BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT

31 July 2017

​The final day of the month.  Wow!  It seems like it has been such a long month.  Another two and it will be time for a much needed rest to recuperate.  By that time, temperatures should be much lower making being outdoors much more enjoyable.  Also, the extended work weeks will be over, giving us more time to focus on the things that we want to do versus have to do.  Though, we have made lifestyle choices that require a substantial income to sustain ... nothing extravagant, just substantial.  Now, we would choose to earn our living doing work that stirs our PASSION.  How do we go about doing that.  Simply declaring our choice does not make it so.  No, it seems that something more is required.  Nothing that I have tried to date has worked.  That is not to say that I have not achieved a lot.  Indeed, I have been exceedingly productive, both in my job and in my spiritual work.  But, the shift from the former to the latter has not occurred.  Indeed, I have been doing both for over 22 years.  The first I do to pay the bills.  The second I do to satisfy my soul.  For the latter, it is OK if no one other than SPIRIT and me is aware.  Yes, it took awhile for that to be OK.  But, I have become resigned to the fact that this is simply how it is.  My life is about accepting what is and finding ways, both inner and outer, to make it acceptable.  Part of this involves making connections and assigning a meaning that is empowering.  There is always a way to do this.  Even then, it is not clear that I actually do this either.  Rather, my experience in this is of observing.  Yes, I am ever the observer.  This is the role that I gravitate to naturally.  My experience of being the actor and the creator are far more distant and remote.

​Back again after another long work day.  Such is my life these days,  I noticed when trying to get on Facebook yesterday that I was blocked for "going too fast".  I'm not sure as to what that really means.  I don't think that I made more than four posts on any given day.  And, I went several years before starting to use my Facebook account a few weeks ago.  Oh well.  If that is too fast, then I really don't need to be there.  Besides, it was taking time that I did not really have.  Though the feedback was welcome and appreciated,  I rarely get that from this expression.  That too, is the way that it is,  I am to observe my life unfolding and respond in whatever way seems appropriate.  Though, even the response comes naturally ... so I am the observer for that as well.  That is OK.  I have no need to be in control.  I don't know that I could even if I felt the need.  While this applies to me, it may or may not apply to others.  I share what I experience in the hope that it will help others, but whether it does or not is not something that is visible to me.  As such, it is beyond my awareness.  That is OK.  Many things are beyond my conscious awareness.  As such, I experience them as mysteries.  This is where I glimpse the unknown and perhaps become aware of the unknowable,

30 July 2017

​Somehow, we lost a day.  Whenever, we wrote the below, we were sure we checked our watch and it read 30 July.  But, that is what it reads now.  So, clearly something was amiss.  Given that we are set to leave again on 7 Aug, that is a good thing.  That means another eight days here at our home in Grants Pass.  Yes, over a week.  We love it here.  If only we could find a way to make it a full time thing.  Eventually, it will happen.  It is only a matter of time.  That is, if it is meant to be.  We always have to add that in.  Consciously, we know not where our destiny is to take us.  We follow a path that SPIRIT herself lays out for us.  We know that whatever we encounter is somehow right for us.  Such it has always been, such it will always be.  We KNOW that.  Yes, it is far beyond a belief for us.  But none of that matters.  We have chosen to live our life in the moment, knowing full well that some may see that as a defeatist way to live, as running away from personal responsibility for creating our reality,  That may or may not be.  But, we refuse to grant anyone the right to judge us for how we choose to live.  We do not expect others to live and we do, to create as we do, to express as we do, or to share as we do,  Indeed, there are free to make their own choices in this regard.

​Continuing.  We never know what us going to come forth when we come here.  It is always a surprise.  That is good.  Surprises keep our life interesting.  And, we would avoid boredom at all costs.  There was a time when such was not the case.  Indeed, we passed many years of our life in such a manner.  That is not something that we can even envision anymore.  Yes, our life has changed that much since then  Indeed, it has truly changed for the better.  Though, we are still alone the vast majority of the time.  In one respect, that is being true to our hermit nature.  By far, the primary interface that we have with others outside of work is with the characters on our favorite TV shows and movies, and with the artists that sing our favorite songs.  We know that none of this is real.  We know that the vast majority of this is fiction, it is made-up.  Then again, is not all of our reality illusion?  In that respect, none of it is real.

