BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


My name is Wayne Hartman. I was born on 8 April 1958.  I am a metaphysician and a Spiritual Warrior. I came into this world with a spiritual mission, however the conscious part of the journey didn't begin until my 16th year when I discovered the Seth Material and began a love affair with Metaphysics that stirs my PASSION to this very day.  In 1993, I experienced major spiritual awakenings that served as strong beliefquakes, rocking all of my foundations to their very core. These personal foundations have been rebuilt from scratch, by myself for the most part. Now, I am ready to take on the larger role of Creating the Foundations for a New World in which spirit can express more fully in flesh. Most of what I have learned and have become is expressed at my Beyond Imagination site. It also includes my VISION of what this New World is to be.
As of 18 September 2012, we have entered into a whole new phase of our endeavor.  It is no longer sufficient that we do our work in solitude.  Now, it seems that it is finally time to begin the community phase of our work ... to us, that means building a community of which we would choose to be an active member.  We would hope that in the process, we build something that you would choose to participate in as well.  The first step is a complete makeover of our site, starting with the acquisition of domains: bispirit,com,,, and  We are not sure what we are going to do with these domains yet, but we were moved to acquire them nonetheless.  Thus far, we have only begun work on the first of these.  We are reserving the domain for the work that we would do collectively.
If you haven't been exposed to our work before, hopefully you will find it to be a treat.  We ask you to consider that if spirit could bring forth all of this through me, what can she bring forth through you ... and even more importantly, what can she bring through us collectively?
One thing that I've noticed since I stopped musing is that I am paying much more attention to the world.  In doing so, I am ever making connections between disparate things.  Literally, I see spirit expressing everywhere and as a result the spiritual meaning that is revealed is incredibly rich. 

As usual for me, I do what I am moved by spirit to do.  The site is our latest focus.  Where that will take us, we do not know.  Our life is about seizing the opportunities that come and engaging fully and to the best of our abilities in carrying out whatever work is presented to us.  In this case, our work comes forth from within.  Yes, that is always where we take our instructions.  Though, we strongly desire to start teaming with others in joint endeavors that result in metaphysical / spiritual works and services.  You see, for us, SERVICE is everything.  And, the most important service is the service that we give to SPIRIT HERSELF.  But, that is us.  We don't impose our way of life on anyone.  We offer it as a living example of what can be done.  However, we would challenge you to determine what works best for you.  Our philosophy is simple.

Love Unconditionally
Live With Passion
Find Ways to Serve
Be Kind
Be Aware
Know Thyself
Be Who You Are
Accept Others for Who They Are
Do What You Are Moved By Spirit to Do
Do Things to the Best of Your Ability
Never Take More Than You Give


Wayne lives in Redondo Beach, CA during the workweek.  Some workdays (M-Th) he walks to from Hope Chapel on Artesia and PCH to the strand at the 26th street junction, heads right until the wall, turns around and walks to the Hermosa Beach Pier, turns around and walks to the 26th street junction then heads up the hill past Hope Chapel to home.

Wayne is open to company for all or part of the journey.  The roundtrip from Hope Chapel is around 5 miles and takes about 1.5 hours and begins at 6:15 PM.  The part along the strand is approximately 3 miles and 1 hour.   The intent is to provide the opportunity to share perspectives with one another.  I cannot think of a better way to introduce one another to our unique worlds.  Anyway, if this interests you, please introduce yourself and identify when you might like to join Wayne. and where.  After our first encounter, we can discuss whether it would be mutually beneficial to arrange other encounters ... or even meet on a recurring basis.  If you are interested, contact: