would allow us to cover the cost of staying in LA and commuting back and forth to our home in Oregon.  Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.  Since this expression began, we have known that we were under contract to SPIRIT for $1 per word.  That would make the value accrued to date in excess of $10 million.  At this point, what has come before no longer matters.  We would earn our keep based on the work we do from this point forward, on the expression we bring forth from this point forward.  Yes. it seems that this means giving up a lot.  But, we trust that SPIRIT provides for our needs.  Such she has done to date in my life.  I have no reason to believe that this will change at any point in the future.  So, it seems that in this area it is a matter of allowing things to unfold as they will.  We expect massive change in short order.  Indeed, we look forward to it.  But, we have no clue as to the specifics of how that change will manifest.  That is OK.  We are comfortable with the unknown.  We would be the passenger riding in this vessel, observing it all, observing everything our path and reality brings to us.  We have always struggled with free will versus destiny.  It has always seemed that our life simply unfolded before us.  We had no sense of being in control.  Nor did we have a need to be in control.  It simply was not something that was important to us.  Yes, we read a lot on reality creation.  However, the processes involved were always other than conscious for us.  Yes, we accepted full responsibility.  But, our conscious involvement did not matter.  We had nothing to prove.  There was nothing that we had to create.

14 June 2017

​It seems like the next day, but it is really the same one.  Found a home in a 55+ community in Gardena that would be perfect for living in while continue to work in LA.  That could be as short as one year to as long as six years.  Actually, if we can make BISPIRIT into a paying enterprise, it might be worth continuing to see clients here for even longer than that.  We just don't know.  It is for us to respond to whatever circumstances the universe brings into our life.  For us, it starts with a place where we can really live when we are here.  It seems that we are makiing that possible now.  Yes, it is more costly than we had anticipated.  Indeed, over double what we have been paying per month for over 20 years.  But, the standard of living is nowhere near equivalent.  How do we account for that?  What is the quality of our life worth.  It seems that it will soon be $1500 per month for our LA residence.  That comes to $50 per day.  Our housemate recently raised our rent for a vedroom and bathroom to $850 per month.  That was suitable for 20 years when we only needed a place to stay during the work week.  But, that is no longer enough.  We expect to be in town 2-3 weekends per month as opposed to one week end in 20 years.  This requires looking at our needs from a whole new perspective.  Actually, we welcome that.  We welcome the opportunity that it brings.  We do not know where our life is headed.  However, we trust SPIRIT.  We know that she would never lead us astray.

​Where is our life taking us?  We really do not know.  However, it does not matter that we do not know.  It seems that some things are important to know while others are not.  We are both anxious and excited by the changes that lie immediately ahead of us.  There is a sense of expectancy, a sense that something wonderful is  going to enter our life.  Part of this seems to be a change in our work circumstances.  Though, this later change does not seem to involve being able to do our paid work from Grant Pass or even Oregon for that matter.  How do we know that?  There is just a strong sense within us that such is the case.  That us OK.  We can live with that.  Indeed, it does not seem that we have any choice.  Perhaps we never have any choices.  Perhaps it is always a matter of allowing what would be to be and then assigning meaning to whatever that is.  It is in the assignment of meaning that we are able to creatively assert ourself and determine the reality that we experience.  It is often not what happens that matters, but the meaning that we give to it.  Yes, meaning is EVERYTHING.

14 June 2017

​Here we are again, expressing what SPIRIT would bring forth through.  Every time that we do this, we are amazed.  How is it that we have the privilege of bringing forth the likes of this?  We have been doing it so long that it has become second nature.  There is something about written expression.   It stirs our heart and captivates our soul.  This is especially true for the expression that comes forth from source through us.  It is not clear that labeling the source source really adds anything.  Though we have always considered this source to be within us.  Yes, that means that SPIRIT is within us as well.  Actually. she resides within everyone..