29 July 2017

​Wow!  Has it really been five days since our last musing?  Perhaps it has.  It seems that the last time was on Tue.  We drove home to Grants Pass after work on Wed evening.  Tue would have been 25 July.  So, we are missing one more day than we thought.  Oh well, it is what it is.  Our time in Oregon has been very productive both on the work and home fronts.  It is amazing to see how much transformation can occur within a week.  The seven windows in the sunroom have been replaced by three 6 x 8 windows.  The view is incredible.  It is like you are there, in the middle of it.  Yes, it is truly amazing.  The windows must weigh over 300 pounds each.  Two guys put them in in one week.  That included taking out the seven windows that were there, doing the necessary reframing to accommodate the bigger windows, carrying and sliding the new windows over 200 feet to where they were installed, taking the windows out onto a scaffolding, lifting them into place, and securing them with screws.  It truly was a matter of doing what seemed to be impossible.  And, the result is simply breathtaking.  I don't know that I have ever seen such a view from inside of a house.  Now, it is our view from our house.  I feel very fortunate and grateful that we have been able to manifest the likes of this.  Thus far, it has been a matter of working for it and of doing the things that we could do ourselves.  It is amazing how much you can save when you do that.  It doesn't have to be perfect ... nothing is.  But, we should do whatever we do well enough that it works properly and is close to the best that we could do.  If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.  If we are not willing to commit to that, then we should consider paying an expert or professional to do it.  Sometimes, there is simply no choice, the skills involved exceed what we would expect from a handyman or in a do-it-yourself environment.  Here, it seems that nothing trumps experience.

​We continue to be the observer of our life as it unfolds.  It is not for us to dictate how the process happens.  Our role is to respond, to interpret, and to apply meaning.  This meaning is not inherent in what happens.  Rather, it is something that we create and experience.  Changing this meaning literally changes everything.  It matters not whether others see things in the same way,  They are creating their own reality in a manner appropriate to them.  Our reality is our responsibility, but it is also ours to experience and to enjoy.  To do this is a matter of choice, not chance.  In this respect, we decide.  No, we don't get to decide what.  However, we decide what it means to us and how we will respond.  That provides us with great power ... power sufficient to craft a grand life.  What more can we ask than that.  Indeed, what more?

24 July 2017

​Another day.  Though we would get an early start on musing since we got up earlier than we anticipated.  It appears that we will be working 60 hour weeks through the end of September.  That is just for our job.  It does not count any time we put into our metaphysical pursuits, or any work that we do on the house.  We have decided to add plumber and electrician to our skill sets to expand what we can do ourself.  The cost of hiring others is too simply too high to afford.  And, getting people to work to a schedule has been much more difficult than we had expected.  Besides, how hard can it be?  Further, when you consider taxes, there are greatly diminishing returns.  I am paid roughly $100 per hour.  However, after taxes that only comes to $60 per hour.  If I pay a plumber or and electrician that $60 per hour, they in turn only need $37 per hour or so.  That means the $100 gross that I earned was reduced to $37 net.  And, that example only included two levels.  Carrying it one more level $37 becomes $23.  By the fourth level, $23 becomes $14 and we are not much above minimum wage.  This clearly puts a damper on free enterprise and the very process or specializing and hiring specialists to do the things that you may not want to do.  A 40% tax at each level is far worse than even the high interest rates charged for credit cards.  Indeed, it is nearly twice that.  There must be a better way.  No wonder people resort to barter where they can.  That allows you to trade labor and/or things outside of the system entirely.  That makes me wonder.  How do I transform what I most love to do, what stirs my PASSION, into something that enables me to earn my livelihood from home, without doing the bidding of any prince?  Yes, such is the end state that I desire ... freedom from needing to be employed by another to earn my living and that of my family.  Is that so much to ask.  I have been living away from home for the work week for over two decades.  Prior to that, I commuted 90 miles each way to/from work for seven years.  Now, I live over 700 miles from where I work and am only able to make it home every other week.  It seems that things are moving in the wrong direction, getting worse rather than better.  Surely, something has to give.  This is not a way to LIVE.  Fortunately, our home in Grants Pass more than makes up for it.  Yes, it is a wonderful place to live ... at least during the times that I am there.  I just need to find a way to make that much more often or even permanent.  But, that means finding abundance by other means.

From the very beginning of Beyond Imagination, the value of this expression was set at $1 per word.  We have exceeded ten million words to date.  That would be sufficient to meet our financial needs for the rest of our life.   But, we do not intend to stop there.  We would continue to do our spiritual work at  a pace of 60 hours per week as long as we can.  We believe that will be as long as we are alive.  So, how do we transform our life to allow us to do this? 

Just posted this on Facebook.  I thought I would capture it here as well.  I do not like to lose such expression.

