BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


My name is Wayne Hartman. I was born on 8 April 1958.  I am a metaphysician and a Spiritual Warrior. I came into this world with a spiritual mission, however the conscious part of the journey didn't begin until my 16th year when I discovered the Seth Material and began a love affair with Metaphysics that stirs my PASSION to this very day.  In 1993, I experienced major spiritual awakenings that served as strong beliefquakes, rocking all of my foundations to their very core. These personal foundations have been rebuilt from scratch, by myself for the most part. Now, I am ready to take on the larger role of Creating the Foundations for a New World in which spirit can express more fully in flesh. Most of what I have learned and have become is expressed at my Beyond Imagination site. It also includes my VISION of what this New World is to be.
As usual for me, I do what I am moved by spirit to do.  The site is our latest focus.  Where that will take us, we do not know.  Our life is about seizing the opportunities that come and engaging fully and to the best of our abilities in carrying out whatever work is presented to us.  In this case, our work comes forth from within.  Yes, that is always where we take our instructions.  Though, we strongly desire to start teaming with others in joint endeavors that result in metaphysical / spiritual works and services.  You see, for us, SERVICE is everything.  And, the most important service is the service that we give to SPIRIT HERSELF.  But, that is us.  We don't impose our way of life on anyone.  We offer it as a living example of what can be done.  However, we would challenge you to determine what works best for you.  Our philosophy is simple.

Love Unconditionally
Live With Passion
Find Ways to Serve
Be Kind
Be Aware
Know Thyself
Be Who You Are
Accept Others for Who They Are
Do What You Are Moved By Spirit to Do
Do Things to the Best of Your Ability
Never Take More Than You Give


We are now offering the bulk of Beyond Imagination writings and ALL of the Picture Quotes works on a USB drive so that you can access them anytime anywhere.


Between October 2013 and December 2017, we created 25 Picture Quotes works that we are now making available electronically on thumb drives under terms defined below.

0:         Gift for 2013
1:         Raising Ecstasy: The Divine Feminine
2:         Transcendental Journey     
3:         Buddhist Perspective
4:         Einstein Quotes
5:         On Wisdom
6:         Helen Keller
7:         On Spiritual Law
8:         On Life
9:         On Education
10:       On Consciousness
11:       On Love
12:       On Imagination
13:       On Friends
14:       On Passion
15:       On Purpose
16:       On Sanctuary
17:       On Creative Expression
18:       On Destiny
19:       On Genius
20:       On Soul
21:       On Excellence
22:       On Awareness
23:       On Death
24:       Rumi Best
While these are the topics we chose and the order in which the works were generated, please do not let that constrain you.

The cost of printing is prohibitive.  The best we could find was $0.50 / page for color copies for a large number of copies.  In total, the works come to approximately 2000 pages.  That would equate to $1000 to print the complete set.  We have approximately 1000 hours of our time invested in creating these works.

The price we have set is $88 for the entire set of Picture Quotes works.  That is less than 0.1 percent of what it cost to generate the works assuming a rate of pay equal to what my job pays. 

$44 (half goes to us as creator).  $44 plus cost of USB Drive plus shipping cost if any goes to the Distributor.

In this package you will find more than 8 Million words of Beyond Imagination Expression that occurred between 1993 and 2014.   For that entire time, it has been a labor of LOVE to serve as a vehicle through which spirit could express in such a fashion.  Roughly 85% of the expression was written, coming forth through me at an average rate of 16 words per minute.  Yes, that means it took over 8000 hours of my time just to bring the information forth.   The clear majority of this involved capturing a stream of consciousness.  The very one that I was experiencing.  Another 2000 hours were necessary to process the material, turn it into books, select best of quotes, and manage the Beyond Imagination website that was created in 1995.

The other 15% of the expression came forth verbally as I commuted between Los Angeles and Palm Springs from 2009-2012.   It provided a different way of capturing a stream of consciousness, this time a spoken rather than written one.  We named it the Dragon Musings because the software that we used to capture it was named Dragon.

The material on the USB Drive is split into several folders …

BI Books:

Self-Published BI Books (If you prefer hardcopy, they are available on Amazon)
      Beyond Imagination: Best Passages from 2002 Musings
      Beyond Imagination: The Early Works
      Beyond Imagination Notes Vol 1
      Beyond Imagination Notes Vol 2
      Beyond Imagination: The Search for Center
      Beyond Imagination: 2003 Musings Vol I
      Beyond Imagination: 2003 Musings Vol II
      Beyond Imagination Quotes
      Beyond Imagination: 2003 Musings Vol III

Beyond Mind: The Adventures of a Soul in the Midst of a Spiritual Awakening.This includes the earliest Beyond Imagination expression.It was updated with extensive annotations twice, 12 and 22 years after the original compilation of writings.

Beyond Imagination Numbers documenting my forays into that special realm.You will find that I do numbers in ways that are highly intuitive.I believe logic to be a useful servant but a very poor master when it comes to addressing and understanding reality.

BI QUOTES WORKS:  An assortment of collections of quotes from the Beyond Imagination expression that we were moved to create at various times over the past 25 years.

DRAGON WORKS:  The Short Quotes version only.  This was the result of a three-step distillation process from original audio expression to best passages to quotes to short quotes that could be expressed in two lines or less.  This distillation process got to the HEART of what had been expressed.

BI EXPRESSION POST 2003:  Actually, this is only a subset.  We did not find the 2004/2005 and 2006/2007 files when we compiled this.  Those were sparse years for the Beyond Imagination expression … so the clear majority did make it into this folder.

