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First Works

                      BEYOND  IMAGINATION
1993 – 1994
This manuscript is a collection of the early works that were expressed at Beyond Imagination starting in 1993.  In particular, it includes:
                                Beyond Imagination: Foundations for Creating a New World
This is a book generated primarily in Nov-Dec 93.  It conveys the vision of what Beyond Imagination is all about.  That vision has remained essentially unchanged over the years.  Though, it seems that we are getting closer to the time for implementation of many of the ideas presented.
Reality Creation 1010
This is a smaller book generated in a 10 day period from 26 Dec 93 through 4 Jan 94.  It has been one of the most visited works at the Beyond Imagination site over the years.  I am still amazed by what was able to come forth in such a short period of time.  It is the only work of that nature that I have been moved to do in the decade that I have been expressing for this stream of consciousness that spirit brings forth in my life.
Best Quotes from Beyond Imagination Notes
This is a selection of Best Quotes from the first ten months of Beyond Imagination Notes [Nov 93 – Aug 94].  It is included because I am particularly partial to quotes … especially good ones.  I believe they have the power to transform us in highly beneficial ways.
I hope these works provide you with as much pleasure and enjoyment as they have me.  Further, I hope that they challenge you to think in new ways so that we can co-create a new world that lives up to the promise of a new age.
In Peace, Love, and Light,  Wayne




Wayne Ellis Hartman Jr




December 1993



Ch 1:  Beyond Imagination: A Prelude to the Changing Times

Ch 2:  The Role of the Individual vs Society

Ch 3:  A Government for the New Age

Ch 4:  Towards a New World Order

Ch 5:  Spiritually Driven Economics

Ch 6:  Education: We are all Teachers, Learners, Doers

Ch 7:  Living in a Manner That Supports All Life

Ch 8:  Manifesting Spirit in Flesh

Ch 9:  Community: Realizing the Synergy of Group in a Practical Way

Ch 10:  The Art of Making It So

Ch 11:  Knowing Thyself

Ch 12:  When Love Conquers All: Living from the Heart




This manuscript is dedicated:

to the muses, the source of all higher inspiration. It was brought forth into this world from the depth of my soul and being. I present it to you in the hope that it will assist in the transition to a new age and a new world order in which consciousness is opened so that the spirit can be more fully expressed in flesh. We are spirit incarnated into flesh. The time has come for us to consciously manifest our true nature.

second to Gini, my wife of six years, who has remained with me through some interesting and difficult times, especially over the past six months when my consciousness was testing its limits and stretching beyond what is conventionally considered to be sane. She has taught me much about living in relationship with others and about unconditional Love. I love her dearly, with all my heart and soul. She is a wonderful lady, truly a princess.

third to my kids Foofer, Bunnie, Huggie, and Foozie. These four Samoyeds, three of whom are dearly departed, brought a great sense of fun, joy, and playful companionship into my life. In addition, they taught me much about the nature of unconditional Love and of Life and Death itself.

fourth to my friend Dennis. Golfing with him over the past four years has been one of the few pure physical pleasures that has occupied my body and mind on a regular basis. Had it not been for this, I may not have been able to endure the tedium of that phase of my life and survived until my character could finally come alive in this Play of Consciousness we call Life.


The ideas presented in what follows are based on my personal perspective on the world, one that is grounded in both science and metaphysics. You see, my formal background is in mathematics, science, logic, and engineering - BSEE from USC, MSEE from Stanford, and fifteen years of work in engineering and engineering management in the Air Force and defense industry. My informal background, however, is in metaphysics and more intuitive processes of mind and spirit - twenty years of reading, thinking, seminars, and assorted classes in various areas of metaphysics. I have found both to be extremely important to my happiness, my understanding, and my ability to create and be productive in both the personal as well as professional areas of my life and my work. Further, I believe this balance is extremely important in enabling and allowing individuals to truly be all that they can be.

For those of you already doing this balancing act, you know the benefits of approaching life in this integrated and holistic manner, you experience these benefits every day of your life. My hope is to provide you with motivation, understanding, and guidance that will allow you to experience this even more, much more.

For those of you at either extreme, however, I hope to show you what you might be missing, and provide some motivation and guidance as to why and how you can use techniques from the other side to improve your day to day experience of living on this planet. Those of you whom operate too far on the left brain or analytical side need more knowingness and magic in your life so that you can breathe life into your processes and thoughts. Those operating too far on the right brain or creative/intuitive side could use more structure and organization in your life so that you can better give form to your ideas and dreams. We have enough castles in the air -- we need to put foundations under them to bring them down to Earth!

For, you see, whether you believe it yet or not, you are creating your own reality - Now, at this very instant. You've been doing so throughout your life. All I can do is show you how to make this process more conscious -- so that you can create more of the experiences that you prefer and less that you don't like; and, so that cooperatively, we can create better conditions for all beings on this planet.

Be Happy and Create Well, Wayne




The Journey

In the pages that lie ahead, should you choose to follow, I will take you on a journey into a magnificent world -- one that you have probably never seen though you live in it every day. For, I offer you the vision of a fellow soul, a traveler who sees the world through a unique set of glasses. I intend to challenge all that you believe, and more, maybe all that you think yourself and this world of ours to be. I ask that you suspend your judgment for awhile, and open your mind to some different possibilities. Don't worry, I will not brainwash you, for I hold sacred your ability to choose and believe whatsoever you will. Whether you know it yet or not, you have the innate ability to know the truth -- it rings within your very soul, you cannot be deceived unless you so choose.

Beware: this journey is hazardous to your current state of being. Should you choose to embark, you will not be able to return the same, for in the experience of the journey you may be transformed in ways that will not allow you to go back to your old pattern of existence -- but then, you probably will not want to do so anyway, so the warning doesn't really matter.

The Purpose

The purpose is simple: to prepare the way for entering a new age. You see, I came to this world to teach, to inspire, and to assist in building the foundation for a new way of being. A large part of this foundation is a mindset, a set of ideas, a frame of mind, a vision, an altered way of seeing reality, or whatever else you might want to call it. I offer it unto you in hope that you too will be moved to align your energies in a manner that conforms to this higher vision, so that we may truly co-create what amounts to a "Heaven on Earth", and more, much, much more. Remember, you are here to experience the joy, the wonder, and the exhilaration of living life as spirit in flesh. You are gods incarnate, you truly are. My intent is simply to reacquaint you with that fact, and to do so as intimately as is possible given your present state of awareness and evolution.

Why Now?

Because there is no other time. All of us have chosen to incarnate at this particular now, to be a part of this great transformation. I know it in my Heart. You do as well, though you may not be so intimately connected with that wonderful part of your being yet. The timing is here, it is now, it is Now. Can you not feel it? Do you not sense it with every breath you take? If not, so be it! You will surely know it soon. When the circumstances are right, and you are ready, the knowingness will be given. And when that happens, you will be moved to act by a tremendous force within you that knows no bounds. The flower children of the 60's foretold of the coming of this time -- a time of peace, a time of harmony, a time of understanding, a time of truth, and a time of Love. It is the Age of Aquarius.

Why Me?

This question is two-fold: why me who reads, and why me who writes. As to the first part, if you have been drawn to this manuscript, then, in some way, you needed to be exposed to this message. The reason is known only to your soul -- and it will be unique for each one of you. The bottom line is that you are ready to be a part of something, that you have a role to play. Maybe you have sensed this already. Maybe you've felt that there is something that you are meant to do, to participate in -- or that you have a greater purpose or function to fulfill. It may have been a longing that could find no satisfaction, or just a feeling that there is something missing in your life. Regardless of how it may have manifest, it got you here, to this place where you are now ready to embark upon a wonderful journey of discovery that hopefully will provide you with the tools and the experiences you need to chart your own course and live your life in a manner that conforms to the dictates of your spirit.

Now, as to the second part … because such is what I came here to do. I have spent the past 20 years of my life preparing for this time, this work. It is my true love, my meaning, my purpose for being. It is my chosen destiny to assist in building the foundation for establishing a new way of being that is consistent with the energy and promise of the Age of Aquarius. My soul's purpose is Peace. Of course, I would choose to incarnate at a time that offers the potential for finally manifesting a true and lasting Peace on Earth. How do I know this? I just know. The truth of it strikes the very core of my being. All that I can offer you is myself, a bit of my special energy and knowingness. It is up to you to do with it what you will.

The Tools of the Trade

You already possess everything that you need to begin this journey. You are spirit manifesting in flesh at this very moment. The journey is simply a means of expanding the energy channels and capacities that you already possess, and of re-acquainting you with a part of your being that may have not had the opportunity or resources through which to express itself fully. Your mind, your attention, your feelings, your inner knowingness, your beliefs, your imagination, your natural talents and abilities, and your experiences -- these are the only tools that will serve you on the path that lies ahead. You may find that you are carrying a whole lot more baggage than you really need, and, you may as a result want to lighten your load a bit -- that is entirely up to you. However, the passage is much easier for those who travel lightly. But then, ease is in the experience of the beholder, as is beauty, as is anything that truly matters in life.

The Rules of the Game

There is only one rule. Harm ye not one another or yourself! All else is optional, it is up to you. Now, from a practical standpoint, there are a few limitations that you agreed to before you assumed physical form on Earth. However, since there is little you can do about them, there is really no need to discuss them here.

For those of you who prefer a positive perspective: Love ye one another and yourself! This indeed is essential to the entrance of the Aquarian Age.

Guidance to Live By

Before we get started with the journey, a few words of guidance are in order. As always, you are encouraged to follow your own inner guidance -- for it is far superior than anything you will receive from outside. However, it doesn't hurt to get new inputs from time to time.

We create our own reality!

Ideas manifest into form. Such is the nature of reality!
Trust the God Force within you.
If you don't believe, maybe it's time to start.
Be true to yourself, and always act with complete integrity.
Love unconditionally!
Give your intuition voice, then pay attention to it!
Belief is a prerequisite for sight. If you insist on proof, you may be making things much more difficult then they need to be!
There is always an easy way, and you will definitely find it.
Stay flexible!
Don't just think, don't just believe, know!
You are eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite. Be thou what you are!


The Challenge

The challenge is simple -- to allow spirit to more fully manifest in flesh. On an individual level this involves bringing one's true divinity, one's soul, down to Earth in a practical way. It involves being the powerful creator that you are, and owning responsibility for that which you manifest in your life. The catch is that you must do this in the face of some pretty tough challenges. For, drastic changes in all areas of life will bring much turmoil. The night that lies ahead may be very dark indeed. But, the morning will come, and will be glorious beyond imagination -- if we will but follow the dictates of our hearts and souls and work together to manifest a New World Order that lives up to the promise of the Age of Aquarius.

Each of us, as individuals, have our own sparks of light to share. As spirit in flesh, this is our birthright. As we learn to follow our Hearts and listen to the dictates of our souls, this individual spark grows greater in intensity. Further, when combined with purpose and intent, these sparks can be joined to create beams of light that can serve to illuminate the larger way for many. Multiple beams can serve to illuminate cities and towns, and in large enough numbers, states, countries, continents, and the entire Earth.

Illuminated beings operate from the Heart, the center of Love/Wisdom in accord with their understanding of their part in The Plan as dictated by their spirit. Because of this, all that they do and create is blessed. Love, peace, and harmony abound in all their interactions and organizational structures.

I dream of a world united in love, peace, and harmony; where people are equal and receive what they need physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually; where people are employed in a manner that engages their natural abilities and talents fully for the good of both the individual and the society; where people are happy and free; where people are helpful to one another and consider each other as brethren; where industry operates in harmony with nature, righting damages caused due to excesses in the past; where governments are efficient and honest, and truly represent the needs and rights of the people.

Such is the world that I choose to live in. Will you do your part? Will you expend your energies in such a manner as necessary to co-create such a world? Only through the cooperation of many will such a world come into being. Let us join together to make it so!





We have chosen to live in some wild and exciting times. The pace of change in all areas of life is very fast -- quickly moving towards astronomical. The decade of the 90's will bring more change to our world than has been experienced in many centuries. We are riding on a wave, a wave that has truly reached tidal proportions -- and it will dramatically impact all areas of our lives, as we know them.

In the coming years, it will seem as if the very foundations of our society and our world are crumbling before our eyes. Trust your inner sensing, for this is indeed exactly what is going on. We are already seeing this happen, right now -- the weather, the governments, the religious institutions, the education systems, the health care systems, the family, the economy, the ecology of the planet -- literally all aspects of our lives are in tremendous turmoil. All of our social systems are facing huge problems, problems for which they have neither the resources nor ability to address. And, it has only just begun!

The bottom line is that we have reached a breakpoint where the core beliefs at the foundations of most of our social systems and organizations no longer work. They no longer serve us! The key factor in this is that after a long period of growth, we have reached some of the limits of our planet; limits that cannot and will not be ignored. We have neglected the key principle of the Tao, balance and harmony in all things. We have forgotten that we are fellow travelers, jointly occupying spaceship Earth. And, for that, we are paying and will continue to pay a heavy toll. Whoever said that ignorance is bliss, was dead wrong when it comes to issues on a global scale.

The great seers of the past all foresaw this time. They saw it as the destruction of the world, Armageddon. What they failed to understand, however, was that out of the ashes of the old, a new world would arise -- one that was beyond anything that they could even imagine, for the very foundation was so alien to them that it could not be expressed in their visions. Our perspective, now, is much wider than theirs, allowing us to dream of things that were not possible in the past, and from these dreams to manifest a world and way of being that is truly beyond imagination.

The challenges that lie ahead are monumental. But, collectively, we have everything we need to not only face, but to overcome these challenges and to create a better world, in the process, for all beings who choose to remain here. However, cooperation will have to supersede competition as the chief motivating factor in human endeavors. This will not be an easy transition for the majority of those in power at this time. We are truly at the crossroads of a new age, and it is our choices in the coming decade that will determine the character of how that age is expressed.

Yes, the current economic systems will fall sharply, as they increasingly fail to meet the economic needs of those they are meant to serve. We've already seen the fall of communism as a viable economy, at least in the form practiced in the former USSR -- capitalism is not far behind, especially as practiced in the USA. As we'll see later, the principles upon which our current economic systems are founded are deeply flawed. They do not permit a global economy that is fair to all, and they do not operate from a true sense of integrity.

The current governments will fall, as well -- for they no longer meet the needs of the governed. Here too, the cause is that the principles upon which these governments are founded are deeply flawed. But, we'll get to this later as well. One of the major factors, however, is that we, the people have relinquished our responsibility to govern ourselves, and to create the appropriate circumstances and environment in which to learn, grow, and develop to our highest potentials; and live, work, and play in a manner that is aligned to our spirits and ultimate happiness. We create our own reality! We are responsible for all that we experience! There is nothing external to blame. We are seeing and experiencing the direct results of our own choices. Yes, each and every one of us.

There is a bright side to this as well. We have chosen to live at a time in which the possibilities are unlimited. We can create our world to be whatever we want it to be, collectively -- and we can do so within as short as a decade. At no other time in history has humanity been in such a position to so dramatically change its experience of life so quickly. The speed at which new ideas can manifest now is simple awesome. Just look at the changes in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union that have occurred in the past few years alone. These are just a small sample of what lies ahead.

Now, this is unlikely to be an easy transition. But, fortunately, the overall consciousness is ready for massive change. This readiness, this preparedness, this openness will be instrumental in pulling us through. However, the way is not yet certain. The innovative ideas, principles, and social constructs required for a true New World Order have yet to be dreamed, imagined, created, explored, and made manifest.

As an individual, flexibility will be extremely important in the days to come, as will intuition and knowingness. I strongly advise that you take steps now to "know thyself", as intimately and as accurately as is possible for you. For, knowing your abilities, your talents, your capabilities, your strengths and your weaknesses -- these will be extremely important to not only your happiness, but to your very survival as well. Further, it would benefit you to begin to create mutual support groups around you. For, the interdependence and cooperation among these groups, these chosen "extended families", will also determine the quality of your life during the coming times, and possibly whether you will survive or not. Unless your selfhood is expanded to include others, you will not make it through, I can almost guarantee it.

Think of yourself as a traveler, an explorer, about to embark on the most exciting and challenging adventure that you will ever take. For, in many respects, that is exactly what you are and what you are about to do. But, make haste, there is very little time in which to prepare, and the only thing that you can bring is whom that you are. It behooves you to know just what that is. It also behooves you to know more about the people immediately around you -- for, at some point, you may need to rely on their abilities, skills, knowingness, and talents as well.

Now, those of you who need security, you may want to look deep within and find a source of security inside yourself, for in the journey ahead it may be impossible to find it anywhere outside. Security usually is accompanied by stability -- you know, like the rock; and, in the midst of all the changes ahead, such stability will be very rare, that is, if indeed it even exists at all. You may want to experiment with ways of remaining secure within extreme mobility. For, mobile you will surely be, as the adventure takes you into new lands and new worlds.

It is not necessary that you understand, or that you accept or believe, anything that I say. I offer unto you my vision of what stands before us. It is not my intent to argue with you, or to convince you that I am right. This is my vision, period. You may also want to see what some others have to say about this. I recommend that you start with Ramtha, Breakpoint and Beyond, Powershift, or Upcoming Changes: The Next 20 Years. The bottom line is: accept what you will, what feels right to you. Ultimately, all that really matters is utility. If the ideas and concepts I present empower you and enable you to act, create, and make better decisions during these changing times, by all means, use them. If not, throw them away and replace them with others that work for you.

Also, if I step on beliefs that you hold sacred, or go too far into Woo-Woo land for those of you that hold your left brain abilities in high esteem -- don't take it personally. It might help if you retain an attitude of curiosity about why I might have such a strange, sacrilegious, or foolish belief at all. You can bet that if I believe it there is some reason for doing so, and that reason is usually one of usefulness. Remember, in both science and metaphysics (or religion), truth is generally not the issue, beliefs do not deal with the realm of fact or truth. What matters is utility. Does the belief serve you, or does it not! Beliefs are tools through which we create and experience reality, period. They do not require proof. For, if there is already proof, there is no room for belief. Further, I take my beliefs seriously, as long as I hold them -- but, I also change them frequently. I'd advise you to do the same. Remember, after all, we are here to play, beliefs are our playground -- and reality creation is one of the best games around.




In the Aquarian Age to come, there will be a great restructuring of the role of the individual versus society. For peace and harmony to truly manifest throughout the world, all people must be aware of the intricate web in which we are all part. Further, they must realize that all other beings are their brethren in consciousness, and that all beings together are one whole existing on one planet, Earth. The time has come to move from a loose collection of independent self-centered individuals, to a true society of cooperatively interdependent Self-realized beings. Until we do this, the Age of Aquarius will remain only a dream; for the very essence of this foretold age is founded on the Unity that comes from individuals aligned with each other and acting as one.

What is Society?

Society is a group of human beings, held together by agreement for reasons that are mutually beneficial to the individual members. Societies operate as a whole, as a collective body, chiefly in ways that look out for the highest common good of all. Members have specific roles and responsibilities within the society. One of the best direct analogies is with the human body itself. The cells are all alive, independently, yet they group together and establish roles, responsibilities, and relationships that allow a greater whole to exist that is more than just the sum of the parts. The cells gain from the specific roles they play because they are allowed to be what they are more effectively. Further, they are given a limited awareness of the whole that their efforts aid in creating.

Similarly, when individual human beings group together to form societies, an organization is created in which the members are the cells. Subgroups of the members may form organs through which higher level functions can than manifest. If the relationships are loose, the body created has limited functionality over that of any individual member because there is little synergy. When the relationships are close and founded on a basis of love, the body thus created has significant functionality over that of the individuals. When the group is small, few organs can be created so there is limited complexity or functionality. When the group is large, many organs can be created, resulting in highly increased complexity and functionality.

Countries, regions, states cities, and neighborhoods could all be considered to be societies as could teams, groups, and any other organizations of people. For our purposes here, the most important society is The United States of America since it is the one established to set up the New Order for the Ages, Novus Ordo Seclorum.

Society is more than the government, however. It also includes all the economic and social infrastructure necessary to provide people with what they need.

The Contract Between Individuals and Society

Currently, we do not sign a contract with society. All that is asked of us is that we abide by the laws of the land. If we do so, we are free to go about our own business as we will. If not, and if we are caught, we pay the applicable penalty which may include restriction of our freedom. Society does not owe us anything, nor does it expect anything from us. If we become extremely needy, society may help via some social program. We pay taxes to provide some basic common services such as security, roads, law enforcement, and various social programs.

The economic system part of society has no overall contracts with us either. It does not guarantee us jobs, as evidenced by the current high levels of unemployment. When we do find jobs, we are either hired by the month, the hour or the piece. The job is worth what the employer is willing to pay and the employee is willing to take. The contract is for the employee to put in time and effort in return for wages. In many cases, there is no guarantee of continued employment by the employer, and the employee is expected to provide two weeks notice for termination. The bottom line is that getting work and keeping work is up to the individual. One exception is that unions are established to enable individuals to bargain collectively.

From this, it is obvious that at very basic levels, our society is still functioning as a very loose collection of individuals. Only basic services are provided by the government, and the free market economy is driven by profits, not by supplying the needs of individuals. As a result, we see massive problems all over the country in nearly every area of life: education, health care, crime, employment, etc. We've grown past the point where individuals or small groups can take care of themselves. Modern life has too much complexity for that. However, even though our lives have grown much more complex, our infrastructures and organizations within society have not evolved to meet the changing needs. We still have no real contract with society. This has to change, and soon -- or, our problems will literally bury us.

Pure communism offers a contract of cooperative interdependence between and among its constituent citizenry. It says:

From each in accord with their abilities.
To each in accord with their needs.

Unfortunately, this has never been offered on the planet in a manner where its conditions could be upheld. The USSR did not set up an economy and social structure that offered appropriate jobs that used the unique abilities of individuals and clearly did not give the people what they needed. If it had fulfilled these conditions, nothing in the world could have made it fall. Part of why it failed is that it may not yet be practical to create such a union between individuals within a society. However, it may be useful to come up with an adaptation that might work. We can get some ideas of how this might be done by looking at cooperative interdependence as exemplified in the human body and in nature.

The human body is clearly set up in a cooperatively interdependent manner. Individual cells do not have to worry about whether their needs will be met. Various body systems take care of getting food, air and fluids into the body. Other systems break the raw materials down. Other systems ensure that the proper nutrients are distributed where they are needed. Still others ensure waste is carried away. Systems cooperate to ensure that the needs of each individual are met. In return, the cell is only asked to do what it was designed to do, to function cooperatively in accord with it's abilities, taking directions from higher levels of organization as needed for the beneficial operation of the whole.

Nature itself operates in this same manner. Each individual organism is adapted to perform a unique function in its particular environment perfectly. It's simply amazing to see the beauty and diversity that arises from each being operating in this manner. Further, throughout the natural world, each individual is asked only to do those tasks for which it was designed in exchange for getting what it needs to exist. It is allowed to take whatever it needs for as long as it lives, but it may be taken itself to be consumed by another at any time. The end result is a system of incredible richness, wonder, and natural beauty.

In the Aquarian Age, this type of contract will be essential. But, it is not a contract between individuals and the government. It is a collective contract between individuals as equals choosing to create a new type of society between, among, and around them. The basic contract must be as stated before:

From each in accord with their abilities.
To each in accord with their needs.

for this involves the very essence of elegance. It succinctly ensures that each gives in the most effective way possible while ensuring that they get what they need in return. It couldn't be stated any simpler or more clearly.

However, for this to work we need a few terms defined -- in particular, abilities and needs. In addition, we need to be clear about how the from each and to each parts of the contract are to be executed. We'll leave both of these things until a bit later in the chapter. Also, it is interesting to note that cooperative interdependence by itself says nothing about the nature of the economic system that might be employed.

Questions of Private and Public Good

Before we go much further, we need to explore issues related to private and public good. We would prefer to preserve individual privacy and private good, yet the public good is equally important. Private good involves ensuring that each individual is provided a means for getting that individual's needs met. Needs are more than food, clothing, and shelter however. Needs encompass all areas of an individuals well-being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Many of the problems we see in this country today stem from the lack of any responsibility on the part of society for various aspects of these needs. For the most part, meeting one's needs is an individual responsibility. The national government was only given responsibility for overall security, laws and justice, international relations, and things that impacted the whole country. State and regional governments were given similar responsibilities for more limited areas, plus education. In very few cases are there any specific responsibilities for ensuring that individual needs are met. In fact, in most cases, individual rights and freedoms are specifically called out simply to ensure that the government doesn't overstep it's bounds.

In general, what is for the public good, has higher priority than private good, by the sheer power of numbers. Majority rules is the name of the game, except in the rare exception when specific guaranteed individual rights are involved. The current governmental structure does not ensure the common good is maintained either. Political power, and the sway of industry- backed lobbyists ensure that many decisions are made in a manner that is not necessarily for the largest public good, but instead is for the good of a few companies and a few specific localities.

The economic system within society provides the primary means by which individuals exchange their labor for the goods and services that they need. It does not guarantee anything, it simply provides an opportunity. For most of the history of the United States, this has been an unequal opportunity. The medical system is a key example of where the system does not work. The costs of care have risen unceasingly over the last few decades, making many people unable to afford medical care or even the cost of medical insurance. In addition, though we have high productivity and per capita income, we still have people that are homeless and starving; and, we have many people below the poverty level.

One key reason for this is that we don't look after each other very well. All the focus on the individual has placed nearly all responsibility there as well. The limited infrastructure set up by the government doesn't ensure that individuals receive what is needed to discover and develop their talents and abilities. Further, even if this does happen, the economy doesn't ensure that there will be a job within the area in which one lives that can use those talents and abilities.

Emotional needs are rarely addressed at all, unless they become large enough problems to require psychological help. School is focused on educating the mind, primarily the logical left brain. It pays little attention to emotions or to the intuitive right brain modalities of thinking and knowing.

Spiritual needs are a matter left to the churches or to the individual. An individual is free to believe and practice in any way that individual chooses, so long as the method of practice does not break any laws. For most people, this involves being indoctrinated into the religion of their parents as kids. As adults, many people leave religion altogether. As the momentum behind the New Age builds, metaphysics presents people with various spiritual principles and ideas related to the nature of reality creation. Out of this core springs forth much of the information on which a foundation for the coming Age of Aquarius can be built.

On Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Declaration of Independence includes these powerful words:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

How self-evident are these truths, and how faithful has our government been in ensuring that these truths were upheld? Let's take them one by one. The first truth is "that all men are created equal". Interesting wording. This does not say that they are born equal, for surely they are not. This also does not say that they are equal, for this is not true either. The differences are glaringly obvious, in abilities, in talents, in wealth, in intelligence ... and in a host of other areas. The words specifically refer to the initial act of creation only. As souls we are equal. While the wording specifically says man, that was a problem of the times. In truth, all humans are created equal. This equality applies primarily to what humans can potentially become, literally children of the creator who in turn co-create their reality. Note that this statement says nothing about the nature of the creator itself. In particular, it does not state that this creator is God. My understanding is that there is God, Goddess, All That Is, in that order. God is the One. Goddess, Divine Source, expresses the two nature, duality. Goddess expressing in line with the Will of God created All That Is. We as souls are part of All That Is.

The next few statements deal with inalienable rights. Inalienable means that these rights cannot be taken away by anyone or transferred to anyone, PERIOD.

The first of the inalienable rights is life. How can this be? Everybody dies eventually. The key is that death is not the end of life, only a transition. This is true of sleep as well. Sleep is not considered to be the death of waking conscious only a transition that we go through each night, to awaken when we arise in the morning. Our Founding Fathers were some of the brightest men on the planet -- most of them were involved in various mystery schools such as Freemasonry. You can bet they knew what they were building and that they picked their words very carefully. Remember, they were founding a New Order of the Ages, carrying out a task of great importance to the entire world.

So, the only meaning there can be for this is that we were created in a manner that allows us to live forever. Since bodies are born and die, the essence that is being referred to must be our true natures, outside of our form in time and space. We are in truth infinite beings in potential, created in the image of our creator, endowed with the potential to learn and grow and become co-creators with our own creator.

The second inalienable right is liberty. But, what is liberty? Are any of us truly free in this existence? One definition of freedom is the ability to access and act upon information. Another definition would have us be able to do that which we want to do. National security severely constrains the first. Economic and legal considerations severely constrain the second. Again, this is neither self-evident nor inalienable. To get to the real meaning we must again resort to metaphysics. As souls, we are free to do as we will, and further, we have access to all information and are free to act upon it in any manner we choose. The bottom line is equal access and equal right to free choice. The only limitations we experience are those we create for ourselves.

The third inalienable right is the pursuit of happiness. Again, looking around, it is not clear that all people in the country, or worse yet, on Earth, have the right to pursue happiness. I guess some people might find happiness in the midst of poverty and squalor, but clearly they do not have a very good opportunity to pursue happiness. The ways and means should be easier.

For the Aquarian Age, the goal is to allow spirit to be enfleshed as fully as possible on this planet. As spirit-in-flesh living in this world, the rights called out by our founding fathers become our birthright and the objective becomes to live in a manner consistent with these self-evident truths. Society's chief task then becomes one of creating the environment that allows this to be realized in flesh by all individuals on Earth, HERE and NOW.

The Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual

Before we get to rights and responsibilities, let's first consider what an individual needs in this day and age. Also, we need to discuss the difference between wants and needs.

To begin with, needs come in four areas: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

Physical needs are such things as food, clothing, shelter, and health care.

Emotional needs are such things as relationships, safety, job-satisfaction, happiness.
Intellectual needs are right and left brain education, creative expression, challenging work.
Spiritual needs are ethics, meditation, self-realization, samadhi.

In addition, such things as play, rest, and recreation may involve two or more areas at once.

Needs are those things which an individual must have to be able to function effectively. Wants are those things which an individual desires that are above and beyond what is needed to function effectively. A form of transportation may be needed. A car may be the most effective form for providing the transportation under the specific conditions. A new Mercedes or BMW however is clearly a want, not a need. Need satisfies function. Want satisfies function + other tangible and intangible desires. As another example, a college education may be required to prepare a person for a particular job in line with that persons talents. Wanting to go to an Ivy League college to get that education is above and beyond the need. The bottom line is that society should be concerned about ensuring that needs are met where possible. If individuals want more than this, it should be up to them to do something extra to earn the privilege.

Where possible that extra should be in terms of doing something valuable for society, either by making themselves more valuable to society through additional effort, or by providing additional service to society above and beyond that required in their contract.

The primary right of an individual is to have ones needs met, through entitlement as a child, and through being provided with a satisfying means for providing one's service in exchange for the things and services or money needed to procure the things and services that one needs.

Each individual has the right to nutritious food throughout their life. Whenever, for any reason, they cannot afford it, it should be provided for free.

Each individual has the right to sufficient clothing. This should be clean, comfortable, fashionable, and warm.
Each individual has the right to housing. This should be safe, clean, warm, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. As an adult, the housing should be provided so that it is close to work yet close to family and friends as well. In general, the environment should be conducive to providing a lifestyle that allows an individual to be happy or at least pursue happiness.
Each individual has the right to health care. This should be free and readily available. It should be holistic, treating body, mind, and spirit; and should include a blend of what works best from the East and the West.
Each individual has the right to education. This should be tailored to maximize the development of the individuals unique gifts and talent. Education should include left and right brain components and should include basic spiritual instruction as well. Further, education should continue throughout the individuals life.
Each individual has the right to be employed in a manner that allows that individual's unique skills and talents to be used in a way that is satisfying to the individual and in a way that is in alignment with that individuals purpose. Employment should pay an amount that allows the individuals basic needs to be met plus includes a discretionary income to cover other needs and wants. Where possible, individuals should be allowed to work at home or in their own local neighborhoods.

Rights should always be followed by responsibilities. Since the rights we've listed are extensive, we would expect the responsibilities to be so as well.

Each individual is responsible to treat others with kindness and compassion and to avoid hurting them where possible.

Each individual is responsible for exercising discipline in their life by keeping their needs within bounds set by society and exerting reasonable control over their wants.
Each individual in school or training is responsible for enthusiastically and steadfastly applying energies to studies so that lessons can be learned effectively and efficiently. In addition these individuals shall devote at least 20 hours per week to community service.
Each individual not on training status is responsible for applying their energies and talents enthusiastically to achieve their purpose and to benefit society. Each individual shall on average apply 60 hours per week to some combination of working at an assigned job, developing their skills and talents, and providing service to others.
Each individual shall abide by the laws of the society, living in peace and harmony with others at all times. Any grievances or disagreements shall be brought to mediators for resolution.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Society

Once again, before we discuss the rights and responsibilities of Society, it is useful to understand the needs or society as distinguished from the needs of individuals.

The needs of Society are:

Love: Mystics, Saints, Humanitarians, Light Workers

Wisdom: Philosophers, Poets, Wise Ones
Peace: Peaceful Warriors, Peace Officers
Harmony: Musicians, Decorators
Beauty: Artists, Designers, Evaluators
Elegance: Efficiency Experts, Effectiveness Experts, Evaluators
Inspiration: Master Poets, Master Artists, Priests
Tolerance: Counselors, Evaluators
Justice: Judges, Mediators, Arbiters
Government: Executives, Diplomats, Negotiators, Planners, Administrators
Economy: Economists, Executives, Leaders, Managers, Planners, Laborers
Education: Teachers, Facilitators, Evaluators, Psychic Workers
Housing: Architects, Construction Workers, Maintenance Workers
Environment: Master Ecologists, Architects, Planners, Ecologists
Transportation: Engineers, Designers, Maintainers, Transportation Workers
Health: Food Workers, Nutritionists, Health Care Practitioners, Doctors, Mental Health Practitioners

The top seven needs deal primarily with the emotional and spiritual basis for society. The next two deal with the means for resolving disputes and maintaining balance. The final seven needs deal primarily with the physical and mental basis, including the infrastructure.

The whole purpose of a society is to enable individuals acting together to do more than they could do as individuals alone. When two or more people are united in this manner there is an added synergy that allows energy to flow through the union to do its works. For a society of many, this additional energy is phenomenal -- creating changes and efficiencies of effort that are wondrous to behold. However, we have not yet seen a society of many constructed in this manner on a grand scale. Individuals have been reluctant to constrict their freedom in a manner necessary for entering into a binding contract with one another. Contracts are typically relegated to business matters only. On rare occasions groups of individuals have bonded together to jointly pursue their greater good. Here, we are talking about doing this on a scale of an entire country or the whole world. Such an enterprise has never been undertaken.

The goal is to create a new entity, a body that is composed of whole individuals instead of just cells. The result of such a creation is a physical body for cosmic consciousness itself. No one body would be sufficient for allowing its physical expression. It is only a large group of individuals united and aligned in the proper manner that creates a suitable physical vehicle. The entire group would be partitioned into smaller groups or organs, each responsible for its assigned function. Further, individuals would have their assigned functions within the various organs, systems, or parts of the body infrastructure.

One of the key requirements, however, is that each person does the very thing that person was designed to do. This is revealed in the person's purpose. A core group of beings already know their purpose. It is that group that will start the revelation necessary to build the global body -- the ONE. The birth of this body will mark the beginning the Aquarian Age.

Given this new understanding, what are Society's needs?

To get a sufficient number of individuals aligned and working harmoniously together to provide a form that allows cosmic consciousness to express physically.

To enlarge the society over time so that the new entity may gain in consciousness and eventually encompass the entire planet.
To stop acting in a manner that does damage to the environment and to correct damage done to the environment by man's actions.
To operate in Peace and Harmony.

In return, what are Society's responsibilities?

To assure that the needs of each individual are met.

To provide each individual with challenging and meaningful work that employs that individual's talents and abilities.
To assist in creating an environment in which all individuals are allowed to experience their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in flesh as true equals.

Declaration of Cooperative Interdependence

We hold these truths to be self evident: that all souls are created equal, that we must through determined action create the conditions that allow souls to be fully expressed in flesh, that cosmic consciousness must be expressed in a physical vehicle to enable souls to be fully expressed in flesh, that individuals form the cells of the physical vehicle required by cosmic consciousness, and that only by establishing a cooperatively interdependent society will cosmic consciousness have the vehicle it needs to be embodied on Earth.

Further we freely choose to declare our cooperative interdependence to allow for the creation of this physical vehicle for cosmic consciousness to be put into motion. To achieve this end, we establish the following contract between and among us:

From each individual according to that individual's purpose and abilities,
to each individual according to that individual's needs and desires.

Always we act in peace and harmony, and as true brethren.

We are all One People

We realize that we are all one people, that whatever happens to any one of us happens to all of us. We choose to treat one another with dignity and respect, and to assist and help one another when in need. Further, we choose to live in peace and harmony, resolving any and all conflicts among us in ways that are peaceful and just. We call to cosmic consciousness to assist and guide in our endeavor so that the vehicle for the expression of the ONE can be created in the most effective and expeditious manner possible so that the Age of Aquarius can be brought forth with the least turmoil and suffering to our fellow beings.




In the long term, the desire is that there is one society in which everyone interacts peaceably and harmoniously, and individuals are fully responsible for creation of their own reality. In such a case there is no need for government to restrict or enforce anything. However, the ideal world may take awhile to bring about. In the meantime, it is useful for government to take care of a few of the overall needs of society.

The Keeper of the Peace

The primary role for government in the early part of the transition to the Aquarian Age is as the keeper of the peace. Peace is one of the critical factors necessary for the Aquarian Age to come forth at all. Keeping peace requires focusing on just that, keeping peace. One does not keep peace through arms and hostile aggression. That only encourages or sanctions such aggression as a solution. Peace abides in a different domain, one where harmony and understanding are key features. The government has many political and economic means at its disposal for getting its objectives accomplished. We're already seeing this in some of the trade negotiations. In the next few years, these will turn out to be more powerful than anything else. So long as the world revolves around money, economic power will mean something. At some point however, there will be a major transition in which economies are forced to bow to spirit. The ecological movement is only the start of this trend.

Of course, we also need to help ensure that the world's nations disarm as quickly as is reasonable and safe. Nuclear weapons are of the greatest concern because of their vast potential for destruction. It could take awhile to convince world leaders that they can indeed trust each other enough to start doing this to a greater degree. Unfortunately, there is little basis for trust established between nations. Individual countries act much like individual beings, focused primarily on self-interest. Occasionally, we see groups of countries band together to achieve a strengthened resolve on an issue such as the Gulf War or a unification of power in some area such as an economic alliance.

The United Nations is set up to be a worldwide society of nations. If the members truly embraced the concept of one world, reality could change in a heartbeat. However, there are major differences among developed and developing nations that need to be resolved before any real progress will be made. The truth "created equal", in particular, is one that will have to be addressed and resolved because the economic conditions of different nations are so vastly different. At some point, the issue of fairness and balance rears its head -- and it becomes obvious that the developed nations consume far more than their fair share when compared to other nations.

There must and will be a true society of nations as an immediate predecessor to a united world of no nations. In the not too distant future, we will be negotiating with other worlds. By some accounts, various governments have already entered into treaties and negotiations with aliens from other worlds. This is only allowed to a limited degree. Worlds that are truly civilized are ONE. They have resolved any differences they had on their own planets prior to being allowed to develop the technology to leave. The same spiritual laws operate throughout the cosmos. We will have to unite our planet before our space program can truly blossom. After all, we can't be putting our garbage into the space environment like we've done everywhere else. We need to learn the lesson from nature that all other creatures learn:

when you get out of balance with your environment, nature takes the necessary steps to bring things back into balance -- whatever they might be.

Overpopulation and pollution are the two major areas where we need to learn this lesson quickly, but we'll talk about this more in another section.

When we have solved some of our problems and unified our planet, it will be time to boldly go beyond and meet with some of the emissaries from other worlds who are watching us as we go through this critical evolutionary step in the growth of our world, the Earth. It is because this transition is such a rare step that consciousnesses from other parts of our universe are here to watch and in some cases assist. It is not such a large deal to keep Peace with other worlds, for there is already an Alliance of Worlds that our world will be able to join once we make it ONE.

But, this is still a ways off. Let's deal for awhile with more practical issues of what government needs to be in the next few years and what changes need to start happening now.

Why Government?

Government is needed because the people within society need an infrastructure that will take care of some common needs that they can't take care of by themselves on an individual basis.

Currently these needs involve things such as:

national defense
education (K-12), also consider college and university
laws and their enforcement
administration of public lands and facilities
regulation of industry.

Many of the laws safeguard the public against harm from various products or services that are provided by businesses in the private sector. Heavy regulation is required because businesses within a capitalist economy are motivated primarily by profit -- hence, they cannot be trusted to ensure they build safe products or services on their own.

From an efficiency perspective, this is very wasteful of resources. It wouldn't be required if companies were trustworthy enough to take whatever steps were necessary to ensure that whatever product or service they were creating was safe. Competition is the key culprit, however, since the economics of the marketplace forces them to compete on a price basis as well, and this they can't do if it costs too much to make the product in the first place.

Environmental protection regulation is another key area. In most industries, pollution control is a cost of doing business only because the government requires it. On their own, businesses would not have considered damage to the environment in their profit calculations hence would not have judged any pollution controls to be worth the cost.

So long as we have a capitalistic economy that is driven by profit and competition, businesses can't be trusted. They are motivated to build whatever products they can sell and make a profit on; regardless of any assessment of true value, worth, or need for the product. Further, there is a large problem of lobbyists with heavy financial backing being paid to influence the legislators on matters related to particular industries or areas of business.

Government by and for the People

Government should be by and for the people. It's not clear that this is the case at present. Because there is no real contract in the society, government does those functions that are defined in the Constitution and the laws of the land. Most of the legislators are lawyers -- clearly not a reasonable representation of the people. Most legislators and high level politicians are wealthy -- again, not a reasonable representation of the people. Further, the legal language of proposed laws is very difficult for the layman to understand, making it tough to decide how to vote on many issues.