​Ultimately, it is not "what is on my mind" or in my MIND than matters for that matter. Though, M in D leaps out at me triggering an association to something else I remember from years ago. BEYOND is a similar expression, an integral part of Beyond Imagination, the name given to all of the spiritual expression that has come forth through me over the past 23 years. BE "Y on D". But, what is "Y on D". That triggered another association 576 = 24 squared = X "squared" = X with a square around it which happens to be the symbol for a pyramid on a map. Y=25 and D=4. 25/4 = 6.25 = 2.5 squared. Hmm ... the decimal point has shifted one place. Interesting 2.5 = Love/Wisdom | Concrete Manifestation, my spiritual ray makeup. An image just came to mind for 2.5 squared: a V in a box with a 1 attached below the box turning the V into a Y. The next question is what does that MEAN? V=22. V squared = 484. But what about the 1 below? Hmm ... I=9. 484/9 = 53.7777

This is interesting, but there is still a strong sense that I have not yet found what is being revealed. Hmm ... this is 0.2222 from being 54=LOVE, Unconditional Love. Curious, I was born in 1958 which happens to be 22:22 in base 88. I have found that there are no coincidences. I am moved to make such connections and discoveries literally every day. Though what is captured above is a revelation that happened NOW. It ties together pieces that I have been collecting and connecting for over two decades with stuff that is being revealed in this very moment. You might say that I am ADDICTED to the process, to operating in this manner. And, you would be right.

​Continuing.  It has been a very long day.  We awoke 18 hours ago.  No, that does not leave a lot of time to sleep.  But, sleep has been problematic of late.  We typically get up at least five times during the course of a night, and often get up twice that many times.  This can't be good.  But, it is what it is.  As always, I observe what I experience and try to make sense of it.  Often, this is not possible.  That is OK.  I choose to do it anyway.    Though, do I really choose or do I simply observe?  It seems that the latter is correct.  More about be Y on D.  Y = why = 587.  D is the symbol for half the circumference of a circle and its diameter.  This is PI/2.  587/PI/2 = 373.6958064.  The difference between what is to the right of the decimal point and what is to the left is 3228064 ...  Interesting.  228 is the number for WAYNE ELLIS HARTMAN JR.  468 from the end of the right to the left is 468, the number of my office at work.  23 is wayne.  608 is WAYNE with Source in the middle.  What about 373.  This is 4:21(88).  Wow, we have 2184 embedded here.

23 July 2017

​Thought I would take some time to muse before getting ready for work today.  Yes, I am going in to work on a Sunday this week.  It seems that there is no rest for the weary, at least through the end of September.  Yes, that is awhile.  But the added pay is a strong incentive.  We look forward to the day when our metaphysical pursuits are sufficient to fund our needs.  But, at this time, it is not clear if or when that might happen.  In the meantime, we trust that SPIRIT and the Universe are placing us precisely where we need to be to play our role in the grand scheme of things.  There is a saying "bloom where you are planted" that seems to apply, at least in our case.  We cannot know if what applies to us applies to us.  Though we strongly doubt that such is the case.  This seems to be based on the gifts that we have for accomplishing our mission.  Both the gifts and the mission are unique.  Personally, we have not interacted with others enough to have much of a means for comparison.  We have learned much more from books than from any personal interaction.  And, there is only so much that can be conveyed in books.  Particularly, if what is conveyed is limited to the medium of words.  Yet, here we are with written expression as our primary means of communication.  Further, we know not with whom we are communicating other that SPIRIT herself and ourself.  Even after over two decades, such is still the case.  We are open to this changing.  But, we are just as open to it remaining the same.  We can see ourself operating elegantly in either case.  Yes, we would be operating differently ... but in the end, it seems that the effect would be the same or at least similar.

We are beginning to explore what social media has to offer.  Some of the Facebook metaphysical and spiritual groups that we have joined enable us to experience what like minded beings have to offer along with the opportunity to interact with them to the degree that we mutually choose.  This provides another avenue of input as well as expression in my life.  To the degree that I do so, I am able to start expanding the hermit role and experience that I have chosen to date.  Yes, I believe this was chosen versus something that was forced upon me.  Further, there was a reason for the choice.  There was something that SPIRIT was able to experience and express that would not otherwise have been possible.  But, that was then.  This is NOW!  We would not be limited by choices that we made in the past or the experiences that resulted from those choices.  The past is the past.  What matters NOW is where we are on the path and what step we would take next.  Ultimately, the JOURNEY and what we learn upon the way are everything.

