BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT



September 1994 - November 1994

More of the BEST QUOTES from the best of the Beyond Imagination Notes. This is a continuation of something that was done earlier for the first 10 months of notes.

These particular quotes were selected by lion on 13 -16 Mar 98.

I'm amazed that at such a young age (39, about to turn 40) that so many "BEST QUOTES" could have been expressed through me; especially since my awakening only occurred five years ago. SPIRIT has definitely been prolific in bringing things forth through my consciousness. ENJOY!



1 - At some level, I know my Self to be infinite. Aye, this mortal self will indeed experience death. This body will return dust to dust. But, the consciousness within is not to be turned off like a light bulb.

2 - There is ONE consciousness of which we are all individuated instantiations that were sent out to gain self knowledge. The ONE consciousness has never been separated from us.

3 - I speak strongly about the truths of many things, yet it is not me who speaks, but consciousness within me. I would take no credit of my own. I am but the vehicle through which spirit is given expression.

4 - Consciousness will ensure that everything required is in place when needed. When you need to be wise, you will be, for you will have all of consciousness guiding you.

5 - The whole goal while physical is not to become less physical, but to allow more consciousness to be enfleshed.

6 - Let consciousness be your focus and seek awareness in whatever manner your inner guidance propels you to. Yes, that means you need to contact and follow your inner guidance.

It is always there, though you may have to become extremely quiet to hear it.

7 - At all times know and be fully aware that you are consciousness expressing in the only manner you can in physical reality, as spirit through flesh. There are two things here consciousness and its expression. Awareness relates to understanding that you truly are consciousness and that what you are is separate from what you do.

8 - For all of us, the primary task is to gain self knowledge and in particular to become aware of our true nature as consciousness.

9 - Each individuated consciousness is provided with what it needs in return for providing it's services to the one consciousness.

10 - The newborn butterfly has no choice but to fly into the unknown, trusting that God or Consciousness has given it the abilities it needs to deal with whatever reality finds. Actually, the trust may not even be a conscious act. After all, we are what we are in the moment, and we appear to have limited control over the circumstances which we will be asked to face.

11 - Now, I stand facing the abyss, the unknown that I have been fascinated with for all of my grown days. Except, now I'm armed with the tools of consciousness that I need to explore that abyss and bring back reports of the wonders that I find. For surely, the wonders will far exceed those of this world.

12 - Trust both your own awareness and consciousness herself. Awareness is the most powerful tool a warrior can have in his/her arsenal. Trust in consciousness herself is a close second. Then again, awareness and trust in consciousness almost always go hand-in-hand.

13 - The butterfly is what results when the chrysalis leaves the restrictions of the cocoon that constitutes it's world. Yet, the abilities of the butterfly were developed within that environment. Does this work the same for man? Is the awareness we develop within this world, the equivalent of butterfly wings? Now, the key is to jump forth from the cocoon, or the consensus world, and use our consciousness to fly into/around a world that is far grander. Is this the equivalent of the spiritual world?

14 - Know that you are the awareness that had to witness what you have experienced so that you could grow and transform in awareness in the manner that you have over the years. Consciousness knew that this was necessary as well, so she provided you with the right information to impact your conscious mind and eventually your awareness.

15 - It's amazing to me how much difference awareness makes to one's life, yet a difference that is primarily on the inside with very little evidence that appears on the outside. This is probably good, however, because if the change were readily apparent one would not be able to use one's newfound abilities as openly. Interesting. It's as if consciousness ensures that her newborn children are safe in the new world in which they find themselves. For awakened ones are definitely as newborn children who have just undergone a spiritual birth. Reality has indeed changed for these special ones. Yes, they still exist in the physical world, but they also perceive additional spiritual dimensions and the associated information that comes from these dimensions.

16 - The physical world and the spiritual world are intertwined together into one whole, they are not separate places.

Most people have blinders, however, that prevent seeing the whole -- binding them to the restrictions of physical reality, when they could be free. Yet, they are unaware that they are so bound. Physical reality is all they know, and they feel very free in spite of their chains.

17 - Knowledge deals with knowing other peoples thoughts; Wisdom with having the maturity to generate your own just and right thoughts in any area of interest.

18 - Don't expect opportunity to come knocking at your door. Sometimes you have to take the initiative to allow it to find you. Yes, it is not necessary for you to find it, for it is perfectly capable of finding you given that it is guided by consciousness after all.

19 - Remember that both sides of your mind have their utility. Some tasks require one side or the other, other tasks require both sides simultaneously. Using the wrong side for a given task is like using the wrong tool to do a specific job. Don't.