It is not clear how it is decided what the people need. Having an initiative process that allows any initiative get to the ballot and then voting on it to see if the people want it seems to be a very out of date way of doing things.

One major way to improve things would be to start defining an agenda for change. This would require examining what the major problems are and taking a holistic approach toward defining changes needed to address these problems as a group. In some instances, problems might be isolated; but, my overall feeling is that most of these problems are related:

Schools - Poor education results.

Crime - People don't feel safe.
Health Care - Many don't have it + costs too much.
Welfare/Homeless - Too costly/Too many homeless.
Jobs/Unemployed - Pay too low/Too few jobs.
Economy - Serves owners, not workers hence not SOCIETY.

From this set, a key area of concern is lack of security. The main problem is that society does not have any contracts that make us safe or in any way ensure that all individuals will be able to have enough to get their needs met. Short of developing such a contract, all that can be done is to apply more bandaids. The real problem is caused because we don't have an economic system that we as a society are committed to ensure works for all of the individuals in the country. We haven't made the determination that every family is worth whatever it takes to get that family’s needs met. Orders of magnitude difference in worth don't make any sense, regardless of the nature of the work! People are people. They all have so many hours per week. Differences in skills and abilities don't justify great differences in compensation -- especially when many of those differences were biological to begin with.

If we started to address issues like this, we could truly get people involved. Further, if the vote were done via an electronically connected public, the masses would truly be able to speak. The legislators would then have a directive from the people for massive change.

For most of the problems, the best approach is to find the best and the brightest people with interest in the problem to work it.

However, the group must include innovative thinkers that can bring in new ideas for massive change. The key factor in each of these problems is that massive change has resulted in systems that are unable to meet the new needs in a balanced way. There have to be answers that don't require a massive influx of money.

The greatest resource any country has is its people. We must care for these great resources, every one of them. Each is unique, and we can't afford to waste the potential fruits of a lifetime of output from anyone. Maybe the pendulum has swung too far toward individual liberty. We've become so lax spiritually that we have no moral basis to society. Perhaps our forefathers were wrong about the separation of church and state. That may have been OK when nearly everyone had a strong religious life as well. In this day and age that is not the case, however.

It seems that right functioning of society requires a spiritual component. If the religious community cannot provide this effectively, then maybe it's time for the state to step in. The bottom line is that society cannot function effectively without a strong moral basis. If this is not being taught in the home or in any religious setting that children are exposed to, then there is something critical missing in the very foundation of peoples beliefs about how they live among others. This must be remedied before problems can be addressed effectively.

Actually, what I'm talking about here is the re-creation of a society, not a government. Our problems are really society problems; and, it is not clear that the government is empowered to address or to fix these problems. Our founding fathers left a provision for this in our constitution. Maybe the time has come for a new constitutional convention, one that is empowered to create a new form of government for a society different in many ways from that of our forefathers. It's been over two centuries since they met. Perhaps it's time to once again arrange a meeting of some of the best minds in the country.

As before, they too should come with a firm metaphysical background, perhaps from some of the same mystery schools but from others as well. In any event, they should have strong intuitions and right brain skills and should definitely include women. The answers will not come from a collection of lawyers. Rather, it should come from an assortment of individuals of various economic stations and various jobs. After all, reading is not such a rare skill these days -- even though it may be rarely practiced. Access to the proper materials is not confined to the wealthy, but stretches to any who have the dedication and interest to search. Many good metaphysical books have appeared in the last 30 years. The increasingly rapid rate of change has only really manifest in the last 50 years with the greatest part of that in the last 20 years. The key people needed to make this work successfully will have focused much of their energies over the past 20-30 years toward knowing their self and will have begun to apply their knowledge for the betterment of society, either in physical terms or in terms of visions of what society could be in the future.

Yes, it is time for such a convention. However, it is not clear that people are convinced that massive social change is the only solution to the major problems we face; nor is it likely that they would give a group such as this the responsibility for determining the course of such change. Further, we are talking about change at a level where no current organization has responsibility. What we are attempting to create is a social constitution, not a governmental one. Though such a social constitution will define a much clearer agenda for the government as well. Fixing key problems, however, will involve an economic agenda as well -- and this will require enlisting the cooperation of those who control the companies in many areas as well as those individuals who control the world's wealth. Then again, perhaps it is the way they've made decisions and exercised their power that helped to get us into these problems in the first place; so, it may be time to relieve these individuals of their power and give it back to officials selected and empowered by the people. Because the government serves the people, regulatory legislation may be sufficient to encourage cooperation. Where this doesn't work, it may be necessary to use market pressure as well. We'll deal with the economy in a later chapter, however.

Challenges of Government in the New Age

The challenges of government in the new age are no different than the challenges of any group of organization that is faced with dealing with massive change on a variety of levels. However, government is seeing the brunt of this change first, forcing it to lead the way. In the following, we'll address some of the key challenges and suggest ways of overcoming them.

Lack of an Equal Enemy, What Do We Do Now?

With the former Soviet Union crumbled, we no longer have an enemy that is equal to us. The Cold War is over; it should no longer guide our behavior and decisions. For nearly 50 years one of the key factors driving our priorities for funding was the issue of national security. While this is still important, it is nowhere near as important as it had been for so long. Military power is no longer a major consideration. Yes, there are still nuclear arms to consider. These should come under treaty agreements quickly, and where possible these weapons should be eliminated to get rid of the threat they impose. Policies from the top down should be reexamined and modified as required to conform with the present state of the world. Every major defense system should be reexamined to determine if it is truly needed. Military forces should be scaled back to essential minimums. Similarly government bureaucracies should undergo the same scrutiny. Those that oversee defense work or that were involved in all the intelligence aspects related to evaluating enemy capabilities should be scaled back as well.

Economic Wars Replace Conventional War

This is a tougher area to deal with. In general, we have a laissez faire attitude toward business in this country. Free enterprise and the American Dream are idealized and nearly worshiped. We are not really prepared to treat business as war as the Japanese and some of our other competitors. However, we do have one powerful weapon -- our market for goods and services.

With a population of over 250 million highly affluent consumers, we are in a position to make or break economies of other nations.

Conventional wars may break out here or there, but increasingly these will not be necessary as a way for settling arguments or disagreements. At some point, the people of the world need to realize that aggression towards others is unacceptable behavior that will not be tolerated by the United Nations. Initially, force may be needed to teach this lesson; but, that is not the most effective way in the long run. People need to see the positive benefits of cooperation and belonging to a new world order. This requires that they be treated fairly and respected as well.

It is not clear that we want to engage in economic wars either. Prior to entering free trade agreements that allow us to compete in other markets, we should probably take a hard look at the costs, benefits, and consequences of such activities. We need to decide what place economics has in our society and whether we truly want to open our market to the world. At some point, we need to realize that an economy must reach some sort of balance in order to prevent various types of problems. We need to make sure that whatever strategy we adopt allows for a state of balance. This is an issue for the United Nations as well. Somehow, a world economy needs to be achieved that is fair to the member nations. This will definitely require some payment or compensation for past sins, so to speak. Developed nations have taken advantage of developing nations for a long time. Such behavior can no longer be tolerated. Interactions must be conducted fairly and equitably. This requires more than just getting both parties to agree to the terms of a contract.

Another consideration is that we may not truly be in a position to compete, not because our workers are not good enough, but because they are not hungry enough and do not realize the true will and motivation of our competition. Also, we need to examine whether such competition is really good for society. There is some value to competition, but there is also a cost. It is not yet clear under what circumstances the benefits exceed the cost.

Moving Towards a New World Order

Because the population has grown to a level where planetary limits have been reached, nations are no longer isolated from one another. In many areas, such as ecology, what one nation does impacts its neighbors at the very least, and in some cases may impact the entire world. It is becoming increasingly important for the United Nations to step up as a new united world order. One of the key roles for government in the next few years is to decide and get agreement on what role we as a country are to play in this new order. It is important that we cooperate and work in good faith, doing as much as we can to ensure that all nations get a fair deal in whatever negotiations and agreements take place. To prepare for this, we need to set ourself up as a prototype for the new world -- adjusting our government in a manner that aligns us with the principles to be established in the new age.

Our forefathers set us on a course for setting the foundation for a New Order of the Ages. We have not completed that foundation yet, or we would not have all of the problems we currently face. It is time we get our best and brightest together to decide what kind of an order is needed and what it will take to bring it about. If a transition plan is already in the works, it should be made known. If it does not exist, then it should be the highest priority task for the government. Actually, it should be the highest priority task for the society, and it should not be assumed that those in the government at the present time are the right people for the task. In fact, it may be that key individuals from other countries should be invited to participate. This country is to create the prototype for a world order as part of our destiny, but this is a prototype for a world order -- so, the best and brightest social thinkers on the planet should be convened.

Keeping a High Wage Society Employed

This gets back to the economy issue again. Unfortunately, one of the assumptions of our present economy is that consumers must pay full price for services and goods and the price is set by whatever the market will bear. We have no concepts about fair prices or a real worth of goods or services. An hour worth of time is worth $4 to $1,000,000 plus depending on what is done. In other countries, this can be far less. On average, the wage is about $10-15 per hour. The bulk of the spectrum is from minimum wage $6 to $60, an order of magnitude difference. The higher wages typically require increased education and responsibility.

With defense and government downsizing, large numbers of relatively well-paid professionals are finding themselves out of work with no similar jobs in industry available to employ them. The private sector has no plan for growth, since most of it is based on the market sector and with no real growth in wages and no increase in market, there is no room for additional goods and services unless they can compete with other products or services. Because of this we see unemployment up to nearly 10% in California, with no improvement projected in the future.

The fact that our wages are high also makes it more difficult to compete against other countries, especially for doing any work requiring manual labor. Our education problems have resulted in lower math and science skills and fewer graduates with technical degrees making it tough to compete in high technology work. Further, many people decide on what to study based on the income level and job potential of the degree they pursue. Under more ideal conditions, people would pursue what they are best at -- and be employed to use their skills and talents, thus resulting in high motivation, satisfaction, and performance. When people are motivated primarily by money, great inefficiencies enter the system.

The classic way for government to impact employment is to generate legislation that opens markets, encourages growth, or removes restrictions thus allowing industry new opportunities. It is not clear that such actions will work in the current environment. Industry thinks on too short of a time scale in this country. Also, the profit motivation, and greed cause inefficiencies that prevent a greater overall economic priority.

Becoming Leaner and More Effective

Doing more with less. TQM is rampant. Al Gore's recent Report on Reinventing Government goes a long way toward understanding this and defining specific steps to make it so. The bottom line is that we can empower workers to do more so that the overall job is done better with fewer people. Bureaucratic red-tape can be reduced and government employees can deliver quality services that are focused on the customers needs.

Along with this, it may be useful to redefine what government does as well. The services provided by government should be in line with what the people truly need. It is not yet clear how best to determine what government should do. The best way I can think of is to derive the functions for government from the assessment of what the New Order of the Ages will be.

Transitioning from Defense to Commercial Work

The government is already encouraging contractors to think about how to transform Defense related work into commercial work. Several contractors have actually found commercial applications for parts of their work and even developed and sold products. In general, however, it is unlikely that this will work on a large scale. There just don't appear to be enough customers, and defense contractors are not used to having to compete in the commercial world.

If the role of government were suitably scoped, there is no reason that such talents as those of designing weapons could not be employed toward peaceful ends of working out solutions to some of societies problems. In particular, they could work on machines that make various tasks and activities more efficient. They could also work on basic technology required for longer term social change that is too far in the future for commercial companies to address. Much of the lasting benefits from defense work come from pushing technology beyond the state of the art and being asked to do things that cannot currently be done. This same attitude could be applied to the needs and services provided within a society as well. In particular, prototype communities could be built to determine how best to establish infrastructures that empower people to work and play effectively, and be happy. This is not that different from setting up environments and infrastructures that allow people to fight effectively. Constraints are different, and the general environment is more free, but the basic problem deals with optimizing variables under a set of constraints. Similar thinking is required to solve the two problems.

Flexibility: The Key to Dealing with Massive Change

Stay flexible! That's about the only way to deal with massive change. Trust that we have the raw material to deal with anything. After all, we have a destiny to achieve. We were the nation set up to lead the world through the transition to a new age. Our Founding Fathers knew what was in store. They were there at the first birth. We now are at the threshold of a second birth. God guides our endeavors, however. We have what it takes to get us through. And, we will get through it. How we do so, and what we experience in the transition are dependent on our choices and actions in the coming years. It can be easy or difficult. Literally, it is up to us.

One thing is certain, there will be massive change. The current problems in our country and in our world have to be addressed by more then bandaids. Those that can be corrected need to be fixed. For those that can't, we need to recognize what we did that caused the problem and then take responsibility and act in whatever manner possible to right the situation.

We are on a roller coaster ride, it's best to sit back and enjoy it. We will be safe through it all. It may get scary at times, but that is only temporary. The focus should be on the society in which we want to live. That is the final destination. However, to get there we must first define what it is. We need the dream of what that society is to be. It is from the dream that it will be made so. Such is the nature of reality creation.

The major driver for the government through all this should be to stay focused on what the people need and to provide whatever services are required effectively and efficiently. The key is to put the customer first and do whatever it takes to provide quality services. This will help ensure that the people get what they truly need. Specific organizations should be restructured whenever necessary to allow them to provide their services better.

Personal Choices and Options

You have a brain and a voice. Let your government know what is right and what is wrong at every level in which you interact with it. Don't tolerate mediocre service, demand to be treated with respect and provided with the quality services that you are paying for through your taxes. These people are employed by you to serve you. They are not slaves, however. They deserve to be treated with respect as professionals as well. Are there services that are not provided that could help many people. If so, write down your ideas and send them to your congressperson. Also, share your ideas with others and have them do the same.

On a social level, look at the society that you are part of on a local level. Is it as supportive as you would like? If not, how would you change it? Who would you live around? What kind of a contract would you establish for the mutual benefit of your local society?

Everything in our experience is a reflection of a part of ourself back to us. The best way to handle problems is to fix them in the source, not in the reflection. Think about how what you believe and what you do result in what you see, and take responsibility for your part in it. No, you did not create it all, but, you participated in its creation in some manner. Trust your inner self to move you in the way that is proper for the time and circumstance. Follow the promptings of your soul -- do what comes from your heart. We, collectively, create our reality. At the moment, we're doing a less than spectacular job, but that can all be fixed in a heartbeat. All it takes is alignment, realizing that there is a whole that we are in the process of creating that is much greater than any one of us. That creative unity can do far more than any of us could hope to achieve. However, unity requires a submission of the individual will, to the higher will of the entire entity. Note, I specifically did not say "common" will. This is not a matter of democracy. The entity created through uniting the group will be One -- it will be the collective "We", yet more than that at the same time. The synergy factor comes into play in these situations, and a new level of consciousness is allowed to enter the world in physical form. Further evolution will be guided by the expression of this new consciousness.

What One Individual Can Do!

Each individual can only do whatever their personal vision, abilities, and talents allow them to do. As a minimum, each should do whatever their inner voice directs them to do:

If you see a hungry person and are moved by it, give the person some food. I've noticed several outside of grocery stores lately. It's a simple thing to buy an additional piece of fruit or loaf of bread. If many of us did this there wouldn't be any hungry people around.

If you see a homeless person and are moved to help, do what you can. Advise them as to where the nearest shelter is, take them there, or take them into your own home if such feels right to you. You might also write a letter to the local government voicing what you feel about the situation and telling them what you want to be done about it.
If you see a jobless person and are moved to help, find some work they can do in exchange for getting some of their basic needs met. Food, shelter, and clothing require funds to acquire -- and a significant amount of funds at that.

No, you aren't responsible for any of these situations of others. However, you are responsible to act as your soul dictates when you find that these situations confront you directly. They wouldn't have entered your experience if there wasn't some reason they needed to be there. There are no accidents. We see that which we need to see.

As to the future, dream of what could be, beyond limitation, beyond imagination. Focus on those areas that are most interesting to you and imagine the new world as clearly as you can, knowing that the intensity of your imagination will help to make it so. Think on as global of a level as is possible for you, then act locally in a manner consistent with you vision. "Think global, act local". Try it! It definitely works.

You are not a powerless individual in the face of a huge government bureaucracy. You are a part owner that pays for the entire government to work for us. It's not us against them, it's us helping us. The U.S. is really us.




The coming years will move us closer and closer towards a new world order that embraces the entire planet. This order was set in motion by our founding fathers in accord with God's Plan for the evolution of consciousness on this world. It took over two hundred years from that beginning in 1776 to reach a state where we are ready to embark on an even greater journey. The United States is a nation of immigrants who come from all corners of the globe. This is as it was meant to be, for only out of such a nation can the tolerance for diversity arise that is needed to give rise to a United World. It is time for all to learn of the great power that comes from uniting together for a common enterprise. Synergy is a magic form of spiritual energy that arises in all such endeavors. Such is what makes villages, cities, states, and countries hold together for ages. Such is what makes some small groups able to accomplish what more loosely coupled larger groups have failed to achieve.

The Global Family

At some level, we are all one -- however, it may be awhile before we fully realize it. At a more understandable level we are the Family of Man. We are one family that spans the globe, or at least the inhabitable parts thereof. We don't act much like a family, however. We clearly don't treat each other with respect as brethren. At a spiritual level we are all spirits expressed in flesh. We all possess divine sparks of our creator. We are gods in becoming, all of us -- yet we don't act like it most of the time. There is a saying in India, "namaste"; it means "I bow to the spirit within you". Such a nice saying, and so true. It would serve the entire Family of Man very well if we we're to treat one another with the respect that such an utterance demands. We would see troubles, problems, and disagreements disappear in a heartbeat.

Clearly we live on a single globe, spaceship Earth. On many fronts, we are truly seeing how close we really are to one another. Our backyards have reached the fences of our neighbors, and there is no place else to grow. One thing seems clear. United we stand on this planet as brethren, or united we shall fall. Many common problems now impact all of us, because they impact the very support systems of the planet itself. Throughout nature, life is precariously balanced. Systems operate in very tight tolerances in very narrow bands. The cooperation of a vast network ensures that each being gets what it needs to exist. There is some adaptability, but it is generally within well-understood regions. Man is the only animal that behaves counter to the natural order. We believe it is right to adapt our environment to our liking without much consideration of the impacts to other beings, be they human or not.

We are the only intelligent beings who allow our numbers to grow virtually unchecked only to die of thirst, hunger, or disease of some type. It is time to educate our brethren that such is not the way. There are alternatives and choices, but these are not necessarily available to everyone. Part of the problem is that we typically do not establish responsibilities for one another. Our focus in the West has been personal responsibility. The rise of the individual and the fall of the family happened concurrently. We've lost our sense of balance in the process. Family at one time was the place in which we experienced community. Extended families were common in this country until the past 40 years or so. Churches extended this even more with groups of families coming together and caring for each other when necessary. At that time, this country was a much nicer and safer place to live primarily because of a shared set of social values. We now have two generations of individuals without this common background.

It will be tough to extend our hands to members of our global family without this background. Somehow, within the next few years, the pendulum must shift from this excessive focus on the individual to the creation of groups or families of individuals cooperatively interdependent on one another. We see the need for this even in our gangs. Where kids face tough conditions and lack a family or social environment that can help, they create their own social structures operating under whatever rules they see as necessary for their survival. Unless society provides them with an alternative, we literally give them no choice. We create our reality both by what we do and what we don't do. When we allow conditions to exist and persist that allow the needs of individuals to be neglected, we all suffer. How long will we sit back and do nothing?

This applies on a global scale as well. This is not a survival of the fittest scenario, when the strong can overcome the weak. As humans, we are above the basic laws of nature. We are divine creature -- at least in potential. We were created equal, every one of us. We are one family of human beings, one global family. Such is reality. It is time to wake up and start acting like the equal brethren that we truly are.

Dealing with Questions of Equality

Being created equal puts an interesting twist on everything. The issue of equality will be one of the toughest things for the builders of the new world order to address and resolve. It will require developed and developing nations to come to balance with each other. Balance involves more than agreement, it involves equitable and fair treatment not only in the present, but to compensate for past history as well. This will be a very touchy issue. The developed nations are used to a standard of living that will not work for all the world. It is very hard to see how this is fair, though many in the developed nations would believe it to be their right. The question is one of entitlement to resources. This brings up the greater issue of ownership and entitlement to any types of property at all. The American Indians were right after all, owning of land is not consistent with nature. One has right to use, but not to own. With the right to use, comes the responsibility of stewardship. Is it fair then to consider that one is entitled to do what one wants with any natural resources on the land that one occupies? My heart answers no. Society should be responsible for the fair distribution of resources. This society should extend beyond the boundaries of countries. All inhabitants of the planet have a right to its abundance and its resources. However, here too, rights have their corresponding responsibilities. All people have the responsibility to treat the Earth with respect, and to treat their brethren with respect as well. Growing in population at high rates when the living conditions of the society are barely tolerable to begin with is not fulfilling this responsibility. However, churches that create belief systems that cause some of this behavior are equally to blame and should be held accountable. It's no wonder that religion is such a mockery of spirituality these days.

With the intermeshing of individual will, economics, the church, and the state one thing is certain; the problems will be difficult to unravel. At some point, we need to step up to the fact that we are one world of equals -- nothing else matters. What got us to our present state of differences has no import. What matters is how we get to where we need to be, ONE WORLD. We can only act HERE and NOW. That is the only point that truly matters. Also, it will be difficult getting the world to agree to equality if we haven't first got our own country to that point. This is the old problem of the haves and the have nots. The haves want to keep what they have. Somehow, there has to be a way of giving everyone what they need.

This may require careful education of people concerning what they need.

Priorities for a New World

Health is the number one priority. On it rides everything else. The body is the temple for the spirit. It must be kept in the best health possible to give spirit the optimum vehicle through which to do its works. Along with this goes whatever is necessary to optimize the health care systems and wipe out various diseases.

Population control is a close second. The planet cannot accommodate what we currently have let alone any additional bodies. Birth control should be mandatory throughout the planet.

Both the religious and educational systems should teach of our responsibility to the planet and to society of not bringing in more bodies than the Earth and society can handle.

Education is number three. This should be free, and should provide each being with what it needs to develop its talents and abilities so that it can achieve its purpose. Each individual comes with a purpose. Counselors should be employed to identify the specific needs of each individual. Since education is the most important element of any society, it should be given the greatest resources and effort. Nothing should be spared. People are society's greatest resource. Their education is critical to their effective functioning.
Economic reform is the fourth priority. Resources must be treated as the property of all -- not something owned that can be bought and sold. Those who require resources for the production of goods should in turn ensure that the society receives appropriate compensation or benefits for those resources. This might be by paying a fair price, by conducting business in a better manner, or by producing specific goods that society desires. In addition, a fair and equitable way of establishing compensation for individuals should be generated. Everyone must be part of the system, perhaps using some sort of voucher system where individual accounts are credited whenever they do work that benefits society and debited when they use services of society. Many types of work benefit society. It may be best, however, to establish a set price per hour as the value of all work, especially if society foots the bill for any education required.
Ecology is number five, though numbers two and four impact it as well. We have to quit destroying the natural systems on our planet and do whatever we can to restore the damage that has already been done. This involves educating people and structuring economies so that there is no economic incentive to do further damage. In addition, it requires resources to study, experiment, and find solutions for some of the present ecological problems. We'll explore this more in the next section.

Stewardship of the Planet

One of mankind's key responsibilities is to be the stewards of this planet. We were given dominion of the animal and vegetable kingdoms because we were the sons and daughters of All That Is. Stewardship, however, brings a strong element of responsibility as well. We are to care for these kingdoms and treat them with reverence and respect. For the most part, we have neglected our responsibility and used our dominion to take whatever we wanted without regard for the consequences. Further, we have grown our own population to levels that many believe are beyond the abilities of the resources of the Earth to handle. We made our choices, now we have to live with the consequences -- whether we like them or not. For some systems, however, it may not be too late. We need to do whatever we can to right the damage we've done. At the very least, we should stop practices that result in further damage as quickly as possible. We are responsible for our actions, all of us. Further, it is not enough to do things at home in our own country. We need to make sure that others have strong reasons and motivation for taking responsible action as well. Much that affects our local ecosystem affects that of the whole planet. There is a web of life that is intricately woven. It does not separate itself into pieces rather it operates as a whole -- much as we should operate as a society.

The polluted oceans and seas, the polluted skies and depletion of the ozone layer, the dying trees and cutting down of the rainforests, the many endangered species, acid rain and the pollution of our groundwater -- all of these are due to our own neglect of our responsibility as caretakers. We've allowed our greed to influence our decisions and we idly sit by and watch as many a developing nation makes the same foolish decisions that we did. This is stupid, no criminal! The United Nations should ensure that we as a body of nations are smart and learn from our mistakes. Further, we should not encourage and support nations who make such decisions.

First Steps

The United Nations already exists and there is talk of a New World Order. If this new order is to be a body of countries, then it is time for countries to start growing up and behaving responsibly toward one another. The basic way to implement this is by deciding on how countries are expected to behave toward one another under the new order, to educate countries on what is expected of them, and then to monitor behavior and reward or punish it as appropriate. Many countries still act as children and should be treated accordingly. Those countries that have reached adult phase should know better, so their punishment for violating the rules should be all the more severe.

So long as we have national boundaries, and ownership of resources within those boundaries, it will be difficult to deal with issues of wealth and equality. Basically, the wealth of many nations is determined to a large degree by the natural resources that they sit on. This is mitigated somewhat by the technology and industry of each nation's people as well. This has to change.

Many ecological problems are driven by economic incentives that developed nations can impact by changing their import practices. In addition, if nations are asked not to cut their forests for the sake of the global ecology, then these same nations should be offered economic incentives in exchange. It is not fair that the developed nations could engage in the same economic practices years ago that they forbid of nations now.

At some point, it becomes necessary to get rid of national boundaries and national rights as well. The bottom line is that We are ONE people, UNITED EARTH. We are equal members of one whole and separation into countries only gets in the way. The body organizes by function, not by nation. Similarly, the ONE body of humans should somehow organize and operate by function as well. With our technology, however, we can easily link parts that are geographically separated so that they function together.

The best path for growth may be one led by the United States. If we can unite as one and dissolve state governments in the process, this can set a precedent for dissolving lower level autonomous governments. What works for the country could be the prototype for what works for the world. This requires a definite rethinking of a lot of issues. The United States is really a relatively loose federation of states agreeing to support a common entity to take care of their common needs in particular areas. The United Nations is the same thing except that the individual member nations give up even less of their individual power to the whole. In both cases, how much power is given to the common body is an issue of trust in a higher authority versus individual autonomy. This same battle occurs in the case of the individual versus society.

The overall VISION is to build a world where people are much more elegantly applied to meet the needs of humanity for goods and services in a manner that also allows us to meet our obligation as stewards of the Earth. People will get more of their needs met sooner and will enjoy what the do because it is in line with their talents and abilities. Further no ones talents and abilities will be wasted. People will cooperate in activities and lessons learned will be made available to others to prevent making mistakes over and over. Overall, humanity will progress quickly and souls will be as fully enfleshed as is possible at this time on this planet. Under these conditions, there is no telling what can be accomplished how quickly.



As you probably know by now, this is one of my hot areas. Nothing gets to me more than waste, inefficiency, ugliness, and lack of spirituality; and, economics more than any other area suffers from this. The bottom line is that the economic system should support we the society much better than it does. There are some basic flaws that need to be exposed and fixed. The economy should serve and facilitate our lives not govern them. Jobs should be tailored to people not the other way around.

Spiritual Economy 101

For a more complete coverage of issues related to Wealth, I encourage you to read Unlimited Wealth by Paul Zane Pilzer. It's outstanding. The views that follow are my own, however, not necessarily taken from others. My largest complaint is that the way economics is practiced is for the most part devoid of spirituality. This is largely because of flaws at the very basis of free enterprise and free market economies. The key to economics is how to get dollars now to make more dollars later, profits! In particular, in a free market, the value of a good or service is whatever the market will bear. The cost of labor is whatever the laborers and the employers can agree on since these are services provided by the laborer to the employer.

Where services are rare or special, the price generally goes up, in some cases astronomically. What is overlooked, is that we the people end up paying for it all in the long run -- the goods, the services, the costs of everything -- we the consumers pay all the bills. Unlike the case of the government, however, we have little control over the owners and companies that make up the bulk of the private sector economy. The only vote most people have is with their pocketbooks -- to buy or not to buy. And, of course, the encouragement has been to buy and buy big. As a result, we have one of the biggest consumer societies in the world. Other countries from around the world work extremely hard to get into and establish a sustaining base in our market and until recently, we received their goods gladly.

If humans are created equal, however, then their labor should be relatively equal as well. One should not receive better compensation than another simply because skills or talents are different. A job is a job, requiring an individuals focus for a determined length of time.

Money as the Medium for Exchange of Goods and Services

Money is simply a medium for exchanging goods and services. This prevents having to barter with a number of different individuals for the goods and services that one needs. It would be very useful to evolve to a credit/debit account per person where credits would accrue for any goods and services provided and debits would be deducted for any goods and services consumed. This could be done in a manner that allowed some borrowing, but such cases should be monitored by appropriate counselors who can ensure that the appropriate help, education, or other services is provided, if required. At some point, people should be responsible for policing themselves so that they acquire what they need and put in a fair amount of service in exchange. Until people are trustworthy, however, they will need such a credit/debit monitoring system to help in curbing their needs for goods and services. After individuals have reached heightened levels of spirituality, the credit/debit account would only need to apply to goods or services that were not freely provided in their immediate community.

What goods and services are to be available deserves discussion. We're used to a free market that allows an ever increasing array of goods and services to be available. It is not clear however that this array has any guidance or control other than the questions of whether a suitable portion of the population will buy it. We further blur the situation by allowing advertisers to hit a suggestible, sometimes gullible public with a barrage of commercials that affect the individuals on several levels. This is not a fair way for advertisers to operate. It is legal, yes. However, it is not ethical when one is using a variety of psychological techniques that the individuals have not been trained to counter.

It seems that there should be some sort of economic guidance panel that represents the people and serves as a central point for evaluation of new goods and services. Prior to putting such goods out on the open market, test evaluations should be done to ensure these are worth committing resources to. If it is decided that particular products or services are of benefit to society, then the scale of distribution should be decided as well -- limited-competitive, unlimited-competitive, limited-needed, unlimited-needed. In general, goods/services that address wants should compete against other such goods/services while goods/services that address needs should have societies full backing to ensure that they are built or done in a manner that is integrated and optimum. The desire is to get the best product/service to those who need it in the most efficient manner.

Economy as the Medium for Employing People

The economy is the medium for employing people so that they can exchange their skills and services for the money the need to buy the goods and services they need. Because everybody must have their needs met, it is only rational that everyone should be employed. What all these people might be doing will be addressed later. The bottom line is that there is enough work in society for everyone to be doing something that is useful and beneficial.

If the private sector cannot provide sufficient jobs then the public sector can. If necessary, a completely public sector economy could work so long as the goods and services needed by society were understood and were produced or provided by appropriate public sector agencies and plants. Further, if people were treated as the owners of the plants they work at, there would be much better quality assurance and motivation than typically occurs in the private sector.

It is useful to consider the economy in a few sectors: a private sector that addresses wants, a private sector that addresses needs, and a public sector that addresses needs. At some point, as the society evolves, needs and wants should become one. When spirit is fully enfleshed, whatever it desires is a need for its further expression.

People Should be Paid Whatever is Required to Meet Their Needs

The bottom line is that the social contract is to provide individuals with what they need in exchange for them giving society the best that they have to offer. Since money gives people the freedom to buy what they need, they should be given a sufficient amount to meet their needs. In the present economy, this also gives them the freedom to buy what they want at the cost of one or more of their needs. Until people are educated properly, this will need to be treated as a teaching area as well. People must learn the difference between wants and needs. At the same time -- during some transition period they should have the opportunity to earn additional income as well that allows them to satisfy emotional attachments to wants. It will be useful to monitor consumption and provide appropriate guidance while this retraining is on-going. After all, much of the training that got people into this position to begin with was do to action or lack of action on the part of government anyway.

People Work Best When They Like What They're Doing

Each person on the planet came with a purpose and a unique set of abilities and talents for achieving that purpose. The greatest benefit to society comes from effective execution of The Plan. This involves preparing and training the individual in whatever way is needed to actualize their innate abilities and talents and then employing the individual in an activity that uses those skills in a manner that leads toward fulfillment of the individual's purpose. It may take awhile for the proper timing to unfold. However, during any interim periods work should allow the individual to hone and further develop their skills while doing their assigned tasks. The bottom line is that people should be employed effectively, and they will be most effective when they enjoy what they do.

We may need to reconsider the way we design work. We need to get away from assembly line kind of labor where we employ large numbers of people to do relatively simple tasks over and over again. This is not the kind of work fit for humans to do. Machines have advanced enough to employ them for such tasks. Similarly, bureaucracy where paperwork is done in a similar manner should be eliminated as well. The key consideration is to use people where you truly need people. Use the right tool for the job.

If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Well

Everything that is done should be done well. After all, the resulting goods and services are meant to be consumed by us, the society. Whatever is done for society should be the best that one can do. If everyone is committed to doing this, the entire society benefits immensely with goods and services that are the best in the world for addressing the needs of society. Further there is an added benefit. If we are truly building a new society that addresses all of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of individuals; we will be producing a variety of new goods and services for which there will be no world competitors, though there will potentially be a large world market. The bottom line is that there is a great benefit in thinking forward, and creating new goods and services of value - - we don't necessarily have to compete at things that others can do, we can use our unique innovation and creativity to do new things and to come up with better ways to do the old.

Doing something well should be assessed at the holistic level for the society as well. Our works should agree with whom and what we are, spirit expressed in flesh.

It is Value, Not Cost That Is Important

Value is what something is worth. It may have little or nothing to do with what it costs, though in general, cost and worth should be related. Value is determined by what something does for the consumer or purchaser. Market value in the past has been defined as what the market (consumers) were willing to pay.

For society, needs must be met on a mass scale, so economies of scale can be taken advantage of to allow needed goods and services to reach a large part of the public at true cost. In general, cost involves materials, facilities, labor, and distribution.  The effort and resources that go into the entire system should be proportional to the value of the goods and services that come out. In particular, goods and services of high value should also be of high quality. Tradeoffs need to be made to determine what level of output is acceptable for society. The bottom line is that we only have so much resources so we have to optimize overall value to cost ratios.

Anything Creative is of Value to Society

As spirits, we are here to express ourselves creatively. Anything creative thus has value to society. Whatever we express as individuals, we express as a whole as well. Creativity must be actively encouraged. However, it can be guided as well into channels or avenues that are sanctioned by the society. Remember, mavericks have their value, also. We need freethinkers who can come up with ideas that are bold and new. We don't necessarily have to like them, but we must respect the originality of the creator. Creativity, anywhere, is the expression of spirit.

All great societies of the past have valued creativity -- primarily in the artists and architects, but also in literature and other realms as well. One of the grand achievements of our unprecedented individual freedom is a collective creativity that astounds many of our rival economic competitors. They have looked to us for years for new ideas on many fronts. However, that same emphasis on individual freedom has prevented us from effectively working in groups to bring our ideas to the competitive market.

The Japanese in particular have exploited this weakness, sending some of their best and brightest to the best American Universities to study the latest research, then bringing it back to apply it to the latest consumer products. They are masters at this, nearly magicians in bringing ideas into reality as products. This too requires a creativity of a slightly different sort, an applied creativity that is as important as coming up with the original idea.

Many People Work Better As Teams

True individualists are rare in this world. Some people have the individual discipline, skills and talents, and motivation to work alone; but most people work better with others around them. Working as teams allow these people to mutually benefit from each others talents and skills, allowing the team to get things done that none of the individuals may do alone. Further, if the team sets goals at the team and individual levels, then strong motivation is provided for getting various part of the job or task done. This works not only in the workplace, but in school as well, where students may learn as much from their fellow students as from class. In many job areas, this also allows each individual to have a variety of tasks -- reducing repetition and boredom. Further, individual creativity is engaged to be on the lookout for ways to improve anything about the tasks or the resulting products.

The net result is that synergy can arise in teams that truly work together to achieve something. This synergy benefits the whole endeavor, resulting in a great benefit to society as well.

Market Economies Are Wasteful by Their Very Nature

Market economies are wasteful of resources. They can't help it. Cost is the key factor. If resources are relatively cheap, it doesn't pay to do anything to conserve them. It only pays to worry about factors that impact profit. If waste reaches a point where there is sufficient potential for doing something to significantly reduce cost -- only then is it important. If labor is being done in a foreign country where wages are cheap than the waste involves human labor as well, since tasks aren't optimized to reduce the labor involved as they might have been.

Another area of waste is in the way goods are built and used over time. From a manufacturers standpoint, the key task is to produce and sell. For a consumer, the task is to acquire and get value from a product. One key factor is turnover. If everyone buys a stereo once in a lifetime, the stereo manufacturers have a limited market compared to if they buy one every five years or so. Manufacturers thus have an incentive for designing in obsolescence into their products. Each product that wears out or breaks after some warranty duration becomes a potential new sell. Similarly, there is an incentive for adding new features or making design changes to encourage buyers to replace older items with newer ones.

A third area of waste is duplication of products. Many companies create products that are very similar to each other. These products then have to compete for our attention and our dollars. Supposedly, this results in lower cost to us. However, to compete, advertising is required that allows each product, or at least each brand name, to get into our awareness. In addition, the size of each production run is less because several different similar products must be produced. Both of these factors result in increased cost.

Much of this is tolerated only because the consumer never has any real say in the process. The economy from a free market standpoint provides a means for owners, investors, and entrepreneurs to profit by producing and selling goods and services to a body of people that have the means to acquire such goods and services because they are employed either by the government, by themselves, or by the private sector owners. Part of the success of free enterprise came when employees became paid well enough to acquire the goods that they produced, thus increasing the potential market for these goods.

Unfortunately, there have been relatively few controls on advertising -- so, many things can be sold via association of those things with other things to which good feelings are already attached. Very little advertising is intellectual. If it were, it would have little effect on the general public. What moves us are the things that make us feel good, whatever that might be for each of us. Typically, we don't receive any training in this area, so the techniques of the advertisers go unnoticed even though they control much of our buying behavior.

The Use of Competition to Foster Innovation

Competition does have its utility as well. In particular, competition can motivate competitors, driving them to do more than they would have without the additional challenge. However, in the current environment, the losers suffer economically. Society wins in all such endeavors however, if the lessons learned from the competitors are shared. It is beneficial to know what works and what doesn't. Further, the individuals involved grow from their participation hence are more valuable for the next project. People should be encouraged to group into strong teams with a breadth of knowledge, experience, and skills that allows them to do a wide range of work. Work that needs to be done or problems that need to be solved should be broadcast so that groups can apply for the jobs they are well suited for. Evaluations should be done on a regular basis to provide feedback and to assure appropriate resources are being applied to the job or problem.

Competition also fosters innovation; by getting different groups to tackle the job or problem in different ways, different approaches yield different solutions. This is extremely helpful to finding not just a solution, but a good solution. Sharing of partial progress can benefit the entire process as well, preventing wasted effort in doing things that have already been done. The bottom line is to enjoy the process -- and to engage people's talents and abilities as fully as possible in the process. The end results do not matter. To a large degree they are determined by the Plan. What matters is that effort is applied to whatever is felt must be done by the society. We must act in accord with our beliefs as a society. Through consistent action in accord with our hearts the Plan will unfold in all of it's magnificence. The goal is to do always what is right, regardless of what the consequences may be.

Feedback as Incentive to Guide Creative Expression

While all creative expression is valuable, some may be more valuable to society than others. Feedback can be used as an incentive to guide creative expression of individuals to be more in-line with what the public likes or wants, especially in those areas that are consumer oriented. However, mavericks and lone wolfs are useful as well, and these will express as their souls dictate -- sometimes regardless of what others might think. As the society becomes freed to engage in more artistic and creative endeavors, more and more effort will be applied toward using this creative effort to move people emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Also, it will be found that teams of people can be even more effective than individuals in inspiring and amusing others. Laughter is a necessary ingredient for the health and wellbeing of everyone. Play and fun is important as well. Society is interested in anything that works, especially those techniques that work well. Elegance is a prime directive for spirit. It often appears to the mind as beauty, but a beauty that comes from being designed in a perfect fashion for ones function.

There is Plenty of Work for All to Do

In a society, there is always plenty of work for everyone to do. It's only a matter of declaring it to be so and making it a priority in our lives. There are always problems to be solved, areas that can be improved, new services that can be provided, and a host of things that people could be doing. These provide the perfect opportunity for consuming any available labor. There is no good reason why anyone who wants to work should be unable to find employment so long as society is plagued by major problems. This is particularly important since employment is how society provides individuals with the means for meeting their needs. One way or another, society pays for those who are unemployed to get at least their basic needs met -- whether through unemployment insurance, charity, or increased crime. Why not address this problem up front, and guarantee employment to everyone that needs a job? My sense is that this will be far cheaper in the long run and will also help to ensure that several problems get addressed in the near term that would otherwise have had to wait. Al Gore's report on Reinventing Government already identified how government should work -- so the raw pattern for structuring people into responsible and empowered teams is already in place. It's up to "We, the People" to decide what it is that we want government to do for us. It seems the first priority is providing those services that allow all of us to do more and do whatever we do better. This is a problem/challenge that is of the greatest importance. The bottom line is that if everyone does more and does it better, society wins in a very big way. In addition, the processes and methods we develop will give us a clear advantage against our competitors, an advantage that can be used to spread our prototype of cooperatively interdependent community around the globe.

In the current economic system, we are far from employing everyone. This is primarily because society does not yet consider it to be society's duty to ensure that all of its members are employed. This is our choice -- it can change in a heartbeat. All we have to do is establish another arm of the society or government that finds more effective ways to build communities where all individuals are employed in meeting the needs of one another. Living in such communities would not require thousands of dollars per month per family, hence might be cheaper than the cost of keeping these people on the streets. We'll get to this in more detail in a later chapter.

Everyone Can Do Something of Value

Each person has unique gifts and talents that can be used to do something of value to society in some way. Individuals are literally born with these abilities -- and all come with a purpose for which these abilities are necessary. It is society's responsibility to ensure that the individual is given the proper training to actualize these gifts and talents in a way that benefits both the individual and society. Every person is important. We cannot afford to waste the abilities and talents of anyone. Everyone is special and unique. Each has something to offer that no other person can offer. We must respect the uniqueness and sacredness of each individual and realize how much society loses whenever these special talents go unused.

Society Can Always Use More Services

People can always come up with additional services that society can use, especially if they have been taught to value and use their creative abilities. It is important to establish some metric for the usefulness of something, however. Where the benefit is obvious and the number of people affected is large, this is easy to calculate. In other cases, may not be so clear. It may be up to individuals or teams of people to do preliminary work upfront on their own time to show the potential of an idea prior to any strong backing or funding from society. In such cases, where useful knowledge, products, or services result; the people involved should be rewarded for their initiative and dedicated work. Wherever possible, society should encourage the investigation of new ideas -- providing relevant guidance and information where possible to prevent duplication or waste of effort.

People Should Only Do Work That Requires Their Skills

People can be happy in any work that can be done with dignity. Anything that is worthy of human labor can be treated in this manner. Dignity is an attitude that the doer of the work takes on in response to seeing the work treated with respect. In the near term, there may be many tasks that people must do because alternatives are simply too costly. This will change as effort is applied to come up with ways to do these tasks more elegantly.

Over the longer term, however, people should only do work that truly requires the abilities and talents of people or work that allows them to achieve some level of joy in accomplishment. More and more, we'll see tasks that can be accomplished with love. Where possible, future work should be designed to accommodate people and should be optimized for them. Unless absolutely required for some good reason, people should not be expected to do work that was not human engineered to provide the appropriate environment for people to do that work effectively and elegantly.

The Right Job for Every Individual

Individuals should have the opportunity to select jobs that are of their liking provided they have done their best in developing their talents. Where possible, it is good to have people like their work -- but this is not possible for society to guarantee because it is up to the individual to set the attitude within which they do their work. In general, work should be aligned with skills and talents. However, there still may be tasks that no one really likes. Where possible these should be assigned as punishment or should be shared in a manner that spreads the burden between many. A third alternative would be to reward people who chose the added burden. The overall goal should be to automate such tasks so that they can be accomplished by machines rather than by people.

For special people with rare gifts and talents, extra effort should be taken to ensure such gifts are employed for the maximum benefit of society. Similarly, many other individuals may be able to do many things. What they should do is whatever they are most interested in that provides an opportunity for their growth and their happiness. Where possible, work should be fun and interesting. Further, it should be challenging to the individual in some way.

Society benefits from enhanced productivity when people are assigned to jobs for which they are well suited. This provides maximum opportunity for job satisfaction and also for challenge and productivity. Everyone wins when people work better, smarter, and more effectively.

The Art of Maximizing Return On Investment

The bottom line in economics is always some sort of return on investment. At the top level the investment is the capital of the investors, the labor of people, and the resources needed to produce products and services. The return is profit to investors, wages to people, and goods and services to whoever desires to consume them. The current system focuses only on the profit that is returned on the capital invested. This is a very shortsighted focus; it is definitely not in society's best interest.

Society's return is in people earning the wages by which they can buy the goods and services they need and want. For this to work, several things must happen:

The goods and services generated must be sufficient to meet the needs of people and at least some of the wants of people as well.

People must receive adequate wages, after taxes, to buy the things and services they need. It is even better if they can buy some of the things and services they want. A different way to state this is that prices must be such that whatever is required to meet needs is affordable to all people. Of course, since individuals differ, their levels of needs are different. If income is not sufficient to meet needs, society will have to supplement income earned or otherwise provide for any lack.
All people that want to work should be employed. Actually, all people should be employed or should work in some manner, whether this be in the private sector, in the government, or as a volunteer associated with an agency or organization that provides service. Where possible, people should be employed in a manner so that they can support meeting their own needs. Otherwise, society will have to meet their needs in other ways.

People are a very valuable resource that should not be wasted. Non-renewable resources should not be consumed unless they have to be. Decisions to use such resources should be made by the government in society's best interest; and then, only after carefully weighing the cost versus the benefits of whatever goods are generated. Environmental factors should be considered as well.

Balance: The Key to Long Term Survival

The needs of society must be met. This requires some level of consumption of resources and interaction with various ecosystems. In addition, some of the wants of society must be met to satisfy higher level drives such as the pursuit of happiness. It does not matter that such things may not be required for happiness. Wants in themselves are part of the learning cycle and can move people to take whatever actions are necessary to meet the wants. Individuals have a hard time distinguishing between needs and wants so some level of accommodating wants must be incorporated into the economic system. Balance is the key, however. As a society, we need to keep our consumption in check to ensure that we don't needlessly waste resources or put any part of the Earths environment in jeopardy. We need to do things in better ways, to ensure that we don't harm the environment. If that means that it takes longer to get something, or that it costs a little bit more -- so be it. This may be a small price to pay in the long term versus what the alternative might have given us.

We need to do things in a manner that is not going to detrimentally impact society now or in the future. We probably should consider things in terms of at least five generations, if not ten. Though, with the rate things are changing, it's hard to think even five years ahead. We don't have to let technology or science push us in ways that we are not ready for. Technology has come a long way in the past 50 years, much further than the mass thinking has moved. It is not clear that we are ready to accommodate more gadgets. Hell, we haven't really assessed the impact of present ones. All around we see signs of systems out of balance, pushed beyond their means to cope. At some point, this has to stop. We have to catch our breath, see where we are, evaluate if this is really where we want to be, and then do whatever it takes to alter our course in the direction of more balance. This does not mean we have to be fixed and rigid, we can be moving in a balanced manner as well. But, balance there must be. Without it, our very survival comes into question. In fact, it's not clear that we haven't overdone it already and passed limits that we or our Earth cannot recover from, no matter what we do. However, even if that were the case, it's better to operate from right knowledge and take our actions accordingly.

Fostering the Pursuit of Happiness

To pursue happiness, we have to have some clue of why we are here in the first place. Happiness is a feeling-state of being. It comes to us as a result of how we interpret what is going on within and around us. For most of us, happiness is temporary and fleeting -- and we never quite get a handle on what causes it. The bottom line is that feeling-states are choices that we make at some level, but the choice must be consistent with our beliefs about happiness. The easiest way to pursue happiness is by (1) finding out what we love to do and doing it, and (2) getting to know ourselves as demanded by all metaphysical teachings.

Ever Increasing Job Satisfaction

If we develop our abilities and talents and constantly pursue work that uses these talents in creative and challenging ways, we give ourselves a good shot towards pursuing happiness. This should allow for ever increasing job satisfaction -- and since our job occupies a large fraction of our time, job satisfaction can lead to a greater degree of life satisfaction. This doesn't guarantee happiness, nothing does; but, at least it allows for it.

Creativity and Commitment to Purpose

The natural urge of the soul is to be creative. So, if we find ways to express our innate creativity, whatever that might be, we will be expressing more of whom that we truly are. Further, if we can find our purpose for being and commit to that purpose, we will find that our life falls into place and things happen beautifully with a naturalness that is awesome to behold. In this state of being, happiness is a by-product. It is the sign that verifies that we are on the right path. The pursuit of happiness then becomes a pursuit of purpose in our lives. The times of happiness we encounter along the way will tell us when we were engaging our true talents and allowing our soul to be more fully enfleshed.

Multiple Concurrent Jobs in Varied Areas of Life

Each of us has multiple concurrent jobs, only some for which we are paid. We have a job that we do to support ourselves and our families, if any. Our primary job, however, is to learn about ourselves. We also have jobs of providing service to others in society. These others may be family, friends, or strangers. Since we have many skills and talents, we need a diversity of outlets for employing these skills and talents; no one outlet is enough. Where possible, it is best to find outlets that provide some service or benefit to others. However, solitary pursuits are perfectly fine as well if they help to make one happy.




Education is the most important activity in any society. It is required by everyone, and should be actively encouraged and pursued for the entire lifetime of each individual. Further, it should be tailored to individual needs and should be provided free of charge. Many problems in society are the direct result of neglect in this area. A sick education system is a sure sign that the society must either change or die.

Education is the primary means through which knowledge, skills, and wisdom are shared among people in the society. Education has three facets: teaching, learning, and doing. As young children, we are primarily learners and doers. But, for the rest of our lives, we are always in the midst of all three facets at the same time -- learning some things, teaching some things, and practicing or doing some things.

Education is the means through which society discharges its responsibility to each individual of providing that individual with whatever is needed to develop the individual's unique skills and talents. Of course, the individual has a responsibility in this as well for education doesn't happen unless the individual learner is an active participant. Education is also the means through which society imparts to its members the values necessary for society to function harmoniously.

All four areas of an individual's life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) must be covered by the education process, but there should be no set curriculum that everyone must go through except at a very rudimentary level. One exception is the spiritual area, where everyone needs a basic understanding of who and what they are, and what society expects from them. Nearly everything else should be tailored to meet the individual's needs and interests. People learn most effectively when they are interested in what they are learning. Until they are self-motivated to learn something, it is not worth wasting the effort to teach them.

Some of the kinds of things that education should cover in each of the four major areas include:

physical: motor skills, balance, coordination, physiology, nutrition, massage, hand work


left: logic, memory, facts, cause/effect, math, science, technology
right: spatial orientation, intuition, abstraction, creativity

emotional: feelings, moods, psyche
spiritual: morals, values, right behavior, nature of being

Specifically what should be covered in each of the areas is left to the experts. However, some useful guidance can and will be provided for some of these areas.

As a society, we cannot afford to fail in our duty to educate. However, we must realize that this is more than simply to educate our youth through grades K-12. Education is, or should be, a lifelong endeavor for every individual on the planet. Education has three main roles (1) teaching individuals how to learn, (2) imparting skills and information, (3) creating environments for skill using by individuals and in groups where appropriate.

Because our world is changing so rapidly, facts have limited utility. Knowing how to learn has become extremely important. The individual must learn constantly just to keep up with changes both on the work and the home fronts. Learning is now becoming a way of life, as it should be. The education system will have to adapt and grow to accommodate the need. However, more of the same will not satisfy the need. The current system simply was not designed to meet the educational needs of today. It is time for massive change.

For one thing, we need some of the best and brightest minds in the country involved in education. We can't necessarily afford to take them from current tasks, but we may be able to employ some of their time in a productive manner. One way of doing this is as sort of a labor tax, where every individual is required to provide a percentage of their time for the education of others. The education infrastructure should determine how to use that time for the greatest benefit to society.

On Subjects: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic ...

Basic motor skills should come first, followed by basic communication skills. Reading, Speaking, and Writing come second to mature the basic communications skills. Basic number skills come third along with basic skills for interacting with others, and basic creative or artistic skills. Early activities should all involve a high degree of play. Individuals should be allowed to progress at their own pace and no set requirements should be imposed on the level to be achieved. Each individual is unique, and should be treated as so.

Once basic skills are learned to whatever level each individual is capable of, the focus should be on teaching different techniques for learning and helping each individual to find and develop those techniques that are best for them. We shouldn't teach in ways that force individuals to use ineffective means for learning. Teaching and learning are two components of the same process, they are not independent activities. We don't want to waste the students time and risk frustration. It's too easy for frustration to turn to disinterest.

A few subjects such as Rights, Liberties, Responsibilities, Social Values, Great Thoughts, and Lifestyles should be required so that individuals have a common basis for living in society. Nearly everything else should be elective based on the individuals interest and ability.

The Role of the Professional Teacher

The role of the professional teacher should be primarily one of evaluator, organizer, facilitator, counselor, and guide. It is the teacher's duty to help each student find and develop their abilities and talents in line with their interests. This requires helping each student to find out how they learn best and to uncover what they are naturally interested in by exploring various topics and skills and seeing how they do with them. Success and failure is unimportant. Curiosity and willingness to try new things are of greater value -- even then, there is nothing wrong with an individual who finds an area they like and pursues it to great depth. Interest will naturally take the student to wherever they need to go. When done in the right manner, learning is one of the most exciting activities that there is. Children naturally like this state of being. It's only when they are taught in a manner that is unsuited to them or uninteresting to them that problems arise.

This is far from the case now. In many instances, the role of teacher has been reduced to that of babysitter and disciplinarian. Simply keeping order in the classroom has become a major task, nearly an impossible one in some neighborhoods. School is not the sanctuary of learning that it should be. As a result, we all suffer from a variety of problems that plague society today. Not all of this is due to education, but a great deal of it is. This is not to blame teachers -- they are doing the best they can within the way the education system is set up. The major problem is that the world has changed so rapidly. This has changed the nature of the input to the process, the student who no longer has the same moral and social training happening at home. Further, the expected output is not clear either. There is no real understanding of what skills are required to be a good, happy, and productive member of society anymore.

The structure of schools have to change in drastic ways to even begin to make things better. However, the first step is to define what we really want education (K-12) to do in society. Then the best and brightest educational thinkers should come in and design whatever process is right for making it happen. Human beings can do whatever is necessary to overcome human problems. All it takes is focus and resolve accompanied by a willingness to apply the best people to the task. The best people are those with the skills, talent, and commitment necessary to get the job done. Whatever society focuses on we will get. It all comes down to focus, resources, and resolve to do whatever it takes to do it right.

Educating the Individual as an Individual

Each individual is an individual and should be treated as such. Means, averages, and norms do not have any place in a system that is helping each individual to develop to whatever that individual's potential is. It doesn't matter how one person compares to another in the education process. It simply does not matter. What is important is that each individual receive exactly what is beneficial for their highest growth. This should include some challenge and competition for stimulation but this must not be overdone to the point of driving individuals and potentially burning them out. The learning pace should be moderate to fast, however, learning should always be fun -- always!

To educate the individual in this manner, more resources have to be applied to finding, testing and evaluating the talents and skills of individuals. The individuals themselves should be actively engaged in supporting this process by reporting on what they are learning and what is fun or easy for them vs what is more difficult. Difficult may be OK if the individual is motivated by the challenge. Difficult is not OK when it is overwhelming or starts leading to disinterest.

The chief motivation for learning should come from counselors and individuals getting together to define overall goals for particular periods of time such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The two together should agree upon what is to studied and learned during these times. Substitutions should be allowed at any time based on the agreement of counselor and individual. Meetings and assessments should be frequent. The goal is to facilitate the learning process for each individual by assuring that the right resources, tasks, and activities are assigned at the most optimal times within the overall constraints of the education system. For many tasks, individuals may be guided by facilitators, but they will be on their own to do the work until they have questions. Much skill getting will come from personalized interaction with computers. Similarly, much factual information can be acquired in the same way. Demonstrations and enactments may be useful as well, either in movies or live. Skill using may take place in individual activities or, more likely, in groups where many people can use their skills together simultaneously.

It is extremely important that individuals learn group interaction skills as well. In the times ahead, these skills are critical to the very functioning of society and will be essential to individual survival as well. Individuals will have different preferences and methods for functioning in groups. These must be respected. However, society is at a stage where we are learning to find our connections with one another so that we can become whole -- one. This places a responsibility on each individual to find their place within the puzzle and operate harmoniously. There is only one web of life, and we are all within that web -- not caught in it like a bug in a spiders web, but a strand of it that is tied to other strands.

Equal Emphasis on Right and Left Brain

In the Aquarian Age, each individual will need to function from their whole brain. This includes both the left and right components in equal measure. Individual differences may result in specific preferences, but each individual has two sides of their brain, both of which are meant to be utilized in this existence. Failure to operate in a manner that applies both sides results in lower effectiveness and efficiency than would be present when operating wholly. The individual operates at less than their optimum and society loses as well.

The present education system has an extreme overemphasis on left brain activities: thinking and logic, facts, causal relationships, mathematics, science. Yes, these are useful in the current world. They are not essential to life, however. Many people are fine and happy without these things playing a major role in their lives. Right brain skills are becoming more and more important. Creativity, spatial relationships, and intuition are all important to operating at peak levels of performance. They are essential to a cooperatively interdependent society that is focused on peace and harmony. Art, music, dance, architecture, contemplation, meditation, yoga, and any creative activities provide avenues for the use of the right brain. Using the right brain is the best way to develop it. The more one uses it, the better it becomes. Several of the skills require some level of trust as well. Metaphysics provides an abundance of techniques that can be used in this area. I suspect that, by now, psychology has many as well.

Individual versus Group Activities

The individual should be exposed to a variety of situations that are representative of what that individual is likely to face in life. Being confined to a group of one's peers in age is clearly not representative of life.

Individual activities include such things as computer aided instruction, reading, writing, computer programming, problem solving, some sports, art, meditation. They all require some type of individual focus or concentration to accomplish.

Group activities allow one to do one's task in relationship to others doing theirs. They provide an opportunity for working on interpersonal skills and for experiencing an environment similar to what one finds in the world. Group activities include team sports, plays, historical reenactments, and various group projects. Group projects should allow individuals to use their skills to do something that contributes to the whole. The main focus should be on getting people to work together effectively while maintaining an atmosphere in which each person is treated with respect.

The Teacher Appears When the Student is Ready

There is a principle in metaphysics that states:

When the student is ready, the master will appear.

We need to make a similar pledge in our educational system. Namely, that whenever there is a student ready to learn, then society will find and provide the teacher necessary for the student to learn. Actually, we may want to provide the resources required which may or may not include a physical teacher. In learning related to know thyself, this should always be provided.

For other learning that an individual may desire, society needs to weigh the benefit to be gained from this training against the resources required. When individuals are operating as spirit enfleshed, they will not ask for things or be strongly motivated to learn anything that is not in line with their purpose or the higher expression of their gifts and talents -- so, in general, all requests for training should be fulfilled upon assessment of the student truly being ready.

Learning as a Way of Life

Learning should be a way of life. Each individuals main job on the planet is always to learn. This is true in every lifetime we ever experience. Know Thyself! Such is the prime directive to all of us. Since we can never complete this task, it is with us for our entire lifetime. Given that this is so, it only makes sense that the education system within society should accommodate this need of every individual to learn from the time they are born until the time they die.

People should be encouraged to learn whatever they want to learn whether for work, hobby, or just plain fun. Further, they should be given the opportunity to learn as well. The education system should facilitate this process by providing classes in a variety of areas of particular interest and benefit to society as a whole. In addition, educational facilities should be available for people on their own to conduct classes of various types for others. These may be on anything that private individuals are willing to teach that one or more students want to learn.

Individuals should be given opportunities for job growth commensurate with their skills, abilities, and interests. This may require additional training or retraining to get the individual to the level of competence required for the new job. Counselors should monitor individuals to identify the appropriate timing for these opportunities.

On the metaphysical side, a series of trainings and initiations should be established that take people to various levels of understanding of self. Many of these activities have been done in secret societies for many thousands of years. However, now we face the need for many to be trained relatively quickly so that all of society, not just a select few, is prepared for entering the Aquarian Age.

Teachers, Learners and Doers

We are all teachers, learners, and doers. I believe Richard Bach said that in Illusions. He was right. We all help others to learn, learn ourselves, and use what we've learned. It's a natural part of living. We do all three all the time for all of our lives. We may be particular about how or what we teach, learn, or do. But, since we're all different, that's to be expected.

All individuals should take it as their solemn duty to pass on their knowledge to at least one other person. That means everything that one knows. The goal is to ensure that knowledge is enfleshed to the highest degree possible, and that nothing is lost when it becomes time for an individual to pass on for whatever reason. In addition, whenever it is felt to be useful to pass on skill or knowledge to more than one person the need should be made known so that the right individuals can be identified for the training.

For society to function well, everyone must participate in the education process both as learners and as teachers. Sharing knowledge and helping others gain skills and develop natural abilities is an obligation that each individual takes on to some degree. People are the most important resource in society. Self-actualized people are of extreme benefit to society. The more such beings we have, the greater the overall level of abundance, peace, and happiness for all. Spiritual education is especially important since we want all major decisions made for the good of all concerned.

It is in doing that the results of education are brought to society. When people are using their highest skills and talents in their work, society benefits in amazing ways -- especially if individual creativity is activated. The creations of people who love what they do are works with Heart -- works of Love, the closest we can get to creating works of spirit or god. The inspiration of such works can move the planet in ways that are simply beyond imagination.

Just imagine the difference there would be in the world if everyone were more productive and spent a significant part of their free time learning new things and helping to teach others. This does not necessarily have to cost anything. What it requires is a commitment to service that starts with education, the most critical function in society. Each individual must accept their responsibility in fixing the current educational problems. Paying one's taxes and allowing the present system to continue to struggle is not doing one's part. Paying more taxes won't fix the problem either. What is needed is a decision by the people that makes this problem of a high enough priority that individuals will provide the time and ideas needed to come up with an educational system that meets the demands of society in the world today. We, collectively, must do whatever it takes to fix things by figuring out how we can act locally to fix local problems, and allow others doing the same to fix their problems. The government can make sure that the best ideas get shared across the country. Also, the government can restructure the infrastructure so that it conforms with the best methods for teaching and learning at this time in this country.

Overall, we want a lot more people involved in the education process. The people that do things best are prime candidates to serve as examples to others. They may or may not have the skills to teach what they do. Here is where it is useful to mix education professionals with masters of various skills to come up with optimal strategies and materials for teaching. Much research has already been done in this area. It is only a matter of applying it to the skills that society needs and finds important. With greater use of video, we can give many access to the masters.

Suggestions Based on my Personal Experience

Read! I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. Reading has been one of the main pleasures in my life. It is also one of my chief sources of acquiring information. Further, it is one of few activities that really require one to think and use one's imagination. The high bandwidth of video makes watching television and movies primarily a non-thinking experience that is all consuming to the senses and emotions. This has its value, but not when taken to excess. Television has primarily become a means for escaping from reality. Books can be that also. However, when books do this, at least they require one's imagination to be actively engaged, thus allowing the right brain to be exercised. Read because that is one of the only ways to access particular information necessary to your development as a whole being -- especially as a spiritual one.

Most of the books I've read are nonfiction, though you may think them far from such if you choose to read them. On the following pages I provide a recommended reading list that includes the creme of the creme from the books that I have read. The emphasis is primarily on books that have a metaphysical content, since that is the area that most touches the soul and the nature of reality creation. The greatest religious texts of the world have not been included, primarily because it is too hard to divorce such texts from the religious organizations that thrive around them. I'd prefer to stay away from religion. My belief is that the spiritual path by necessity must be a personal one and I refuse to have any intermediary between me and my maker. No one has granted to the church any right or authority in spiritual matters. Individuals may give their personal authority to such institutions as they choose, but such is neither my choice nor my recommendation to others. For society to function at its optimum, each individual must operate as a spiritual being in flesh. This can only happen when each individual has a spiritual foundation established as part of that individuals education. Education can only be responsible for part of this. For the most part, education can only set the stage and provide the right resources to facilitate learning. The individual must do the rest by applying their focus, attention, and abilities to the task of learning.

From my personal experience, for education past the eighth grade, most of what is learned is determined by how individuals apply themselves. I found that over 90% of what I learned in high school and in college, I learned outside of the classroom, or even the school setting. Most of the material to be learned came from books, and it was up to me to apply myself to the tasks at hand. Instructors and tutors may have been available in college, but I never used them.

Even more interesting, is that all of the material that I have found most important to my development as a spiritual being in flesh came from outside of any formal education system. None of it came from, or was recommended by, any person or material associated with the educational institutions that I've attended.

This is not surprising, however, since until the early 1980's, many of these books were only to be found under the Occult heading -- not a place frequented by folks who didn't want to be considered weird. In the mid-80's, this softened to New Age due to the heightened prominence of the work of many associated with using the right brains to find more sane ways of living. Now, Metaphysics is accepted as a large body of knowledge that deals with things beyond physics. Though much of it is still highly right brain oriented, the systems are complex enough that they lend themselves to left brain activities as well. A number of basic principles have been applied in various ways to various activities resulting in a great increase in self-help, alternative medicine, etc ...

If I had to label what I am, metaphysician is as good as any other label. The bottom line is that we are all spirits expressing ourselves in flesh. Metaphysics comes closer than anything else that I have ever encountered to describing the nature of how this expression happens. The following books and tapes are the best place I have found to get this understanding. You may want to complement this with some live seminars. Tony Robbins and Stuart Wilde have outstanding ones that I have personally attended. However, I recommend you start with the books. The value of the personal experience is greatly increased if you have the right preparation, and the best preparation is what you do for yourself.



The following books should be on everyone's must read list. They are in my top 5 percent category. Those highlighted I would consider to be in the top 1 percent of books that I have ever read in terms of overall impact on my beliefs and my life. This makes them, in my opinion, among the best books on the planet.

Thea Alexander: 2150 A.D.

Richard Bach

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
The Bridge Across Forever

Paolo Coelho: The Alchemist
Marilyn Ferguson: The Aquarian Conspiracy
Emmet Fox: The Sermon on the Mount
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Willis Harmon: Global Mind Change
Vernon Howard: The Mystic Masters Speak
J.Z. Knight: RAMTHA (the white book)
George Land: Breakpoint and Beyond
Dan Millman:

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
The Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior

Ruth Montgomery:

Aliens Among Us
Threshold to Tomorrow
Strangers Among Us

M. Scott Peck:

The Road Less Traveled
A Different Drum

Paul Zane Pilzer: Unlimited Wealth
Robert Pirzig: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

The Republic

Joya Pope:

The World According to Michael
Upcoming Changes: The Next 20 Years

T. Lobsang Rampa: The Third Eye
John-Roger and Peter McWilliams:

Life 101
You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought
Do It: Let's Get Off Our Buts
Wealth 101

Anthony Robbins:

Unlimited Power
Awaken the Giant Within

John Robbins: Diet for a New America
Jane Roberts:

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul
The Nature of Personal Reality
The Nature of the Psyche
The Nature of Mass Events
Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment (I and II)

Alvin Toffler:

Future Shock
The Third Wave

Paul Twitchell:

The Tiger's Eye
The Far Country

Huston Smith: The Religions of Man
Stuart Wilde:

The Force
The Quickening
The Trick to Money is Having Some

Gary Zukav: The Seat of the Soul

Books have been my companions and best friends for much of my life. I hope these books bring as much joy and wisdom into your life as they have into mine. I want to personally thank these great authors for providing such inspiration into the lives of so many. They have given wonderful gifts from consciousness to consciousness!




I've found that videos can convey a whole lot more information in a much shorter time frame than books can, and can convey it in a manner that encompasses the whole being. Books require far more imagination on the part of the reader. In addition, for videos with the actual people involved, one gets the benefit of a sense of their presence. Much communication happens through the body and emotions that can only be seen and heard. I highly recommend all of the following. They have moved me deeply.


The Agony and the Ecstasy
** Ben Hur
** Beautiful Dreamers
Chariots of Fire
** Dead Poet's Society
Dr Zhivago
Fahrenheit 451
The Far Country
** Gandhi
Gorillas in the Mist
** Gurdjieff: Meetings with Remarkable Men
Heart of Tibet [Dalai Lama]
** C.J.Jung: Seasons of the Heart
** Krishnamurti: Within a Still Mind
The Mahabharata (three tapes)
Medicine Man
Mountains of the Moon
Rising Sun
** The Secret of Nikola Tesla
** The Ten Commandments
** Wind
** It's a Wonderful Life

Of the 100's of movies I've watched in my life, these are the very best. The ones with double asterisks are my personal favorites, they literally touched my soul.




Now that we've concluded with some preliminary material, we can get to a matter of much more import. How can we as individuals live in a manner that truly supports all life. For such is what is necessary for the world as we know it to shift to a new way of being that is based on harmony and that results in cooperative interdependence and PEACE. The truth of the matter is that we either live in such a manner or we die, for our present ways of living destroys the very web of life that sustains our being on this Earth.

Individual's Living in Support of All Life

So, given the complexity of present life, what's an individual to do? The basic answer is simple: just act from one's heart, help where you can, and try not to hurt anything if you don't have to.

The next step is to do this in all one's decisions and interactions. One of the biggest factors in getting this to work is to operate from the perspective Think Globally, Act Locally. As individuals, we have great power if we act locally in a concerted manner. If this is done throughout the country, the force for change is great indeed -- and the entire country will be transformed into whatever global vision prompted the local action to begin with.

The easiest way to do this is to think in terms of WIN/WIN in all of our interactions with other life forms. Make sure that they benefit whenever we benefit. At the very least, think in terms of maintaining a balance or equilibrium so that whatever we do of damage has its counterbalancing benefit.

It helps if we address this on a case by case basis for the various areas of life that we interact with. These include, mineral life, plant life, animal life, and human life.

Supporting Mineral Life

I know, some of you don't think of the mineral kingdom as containing life as we know it. However, this represents all resources that are inorganic. The bottom line is that they deserve to be treated with respect as does any life. These resources exist and they are part of nature -- so they're part of the web of life. This is especially true when we consider that without these minerals, our form of life would not exist -- nor would most others.

One area where we can have effect is in resource consumption and recycling. When we recycle resources, fewer need to be taken from nature to meet our needs. The Earth has sufficient resources to meet our needs if we are careful about what and how we consume and if we take the effort to recycle what we can.

Some minerals and crystals are precious in and of their own. In many cases, these are the minerals that most reflect and transmute light. In this era of transforming frequencies, it will be found that crystals are important components for a variety of new light transforming devices important as consciousness itself transforms on this planet.

Supporting Plant Life

Plants are an integral part of the web. The are required to regulate the level of carbon dioxide on the planet, and are a major food source for many animals as well as humans. They also have a psychological effect as well and are a welcome addition in many human habitats. Plants also provide the majority of pharmacological substances on the planet.

The way we support plant life is by treating it with the respect it deserves. We don't take actions that destroy plants if we can avoid them. If we take plants into our home, we care for them to ensure they get what they need. Further, we can regularly appreciate the incredible beauty of the natural world with all it's diversity and by happy for the abundance that it gives to us.

On a larger scale, we reduce our pollution output so that plant life is not harmed by the resultant products of our waste. We take action to repair damage we have already done; planting trees and cleaning rivers where we can. Also, we make consumption decisions that reduce the number of trees that are cut down for wood and paper products. It is time we act as the caretakers and stewards of life that we were designated to be by our Creator(s).

Supporting Animal Life

Animals are a very special form of life. They are our friends, companions, and teachers. They are part of nature, revealing to us great truths about the nature of life itself; not only theirs, but ours as well. Wild animals should be respected by giving them the natural habitats they need in order to exist. They have as much right to live on this Earth as we do. We can no longer tolerate the damage to animals or to their habitats that result in extinction. Each animal is precious, evolved by nature to its particular state of being. What we do to our brothers the animals, we do to ourselves. Their suffering and extinction are a sign of our decay as a society. A decay due to lack of respect and lack of responsibility for our actions. It is a very poor steward who allows that for which he is charged to care for to die. Very poor, indeed.

Domestic animals are even closer to us. They serve as mirrors that reflect back to us wisdom about ourselves. They should be loved and cared for with all our hearts. They have chosen to serve us and share their special consciousness with us. Whether the time is brief or long, there can be a special relationship established. Typically, this does not result in master/servant. The animals have an independence of their own, especially cats, but many dogs as well. They deserve our kindness, attention, and playfulness. Further, it's our responsibility to look after them and see that their needs are met. Of course, not just physical needs, but emotional ones as well. I haven't tuned into the mental or spiritual sides of animals yet, so I don't know what, if any, needs they have on those levels or how they might be addressed.

Supporting Human Life and Community

Finally, we get to deal with how humans treat humans. As you might guess, this is an important topic for living in the Aquarian Age. To start with we should remember the statement namaste, "I bow to the spirit within you". Further, we should use it regularly, with everyone we meet or interact with. This sets a tone of respect and reverence that should be present at all times in interactions among humans.

Do unto others and you would have others do unto you. The Golden Rule, this too is a basis for human interaction taught by all major religions on the planet.

Help whomever you are moved to help in whatever ways you are moved to provide that help. If you follow your intuition and the voice of spirit inside you, you will know when you have an obligation to help and when you do not. One cannot help everyone in need. Let your brother or sister help those whom you cannot. One is only expected to do one's share. Each member of the community must do the same thereby making the load lighter for all. Of course, one can take on more if that be one's chosen task. Some choose the road of Mother Theresa, but it is a tough road to follow unless you are specifically suited to it.

Note: One should not limit one's help to the "needy". Anyone in society can use appropriate help at various times. In particular, these times may provide perfect opportunities for education as well. Watch for where your special skills and talents can be of use, and provide them where you can. The benefit to society will be great, especially if many do this. You will feel great as well. Also, the society will be a much nicer place in which to live. How wonderful it would be if we could be thankful for rather than fearful of strangers. Even better, if there were no strangers at all, only brethren and kindred spirits. How wonderful, indeed.

Find others whom you can teach or train. Regardless of age, all adults should make time to teach what they know best to others. This should be treated as a sacred responsibility that they have to assure that their knowledge and unique skills are passed on to others. Since education is one of the highest priorities of society, it falls as a duty to everyone to support it in a personal way. This will only work if everyone does their part and does it well. Each individual is only asked to do this in a way that is comfortable and then only for those areas or things that they do or know best. Collectively, we have all the talents required for society to function well. All that is necessary is to share of ourselves with those who can benefit greatly from that sharing. What we share and how we do it are personal choices based on personal preferences.

Treat everyone with equality. Our true nature is as spirit, where equality is everpresent. That should be reflected here on this plane as well. However, it is recognized that it may take awhile to achieve this in physical terms. So be it. Realization will proceed at whatever pace is appropriate. At the very least, on a personal basis, we should treat people with dignity and respect. In our laws we should move towards equality as quickly as we can. Differences between people do not impact whether they are equal in the eyes of society. Equal does not mean that each can do what any other can do. We can all be equal members of society and still have our individual roles and responsibilities that are based on individual skills and talents. A person at 1, 10, 18, 40 and 80 years is the same person hence is equal to itself despite the fact that it has different abilities and knowledge at those different ages. People of different skills and talents can be likened in the same way to beings at different ages, only in this case, not physical ages but soul ages. One cannot tell anything about soul age from physical age, however. Nor can one tell anything about soul age from position or station in society. Rather, the distinction comes in how one lives, what one believes, and how one treats others.

Construct transactions as WIN/WIN whenever possible. This ensures that transactions are fair and equitable. This also requires that selfish motivation be eliminated or at least minimized. WIN/WIN transactions should consider all four levels of being: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. It is not necessary that all be included, but all four should be considered to ensure that nothing detriment results at any level.

Business interactions between people should be structured as WIN/WIN contracts that are for the highest good of all concerned including the parts of society that are impacted by the results of these interactions.

Prisoners and others who have violated the rights of others fall into a special category. By their actions they have demonstrated that they are not ready to live in society. Hence, they should be placed in an environment that does not have the freedoms of society. The level of restriction should be commensurate with the lack of responsibility that was demonstrated. Regardless of the level, a system should be set up that allows varying levels of rights and associated responsibilities. If responsibilities are not met or rights of others are violated, the penalty is further restriction of rights. As one shows that one can respect the rights of others and meet one's responsibilities, increased rights and level of freedom should result. Training should focus on getting individuals to fully understand rights and responsibilities and their obligation to society.

Community Living in Support of All Life

In addition to individual responsibilities, there is a community or society aspect to living in support of all life as well. This higher level aspect arises because groups or organizations are entities of their own with associated behavior that also has its impacts.

Adding an Environmental Component to Economics

One of the biggest areas detrimental to life is the area of economics. Currently, economic equations on which decisions are made fail to account for ecological factors. Al Gore discusses this in his book Earth in the Balance. This must be remedied to assure that environmental damage is properly weighed and accounted for. We need to make sure that business decisions are made in a manner that truly benefits society from a holistic standpoint. More and more, we need to make sure our business decisions are sound from the standpoint of their impact on the entire Earth and its people. Here too, what we do to others we ultimately do to ourselves.

Economics impacts our lives in many ways. When it is operating from sound principles, much about how our world functions will be able to operate soundly as well. Economics is one of the quickest ways to implement a value system in society. It's simple, just penalize harmful choices and reward beneficial ones.

Free choice can remain intact, but making bad choices more costly to consumers than good ones will quickly train people in accepted modes of consumption. Further, after a while, the bad choices can be eliminated as choices altogether.

As an example, meat consumption has been shown to be extremely wasteful of resources. If meat prices were to increase to a value more in line with the actual costs involved, while at the same time vegetarian or lower-in-meat alternatives were added, peoples decisions about eating meat would change quickly. If a hamburger cost $4 versus a veggieburger at $2, people would choose the veggieburgers as long as they tasted good. If we put the resources to it, this country should be able to make great veggieburgers and many other foods that would be nutritious and tasty. Further, it seems that the nutrition we need should be provided in the foods that society is encouraged to eat. Otherwise, we suffer from health problems and poorer production.

In the long run, this may require establishing price controls on any items that have negative ecological impact. Actually, on anything that has negative societal impact. This is one way society could exert its power over the economy. All it takes is proper regulation motivated by the right reasons. Of course, the lobbyists will not like this at all. But it's high time they did some real work for awhile instead of taking care of their special interests. We can't allow special interests to direct what gets done. We must hold firm to the eightfold path, and, in particular, the commandment of Right Action.

In our economy we have free choice, but this choice is constrained by the goods available on the market and by our willingness to pay more for better features or higher quality. Most people aren't very willing to pay for what are regarded as extras unless they are convinced they need them because of advertising, peer pressure, or plain competition with others. For the most part, we do not determine what products come to market. This is decided by people who are concerned about the bottom line of whether we will buy sufficient quantities to make the items profitable. What utility the item has to the consumer and its worth to society are seldom questioned. Further, there will be no incentive to even ask these questions unless they are forced on these companies by a public that demands better. As consumers, we have great power, but only if we band together in large enough numbers to make a difference to the companies who make their living from us. If we stop buying items, companies have no choice but to listen. If we tell them to do things in better ways and put our buying power behind our voice, you can bet that they will act in accord with our demands and wishes. Tuna and dolphins is a case in point. Now we have dolphin safe tuna. However, companies are slow to act on their own, especially if their competitors are acting in the same manner and there is a cost. In these cases, it is up to us to change the behavior of a whole industry. We can do this in other areas as well, but, it takes commitment and a united effort. Further, somebody has to do the research and analysis to be able to decide what issues are in the best interest of society.

Overall, we need to take a hard look at the goods we consume, their prices, and the true costs of producing the goods. From this, it will be obvious that some of the goods on the market cause more damage than they are worth, while others are clearly life-supporting. Those goods that have negative impact to life or to society should either be eliminated or taxed heavily so that their impacts can be mitigated and balanced through other actions.

Cooperative Interdependent Living

At some point, we need to make the leap to cooperative interdependent living. We are interdependent whether we like it or not. Very few individuals are able to survive in isolation. The struggle is just too hard. We live in a web of interdependencies, one that cannot be unwoven. It makes life a lot easier overall, because work is partitioned in a manner that allows each to do their tasks yet the collective accomplishes all the tasks that need to be done. This is what creates society to begin with. The burden on each individual is less because of the sharing and partitioning of labor.

Actually, interdependency takes this a step further by recognizing this essential quality of the way we interact, and expressing it in a more positive way. There is a struggle between independence, dependence, and interdependence. In independence, we are free and have no commitment between us. In dependence, their is an overriding relation between the parties where at least one must rely on the other for something. This gives one a position of superiority over the other. Sometimes this digresses further to co-dependence where both parties become dependent and support the dependence of each other. Interdependence brings this to a whole different level where we choose to recognize that as a society we exist as a whole with parts that are interdependent on other parts. It's not that one individual is dependent on one or more individuals, but that each of us participates in and is dependent on the collective whole.

We want to take this even further however, and choose to do this in a cooperative manner. There is nothing wrong with advocating change when we feel like it will benefit society. Cooperation involves working together in harmony. It involves being kind to one another, understanding one another, and acting peacefully toward each other.

Cooperative interdependence says that we are on the planet together, we being the entire world, and that we need to grow up and act like we truly are on the same spaceship -- all of us, for that is what our planet is, a ship moving through space. All people must be treated with respect as equals. It is not enough to do this for our country alone, because other countries could jeopardize our future through their actions. What affects the part also affects the whole. At some point this needs to be a worldwide activity. And time is running out. Global unity is goal that has been talked about. The time is soon coming when we must make it real or we may perish.

WIN/WIN Transactions Whenever Possible

One way we can support other human life is by conducting all of our transaction truthfully in a manner that is fair and equitable to all parties involved. This is tough to do unless distracting motivations such as desire, attachment, and greed are eliminated or at least minimized. Also, fair is usually considered to apply to a point of view. However, there is a higher sense of fairness that is impartial and understands what is required to achieve balance. Those people who naturally recognize this should be trained and used to assist in structuring transactions. All transactions over some amount should require involvement of these specialists to ensure people are not taken advantage of by others who might be inclined to do so. Our transactions as a society should be done in this way as well.

There is no honor in treating one another unfairly or in a way that lacks balance. In our negotiations as a society, we should not be trying to get the best deal for ourselves. We should use our clout in a manner that ensures not only that our deals are fair, but that those of other countries who wish to deal with us are fair as well. We should be an example for the world of right action and right behavior for any nations that are to be part of the New World Order.

This requires some far-reaching thinking, however. Terms of contracts between parties at the present time are negotiated until both all parties come to agreement. This does not guarantee that the resulting contract is fair and equitable, it only guarantees that the parties accepted the final terms whether they were equitable or not. The principal of karma teaches that we are responsible for our actions in creating any imbalance, regardless of whether the other side accepted that imbalance. It is better to accomplish our actions in the right manner to begin with, and avoid having to right any imbalances latter. The objective both as a individual and as a society, is to act in a manner that minimizes the creation of new karma but we will get into that later.