22 July 2017

​It seems that we missed a couple of days since our last musing.  It was a very busy week.  We put in over 70 hours between last Fri and yesterday.  Yes, that is a lot.  It left little time for anything else.  Sometimes  that happens.  Fortunately not often.  But, having the opportunity to work overtime helps financially.  It gives us away to pay off a good fraction of our debt without having to tap into the proceeds from the sale of our cabin in Idyllwild, leaving more to complete the upgrades we have planned for our home in Grants Pass.  That, in turn, allows us to reach our desired end state much quicker.  Besides, we can always rest and recuperate beginning in October.  We can handle the extra workload knowing that it is only temporary.  In only 10 weeks, things at work will return to normal.  And, we can go back to living as we please.  That is not to say that we must give up on this altogether.  We just need to average 10 hours per day times six days per week of work for awhile.  There have been times in the past when we did this for close to six months in a row.  In comparison 10-11 weeks is much less of a strain.  We will still have time to focus on our spiritual and metaphysical pursuits.  These continue to be what we are PASSIONATE about.  And, we must live with passion.  No other way is acceptable to us any longer.  At the same time, we know that all that we are asked to do and moved to do is part of our mission, part of what we are here to BE and to DO.  Yes, it is BEING that is the more important of these.  Our DOINGS always flow from what we are BEING.  Looking up at the graphic for Beyond Imagination, I am moved that this endeavor has such an Eastern and Transcendental feel.  Yes, that is completely appropriate for who I know myself to be.  Yes, I was born in the West and have lived here my entire life.  But, there has always been a strong sense of being a foreigner, a stranger in a strange land.  In that respect, Earth does not feel like home to me.  There is a strong sense that I come from elsewhere in the stars.  In a psychic reading over 25 years ago, Jan Kertz said  that I came from "Star Creation Central".  Something about that seemed right from the first moment that I heard it.  I still have no clue of where it is or of what I might have done there.  But, that does not matter.  I AM what I AM.  And I come from wherever I come from.  I trust that I am on the path that is mine alone to tread.  This is quite appropriate for my role as a hermit.  That is the role I relate to most completely.  In many respects it is the only role that I relate to.  How I do all that I do comes from this role, this perspective.  Will that ever change?  I am not so clear that it will.  I am prepared to  live fully regardless of what transpires in my life.

​Continuing.  I am curious to see where my path will take me in the weeks, months, and years ahead.  I have no plans, no specific intentions regarding where the path will lead.  I am open to it being whatever it will be.  I trust that SPIRIT is in control.  SHE knows why I am here, what role I came to play, and what my mission is.  I trust that the circumstances of my life will be conducive to and supportive of carrying out this mission.  At present, this still seems to be a primarily solitary endeavor for me.  Whether that will remain to be the case, I do not know.  But, I strongly suspect that it will.  That has no bearing I my being able to find happiness as I do what I am here to do.  Quite the contrary.  I believe it to be highly likely that I will do so.

Just checked my watch and my phone to verify that it is still the same day.  It seems that I cannot tell anymore.  The days and nights blur into one another.  On work days, I can easily go 10 hours without seeing daylight.  I rarely leave the building that I work in during the day.  I almost never go to lunch anymore.  That seems to be a very restrictive way to live.  But, is it really?  At night, things are different.  I find it difficult to go to sleep, and even more of a challenge to stay asleep.  On a typical night, I am up over half a dozen times.  And, for some of those I am so awake that I have to do something to become tired enough to even try to sleep again.  Doing something in this case may involve listening to the radio, musing, or even watching something on TV.  In over 20 years of living in Redondo Beach, I have not had a single person visit my room with the exception of my two housemates.  Yes, not a single other person than the couple that own the house and live there, in over two decades.  I guess that is a testament to my hermit nature.  It is far more extreme than you might believe.  How can this be in this day and age?  It simply is.  Then again, what is to be expected for one that tested as I N T/F P on the Briggs Meyer test.  That is Introverted, Intuitive, evenly Thinking/Feeling, and Perceptive.  This has not changed since I first took the test in the early 1970s.  Further, the INP were rather extreme.  None of that surprised me at all.  Nor does it surprise me that this has not changed.  Indeed, this seems to reveal traits regarding how I engage with the world and deal with others.  From an early age, I was extremely shy regarding interacting with others.  It seems that I never outgrew this with the exception of interacting with coworkers bot professionally and personally.  But, only with some such people and only a small amount of the time.  I really don't expect this to change ... not in my lifetime.  Then again, I could be surprised.