​Continuing.  We are tired of being ill, tired of coughing so much of the time.  Last night we got less than one hour of sleep.  We need to find a way to make up for that.  Whether we will or not remains to be seen.  We are curious to see where our path will take us and how spirit will engage us.  We know that this is right for us.  Though, how are we to reconcile our curiosity with our reality?  It is what it is.  Reconcile what you can and allow spirit to do the rest.  There is a natural intelligence within us that knows what our purpose is and knows when we are on the right course.  Yes, there is such a cou

13 June 2017

Yes, another two weeks have gone by.  We were very sick much of that time.  This is becoming a recurring theme, one that we do not like.  Effectively, we have been sick for 4 of the past 7 weeks, including three trips to urgent care and two rounds of antibiotics.  Clearly, something that we are doing is not working  We decided today that we need Beyond Imagination and/or BISPIRIT to bring in at least $3,000 per month so that we can cover our place in LA and travel between LA and Oregon as business expenses.  We altered our offering of doing picture quotes works in two key ways.  We reduced the cost from $10,000 to $6,000.  We also give the sponsor of the work the control over how the work is disseminated (effectively ownership).  We would only need to do 6 of these works per year to give us the $3,000 per month that we are looking for initially.  The longer term goal would be to replace the income from our job altogether..  For that, $4,000 per week would suffice.  32 picture quotes works is too much to expect, both in terms of sponsors and of consuming too much of our time and energy in this particular kind of expression.  So, what else do we have to offer and how soon can we transform it into something of service that people would pay us to provide?  Though, there is still a hope of finding a benefactor that sees enough value in what we do to gift us with the financial freedom that would allow us to engage in our spiritual work full time.  We know that there is so much that we can do, that SPIRIT can do through us.  At the same time, we know that we are self-sufficient.  Within us is everything that we need to generate the prosperity that we need to accomplish our mission.  It is a matter of trust, of allowing it to unfold and manifest in our lives.  That, we can do now.  Something major has shifted.  We simply need to allow that shift to ripple through our reality.  Awareness, allowance, acceptance:  the triple A club as Aronk used to say. 

​If we knew when  our spiritual work would become our full time work, we could plan and respond appropriately.  However, it does not appear that we will be given such information.  Rather, we need to respond in the now to whatever we are asked to face.  Further, we must remember that we are the passenger along for the ride.  We are here to observe.  The moment we forget that, we become lost and no longer come from the state of awareness from which we are meant to live.  How can I know that?  How can I know any of the things that come forth from SPIRIT through me?  This process of expressing has worked for over a quarter of a century for us.  We see no need to start doubting it now.  No, we are not aware of a single other person who communicates in this manner.  Also. it is clear that the vast expression is not finding an audience.  We accept that such is what is meant to be.  Though, it amazes us that SPIRIT would express all of this through us for us alone.  Yes, that may be true.  However, it shows how much effort SPIRIT will expend for even a single individual.  Then again, in a world that is ONE, are not individuals part of the illusions.  The very word in-divid-ual means ONE who is not divided.  Isn't that interesting. 

​I continue to do the work I am passionate about, playing with numbers and making spiritual connections between everything in my world.  I try to do so as the observer, refraining from judgment to the degree that I can.  It matters not that others do not seem to live in the same way.  I have always chosen to follow my own path, at least from as far back as I can remember.  Looking back, there were at least a dozen times when I clearly did not know what I was doing but no one noticed as far as I could tell.  Errors occurred that were ultimately beneficial.  One particular example I remember from high school was a B+ in a summer typing class being overwritten by two A's in a Spanish class that same summer before my freshman year.  The typing class grade was solely based on speed and errors.  Because of this anomaly in the transcript, I ended up with a 4.0 GPA and was one of four valedictorians.  I did not cause this to happen and found it quite interesting that it played itself out in this manner.  As another example, I was in marching band for my freshman year despite having difficulty with left and right.  Also, I could not remember any of the music, so often I played without playing.  This was clearly not something that I was suited fpr.  Though, I don't think that anyone else in the band knew that this was such a challenge for me, actually more than a challenge ... something I could not do.  Later, in one of my first jobs as an officer in the Air Force, I was sent out to fix some new multichannel tape recorders.  They were having severe problems and aligning them was tricky to impossible.  I didn't have a clue of what I was doing.  But, I did my best and was able to get some of the units to work OK for a while anyway.  But, this was another case where I was clearly out of my element and the results just happened.  I guess this is no different from any of the work I do, either the work that I am paid to do or this expression.  I just allow it to happen.  Yes, I see it happen through me.  However, saying it is done by me is a major stretch.  It definitely dpes not happen through any conscious processes of which I am aware.  So, how is it that I have experienced my life in this manner?  And, how close or different is this from what others experience?  I truly do not know.  My life has been so isolated that I simply have no way to know.