Everything written thus far and to be written in this book has this as a central theme. How do we restructure ourselves, our lives, and our society so that spirit can be more fully expressed in flesh? This is the one question that I personally came to answer, or at least to work on to whatever degree I am able. Finding ways to do this on a global scale is why I am here, my personal purpose. However, I am learning too, so the best I can offer is whatever I can bring forth of the Vision being revealed to me. I make no claims as to its absolute correctness. I only offer to express as best I can what I know and what I believe to be true. The proof comes only through experience and many of the things that I state have yet to be tried in our world. My inner sense is that much of it has worked elsewhere, or has been worked out by Consciousness. However, I won't know for sure what is right until I can see the pattern that results in practice and compare it with a pattern in my head.

To some degree we are all manifesting spirit in flesh at all times. Spirit is what gives us that special force called life. For most people, however, spirit is just a small spark within them. It's always there, but is barely there -- hence has a very limited expression. At the other extreme, we have souls like Mahatma Gandhi, who allowed that spark within them to grow into a very large flame allowing his presence to affect a great many people in very beneficial ways. At the very extreme, we have true spiritual masters such as Jesus, and Buddha. These beings were truly enlightened ones in flesh. They offer shining examples of what we may all become.

The Aquarian Age beckons, but we cannot enter it until we find the way to allow our sparks to grow and enlarge within us. This can only happen in an environment of truth, an environment where information is the property of all; not hidden, suppressed, or otherwise kept in secret from others. As the saying goes: the truth shall set you free. Without truth, there can be no true freedom. Freedom requires the ability to access information and act upon that information. This alone would crumble the present economic systems and governments. Truth and free information take away any competitive edge over one's competitors. Taking away the various levels of classification of information does the same thing for governments. It's time to grow up and stop playing such childish games. After all, we're here for a momentous occasion in the history of consciousness -- one that beings from many worlds are here to watch. Yet, most of us don't have a clue as to what is going on. This has to change, and soon. The Age of Aquarius is just around the corner. Literally, it's only a slight shift away, if only we would have the spiritual eyes to see.

So, how does one get spiritual sight. It all starts with insight, seeing inside oneself, paying attention to the true you that is observing all of this and trying to offer guidance if only we would listen. Some talk about an inner voice or an inner knowingness. Some see spiritual guides of various types. Some have hunches or intuition about things. The key in bringing out any of this is quiet time, without distractions, when we can get in touch with who we really are. We are not our bodies, nor our emotions, nor our minds. We are beyond all of these. We are spirits who brought these things into being so that we could play a role within physical reality that would allow us to learn something we needed to know about ourselves. It's all a play of light where consciousness creates and learns of itself through its creations.

However, before we can go beyond something, we must be comfortable within it. We must learn how we manifest our bodies; for it is our beliefs, choices, and actions that sculpt this body that is the vehicle through which we express physically. Similarly, it is our beliefs, choices, actions, and interpretations that determine how we feel about ourselves and the events in our world.

Our body, including our brain, is the temple through which we express spirit. It is the only flesh there is in which to house whatever part of our soul can be expressed through this form. At the very least, it must be treated with respect. One doesn't desecrate temples, so we shouldn't desecrate our bodies in any way either. There are no standards or ideals which apply to everybody in this area. It is up to each individual to find out and know what is right for them. Health of body and mind are key indications that one is operating within an acceptable range. The right thing is to do what feels right for you, without harming yourself or others in any way. Perfect health or perfect shape is not important. As soul is able to more fully enter into the body, it will have the innate wisdom to create the conditions that are most appropriate.

Society has a large role to play in this because it teaches us most of what we believe in this area. Food producers and advertising have a responsibility here as well. They should not be training or encouraging us to consume products that desecrate the temple. This is a crime for religious temples. Why should such desecration not also be a crime for the most intimate spiritual temples, our bodies?

Few of us get any real training in the area of dealing with emotions. That is, unless we are emotionally disturbed or have major emotional problems. Much of mental health really deals with emotional health and the ability to deal in a sane way with various emotions. This is compounded by the fact that people feel and deal with emotions differently. For the most part, emotions tell us something about how we are interpreting actions or events in our world. They are feelings that correspond to a tone or frequency. They should cause us to look at our own beliefs and how they lead to the particular interpretation. To avoid problems, however, there must be suitable outlets for emotions that prevent too many from being repressed. Feeling an emotion doesn't have to be a prolonged activity; that is, unless it's enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with feeling something, realizing it quickly, and moving on to the next feeling. It's useful to notice the states that one goes through and the states that one stays in. The object is to stay in states you like, states that are beneficial, and much as you can; and to pass through disempowering or disagreeable states more quickly. One must not take this too far, to avoiding these kinds of states altogether. After all, these states have their uses as well.

Our schools primarily focus on training the mind, and then mainly the left brain. However, they do a very poor job overall. The right brain is the most important component to spirit being enfleshed. Logic and rationality have their uses. We have whole systems of science and technology set up primarily on what the left brain has produced. What most people fail to see, however, is that it wasn't all logic and rationality. In nearly every great scientist, there was a strong intuitive and creative side that was an integral part of genius. Further, nearly all great discoveries and advances came from an insight or aha that only the right brain could generate.

The brain is extremely complex. Functionally it has capabilities far vaster than any machines we can even think of. It's not clear that the brain will ever be able to understand itself. However, it can try and in doing so get some type of picture of how it works. In the west, our thoughts about the mind go back to the early Greeks. Socrates and Plato shaped much of the direction that western thought was to follow for many centuries. We're still influenced by these great men and their thoughts, over twenty centuries later.

Note: Unlike our own machines, the brain comes with no operations manual. As far as I know, there is no users guide. Each of us is unique -- especially in this area. For the most part, we are on our own to discover what it can do and how to control it to do these things in pursuit of the aims and goals that we set.

Many people have come up with insights about how the brain works that are applicable to the general population. I don't like to repeat what others have done nor do I tend to remember specifics so I'd prefer to state only those things I have figured out myself or that have somehow become part of my belief system.

There is a part of the brain that is responsible for self-actualizing. We are designed for a purpose, and this part knows what we must do to fulfill that purpose. The reward for achieving this is great joy, happiness and fulfillment. In most people, this part never activates because the prerequisite conditions are never met. At least, such has been the case for a long time. In the Aquarian Age, this will change so that self- actualization comes to everyone. Part of the challenge of society is how to structure itself so that self-actualized people can work effectively using their talents for what they as individuals came to express.

Maslow defined a hierarchy of needs of individuals. It's a good one that makes a lot of sense but I don't remember it and don't care to look it up. It deals more with the kinds of needs that we address earlier in Chapter 2. Some mechanism in the brain enforces that hierarchy so that individual actions are in line with meeting the needs hierarchy. However, we're at a level of development as a society, where all of the basic needs should be met for everyone as a matter of society's responsibility to its individuals. If we can't sign up to this, there is simply no hope.

The brain is where our map of reality is created, along with all the rules for interpreting the meaning of events or circumstances that we experience. In addition, it is where many of our programmed actions and responses are stored. However, it is not clear exactly what constitutes reality. Much of what we experience is inner, thoughts and emotions that convey meaning. Much like a robot, our only outer connections are through sensors that sense the world and effectors that take physical action in the world. To a large degree, we sit as this program inside that is observing ourself and the information from our sensors regarding both the world and the effects of our actions. Some of the information we observe is information about the physical world, but much of it is information about information. To a large degree, we are nothing but generators, receivers, and processors of information. One of the key aspects of the processing is assigning appropriate meaning. A second key aspect is in how we focus the processing.

Our free will comes in how we assign meaning, and how we focus the processing. At least it appears that we have control over these two things. Perhaps it is more correct to say that we can gain control over these two things. The goal is to allow spirit to program or at least influence the programming of these areas. As we grow from baby to adult, much of this programming is established by society in the form of values and beliefs about reality that we pick up from our family, friends, teachers, and others in the larger social environment as we are growing up. Very little freedom remains with the individual, primarily because there is no training given in how the mind functions, so most people don't know that they operate from a program. The program is not bad overall, it provides an effective means for running the machine. What is bad, is not realizing that we are the programmers -- and not being given the training necessary to allow us to gain in proficiency at this activity. On second thought, as with computers, it may be that only some have the natural skills and talents to be self-programming. Another group has the talents and skills to do this programming for others. Nature is efficient at things like this. Why have all do something that could more easily be done by a smaller group as a specialized service.

Per the consensus society, reality creation is left to God or to nothing. Reality interpretation is black and white -- there is only one reality, anything else that might be perceived is simply illusion. This is far too limited and rigid for something as complex and as flexible as consciousness to live within! This is not an acceptable view of reality creation for those who would be co-creators in the Aquarian Age.

The fact is that each of us truly does create our own reality. We are the consciousness within the box and we experience by focusing and defocusing our attention, by interpreting information that we focus on, and by planning and stimulating action in the world either by generating information or by physical action. It is not clear how much consciousness resides in the mind. However, all of physical consciousness is expressed within the mind. The ego part of consciousness is most closely tied to maintaining the physical connection with the world. The mind is larger than the ego. Getting beyond ego is a major step for physical consciousness. However, the ego is not fixed, so there is always an ego to get beyond. To some degree, this is how consciousness grows. The ego, the "I", is the present aware physical consciousness, the primary interpreter of reality for the physical being. It contains the will, and is empowered to focus attention and take action -- being the controller for the physical interface so to speak. For spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh, the functions of other parts of the brain need to be accepted by the ego as valid sources of information and trustworthy interpreters of reality.

Each time the ego changes, it goes through a transition similar to death. What it was ceases to be, and it is now something new.

For those on a spiritual path, this happens many times. In some cases, this is experienced as a rebirth -- be it religious or in a social sense. Drastic changes are very jarring and may require some time or therapy to come to grips with. Drugs and sudden events may trigger ego changes as well. Ego changes are a natural part of spiritual emergence. As we come closer and closer to the time of transition, we'll see more and more of these changes occurring throughout the country -- then, throughout the world. In particular, key world leaders will have such experiences to prepare them for the changes they will see in the world, and for the new type of actions that will provide the only real solutions. As I've said before, in some areas we have no choice, the play will unfold as written in accord with the Plan. For this to happen, players with the key roles have to undergo the necessary character development. The specifics are left to choice and free will, but the basics are already planned.

When we chose this existence, and the potential parts we might have, a good deal of our free will was executed. Once the part was selected our job was to be a good actor and play the role as best we could.

At some point, the truth of reality creation must be understood. This requires more than realizing that one can decide on something and take action to make it so. What is necessary, is coming to grips with the idea that we create it all; that everything in our reality is our construction, by ourselves and jointly with others. The mechanisms for this are all within what we presently understand. All the pieces are there. Between what science has done regarding understanding the physical world outside of us and what metaphysics has done to understand the inner world, all that is necessary for conscious transformation is known. However, a vehicle was required to make this understanding physical -- to really get it into flesh. The truth is that we have always created our reality. That's why it is our reality. The mechanism has not been understood very well, but it has been there all along. I'll deal with the techniques for reality creation in a future chapter. However, it's important to understand how this relates to expressing spirit in flesh to ever greater degrees.

The Nature of Spirit

I'm rapidly reaching the conclusion that spirit expresses as consciousness. Consciousness is without form, it is thought stuff, ideas, vibrations, frequencies. Form is the same kind of stuff only denser and operating at different frequencies. The part of consciousness that is physical is split into approximately three divisions: a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, and a superconscious mind each of which operate at different frequencies and in different ways. All of these parts of the mind are fed by frequency connections that transfer information.

The conscious mind is associated with the ego. It stores information and beliefs about reality based on the direction and conclusions of the ego. It operates logically with little to no connection to the right brain unless the individual has natural talents that rely on the right brain. The ego, as the will, can program the conscious mind to do things through goals and objectives, values, and beliefs. It also is the primary experiencer of reality. However, the ego's major growth comes through death experiences.

The subconscious mind is associated with the emotions. It processes information about events, interpretations, feelings, and decisions or choices. It reveals important and meaningful information through dreams that is intended to be healing or helpful to the personality. When dreams aren't listened to they become more intense, and keep doing so until the message gets across. The subconscious has other modes of expression through art, writing, and various other methods.
The superconscious mind is a higher connection to spirit. It observes everything and ensures that karma is balanced. It works behind the scenes to write the play and draw to each individual that which they need for their highest growth. This is the mechanism for ensuring that each individual gets what they need. This mechanism operates behind the scenes. It looks at what the individual believes, and what karma is outstanding, and decides what events would offer the greatest growth. These events get put into the script. Actually, it may be simpler than this. If all possibilities are actualized in consciousness, then all that is needed is to guide the individual to choices that are for the highest growth. This may be conscious or subconscious depending on how well the individual has developed listening skills. The inner voice or intuition are typical vehicles through which this part is expressed.

The ego has responsibility for keeping the body aligned with physical reality. Ultimately the ego is the physical awareness of the self. The main task in getting spirit more fully expressed is to get the ego to expand its identity by incorporating other aspects of physical consciousness into its framework of being. This requires recognizing that these parts exist, learning how to listen, taking the time to listen, learning how to translate and understand inner information, learning to trust inner information and consider it in making decisions, and learning to trust and rely on inner guidance as direction from spirit. It takes strong motivation for an individual to do this. To a large degree it requires renouncing much of the outside world and instead focusing on the inner world. For most people, attachment to the outer world is too strong to permit this shift of focus.

It is not clear that everyone needs this shift. Those beings who are to be the equivalent of the brain for cosmic consciousness will need a high level of understanding in this area. It is through their evolved consciousnesses that their link to cosmic consciousness will occur physically. It is not clear how many will be required, but whoever they are, they are becoming aware that they have a role to play and that they must prepare for the part. In some cases, multiple potential players may be auditioning for the same part. Free will is a major factor. Development is never forced, it is always chosen. One cannot tell exactly when lessons will be learned. Consciousness enacts all possibilities. Particular individuals are confined to the role their ego is associated with. A life is made up of choices taken and realizations made. What truly matters in life is what one realizes [Real I -zes]. The objective is to get the ego to realize that it is truly spirit and that most of what it sees as reality [Real I -ty] is nothing but its own creation.

We usually say that the ego is the "I". Manifesting spirit in flesh involves evolving the "I" to the "Real I". Some say this "Real I" is centered between the eyebrows, at the place of the third eye or where the pineal gland is. This seems like a balanced place that would be appropriate. The chakras have something to do with this as well. I, personally, am not versed enough in such subjects to know nor interested enough to find out on my own. My focus is on the functionality at the high level, not on the details. What I have concluded, however, is that the organs are already in place within the body for spirit to be more fully enfleshed -- in fact, many are already operating. The problem is a lack of conscious awareness, and a failure to tune in to the subtle frequencies at which these organs operate.

As an example of spirit operating in flesh, consider the action of speaking. The ego lives solely in the moment. It may think about past or future, but it must do so in the present. When one begins to speak, the words form instantaneous in the moment. Unless the speech is memorized, there is no conscious knowledge in the moment of the words to be spoken -- yet they come out smoothly and effortlessly as if on cue. Something is driving the specific words however. If its not the conscious mind than what is it? I've been astonished at some of the ideas that came out of my mouth. They were new to me, as if I was hearing and thinking them for the very first time. Something inside me knew enough to make my mouth move properly. My conclusion was that our consciousness is much more complex and powerful than we can comprehend. Only part of it exists within time and space. The grander part of it exists in some eternal HERE and NOW.

When you think about it, we truly only exist where we can act and make choices. The only place and time that meets this condition is here and now. The moment is our only point of power in physical reality. The ego only exists here and now, and ceases to exist for about a third of each day during sleep. It's interesting that we allow the ego as much authority as we do. It seems obvious that our sleeping reality is just as real as our waking one. The fact that one is twice the length of the other has no bearing on its relative importance.

The scientific world view only considers the world of the senses to be reality. Many individuals trained in the western world have been taught that this is true. Little to no attention is paid to the inner reality of spirit. This must change for the Age of Aquarius to begin. A large body of people must start acting and sensing in the inner world just as they do in the outer. This does not mean doing one to the exclusion of the other, that is why both the East and West have failed to achieve balance and harmony in the lives of people. What is required is a balance between inner and outer. If one achieves spirituality by renouncing the outer world for the inner, one has not made the spirituality physical in a practical way. Also, it will only last so long as one has the discipline to maintain the inner focus. If one achieves prosperity through will, without spiritual insight, the prosperity will eventually consume itself or the society will suffer from great problems. The founding fathers of the United States realized this when they put the all seeing eye of God atop the pyramid in the Great Seal. Balance demands the use of the inner to guide the outer. Consciousness already does this to a great degree, but behind the scenes. It's only the ego, the aware part of consciousness, that is lacking.

The Vision

It has been estimated that we only use 10-15% of our brains, and this only by the greatest minds among us. The reason for this is because our brains were sized for handling a given amount of spirit expressed in flesh. Most of us have not developed ourselves enough to turn on large parts of this potential due to how we create and interpret our reality and where we have placed our efforts and attention. As children, we may have used much more than this. However, much of it atrophies when we stop seeing the world through the eyes of a child and start seeing it in the accepted adult way. Perhaps this is why Jesus said the we must be as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to once again use parts of our brain that allowed us to see the world and reality in a whole different way.

It's time for all of us to start living up to our potential and realize that we came explicitly to bring through as much of our spiritual essence as is possibly at this time on this planet, and further that we came to fulfill a particular function or role within a larger whole that is the collective society in which we live. As a group, we came with a larger goal of creating a vehicle in which cosmic consciousness can more fully express in flesh, not necessarily as an individual, but as a group that is operating harmoniously in a cooperatively interdependent manner.

This country, the United States, is to be the example and prototype for the establishment of a New World Order that would encompass the entire world. This would allow the Earth's consciousness to manifest more fully as well. We've talked about this before. The Founding Fathers in 1776 knew that this was true. They knew they were starting a bold new experiment that could lead to the conditions under which consciousness could manifest more fully.

Shifts of consciousness of this magnitude are required to enter the Aquarian Age. They also involve massive change in nearly all aspects of human life. These changes will come. The play has already been written. However, we still have choices to make as to how we will play out the end game. The current state is our present world with all its problems. The future state is a nearly ideal world of peace and harmony where we all have much greater freedom and powers of expression and creation. What is yet to be decided is how the transition occurs and who plays what roles. Then too, this may already be decided as well. For all we know, there is only one basic play written for us to enact, and the actors roles have already been cast. Perhaps the only choice we have is how we experience the rollercoaster ride. Some people may be terrified, others may be indifferent, others may be thrilled. It's all a matter of perception and interpretation.

The Play of Light and Dark

We can't complete this topic without discussing the play of light and dark. Spirit is Light. We are all light. Everything is light or vibration. This is confirmed by science. Creation happened with the Word, an emanation of vibration from God. We are vibrations much further down the spectrum -- but our nature is still as light. Even matter is light. Einstein got it right.

We are also in a play of light and dark, awareness and ignorance.

This is the game that consciousness plays, in a playground that is constructed of light and mirrors. This playground is our very world, and the meaning that we give to it. There is no darkness in and of itself, for all is light. However, there are shadows where the light appears to be diminished. Because awareness is the paramount feature in this realm, the battle of good versus evil comes into play as well. It's more than a battle of awareness versus ignorance. That would be too easy. The real battle zone is the gray area where people of different levels of awareness use their skills and powers for and against one another. Very powerful and knowledgeable people may arise who have no connection to heart and spirit. These offer a challenge to the forces of light, and a warning cry that the time has come to unite and get on with the dance of spirit.

There is a question regarding how much of the play is written versus how much can be altered. It really makes no difference. It should have no impact on the way one lives ones life. The bottom line is that even if it is written, unless we have special skills we have no way of reading it ahead of time. Even if we have those special skills, what can be accessed and whether what is accessed is true or false are part of the play as well. The Play is always here and now. It is not in some future that could possibly be, though at the same time it makes up that very future.

We are souls in flesh now. Though, we are limited in our conscious expression by our conscious awareness and ego. As our awareness of our true nature grows, we rise in consciousness to become the spiritual beings we truly are, and that all are meant to be in accord with the Plan. The Plan is what drives the play, it's the major theme behind everything. It's the overall purpose that drives our purposes as individuals. The Plan must be executed. Such is the directive of spirit. Free will may enter to choose various things within the Play, but the Play always conforms with the Plan.



Community is where people live; where they work, learn, play, and otherwise interact with one another. This is also where many derive their meaning in life in terms of the role they play within this larger whole. Because my own nature has been so solitary, I'm in a position to understand what is missing from my own experience and from my observation of others. I've often wondered about what credentials I had for playing the role of designer of communities for the Aquarian Age. I can only conclude that it comes either from past lives or from other realms. But, I know this is what I do, so let's get on with it.

Community involves how people live and function in groups. One of the main reasons we do things in groups is because it is more effective than doing the same things individually. The increase in effectiveness is primarily a cost consideration, and sometimes a time consideration. A second reason for living in groups is to enable tasks to be done on a large scale that might not have otherwise been done. A third reason is to facilitate social interactions between people for a variety of reasons. A fourth reason for living in groups is that it facilitates getting the needs of every individual met. A fifth reason, the greatest of all, is that it allows a synergy to be created that enables the expression of higher levels of spirit needed to bring forth the ideas and principles that will allow spirit to be more fully enfleshed in preparation of the coming Age of Aquarius. The bottom line is that it is more elegant for individuals to function in unison with one another -- and the universe naturally evolves toward more and more complexity and more and more elegance to accompany the complexity.

Sizes and Location of Communities

Our present communities are cities and towns, or neighborhoods within such organizations. There typically is no social reason for various boundaries. Sometimes there are ethnic groupings within particular areas, but this does not constitute an acceptable reason for creating a division. For the most part, people do not know very many of their neighbors because the location of lodging was chosen based on availability, general neighborhood considerations, and cost. Specific neighbors are basically strangers who happen to live close to you. The frequency with which people move has a lot to do with the current situation. When a person or family stayed in the same small town or small area within a larger city all of their life, there was time to establish friendships and relationships -- especially before TV became so prominent. Many people don't get out as much to socialize and interact with each other anymore. Now, the pace of life is hectic, and many people move every few years. Even those that remain in the same place seem relatively isolated because the place changes so much around them. Much of our need for safety is centered around our homes and the immediate areas around them. I was going to say neighborhoods, but it is not clear that the areas around most of us constitute true neighborhoods where people act in a neighborly manner toward one another.

It is not clear that we are meant to live in structures as large as cities. The very size and density of such large places are beyond comprehension. There is not enough space for our auras and energy fields to keep their distance from one another. People are simply packed too tightly together. Large cities are the result of carrying a growth principle too far. Yes, economies come from doing things on a large scale. However, there are also principles that limit growth. These show up as the problems that face many of the major cities in this country - - joblessness, slums, crime, garbage, mental illness, violence.

So, what can be done? How do we create better structures? We start by looking at life from a higher perspective. We look at the full range of interactions, services, and structures required for people to function as an interconnected, interdependent whole. Yes, people need a place to live that is affordable. But, it should also be convenient to the range of services that each person needs to exist and to pursue happiness. Schools, recreation areas, community centers and shopping areas should be close, preferably within walking distance. Where possible each community should be as self-sufficient as practical in terms of services provided and services consumed. This includes sufficiency in food and in disposal of garbage.

What size is optimal depends on the needs of the particular individuals involved. We will always have our hermits. They need to exist alone or in single family units. The extended family unit is the next expression and this may range from 8 to as many as 100 or so. Extended families may occur along physical or spiritual lines. They are joined together by a desire to interact strongly with one another. Depending on needs, interests, and larger purpose these families may choose to live in isolation or as a piece of a larger social grouping. Up to 100 or so family groupings may be brought together to form the first level of community. If people were able to choose what community they belong to, rather than being forced into it, or taking one because that's where they find a house or apartment, that alone would make for a much safer life.

Much of this will need to be worked out via prototyping. The specific sizes should be determined by what is required to make the infrastructure efficient and make the lifestyle the most elegant. Structures must accommodate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of the people. Further, they must allow for a much greater degree of creative expression.

Locations of communities should be chosen for their ability to meet all needs of the particular communities but especially for their ability to activate the spiritual energies of people. This will allow the work of the community to manifest most effectively. There are special people who can see the energy fields and grid lines important to such alignments. These individuals should be called on in helping to determine where the communities should be built.

Consciousness works far faster than we can, not being subject to the limits of space and time. The plans have already been made, the sites are already chosen, and the cities are already laid out. We have only to increase our own level of consciousness to be able to tap into this. Somehow the work must be done physically to make it so. Yet, I'm not so sure that this will be done in our current physical dimension. We will definitely experience dramatic changes in our living arrangements on this planet, but, not necessarily because we physically change our current setting. The impression I get is that this is just a setting on the stage, and that the stage has several slots on which construction of sets can take place. Our current act, the Piscean Age, ends shortly. We are in the midst of the final times of Revelation now. While this era closes, it's important for consciousness to grow and understand what the age was all about, and to learn what life will be like under the Aquarian Age that lies ahead. In particular, we need to understand the nature of Light and choose to follow the Light with us. Most importantly, we need to understand Unconditional Love, the largest lesson that Jesus came to demonstrate. And, in learning about these things we need to take the next step and live in accord with these teachings.

Tasks and Functions of Communities

Provide the infrastructure for meeting the needs of individuals.

We've talked about this already. The means for society to discharge this responsibility is through the local community wherever possible. This means each individual community needs to meet individual needs through the infrastructure by itself, or by including others that will use the infrastructure. Some services may not be required on a full-time basis. The way for getting the unique services of special people may be by bringing them in when they are required.

Health care professionals ought to be readily available to everyone, along with training that emphasizes physical health. In addition, pools, gymnasiums, athletic fields and courts, and parks should be part of every community.

Educational facilities should be part of every community. These should include rooms of various sizes, libraries that include computers with on-line access to information, stages and theaters for staging dramatic and musical productions of various types.
Social facilities should be part of every community. These should include performing arts centers for accommodating larger events and recreation centers and resources for people with like interests to pursue their common interests. In addition community centers should allow people to voice their concerns and opinions to the government on any issues they find important.
Transportation and a mechanism for efficient distribution of goods are essential components of the infrastructure that society must provide to meet the needs of individuals. Individual cars are not the answer or even part of the answer for how this should be done. There are much better ways to accomplish the functions of moving people where they want to go and goods where they are needed. The specific solution will depend on a variety of factors related to the community size, layout, and expected travel patterns. Here as elsewhere, the specifics should be worked out by the best and brightest for the range of community types and then the appropriate infrastructures should be laid out when new communities are built.

Provide the infrastructure for facilitating individuals in accomplishing their purposes.

This one's a little more difficult. It requires that more attention be paid to individuals in areas that have typically been considered private in the past. To even begin to do this, we need to use the education process to train people more about the nature of reality and about how the mind works. Education primarily impacts the mind. The mind is a very complex entity, that usually builds a shell of protection around itself. We typically do not take readings of minds to see where they are at or if they might need some help. This results in most people operating on faulty programs at far less than their innate potential. To fix this problem, we need to somehow get individuals out of their shells, interact or test them in some way, then provide feedback in terms of information, beliefs, techniques, and exercises that might be helpful.

As a minimum, there should be a Mentor assigned to assist each individual, and there should be a counselor available on an as needed basis, but also responsible for a quarterly evaluation. This would allow needs for further service to be identified in a timely manner so that they could be provided when required. Such assignments should take into consideration the needs, abilities, and purposes of both individuals. In some cases, the same individual may be the mentor for several individuals who have related needs. In other cases, for people with special gifts and purposes, more than one mentor may be needed to provide the required service.

There should also be a place where individuals can go when they experience spiritual growth. This would be a hospital for the spirit, where one is given what is needed to integrate the experience and feel whole again. Since this will be happening on a massive scale, we may want the educational facilities to be used instead of any medical facilities. In my recent spiritual awakening, I was shocked at the lack of spiritual service provided. Official medical science is not yet ready to acknowledge such changes. They look primarily to a physical cause. It's not at all clear that the physical symptom is not the effect rather than the cause. Further, in the case of spiritual changes, it is not clear that it is important to treat the symptom at all, for this may go away in its own right as the psyche adjusts to its higher state of awareness.

I know this is a relatively new area of experience, at least in terms of large numbers of people experiencing it. Mystics in all religions have been experiencing the states of mind that accompany spiritual awakening for many centuries, if not for millennia. It wasn't until the heavy drug experience of the 60's that significant numbers of people got into these states. Unfortunately, drugs alter one's state whether or not the psyche is ready for the experience. This in turn burns out various brain pathways because the current is too great for the circuits.

When the growth is from a natural experience, the intensity is contained in a manner that opens new circuits but does not overload the system. Further, the psyche is taken forward at a pace that it can handle. The psyche may still find the going difficult, and may take awhile to adjust, but it will be able to adjust and operate from the new reality.

Support mutual beneficial interactions with other communities.

The whole society is a cooperatively interdependent grouping of communities -- and hence a cooperatively interdependent collection of individuals. Communities could be considered to be societies in their own right. To support the whole society, each community must function in a manner that cooperates with its neighbor communities in the same manner that individuals function within a single community. Different communities may have different functions and responsibilities as part of a larger whole. Individual purposes for those within a community should align to create one or more higher purposes as well. These higher purposes will typically involve others from other communities, and perhaps will involve a large network of cooperating individuals involved in the same task. In general, whatever connections between communities allow mutual beneficial interactions or make for a more elegant society will come to be. Evolution in accord with the Plan demands it.

Some of the major interactions between societies include exchange of information, exchange of individuals or small groups of individuals, exchange of services, cooperative endeavors, and tourism and travel.

Exchange of information involves just that, sharing of whatever information is generated or received by one another. Since each community is only a piece, each has only a local picture of the whole. Through sharing, each community is able to extend its boundaries to a larger world that at least extends to its neighbor communities neighbors.

Exchange of individuals or small groups of individuals provides a means of sharing a greater deal of information between communities. This includes first hand information about lifestyles and values. In addition, ideas embodied in human form have much more detail and dimensionality than anything we can put on paper or pass through our communications mediums at the present time. People are carriers and conveyers of information but they are also carriers of light -- spirit. In this capacity they have much that can be shared.
Exchange of services facilitates specialization allowing communities to focus on particular jobs in line with their purposes, while they leave other jobs for other communities that they have established relationships with. In many cases this allows an economy of scale to be realized as well. However, this only works well when an efficient distribution system is in place between communities. This is a small price to pay for the freedom from having to do everything locally.
Cooperative endeavors are activities where two or more communities cooperate and work together on something. This can be done whenever the desire is there to do so. These might be for work, education, play ... or for anything desired by the parties involved. These should be encouraged to forge strong connections with others at the community level.
Tourism and travel between communities should be encouraged and supported. Lifestyles from one community to the next may be very different. Those who choose to travel and experience these cultural differences firsthand should be free to do so. In fact, this activity should be subsidized because of the stories it will bring back to the community. People shouldn't be forced to travel, though they should be encouraged to do so.

Support accomplishment of assigned tasking in accord with the Plan.

Communities have assigned purposes and tasking in accord with the Plan, just as individuals do. Accomplishing this tasking is the major function for any community. One part of this tasking is taking care of the individuals within the community. The higher part of the tasking is to fulfill some larger function within the greater body of society. Part of this function may be found in names, such as the City of Brotherly Love for Philadelphia. In other cases, it may be found in nicknames. In many cases, it may not be found at all. This higher level function will not be expressed until the community is operating from the right frame of being.

Communities are organs within a greater whole. They have a vitality and function of their own. As organizations of human beings, their potential for creative activity is tremendous. It's only a matter of achieving the right internal structure and organizations so that the talents of individuals can be synergistically applied toward the proper activities.

This is easier said than done, especially when human beings are independent entities who frown whenever any of their supposed freedoms are taken away. If only they knew how chained they truly are to things that are of limited value. If they knew, the incitement for change would quite literally blow the country apart. Thinking we are free does not make it so.

First Steps: Where to Start

Start by creating a community of one. Get the parts of yourself together and find a way to integrate them into the unique being that you are. Identify what makes you free, in what areas you are free, and what areas you are not free. Do whatever it takes to make yourself whole and complete, and be whom that you truly are. Chapter 12, Knowing Thyself, might be of use since you may need to learn about yourself.

Next, start gathering people around you that you want to be around -- not that you have to be around, and not people who happen to be around by chance or circumstance. It's your choice.

Decide who you will be around. Remember, however, they have choice too, so the desire should be mutual -- between friends. It is easiest to start doing this after you have some insight as to why you are here.

Once you've started to gather people around you, whether this be one or many -- get together and figure out jointly what you can do together, and what you are meant to do together. You may need some outside help and guidance for this depending on the makeup of your group. Since I'm making this up as I go, there is no one specific I can refer you to, though by the time you read this I'm sure that I'll know. If you get this far and can't figure it out, contact Beyond Imagination for addition material in this area including information on workshops. I'd start with exploring ways to work together to meet the consolidated needs of all individuals, or to achieve projects of interest to the group.

Where possible, optimize how the special skills and talents of each individual are used. Also, ensure that benefits that accrue from group activities are distributed in a manner that is fair to all members. This does not mean equally. Fairness and balance are the key operating principles.

If you can get a large enough group together and have the appropriate resources, either takeover someplace that is already built and adapt it to your specific needs or start from scratch to design how you want your space optimally arranged. Where possible think in terms of creating a sacred space, for this will imbue the whole enterprise with added spiritual energy.

Since many of our interactions are informational, it may not be important that the group one lives with is also the group one works with. This is primarily determined by how closely people need to work together to get their assigned part of the work done. The closer the work requirements, in general, the closer people should live together as well.

Larger Steps: Government Involvement in Prototype Communities

Disney's EPCOT center was envisioned to be the prototype community of tomorrow. Sorry, but it's basically an amusement park. However, the idea is right on. It is time to seriously look at how our communities have evolved over the past 200 years and realize that its time for a massive change. The structures that have worked in the past aren't working anymore, they've evolved into dinosaurs that should be allowed to die and be replaced by something more fitting for this day and age. The Government should have the lead role in designing prototype communities that show us what can be and work out any design tradeoffs and issues.

The first step is defining the requirements for what should be. To start with this involves identifying the range of sizes for communities and the different sets of needs that each community must meet. At a higher level, this involves identifying how the entire country might be arranged into interrelated networks of communities where each network carries out particular functions. This requires having some picture about how the whole will be organized, and what its constituent parts will be. It is not clear that this level of detail is known at present. Perhaps the best we can do is start by working with groups of people who want to start new communities, derive requirements from what the entire group needs and what it plans to do, and design the appropriate infrastructure. The government should fund these prototypes to learn what works and what doesn't. The idea is that we want a test case that allows the bugs to be worked out before implementing these communities on a mass scale. We may need test cases to identify what sizes are right and what increments of infrastructure make the most sense.

Besides infrastructure, until we see some major spiritual growth, some exploration of what rules and regulations are required to maintain peace, order, and proper functioning within the community will need to be done. Government still has a role to play in this area, and the appropriate attention must be given to what kind of government can best get the job done. The ideal case would be to have no government required because each individual is spiritually governed. However, to be practical, right now we need government direction to fill in for the lack of individual spiritual direction. Once again, this can only be resolved by looking at the specific needs for representative example communities. Something on the order of a Constitutional Convention may be required to truly address this, for the potential changes go to the very core of our system of government. Its almost as if rather than a nation of states, we're about to become a nation of communities that have particular functions. Further, it may not be the places where communities are located that is of the most importance -- but the functions they perform and the relationships they have to others.

Until we know what some of these functions are and the specific communities that we are dealing with, we're working somewhat in the blind.

Perhaps I should step back a bit and look at what is practical now. Minor changes to current structures are reasonable. Minor movements of people are reasonable. Small groups joining together in alternative lifestyles are reasonable. Some educational changes are reasonable. Economic changes are a stretch but somewhat within reason. Major governmental change is needed but it will take some effort to bring about. Overall, the prospects look relatively dismal.

From another level, however, the Plan is what is driving the show. Per the Plan, the Aquarian Age is just around the corner. The problem comes in trying to work too much on the details of how to go from where we are now to where we need or want to be. This has gotten me into trouble before. The trick is to not get wrapped up in the how of things. We need to clearly decide what needs to be done, and then allow the how to manifest in a manner that is most appropriate. The bottom line is that we will have incentives, massive incentives, that move us toward the society and types of communities that we have been talking about. Exactly when this will manifest is in accord with the timing of the Plan.

Those of us who believe in what is unfolding regarding the birth of the Aquarian Age can do what we came to do to prepare ourselves, others, our country, and our world. The way we do this is one step at a time; making ourselves whole, finding a way to get outside the present economic system so that we can work on the tasks we are here to do, and then starting to collect people around us that are part of our spiritual family. Those of us interested in establishing larger groups to fulfill higher functions will do so. When the time is right, a new City of Light will be established as a community of Lightworkers. Those who are ready will be drawn to the city to perform functions in accord with their purpose. Each individual is encoded with the knowledge required and will be linked and aligned with spirit. The City of Light will function as a society with a binding contract between the citizens of the city.

OK, I got a bit esoteric but we are starting to touch on my purpose for being here. This City of Lightworkers will be realized on this planet, and probably within the United States. One of my purposes is to help to make it so in whatever way my talents, abilities, and energies allow. We need a prototype city to serve as the physical manifestation of what can be. This demonstration is required for the further manifestation of spirit in this world. Even a single city of this type will be an enormous fountain from which increased spiritual energy can flow throughout the world. I'm sure that some of you reading this now already know that you are destined to be part of this great new adventure in living.

Depending on what happens in the government in the next few years, we may or may not see official government involvement in these activities. If the government does not move in the appropriate direction, it may be up to private individuals and groups of individuals to take charge at a local level and create the conditions necessary to allow the required prototypes to be built. The bottom line is that spirit based society is an idea whose time has come, and there is nothing on Earth that will be able to stop it from manifesting. The dream is alive. The castle is in the air. All that's left to do is to build the foundation under it, a task well within our means at this time on this planet. The only real choice is when. I would prefer NOW, but I'm not the playwright, consciousness is. It will happen when the time is right, as does everything.

Overall, there are many alternatives. Our job as lightworkers is to choose whatever ones appear to be right whenever it is time to make the decisions. We control our destiny. We collectively are society. Banded in groups of tens, hundreds, and thousands -- the spiritual energy that results from the synergy of our society will be simply beyond imagination. It's potency will be such that the change that manifests will be wondrous to behold. We are gods in the making. When aligned with spirit what we can do will be miraculous.



We've come a long way together. Now we get to explore some of the secrets of reality creation. However, we must also deal with some of the perils and pitfalls as well. Many books on my recommended reading list cover the techniques in this area quite well. What I'd prefer to focus on is the whole picture of what is going on from a spiritual perspective. This will be instrumental in helping to decide what you want to make so, and what means might be the most appropriate for making it so under the prevailing set of conditions. We are creators manifesting our own reality. It's high time we realized this. Also, we might as well learn to play the reality game as the masters we truly are.

The good news is that you can get whatever you want and that you always get whatever you need. The bad news is that you are responsible and have to pay the price. You may not agree with this, but I didn't ask for your opinion. Awakening the Giant Within, Wealth 101, and Unlimited Wealth are excellent places to start in terms of specific techniques and philosophies for getting what you want.

Our biggest tool for reality creation is our mind. This is one of the most complex tools on our planet. The only other ones that I am aware of that are more complex are the minds of dolphins and whales. Their brains and consciousness are advanced enough to make us mere children by comparison. Ours is complex enough for our level of consciousness, however.

In our first analogy, let's consider the brain as a computer. The ego and conscious mind are application software that runs on the computer. This application software has room for memory, beliefs, and desires, wants, and goals. The ego is allowed to fill all these areas with whatever it wants. The operating system checks the desires, wants, and goals and determines whether these are true needs. Any needs are routed to the reality creator to line up the appropriate circumstances for meeting the needs in line with beliefs and spiritual purpose. Everything else is checked against beliefs, spiritual needs, and the amounts and types of effort the individual puts in to achieve these desires, wants, and goals. If appropriate conditions are satisfied, the reality creator lines up the appropriate circumstances to satisfy the desire, want, or goal. If not, too bad, nothing manifests or the actions result in failure. One additional factor is that the operating system evaluates anything one requests and any actions one performs to see if the motivation was selfish or if the actions were harmful. Whenever these conditions are true a charge is made to the karmic record. Beneficial actions create credits on the record. Records are fairly elaborate, containing details on the nature of the karmic events. The reality creator checks the karmic record as it goes about its business of drawing in the appropriate events for each day and moment. This is done at subtle levels continuously. This works for little things but we are most concerned about how it works for the larger events and desires in our lives.

So, what's an individual to do with this knowledge? Here's the practical advice that results:

Get your beliefs in order. Faulty beliefs may be preventing you from creating the reality that you would prefer.

Make sure you truly need what you want to create. The need can be on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. If you don't need it, but you desire it anyway -- that's okay, just be prepared to pay the appropriate price and do it in a manner that doesn't harm anyone. There is nothing wrong with having luxurious things if that pleases you.
Consider whom your goals impact. State your goals in a manner that results in the most positive impact and the least negative impact to others. When you create goals and take action to achieve them, you are responsible for your action -- especially any negative actions.
Observe how people and the environment are impacted by any actions you take and mitigate karma by righting any harm that is done as best you can.
Focus on spiritual goals where possible and write them in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned, the world, and the planet if necessary.
Keep your pursuit of selfish goals to a minimum, to none if possible. The only exception here is self-knowledge and self-realization goals. These are primarily spiritual so they transcend the limited self.