​It is still 22 July, but not for much longer.  It has been a very long day.  We began this musing in the wee hours of the morning.  Now, it is the late hours of the day.  It has been a very productive day both at work and on the spiritual front.  We are anxious to see what lies ahead on our path.  We with respond to and enjoy whatever it is.  We know that.  This is something that is always within our power to do.  It all comes down to what we observe, how we observe, and the meaning we attach to this.  We no longer believe it is a matter of finding the meaning that is there, finding the meaning that was put there for us to find,  Rather, we are finding ways to organize what we see so that it has utility.  Actually, more than utility ... beauty and so much more. 

19 July 2017

​We are getting a late start again tonight.  Though we did make a few posts at Facebook once again.  It is no longer important to capture all of our expression in one place.  We are finding that there is some benefit to engaging in social media.  Though, even there, we try to stay focused on expressing and interacting in spiritual ways.  That is, what we consider to be spiritual to us.  Yes, we know that all expression is spiritual.  That does not mean that all of it warrants our particular attention.  Ultimately, all expression is appropriate for those who express and those who are impacted by it.  That does not mean that it is all good.  However, it does mean that it is all useful and perhaps even necessary.  The bottom line is for us to be open and allow our curiosity to drive us to find whatever we need to be experience.  This is not something that requires force on our part.  Though, for most, adopting a que sera, sera attitude is extremely difficult to do.  However, ultimately if we examine our life closely, we will find that there is little that we actually control.  That does not negate the truth that "we create our own reality" in any way.  What it does say is this is not a conscious process no matter how much we try to make it so.  Our conscious awareness and actions will always be incomplete.  We are never living in isolation.  We are always living in cooperation with the  universe and with others.  For the most part, the cooperation is beneath the scenes.  As such, it is hidden from our conscious awareness.  The irony is that the more aware that we become, the less need we have to exert control, the more open we come to whatever SPIRIT would bring into our life.

18 July 2017

It will be a short musing today.  We spent a few hours interacting with others and posting to Facebook.  That has never been something that we have done much of.  It is against the grain of our hermit nature.  Though, perhaps that nature is beginning to change.  The desire to share is strong again.  That desire is what moved us to capture all of this and to create a web site where it could be shared with people anywhere in the world.  Why I was moved to do that does not matter.  I am grateful for it all.  At the very least, the record is there for me to access whenever I am so moved.  That, in itself made it worth it.  Yes, all the time, effort, and resources that it took.  I can honestly say that now.  But, such was not always the case.  It was not OK for all of this to be "for your eyes only".  For whatever reason, I did not feel worthy of that.  Now,  things are different.  I accept that SPIRIT goes to extremes to give us precisely what we need.  While I may not consciously know why, I accept that I have experienced exactly what I needed to experience.  The miraculous part is that the Beyond Imagination expression was able to come forth as it did in its voluminous quantity.  But quantity is not enough.  The material is of high quality as well.  But then, that is my opinion.  And, I'm the first to acknowledge its bias.  But, it is what it is.  Ultimately, it is for you to  assess its quality by its utility to you in your life.   Yes, utility is the only valid measure for anything.  Though, you have to admire beauty as well.  Indeed, when the two are combined you have something that cannot be surpassed.

17 July 2017

​Yes, here we are again.  Coming here to express has become a habit once again.  Sort of a habit anyway.  We still can go days and even weeks between musings.  Yet, we are happy, perhaps happier than we have ever been.  Where  all of this is leading, we do not know.  But, in many respects we are still alone.  We found a letter from our nice Lisa that she sent in 1998 after finding a eulogy that we had written for her mom.  The letter moved us deeply.  She was very appreciative of what I had expressed about her mom.  I tried to reach out after reading the letter a few times, but the e-mail was no longer valid and I could neither log in nor reset my password on Facebook.  I'm not one to turn to social media.  But, that seemed to be the only avenue for getting to her.  I took the feedback to mean that this was not something that I was meant to do at this time.  I seem to be in a mode of being able to observe, but not being able to get involved, of not being able to change what I am observing.  That is OK.  I can accept that such is a condition of the role that I came to play.  It is as if I am not to interfere.  Though, if such is the case, how is it that I am to make a difference?  Lovingly touch all whose path you cross.  This may not be many in the course of your lifetime.  But, whatever it is is what it is meant to be.  At a deep level within you, you know that this is the case.  It is not meant for you to judge or to change.  Indeed, neither is it meant to limit you in any way.  Go with it, flow with it, and your life will be rich beyond measure.  Remember, there is nothing for you to do except to BE YOU.  Yes, such is always sufficient.