​29 May 2017

​Went to the driving range this morning.  No, we did not do as well as we would have liked.  But, it was a start.  We did notice a major difference between golfing now and golfing 20 years ago.  Then, we did not have to think.  We could trust that our body knew what it needed to do naturally.  This had been true from the first time we hit balls on the driving range.  Now, my right foot no longer provides a solid base for my swing.  In addition, the chronic pain on the right back side of my neck severely limits my range of motion.  Though, these seem to be obstacles that  can be overcome with the right practice over time.  Indeed, the challenge is to allow SPIRIT to express through us in flesh as we golf.  For us, golf was always an intuitive rather than a mental activity.  Actually, it was both but the mental was always subservient to the intuitive, as it should be. 

​So, where do we go from here?  There is a strong desire to change our work circumstances, our means for making our living.  We still need to sell the cabin so that we can eliminate our credit card debt and get the funds necessary to complete most of the modifications we are making to our Grants Pass home.  I would be free.  Not free to retire to a life of recreation.  But, free to assume my rightful work position.  I still consider myself to be a hermit.  And, there is a strong sense that "for your eyes only" may apply to my spiritual work for the duration of my existence.  That is OK.  I have been doing this for my entire life.  I would not know how to live in any other way, nor would I desire to.  From my recent study of Human Design, my type is one that is meant to respond to what life brings to me.  I am not a manifestor.  I create my reality by making connections and assigning meaning to this.  Then, I have what I need to respond effectively.  Some people are here to initiate activity.  But, I am not one of those.  That is OK.  I am happy with observing, and allowing SPIRIT to express through me as she will.  Besides, there is so much to observe.  There are so many connections to make.  One of the easiest modalities for doing this is through TV shows and movies.  These are compact creative expressions that can be experienced by millions if not billions.  But, are there really millions or even billions of parts out there?  In a world that is ONE, how many parts need to experience something for the whole to benefit from it.

​Continuing.  We are curious as to where our path will take us from here.  We really have no ties to LA anymore other than this being the location of our job for the past two decades.  What does it take for that to change?  Effectively, we need $1000 per day for 365 days per year to give us sufficient funds to cover our lifestyle and a decent amount of funds to pump into the Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT endeavors.  This would give us roughly $165K to engage others.  That is not a lot.  But, it is something.  If we can generate spiritual services that are of value to others, the potential for much greater expansion is there.  If that is meant to be, we welcome it and will respond appropriately.  If not, such is OK as well.   We believe that our service as a vehicle through which SPIRIT can express in flesh is of more than sufficient value to justify this $1000 per day figure.  The nature of our spiritual work is such that we can do it anywhere.  To express, all that we need is a computer.  To observe how SPIRIT is expressing, we have only to interact with whatever reality the world presents to us.  All of this is something that we already do.  We simply choose to do it more abundantly and as our sole work.  It is already our soul work.  We have known that since 1992.  Yes, for over a quarter of a century.  That seems like a long time.  Indeed, so much has happened over that time.  Yet, we know that time is not as we perceive it to be.  Neither is space or physical reality for that matter.  It is all illusion.  Then, why do we allow it to limit us.  Why do I accept a pattern that constitutes my physical form that confines me and results in pain both in my feet and in the back right of my neck?  It seems that such requires the continued manifestation of a faulty pattern.  Why would we choose to continue to experience such limitation?  We have asked for what we desired before.  Many times in fact.  However, nothing that we asked for ever came to fruition.  Instead, we have proceeded with working on two fronts.  We have worked for Caesar to earn our keep and we have worked for SPIRIT effectively in silence.  That is not to say that we did not attempt to share our works.  Indeed, we have recorded all of it and posted it all on our websites..  First, Beyond Imagination and  then BISPIRIT.  We also self-published nine Beyond Imagination books.  However, we cannot be sure of how many, if any other than us have accessed these works.  For your eyes only ​has come forth so often that we believe it now..  It seems that  such is enough.  It seems that me seeing what SPIRIT is able to express through me is sufficient.