From this, it doesn't seem like there is too much worth manifesting. The bottom line is that this is true. The key is to focus on spiritual matters and doing the task you came to do. You don't have to worry about expending effort to get your needs met. Time spent focused on achieving wants and goals that are not spiritually motivated, is wasted time. The Law of Abundance applies. When you do spirit's work, spirit provides for meeting your needs. During the transition period to the new society this may be by putting you in a job that allows you to apply some of your talents to earn enough money to make a living. Eventually, this will be via work that is more directly related to your purpose. To some degree, when will be determined by what effort you put into your own spiritual development and to helping others.

So what kinds of things are worthy of making so?

There are lots of problems in the country and the world that one could be concerned about. Use your imagination to come up with potential solutions or ways to help for any problems that interest you. Crime, education, the homeless, unemployment, medical care, and a host of others all await human attention.

Identify a service or a product that could be of benefit and create it on whatever scale you choose. Subgoals might include finding the right people to help you. It is best if the service or product fulfills a need in a better or more efficient way than other options.
Come up with a Vision about anything. Typically such visions come from the soul and involve your purpose. Goals can focus on making the Vision a reality. This might include bringing more information through, building a prototype, building the real thing, and duplicating the project throughout the country.

Dream it, get a support team, prototype it, then build it.

As you may be able to tell, my heart's not really in this chapter anymore. I used to like Piccard and the way he said "make it so".

However, much of our present physical reality has lost it's allure. We have some amazing props that we can bring into our lives, but they have little to do with spirit. We can enjoy them, if indeed they bring us joy. The potential for distraction, however, is great. Much of the world is attached to the things of the world. Yes we are physical, spirit manifest in flesh. But, that does not mean that material things vibrate at the levels where spirit can best be expressed. We also have emotions, thoughts, and higher level brain functions that few have awakened. It is in these areas where spirit will be most fully enfleshed. Once this is so, our attitudes regarding things will change and the things themselves will evolve to better suit our new needs. Similarly, our entertainment and our services will evolve as well to meet the demands of consciously evolved consumers. There is nothing wrong with things. The problem is the overattachment to things and to entertainment at the cost of education and spiritual development. We've gone way too far in this country. We are not alone, however, many of the developed nations of the world have the same problem.

My Vision is of manifesting a new world order that consists of a United World living in peace and harmony in which individuals are able to more fully express spirit in flesh. It's going to take a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of things to make this come true. My forte is coming up with ideas and working the top level plan and the basic spiritual foundation. I suspect others with talents that complement my talents will be drawn into an overall planning group and various subgroups including a spiritual foundation group. Under the spiritual foundation group will be a spiritual education subgroup that will generate a plan for how spiritual education should be accomplished. This should include training at many levels for the society to be, and how such training might be phased in to get the society from here to the Aquarian Age.

This is the only part of the Plan that my Vision has been involved with. We are all pieces in the overall plan. Each of us have information encoded into us that will allow us to build this society in physical terms. It is only a matter of getting each piece to its appoint conscious state and place for the society to be realized. This is already starting to happen across the planet. People are awakening at an increasing rate and they are starting to make the connections necessary to get things rolling. It will happen. The Play was written long ago. We're coming to the final scenes of this act. Then, on to the next act, the Aquarian Age. Our joint efforts will have allowed consciousness to achieve what it has never done before. But, we still have much work to do. Our world is a far cry from the Utopia of which we are dreaming. Yet, it is within out grasp, we have only to reach and do what we can to increase our consciousness as quickly as is possible at the time on this planet.

Don't take this too seriously. Enjoy the process. Treat it as the game that it is. Be physical, the whole purpose of this play is to allow consciousness to be more fully expressed physically. Enjoy the world, enjoy nature, enjoy the interaction and company of others. Enjoy the body and all the pleasures that it offers. Enjoy things and services. Enjoy whatever makes you happy so long as you don't harm others. Be Happy and Create Well! You have every right to create what you want. Individuals are entitled to abundance, once they have done the proper work on themselves. Expand your spiritual awareness to whatever degree you are able. Live your life as directed by your spirit, and live it well. In the process, however, find out what you're here for if you can. My sense is that this will be revealed to you when you are ready.

If you still want specific techniques, you'll have to read the books I recommended earlier. I won't duplicate what others have already done well. With the above guidance, you'll be able to apply the techniques with caution to allow you to get what you want in an ethical manner.

Conscious beliefs are the most important means we have of impacting the reality we create. If you don't know what yours are, that is the first area of ignorance that you should correct. The Nature of Personal Reality is one of the best places to start on this. The experiences we draw to us are in accord with our beliefs, so whenever we don't like something we experience it's time to examine why we attracted that experience.

Everything in our lives is there to help teach us the lessons we most need to learn. Our growth is always supported. This may be hard to believe when the times or experiences are bad, but it is really true, the universe (via our direction) always gives to us exactly what we need. Note, not what we want, but what we need.

Further, this is exactly what we need, because it is a higher level of ourselves that is doing the determination.

When changing beliefs, it is always best to start with those beliefs at the very core. These typically involve the basic beliefs about the self. When these are identified and replaced, many other related beliefs are taken away as well. Maintain an open mind. Don't allow your beliefs to get too set. While you believe them, do so with conviction -- for the power then gets imparted to reality creation. Feel free to change your beliefs as you do your clothes whenever new beliefs fascinate you. Treat beliefs as a playground of the mind. Remember that beliefs are not true, however. They may be true or they may not be -- and it may be impossible to know either way. Decide what to use by their results. The key feedback will come as the reality you experience. Give a belief a little time before you draw any conclusion about it. There is significant delay in the feedback path, especially if the belief is weak. Also, watch for conflicting beliefs. When you find conflicts, resolve them as best you can choosing one over another. You might want to jot down the other so that you can try it again at a later time.

I find it useful to take on new beliefs all the time. But, I live in my head a lot, so playing with beliefs is a recreation for me. In many cases, I don't even care about the physical ramifications anymore other than where they allow my consciousness to soar, and if they allow me new insights about the nature of consciousness. My experience is that as you become interested in the nature of your consciousness and start to believe things about this, you will start to experience new states of consciousness from which you can either confirm or deny beliefs. The speed with which the process occurs is amazing -- far faster than having to wait for lower level physical manifestation to occur. When you do this, make sure you pay attention to results. It is easy to go into never-never land, and get separated from the consensus reality. At this level, you must remember that this is a game and that when you get too far off track you find yourself outside of the boundaries of the board in a place where the rules don't make much sense.

From a consciousness standpoint, reality interpretation is in many ways more important than reality creation. Reality interpretation involves assigning meaning to what happens. Much of our emotional reality is created by how we interpret situations and events on a physical level. Another aspect of reality interpretation deals with the symbolic or deeper meaning of situation, events, and the things that they are associated with. This level is much more complex involving all of the levels of mind. Most people don't see the symbolic meaning, they see the physical event as the only reality. The inner meaning, however, is far more important to consciousness.

The Play is intricately woven. Every stitch is rich with meaning. Every event, all synchronicities, every detail was specifically designed and chosen to convey information. Nothing is wasted. This meaning is always there for anyone with the eyes to see and interpret. No, we're not talking about physical eyes.

Each person will see exactly that which their level of consciousness permits them to see and they'll only understand that which they need to know. Interesting. By our definition of Freedom as the ability to access and act upon information, we're no more free in our consciousness than we are in our country. We are given that level of freedom which we can responsibly handle - - no more and no less. This principle of consciousness, hence of spirit, is the same that our government executes in the physical world. Until we get the individual to the self-realization level, there is nothing that can be done to make them more free. They will continue to live an illusion, believing they are free when they are really enslaved. Further, they are enslaved by their own choice. The bonds are loose, the way to freedom is easy but it is up to each individual to make the choice to pursue their spiritual identity. The major choice is in being in the world but not of the world. This is the key -- the truth that we are spiritual beings in the world but not of the world.



This is the most important issue that we face as individuals -- as spiritual beings in flesh. The main endeavor in all of life is the growth from ignorance to knowledge of our true nature as consciousness. This is the task that transcends lifetimes. The paths are many, but they all lead to the ONE. Everyone reaches the destiny eventually, but each must reach it by their own efforts. Help is there for any who need it, all that is required is that one asks. Each is allowed to proceed at their own pace -- but as the time for transformation to a new age grows near, individuals must make their choice of whether to pass through their own effort or whether to fail and repeat the grade.

Here, we address various ways that help one in knowing oneself. As you'll see shortly, they're not traditional ways.

Our highest priority task throughout our lives should be to know ourselves. This should be an activity which engages a major share of our attention and focus. At the very least, one should pay an equal amount of attention to the inner world and inner development as one pays to the outside world. Unfortunately, most people don't come anywhere close to this. My guess would be less than five percent is more the order of the day. Hmm, maybe this is why we're only using about five percent of our brains. It's no wonder that we have so many problems in our society, and signs that indicate that the problems will worsen over time.

So, how does one start to "know thyself". The first step is to ask and answer some basic questions and see how the answers change over time. The self that we perceive changes over time just as dramatically as the physical body does. Remember, as above, so below. The rules are the same at all levels. So, no matter where one looks, one is confronted with the same principles of spirit in action. The physical body grows from baby to child to adolescent to young adult to mature adult to old adult. This includes at least six levels of being, even more when you consider that each level may be broken into relatively distinct sublevels. The emotional, mental, causal, and spiritual bodies go through similar levels or phases, but their growth is somewhat independent of the physical body. The major dependency is that the brain itself must be sufficiently developed to allow particular levels of some of the higher bodies to manifest. Similarly, there can be such interdependencies among the relationships between other bodies as well. Typically, higher states of higher bodies require higher states of lower bodies.

Now, what if you don't believe in the concept of many bodies? Well, in the interest of your higher development, I suggest that you choose to do so for awhile and see what it does to your reality. The bottom line is that either they exist or they don't and science may or may never be able to prove whether they do exist or not. Thus, the matter is one appropriate for belief. The key test for beliefs is utility. Do they empower you. Believe me, having five bodies instead of one to deal with in your concept of yourself is extremely empowering. Personally, I don't know whether there is one or five hundred. What I know is that thinking in this manner allows more of the nature of reality and the nature of ourselves to be explained in a manner that is relatively simple and elegant. Personally, I like simplicity and elegance -- they convey a sense of beauty that is there whenever we get close to expressing Truth.

The questions that are useful to ask include:

Who am I?
What am I?
How do I exist?
Why do I exist?
Where do I exist?
When do I exist?

That got the basic who, what, when, where, why, and how stuff out of the way. Be honest and think deeply about what your answers really mean.

Who You Are

Who you are is a soul expressing itself in flesh to the greatest degree possible given your present state of awareness. Why in flesh? Because that is where reality games are played in which consciousness creates and finds out its own nature. Know thyself is a constant theme that drives all consciousness. It's an eternal endeavor, and you are an immortal spark of consciousness.

In this particular incarnation, you entered to play a particular role -- a role which is already written in the Play. You, as an actor, are required to play the role you signed up for. Fortunately, until one is highly developed, one is not given foreknowledge of the script. Actually, within the play, one only has such knowledge if it was written into the part to begin with.

To the best of my understanding, the above is true. However, many of you may be coming from a level of awareness where the above is only a remote possibility. In our experience of ourselves, we are the person referred to by our names. We are the "I", the ego which is ever present when we are engaged in physical reality. We sense that this "I" is a constant thing, and that we are ever one entity. But, in truth, such is not the case. This "I" is a floating point that changes each moment with each new experience or thought. We are not the beings we were as babies, nor as children, nor as adolescents, nor as the adults we were before this moment. We have memories or remembrances of what we were, but we are not now what we were.

What You Are

What you are is consciousness. Consciousness is eternal, immortal, universal and infinite. A piece of consciousness has the same characteristics as the whole, just as a piece of most substances on earth. One can be infinite and have limitations in form at the same time. The trick is waking up from the dream, and remembering that we are spirit, consciousness. We choose to incarnate into forms to gain particular types of experience. We are not the forms, we are the experiencers within the forms. Experience happens primarily within the mind. Our bodies have physical sensors and effectors, but these are understood to some degree by science. What is experiencing is the intelligence that takes in the information that the senses detect; interprets and understands the information; makes decisions about it in line with want, needs, and beliefs; and applies direction to actuators. All of our bodies have similar breakouts into the sensors, effectors or actuators, and the intelligence that drives and interprets everything.

For consciousness to be physical, it must reside within the physical body. It does this, however, by causing suitable organs or groupings of cells to be organized in ways to serve as the sensors, effectors, and intelligence for each of the non-physical bodies. At the lower levels of operation, each body is virtually on automatic. At higher levels, special receptors may be created that serve as antennas and receiving devices for signals that are generated from outside of physical reality. Actually, from another standpoint, there is no physical reality. This is all consciousness. Everything is consciousness. The rules for how to make form from consciousness are part of the setting for the Play.

What I just realized, is that for consciousness to be physical, it must agree to limit its reality for awhile to operate within a set of constraints. It never loses what it was, it just chooses to play a game for awhile. In our case, the game of physical life. Physical life is encoded in our DNA. For humans, this is as far as our ability to recreate our true selves as spirit has come. We are part of one consciousness learning from the whole of experience of all humans. With each new birth, consciousness combines what it has learned from the lessons of evolution. This is a slow process overall because it is the higher brain functions that take the most work to develop. It takes watching an individual over a whole lifetime to know what genetic combinations allow what functions to appear. Consciousness is working to provide the fabric necessary to build a body that can accommodate itself, or duplicate itself. It's learning to become the highest level of creator possible, a creator of itself. Actually, it is learning to fully realize itself, as the God that it is. As pieces of consciousness, we are learning to realize that we too are spirits that create our own reality. We are learning of our own true nature.

I included the above to give you an example of the kind of realization that can happen on the fly. No, I don't know whether it's completely true or not -- much depends on the clarity of the channel through which the information came. But, until I wrote it above, it did not exist even as a possibility anywhere. Also, it's outside the realm of science as we currently practice it, so it's a matter for belief or spirituality to address.

Why You Exist

You exist to experience the joy, wonder, and exhilaration or living life as spirit in flesh. However, it may take many steps to get there. You exist to have experiences that will allow you to learn of your true nature. You exist because you chose this particular form.

These all deal with why you exist in physical form. Actually, the most correct answer is that you exist because it is your nature. You are a human being. Beings exist, period. As a being, your purpose is to be all that you can be.

I almost forgot, you also came for a particular purpose. I'm not sure this is true for everyone, but if you reading this, you must have a role to play in the unfoldment of the Plan for the birth of the Aquarian Age. It is up to you to focus your attentions on preparing yourself for your role. You may also need to find out what it is. I'll offer some guidance on where you might want to turn for assistance in that area, a little later.

How You Exist

You exist because consciousness continuously provides whatever is needed to maintain the physical forms and provide you with what you need to grow and to perform your role. You chose the particular form you would occupy based on your own assessment of what you needed for your own development and what service you were willing to perform. You made sure your character got the right abilities to accomplish the purpose you set for yourself. Sometimes, purposes are set to levels higher than can be achieved to ensure that some required level below that is definitely achieved. We work best when we believe our work is important. On a day-to-day level, you are sustained first by consciousness, then by other physical functions.

Where You Exist

You exist HERE, wherever that may be. You always exist here. Close your eyes and ask, where am I? You will find that "I" is not located within your body, and is not anywhere within this world. "I" is always HERE, beyond any concepts of Space.

When You Exist

This one's easy too. You exist NOW. You always exist in the moment. Your thoughts may focus on the past, present, or future.

But, you exist now, outside of time. No matter when you check, when is NOW.

One of the secrets to rapid conscious development is to focus your complete attention on being HERE and NOW in all that you do. This will transport you to a state of consciousness that is Beyond Mind. Once you have achieved such a state, even for a moment, you will understand how great a service Krishnamurti provided for the world.


Whole books have been written on the various bodies. My knowledge in this area is rather limited so I'll focus only on what I've experienced to be useful.

The Physical Body

Realize that the physical body is the temple for spirit on this world. Treat it with respect and don't abuse it. Massages are helpful, as is exercise. Extremes of weight should be avoided, but don't be overly concerned about it. When we eliminate emotional problems that affect this, weight will naturally find it's right operating level. The body's intelligence understands what it needs. It knows how to keep the body functioning perfectly. This body intelligence receives direction from other bodies to determine specific conditions. The bottom line is that our body's operation will be in accord with whatever we believe or whatever the play calls for to provide us with the physical experiences we need in order to learn our lessons.

The Emotional Body

Emotions provide the indications of how our energies are moving. They also provide a means for increasing the forcefulness and controlling the character of how our energy is expressed. The key in this area is to allow yourself to feel things, and feel them deeply. In some cases, they need to be expressed to others as well. Some people think and talk about their feelings. If that is helpful, do it. My particular preference is to feel emotions and then let them go. It is not necessary to take outward action to let them go.

Many emotions are generated from a mental evaluation of what things or events mean. The label that results from the evaluation activates the emotional body to result in the appropriate mental state. The more words we have for emotions, the more evaluation choices and subtleties we have. My experience is limited in this area so I don't know firsthand how great this repertoire should be or what purpose it would serve. My sense of it is that unless you have problems or interests attracting you to this area, it's much like the physical body. Treat it with respect, and don't abuse it. Also, listen to it -- emotions show one how one is evaluating one's reality.

Hmm, now I know why this area is important. The key is in evaluating reality. If we are operating from consciousness, we feel because we choose to do so. What we feel most is joy and happiness, because it doesn't matter what happens anymore or how people react to us. That's all part of the game, and it's all their creation. When I'm centered in consciousness, I don't make evaluations that get me outside of joy and happiness. Such evaluations are disempowering hence do not have utility at that level of awareness.

The Mental Body

The mental body is the entire realm of thought. While operating in the physical body, the focus is on the higher functions of the brain. Both left and right brain functions are important, but the relative proportion of these will be somewhat dependent on the individual’s purpose and what talents and abilities are required for its fulfillment. We seem to be moving into times where it is important for individuals at the frontier of reality creation to have balanced minds with both sides functioning at peak levels. The intuition allows new ideas to come through and provides for creative expression. The reason creates the structures and connections to other ideas that result in a practical basis on which physical manifestations can be launched and from which further intuitive action may proceed. The balance of both in the same person allows much to be discovered and understood quickly. This is what will allow the rapid advances necessary to transform the world and birth the Age of Aquarius. We have to create the new world in our imaginations, then put the infrastructure in place to make it so. The trick is to work out the details in consciousness, in the mind, before we make it so in the physical. Otherwise we waste a lot of effort in creating things physically.

Reading good books is the best place to start for building the mental body. There is nothing like the greatest thoughts of mankind to stimulate the mind to think in a like manner. As these thoughts are read, however, the idea is to try to get into the mind of the being who first came up with the thoughts. The true meaning is not necessarily the meaning that you give to something. The author may have intended something quite different. A few words is not enough to carry the real meaning. Further, if it was truly so simple, then why did it take a great mind to uncover it? The bottom line is that when you read great ideas or the words of great minds, do so slowly, and with your full attention. Play with the ideas that you read in your mind and discover the ocean of meaning that can be expressed in a simple idea.

There are biochemical processes that go on in the brain. You may find that as your state of consciousness expands, psychological or physical disorders or imbalances may arise. I found this true in my own case. I want to warn you, even though I haven't confirmed whether others have experienced this. In my personal case, a physical "disorder" was discovered. My sense is that rather than a disorder, it is a physical function that allows my mind to think as it does. We're starting to see various pills advertised as brain food or nutrition for the mind. I believe, that as consciousness continues to expand, we may need to input additional substances into our body to provide the appropriate levels of ingredients needed for our mind to operate at a new level of functionality. I liken this to a small change in diet, or the addition of dietary supplements. The old saying: "you are what you eat" may have more meaning than we yet know.

It's important to understand your own mental abilities, your strengths and your weaknesses. Learn to operate from your strengths. You are free to work on weaknesses, but it is not necessary unless something specific in your situation is driving you to develop some area. Just because something is a present weakness doesn't mean that there's a lack of talent. It may be that it simply hasn't been developed.

The Causal Body

This is where the balance of cause-effect happens. The causal body monitors what we think, feel, and do and ensures that a balance is maintained. It does this by attracting the appropriate events and creating the appropriate circumstances to allow us to experience whatever is required to balance any negative or harmful actions we have done. It speaks to us primarily through conscience, or a more developed sense of right and wrong.

Moral and religious training provide the basis for conscience. The bottom line is that we are responsible for all that we do. The causal body is responsible for giving us the lessons that we need to realize that we are responsible. If you aren't operating from a basis of personal responsibility, already, I urge you to start to believe that you are responsible for all that you do and experience. And do it ASAP, with firm conviction. Also, read The Nature of Personal Reality to see what Seth, a non-physical entity, has to say about this.

The Spiritual Body

We are in the stratosphere here. I don't have a direct experience of my spiritual body. I believe that it speaks to me through my intuition and that it is to some degree the transmitter of much of the information that comes into my mind. That is, at least much of the metaphysics related material that comes through my mind. My awareness of soul began as a small still voice inside me and has grown larger and larger as I paid attention, listened to it, and trusted its advice. I also believe that it guides my actions and ensures that I get exactly what I need when I need it. Part of its job is to write the details of the script that is related to my part in the play. This may also be our superconscious, one of the three major parts of our mind.

My sense is that this is my Higher Self, my very consciousness. It's only recently that I've had a strong connection with this entity, though I have been aware of its existence and influence for over 20 years. I believe one of the goals if the game for each of us is to realize "I AM CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF". Right now, I know that I am conscious, and in touch with consciousness, but there is a separation. My sense is that one day this separation will vanish.


There are a variety of methods for finding out your abilities and basic nature. The ones that I've found to be most useful are primarily metaphysical ones. In most cases, however, the methods confirmed things I already knew about myself. In a few cases, they extended my self-knowledge in a way that felt right and was confirmed by my own intuition.

Many of our abilities are known to us. They're the things we're good at, the things we like doing, the things that excite us to the very core. Our basic nature may not be so obvious to us because it's expression is limited until various obstacles are removed.


Astrology can tell us a lot about who we are. It doesn't cause us to be who we are. The various planets represent aspects of ourselves, the constellations various energies and ways of expressing those energies. At our birth, the energies existed in a certain pattern that was a major piece of what made us what we are. The symbolic meanings of the planets and constellations are there to allow us to find out about ourselves if only we choose to see and to use the symbolic meanings. Choose to do so, it will be worth it in both your growth and your ability to time your actions by living in harmony with natural energies.

There are four basic energies earth, air, fire, and water corresponding to body, mind, spirit, and soul. Where specific planets are located tells us how particular parts of our nature are best expressed. What planets and how many we have in various energies tell us a lot about why we are here and what areas we came to focus on. My own chart has a lot of fire energy so I came to be heavily involved with spirit. For most of my life, ideas have been more important than things -- in many ways as important as the very air that I breathe. Metaphysics has been one of the true joys of my life since 1974. Philosophy, in particular Plato, even before that.

The key is to know what energies we came into this existence with. These have a lot to do with our natural ways of expressing ourselves -- spirit (sun), emotion (moon), communication (mercury), will/power (mars), love (venus), challenge (saturn), awakening (uranus), unconscious/ dream (neptune), superconscious (pluto). I don't know that these are exactly right. Consult a professional astrologer for more detail. I do know that the significant spiritual advances and experiences are timed. They are determined at the moment of birth. Actually, before, for the date and time of birth are specifically chosen so that the energies are right.

In my own case, I've found that Uranus aspects to the natal sun are highly powerful spiritual times. They result in intense spiritual awakenings of a very sudden nature. I don't know that this is the case for others, but it sure was powerful for me, the type of experience that truly changes one's life in a manner that one can never go back. I believe the type of energy that I experienced recently was a once in a lifetime energy combination.

There is not much that can be done to prepare for it. The best advise that I can offer about how to handle this experience is to put yourself in a place where you can reexamine everything that you believe and don't make any firm commitments or take any firm actions until the fuzziness of reality lessens back to a level where you feel grounded in it. For me, this period lasted over three months and landed me in a mental hospital. In the future we'll have spiritual hospitals to assist us in these times. Once again, the timing for the interplay of energy states is set at birth. The most significant times for various aspects about the individuals expression can be calculated. Education for individuals can be planned so that they are prepared for what they will experience.

Life doesn't have to be difficult. All we need to do to make it easy is understand something about the basic energies in the universe, and how we personally interact with them as they fluctuate over time. Initially, we can use astrology and its associated calculation to help in assessing where the energies are. Eventually, we'll be able to intuitively sense the nature of the energy field around us -- allowing us to discard the tools. Once again: as above, so below. What we see in the planet and stars is happening inside us. We need only make the appropriate mapping of what above symbol corresponds to what inside symbol. Everything in the universe is Light, is vibration, is information, is symbol. Astrology provides useful information to us only when we understand the meaning behind the symbols. Further, unless it is used in such a way that tailors information to the individual, what it provides has no real personal value. Horoscopes in the paper are primarily amusement. Though, each individual does interpret the symbolic reading in a way that provides something of value. That is, provided they use their intuition.


Numerology reads and interprets the spiritual energies encoded into sequences of letters or numbers. Numbers are the basis of all things. Everything is vibration, and all vibration can be encoded into number. Pythagoras was one of the earliest numerologists of renown in the western world.

I've found a particular book, Numerology and The Divine Triangle, by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker to be particularly valuable to me. Much about a persons destiny and character are determined by the combinations of numbers that make up one's name and birthdate.

This, too, is an area where the meanings are subtle. One must learn to understand how to interpret symbols in cases where there are two many variables for the rational mind alone to handle. The intuition needs to be given free reign to come up with the appropriate meaning for a specific set of conditions.

I have a strong background in mathematics, so I find that numerology is a useful way for me to begin my interpretation of the symbols in my world. It's as if this method is just natural to who and what I am. You may or may not find it useful to you as a way of perception that you use. However, I would advise checking your numbers yourself or employing the services of a good numerologist. Everyone should understand what parts of their character can be revealed through an assessment of only a few key pieces of information.


The tarot is a completely symbolic form of information that has meaning on many levels. The is a major arcana of 22 archetypes, and 56 additional cards arranged as four suits of 14 each. The archetypes are parts of the psyche. The soul includes all of them. One of the goals for self-realization is realizing that each of us personally is all 22 of these. I had my first realization of this only a few months ago. It changed the very core of my experience and knowledge of who and what I am. To the ego, the experience was a death. What I was died, and I was now something new -- something capable of a level of awareness that I did not know existed before. It's one thing to intellectually understand something. It quite another to experience it and know that it is true to the very core of one's being.

Tarot readings can provide information about a variety of things. The tarot is an oracle consulted when we want to know something. Selection of cards in a reading is dictated by the unseen energy fields to provide the requested information. However, the information is symbolic, hence must be interpreted. The quality of a reading is determined partly by how well the medium understands the meanings of the cards and partly by how well the medium tunes into the individuals energy.

My preferred way of using the tarot is through numerology. I convert symbols to numbers from one to seventy-eight, then use the mappings from these numbers to tarot cards as called out in the numerology book previously recommended.


This comes from Sufi teachings. The enneagram breaks people out into nine personality types. I believe it is a useful way of categorizing people's personality. It allows individuals to understand more about how they operate in the world, by themselves and interacting with others. The enneagram also includes a moving aspect that identifies a path of integration and disintegration for each personality type.

When interacting with others it is useful to know not only your type, but theirs as well. We can choose to act as any of the types if we need to in order to facilitate communication. Our basic type is the one that is preferred, our home so to speak. As with the tarot, however, we are truly all types in one. Self- realization requires this understanding as well.

Soul Ages and Types

The Michael Teachings explain the concepts of soul ages and soul types. There are seven soul ages with seven levels in each age. There are also seven soul types with a variety of things called overleaves that color the type. The Michael Handbook is one of the best places to start for learning about this. You should be able to figure out your type and soul age using that book. Otherwise, you may want to get in touch with one of the Michael channels in the San Francisco Bay Area to have them do a reading of this for you.

The soul age and soul type tell us a lot about why we're here this time, what we do, and what we are learning. The overleaves further qualify this information adding important detail. As with all other information, use what rings true, what feels right to you.

Soul age in particular makes one of the biggest differences. If you've reached this far, you're probably an old soul. Otherwise, you would not have had enough openness to stick it out this far or to even start this journey. Until one is through with the drama and intensity and mature soul existence, one does not focus much activity on spiritual development.

Personality Type

The Briggs-Myer test categorizes one into one of sixteen basic personality types but provides scores that differentiate people to a much finer level. These types are based on work first done by Jung. I've found that most of the people that I know who are heavily into metaphysics are xNxx, strongly intuitive types. I tested as INT/FP. Introvert, intuitive, evenly thinking/feeling, and perceptive. This should not surprise anyone that is still with me.

If you haven't had this test done, it is worth giving it a try. From the descriptions in psychology books you can probably guess your type, but the numbers give you the additional insight of how strongly you fall into one side or the other for each of the four dimensions.


My understanding is that we have a soul ray, a personality ray, and than other rays for our various bodies. These rays correspond to a frequency of vibration that is one of seven basic ways that divine energy expresses through us.

At this point in time, the soul ray is most important. It tells us our major soul grouping. Mine is two, the ray of Love/Wisdom.

I believe it is time for the members of each soul grouping to join together. At the very least, this needs to be through information exchange and creating a network of the souls within each individual grouping. Each grouping needs to be responsible for figuring out what work it is here to do for the whole and how best to do that work. To be an effective member of the group, however, each individual must be acting from soul -- i.e. must be self-realized to a high degree.

If you're interested in the rays, I recommend Tapestry of The Gods. It has the clearest exposition of this material that I have found. My emphasis in going through it was to get a general understanding overall, and a specific confirmation of my own ray make-up so I don't recall much of it except for the overall impression of the quality of the work.

If you are a fellow soul on the ray of Love/Wisdom please contact me so that I can start the process of building a network. As more about why I'm doing this is revealed to me, I'll pass the information on. Remember, however, you are free to do as you will with any information. Make sure you check everything out with your own internal forces. For spiritual information, do what it takes to get the experience so that you know. Knowing goes beyond sensing, feeling, and thinking. These three can point the way, but they are not the true experience, awareness itself.

As we move toward the Aquarian Age, it will be more and more important to know one's ray makeup. This is a key piece of information in determining where each of us fits in the overall scheme of things. All seven rays will have to be established strongly on Earth. In addition, connections between each of the rays will be required. All will have to be aligned in an appropriate manner to create the seed from which a new consciousness will be born.


We have talked about energy fields that are around us, and the subtle bodies. Some people have the ability to see the energy fields around us in a way that their brain maps to colors. I have not seen these colors but I have been to two different ladies who not only see the colors but have developed an ability to interpret what the colors mean. The colors they see are quite different both in terms of the specific colors and what these colors mean. I'll use my own case as an example.

Nancy Ann Tappe, a psychic from San Diego, saw my major color bands as violet, yellow, violet. She interpreted this to signify that I was an old soul, and had a warrior nature. She also told me that my eternal pattern was Peace. I now believe that at least the first two colors she sees corresponding to soul and personality are the same as the rays. I'm a two soul, five personality. If we number the colors:

1: indigo
2: purple
3: blue
4: green
5: yellow
6: orange
7: red

then my colors come out 2, 5, 2 agreeing with my ray makeup. Nancy sees many more than these three bands, however.

Geraldine Stringer, a psychic from Palm Springs, saw my colors as purple, double green, triple blue, brown with the purple and one of the blues repressed when she saw me two years ago. She sees the colors as corresponding to abilities and can tell what a person is here to do. The particular shades of colors provide further distinctions of abilities so she gets quite specific in her details during her readings. I was blown away. The material from a two hour recorded reading transcribed into nearly 30 pages of single spaced typed material. This material is still relevant today.

Recently, I went through a major spiritual awakening and felt the need to confirm what I intuitively knew had happened. I went to her for a second reading and found that the two repressed colors were no longer repressed. She was blown away this time, because she hadn't seen anyone make such a dramatic change so quickly. Since she also reads colors from photographs, we were able to narrow the window of change to nine months. Further, my own awareness was that the entire change occurred in a three month period.

Purple is the Vision color, it has a strong spiritual focus. The greens and the blues deal with healing, communication, and creativity. The brown signifies world impact. Prior to seeing Geraldine, I had already had various insights about my purpose in life, and I knew a lot about my abilities. The readings confirmed what I knew, but they also taught me that everything that we are is constantly broadcast around us in our energy bands. These are reacted to subconsciously by everyone we meet. Some special people have the capabilities to consciously perceive these bands. Privacy is the main reason that most of us don't see them. We are never given abilities until we are at a level where we understand the need to use them responsibly. At least, such is how it works for higher level abilities.

I highly suggest having your aura read, if this interests you. The confirmation of your own self-knowledge is great feedback. And fully realizing that these energies are truly emanating from you is a dramatic event. One realizes that there is no privacy, ever. Consciousness knows all, and everything you think and feel is being broadcast, regardless of whether you say anything out loud or take any physical action. Your thoughts and feelings hit the subtle bodies of everyone in your vicinity -- actually space may be no obstacle either.



Read the great thoughts of the ages. Keep those that are most meaningful in close reach, where you can see them and reflect upon them each day. The more you do this, the sooner you'll be able to generate your own and the better humanity will be. Consciousness grows whenever any individual creates anything new, and thoughts are one of the highest form of objects that we can create -- that is, great thoughts. A quote from Thoreau hangs to the left of me as I write this:

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of a man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor. It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look, which morally we can do. To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of art.

This is one of the rewards of consciously working on knowing ourselves. At some point we get to carve and paint the structure through which we create and view reality itself.

Spiritual transformation or awakening happens each time we expand our sense of "I" to include more of what was "not I". Remember we are on a journey to ONE. ONE has no separations or boundaries. It is only because our awareness is limited that such boundaries exist and that we find we are separated into us and the outside world.

It is very useful to define what you are, exploring all the limits to yourself. Notice what you feel responsible for, and what the universe outside of you is responsible for. Notice where you feel that your body ends, where you mind begins and ends. Find out what assumptions you have taken for granted and determine whether they support you or hinder you. Ask yourself some basic questions:

Where do your thoughts come from and where do they go?
How much free will do you really have?
What part of your life is a role in a play?
When you speak or write, are you really aware of what is coming next?
Is the air that I will breathe in ten minutes a part of me?
Am I truly the same person from moment to moment?
Have I had any experiences where my ego died and was born again?


That's enough to get started. Make knowing yourself the top priority in your life. It is that important! The more you do so, the more you will be able to be what you truly are. And, with that, all consciousness prospers. Become enlightened, and allow your Light to shine that all may see whom that you are, spirit enfleshed to the greatest degree possible for you at this time.



It's appropriate that as I write this Christmas is only five days away, for Christ was the supreme example of what living from the Heart is all about. At some point in our development we must truly realize that the nature of consciousness itself is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. As our conscious awareness increases, we too begin to display this natural characteristic.

In my understanding, the heart is the seat of the soul. It is the organ through which we are most in touch with our true reality as spirit in flesh. It too is the center where our passion for life and for our true work can be found. The heart is the place that knows. Our physical bodies sense, our conscious and subconscious minds think and feel, but it is the heart that truly knows. The pump that drives blood through our system in reality drives life through our system as well.

So, what does it take to live from the heart?

Courage, Trust, Faith, Forgiveness, Compassion, Truthfulness, Kindness

That's a good list to start from. Let's take each one by one:

Courage is required because we have to let go of our illusions that the world is an unsafe place where we have to be on-guard and watching out for ourselves all the time. Also, we may fail in our attempts to follow our hearts bidding, but we must persist anyway.

Trust is required both in ourselves and in others. Without trust, we have no true basis for treating one another with the true dignity and respect we rightfully deserve. Also, some of the things our heart tells us will not necessarily be pleasant to our thoughts and emotions -- resulting in potential battles between the head and the heart.
Faith is required because some of the things our hearts tell us may have no factual basis to support them. Only faith will get us through and allow us to express these admonitions of our heart anyway. Also, faith is required for the communication of the heart to become a regular mode of expression to us.
Forgiveness is required because others may do things out of ignorance that may harm us, harm themselves, or harm others. We must know that such acts are always performed due to a lack of light or consciousness. Literally, those who commit such acts know not what they do. If God can forgive them, who are we to place blame?
Compassion is required because while all is consciousness, and all are souls in flesh, many are in dire conditions. While it may be illusion from a soul standpoint, it is very real from the point of the person experiencing the conditions. No, we do not have to step in their shoes. But, we should be open to their pain and suffering -- assisting where we can, especially when our hearts move us to help.
Truthfulness is required because it allows us to express whom that we really are. Without this, we hold back a part of ourselves that we might prefer to hide from others. Sharing who we truly are is a key to allowing love to flow through us. No blocks, no barriers. We are consciousness in flesh, perfect and complete as we are. We must express the truth, regardless of what the consequences might be.
Kindness is a basic requirement. It is only natural that we should be kind to one another and not do anyone any harm. It is one of the most important behaviors to be inculcated within any society. Without kindness, the very foundation of society crumbles.

These alone aren't enough, however. There must also be a level of spiritual awareness and understanding. Otherwise, what is done affects the surface only. For love to conquer all, requires a depth of comprehension about the true reality, the reality that lies just beyond our grasp -- the reality that separates the present world from the utopia that lies just beyond imagination. We're at the threshold of a new age, the Age of Aquarius. The dawning started some 30 years ago in the 1960s -- the dawn has not yet arrived, however, though it grows closer everyday. It is not clear exactly when the day will come, but it will indeed come, and when it does, the dawn will be glorious beyond compare; and a new day of consciousness will have finally arrived after a Play that's taken us 2000 years from the days when the Christ roamed the world in flesh. He was the example of what we all were to become prior to the close of the Piscean Age -- the age in which we now live.

Looking around the world today, it appears we are far from achieving this in reality. However, look beyond the appearances to consciousness, to the collective worldview that our best and brightest minds on the planet are beginning to create. Many of the latest theories and models coming from science are starting to take on a spiritual flavor, as is the latest philosophy of mind. Both are sounding closer and closer to what metaphysicians have been saying for years. We're realizing that consciousness impacts physical reality. As we get more and more minds focused on this, science will find ways to measure the various energy fields through which consciousness works within physical reality.

Also, it will become more and more apparent that not only does consciousness affect matter, it creates all of reality. Metaphysics will become a respected branch of knowledge. Consciousness workers at the frontiers of understanding will have to move further out to Meta-Metaphysics, the next major challenge for our intelligence.

Living from the heart, one joyfully does what one came to this existence to do. One realizes that it is all a game, a play of consciousness, and has fun with it. One enjoys one's part and fulfills one's duty. One stays awake and awaits the dawn, touching any who cross one's path with the unconditional love of one's center in consciousness. When one lapses and falls asleep awhile, one works to awaken in any way one can. The many are asleep. They have been for 2000 years. A few have found the way to wake up and have experienced glimpses of what is to be. More and more are beginning to awaken -- and learning to remain awake.

But, it is still night. So, remaining awake can be a difficult task. But the dawn is coming. Thoreau speaks of this:

The millions are awake enough for physical labor; but only one in a million is awake enough for effective intellectual exertion, only one in a hundred millions to a poetic or divine life. To be awake is to be alive ... We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aids, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.

Interesting. In a country of 250 million, by Thoreau's estimate, there are only 250 people awake enough for "effective intellectual exertion". That's 250 in all of the United States! I believe that with the proximity of our time to the Dawn, there are many more than that and the numbers are growing rapidly. At some point we will reach a critical mass that is sufficient for consciousness to close this act of the play and let the new act begin. The setting will still be Earth, but the stage may be new -- and our parts will be quite different than they were.

To start with, pay more attention to what your heart tells you. Don't let the logic of your head overrule what you know to be right. Right action is a key principle that must be followed for love to truly flow. Right is not right because society says so. It is right because spirit or consciousness say so. As an aware individual, it is up to you to find that part within you that knows right from wrong. I believe this is within every individual, and I know it's within me.

Remember, much of what I believe to be true in general is an abstraction of what I know to be true for me. One knows through experience. If a belief has no result in experience, it has no value. The true test of any belief is in its utility.

The true test of whether you're on the right path is how happy you are and how much unconditional love flows through you to others. It can flow physically in interactions, or in what you create that is of service to others. The work of Masters throughout the ages is distinguished by the amount of love that went into their work. The more love you put in, the more beauty that results. There is no other secret to great work -- it is Love, Love, Love.

Whatever work you do, do it with love. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Remember the attitude that goes with the word Namaste, and take that attitude with all souls that cross your path. Above all, remember whom that you truly are and allow that gusher of unconditional love that dwells within you to flow freely out into the world knowing that the source from which it comes is none other than Consciousness itself.






In the beginning of the book, I promised to take you on a journey that I believed would change you forever. What I didn't know was that my journey of writing the book would do this for me as well.

You see, when I started two years ago around Christmas, I was quite sure of myself and thought I knew my metaphysics pretty well. In the entire first year, all that came through was the table of contents and foreword. Around Christmas last year, the introduction and first chapter came through. It wasn't until mid-November that I finally had sufficient experience to bring forth the rest of this book. As I write this, it is now Dec 20, 1993. I can hardly believe that the bulk of a non-fiction book came through my fingers and consciousness part time in a six week period. Yet, here it is in front of my eyes. I watched it grow page by page.

I hope my Vision of a New World Order didn't frighten you. I don't know what part of this will come true. I only know that this information is the best guidance that I could bring through at this time. Hopefully, it's a world that leaves a positive impression in your mind, a world that you would like to be part of someday. Even better, a world that you might want to help create. There is much that can be done. The truth is that we can do anything if we focus sufficient talent and resources toward getting it done. Cooperative interdependence is the key.

We create our own reality. The time has come for us to assume our rightful roles and start doing the jobs we came into this existence to do. Remember, however, that things are easier to do in consciousness first -- then we can translate the results into the more dense physical stuff.