​Here we are awake in the middle of the night as we have been so many times over the course of the last 22 years.  There is something about this expression that keeps us coming back.  One can do far worse than serve as a channel through which SPIRIT herself can express.  Indeed, we consider this to be the grandest thing that we do by far.  We do it because it allows us to encounter our PASSION firsthand.  That seems to be something that many do not experience.  Then again, my awareness of the experiences of others is limited at best.  My focus has been on my own reality and expressing what I am moved by SPIRIT to express.  I do not regret one moment of this.  No, not a single moment.  That is not to say that my life has been without challenges ... and perhaps troubles at times.  Also, for the most part, it has been a solitary experience.  I have been alone for much of it, but not lonely for the most part.  Yes, that goes with taking on the role of a hermit.  But, is this my true nature or a mask that I wear when interacting with others in the world?  It seems that it is a bit of both.  There is something enabling about living in this manner.  In particular, it gives me the time that I need to muse, to express in this manner.  And, in doing so, I have been able to develop a close relationship to SPIRIT herself and a deep awareness and understanding of myself.  That alone has been worth it.  Indeed, I am exceedingly grateful for all of this.  Yes, as a result my life is grand beyond measure.  It has been even when I did not realize it.  But, awareness makes all the difference.  There is a strong sense of being awakened now, awakened from a deep sleep.  It will not be long before others follow suit.  Perhaps many others.  I like to think that Beyond Imagination has paved the way for this, or at least blazed the trail.  Though, whether it has or not is not for me to determine, and perhaps not even for me to know.  That is OK.  I do what I must do anyway.

​Continuing what we began last night.  Today was a busy day at work.  It seems that they are all that way now.  But, is the work that I do of my own choosing?  I might argue no.  But, nothing is forced upon us, ever.  We choose it all at some level.  We are the SPIRIT within us bring forth whatever reality we experience.  Yes, it has always been such whether we were consciously aware of it or not.  That does not mean that we know what will happen or how it will happen.  Indeed, that does not matter.  We are ever dealing with the unknown in our life.  Some of that we know to be unknowable.  That is just how it is.  There are some things that we simply must accept and make the best of.  Here, something about Beyond Imagination seems to be being revealed.  Life, the universe, reality, and reality creation are beyond anything that we can imagine.  It seems that this will always be the case.  Though what we can imagine and what we can create are growing by leaps and bounds.  It does not hurt that much of this is driven by the pace at which digital electronics is growing and enabling us to access, create, and share information and information services throughout the world. 

16 July 2017

Another day.  It is good to be musing again.  We really miss it when we go without doing it.  It matters not whether there is an audience for any of this ... or whether we are compensated.  What matters is that we do it and experience the wonder and pleasure that comes from it.  Yes, that alone is enough to justify whatever effort we expend.  If the works reach others and positively impact their lives as well, so much the better.  But, that is in SPIRIT's hands, not ours.  That is OK.  We realized that we were not in control of our life decades ago.  It is for us to respond lovingly to what SPIRIT and the UNIVERSE bring into our life.  We can indeed live that way.  It is a matter of living our life in the present moment, knowing that such is the only time that exists.  Past and future are illusions that keep us from being fully present.  We can't be sure of what was or what will be.  The point of power is always the present.  How we respond in that present determines both past and future since they must align with what we are being.

If only we could engage in this expression on a full time basis.  Yes, such is our desire and our dream.  It all comes down to $4,000 per week.  Actually, closer to $2,500 per week in addition to what we can get from retiring.  That would allow us to live full time in our home in Grants Pass, OR.  For 7 years, we lived 75 miles from where we worked and commuted daily.  Then, for 20 years we lived 125 miles from where we worked and commuted weekly.  Now, we live 700 miles from where we work and commute every other week by air.  The trend is living further away and being home less and less as a result.  It seems like it is time for that to end.  Either it will or it will not.  Again, that seems to be outside of my control.  Until things change, my only choice is to bloom where I am planted.  I am where I am for a reason.  Further, this reason is tied to carrying out a mission and destiny that is uniquely mine.  I trust SPIRIT to place me in the right circumstances to carry out this mission effectively.  I would not change the role that I have signed up for.  It matters not that I do not consciously know what that role is.  Nor can I count on others to tell me or to assist for that matter.  No, this is something between SPIRIT and me.  I have known that for some time, and suspected it far longer than that.