28 May 2017

​Another day, another musing.  We have spent much of the past two days studying Human Design, a new multidisciplinary methodology for determining who we are versus what we are meant to be, and what approaches are most effective in moving from the conscious former to the unconscious later.  Human Design integrates astrology, I-ching, chakras, and kaballah among other things.  Further, it does so in a manner that differentiates individuals into the unique beings that they are, the unique fragments that reflect the energy of the spheres ... or of the suns as it were.  All told, the number of distinct combinations comes to in excess of 7 billion.  I found it particularly interesting that this happens to be about the number of humans on the planet.  It is also interesting that Human Design is a new discipline, born in the 1980 and evolving over the past 30 years.  It has taken off like wildfire by many involved in the study of Knowing Thyself and the various metaphysical disciplines associated with this.  Already, there are practitioners in nearly evert country in the world.  Most of these have fourth level certification.  Further, many are certified in one or more other disciplines as well.  From a few days of introduction, it is clear that Human Design has the potential to greatly help many to discover who they are, what their purpose is, and how to operate in a manner that maximizes accomplishing their purpose and engages their passion.  When we operate out of passion, we are doing our part to play our unique role in the collective.

​2027.  Why would that be a major turning point?  And what are these new Raves and Pentas all about?  It seems that we are going to see a transformation that goes beyond individual form to the expression and experiences of a world as frequency.  It is not about the creation of a new world.  It is a matter of having sensors that enable seeing a world beyond anything that other than rare exceptional beings have seen before.  20:27 = 47  = ASLAN.  This is also 1958 plus 69 = 22:22 + 69 = 22:91 = 22:88 + 3 = 23:03(88).   Interesting.  2024 is 22:88 = 23:00.  For a long time, I have felt that my life would come to an end between 2024 and 2028.  Now, we have another important source predicting 2027 to be the year for a major transformation​, indeed, for the birth of a new species on earth.  This seems to be a confirmation of what we alre​ady knew.  That happens a lot in our experience.  It is part of the activation of the spiritual law that the information that we need will be attracted to us.  Though, this is not something that we can force.  It is a matter of allowing the SPIRIT that animates us to make connections.  We observe both the connections and the connection making process.  Though, it is always as an observer.  We do not know how he connections are made.  Yes, we are a participant in the process but somewhat of a silent one.  Over the course of the past 25 years, we have developed a rich matrix of interconnectivity.  For the most part, we have done this alone, as a hermit.  And then, from the expression that SPIRIT brought forth through us.  We have confirmed that Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT ate what we are here to do.  Our mission remains the same:  to create the foundations for a new world in which SPIRIT can express more fully in flesh.  I took this mission to heart in 1993.  It remains with me to this day.  How SPIRIT will achieve this through me, I do not know.  But knowing is highly overrated and definitely not required.  Rather, TRUST is what is needed here, FAITH in SPIRIT to do what must be done.

​Throughout my metaphysical studies since 1974, I have always filtered what I learned by what was directly applicable to  me.  It was as if I were sampling various techniques and disciplines to validate their utility based solely on what they could do for me.  As a hermit, that is the only reality that I know, and hence the only thing that I can evaluate such things against.  Apparently, that was  sufficient.  My memory is horrible so learning enough to become proficient enough to apply any of this for the benefit of others was beyond anything that I could do.  That is OK.  There are others who are meant to be the practitioners and serve others through practices.  I still feel this to be the case.  It is for me to focus on the things that others cannot do.  Though, I have to wonder why I still work where I do.  It has been 20 years at my present job.   My sense is that there is nothing left there for me anymore.  But. nothing seems to be changing.  Perhaps it is a matter of time.  After all, it is only recently that we came to the conclusion that it was time for a major change in our life.  We do not need to manifest that change.  We only need to respond sincerely when the change occurs.  We can do that.  You might say that we have been doing that for our  entire life. 