Do that which you love! Such is the directive of spirit. No fine print. No exceptions. And, do it now -- and always. Once you are given the knowingness, you cannot fall back into ignorance. Thy destiny must be manifest. For, the fate of the world is intertwined with the destiny of each individual. Each of you has the power to change your world, to enhance it in ways that go beyond your wildest imaginings. What you do and how you do it makes all the difference. You are that powerful, for ye are of God -- gods in flesh, the creators of your reality, the masters of your fate!

Be Happy and Create Well!

In Peace, Love and Light, 








Wayne Hartman


26 Dec 93 - 4 Jan 94





Chapter 1:  Introduction to Reality : A New Look


Chapter 2:  So, What is Reality Creation?


Chapter 3:  On Models and Paradigms


Chapter 4:  The Brain as a Computer


Chapter 5:  The Whole Body as a Robot


Chapter 6:  Multiple Bodies and Energy Fields


Chapter 7:  Symbolic Information Systems


Chapter 8:  Life as a Play of Consciousness


Chapter 9:  Who Are We, Really?


Chapter 10:  Our Collective Self, the Universal Body





So, who am I to be audacious enough to begin to believe that I can write a book on a topic such as this?  At first glance, I'm a 35 year old engineer diagnosed as bipolar with a bunch of bills and insufficient income to pay them.  I live in Monterey, and commute over 80 miles each way to work in Sunnyvale, something I've been doing for over four years.  Recently, I began sleeping 3 days per week in my van in the parking lot at work -- because I could no longer tolerate the commute yet still needed the weekly paycheck; but also, because I needed to free up some time for writing about the stuff inside of me that feels like it's about to explode.


I've spent 20 years involved in a personal spiritual search, primarily through metaphysics.  I've probably read more books than most people read in a lifetime.  Further, I've engaged my mind in thinking about various metaphysical principles often and deeply because such activity is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.  As a result, my understanding is far superior to my years.  No, I haven't used my understanding to eliminate problems in my life, especially monetary ones, mainly because I cannot do so and remain within my integrity.  There are many techniques that can be used for the gain of one at the cost of others.  These are not acceptable to my consciousness, hence I cannot use them.  The only true key I've found to abundance, is that when you are doing work you truly love in line with your purpose, the universe will bestow its great abundance unto you.  As of yet, I have not been doing this long enough to see the results come forth.  I believe that this work that I am now doing is the work of spirit.  Much that comes through will be new to me as I write it.  Yes, the work will incorporate all of my talents, training, and understanding; but, it will do so in a manner that is fresh -- that includes connections beyond any that I have previously made.


As I write this, I'm excited about what lies ahead.  Books are trips for the mind.  The ideas they convey provide us with internal revelations and experiences that can change us forever.  They can point out new ways of seeing things that alter our very reality.  As the writer, I get an even more intense experience than you the reader.  For you see, my consciousness must experience the meaning of the words before it is allowed to express them.  At least such has been my experience over the past year or so.


One of the main reasons my consciousness is being used for this task is that I have a balance between scientific and metaphysical backgrounds.  It seems it is time to start looking at various metaphysical teachings regarding the nature of reality using more of the scientific method, yet at the same time being open to the nature of beliefs and allowing more subjective validation of the utility of the resulting models.  It's as if both science and metaphysics have reached the limits of where they can truly go on their own.  Their union is required to propel knowledge further by allowing the best and the brightest on the planet to use all of their resources in pursuit of knowledge and Truth.  The power that can be unleashed is enormous.  The inventions and the results that will come from the union will be beyond imagination.


To some degree, this marriage of science and metaphysics already exists within my mind.  It has taken over 20 years for the gestation however, since it is only recently that concepts have started to be born within my mind that truly involve both parents.  Science and metaphysics were both a part of my life.  One was my occupation, the other my passion and preoccupation.  Now, I'm starting to see that both are integral to my life, both will be required for me to progress further so that I can finally do the work I came to the planet to do.  This work involves the communication of a vision of what the world will be in the Age of Aquarius, and to start to bring forth the ideas and methods necessary for the building the foundation for this new world.


Big task for someone who is only 35.  Maybe, but someone's got to do it.  One of my friend's once told me, "In the times ahead, if you see a task to be done, and you have the right abilities, then it's probably yours to do."  Lately, I've taken an attitude that involves doing what I know to be my tasks.  After all, what's there to lose.  If I don't succeed, I'll have learned some tremendous lessons anyway.  If I do succeed, I've given those who thought I wouldn't a whole lot to think about.  Besides, the ultimate fate is in accord with the Plan.  I can only do what I believe that it calls for me to do.  From the flow of this writing, my sense is that this be it, at least for the moment.  All we can do is let the moment extend to the Eternal NOW.  All that happens will happen as it unfolds in that one moment.


This book is titled Reality Creation 1010.  Even though it deals with basic principles, this is far beyond what mere introductions of the 101 variety bring to people.  Also, we feel that this topic itself is definitely graduate material.  Those reading this are preparing to graduate into the Age of Aquarius -- a level beyond your wildest imagining.  In addition, 1010 is 10|10 = 22, 1|010 = 12, |1010 = 10.  All three of these numbers have a hidden significance.  Twenty-two is the completion of the cycle through the major arcana of the Tarot.  Our hope is to attempt to impart knowledge corresponding to that level of awareness.  Twelve is the completion number of the pyramid of man (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sides).  Ten is another type of completion of man, one step beyond the enneagram.  Further, reality creation is a topic for beings who are rediscovering their true nature as the gods/goddesses that they are.


The truth is we create our own reality.  We do it all the time, both personally and en masse.  This book attempts to explain how this is done, by proposing a series of models as conceptual frameworks that explain various aspects of what is created to various degrees.  It does not prove that these models are valid, but it does provide criteria for evaluating utility of the various models in your own life.  We are breaking new ground here, trying to talk in a scientific way about things that have been outside the realm of science.  However, this attempt is necessary at this time so that appropriate energy can be applied to thinking in new ways about one of the most intimate and important topics around - the very nature of how we create reality.




Before we get to reality creation, we had better take a look at reality itself and define exactly what we mean.  And I don't mean pull out Webster’s.  If you're reading this, you've existed long enough that you should have a reasonable concept of what constitutes reality.  Anyway, I'm going to assume this is true for myself and provide what comes to mind in this area as a basis for the discussion in this chapter.


The consensus belief is that reality is the world outside us, the world that we touch with our senses, an objective thing that is the same for all of us.  Reality is the stuff that science can deal with.  Occasionally, it stretches into our very bodies, but only on terms that science can understand objectively.  Whenever we cross the objective/subjective boundary, we start leaving the realm where conventional reality dwells.


Part of reality lies in the organization and structures of the things that are within reality.  Part of this includes the behavior and mores of the society.  In addition, feelings and emotional states are allowed a place as well, but on fuzzier ground, and primarily as tied to specific physical conditions.  Psychology and psychiatry are still relatively primitive ways for dealing with the complexities of emotional and mental behavior.


The difference between fantasy and reality often resorts to looking at what is out there in the "real world".  The external world is treated as the truth or the standard.  The images in our minds are representations of this reality and may be distorted from the real thing.


I find it difficult to deal with a view of reality that separates itself from the consciousness that experiences this reality.  From the point of view of an individual, there is an inner and an outer reality.  The outer reality includes everything I sense with my senses, including others that appear to be as I am.  The inner reality is one of thoughts, feelings, models about the world, and models about myself.  The inner reality is the one that is the most prominent.  It is where the majority of life is lived.  Then again, this may be because I'm an introvert.  I don't have the experience to know whether extroverts see life this way.  Regardless, these two level of reality exist, and it is the experience of the individual that determines the ultimate nature of reality.


There is an argument against this.  It would say that if one is perceiving reality incorrectly, then what one is seeing is not reality but a distortion.  The idea being that the distortion of the instrument perceiving bears nothing on the nature of the object of perception.  It's a nice little argument really, until one considers that all of our sensors are instruments as well -- instruments with biases and filters that allow us to see the world in the way we do.  For instance, our eyes behave as bandpass filters that emphasize higher frequency components.  This allow us to see edges and changes much more sharply, resulting in an image that is of greater utility to us in interacting with the world.  Scientists can back off the impacts of this filtering to find out what the world "truly" looks like.  When they do, the result is much more blurry -- literally, the world that we would see would be much different.  From many standpoints, it would be different enough that we might call it a different world.  What would be our reality then? Is it what we perceive or is there really an objective reality out there independent of a perceiver? Also, what about those who are blind? Clearly, their reality is different from those who are sighted.  But, how different is it really? What happens when one cannot perceive things that the consensus humanity perceives? In the case of the blind person, suppose he develops his other senses to compensate for the lack of sight.  He is developing his senses in a manner that any other might assuming that they had sufficient discipline.  The result is being able to perceive different aspects of the world that many never sense.  Yet, this is reality too.  It is perceived.  Sensors suitably calibrated could theoretically detect the subtle inputs.  But it is the mind of the perceiver that translates this all into meaning.


This is an important question.  To what does reality apply? We would argue that it applies to a being of intelligence experiencing its existence, period.  Reality is what that being experiences.  Our concepts of reality should thus include all that this encompasses.  We might take this one step higher and also consider a group of intelligent beings experiencing their existence in a shared world.  The Earth and Nature appear to be common components of reality that apply to everyone yet are outside of anything that we create in our heads.  Many other components exist primary as constructs that we believe and use to explain things.


Maybe we should consider reality to occur at levels of existence.  Rocks, minerals, and inanimate things occur at one level.  Flora, fauna, and the abundance of nature occur at another level.  Man occurs at still another -- where consciousness starts to abide more fully.  That is, consciousness can potentially abide more fully.


All levels of reality exist, but only some are relevant to us in considering the nature of reality creation.  Science has uncovered theories for how much of the basic stuff came into existence.  These may or may not be correct.  Focused HERE and NOW, much of it has little importance anyway.  The bottom line is that there is a given amount of physical stuff from which to construct forms at any of these levels.  Nature uses much of the stuff in ecosystems that provide an incredible diversity of plant and animal life.  Further, nature sculpts the lands in incredible ways via a handful of basic operations used in a variety of ways.  Here, too, science has its theories although even such basic things as weather show incredible complexity.


Personally, I believe in the power of simplicity.  Truth should be expressed succinctly and easily when it has been rightly and fully understood.  Where great complexity is required to explain something, the keys have not yet been found to unlock the complexity.


Everything comes down to meaning, the meaning of experiences in our lives.  Our inner world thrives on such meaning.  We constantly evaluate what the things, events, and experiences in our lives represent.  What do they really mean? On the one hand reality involves what something is.  On the other hand reality involves what something means.  Yep, what it is and what it means.  Those are the two main issues.  Now we can ask a series of questions:


What are physical objects?

What do physical objects represent?


What is life?

What meaning does life have?


What is nature?

What meaning does nature have?


What are emotions?

What meaning do emotions have?


What are thoughts?

What meaning do thoughts have?


What are humans?

What meaning do humans have?


What is consciousness?

What meaning does consciousness have?


Thus far, science has addressed the first three sets in detail, and the next four only in limited areas from limited perspectives.  However, science is typically very light when it comes to dealing with the issue of meaning.  This is typically left as a matter for religion.  The major reason for this is that answering the what question is usually sufficient to being able to use knowledge in ways that "benefit" mankind.


From another standpoint, reality is you and the worlds in which you exist.  These worlds include the physical world, the emotional world, the mental world, and the spiritual world.  The outer world is primarily the physical world though it also includes exchanges with other beings at the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  From the world standpoint, it is useful to know what objects exist in each world and how those objects behave.  In addition to know what interchanges happen between worlds, and what correspondences appear between objects and interactions in different worlds.  For instance, particular emotions may always result in the same body conditions such as breathing rate, blood pressure, heart rate.  They may also be tied to the same types of thoughts as well.  From that standpoint, there is truly one interrelated world -- though it is useful at times to talk about it as if it had separate component parts.


OK, so where does meaning come into the picture? Ultimately, reality for an individual is the meaning that one gets from one's experiences.


I'm a monk living in a dark cave.  Reality has little to do with the physical senses and everything to do with emotions, thoughts, and spiritual experiences.  For all practical purposes, the physical world is illusion -- possessing much less force within my awareness than the visions that may be played out in my mind.


I'm a person from a small town with a limited education who has never ventured outside of my own town.  My world is relatively small, confined to a limited geographic area.  It matters not that there is a large city 200 miles away.  For all I truly know, that is mere fantasy.  In fact, I may have a hard time believing that the world is other than flat.  My experience is that I travel in straight lines, and I don't see far enough to force my reasoning to think in any other manner.  I may know quite alot about the woods, farmland, streams, vegetation, and wildlife in my particular area but I haven't extended this to a concept of nature encompassing the entire planet.


I'm a rocket scientist.  I know the laws of physics and many of the laws of chemistry.  I know the Earth is a sphere and that there are other planetary bodies out there.  I know that I can use the physical laws to calculate the orbit for any rocket I design.  Much of my knowledge about the world is mental, not from direct experience, but from reading the results of the experiences of others.  Most of these results have been confirmed by multiple sources adding to their credibility.  I live and work in a primarily mental world, a world where concepts about the physical world are discussed.  Occasionally we get an opportunity for a physical experiment to bring back new data.


I'm a psychic who sees auras, and makes my living doing readings for people.  I see bands of color around my clients which over many years I learned to interpret.  These color bands appear around other living things as well.  To see these bands clearly, I have learned to alter my state of awareness slightly so that my eyes perceive differently.  These energy bands convey information about health, abilities, significant occurrences, and other history information about each person.  People are dynamic information systems or energy systems that broadcast their energy to the world constantly.


These a just a few examples.  Look how different reality is for these four individuals.  Literally, the reality they experience is different.  All would have a hard time really relating to any of the others.  It's not a matter of which one of them is correct.  They all are.  The problem is the one of blind men and the elephant.  Reality is the large and intricate thing.  We are blind men with a few sensors and a brain in which we create the conceptual context to make sense of our experience.  Because we only need enough of a context to explain the parts of the world that we personally interact with, each of us creates our own and refines it as we go through life.  Part of this framework is created as models, and part as a belief system.  We typically change the framework only when confronted by sufficient evidence which does not fit.


The bottom line from this is that reality is truly something beyond which we can completely describe.  There are many parts to it, each of which various disciplines can describe and define.  But our knowledge is insufficient to even attempt to describe the whole, yet.  We have to be satisfied with that part we can describe.  When we talk about reality creation in this book, we limit ourselves to that part of reality that is personal, the part we experience as individuals and as groups of human beings.  Science has already explored much of the physical world and nature, so we'll stay away from those areas and focus more on the nature of personal reality, primarily those aspects that we experience in our head, though we may also get into our bodies a bit.


Personal reality primarily involves the meaning that we give to things and events in our lives and how we respond or react to this meaning.  It deals with what we see and why we see it, what we feel and why we feel it, what we think and why we think it, what we know and why we know it, and what we do and why we do it.  These are some pretty heavy topics, but at the same time this is everyday stuff, so it shouldn't take a PhD to figure it out.  After all, each of us do these things (see, feel, think, know, do) in the course of each and every day.


This is the bulk of where reality lies.  How do I know this? Simply because this is what we spend most of our time doing.  It is only logical that reality would be found where the bulk of our existence is found.  If not, we live most of our lives in unreality or illusion.  That might make sense if you subscribe to eastern philosophy and religions or if you're committed to "A Course in Miracles", but for the masses in the west, this is a rough one to take.  Personally, I'd prefer to believe that our current experience is real -- it is the reality we are experiencing.  Whether this is the true reality is another matter that is left to spirituality.  The reason for wanting to understand reality creation is twofold: first, to allow us to make this one better for ourselves and others; second, to allow us to understand more of what the true reality is like.


Some things about reality are common.  They provide a common background environment in which we can all experience our personal reality and interact with others.  Other parts of reality are private -- the things in our heads or in the places that we keep closed and guarded from others.  Both are important.  For me, the private part has been the most important, however this is starting to shift.  Overall, I believe the outer has been far more important than the inner for far too long.  We embarked on the scientific adventure in the early 1600's and have been pursuing it relentlessly for 400 years.  In that pursuit, we've focused strictly on explaining as much of the outer world as we could using the scientific method.  The hope was that by understanding this world we would better understand ourselves.  It is not clear that we've achieved this.  One only has to go back to Socrates and Plato to find basic questions that could be asked by the Ancient Greeks yet still cannot be answered even with all of our science and technology.  The problem is that these disciplines deal with entirely different parts of the elephant that we call reality.  We have small disciplines in the social sciences that have attempted some work in the areas we are concerned with, but the successes have been relatively few, and the models relatively shallow.  Much of this is due to lack of resources and funding.  We get what we focus upon.  If we want answers in particular areas, we need to get quality people and apply them to the task at hand for as long as it takes to get results.


One of the most complex machines on the planet is the human brain.  Yet, we have very few people truly studying it to understand how it works.  Don't get me wrong, there is much more research now than there has even been.  Also, it is not an easy task.  Essentially, we are asking a machine to understand itself -- but, this is what self-awareness is all about.  And, self-awareness is one of the key behaviors that must be included within the definition of reality.  The key reason for this is that shifts in the level of awareness change the very nature of reality that is experienced by the individual, and many times, change it permanently.  Any concept of reality that does not encompass these kinds of reality shifts -- does not deal with the most important aspects of personal reality.


We experience reality every moment of every day, both while asleep and while awake.  However, we have another reality as an observer who watches our activities as we perform them -- physical, mental, and emotional activities.  When we experience ourselves as this observer, we are operating from a spiritual standpoint that is as much a part of our reality as any other.  It's interesting, we can be doing, feeling, thinking, and watching simultaneously as if one point in all four of our bodies were merged together at once.  This, too, is part of our experience -- at least for those of us who have achieved this level of awareness.  It's almost like a game, with our state of consciousness determining the level we have achieved.  I don't even begin to know how many levels there are.  Further, I refuse to discuss levels beyond those I have experienced.  I have read of others, but until I personally experience them, they are as fantasy to me.  Actually, provided I have confidence in the author, they are treated as likely possibilities.


Regardless of the number of levels or their structure relative to one another, it is important to realize that there are several levels and that each of these levels is just as much a part of reality as any other.  There is still one overall reality, but it is of such complexity that we are only familiar with the pieces that we experience regularly.  Our growth involves learning about behavior on the various levels and doing what is required to achieve higher and higher levels of understanding and awareness.  Awareness involves being able to perceive, interpret, feel, understand, and create reality.  Yes, that's a lot of stuff.  But, reality is that big of a subject.  Our awareness is our primary tool for dealing with reality.  Our ego is the conscious part of our awareness most intimately connected with reality.




Reality creation is how reality is constructed.  In particular, it includes how we create the reality we experience as individuals and en masse.  Given the scope of reality discussed in chapter 1, this is a broad topic as well, containing many aspects and nuances.  Here, we'll provide an introduction sufficient to establish an overall framework for further chapters.


Reality creation is what human life is all about.  We are creators, learning of our own true nature.  It is through our experience of reality that we discover that we are creators and start learning the basics of how we create the reality we experience.  This is basic stuff, but it is not simple stuff.  It takes achievement of a relatively rare level of awareness to even begin to understand this.  Perhaps I should have mentioned this as a prerequisite for this book.  Some things I just take for granted.  Be forewarned, if you are already lost, maybe you should start somewhere else.  I recommend my previous book, Beyond Imagination: Foundations for Creating a New World, as a place to start.  It provides a recommended reading list that will provide a thorough introduction to much that is understood about reality creation.


As individuals, the general understanding is that reality is what happens to us.  Many believe that they have no control over it, whatsoever.  If you're in this camp I'm not sure you'll find this book of much use except in presenting alternatives that you might find sufficiently empowering to start believing in them.  I'm assuming that most readers are coming in with a basic understanding that we create our own reality.  The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts is a great place to start for gaining a background understanding.


Creation of the natural background to reality is done primarily by Nature.  Further creation of physical reality is done via ideas which get translated into the resources and labor necessary to fabricate the objects required or change the natural state of the background.  This work can be easy or difficult depending on how attuned it is to natural laws and principles.  Everything that humans create comes first from the idea or mental picture.


Emotions and ideas are also creations in and of themselves.  They, too, are part of reality -- hence the process for generating them or bringing them into this existence is reality creation as well.  I would argue that this is one of the most important areas of reality creation because of it fluidity and the rapidity with which things can happen.


The bottom line is that reality creation is going on all the time and we are all participating in it in a most intimate manner whether we are aware of it or not.  In fact, most of us are not aware of how we are creating reality even though we know or observe that we are doing so.  For instance, few of us understand where our thoughts originate.  They just appear in our heads.  Similarly, we don't know where our words come from when we speak.  We know they come through our mouths and that we speak them, but we don't know how this really happens.  Similarly, we feel emotions.  Typically, we sense that these surface or arise in reaction to things going on in our lives, but we don't know exactly how circumstances trigger emotional and mental states.  We know the body is involved as well via hormones and other chemical and electrical mechanisms, but the physical effect is simultaneous with the emotional one.


So, it's obvious that much of reality creation happens at levels that are outside of our normal conscious awareness.  However, we can become more aware of how this takes place even though we don't consciously control what is happening.  As an analogy, consider a planet.  We can observe the planet in the sky and plot its position over time to get an understanding of how it moves relative to us.  If we want to know more, we find that it's necessary to create models of the solar system and equations for planetary motions.  From these equations we are able to plan the course of objects (satellites) that we design to perform specific functions.  Now, we didn't consciously create the planets or the natural laws that govern them.  However, by understanding something about the reality that resulted from that creation, we are then able to consciously create new things that utilize that understanding to result in a desired behavior for the satellite.


Science has shown us how to do this amazingly well.  Technology progresses at rates that were undreamed of as a result.  Unfortunately, we have not yet applied these same methods and laws to our inner reality as well to achieve the same kinds of results.  The major reason for this is one of resources and attention.  For 400 years, we've allowed science to dominate nearly everything.  It has been an innate part of our worldview for these four centuries, and has been the dominant part for nearly 100 years.  In fact, technology moves so fast now that it is nearly impossible for society to keep up with it.  Inherently, there is no reason why consciousness technology can't proceed at a similar pace to allow us to harness more of the power of our minds.


We've reached a state where information has become extremely valuable.  Some say we are in the midst of the Information Age.  To a large degree this is true.  Processing of information occupies a large part of our lives.  It did anyway, even when it was only sensory types of information.  But now, we live in a conceptual world that we create in our heads.  We use this conceptual world to store information about the real world and to assess or determine the meaning of particular events or combinations of circumstances.  For some people, this is a relatively simple model.  For others, it is much more complex.  Generally, there may be many models that cover various aspects of the world where the detail is determined by interest.  The bottom line, however, is that everyone builds models to simplify how they interpret the complexities of reality.  We must be careful however, because the models we use act like glasses as well, only allowing particular information from the outside world to get through.


From the top level perspective, reality includes an outer world that provides a common background, and a bunch of individuals who have bodies in the outer world but who construct their own inner world.  These individuals interact with the outer world and with other individuals but do so through a finite set of senses and with filters determined by the inner models they have of their world.  One of the major tasks is for individuals to get their models of the world in agreement with their observation of the world.  Note how much this sounds exactly like what science has done with the physical world.  We observe and create models that account for what we see.  From a consciousness standpoint, we need to do the same.  We observe what we experience, then attempt to account for that experience.  Personally, I've been in the midst of some major changes of consciousness.  My motivation in writing this is to take a first cut at explaining what I've experienced.  One side effect of writing this is that I activate one of the chief operating principles of life:

You Teach Best What You Most Need to Learn.


I believe that came from the Messiah's Handbook in Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach.  Heaven knows, this is the most important thing for me to learn at this time! My belief is that further it is one of the most important things for all of humanity -- for it is the very key to the kingdom.  It is the step that allows us to transition consciousness into the Aquarian Age.


As you can probably tell, I'm most concerned about reality creation at the individual level.  That is the part that we have some control over.  I'm also interested in reality creation at the mass level -- because I believe it is the joint individual creation that results in the outer reality.  Also, much of our personal reality relates to how we interact with our world including all the other people we deal with.  Individual and mass reality are merged in major ways so that it is nearly impossible to separate the them in practice.  However, there is still some utility in doing so in theory.  Primarily because it makes our models simpler to understand and use to create change.


We already create our reality.  Yes, every one of us.  The trick is to do so consciously rather than subconsciously or superconsciously.  We want to be aware of what we are doing.  Note: this doesn't mean that events and circumstances will change.  It only means that we'll be more aware of how things are working and what is going on.  Our reality however will be quite different, because our focus, interpretation, and understanding will be different.


We live in an elaborately constructed play where the scenes, events, and symbols make sense no matter what level of awareness we are at.  One of the things that keeps the play interesting is that we never know what level other people are at.  The bandwidth for communications channels is too short to convey anything but a minute part of what we are.  We are simply too complex for that.  In fact, part of what allows communication at all, is the assumption that the receiving party is like unto us, so that we don't have to convey much background.  It's amazing that we're able to communicate at all.  Further, the communications process itself provides limited opportunity for feedback to see whether our words convey the desired message.  Overall, the process is very loose.  The medium of words is a poor channel for conveying information, but it is one of the most flexible and useful ones that we have available to us as individuals.  Images and expressions have great informational content as well because they map to greater levels of organization in the receiving individuals.  Also, the bandwidth of images is higher allowing information content to be conveyed more quickly.


Part of reality creation involves how we interact with others in a variety of frameworks and settings.  Overall, we believe that we consciously choose much of how this occurs.  We believe that we have free choice at any points where decisions are made.  There is no basis of fact to show that it truly works this way.  Decision points appear to offer choices, but we have no way to return to the same point to see for certain whether an alternate choice could have been made.  We would not be able to detect from the reality that we perceive whether the choice was executed according to a script or whether we truly have free choice.  From my vantage point, we do have free choice in these matters, but we do not consciously execute the choice, we simply enact the result of what a higher part of ourselves has already scripted.  This distinction is important.  One of the highest goals is Self-awareness.  We achieve this by understanding our true nature as spirit and as a creator of our own reality.  So long as we continue to go through the play as if we consciously had choices about things, we delay the realization that there are other components of ourselves behind the scenes responsible for creating much of what we experience.  It is only when we become aware of these other parts of ourselves that we grow in consciousness to understand whom that we are.  One of the major lessons in life is that of my will vs. Thy Will.  However, it can't be learned until one understands my will to begin with.  Further, one must understand that free will operates through it all.


Free will is an interesting aspect of reality creation.  Yes, it always applies.  However, it applies to our entire self.  We have the freedom to create, but we are responsible for our creations as well.  We know this at a soul level.  We don't typically know this at the physical consciousness level.  It is equally true at all levels, however.  Part of how reality is created is in terms of action/counteraction pairs that show up as balancing events in our lives.  As awareness, we are an observer of these events riding along for the show so that we can learn from what we observe.  In drawing conclusions, constructing models, and creating beliefs we set up our apparatus for understanding ourselves and our world.  Part of this apparatus is about the very nature of ourselves and of reality.  This later part is the area where reality creation happens.  The key mechanism at play is that we get what we focus on subject to the basic rule of:

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.


Personal responsibility is the first lesson.  Closely aligned with this is the principle of right interaction with others:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Until these two basic lessons are learned, there is no firm basis on which fully conscious reality creation can begin to proceed.  Once one has achieved these two, however, an instinctual yearning for something more begins.  Then the directive:


becomes operative and the adventure into understanding the nature of consciousness and the true nature of reality finally begins.  At this point, one finds that as one's level of awareness changes, the reality that one experiences changes.  The true reality is consciousness itself, not the experiences of consciousness.  The experiences are but illusions passing on a screen, illusions with meaning, yes, but illusions none the less.  The problem with this is that achieving and maintaining an awareness of one's nature as consciousness is difficult to do when one's beingness is couched in flesh.  Yes, there is a purpose for this.  We are learning to be creators of a higher order.  Presently we create reality.  And what an elaborate and beautiful reality it is.  Overall, our consciousness is learning to create beings of its own order couched in its creations to as high as a degree as is possible.  You could say we are attempting to create gods on Earth, beings truly able to create their own reality consciously.  The key to it all is getting individuals to take the initiative to know thyself rather than be so immersed in the activity of the game.  Looking around the country and the world today, clearly this is no easy task.  Those of you who are on this path, congratulations, pursue it to whatever degree you are able.  This is one of the areas where free choice truly reigns.  At any time, anyone can choose to see things differently and embark on their personal quest for self- knowledge.  They will find that the doors are opened at whatever pace they are willing to go in their quest -- subject only to what level of understanding they achieve and their willingness to follow the signs and take the gifts that their consciousness sends to them.  Note, however, that some lessons take time to unfold.  Why does it work this way? Simply because consciousness is elegant in how it creates the Play, and events and opportunities appear per the Play.  An individual's free will determines what shift in awareness occurs as a result of the scene being played out.  The new awareness then lines up further events and opportunities.


One of the first lessons in knowing thyself is learning that:

We create our reality through our beliefs.


Why is this so? Because beliefs represent our conscious understanding of ourselves and our world.  They filter everything we perceive and govern how we interpret reality.  Further, since this is such an important lesson, the law of like attracts like assure that we attract the appropriate events and circumstances to conform with our beliefs.  Occasionally things will be brought to our attention to get us to question beliefs that may be in error in an attempt to spur our growth, but typically it is left to us to become interested in knowing ourselves.


The complexity of the physical instrument comes into play as well.  It is not yet clear what process the brain must go through to accommodate increasing levels of consciousness and awareness.  Because we are creating physical bodies, the organization of the brain is a major consideration.  It is the seat of our physical consciousness and to some degree must be programmed to give it functionality.  It's not that all of our intelligence must reside within the physical body, but enough of it must be there to allow our consciousness to drive the body from within the brain.  Part of how reality is created is to partition specific functions out to smaller units of consciousness so that the greater part of consciousness can focus on higher levels of functionality and awareness.  To enflesh itself to a greater degree, consciousness must continually work on its creation in ways that result in increased ability to accommodate awareness.  Consciousness itself is pure awareness without form.  It seeks to express itself as awareness within form.  All of evolution has been an elaborate experiment in expressing consciousness in form.  Human evolution has been an experiment in creating fully self-aware life.  Dolphins and whales have already achieved this.  We still have a ways to go, but we're getting there rapidly.


We have complete control over our beliefs.  Many may have been adopted during our childhood, but we are free to reexamine these and change them at any time.  One of our key methods for controlling the reality we create is by taking control of our beliefs and adapting them so that they serve us rather than hinder us.  In particular, we need to closely examine beliefs about who and what we are.  These are core beliefs that define much that we will experience.  A second area of core beliefs involves the basic nature of our world or our reality.  These too need to be closely examined to determine their impact on our experience.  A key belief that is useful is:

We are consciousness housed in a body.


We are not strictly confined to a body.  First and foremost, we are consciousness.  Secondly, we are enfleshed in a body.  Yes, this body is important -- but only as the vehicle for allowing consciousness to be enfleshed.  Consciousness can only be enfleshed to the degree of our awareness of our nature.  The consciousness part of us is not created as the body is.  It enters at some point to drive the biological machine.  All the minute details of body creation are driven by consciousness in accord with the Plan and with spiritual laws.  In addition, a conscious part of the brain is programmed to become aware of its identity as "I".  The program is allowed to grow subject to appropriate spiritual laws.  As it grows, some of its activities lead to increased awareness of itself.  First this is reflected as an awareness of its abilities and talents and awareness of self as doer.  As it becomes more aware, consciousness, as the programmer, nurtures it further by feeding it reality for it to digest and draw further conclusions from.  At some point the entity becomes aware of itself as observer, separate from the awareness that was immersed in physical reality.  As it questions the very nature of itself, it grows ever more aware until it knows that it is consciousness.  At this point it has truly realized that:

We are in this world, but not of this world.


This world is an illusion, an elaborate one, but an illusion nonetheless.  That doesn't alter the fact that it is reality.  It just means that reality is truly an illusion, just as a movie on a screen.  Also, there is great meaning in the illusion.  After all, the actors are real even if the parts they play are not.  In our world, not only are the actors real, but they don't even realize they are actors since they are only allowed to experience the play moment by moment.  Further, in our play, the actors must start with a very limited understanding of who they are and why they are there at all.  It makes for a very interesting challenge.


Because we are in this world, we accept particular rules for creating reality in accord with spiritual laws and the Play.  Also, we must take care of maintaining basic functions in accord with the rules for reality creation within the dimensions in which we operate.  Part of this is required because consciousness is co-creating reality and there must be an overall consistency in order for individual experiences to make sense in the context of the Play and the individuals understanding of reality.  Activities involving multiple individuals must be coordinated for the Play to be enacted properly.


To make the overall framework for reality even more challenging we must realize that the lessons at each level are relative, not absolute.  They are not meant to be carried to extremes and the context in which they operate may be limited.  For instance, we create reality through our beliefs is only a partial truth.  It does not mean necessarily that every belief will be manifest.  Consistency in beliefs is also needed.  Further, if beliefs are in error, reality specifically may not conform to the belief to point out the error.  The strength of the belief is as important as well.  Beliefs with more emotion and conviction are more likely to be manifest.  Another basic law is:

Laws may change with the level of awareness.


As the level of awareness grows, the place at which conscious reality creation occurs changes and the interpretation of reality may be completely different.  One could say that as awareness changes so does one's world.  On a mass level, however, the world remains the same for the most part.  We have not experienced individuals attaining a mass awakening on a large enough scale to cause a significant world change, at least not instantly.  Some of the historical disappearances of large groups such as the Mayans may have been due to consciousness shifts.  Changes in technology, and in particular transportation have made the world a very different place in the past 100 years, dramatically affecting our personal understanding of the meaning of time and space.


The nature of the Play makes it appear that everything happens relatively smoothly over time.  We need to make sure we don't confuse appearance with reality.  We experience reality only in the moment.  We may have memories of the past and expectations of the future, but the only time we ever experience reality is NOW.  We exist here and now.  We always have and always will.  There can be no other time for awareness.  Consciousness itself is beyond time and space.  It is eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.  This is our heritage as sparks of consciousness.  It is our true nature.  Realizing that, however, is another matter.  And we are here, now, to realize it as much as possible within this physical form.  Since all is here and now, change can happen in a moment as well.  At any moment, the current act could come to a close, and a new act in the Play could begin.  This is what happens when consciousness shifts occur on a massive scale, or when consciousness has generated a new physical pattern capable of holding increased awareness.  In time, this may take awhile to occur, especially if the background reality is to be maintained.  After all, we can't have violations of natural laws appearing out of the blue to large numbers of people, can we? They just wouldn't know what to do.  However, if we examine the Play, and look at what ideas the mass consciousness is being exposed to, we can start to see some of the overall directions in which reality is moving to allow change to happen at warp speeds compared to what has transpired in the past.  I know, the past does not exist, but the remembrance in our minds is real whether the supposed events were real, illusion, or even imagined.  Also, from a reality creation standpoint it is useful to see whatever parts of the Play we are aware of from a more global perspective.  This allows us to see how the whole mechanism was constructed.  Yes, the place where reality happens is the moment.  But, we're stepping back from that to try to understand how each moment was created to begin with.  Also, it's useful to understand where our drama begins and ends, and what major themes are being carried out for our illumination.  At some level we are a group consciousness as well, and the larger reality is being carried out for that group.  Now that group recognizes itself as one entity composed of individuals, just as we are composed of individual cells.




My scientific/technical background has taught me the value of using models to describe how something works.  In our case we want to develop models that are useful in explaining the nature of reality and the process of reality creation.  Many of the models that I intend to elaborate on were introduced informally in the previous chapter.  You'll see them again in much more detail in the chapters that follow.  Before we get to those chapters I'd like to explain a few things about what models are, why we use them, and how we use them.  In addition, an introduction to paradigms is in order as well.  I suspect that many of you reading this will already have been exposed to the concept of paradigms, but, nonetheless, I'd like to provide some words on why and how I use them in the context of understanding reality creation.

What Models Are


Models are representations of things, processes, systems, behavior, or concepts.  The ones of most value in our particular context are conceptual models that deal with the nature of reality and process or behavioral models that deal with how reality is created.  Models have varying levels of complexity depending on the nature of what is being modeled and the fidelity that one wants in the output.  Fidelity deals with how closely one wants the model to approximate reality.  All models are representations of the real thing.  As representations, they generally make simplifying assumptions about whatever is being modeled.  Typically, models must be validated to assure that they behave appropriately in accord with what is being modeled.


Reality is an extremely complex entity involving a whole lot of stuff.  In this book we deal with a high level of abstraction of reality that is primarily centered on the functions centered in the brain that experience and interpret reality and that are involved in self-realization.  We also discuss the functions performed by consciousness itself and how these map to the functions that are physically expressed.  Where possible, I'll attempt to validate the models that I discuss.  However, in many cases the concepts are so new that the utility of the model must be judged based on experience in using it.

Why Models


We use models because they provide a simplified means for us to understand behavior of complex systems.  At least, that's why I use them.  Models also provide a framework for organizing our knowledge about a system.  When the framework is structured properly it facilitates understanding and analysis, possibly allowing us to venture into unknown territory to generate new knowledge.


In our case, we are attempting to model the very nature of reality itself.  In doing this, we're treading on some rarefied turf that traditionally has been the realm of religion, not science.  The models will be somewhat simple and sketchy, but they are a place to start from.  Also, different models will pertain to different aspects of reality or its creation.  This is such a big area that I can only cover particular general areas that I feel are most important.  Further, since I am creating the models, they can only cover areas for which I have sufficient awareness to generate the appropriate concepts, connections, and relationships.

How We Use Models


We use models primarily as analogies that help us understand behavior of complex things in terms of things that we are already familiar with.  In using the analogies, however, we need to understand how far to carry them.


Overall, my higher purpose of using these models is to capture my knowledge about reality and reality creation in a manner that can elicit an awareness in you that results in a consciousness shift related to your understanding of reality and its creation.  My shift will come when I build the model and relate the information in words.

What Paradigms Are


Paradigms are our habitual ways of looking at things.  They are the glasses we use to filter things to simplify our lives.  On a larger scale they are the way society or a group of people see things.  Typically these are philosophical attitudes about life or its meaning.  One problem with paradigms is that the filters may distort our view of reality so that we are not seeing things that may be important in a way that is empowering.


From another viewpoint, our paradigms are the models of reality that we use all the time in interpreting our experience.  We don't see the real world, we see our paradigm of it.

Why Paradigms


Paradigms make life easier.  We can decide on a rule for interpreting particular behavior and not have to think about it anymore.  They allow us to automate our reality interpretation freeing us to focus on things of higher interest or value to us.  It's useful to understand what our paradigms are and to make sure that they empower us.

Breakthroughs: The Value of Paradigm Shifts


Breakthroughs typically happen when paradigm shifts occur.  Paradigms are such important parts of are lives that when they shift we experience a major change in our perception of reality.  The outer reality may not change at all, but the inner one can change completely.



The brain functions like a computer on many levels.  A computer has inputs, memory, processing, and outputs.  System software takes care of assigning resources to various programs.  Programs evaluate inputs, perform various functions and generate various products or output.


One type of the brain's inputs come primarily from the senses through the body's nervous system.  Information is of several types:


Visual information comes in the form of pictures about the world.  The sensors themselves only detect incoming patterns of various frequencies of light.  The brain is left to interpret these as images.  Images contain a great amount of symbolic information.  One of the types of images that we input is printed text from a variety of sources.  The process of reading is engaged exclusively with this type of information.


Aural information comes in the form of sounds, waveforms with various frequency spectrums.  The ears translate the waveforms into appropriate representative signal that the brain then interprets.  Sound is a key means for transferring verbal information between humans.


Taste, smell, and touch are additional senses from which information comes.  This information is primarily about the physical world and operates at a more subtle level.  They are important for experiencing reality, but not so important for understanding reality creation at an abstract level so we won't be discussing them much.


There is another type of information that is contained internally as product in the brain.  This information is stored as data in various forms or as programs that can be run whenever they are needed.  Thoughts could also be interpreted either as input to the brain or as output data that results from the brains functioning.


We operate on at least two levels: a realtime level that takes sensory inputs from the world and reacts to them for our safety or efficient operating, and a non-realtime level that processes more abstract information that associates meaning to what is being experienced.


Some of our primary outputs are directions for our bodies shape and condition; control of our physical actions and reactions; generation of our speech and communication with others; and our thoughts, models, and programs about the world and reality.  There are a lot of physical related outputs, but I'm not going to cover them here because my focus is more on the conceptual side of things that is involved with reality creation.


The most interesting part of the brain is computer model is the elaboration of what the software is doing.  The processor elements of the brain are much more complex than any computers we have even begun to dream of.  Little is understood about how the brain actually works.  We don't need to know the physical details, however, to start to understand the higher level functionality.  The complexity of the brain allows for nearly any level of functioning to be achieved.  Because of this, our focus will be on what happens at the abstract level.  The understanding of details will have to wait for biological science to catch up with our metaphysical knowledge.


Just as there is a variety of software for our computers, so there is a variety of software for our brains.  In addition, we are programmers of ourselves, so our software constantly changes over time.  Awareness shifts, for example, typically involve major changes to old programs or the generation of new ones.  Some of the major programs we run include the following.

Maintain Security Program


This program involves keeping us inside a comfortable operational envelop that is defined by our beliefs about what it means to be secure.  This encompasses more than physical safety.  It includes emotional and mental security issues as well.


Its primary inputs are the sensory input from the real world and the beliefs about the present state of security.  Its functions include interpreting the inputs to assess a new current state of security and then determining actions that can lead to increased security if required.  Our state of awareness has a lot to do with how automatically this program operates.  As with other programs, the amount of attention given to the program is determined by how important that area is to us.  If we believe we are always safe and secure, little time is given to this.  However, if we believe the world is unsafe and we don't feel secure, more time is spent on this.  The basic lesson that we are always safe is critical to understanding that we create our own reality.