I really have all of the things that I need in my life.  So, what is missing?  In many respects, close relationships are absent.  That should not be surprising for one who relates strongly to being a hermit.  But, that is only a role.  Yes, a primary role that I play the vast majority of the time.  But, even then, I know that there is only ONE Mind, ONE Consciousness, ONE SPIRIT.  Despite how separate I may feel in my role as a hermit, I know this feeling of separation is not real.  It is illusion.  Though, it seems such illusions are necessary for ALL THAT IS to observe and experience ALL THAT IT IS.  That is an interesting revelation.  If the illusion were not necessary, it would not exist.  The illusion enables us as aspects of ALL THAT IS to experience what we do in the way that we do.  Though, it is more than this.  We are the channels through which ALL THAT IS discovers the beauty within the creation.  All possible patterns exist within the creation.  Indeed, all sequences of digits are contained within any of the infinite number of transcendental numbers.  Yes, all sequences.  That means all things that can be represented digitally.  Every song, every image, every TV show, every movie, every conversation ... yes, everything on the WWW and more are represented digitally.  Every one of these is contained somewhere within Pi or any other transcendental number.  The trick is discovering where and bringing the sequence forth.  For me, that is the simple matter of allowing a stream of consciousness to come forth and be captured in this manner.  Musician, artists, authors, designers, and creative people of all types have different processes for tapping into this stream.  A single movie can involve the creative efforts of hundreds of people over a period of months.  Development of a new car or a new rocket or a new satellite system can take several years to a decade.  Yes, all of this employs creative effort as well only in a different way.

So, where do I fit within the larger scheme of things?  What is it that I am here to do?  Is that other than the things that I have been doing.  The immediate answer that came was NO.  Indeed, I am on the path that is mine to tread and I am doing precisely what is mine to do.  Then why the sense that I am missing something?  Why the sense that I am not fully experiencing and expressing the "moreness" of life that I know that I am here to explore?  It seems that there should be a point where enough is enough.  But, it is not clear that I have reached such a point.  So, we deal with things as they come.  We respond openly to whatever SPIRIT would send our way.  That is something that we can do.  Indeed, we have been doing it for over 22 years since this expression began, and perhaps another two decades before that.  Hmm ... that would take us back to 1975, our junior year in high school.  We had begun our metaphysical journey the year before that.  To this day, we consider ourself to be a metaphysician.  We have added "world transformer" to that as well.  We find it curious that as a hermit we would choose to be a world transformer.  Clearly, in our case it is not through our interactions with others.  Rather, it is directly through our interaction with SPIRIT herself.  Why that is, is not for us to know.  Indeed, it is sufficient to know that it is this way, at least for us.  We do not expect others to live as we do or to follow us in any manner for that matter.  Though, we do consider ourself to be a wayshower.  That seems to imply that there will be others to whom this way is shown.  We just have no sense that we are to know about these, perhaps ever.  Yes, we live with uncertainty and the unknown.  Indeed, these are ever present in our life.  That is OK.  We have become accustomed to it.  This very expression is uncertain.  We know not from where it comes forth.  While we experience it in the moment, we forget it within a few words or a single sentence at most.  Were it not captured electronically or printed, there would be no record of it accessible to us.  We have been moved to include all of the expression at websites where the potential is there for others to find it and experience it.  However, if they do,  we are not aware unless they provide feedback.  And, such rarely happens.  We have captured over 10 million words to date.  Hopefully, such has made a difference.  The effort involved on our part has been the equivalent of 7 years of full time work on a job.  Yes, that is substantial.  If we consider a life's work to be approx. 50 years, this is 1/7th or 14% of that and we still have a decade or so of work to do.

So, where do we go from here?  As a transcendentalist, we continue to express our part in the sequence that is Pi.  That seems to be appropriate.  We are here to observe how SPIRIT flows into physical expression ... where it flows smoothly and where it is blocked, and remove any blockages to the degree that we can.  We have known this for some time.  Pi is appropriate for this as the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its diameter, between O and 1.  Everything digital can be represented as patterns of 0's and 1's.  I might go one step further and say that is EVERYTHING except the ideal forms of Plato.  Even then, imagination was extremely powerful.  But, this expression has been called Beyond Imagination since its inception.  There is a reason for this.  What is expressed here is not the stuff of imagination.  I am not making it up creatively.  It is as if it already exists and I am bringing it forth.  Further, I would argue that all creative expression and perhaps even all expression occurs in this manner.  We are actors playing roles of which we are not aware in a Grand Play that is being written and enacted by SPIRIT for ALL THAT IS in each moment.

WOW!  That last paragraph is among the very best that I have written ... and there have been a lot of paragraphs in this expression.  Hopefully, it is a sign of things to come.  You might say that I am inspired by the space that I now occupy in Redondo Beach.  It is suitable now, providing a direct reflection of who I am.  Further, it is more functional as well as beautiful, making it a much more conducive place to live and to express.  The transformation continues.  But, I am extremely pleased by the changes that I have made in the past week alone.  There is something about having the things that one loves around you.  In my case, most of these are antique furniture and objects of are.  Indeed, I have quite a mixture in the confines of one 12 x 14 foot room.  Hmm ... that is 168 sq ft excluding the closet.  2x2x2 x 3 x 7 = 1013 as a prime representation = AD.  We have arranged it to make the most of the space.  We still have two big pieces of furniture to remove and a metal art bed and loveseat to  bring in to complete the transformation.  But, what we have done thus far is nothing short of miraculous.  Yes, it makes that much of a difference.