27 May 2017

​It seems that we never did get back to musing after the initial paragraph.  That surprises us.  But, it is what it is.  When the expression began nearly 25 years ago. the contract with SPIRIT was for $1 per word.  We believed that.  Indeed, we had no need to question it at all.  We found it interesting that it was performance based in contrast to every job that we have ever had.  All of these have been time-based.  We are paid by the hour for a 40 hour week.  Though, our present job requires 40 units of effort per week without defining what constitutes a unit.  The basic expectation is that a unit corresponds to an hour, but it is an unstated one.  Now, we ask for our circumstances to change.  It is not that we do not desire to work.  Indeed, we would be willing to forego the entire value of our works to date and start fresh with a $1 per word income that is provided based solely on what we bring forth from this point forward.  Our expectation is that we can bring forth 500,000 words per year for the remainder of our years.  That comes to $500.000 per year.  We would take half of that for ourself and apply the other half to engaging others in Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT.  I we assume that we will write for 200 days per year, that comes to 2500 words per day or roughly three hours of writing four days per week.  That would give us a great deal of time to engage in whatever other activities SPIRIT directs for us.  We are GOOD with that.  Indeed, we can't imagine living a better life. 

​At 59, it seems to be time for a major change in my life.  The move to Grants Pass is a great start.  It has only been four months, but it is already clear that this is where I am to spend the remainder of my life.  Yes, I know that.  Indeed, there is no doubt in this regard.  What is in store for Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT, I truly do not know.  They are entities in their own right and will unfold as they will.  Yes, it is OK not to know, and not to plan.  It is OK to go with the flow and allow SPIRIT herself to determine how this is to unfold.  That is fine.  I do not have to be in control.  It is not clear that I could be even if I wanted to be.  Free will and destiny have always be a challenge to deal with.  I have never really felt that I had free will, nor did it ever matter.  There have been times when I have appeared to make choices.  But, appearances are part of the illusion not the reality.  I know that.  There has never been an opportunity when I have returned to a point where I could have made another choice.  Nor do I think that I ever will.  Given that, it seems prudent to accept my reality as it comes.  I have no need to make it anything other than it is.  Then why the insistence on working from home in Oregon?  For the past 27 plus years, I have lived over 90 miles from where I work.  That is more than enough commuting for anyone.  With the move from Cathedral City to Grants Pass, I traded a weekly 3 hour commute each way by car to a 3 hour commute by plane every other week.  I don't know how long this will be tolerable.  Though, I am already opening my mind and heart to possibilities that would enable me to work where I live.  Another alternative would be to find a more effective means of transportation.  In this case, a means that allows me to JUST BE THERE.  Given that everything is HERE and NOW, this should be something that we can do.  There is still also a sense that one act or scene in the play is over.  I have no idea as to what will happen next ... what the new act or scene will bring, or if the play is over altogether.  In the meantime, I can only do what SPIRIT moves me to do.  That, I will do to the best of my ability.

​Expressing as the hermit still seems to be the right thing for me to do.  Perhaps such will always be the case.  I can live with that.  I have never had much to do with people.  Indeed, Gini thinks that I have Asperger's.  That is a mild form of autism.  I don't know that such labels are useful.  I am what I am.  I would not deny that.  Rather, I would celebrate it and share whom that I am to the degree that I can.

26 May 2017

The days keep marching on and we continue to be moved by SPIRIT to return here to allow this expression to flow forth.  We find it interesting that it no longer matters whether there is any specific physical audience for any of it.  Indeed, it is enough that we alone are witness to the expression that flows forth through us.  Indeed, such is enough.  For your eyes only no longer haunts us as it once did.  Rather, this is now our expectation.  Indeed, anything else is an exception.