Safety is built in at a very physical level as well.  We have a database of sounds and their meanings that includes most sounds that might signify danger.  When these are heard, the brain interprets the meaning for the current situation quickly, putting our body on alert by pumping the adrenalin and directing an appropriate response to the situation.  For the most part, this behavior is automatic.  We witness and feel it, but we don't consciously control it.  Similarly, there is an automatic level for responding to visual and other sensory threats as well.


At higher level of awareness, security comes from knowing that our worldview is proper and that there are appropriate parts of ourselves that are fully capable of handling whatever might come up in a manner that is best for all concerned including ourselves.


At a still higher level of awareness, we know that we create it all, and everything happens in accord with the Play.  Further, the Play is perfect, so we will be experience exactly what is needed for our highest growth -- nothing more and nothing less.  Further, we are not in control of the Play, consciousness is.  We are souls.  We are consciousness enfleshed.  Reality is just an illusion, a game that we play for awhile because it is fun and because it allows our awareness to expand.

Interpret Outer Reality Program


This involves determining what reality is and what it means.  We are barraged with an endless stream of stimuli from the outside of us.  Much of it is direct information about physical things.  Some of it is conceptual information from others about what is happening in the world or more rarely what various things mean.  One could spend all of ones waking life consumed with observing the information coming in.  There is so much of it that there just isn't time to process it all.  The key way we have found to deal with this is to build an internal model of the world that defines what we are interested in tracking.  Much of this is created by where we focus our attention.  Things we are interested in get structures for filing information, evaluating that information, and for assigning meaning to the information.  The more focus we apply, the more elaborate the structures.  Consciousness builds these structures in an optimum fashion for catering to our interests.  It's as if we have a team of programmers that are waiting to do whatever we want.  The way to get these programmers working is through attention and desiring to know.


These interest-related structures serve as filters that select what information gets attracted and paid attention to.  Our beliefs also come heavily into play.  Information that is in line with our beliefs tends to get through our filtering apparatus so that we can see our beliefs confirmed by reality no matter what the beliefs may be.


OK, so what do we have from the higher perspective? This program takes in information about reality, filters the information by belief and interest, evaluates the information based on various structures that define how the information gets translated to meaning, captures the meaning in history structures, then translates the meaning into appropriate emotional and mental states.  Where required, models are created to provide the structure for representation.  Also, programs may be created for automating any of the evaluation and translation functions.


Ultimately, this program results in a what does it mean to me assessment.  This includes a step that involves determining whether there is any impact on my existing models and structures.  If so, the appropriate resources are employed to adapt these structures to agree with the latest information about reality.


If we have limited understanding of the world, then we are blind to great amounts of information.  You could say we are operating with blinders, and that the more we understand the thinner the blinders.  From one perspective, these blinders prevent us from seeing who we really are as spirit incarnated into flesh.  Basically, we see what we look for, and we look for whatever is within our ability to understand in the moment.  To change our reality, all we have to really do is perceive differently and this is within our power to do at any time.

Assess and Determine Needs Program


This operates on a couple of levels as well.  Consciously we are aware of our basic needs and make decisions as to how those needs will be meet.  Typically, this requires taking a job to earn the money needed to meet our needs.  Meeting needs at the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels is a different matter.  Many of these are addressed subconsciously rather than consciously.  The brain is set up to meet needs at all levels.  It does this by producing the desired urges or the necessary thoughts required to get the need recognized and addressed.  The timing for this is dependent on awareness and how it is changing.


The program works by ranking and prioritizing the set of all needs, looking at what is most important to the individuals growth and planning the kinds of events required to bring the individual to a greater level of awareness.


At the highest level, needs are always met.  Consciousness creates reality so consciousness can assure this.  Individuals may face circumstances, however, where they assess that their needs are not being met.  This may be due to faulty interpretation of reality, or an incorrect understanding of what constitutes a need.  Consciousness does not dictate what an individual perceives.  It monitors the perception and creates the appropriate circumstances needed to get the individual to perceive more correctly.  When this happens is determined by how important it is to the growth of the individual and others that may be impacted.


The individual also defines wants, and indicates how strong the wants are via emotions or amount of attention given to the wants.  If appropriate for conveying lessons, the wants may allow be translated into the appropriate conditions required to meet them.

Create Outer Reality Program


The create outer reality program looks at the individual's wants and needs, the lessons that the individual needs to learn, the raw events of the Play, the individuals level of awareness and the karmic balance to create the detailed script for the next part of the Play.


Beliefs about the body are used to drive the intimate details of how the body is fashioned and shaped, including any instincts for food consumption and exercise.  The body is one of our most detailed expressions of belief that we create on the outside.


We also bring things and people into our life in this manner.  All the events needed to confirm our beliefs are provided.  It is not until we show that we are interested in change or that we start to question our beliefs that we experience anything outside of these beliefs.  Then, we are free to interpret the experience in whatever way we choose.  There are always events in the outside world that can trigger awakenings, but they only impact us if we choose to see them.

Manage Beliefs Program


The manage beliefs program is responsible for maintaining our beliefs.  This program accepts whatever beliefs it is given and keeps tract of the justification for each belief.  Beliefs with substantial justification have strong effects on the reality we experience.  Beliefs with little justification have limited impact.


Beliefs are grouped with related beliefs and hierarchically organized where this is useful.  Several groupings of beliefs are maintained: beliefs about the world, beliefs about oneself, beliefs about others, and beliefs about the nature of reality.


One of the major goals of life is the development of a belief system that is conducive to expressing greater levels of consciousness in flesh.  This is the primary area where we have the power to exert control over our experience and truly affect the quality of our days.  This is where our progress toward the prime objective know thyself gets measured and assessed.


We start with the things we are told repeatedly or experience as young children.  Then we add whatever we learn in school or at home as we grow up.  Eventually, we reach a state where we question our beliefs and start to weed out the ones that don't serve us.  These need to be replaced by more empowering ones.  Self-help, psychology, and metaphysics provide the raw material for new beliefs with associated justifications.  Finally, we learn that beliefs are a playground, one in which we fashion the reality we desire -- and we learn to select beliefs based on their utility.  When we start to tire of beliefs about the physical world, we move onto higher beliefs about our true nature as consciousness, and the nature of reality and of reality creation itself.  Only then does our ascent in awareness really take off.


This doesn't happen automatically.  Unless we make the effort to know ourselves, it doesn't happen.  Remember, we're programming a machine.  This machine gets programmed via information taken in and accepted by whatever level of awareness we are operating at.  We are in the process of becoming more and more aware.  That is, consciously aware.  Many people have not yet awakened to any real sense of conscious awareness.  If you're still reading this, you already are at an evolved level of awareness.  Don't stop now, however, regardless of where you are there are significant opportunities for further growth.  Right now, the directive is to grow as far and as fast as you are able.  You are main players in this journey of consciousness attempting to fully express itself in flesh.  Lead the way as far as you can and pull as many as you can along with you.  The more of us that do this, the sooner we'll make the breakthrough that allows the Aquarian Age to begin.  Working at this level, is the highest service we can do for it is operating at the very highest levels of conscious reality creation.  However, don't neglect your body in the process.  The goal after all is spirit in flesh, not pure spirit.

Create Inner Reality Program


Inner reality is basically all in one's head, though emotions and some body sensations may be involved as well.  Creating inner reality involves causing particular states of mind to be experienced.  Causing happens via creation of conditions, or via focusing on particular information in a specific manner.  The "I" is the part of us that experiences reality, especially inner reality.  The major inputs come from thoughts and also information from the senses.  The major outputs are other thoughts, feelings, and particular mental states.  At the level of creating, we are not yet interesting in assigning meaning.


The major reason for creating inner reality, however, is to give the individual experiences conducive to the growth of awareness.  These experiences typically confirm or deny aspects of the individual understanding of the nature of reality.  Note, I'm not concerned with the lower levels of how inner reality is created or experienced.  Sometimes, all that is present is a feeling tone.  At other times pictures and association may be seen from which volumes of information may flow out.  At still other times, powerful thoughts may arise.


The key process for creating inner reality is through beliefs.  Thoughts and events are planned to arrive in sequences necessary for their understanding to occur.  Sometimes information arrives in the form of a book, or a conversation, or an event or coincidence of events.  The synchronicity and timing of events is well planned and things often have multiple purposes and meanings only some of which are understood immediately.  The symbolic meaning of things is very rich.  Reality is ready to support any level of spiritual realization at any moment.  The basic conditions for spiritual awakening are always there, immediately around us, if only we had the eyes to see.  Again, beliefs are the key, just as they were for outer reality.  The inner and outer are expressed in the same manner.  What is outside is a reflection of what is inside, and vice-versa.  As above, so below also expresses this same principle.

Interpret Inner Reality Program


Interpreting inner reality involves developing a conceptual model of all that one experiences.  The objective is to determine the meaning of what we experience.  Here, we must understand symbols and how they are used.  Some symbols have universal meaning.  Most, however, must be understood on a personal basis.  The outer world and all that we experience external to us are a reflection of something inside of us.  However, it is up to this program to determine the meaning of whatever is experienced.  This is done primarily through beliefs until we build appropriate models of how both inner and outer reality are created.  Such models may be considered more elaborate beliefs because we cannot be certain of their validity either.


For most people, inner reality is interpreted by this program to be an appropriate feeling state that the individual may or may not be able to express due to other beliefs.  Such states as happy, sad, depressed, angry, excited, etc.  are then reflected in hormones to result in a corresponding body state.  As awareness grows, one must learn to pay attention to these feelings and find appropriate channels for the energy to flow.  As awareness grows further, one should be able to select a feeling state by choice, independent of the conditions.  In particular, one should be able to experience happiness regardless of what is going on inside or outside.


The Play determines what happens.  We determine what that means from an inner reality standpoint.  We have no control over what happens, only how we interpret and react, and then only within a limited range for further actions are determined by the Play as well.


To interpret inner reality consciously, we must understand that we are the watcher of this drama and that it is truly designed for us as the watcher.  Yes the players all have their roles and the action makes sense at that level.  However, the higher meaning comes from understanding the meaning of symbols for the observer parts of ourselves.  At this level, the play is comic indeed for the characters are but caricatures of who we truly are.  Consciousness has a keen sense of humor, very keen indeed.  When we realize that all this was done for us, that all the details of the Play are there solely for our growth and progress, that this is all a grand experiment in consciousness learning to procreate -- that is, create like unto itself; the feeling is absolutely wonderful.  There is a sensation of gratitude that goes to the very core of one's being.  Subconsciously, we are aware of how consciousness is directing the show down to the finest details.  It's only consciously that we lack awareness.  This can only be fixed by working on knowing ourselves and developing the conceptual understanding needed to allow us to awaken.  This is what the interpretation of inner reality is all about.

Monitor Level of Awareness Program


Within us we have a program that monitors our level of awareness constantly.  It does this so that the perception filters can be altered to correspond to whatever level of awareness we achieve.  Monitoring the level of awareness is not so easy as it might seem.  At the frontiers, we are growing bodies and minds that can consciously handle increased awareness.  The constructs necessary are fragile at first so care must be taken to assure they are not overwhelmed.  It's as if we were developing consciousness muscles capable of doing a particular kind of work.  The development is a slow and methodical process.  In the case of consciousness, we are really building circuits capable of handling particular kinds of information and vibrational frequencies.  If we go too fast we burn out the circuits and have to start again.


The key reasons for monitoring awareness are to assure that things are proceeding smoothly and to provide reality creation information it needs to decide what would be most appropriate for further growth.


There are a host of other programs working at lower levels but I haven't taken the time to figure out what they are.  Further, even if I did, the ones already mentioned are the ones that relate most directly to reality creation at the levels that we care about.




There is also an overall analogy of brain to computer that bypasses the input, output, program breakout.  We'll discuss this next.


The brain is a biological computer.  From the time we are born the computer is programmed by the reality that is presented to it, and the information that it takes from that reality.  Everything we see, hear, feel, or otherwise sense is an input training pattern.  The brain by its very nature seeks to organize itself to be able to handle the inputs that are presented to it.  Part of how it does this is via the above types of programs.  Within the brain, there is a conscious that has the innate ability to learn to program other parts of the brain.  The conscious mind is like an application program that is itself capable of creating particular types of information that can be fed to other programs and in some cases even creating entire applications.  Actually, it may be that there is a team of programmers inside our head that respond to the directions and needs of higher level programs, that actually do the grunt work.  Delegation is essential.  Each part must focus on what it does best, leaving tasks for which it is not suited to other part that can effectively accomplish those tasks.


Within the brain is a center of awareness of self.  It is this center that is of primary importance for the whole Play is executed for the development of this center.  Here is where consciousness resides.  Initially it is relegated to the superconscious.  It cannot act consciously until the ego learns of its existence, then finds a way to access it, then learns to trust the information that comes from it.  This is not an easy task for the ego's mission in life is deal with reality, and external reality can be very engrossing and time consuming.  Applying effort to other than dealing with the material world is seen as counterproductive, especially if it believes the outer world is where reality is by definition.


It's tough enough for the ego to develop the will so that it can start working towards achieving its wants.  In fact, many people never develop much of a personal will, choosing to take things as they come rather than trying direct what will happen.  The will is an application program that runs on the basic conscious/subconscious/superconscious operating system.  Actually the will itself runs on the conscious side.  The superconscious is responsible for activating experience in accordance with basic spiritual laws discussed earlier in chapter 1.


The conscious is programmed by all the ideas that cross its attention.  Some of these ideas eventually become beliefs.  Others are just stored in the data base until they are needed at some later time.  As each idea is experienced it is represented physically as a pattern of cell activity.  When ideas are repeated and contemplated they grow stronger and stronger.  As ideas are connected in hierarchies, those that are supported gradually grow until they are accepted as truths or beliefs.  Once this is so, reality creation can start generating experiences that confirm the beliefs.


The subconscious is responsible for emotions and desires.  Advertisers have known this for years and have learned to program people to buy their products by making the associations that go straight to the subconscious.  This way the conscious mind doesn't block the linkages they are trying to make with the pleasure centers in the subconscious.  Also, subliminal messages are conveyed in a manner that bypasses the conscious.


For conscious awareness to expand, the ego itself must expand to include other functions that reside in the subconscious and superconscious.  It is not clear how these functions are separated within the brain.  That is left for brain research to tell us.  For our purposes, it's easier to treat things from a functional standpoint anyway.  The bottom line is that increases in awareness happen when the ego recognizes and accepts something that was outside itself.  Something that was "not I" becomes part of "I".  Initially, this outside function may be recognized as a new data source.  Eventually, the whole function may be recognized as a part of self.


There are not a whole lot of information sources that lead one to an understanding of oneself.  They definitely are not common.  My primary sources have been via metaphysics.  Religion offers some as well, but I find them too obscure for my taste.  Great thoughts are always outstanding.  These can usually be found in books of quotations.  Think of these materials as programs for your mind, for that is what they truly are.  Anything that exposes you to knowledge about the nature of self and the nature of reality is the highest form of information you can get.  However, it doesn't help much if you are not prepared to understand it through your own actions in getting yourself ready.  Growth cannot be forced, it proceeds gently from within.  However, some of the changes can occur very rapidly, allowing one to lose one's grasp of reality for awhile if one is not very careful.  I know this first hand.  I've been walking on very shaky ground for several months now.  However the awakenings keep coming.  My ego is about ready to roll over and say "what do you need me for"? The changes shake up the very core of my programs about reality interpretation.  With many realizations, the meaning of things change forever.  Things that I trusted and relied upon before simply had to fall by the wayside.  What you're seeing now is the kinds of constructions that now lie at the core of how I see reality.


Don't take any of this too literally.  These things work roughly like this.  Use your own experience to adapt these ideas to whatever works for you.  I'm not the ultimate authority on anything except my own reality.  My hope is that by sharing what seems to work for me, I may help you in your own path to self-awareness.  Everyone follows a different path.  I believe that I was meant to blaze a new trail.  This is simply one of the markers that I am leaving behind.




I've been thinking about this analogy for quite some time now.  The body is an incredible biological machine, a wonderful manifestation of consciousness.  However, how is consciousness embodied or enfleshed? What is physical, and what is non-physical?


We have a body.  We are not our body.  Similarly, the body has a brain.  We are not that brain.  Most of us normally think of ourselves as that which is physical.  However, when we truly think about locating even the ego part of ourselves, the "I", we cannot find it located in any physical part of us.  From a larger perspective, this is because we are consciousness expressing ourselves through the clothes of a physical body.  This body is very much like a robot, controlled by various programs, feedback mechanisms, and control circuits.


For those of you that watch Star Trek: the Next Generation.  The bodies are much like Data, except Data is an attempt to make computer systems and technologically based robots into life that is similar to human life.  We are grand attempts to make biological life like unto consciousness itself.  This is no small task.  Consciousness learns from all of its experiments.  For human life, the DNA are the key for structuring the physical forms, they provide the mechanism through which consciousness can exert control.  They have are least two main functions and probably many others as well.  On the physical level, they provide the pattern for each cell to be able to replicate itself.  The also provide the mechanism through which consciousness can exert control over the functioning of each cell.  I suspect there is a set of known instructions that are part of the cells operating system so to speak.


While the baby is still growing inside the mother, the directions to grow may come from the mothers consciousness.  Prior to birth, the details of how DNA from the mother and father will be combined to create the abilities and characteristics of the child are decided jointly by the three consciousnesses that are involved.  At or near the moment of birth, the third consciousness enters the new body.  Basic growth of the body is controlled by the individuals consciousness in a manner that conforms to beliefs, choices of actions, including choices of food consumption.  The biggest factor is body image, however, for the body is our most intimate reflection of our image of ourselves.


Of greater concern is the growth of the mind.  Basic functions grow in a manner that psychology has already defined so I won't go into any detail here.  Early brain growth centers on getting basic functions operating -- the senses, speech, balance, and the like.


Now we get to an interesting part, the basic question of whether the body is a vehicle for spirit or whether it is spirit in flesh.  I prefer thinking of the body as the vehicle through which spirit is expressed in flesh.  In this case, the operation of the body doesn't have to be an internal function, it can be caused by consciousness, something outside of the physical dimensions so long as there is a communications bridge between the two.  This also follows from the idea that we are the creation of consciousness.  And consciousness itself is learning how to create like unto itself.  We become gods at the moment we realize how to create things "in our own image".


Of course, the common view is that the physical is self-sufficient.  But science has neglected the mental and spiritual elements completely and has no explanation for an evolutionary process that leads to greater and greater amounts of organization.  The whole issue of consciousness has yet to even be considered, much less the idea of what is involved in reality creation.  If you've read this far, I assume you take personal reality creation to be a given.  The only question is one of how it works and this is of interest primarily from a practical standpoint of how we live our lives.


Assuming the body is just a vehicle, we need to treat it somewhat like we do a car.  Don't take this too seriously, I know the body is more of a temple for spirit.  A car is a controlled robot of sorts.  It has certain external functions that it performs in terms relevant to the human user, and certain internal functions to achieve the external ones.  It is designed to accommodate human passengers.  It has an interface that serves as the mechanism for us to control what functions are performed.  It needs food (gas) and service to keep it operating, and it wears out after some period of time that is dependent on how it is made, how it is used, and how it is serviced.


Similarly, the body is a vehicle for the brain, it's chief occupant.  The body has certain external functions such as sensing, moving, speaking, and physically manipulating.  In robot language, this is what the sensors and actuators can do.  Internally there are a variety of control systems that enable the gross level behavior.  The interface is much cleaner.  We only have to think of something to start action happening.  For instance, we only have to express the intent to move in a direction to get an army of cells cooperating to make it happen.  Similarly, when we speak, we only have to express the intent to get the cells cooperating to work in a manner to produce a sound that they cannot even hear.  The organization is truly miraculous.  The body has to eat, rest, and occasionally be serviced by health practitioners.  Generally, the body reaches the end of it's useful life after between 70 and 100 years.  I'm not aware of why this is so, except that it is in accord with the Plan.  It may be because that is sufficient time for getting information about the experiment and its effectiveness in allowing consciousness to be enfleshed.


One of the key themes operating is that we appear to be creating a robot that is like Data, able to realize the nature of itself, including the fact that parts of what it is are driven by nonphysical shall we say parts of itself.  The mind for instance does not appear to reside in the brain.  It includes more than can be contained in the brain alone.  My sense of things is that the brain has complex functions and programs just as the body does.  However the brain also has components that serve as receivers of thought on at least three levels: conscious, subconscious, and superconscious.  As an example, when we speak, we have no idea where the words originate.  We only know that they flow through us.  We believe they originate in our brains, but how certain can we be of this?  There would be no observable difference if some part of our brain generated the thought and sent them to our speech center, or if the brain simply received the thoughts and sent them to the same place.  Similar, whenever we think, the same issue arises.  I sense the thought inside my head, but it just appears.  I have no remembrance of the process of creating it.  Further, I usually don't understand it's meaning until I hear it in my head.  Other people may sense things differently.  I base my understanding primarily on what I have direct experience of.  I know that some people are more visual or kinesthetic in how they feel and know things.  For me the primary mode has been auditory.  My writing follows a speech that I hear in my head as I write.  However, I know only a few words in advance of what I type.  My sensation is that it is new when I hear the material however.  I have no sense that I generated it prior to when it gets expressed.  On the other hand, the organization appears to indicate that the whole is completed even before I write.  It's as if the linear process of getting it out is a problem of the very nature of this domain.


There is a sense that I am being programmed as I write this as well.  It's as if consciousness is outside controlling every word that comes across, so the very process of writing for me is a lesson in allowing consciousness to take control of this vehicle to an even greater degree.  It involves some sacrifice on my part.  The average rate of transmission of material is approximately 1 page per hour.  In the past month alone, December 1993, I generated about 120 pages of material that was virtually error free and required little if any editing.  I mention this as an example of how much consciousness can bring forth.  It might go even faster if I could type at a greater speed, however, I believe the speed is also limited by my ability to comprehend it.  I don't believe that the conscious channels of the brain through which this material comes can pass anything through that they can't comprehend.  This also explains why the material is coming through now rather than at any time before.  All through 1993, I went through some incredible changes in awareness.  As the year progressed, so did the pace and intensity of the shifts.  For those of you that are interested, Beyond Mind: Notes from a Soul in the Midst of a Spiritual Awakening documents part of the mental journey that I went through.


When I say I am being programmed, you need to understand this from several points of view.  Part of what is being programmed is an understanding of the material which comes through.  This impacts my understanding of the nature of reality and reality creation, and hence my level of awareness.  At another level, I am being programmed to allow the pathways for this communication to come through.  This requires certain organizations within the brain that are related to bringing this material through.  Throughout history, many people have brought material through, but much of it came through subconsciously, or in altered states, rather than consciously.  Because of this, they may or may not have understood the truths that were expressed.  Or, they may have understood them only during the experience of altered states.  Historically, we have called such people mystics.  However, the fact that these mystics existed provided the confirmation to consciousness that such realizations could happen in flesh.  The challenge then was in how to make this experience the ordinary one rather than the extraordinary one.


One of my prime purposes is to be a pathfinder for getting the world prepared to enter a new age in which consciousness is more fully realized in flesh.  Such is what has been revealed to me and confirmed in many ways.  It has reached the point where this is now part of my very operating system.  Happiness and fulfillment are already tied directly to this task.  My attention and focus are almost 100 percent aligned.  This is one of the few things that continues to have any real meaning in my life.  You could argue that I am programming myself.  And to some degree I am.  But, I'm doing so as an active participant, not as the being who is in charge.  I only have a vague understanding.  I only know that I am being moved toward the accomplishment of something, and that my entire lifetime has been orchestrated to get me where I am and to prepare me for what I am to do.  I have no sense of designing this, or even being privy to the design.  It is definitely not happening at a conscious level.  Yes, it is happening faster now, because I am willingly taking on subordinate roles in a conscious manner.  Again, the issue of aligning my will with THY WILL.  There is a role for each of us in the Plan.  The specific role that one experiences in reality depends largely on how ones awareness unfolds and how quickly one subjects ones will to the greater Plan.  Actually, it is our own consciousnesses that have the task of getting us in the position to play our greater roles.  It will happen when the time is right.  It cannot be forced on anyone before they are ready.  Also, just as with my writing, the Play may be already completed.  It's only the serial nature of our time that prevents what is in our future from being revealed now.


Being a robot, does not limit one's experience in any way.  All of life is played out for the growth of consciousness, consciousness learns of what it is via what it is able to create.  But, in our reality -- where duality reigns, there is always the play of Light and Dark.  One key aspect of this play is illusion.  We are always challenged to understand what is real vs. what is illusion.  The problem is that we have elaborate sensors specially designed to detect illusion and make it appear real.  A piece of consciousness, the self, is housed in the robot and sent out into the "real" world without any knowledge of its true nature and with only a weak thread that connects it to its creator, the Self.  The game is for consciousness to guide this robot through the series of experiences necessary for it to realize that it is truly the Self.  The separation is an illusion, it has always been.  But one must truly realize this, and not just think it.


So, how do we use this to alter our reality? Realize that the first focus should be on getting your robot to know itself.  You do this by thinking about what your nature really is and by inputting appropriate new thoughts and ideas.  This is even more effective if you start getting the ego to recognize inputs from other portions of the self.  When you first start these are subtle, typically appearing as voices in the head or intuition.  These will are always attempting to guide you, waiting only for you to recognize them and act on the information they provide.  Use utility as the test for what is valuable.  And, remember, it takes time for things to manifest in physical reality.  There are exceptions, but these are few.


Learn what your will is, and be careful how you direct it.  The goal is to align your will with your Higher Will.  One area to start is by making knowing yourself a high priority goal of your will.  By doing so, this becomes an activity that you spend your free time pursuing.  The more important you make it, the better.  Remember, you get what you focus on.  If you apply resources towards knowing yourself, you will indeed achieve progress.  There are many steps, however, so don't stop with the first awakening you get.  It's alright to enjoy yourself and experience physical reality, just don't get too immersed where you don't come out and regain your conscious bearing on the whole thing.  Once you experience the observer self, try to recover that experience whenever you can.  Eventually, this will be a common state that is lived most of the time.  The observer coexists with the part of you that is doing and experiencing physical reality.  It can function concurrently.  The question is where you focus your "I".  When the ego can exist as the observer, you have reached a very advanced state indeed, for then the ego is no longer so intensely focused on experiencing what the body is experiencing, or even what the mind is experiencing; it has gone beyond to a new domain.  In this domain, it knows that consciousness itself is directing the play.  Also, it knows that it can use the mind to get directions from the consciousness and use these to guide activity in accord with the Plan.  Further, it knows that the sole focus of its activity should be on guiding the robot toward those activities which allow the watcher to understand it's own nature better.  The ego still has a will that can be exerted, and still has control over the focus of attention.  However, as the watcher, the ego knows that it grows as it experiences and that to some degree it is responsible for creating the experiences for its own growth.  This happens in line with belief systems, so the ego becomes the conscious manager of belief systems.  Earlier, beliefs were primarily used to create physical reality.  Now, they are a much more fluid place from which to create the inner reality.  Single changes in beliefs can change the meaning of the whole world that one experiences.  Beliefs are that powerful especially at the level where they deal with the very nature of reality,.  even more so, when they involve the nature of reality creation itself.


In case you don't accept this premise from the highest level down, let's also consider it at some of the more intermediate levels.  In particular, let's look at basic human behavior and try to see how it reflects what we experience in the world.


To start with, most robot people are asleep from a consciousness standpoint.  They observe that they exist and that they have a sense of "I" and that there is a separation between this "I" and the outside world.  They are aware of thoughts and feelings and know they have a brain, but know little to nothing about how it works.  Reality is something out there that they experience.  They know that they have five senses and that they can use their brain to focus on particular senses but they have little to no understanding of how these work either.  They are aware, to some degree, that they have wants and can apply their will in a manner that attempts to get their wants met.  Typically, they feel powerful or happy when they succeed, and much less so if they fail.  One of the key objectives is to feel good.  Since they have limited control of this in their working life, they spend much of their free time pursuing happiness in the moment.


Thus far, nearly everything is perfectly in line with the "I" being the high level control program inside a robot.  Once an individual is basically grown.  All the body functions basically work.  The control program decides how to use them and then interprets and reacts to the information that comes in through the sensors.  The major control program operating is pursue happiness.  Another key program operating is meet basic needs.


The meet basic needs part of the program results in a make money goal that is usually met by finding a job and working at that job so many hours per week.  In addition, food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and other things may be required.  The "I" sees no choice but to work to provide these things and society is structured to ensure this.  Life, or reality, is structured around a job that occupies a great deal of waking time.  The robots perform these tasks somewhat automatically, enjoying them where they can.  Much of the pursue happiness program happens after work hours, on weekends, and on vacations.  Leisure and recreation are the primary areas that are pursue to lead to happiness.  Actually, a third major area is acquiring things.


In this country, the robots are sluggish overall and are not very good at finding active ways to make themselves happy so they resort to entertainment to occupy and amuse themselves so that they can forget about the relatively boring nature of their real lives for awhile.  For many people, much of their free time is spent in such amusements.  Television alone occupies many people an average of several hours each day.  Now imagine what the watcher sees in this -- the person is basically asleep, going through life as an automaton -- a very automatic robot with limited intelligence.  I don't mean to put down such people, but asleep is asleep! And, as Thoreau said, "to be awake is to be alive."


Another aspect that illustrates the robot nature is the programming that commercials are able to do on individuals.  The bottom line is that commercials work, whatever they are doing result in individuals making more decision to buy the advertised products.  This can only happen via some subconscious programming that is going on, and this can only happen if we operate as robots to these programs.  Most people who see commercials would argue that the things in the commercials don't impact there buying habits.  They say this based on logic telling them that the commercial offered no good reason for buying the particular product.  What they failed to see was that it offered great reasons to the subconscious that is operating in most people.  Sex is one of the key lures.  It is rampant.  Fun, enjoyment, good times, wealth, power, happiness are other lures.  Note, it doesn't matter whether the products result in these things or not, it only matters that a strong connection is made repeatedly.


Moving a step higher up, we get achievers who work by setting goals and then focusing their efforts in line with the goals.  They believe that if they work hard enough and in the right ways they can get anything they want.  All their time is consumed in exerting their power to make their will so.  These people are somewhat more aware.  At least they understand that they can create what the want in their lives.  This allows them to acquire things and obtain wonderful experiences.  For awhile, this may result in happiness.  However, these things and experiences don't result in knowledge about self.  The observer sees these people as asleep as well, focusing all their attention on the world outside, on outer reality.  They believe they create their outer reality, but they are completely unaware that it is done from the inside.  They have limited their reality to outer experience, hence are still asleep to the greater reality that lies within.




This is a new topic, only loosely related to the ones we have just covered.  It may, however, explain the mechanism through which information passes that enables the computer and robot paradigms to operate.


To start with, in this model there are at least five bodies and several energy fields that go with these bodies and allow them to communicate and perform the functions for which they are responsible.  These bodies include the physical, emotional, mental, causal, and spiritual bodies.  Most of us are familiar with some of these bodies but not necessarily all of them.  In fact, most people have little direct awareness of any beyond the first three.  Each body is lighter, of higher frequency than the former and has inputs and outputs that are of a particular frequency or energy spectrum.  However, each body also has effects on each of the bodies below it.


Because of this, even though we are physically centered, we can see phenomenon that show us that higher bodies are functioning.  The results we see are the shadows, or the projections of the higher level dimensionality of these greater bodies onto the physical reality that we know.  We can also experience an inner reality that corresponds more directly to these bodies once we raise our awareness to the appropriate level to understand the principles that are operating.  This typically expresses itself in terms of whole systems of thought.  At some point, the awareness will be more direct.  Systems of thought are only required until we have a true realization.  When we know the truth we are free.  We understand without the restraints of chains of ideas.  We come to know the object about which the ideas speak.


But, this is getting away from the topic at hand.  Obviously, the physical body is the most dense, resulting in the slowest change and the most limited expression.  However each of the other bodies have ties to this one.  The emotions are experienced in the body via the lymph system and hormones.  The emotional body causes the appropriate directions to be sent to the brain and to any organs that may be involved.  This may not be exactly correct, the brain could relay the directions to the organs.  I'm not sure what happens physically vs. what happens non-physically.  In response, the brain senses the conditions in the body and interprets what emotion it thinks is being felt.  The label the brain applies in turn fine tunes the situation and provides an input to the emotional body that this is what the brain wants to experience as reality.  You see, the emotional body is the mechanism responsible for providing emotional stimulus to the ego.  When the ego goes beyond emotions, it has incorporated the emotional body within its understanding.  Going beyond does not mean that the emotions do not exist.  It means that we choose what emotions we experience regardless of the circumstances that we face.  Emotions are useful, they convey important information to others.  It's just that they are in a particular frequency band.  When we operate out of love, we experience primarily positive emotions.  Also, the emotional state follows the mental state.  The physical state follows both the emotional and the mental state.  The emotional and mental states we are talking about here are those we experience with this body and brain.  The brain is a physical organ; a complex one, yes, but a physical organ none-the-less.


The mental body is responsible for providing the brain with the inputs it needs to develop.  The intent is actually for the ego, the watcher of the brain, to develop.  The ego can only develop as the structures within the brain allow particular information to be understood.  This does not mean stored so that it can be recalled.  This is a low level function.  Meaning occurs with higher level electro-chemical patternings and organizations of information.  Data is stored, not information.  Information includes a context that allows meaning to be understood.  Also, information may have meanings at multiple levels and the meanings at the different levels may or may not have any relationship to one another.


The abilities that the mental body is developing in an individual show up in one's energy field as colors to aura readers.  The specific colors are particular types of abilities.  It may be that the same energy field is broadcast to all of us and that aura readers only see those frequencies that our bodies are picking up on or allowing to flow.  These seem to be determined at our birth, though some of these may be repressed at times in our lives to allow us to go through particular experiences without the our full abilities.  It's as though we need to understand what life is like without particular abilities before we can truly appreciate our most special talents.  Not everyone goes through such experiences.  I only mention it because I happened to do so and only recently recovered energies that I had lost nearly 30 years ago.


My sense of things is that the energy bands provide channels through which information can flow from all of our bodies to our physical bodies.  At some point, we may realize that these bodies are physical as well, only that they operate as energy fields and frequencies that are outside of what our scientists are able to detect yet.  The fact that aura readers can detect some of the frequencies around us physically as colors indicates that somehow the physical sensors have been altered.  It only takes a slight frequency shift for this to manifest.  Also, since the frequencies are coming from consciousness to the physical, they can come from immediately around us.  They don't have to be broadcast over distances.  Right now my sense is that these frequencies are broadcast from an energy body just outside of our present one.  We probably have several, and I'd guess they would extend different distances.  For instance, our emotional body extends to those in the immediate vicinity.  People who are sensitive can feel our presence, though this may come from the mental body as well.  Our mental body extends to all those who are touched deeply by our works or mental interaction.  Similarly, it extends to all those whose works touch us deeply.  In this manner, minds with an affinity for similar truths work together for the benefit of all.  Further, at some level the mind taps into universal consciousness, the fountain from which all ideas flow.  When we become aware of being tapped in, we know that providence is on our side for the truth flows sweetly and we are constantly directed toward exactly what we need to increase our understanding and level of awareness.  Life then flows as if on automatic, with constant change occurring at an ever-increasing pace and with an ever-increasing significance with each change.  We are floating on the river of life, allowing consciousness to take us where it will.  We flow ever onward doing as directed by the dictates that come from our Self -- knowing that through doing so we will achieve our ultimate objective of union of self with Self, or realization that we are that Self after all.  It is only our blinders that prevented us from seeing that truth all along.  Life is definitely sweeter when one is living in the flow -- going with the current rather than struggling against it.  Nonattachment is a major key.  But, this requires letting go of our will, and finding the way to be happy regardless of what occurs.  It also takes finding our way of being in the world but not of the world.


The causal body operates at a still subtler level.  It ensures that our actions and decisions are balanced over the longer term.  It teaches us the law of responsibility for our actions.  It assures that we have experiences in accord with the law as ye sow, so shall ye reap.  It does so by insuring that reality gives us what we deserve.  This is not necessarily what we think we deserve.  The timing does not have to be within one lifetime, however.  Though, this may be changing.  Because we are so close to the end of the play, it appears that we may be working through several lifetimes of reaping in this one lifetime.  That makes for some very challenging experiences.  Also, the need for the law was to be the default mechanism for those who are asleep to have a stimulus for learning responsibility.  Once this lesson is learned, it is no longer necessary for the balance to be enacted in flesh.  The law of forgiveness can take effect to wipe out the slates.  Also, it is not clear that everyone on Earth has to be awakened to allow consciousness to make it to the Aquarian Age.  Once a sufficient number of people reach a level of awakening, that may be sufficient to give consciousness the necessary physical patterns for getting the masses to realization of Self very quickly.  I don't know if this is one year or twenty, but it will be whatever it takes.


Actually, some of what we were just talking about is spiritual body stuff.  The spiritual body is the Self.  Its primary function is to keep everything functioning in a manner that allows us to play our allotted role in the Play while pushing us as far as possible toward realizing who we truly are.  Now that I think about it, there is not one play but an endless number of plays going on.  Each of us have roles that bring us into many different smaller plays that operate within the context of the larger Play.  Consciousness creates and directs the larger play.  Smaller groupings of consciousness play particular dramas within the overall context.  These are interwoven in the proper manner to allow everything to work beautifully and perfectly.


The alternative to all this is that we are this single physical body, and that somehow we have the abilities to do all of these incredible things, that there is no overall plan and that we are creating reality as we go.  The law of cause and effect applies, but so does the law of probability.  At every decision point we are free to chose our course of action and reality is determined by the choices we make.  We are the only consciousness there is.  There is no maker who created us in spirit.  In fact we have no spirit.  We are what we are now, no more and no less.  There is no purpose in existence other than to exist.  The struggle to exist is one of survival of the fittest.  Spiritual laws have no basis in reality.  I could go on, but this seems sufficient.  Energy fields and higher bodies are not needed because there are no higher functions that must be accomplished.  This is not the world I choose to live in, though I recognize that most people live in just such a world -- at least that is the reality that they create for themselves.  What you believe is up to you, but I highly recommend that you consider the alternative to this viewpoint and start accepting frameworks that support understanding your true nature as consciousness.



As humans, we are primarily information systems.  Further, most of the information we deal with is symbolic.  In this chapter we'll discuss what this really means to us as individuals, and investigate how this is connected to the way we create reality.


The only direct access to the outside world that we have is through our senses.  Our senses pick up information about the world as they interact with it.  Our eyes pick up visual information.  The eyes see this information as the various gradations of light and dark or color that the components in the our eyes can respond to.  The eyes send a pattern of electrical signals to the brain.  Our brain is responsible for turning these electrical signals into the meaningful picture that we believe corresponds to the real world.  I say believe here because we have no way of knowing for certain.  It appears that everything is composed of patterns of frequencies.  Some patterns are translated into visual information, some to aural, some to kinesthetic.  Taste and smell seem to be caused by the detection of particular chemical patterns rather than vibratory ones.


Our perception systems have sufficient commonality to provide a basic agreement in how different people sense the physical world.  However, there can be great difference in particular senses for different individuals.  At one extreme, some people are blind, deaf, or without one or more senses.  At the other extreme we have people with highly refined senses that go outside the range of frequency or beyond the level of fidelity that most people sense.


We do not appear to come with a built-in understanding of the world.  This is learned as the brain responds to the patterns it experiences.  For visual information, the brain cares not whether the patterns are from the real thing in the world or whether they are represented in books or movies.  The brain does have to keep track of what is real versus what is imagined, however.


The brain is wonderful at abstracting information so that it understands that different images may be views of the same thing.  It's as if images are filed or understood as 3-D things.  Also, the brain learns to understand key elements about how things move and behave over time.  This must be recorded as some abstract information about things and how they change over time.  I've never studied much about what science has discovered about how the senses work.  I only want to cover enough here to get the basic idea across that senses pick up raw information that is only somewhat related to the final meaning that gets assigned by the brain.


Once the sensors and brain have reached some level of maturity, they can be relied upon to perform the basic functions of sensing and doing a first level interpretation of the world.  The majority of our world is the visual part.  In our mind, we construct a model that says the world is three dimensional and that there are real objects or things that are creating the images that we see.  The images provide information that allows us to deduce where things are within space, including where we are.  We don't appear to have a single overall organizational framework in which everything resides.  We always deal with major unknowns, so we can't really come up with a complete detailed framework.  Instead, we seem to favor more generalized local methods of coping with reality.  This is primarily because our reality is always Here and Now, so we only need enough of a framework to deal with our immediate world as it moves through time.  We can count on the world itself to maintain its consistency and present us with the immediate patterns for wherever we happen to be located.  We truly only experience knowing Here and Now.  Other locations may exist in memory, but they are only real to us when we are directly experience them in reality or in our imagination.  When we vividly imagine things, much of the sensation in our brains is as if we were there Now.  This is because the part of the brain that experiences can be driven by either real or remembered information.


We also deal with other abstractions of information and information about information.  For instance, maps provide information about the layout of a locale to a level we cannot sense directly.  Different types of maps provide different types of information, but all maps are symbolic representations of information about something.  One thing common to most maps is names.  Names are always labels that get attached to things.  Sometimes the names have a meaning as well that may or may not go with the thing that the name is attached to.  Names give us a handle by which we can refer to things without having to have access to the real thing.


Letters and numbers are symbols as well.  We string letters together to form words, which are themselves symbols with an associated meaning or set of meanings.  We string words together to form sentences, which convey ideas with meanings that often transcend the meanings of the individual words that are used.  The bottom line is that the meaning is not within the words, it is conveyed by the words only if the recipient is able to understand.  It's as if the words only point to the message that is being communicated.  It is up to the individual receiving them to know or fill in what is being pointed to.  Interesting, it is as if there is a mental landscape that is much like the physical one.