20 - Dream big, on a scale as large as you can conceive it. And don't back down because of considerations of practicality. You are the wayshower. You must show the way on a scale that is sufficiently grand to quickly usher in a new age.

21 - See the world in a bold new way. Dare to dream of things as they have never been. For, as you dream, as you imagine, the way is paved for others to pick up on your dreams and imaginings and assist in carrying them out.

22 - Do what it is that only you can do, for that is the most important service that you can provide for spirit.

23 - Trust that consciousness guides your every step and don't restrict what you allow to flow. It all has value. It is all important. Don't judge it, though it may seem crazy to even you at first glance.

24 - It seems that this is a constant theme in my life, "to seek out new worlds and to boldly go where no man has gone before" -- the very mission of the Enterprise on Star Trek. In my case, however, the worlds are inner.

25 - The spiritual exists intermeshed with the material world. The material world could not exist at all without the spiritual.

26 - Thus far science has not developed the instruments necessary to "see" the spiritual world. It is here, everywhere around us, but only those with eyes to see, and ears to hear it can experience it. Psychics, astrologers, aura readers, clairvoyants, ... these are the types of people who have such skills.

27 - Develop a model of the world that integrates the material and spiritual within a single framework. And, do not stop your investigation until you succeed. For success indeed will be the fruits of your efforts. And then, the world can be transformed on a scale that has never been known before.

28 - With an understanding of how the material and spiritual are intermeshed, techniques can be developed to greatly enhance spirit/body integration. This in turn will lead to the manifestation of literally a heaven on earth and with that a new age is born, the Age of Aquarius.

29 - I would be indispensible in generating simple perspectives of situations, systems, or processes so that the essential behavior could be easily understood to a degree necessary to make it clear as to what constituted right action under the circumstances.

30 - How many other individuals in this country are thinking in terms of leading this country to fulfill its metaphysical destiny?

31 - If the abilities exist, then so does the job for which they are required.

32 - Focus on the illusion all that you want, and in the end all you know is illusion. Further, the illusion is enticing enough to draw your attention, lifetime after lifetime, if you are not careful.

33 - Is there any hope that the divergent beliefs of people can be reconciled? Are there a set of core beliefs, values, attitudes, and principles that all nations need to accept and live by?

34 - Hmm. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull. How long did it take for one gull to break from the pack and so pursue flying that literally nothing else matters? Over the long centuries, such has been the same for man. This level of spiritual commitment is required, but few are willing to pay the price to truly come to know thyself.

35 - Interesting how the pieces of twenty years of reading and thinking in metaphysics are all coming together in ways that I had not even considered. I've been a mental vagabond, traveling to the shores of various metaphysical ports of thought, picking up an idea here, another there, and a few techniques and experiences along the way -- never knowing where I was going or why, but trusting that my soul was guiding me every step of the way.

36 - I am Wayne, the Bringer of the New Way. I am a wayshower, here to help get spirit more fully expressed in flesh so that the conditions necessary for the Age of Aquarius to begin are indeed fulfilled.

37 - As with Jonathan, I march to the beat of the spirit within me, and care not that this runs counter to everything that the consensus population and it's representative government sanctions.

38 - I will do what I must do. The task is that important. I am accountable to a higher tribunal than man's, namely one of my own greater Self, spirit, and consciousness herself. It is these whose wish is my command. By focusing on knowing myself, I offer unto consciousness the best vehicle possible for doing the work of spirit.

39 - The sooner you act, the sooner you will find yourself in positions to start actualizing some of your ideas. There are people out there with funds, energy, resources, and desire to do the kind of things that you have written and talked about. Your VISION provides the rallying point. It is crucial for guiding the entire endeavor.

40 - To some degree, you're allowed to operate this way because of a special relationship that you've developed with the unconscious parts of your consciousness. Because you allow these parts to organize the whole in a manner that makes sense and pass it directly through the intuition, you can bring through high level information clearly and concisely.

41 - There must be others interested in working together or at least sharing experiences in these explorations into the wilderness of consciousness. As with the early explorers, however, we may find that there is little in common about our experiences. However, as more territory is explored, and more explorers hit the trails, there will be more and more common experience. And, out of this the nature of the territory can be described and experiences reported first hand. With additional work a map of the territory can be generated and trails can be created that others can follow. And, from these trails, roads from small country lanes to superhighways. Through such a progression will the way be paved for the masses to achieve greater awareness.