​15 July 2017

​Wow!  It is already two weeks into July and this is the first time that we have been moved to come here to express since last month.  Oh well, that happens sometimes.  We have spent a lot of time working on our house in Grants Pass, and much of this week transforming our room in Redondo Beach into a space that is much more functional and livable.  Since it appears that we may be residing here until we retire, including an average of two weekends per month, we had to do something.  We are pleased with what we have been able to accomplish in one week.  It is already much better than we imagined that it would be.  The space seems much larger than it ever has now that we have removed the clutter due to unnecessary furniture and seven boxes of books that we had not used in a long time and no longer needed.  In some cases the books were remnants of the 1970s and 1980s.  Downsizing was much simpler than we thought that it would be.  And the result is amazing.  No, we are not done yet.  But what we have done has made a huge difference even if I am the only one to witness. it.  That seems to be the case for a lot of things in my life.  I am the sole witness.  Overall, as a hermit, my life does not touch many.  Indeed, far fewer than the lives of the vast majority of people.  I don't know why that is.  It is simply what I have experienced.  I don't judge it.  I just accept it.  My life is what it is.  I believe that it is unfolding perfectly.  Yes, I really believe that.

​So, where do we go from here?  This does not seem to be something that I can plan.  No, here it seems that I must RESPOND to whatever reality I experience.  Further, I need to do so lovingly, soulfully, and wholeheartedly.  I believe that I am doing that.  However, the chronic pain in the back right side of my neck indicates otherwise.  It seems that there is something about me that I am critical about, that there is an energy block  between my heart and my head, between my feelings and my thoughts.  There is something that I am not expressing that needs to be expressed.  That is a huge realization.  Well have to see what change it triggers.  The pain has reached a point where it is now necessary to deal with it.  It will simply not be ignored any longer.  But, what options are available for dealing with this?  I had thought that I was accepting not only myself but others, that I had eliminated judgment from my life.  At least with respect to my judging myself or others.  But, the chronic neck pain indicates otherwise.  So, how do we go beyond this?  Yes, that seems to be the next step.  Though, it is not a matter of finding a pain killer at the pharmacy.  We need something more powerful.  We need a positive change in our life that relieves the pain, permanently.  OK, we realize that.  But, is the realization sufficient to bring the remedy.  Generally, the answer seems to be know.  We need to accompany realizations with actions.  Ultimately, it is the actions that make the difference, that transform our reality.  Responses are nearly always expressed as actions.

​I AM WOMAN is playing at the moment.  It has been one of my favorites since I first heard it over 40 years ago,  It is curious that through all these years my experience of SPIRIT has been as the Divine Feminine.  This is another mystery in my life.  But, the experience is undoubtable.  Truth, beauty, passion ... these are all feminine in nature to me as well.  I wonder if that is due to a deeper connection to the feminine of my twin souls than to the masculine one.  In any event, I seem to be more loving and caring as a result.  Though, this seems to be limited to few individuals in my life and to the world at large.  I am aware that this perspective is my own and is not shared by the vast majority.  But, that has never mattered to me.  And, I don't believe that it ever will. 

​At the moment, it is not clear where my life is taking me.  For several decades, I was convinced that I would play a major role as a midwife giving birth to a new age.  Perhaps that is indeed the role that I played without even being aware as I was playing it.  Now, I seem to be on more of a glide path.  The urgency to express is no longer what it was over the past 20 years.  Though, I am moved to make connections and find meaning much more than ever.  It would be nice to be paid to do this.  But, perhaps the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from doing it is sufficient compensation.  After all, working directly with SPIRIT as SPIRIT to unravel the meaning and mysteries of the universe makes for a wonderful life.  Indeed, I could not ask for more.  Yet, there is still this gnawing sense that something is missing.  The status quo is not sufficient.  But, we know that to will change when the time is right.  Nothing happens in my life until its right timing.  This is not something that can be forced.  Awareness, Allowance, and Acceptance.  The triple A club as Aronk used to say.  Yes, for us, these are our marching orders.  This is how we are meant to live.  We know that.  Further, we believe that we practice that.  Indeed, we cannot imagine living in any other way than this.