Here is another area where the symbolic nature of things is important as well.  There is a basic principle operating in the universe: as above, so below.  It operates in many ways and at many levels.  One way in which it operates is that different planes of existence function in basically the same ways.  What I just realized is that the physical world that we see and its method of operating is similar to how the worlds operate at every level, physical, emotional, mental, causal, and spiritual.  Because we are physical beings, we only have limited perception of these other worlds.  In particular, the mental world has its mountains, deserts, valleys, lakes, rivers and oceans.  It also has its various life forms.  We only see these in a linear manner as thoughts.  Related thoughts build concepts that describe structures that are real in the mental world.  We typically only see those that are somewhat related to the physical world.


Assuming that this analogy holds, then we should at the very least have two mental senses, one corresponding to hearing, and one to seeing.  I would argue that our normal linear mode of thinking is the more limited one that corresponds to hearing.  We process one word at a time, feeding our mind in the same linear manner that we feed our ears.  Both speech and written words are of this manner.  Images convey knowledge as well, but typically we treat these in terms of pieces that we read individually, then in relationship to others.  If we don't break them up in this manner, they simply are not intelligible consciously.


Carrying this to its logical end, all the books that have been written throughout the ages, many of which now fill the libraries of the world are all linear mental recordings.  As with audio tracks, some are better than others at getting us to supreme states of consciousness where we can experience a greater experience of the world.  Music carries our emotions, and to some degree our minds.  Words can carry our emotions also, but they mainly carry our minds.  Actually, we can say the thoughts that words refer to carry our minds.  Most of our intellectual history has relied on this manner of intellectual transmission of information.  Occasional ecstatic or mystic states of understanding have occurred as well.  They too are part of our intellectual history.  In many ways, they may be the most important parts for they are times when the perception of the intellectual world went beyond the usual linear limits.


As spiritual growth occurs we increase the amount of attention we place on the higher aspects or levels of our being.  We are "in the world but not of the world".  Our existence occurs at a higher symbolic level.  We see the mental and emotional meaning of things that we experience.  We realize that our attention is always being drawn to those symbols that are most important to our awareness.  We notice where our attention is drawn and engage our resources fully in interpreting those symbols that are most meaningful.


What do I really mean when I say that the world is full of symbols, or that everything in the world is symbolic? I mean that we should not see the world as this real thing that exists and we happen to wander through and interact with it.  I mean that the world that we sense is a reflection of our inner self.  Everything that we sense is a reflection of our belief systems back to us.  Every thing, every word spoken that we hear, every event that we see, every piece of information that we take in ...  everything has direct importance to us in some context.  This may not be the specific context it appeared in, however, so we have to be flexible in our interpretation.  We are drawing to us the experiences we participate in.  Because of this, these experiences are always highly meaningful.  Our dialogues are designed to carry meaning at multiple levels.  First, the words have meaning to the individuals involved in conveying information across.  This level involves the transmission of the speakers meaning.  At the reality creation level, another level of meaning is even more relevant.  This is the meaning to the recipient.  The words are stated in a particular manner because the recipient needs to get something that teaches the individual something about self.  Reality at its highest level is her to assist in getting us to know ourselves.  We have only to open our eyes and see the symbols that are all around us all the time.  Don't settle for the obvious meaning.  Look for the hidden meaning of things.  It's not meant to be difficult, but it doesn't hit you beside the head either.  You have to take the initiative to look.


Dreams are another area where symbols are prominent.  Many people are familiar with dreams and there are even books for interpreting dream symbolism.  I've never done much with dreams and remember very few of them.  However, the few I do remember have been extremely symbolic.  Carl Jung has done some of the best work in this area.  Symbols appear to be the way the unconscious expresses itself.  Actually, this may be a hint that symbols are the way consciousness expresses itself and we need to look at more than what is directly apparent if we want to uncover the true nature of things, and the true meaning they have in our reality.


The fact that we have to go through an evaluation process to determine what things mean, by itself suggests that experience is basically symbolic.  The meaning isn't in what is experienced.  It's something extra that we add after processing our experience in our heads.


For those of us that live in the world of ideas, symbol processing is the major activity that we engage in.  Literally, the ideas we play with are alive.  They are just as active and engaging as anything in the physical world.  No, more so, because in many cases they actually create the things that happen in the physical world.  The choice is one of where one places attention.  The universe doesn't care, this is up to the individual to decide.  In general, the further one abstracts ones thoughts, the more one spends ones existence in the world of thoughts.


In the physical world, one goes to the wilderness to get back in touch with the awesome physical beauty of nature.  In the mental realm, one follows the great thoughts to get to these places that reveal the awesome mental beauty of universal mind.  The way is tougher, for the paths are narrow and in many cases nonexistent.  There is a vast virtually unexplored territory that few have ventured to enter.  Let's call them the explorers of consciousness.  The time has come for the next phase, where trailblazers come to establish the paths required for others to follow.  Particular talents are required for trailblazers -- but the many can follow without the same level of dedication and single-mindedness to purpose.  Trailblazers may also be called wayshowers.


As with physical wilderness, some paths may only be traveled by the heartiest of beings, or with the help of experienced guides.  There is a variety of experience available to match the needs and abilities of those desiring the wilderness experience.  Further, some amount of risk may be involved up to and including loss of physical life.  I assume the mental wilderness is just as varied, and as risky.  The risk may involve losing ones mind or sense of reality for some amount of time, which may be for as much as ones life.  When we venture inward into the wilderness of mind where reality is created, the grasp of physical reality may be loosened or even lost altogether.  This is not a high risk, but it is not infinitesimal either.  The problem comes because we immerse ourselves so fully in symbol systems, that we forget where the consensus reality is that we must be part of to interact with others in the world.  This is where the test of being in the world but not of it comes.  To be in the world we must tune to its frequency, which includes some basic beliefs about the physical body and its expression, and about our role in the Play of consciousness on Earth.  From the highest perspective, there is no risk.  The Play is written and we are executing our role even as we observe what we do.  If indeed it is within our part to voyage into the mental wilderness, we will do so regardless of any potential risk, and we will do so to the degree we are ready and capable of experiencing.


These worlds are overlapping.  They exist in the same physical space.  There are special places that are most conducive to mental and spiritual journeys and awakenings.  Much programming happens during sleep that prepares individuals for the mental journeys that they will take.  The specific program will be somewhat dependent on physical locality.  Since much of this programming occurs via dreams, it is all symbolic.  Further it uses a much higher bandwidth channel that works via highly complex interrelated images.  The energies transmitted will be received in a manner that the individual is ready for.  Conscious attunement must happen, and this can only happen to the level that an individual is prepared to experience.


Another interesting slant on things is that everything is vibration.  Einstein showed that energy and matter could be equated to one another.  All energy occurs at frequencies.  In reality, everything that we sense is nothing but frequency.  The additional meaning that gets imposed on these frequencies is what our brain imposes in creating reality.  Obviously, each of us doesn’t create the whole world, but we do create the world en masse.  To exist in this world, each individual must agree to abide by particular rules regarding how reality is created from the frequencies of energy that are used in the world.  Our world exists as it does because our reality determining apparatus behaves in the manner it does.  Most of this is automatic and done either subconsciously or superconsciously.  For instance, we have a common agreement that a particular range of frequencies constitute solid objects and that these have particular characteristics and properties.  One way this might be implemented is via a hardwired belief about inputs of given types.  Science tells us that atoms, which compose all matter, are mostly empty space.  So, why should it be so difficult for two things that are each mostly open space to pass through each other?  The explanation is that some sort of force is involved that makes each unit of matter hard or impermeable.  Maybe.  Maybe not.


Consciousness itself is vibration.  One could say that everything is consciousness.  There is nothing else in the universe.  Consciousness takes on various forms, and then creates entire worlds in which to allow these forms to experience themselves and come to understand their true nature.  Why? For the sheer joy and pleasure of it.  Also, to allow consciousness to experience its own vast creativity -- so that it too can truly understand the nature of itself.


The very vibration of our name encodes information about who and what we are.  Numerology provides a way to unlock some of this information so that it is more apparent.  Our date, time, and place of birth are significant as well providing information about our abilities, our nature, and our natural ways of looking at the world.  Astrology helps to explain what this information means.  Both of these disciplines involve deciphering the meaning of symbols.  From another standpoint, these disciplines offer further verification of the symbolic nature of the world.  These disciplines attempt to bring to the conscious information that is primarily processed unconsciously.  The fact that the information is encoded in these symbols lends further credence to our existence as symbol processing machines.  Much of how reality works is wrapped up in how we observe and process symbols.




You've already heard this analogy several times by now.  So, I guess I should explain what I really mean by it.  The bottom line is that we are characters living out our roles in a play.  The play was written (or is being written) by consciousness.  Everything that happens is scripted prior to it being enacted.  The events are all laid out to occur at particular times and in particular ways.  Individual choice of action truly does not exist at the conscious level.


The play has themes at many levels, and many playwrights are busy taking care of all the details.  These details determine how physical reality will occur.  One of the playwrights is your higher Self who takes care of detailing the part of the play that includes you.  Your Self had to audition for its role in the larger play of life, the Piscean Age.  The particular role you will play in ushering in the Age of Aquarius is determined by how far you've grown in awareness.  The main role that your higher Self had was to create a vehicle for its full embodiment in flesh.  Everything in your life has been orchestrated to get you to truly understand who and what you are.  It was also done to ready you for the part you have to play in the next era, the Aquarian Age.  The key task for the Piscean Age was to embody the Christ Consciousness in all of us.  Jesus showed that it was possible even at the Dawn of the Piscean Age.  Similarly, there will be a Wayshower for the Aquarian Age that shows us what consciousness can be.  What this might be is unimaginable now, but you can be sure that consciousness knows of it and is preparing in whatever way is required.  Since we only experience time as NOW, the play may or may not be completed that far.  Just as in a real play, the basic events are sketched out, and the dialog is written, but some of the finer details are left to the actors.


How far down does the detail go? My understanding is that every last detail is worked out prior to us enacting it.  Yes, this includes every word spoken and every physical expression.  Also, every thought in our head.  It is not completely predestined, however, or without free will.  Reality creation occurs at the moment it happens.  However, we are not necessarily "realtime" creatures.  Consciously we perceive that we exist all the time, but this does not necessarily have to be so.  When we watch the television, the action is not continuous, but our vision is not able to detect the difference as long as there are sufficient frames per second.  Similarly, whatever mechanism we have that's sensing the world as continuous only needs to catch inputs at the required reality threshold frequency to believe that the world is continuous.


As to speech and thought, the argument is simple.  I do not know how I am going to finish a sentence when I begin speaking.  The words flow through me, but I have no sensation that tells me from where they came.  Similarly, when thoughts come into my head, I have no way to know if there is something inside my head able to generate thoughts or if there is just an antenna that receives the thoughts from outside.  My awareness does not extend into the specific processing that goes on in the brain.  I see the results and make conclusions about their source.


Our free will comes in how we direct our conscious mind and will, and what we realize about our own nature.  What we realize comes through as thoughts and feelings that occur simultaneously with us paying attention to who and what we are.  Many come as bursts of knowingness.  These are stronger and different than beliefs.


Our experiences are meant to show us something about ourselves.  As the conscious doer, we perceive that we have free will and make choices that result in outcomes.  Further, we believe that we make these choices consciously.  It is not clear that this is truly the case.  The problem is with the number of potentialities that result for reality.  It is easier if the play is written prior to execution so that the intricate details can be worked out once and then enacted.  Consciousness could explore all alternatives, but it seems cleaner to set the script then make the actors unaware that there is a script.  From the individual perspective, if I go into a choice without knowing that the script calls for alternative A and I select alternative A after considering the other alternatives, then the fact that there was a script makes no difference to me.  From a consciousness perspective, however, it makes a big difference.  If I am aware that this is a play, and I observe that choice A is made by me the actor, I now look further to see what higher level meaning experiencing the reality of that choice has on me and the others around me.  The choice itself no longer means much.  Further, responsibility changes as well.  If choices are all made per a script then I the actor am not consciously responsible for what is specifically happening except from the larger standpoint of it reflecting my beliefs.


An important issue is to what degree we create our own reality.  Answer one is that we create it completely but from an other than conscious level.  We clearly do not create it completely from a conscious level.  The final alternative is that we create reality from both the conscious and subconscious level.  I subscribe to this last alternative but believe that the conscious control comes only from our beliefs.  The only other part that is under conscious control is our interpretation of reality.  This is driven by what part our consciousness focuses on and what meaning it gives to what it sees.


The play is intricately woven with layers upon layers of symbolic meaning.  Consciousness weaves a wonderful fabric of light and shadow in which to train parts of itself.  The overall theme is the growth of consciousness itself through the combined growth of its creations.  Consciousness has created an environment in which it can create beings and grow them to be aware of their true nature.  This is a grand work indeed, a creative labor of great love.  Only a god is able to create beings in its own image.  Note, this is not equal to itself, but in the same image.  Equal requires a level of understanding and awareness that is on the same level as well.  We will reach a full awareness of our nature as individual creators of our reality.  This is only the first step however.  Then there is a whole drama of being the conscious creators that we have become.  Such is what the Aquarian Age will be about.  Then, we too will walk the path towards creating like unto our own image.  Creature to Creator to God, such is the higher evolutionary path, or at least the first stages in it.


The play unfolds always in the moment, HERE and NOW.  Such is the only time that exists.  Yet the play covers many millennia as well.  The play has been performed by consciousness many times.  But each time the specifics are a bit different to serve the needs of the audience.  The audience happens on many levels as well.  Groups of individual souls combine into related parts to create particular mutual experiences.  Each soul is attached to a particular body while in the play, but may observe things from the audience section when its particular character's part is finished.  It may continue to help create the events in the play however by providing remembrances in other characters that it knew.  I'm starting to walk on shaky ground here.  The audience is allowed to view any part of the show that interests them.  At another level, consciousness itself learns from every part, every action, and every realization.  It uses this new knowledge to guide the most effective unfoldment of the Plan.


Awareness cannot be forced.  The structures within the brain just do not allow it.  Psyches are somewhat fragile and break easily.  That's why it takes so long to grow self-awareness into people.  Further, the opening must be made from the conscious mind to allow the maturation process to even begin.  It's hard enough to get someone to turn away from the physical reality long enough to get the first hints of awareness through.  The frequencies can be transmitted at any time but not necessarily received.  We're only making inroads now that allow this information to come through conscious parts of the brain.  This provides a prototype that can be used to modify the physical structures of others so that awareness frequencies can be received without the laborious process of 20-30 years of growth.  Further, the DNA is already being rewired to 12 strands rather than 2.  This process started several years ago.  The preparations required to move physical bodies to the Aquarian Age are going well and will be completed as the play unfolds.  As with cars, rework of bodies takes time in the physical.  The process has been communicated to all souls, but cannot be implemented until the conditions are right for it to happen.  In particular, awareness is the limiting factor once again.




This is a great question.  It's about time we took a stab at answering it.  We are souls creating experiences so that we can learn of our own nature.  We are part of a consciousness that is readying itself for a leap of awareness due largely to our concerted efforts.  We are moderately advanced as consciousness goes, more advanced than some, less advanced than others.  We are the seeds of a greater consciousness than our own that has been nurturing our development for all of our time on earth.  From a physical standpoint we were seeded as slaves to work at providing raw materials for another race of beings.  Nearly 12,000 years ago we had reached a level where we could begin to embark on a journey toward our own awareness.  2,000 years ago we started on our present journey towards Christ Consciousness, with the help of many great souls.  Roughly 200 years ago, this country embarked on its experiment to be the prototype of a new order of humanity required for the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  As the century comes to a close we still have a long way to go, but the infrastructure is in place for an awakening on a scale that has not been experienced before.  We'll have to see how it plays itself out, but the signs are very promising.


Looking out to the mass reality at the present time, we are a slumbering giant about to be awakened from a deep sleep.  We've been so entranced by physical reality that we've neglected to stop for a moment and see who and what we really are.  Such is the game of life, forever grabbing our attention away from the only true task that we must do -- self-awareness.


Our planet is a beautiful gem that orbits around a not-so-large sun in the outskirts of a galaxy.  Some of us have had existences on other planets in other parts of the galaxy and beyond.  Our return to Earth now was solely to assist in the present transformation that is underway.  The Earth is about to transition into a new level of being, possibly into a Sun in and of itself.  It can only do this with the help of consciousness both on the planet and in the non-physical realms.  Much of the population on the planet is not yet ready for this transformation.  You could say that we're in a race against time.  The ending is not yet certain.  Consciousness cannot guarantee that its creations will achieve the required levels of awareness to make these larger kinds of transitions.  Some experiments fail and the physical vessels simply do not achieve the required awareness to be able to transcend or ascend in frequency.


On a more personal scale, we are individual sparks of consciousness inhabiting physical bodies.  These bodies are involved in a drama that appears before our eyes.  Unlike actors in movies or plays, we weren't given our lines or allowed to practice and rehearse before we came into the world.  It appears as if we play our role live and many of us believe this is true all through our life.  We believe we have free choice, and that we are determining the actions which we perform.  We don't know how it is that we can do so, but we believe what we see, and the appearance tells us that the world and reality work in a particular way.


Few of us see through the illusion, to the greater reality that awaits us when we awaken from the dream of physical reality.  Then we see that it is all light and mirrors, constructed in a manner that supports our highest growth.  Before we can understand the reality outside of us, we must understand ourselves.  First we are, then we create and experience.  Initially, creation is primarily an other than conscious activity.  We are learning to make it a conscious activity.  However, we can only make it truly conscious when we have come to know ourselves.  At that point, we become awake, aware, and alive.


We are beings who call ourselves "I", not fully aware in what is included in that term.  Part of our journey is simply to discover and come to know our self.  In fact, it turns out that this is our highest goal so long as we exist.  Being is fine, doing is fine, but knowing is supreme.  However, this is not the intellectual knowing in our head, it is the experiential knowing in out Heart.


We are groups of souls who chose to play out particular dramas among ourselves in a common theater when other groups are doing the same.  These local dramas enable us to experience and grow.  They also occur within a larger drama that consciousness is playing to get the individual parts to collectively act in a manner that allows larger themes to be explored.




Much of what occurs in our reality is the production of our collective self, the universal body of mankind.  There is a consciousness that corresponds to this collective self that is responsible for creating the overall mass reality.  It does so in line with the wishes of Consciousness itself, creating the conditions necessary for the unfoldment of the Plan.


Mankind has been on a glorious adventure.  First the forms had to be developed.  This occurred over eons.  Then the forms had to be evolved to handle emotions and higher level mental functioning.  This took an extensive amount of time as well.  Then the patterns had to be encoded to allow the spiritual body to be expressed in flesh.  Finally, the processes had to be established to allow the spark of consciousness that occupied the form to become aware of its true nature as consciousness.  The various yogas define these ways.  Some are physical, some mental, some emotional, and some a combination of these three.


The history of the world is the record of how the play allowed consciousness to unfold over time.  I don't know much about it off the top of my head so I'll only cover a few items that strike me as significant milestones.  Excuse my dates if they are in error.  I'll try to get the sequence right however.


----- 700 B.C -----.

Buddha achieved Self-Realization

Patanjali writes the Yoga Sutras

The Greeks begin the march of Western Philosophy

(428 BC Plato)

All of these were great advances for consciousness.

----- 30 A.D.  -----

Jesus achieves Christhood to become the shining example of the Piscean Age

This is the premiere event thus far in the Age.  It will only be overcome by the final events of the Age.

----- 700 A.D.  -----

Mohammed achieves spiritual awakening and receives the Koran

This had a great impact on much of the world's religious struggles.

----- 1400 A.D.  -----

The Dark Ages and the Plagues

This was notable for how far the forces of darkness were allowed expression.

----- 1600 A.D.  -----

The Renaissance and the Birth of Science

[Leonardo da Vinci]

This was notable for the great creativity, and the changes in reality that occurred when painters saw the world differently, in some cases through the use of science.

----- 1776 A.D.  -----

The Birth of America

The Declaration of Independence shed light on some great truths.  The birth of America was the beginning of the march to a new world order, one that will be established before the current age draws to a close.

----- 1850 A.D.  -----

The Industrial Age

The industrial age allowed materialism to begin to run rampant.  It showed the success of science in being able to make life better.

----- 1860 A.D.  -----

The Transcendentalists [Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman]

The transcendentalists saw a preview of the Age of Aquarius and were able to capture what they saw in their writings.  Some of the quotes from the transcendentalists are among the best expression of spiritual truth that we have on the planet.

----- 1900 A.D.  -----

The Theory of Relativity [Einstein]

Science thought that it had solved nearly all problems and was just about complete.  Relativity changed all that and gave us a new picture of the world that was much less clear than before.  It took away all sense of there being an absolute reality.

----- 1915 A.D.  -----

Krishnamurti achieves Self-Realization

Krishnamurti's realization resulted in the termination of the Order of the Star, an outgrowth of the Theosophical movement.  Krishnamurti spent a lifetime trying to impart the beyond mind state to others.

----- 1930 A.D.  -----

The Great Depression

This forced the country to start thinking in terms of needs and helping one another to get through the hard times.

----- 1940 A.D.  -----

The Atomic Bomb and the Computer

This ushered in a whole era of exploring issues of power and security and was the start of an arms race that dominated the world power struggle.  Computers were primarily used to support military needs.

----- 1965 A.D.  -----

The Flower Children

The flower children ushered in ideas about love, peace, the environment and alternative lifestyles.  Some of the songs of the time specifically addressed the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

----- 1972 A.D.  -----

Jane Roberts and the Seth Books begin

This material was some of the first channeled information that provided insight into the nature of consciousness.  It opened doors in many peoples minds that would be the seeds for later breakthroughs and awakenings.

----- 1981 A.D.  -----

The Personal Computer and Information Age

We're still exploring this era.  The growth of information explodes faster than we can deal with it.  Between word processors and desktop publishing, it is becoming easier and easier to get high quality output produced cheaply and quickly.  Information is rapidly becoming the key to power.







There are no coincidences and no accidents.  All of these events were deliberate acts in the Play.  Each revealed information that propelled the great march of consciousness onward.  Were I a better student of history I might be able to identify what each decade and century meant.  At this point, however, I don't believe it matters a lot.  What we needed to learn, we learned to the best of our abilities at the time.  Perhaps when the education system is revamped, the history part will be reworked along these lines.  I believe that our histories could stretch even further and embrace our starry heritage.  For the seeds of the races of beings on Earth did not originate here but came from other beings from other planets, some near and some far.  But that is another chapter of history that I'll leave for others more knowledgeable to tell.




The above work was generated during a ten day period from 26 December 1993 through 4 January 1994.  For some reason it was important that the book be brought through in its entirety during that particular time when one year transitioned into another.  There's a higher level message here, but I haven't quite figured it out.  Perhaps the meaning is that knowledge of reality creation is required for one's self to transition into another as well.  Hmm, I like that.


Further, the year transition marks just such a transition for me.  It will be interesting to see what the new year brings.


Hopefully you found my analogies to be useful.  At the very least, you should be starting to consider the nature of reality and the process of reality creation differently.  Allow your mind to think about things for awhile and see where your own thoughts lead.  Find examples in your own experience to check some of the theories against.  Explore the area as long as you can stay focused and interested.  If you'll do this, you are sure to have some awakenings of your own.


One key is to find the observer within you, and become as familiar with that part of yourself as you can.  It is the part that can lead you to higher spiritual awareness.  Allow it to lead you and pay attention to where it takes you.


Remember, know thyself is the only directive.  It is what the reality creation process is all about.  Everything supports this one objective that has been known by the wise for ages on end.  Make sure you do what you can to abide by this directive in your life!


I'll close with something that I wrote a couple of years ago,

You are here to experience the joy, the wonder,

and the exhilaration of living life as spirit in flesh.

You are gods incarnate,

here to learn of your own creative nature.

You are free to use your talents

and abilities in any way you desire.

Your life is your creation -- if you don't like it,

then it is up to you to change it

through your own desires, beliefs, and actions.


Be Happy and Create Well!
In Peace, Love and Light, Wayne








Nov 93 – Aug 94


This is a selection of some of the best quotes from the first ten months of Beyond Imagination Notes.  In addition to writing the two preceding books, I was busy expressing what I simply called Notes on a fairly regular basis.  Then, as now, I never really knew what to expect as to what might come forth on a given day.  I simply allowed the stream of consciousness to flow forth as it would.  Some things never change it seems.

Anyway, around 1995 or so, I selected these particular quotes as some of the most meaningful to me anyway.

To start with, I found this distinction between knowledge and wisdom quite interesting.

Knowledge deals with knowing other peoples thoughts;

Wisdom deals with having the maturity to generate your own just and right thoughts in any area of interest.



                                               BEST QUOTES:  Nov 93 – Aug 94

1- The universe doesn't waste effort, it only does things as many times as necessary for the function to be accomplished. Each person has a unique role to play. All are necessary.

2 - BE HERE NOW, beyond mind, beyond imagination, beyond everything.

3 - It is in that unlimited point that magic happens -- for out of it, all that we manifest in our reality of time and space pours forth in tune with our beliefs, desires, and fears.

4 - Your task is to BE HERE NOW. Allow your entire beingness to flow out of each moment and fill space and time with what is to be. You create in the moment. The point of power is the present.

5 - When you work in accord with the PLAN, the reward is abundance. You get what you need.

6 - Consciousness operates from needs, not wants. WANTS are part of a belief system that says "I do not trust that God, the universe, or All That Is will provide for me".

7 - Focus on doing that which spirit moves you to do. As you do so, you will be cared for.

8 - WHO YOU ARE counts for a lot, but WHAT YOU DO makes all the difference.

9 - The bottom line is that we are creating a new life form, a community, that will enable a greater unity of consciousness to express on Earth than has ever expressed before.

10 - Along with privileges come responsibilities -- with sacred privileges, sacred responsibilities.

11 - I AM THAT I AM, an illumined one who came to be a Worker of the Light that the Plan could be brought to fruition on Earth.

12 - It is not sufficient to be a Master of this World -- that requires no spirituality. One must be a true master expressing spirit in flesh to the greatest degree possible at this time on this planet.

13 - The ideas I bring forth are the spiritual blueprints, but these are no good unless they are conveyed in a manner that the sponsors/ financiers/ investors can believe in, and that the architects can turn into physical blueprints that foremen can understand and convey to the workmen that the work may be done.

14 - You are not expected to do everything, only that for which your unique talents and abilities make you best suited. You have a mission, a role that is yours to perform. All that you are has been designed with this end in mind.

15 - Do what you love to do! That is the directive of your spirit. No arguments, no hesitations. You already know what that is.

16 - Life itself is a game being played by consciousness for a purpose. There is meaning behind it all on many levels. The intricacies are amazing, simply wonderful to behold.

17 - I sit inside my head in full awareness of it all, seeing reality unfold before the eyes of this vessel for consciousness that I occupy. I am not what I see, yet at the same time what I see is an intimate reflection of me.

18 - Put in my hands the divine instruments to help awaken others and align them with their purposes that they too can be employed in the service of consciousness.

19 - The Christ within you is also the Self -- they are one and the same. Therefore, Self-Realized equals Christ Conscious.

20 - Each of us has genius inside of us. Love is the soul of that genius -- the very key that can unleash its expression in our lives.

21 - At one level, yes life is a Play. But, once you become aware that your beliefs create your reality, the rules of the game change a bit and become more complex.

22 - Without cooperation, everything crumbles -- and consciousness remains asleep, unaware of its true nature. Our inner self already knows this.

Our inner self already operates completely through cooperation. It already has the connections to source, or consciousness, or All That Is that provide it with its mission, directions, and higher level operating constraints.

23 - We march onward to fulfill a destiny that consciousness laid out long ago. But, it was only a plan. We had to live it in flesh to truly make it real.

At this point, the outcome is a certainty. There are a few details to be played out, but because we got someone able to write these words and realize them as he wrote them, we know that we have already succeeded.

Now, it's a matter of how many can be brought to this realization so that they can have the eyes to see and ears to hear the glorious arrival of the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

24 - I have chosen a Life of Spirit, that I may achieve my destiny in accord with the Plan, that the Ray of Love/Wisdom might shine brightly throughout the world once again.

This be my sacred vow that I will do whatever it takes to succeed in my Self assigned tasks for this existence. I will do whatever I am called to do by the Plan, as it is unveiled to my consciousness.

25 - Remember that the play is illusion. Trying to substitute one illusion for another is not the work for the awakened ones.

26 - Enjoy, have fun, be happy, and create well! How else should spirit express in flesh?

27 - This is how reality works in this illusion. There are no shortcuts. You create in accordance with your beliefs. If you want to change your experience, that is the place to work -- with your beliefs!

28 - We have only to unleash the sleeping dragon that lies within most of us, and the works that will unfold will be simply spectacular, beyond all our hopes and dreams.

29 - To get change rolling, we need individuals caring more for themselves, people caring more for people, and the society as a whole caring for everyone because its constituent individuals are caring for one another.

Caring should come as an expression from the heart, a spiritual activity that one engages in daily as a regular part of expressing spirit in flesh.

30 - Unlike the physical job, which physical circumstances force us to take; the spiritual job must be recognized and volunteered for. It must be done for the sheer joy and love of doing it, or it will not be done at all.

31 - It's time for mankind to become aware, spiritually aware, so that we can harness the energies of change and make the entire world one global family.

32 - Dream and imagine what is to be as vividly as you can, then speak and act as if it is already accomplished -- and surely it will be done.

33 - Each moment, do that which your consciousness bids you to do, and do that for every moment that remains in your life. Consciousness will move you to exactly where you need to be.

34 - Where you can, delegate. Allow the experts to do what they do best. This also frees you to do what you do best and to work on the expansion of your own consciousness.

35 - For many years, consciousness has listened to all who cared to dream of a better world. If one acted to try to make it so, so much the better, for the force of the vision was multiplied by the number to whom it was transmitted.

36 - It matters not if any others see why I believe and do as I do. It is enough that consciousness bears witness to my actions and motives.

37 - The philosopher king needs to be a master at identifying and deciding what resources and how much resources should be applied to what problems and what tasks.

Further, these decisions must be made without bias. Mastery of philosophy is required because it is ideas that form the basis of society and all that is manifest in the world.

38 - The greatest spirits on the planet should be filling those positions that require the greatest amount of spirit for the successful execution of their duties and responsibilities.

39 - Whenever there is a spirit/physical choice to make, choose spirit if you can. (It makes life much easier.)

40 - Love transforms even everyday objects into treasures, and transforms work into a kind of play.

41 - Consciousness works elegantly. Every resource is put in a position where it can be of the most use to the Plan. Nothing is overlooked; every last detail is nailed down.

42 - People must have all of their needs met. This is true for all people in this country whether they have jobs or not.

43 - Such is the test for living in Heaven on Earth. Are you willing to give up all that you think you are to allow spirit to work through you in accord with you talents and abilities?

44 - Be whom you are, spirit in flesh. Express that as much as you can -- it is important to serve as an example to people of what they too might be if they too could express whom they truly are.

45 - The key thing that drives the whole process is making "Know Thyself" the top priority in your life. This above all things sets you on the path that is right for you.

46 - We will do whatever it takes to make spirit more fully enfleshed and improve the infrastructure of society so that people get what they need, when they need it.

47 - HERE and NOW, the Universe and all its manifestations is perfect. It can never be any other than that, for GOD is perfect, and cannot create anything other than perfection of itself.

This does not mean that it is the best it could be, only that it is the best it can be in the moment.

48 - When we operate from the knowledge of the unity of all things, a higher order of majesty gets reached in our minds, causing us to act not out of the minor personal concerns and issues we have from day to day but out of the infinity of whom that we are.

49 - Yes, I speak in grand terms because I am grand by creation as we all are.

50 - The world is perfect as it is for the conditions of the consciousnesses of the world. It has always been perfect and will always be perfect.

This does not mean there is no further work to be done. In a way, you could say we are approaching greater and greater embodiment of spirit, but it is all spirit -- there literally is nothing else.

51 - One must light ones own Light, before one can help others in the quest for Light.

52 - Spirit doesn't care about what trappings you put around yourself. Hmm, that's why they call them trappings.

53 - The fact that we are parts, makes us ONE. That our awareness only has glimmers and hints of this oneness is beside the point.

We are indeed ONE, whether we know it or not.

54 - The things, structures, and organizations in the world are there for a purpose -- they have a reason to exist, a reason that facilitates or demonstrates the unfoldment of a Grand Plan.

55 - If one allows the intuition to speak, it will tell you what you need to know. This does not mean it will tell you everything, for some things you have no need to know, though you might want to.

56 - The more that LOVE is expressed, the better everything is. This is the key, the critical factor. Actually, peace, love, and light are all important. But, the greatest of these is Love.

57 - It is the whole that possesses the knowledge of mankind, and it is this knowledge that drives what appears in our reality.

58 - All creation is light. It's only in how creation limits itself that the whole range of dark is created and experienced. In truth, it is all illusion, sustained by beliefs that are not aligned with truth.

59 - Self knowledge is the way out of illusion. This has been taught for untold ages, yet few follow the straight and narrow path that leads to enlightenment.

60 - The processes of knowing and understanding are not of the conscious mind alone, they also involve an equally important unseen.

Many times the unseen portion may be the greater part of the iceberg whose tip is the great thought.

61 - We are part of a future that is rapidly becoming NOW.

62 - As consciousness, one of my highest goals is to come to an understanding of as much of what I AM as I can. I would advise that others do the same, but this is a personal choice that must come from the Heart.

Once the choice is made, however, life changes, and events are drawn into one's life to reveal the nature of oneself. Once the path of self-discovery is begun, a host of angels assist one along the way.

63 - Each of you have many roles and responsibilities to carry out, some great and some small. This gives your life the richness of interconnectivity that you experience.

64 - It is the march of spirit that is the purpose behind it all. Throughout the centuries, spirit has explored many avenues, unbeknownst to it that its sole purpose was to come to know itself.

What it was not told was that it was one, and that it was the experience of the collective whole that was being driven to come to knowledge of itself.

65 - A community is an entity, a form of life and activity unto itself. Each will be unique, because it is a composite of its members.

66 - It seems that each time we make a choice we further limit not expand our freedom. Nonetheless, if the choices are all made satisfactorily an enjoyable lifestyle can arise.

We can get used to our chains no matter what they are and come to think of them as the gifts and pleasures of life after awhile.

So long as we are kept from dreaming or envisioning what could be, what we have is enough, we simply don't see the limitation.

67 - There is some reason that I am a Hermit. I come from an order that is dedicated to helping systems through major or life threatening transitions. Earth is now in such a state of transition.

Those of us of the order work alone. We operate with a degree of separation between us and those that we assist. Our focus is on the level of spirit that is manifest in a system.

We determine where it flows easily and where it is blocked and do what we can to help remove the blockages. Our sole aim is to allow spirit to be more fully enfleshed wherever we can.

68 - Mysteries are to be experienced and known, not analyzed and understood. They strike our heart and intuition first, and then leave their impression upon our brains.

69 - Independence does not work as a valid way of existing in a spiritual age. We are all ONE. Within ONE, there can be no independence.

70 - Let there be Light, that all may see their true nature as spirit and release the chains of bondage to darkness that they have accepted as a part of their being for so long.

71 - For spiritual growth, one must focus on the unfoldment of the flower of consciousness. Consciousness itself must be nurtured, understood, realized, and transcended in a seemingly never-ending process.

72 - The whole purpose of the game is ever-expanding awareness of self. At some point, this self becomes Self becomes ONE becomes ALL THAT IS.

73 - The moving hands continue to write, and having writ, not one word can be erased. For the sequence of words has passed from the unseen to the seen. And, even without physical witness, consciousness herself perceived of the creation.

74 - Every one of us counts. Every one of us has great value. We are spirit enfleshed, lost though we may be in whatever illusions we currently experience.

75 - We help because there is need, and the whole role of Light in the game is to fill whatever need is found, wherever it is found.

76 - Each of us is a worker of Light. Part of our responsibility in this existence is to spread that light. Not necessarily just among friends, but, to wherever it is needed.

77 - See the world as the unity that it already is. Don't place this unity out somewhere in the future. It is here and now -- we have only to see it through a different set of eyes.

78 - Spiritual law says our birthright is abundance, whatever that may be for us. Further, this is abundance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

79 - Compare not your voice within to another. Trust your own, and it will guide you to wherever you need to go and whatever you need to do.

80 - We only have to bring forth those ideas whose time has come. These will transform the nation and the world in a manner and at a speed that is beyond what anyone has ever dreamed.

81 - Our nature is spirit, regardless of the limitations of form that we have chosen to wrap ourselves within for whatever periods or time.

82 - Some would have us believe that this spirit stuff is a bunch of crap, that what you see is what you are, that the illusion is the only reality. But, this is pure bunk, regardless of how many people believe it.

83 - All consciousness is engaged in the same basic activity, to come to know itself.

And, this makes for a grand adventure, for each step along the way consciousness at all levels finds out that it was more than it could possibly have imagined.

84 - Spiritual transformation is the process of turning oneself inside out so that spirit may do its work in the world through the flesh.

85 - We are meant to be a community, not a collection of individuals, and what makes a community out of individuals is one simple principle "from each in accord with their abilities, to each in accord with their needs".

The bottom line is do we trust US to meet the needs of each one of us? Yes, it requires a leap of trust. Also, it requires a collective responsibility to meet the needs of each individual.

86 - Life is a subjective experience, and consciousness is the engine that animates all life, all reality for that matter.

87 - This is what we must realize, not that I am the same as you, but that the consciousness in me, the spirit in me, is the same as the consciousness, the spirit in you.

88 - We are still individuals in the outer world, but we are one in the inner. Too many of us have forgotten this, if indeed we ever knew it at all.

89 - The consciousness that spoke through Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman is the very same consciousness that speaks through me.

90 - My mind keeps wandering back to this reality of ONE consciousness. That is how the cooperation can be so incredible. There is only one entity doing it all.

91 - Consciousness creates thought forms, period. That's just what it does. To endow these forms with life, to make them real, consciousness allocates part of itself to these thought forms.

92 - Reality creation works from the inside out. Our level of awareness puts us in a position to be of service.  Consciousness then moves us into the situations and circumstances that allow our services to be provided.

93 - You need to be careful not to take on the work of others. This applies not only to you but to many others who serve the one consciousness as well.

94 - The name of the game is the expression of consciousness, as fully and as clearly as possible in flesh. It has to be through the creations, or it doesn't count.

95 - What matters is truth, and the truth is that we are consciousness expressing in form, and further that one consciousness expresses through all of us.

96 - It is in the spiritual arena where consciousness finds its forte. It is in that arena that the work of consciousness is done. The others are the backwater so to speak.

97 - Consciousness' only weapon is to shine its Light wherever it can, that the shadows can be seen to be what they are, mere shadows.

98 - You are consciousness first. Consciousness by its very nature exists. It is the I AM. There is nothing that it can do or that can be done to it that would make it cease to be.

99 - The thoughts that consciousness forms have the power to create worlds upon worlds upon worlds, like this very one where we presently find ourselves.

100 - We speak through you, yet you know not truly who you are. We are connected to you in the most intimate ways. Without us you could not exist.

101 - Trust not what your eyes and other senses tell you. They reflect to you whatever you would have them reflect, for it is your own thoughts and beliefs that come back to you.

We urge you to see this, to know this, and to become detached from the illusion for awhile and find your way to the truth that calls from the center of your being.

102 - The true kingdom lies within. That's where the mansions are, mansion's far more stately and elegant than anything conceived on earth. Yet, there is no reason such could not be brought to earth as well.

After all, the point for these times is to allow spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh, within the illusion. Why? For the sheer joy of expression, that's why. There need be no other reason.

103 - The correction for illusion is never more illusion.

104 - Consciousness never asks for more than one's best, though she effectively utilizes every resource she is given. She is given resources by their choice to offer their services.

105 - These words weave their way through into this reality to express themes that are ancient yet new. Throughout all time consciousness has been spreading her song.

106 - In different ways, in different places, but always consciousness has been there to sing and breathe life into all of creation.

107 - Each individuated consciousness has the same two tasks: one, to play it's role to the best of it's ability and two, to come to know itself.

Most people err in spending too much time on task one and not enough on task two.

108 - Be whom that you are, and providence will guide your hand in fulfilling your destiny. And, when providence guideth, there is never a lack of required abilities.

109 - To be is to experience yourself as the consciousness that you truly are. HERE NOW restricts this expression to whatever place you find yourself now. Reversing this we get "now here" equals "NOWHERE".

110 - What is important in life is consciousness. The self is consciousness, but there is a greater Self which in turn is tied to the ONE consciousness.

111 - All of the world and everything on it came from thought. It is thought expressed, thought congealed into form. Yet, it is still thought, no matter how solid it may appear.


I hope you have enjoyed what has been expressed here.  I know that it continues to be the delight of my life to be able to express this stream of consciousness in this manner.  These Early Works are just as alive now as they were when they first came forth close to a decade ago.  Can it really have been that long already?  My the time does pass quickly if we are not careful to make the most of each and every moment.

I hope that you feel challenged by what has been expressed as well.  Many of the ideas are far from conventional or traditional.  That doesn’t make them wrong, just different.  I ask that you consider them and use utility as your yardstick in your evaluations.  Do the ideas make sense?  Do the ideas empower you to create a better reality for yourself and for those your life touches?  Do the ideas help you to find a way to make a difference with your life … in particular a difference to spirit, to society, or even to the world?

Think in grand terms.  We are grand beings … each and every one of us.  It is time for us to realize this and act in a manner that is consistent with it.  That is the key.  It is our actions that confirm what we truly believe and thus create our reality.  Create well my friends, create well!

Wayne Hartman



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