25 May 2017

Back again.  It seems that we could make this a habit, especially with the three day weekend coming up.  We will just have to see what we are moved to do.  We don't really know people in this area outside of the work environment.  That is, with the exception of my two housemates.  Though, they are gone a lot and we rarely interact more than 15 minutes on any given day and more than 30 minutes in any week.  No, that is not a lot of interaction.  But, it is what it is.  It seems that our hermit lifestyle continues to persist.  Though, we are not really making any effort to change that.  At this point, it is not clear that we desire any change on that front.  What we do desire is to have a source of income sufficient to address our needs without having to be beholden to any prince.  We would be free to apply our energy and talents as SPIRIT herself directs.  Though, we ask for some amount of security in this.  We ask for a five year guaranty of $5,000 per week.  That would give us enough income to cover our present standard of living plus give us approx $1,000 per week to enlist outside support for Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT.  No, that is not a lot.  But, we have come to the conclusion that what we are here to do is meant to be done behind the scenes and that the bulk of it can be done by us alone.  That is a huge realization.  We don't have to build and enterprise that must support 100 or even 20 people.  Our preference is not to have anyone in our employ at all.  Our preference is to have people voluntarily tithe their work time to endeavors that serve others and benefit society.  This is not asking much.  We are only talking about 4 x 52 = 208 hours per person per year.  At that rate, for every nine people that tithe, we have the equivalent of one full time person of labor.  If we can get 1000 people to do this, we unleash 110 equivalent full time persons of labor.  The challenge becomes how to harness the labor to produce the greatest good, the greatest service to society.  That is a challenge that I would love to take on.  We created BISPIRIT four years ago as the outgoing arm of Beyond Imagination.  The price for membership was precisely that, a tithe to SPIRIT.  Not one person has inquired about becoming a member.  I don't understand that.  Four hours of time per week is not much.  It comes down to 35 minutes per day.  I understand that many people are busy.  But, surely not everyone.  And, 35 minutes out of an average of 16 hours of waking time is only about 1/30 or 3.3 percent.   Even if you reduce the base to 12 hours, we are still at 1/25 or 4 percent.  This is NOT a big deal.  Though, I say that based on my life.  I have spoken with several people with kids who basically have no free time.  Nearly every non-work minute is focused on doing things with and for their kids.  That makes me all the more grateful that I realized long ago that my "children" would come from my mind rather than my loins.  And, such indeed has been the case.  To date, I would estimate that I have spent in excess of 12000 hours on Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT.  That is approximately 7 years of full time work.  It is also 3000 tithes of 4 hours per week or the equivalent of 60 years worth.  Effectively, that is the tithe for an average lifetime of labor.  But, I began this process of tithing to SPIRIT in 1993, roughly 25 years ago.  If I could dedicate the remainder of my days full time to this endeavor, I should easily double my tithe to SPIRIT, even if I were only to live for another decade.  Yes, I would be satisfied with that.  Indeed, I would be satisfied even if no other were aware of the specific work that I had done, of what SPIRIT was able to express through me.

​Continuing.  So, what are we saying?  We have chosen to live a life of SPIRIT.  Actually, it is not clear that it was a choice at all.  Rather, it was an imperative.  There truly is no other way for us to live.  No, we do not expect others to do the same.  Each of us must answer our own calling.  Also, we must remember that WE ARE ONE!  Any separation that we experience is part of the illusion of our lives not the reality of whom that we are.  Though, while we are incarnated into forms of any type, it seems that the illusion is all that we experience ... the illusion is our "reality".  Though, how do we know how the experiences of others compare with our own?  The bottom line is that we don't.  However, at the same time, it does not matter.  Our experience is whatever it is.  It is unique.  It matters not whether this experience is in any way "common".  So. how do we reconcile this?  Be Happy and Create Well!  That is the key.  We have been using this as a closing phrase for nearly a quarter of a century.  It is not something that we read anywhere.  It just came to us one day.  There was something that we knew was right about it.  The dictate from The Lion King to "never take more than you give" is another spiritual law.  Indeed, this one simple law assures abundance.  Then, it is a matter of distribution. of ensuring that everyone gets what they need.  When we realize that we collectively are ONE, we realize that it is the responsibility of the WHOLE to ensure that all of the parts get what they need.  What does it take to get us to awaken sufficiently to accept this responsibility.  In one respect, it should be a no-brainer.  But, it is not clear that we are truly moving in this direction.  Then again, who am I to question where the plan of consciousness is taking us?  Actually, this is not something that I have ever been moved to question.  I trust SPIRIT implicitly.  Some might question that.  But, there are some things for which we have no doubt.

