BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT



Here is our space for introducing our members.  Hopefully, we will see our membership grow over time.  At this point, it is not clear whether this will evolve to half a dozen, many dozens, hundreds, or even thousands.  We are open to whatever unfolds.  Indeed, we welcome whatever spirit brings to this endeavor.  Our intent is to provide an environment in which our consciousnesses can jointly engage to do great works.  What you see at this site is an example of what can be done.  Thus far, this is still a solitary endeavor.  We can only envision what could be done if there were even a few of us working together in this endeavor.

11/11/2013:  Note:  I would love to be able to introduce others here.  However, that is difficult unless you make the choice to introduce yourself.  It is easy ... it really is.  Just share WHO YOU ARE from the depths of your HEART and SOUL.  If you will choose to do this, who knows what connections you will enable to be made.  I strongly encourage you to make the decision to become a member.  It  doesn't have to be a longterm commitment.  Though, we do advise giving it at least a year to allow enough time to determine what kind of difference it makes.

Please help us to provide the environment you need to most effectively contribute to BISPIRIT.  Let us know who you are, what your gifts are, how you would like to serve, and what help you could use in doing this.  

We are keeping our member introductions freeform to permit the greatest creativity in how our members present themselves to one another.  Share WHO YOU ARE in whatever manner best portrays YOU.  Also, you don't have to limit yourself to one page.  Feel free to adopt different personalities, aliases, or pseudonyms if they permit you to focus in different ways or express from different perspective.  This is extremely important.  Never underestimate the value and utility of being able to experience and integrate different perspectives.

We welcome new members at any time.  See the instructions at the end of the COMMUNITY page for details regarding membership.  For the most part, all that we ask is for you to commit a tithe of some combination of your time or wages each week.  That provides the resources that we need to generate spiritual / metaphysical works and provide products or services to those who are in need of them.  The Projects section allows you to identify things that you would like to lead, participate in doing, or see done that would be of benefit and value to others.  Remember, just because you see that something needs to be done does not necessarily mean that you have the right skills to do it or to lead getting it done.  That is where the BISPIRIT community comes in.  We prioritize projects, assign the necessary resources, monitor project execution, and provide any needed guidance in a timely manner.  Our goal is to effectively and efficiently use whatever resources we are given, primarily through the tithes of our members, to create beneficial spiritual/metaphysical works, products, and services.  Here, we count on the non-linear effect of synergy as well.  By having teams of members working on projects, we open up the possibilities for doing GREAT things.  We urge you to join and help us co-create the foundations for a new world.