Following a process that we used in releasing an earlier work, 10000 hours of our time is worth roughly $100 per hour = $1 Million to our employer.  The quality, quantity, and ultimate value of the Beyond Imagination expression far exceeds anything that we do for our employer.  However, let’s be conservative and use the $1 Million figure.  To date, it has cost us around $10000 more than we have made to make copies of works, self-publish nine books, and cover web site costs.  It is only this low because we did all the web site work / management ourself.

In our prior product, we used 0.1 percent as the multiplier to get to a price.  However, that would come to $1000.  The cost to buy the 9 books alone from Amazon would come to over $250.  That seems excessive as well.   So, let’s settle on $108.  $54 to the creator and $54 to the distributor.  That is appropriate!  54 is the number for Unconditional LOVE.  That is the SPIRIT in which the expression was received and in which we chose to SHARE .

We believe in Living by the Second Ten Commandments.  One of the most important ones for us is to construct interactions in ways that are WIN/WIN/WIN wherever possible.

The 2nd Ten Commandments: Your Guide to Success in the Consciousness Age
11.  Maximize your time spent in FLOW and happiness
12.  Seek WHOLENESS through ongoing awareness in lifelong education
13.  Develop greater SELF-ACCEPTANCE by loving yourself unconditionally
14.  Live with BALANCE, priorities, and moderation in all things
15.  Act true to your INNER VOICE and fulfill your MISSION
16.  Exercise mature SURRENDER and unselfish COURAGE
17.  Feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and recognize the oneness of humanity
18.  Base your level of relationship commitments on BOTTOM LINES - what you can't live with and can't live without
19.  Create SYNERGY by using win-win and setting boundaries
20.  REPAIR the world by treating others reverently and fairly and doing good deeds

In this case, that involves pricing the work reasonably and selling it in a manner such that all parties involved (the creator/us, the distributor/seller, and the customer/client ALL WIN)

The TOTAL price is $196 for the entire set of works.  That is less than 0.1 percent of what it cost to generate the works assuming a rate of pay equal to what my job pays.  For the initial set, the entire amount goes to Gini Hartman at address below.

For each subsequent set, $98 (half goes to us as creator),  $98 plus cost of USB Drive plus shipping cost if any goes to the Distributor.

We win by getting $98 for each set of works sold and by not having to be involved in the distribution enabling us to focus on generation of new metaphysical works that excite our PASSION.These will be offered through the distribution network as they are created.The distributor sends $98 to Gini Hartman, 165 Lance Dr, Grants Pass, OR, 97526 for each work sold.  To reduce paperwork and postage, accruing and settling the amounts on a monthly basis is fine.

Distributor wins by getting $98 for each set of works they sell/distribute after the costs for the media and shipping are deducted.Also, there is no inventory to store.Distribution involves copying the set of files to another USB drive and copying this document to give to the client/buyer.The distributer collects the $196 plus media and any shipping costs and sends $98 to the creator per instructions in 1 above.Depending on your state, you may need to charge state taxes.Effectively, this makes you an independent business and entitles you to the normal suite of deductions that this entails at both the federal and state levels.

Client/Buyer wins by getting access to wisdom-class information in an off-line form that anyone in their immediate family can use on any number of machines.

In addition, each Client receives the opportunity to become a distributor at no cost, enabling them to receive the benefits of 2 above.  Note: there is no need to tell anyone within the distribution network that you have chosen to be a distributor of the BISPIRIT projects.You simply start operating as described in 2 above.It is that simple.You are your own boss.You already have everything needed to distribute this particular product to whomever you find receptive to it.  (You may need a minimum 4G USB drive and to copy the 8 pages of info that you are reading now.  Or, just send you Clients here.) With the price structure, effectively distributing the product to two other people recoups your initial product cost.I am not aware of any business opportunity that comes close to offering that.

The distribution network hierarchy will be respected from the standpoint that each client including distributors has a single source from which to obtain their initial products.Each distributor however is only aware of the source immediately above and the client base that they have established personally.

The benefit to you is that this client list is a good place to start for potential sales of any new products that become available.It is just a matter of letter them know what the new product is, maybe even showing it to them, and asking whether they would like it or not.

In any specific sale, there are only three parties involved: the Creator, the Distributor, and the Client.This keeps the distributor cost formulas simple and ensures that each distributor is rewarded based on their own efforts, not on the efforts of any network below them.To that degree, all Distributors are equal.To us that seems to be the only fair way to operate.

You may be wondering how this differs from multi-level marketing.  For one thing, everyone gets the first product at the same price for their own immediate family use.  Copying this product is sufficient to be able to further distribute it, so there is no need to buy additional copies from the levels above at “reduced” prices according to some schedule based on level and on volume.  Also, there is no sharing of “profit” among multiple distributors for any single sale.  The creator gets 50% of the product price and the distributor gets 50%.

We specifically chose the term “distributor” verses “sales person”.  We are using this process to get our wisdom-based products to those people/families who can benefit from them.  While we believe this applies to many people/families, our intent is to use the distribution network to make people aware of what is available NOT to pressure them in any way into buying the products.  We need to sell these products to give us the funds to live as we keep creating more of them, to allow us to keep doing what we LOVE.  In setting up the distribution network in this manner, our intent is to provide our distributors with a means of supplementing and/or replacing your present work /income so that you can transform what you do for a living into something that stirs your PASSION and enables you and those you LOVE to find more of the Happiness you may be seeking.

Another Note:  This BISPIRIT product is only  offered HERE to you and through you, not via any conventional sales methods.  We rely on word of mouth and person to person contact.  Further, we choose to demonstrate what we believe via our actions and how we treat the people that we work with and SERVE!

To order, send payment along with your address to Gini Hartman (address above).  Upon receipt, we will send a USB thumb drive with the Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT works discussed above. 



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