24 May 2017

Yes, here we are once again.  We have been having trouble sleeping all week.  Much of that is due to the chronic pain in our neck.  We don't remember doing anything to cause it, but it is there nonetheless.  Further, it is close to being unbearable.  Though, not so much that we would even consider any drugs to ease the pain.  This has been going on so long, we cannot remember the last time that the neck pain was not present.  No, it is not fully present all of the time.  However, it is a major nuisance that we could definitely live without. 

We are still thinking a lot about how to create the lifestyle and in particular the working conditions and environment that we desire NLT our upcoming 60th birthday on 4/8/2018.   Hmm ... 59(16) = 89.  60(16) = 96.  Yes, this is a jump point of seven steps that take us from the 5Xs to the 6Xs.  Interesting 59 is the final two of my work phone number.  We typically associate 5 with man or human, and 6 with community and the Star of David.  So, it seems that the timing is perfectly aligned with my age.  8 and 9 is Buddha and The Hermit.  60 is the community of 16: The Lightning Struct Tower.  It is curious that I just finished watching all of the episodes of the show Ascension, about a multi-billion dollar project began in the early 1960s involving placing hundreds of people in a self-contained simulated environment where they thought they were heroes heading out on a space mission to a new world where they would be able to save humanity.  One of the major goals of the experiment was to do genetic, environmental, and psychological adjustment to facilitate the rapid evolution of the human race resulting in a NEW child that would have greatly enhanced psychic abilities.  It makes you wonder whether such projects, such experiments are actually going on.  If they were, how would we know?  There are so many things that are hidden, that are classified, that are kept away from public release.  Is that really as it should be?  There is a false premise here regarding privacy.  Many people regard this as a right.  Further, they expect this need for privacy to be respected.  However, in a world that is ONE, such information hiding is only a way of deceiving ourself.  If we believe for one minute that anything we do, think, or so is unknown to the collective, then we are being naive.  Though, that does not mean that it is known to every individual within the collective.  Here, a need to know principle applies.  What we need to know will come to us, no matter what efforts individuals or organizations make to hide it from us.

On a different topic, as of yesterday, I had about $350 in my bank account.  The addition of four zeros would bring that to: $350(0000) = $3,500,000 = $3.5M.  Yes, all that it takes is adding a few zeros in the right places or equivalently shifting a decimal point  to the right by four places.  It seems that is something that might be done without anyone even noticing.  Besides, none of it is real.  It is just ones and zeroes in a computer.  We give it the meaning.  This is about one third of what our $1 per word contract with SPIRIT has earned for us.  We would be happy with that as the amount that we would live on for the remainder of our life.  Though, we would like to be able to use the $6.5M balance plus any future earnings to fund the activities of Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT.  Yes, that is what we choose to do with our life.  What others who are exposed to us and our works do as a result of interacting with us is up to them.  We do not say that lightly.  Our task is to be who we are, to share that with others, and to allow SPIRIT to express through us as she will.  That is the part that we can control.  For this, we need no permission.  Rather, it is a matter of deciding to do it and doing it.  We encourage others to do the same.  Indeed, we believe the world would be a far better place if this happened.  At the same time, whether it does or does not has little impact on us.  The world is always what it needs to be in each moment.  Indeed, it can be no other way.

Hmm ... so, what if I discovered that my balance had grown from $350 to $3.5M over night.  My first reaction would be that such was how SPIRIT choose to pay the personal part of the Beyond Imagination expression balance.  My second thought would be how to escape from the grid?  Though, with that amount, there would be more than enough to pay my share of income taxes.  What keeps time in synchronization for all of us.  First, we have clocks, watches, and cell phones.

22 May 2017

It is one month later.  We are finally on the mend.  We had to go to Emergency in Grants Pass about 10 days later as we were still not over it.  The virus symptoms were gone for the most part.  They prescribed some antibiotics and a reduction in divalproic acid, one of my bipolar meds that I have been taking for over 20 years.  They said the tests showed that the level was "toxic" and that this was contributing to my illness as well.  Also went to see a doctor who gave me a fairly thorough examination and is following up with blood tests, an EKG to monitor heart activity, and a sleep study to make sure the CPAP machines that I use are doing what they need to.  There is still an overall sense of weakness and tiredness that I haven't been able to shake.  In addition, the chronic neck pain has reached the point of being close to intolerable.  Though, I'm not sure what to do about that.  I could have sworn that the prescription amounts for my two bipolar meds were identical: lithium carbonate - 2 x 450 mg = 900 mg and divalproic acid - 3 x 300 mg = 900 mg.  However, when I checked the bottle a week ago, the latter were 500 mg pills.   That is a 66 percent increase.  Though, I don't know how to verify this other than to call the doctor.  Another way might be to have the pharmacist check the records to see if the last dosage was different from prior ones.  That would mean that either Dr Hanna or the pharmacist made an error.  I find it difficult to accept the first one given that she has handled my meds for over two decades.  This is only the second time that I have used this CVS pharmacy in Manhattan Beach.  As I recall, it took them over an hour to fill the prescription and even then, there was something that they had to redo.  Perhaps that should have alerted me.  Indeed, within two weeks of then, the level had risen to "toxic".  At first, I thought that a 40 pound loss of weight might have contributed.  But that is on the order of 15 percent.  Yes, it might make a difference, but not a huge difference quickly.

23 April 2017

​We caught a virus sometime around Thu.  I made work on Thu evening and all day Fri, Sat, and Sun miserable at best.  Even went to the Emergency room to get it checked out.  I have had respiratory problems in the past that elevated to life threatening.  It seem, there is not much that medicine can do for virus infections, treat the symptoms and allow the body to take care of the rest.  The nearly incessant coughing and associated lack of sleep particularly challenging.  Being bipolar, lack of decent regular sleep puts my system at risk of abnormal behavior.  Then again, it always operates abnormally.  Indeed, we take pride in that.

21 April 2017

It seems that we can add new pages as well.  That gives us additional flexibility.  So, what would we do with that.  Again, it seems that all of this is for our eyes only.  That may always be the case.  So any utility needs to come in terms of utility to us.  For, we are All That Is or as close to that as we can get.  But what about dialog?  We have learn the value of this in our work environment this week.  People at different levels se things differently.  There is something to be gained from the sharing of these viewpoints and perspectives.  Also, there is value in seeing where people are struggling to understand.  That is a sure sign that things are not as clear as they should and could be.  I like the ability to add directly to my web site in any manner I chose at any time that I choose through some fairly simple to use tools.  The total cost is on the order of $2 per day for all of this.  That is the equivalent of two hours of my time per month ... a very small price to pay for the world that this opens up.

So what would we do with all of this?  And, how would we use it to free ourself from the confines of present job?  That seems such a small price to ask for all that we have done over the past 25 years.  But, we have chosen to live a life of SPIRIT.  This choice was freely made.  Though, at the same time, it was  one of those choices that we had to make.  Our very life depended on it.  We would make the same choice again were we given the opportunity. 

​Continuing again.  We still find it amazing that we can d this.  Yet, here we are.  The words keep pouring forth.  We only know that they come forth from something thaw call source.  So it has been since the beginning of this expression,  We have to wonder whether any of this is ever going to reach others.  Our sense is that such is not necessary.  The expression will have the impact it is meant to have by the mere fact that it exists as it does,  Whether another other than me I aware simple does not matter anymore.,  Yes, we are resigned to that,.  Though, we are also aware if our contract with SPIRIT.  $1 per word.  That is sufficient to fund Beyond Imagination, not just us, but the organization.  We look forward to that.  We look forward to seeing what we can do in collaboration with others.  Our semse us that is far more than we can imagine, and we can imagine a lot.