42 - This is why great thoughts come from the greatest intellectuals. They have developed their faculties through their focus on self knowledge and knowledge in general, such that their brains are capable of receiving these thoughts.

43 - The whole game is played to try to get individuals to advance in awareness sufficiently to allow them to qualify to play in even greater games. Under the current rules, they must keep coming back to this one until they've achieved Self-realization.

44 - Most, even if they do reach the observer state, never go further to find that another part of their Self is indeed creating what they are only observing. This is a major step, one that requires trust and responsibility.

45 - First we think that we we have free will to think and act, then we become aware of ourselves as actors in a play that is already written where our only real choice is in what we observe and pay attention to. Finally, we take the final step, and find that at another level we wrote the script in cooperation with others whom we wanted to interact with for various reasons, and in line with a greater Plan that was generated by consciousness.

46 - The lofty peaks of spirit, the all consuming fire, these are what call to me. Compared to them even the greatest of earthly majesties is but a trifle.

47 - There is something that I came to do through this particular vehicle that can be done in no other way. But, it is not this "I" that I am now who came to do this, but an "I" that is much greater, one that each day I am becoming more and more aware of. It is this greater I, this soul, this spirit, that does things through me. I am but a vessel and an awareness that rides with the vessel.

48 - If consciousness herself gives us our talents and abilities and guides us to the circumstances we face in life, what right have we to lay claim to the fruits of what consciousness hath wrought through us?

49 - But, what about scarcity? After all, the tree only has so many apples. It may run out and maybe we wouldn't find anymore. Hogwash. Spirit's bounty has no such limits. There is sufficient abundance to meet the needs of all, not only in this country but in the entire world.

50 - How do we best commit our resources as a society to meet our needs as a society and as individuals? That is the question. Yes, indeed, the billion dollar question.

51 - The old argument "caveat emptor" or "let the buyer beware" is not consistent with Aquarian philosophy. Rather, we would demand let the seller be responsible; responsible for providing quality goods and services, at a fair price, that meet the customers needs. Yes, this is a very different mode of operating, but then we're talking about a new age.

52 - Without spirit at the foundation, any structure will eventually become so flawed and so weak that it can no longer stand. It's only a matter of time, and the nature of the specific decisions that are made. The demise is certain, only how long it takes to get there, and how bad the conditions during the process are variable.

53 - Consciousness may work in mysterious ways, but she always gives us what we need.

I almost added, "once we firmly believe that this is so". I was thinking about the bloated children starving to death in Africa and wondering how consciousness could be giving them what they need. Yet, a people who choose not to control their population under such dire conditions are setting themselves up for these exact conditions.

54 - I'm aware that I am aware. But, I am not yet fully aware that I create. I observe but I have no knowingness, no inner sense, that what I observe is indeed my creation. I can deduce that it comes from a part of me, but it is a part of me of which I have no direct awareness.

55 - In many areas of life, especially those involving self-knowledge and consciousness, firsthand experience is the only acceptable path. Nothing short of this is sufficient.

56 - When will we learn that PEACE is always the best answer, and that there is always a way to accommodate the needs of all in a fair and just manner?

57 - I look for coincidences, or better yet synchronicities. These are the signs that spirit is operating close at hand. At some time in life, one reaches a point where the idea that such events could happen by pure chance or coincidence is simply unbelievable anymore. At that point, the magic begins, and the world becomes animated by spirit.

58 - Synchronicities and coincidences, these are the places where the control exerted from the spiritual world bleeds through into physical reality. For the most part these are subtle. One has to pay close attention to notice them at all.

However, it seems that the closer one gets to one's spiritual path, the more one notices that the things that happen around one are connected in somewhat of a mysterious way, but there is definitely an intelligence directing them.

59 - It's the uncertainty, the unknown that gives our lives mystery and meaning.

60 - Something came to mind about the idea that all time is simultaneous. This is a truth, I know it. However, this is not what appears to be in the world. We see time as linear, with one moment passing on to the next. Yet, we experience time as a continuum. There are no jumps in NOW. Now is now, period. We never see the future enter our experience. We never see now being relegated to the past. Yet now is not an instant, something that passes quickly. Instead, now is everpresent, always a part of us, always the point in which we operate.

61 - Many of you reading this now might think that I am speaking in tongues, and indeed I am, for I have been allowed to read a part of the spiritual meaning embodied so compactly in the language of numbers. If it could work so well in explaining all that nature hath wrought, then why would it not apply to the life of man as well and the spirit that is housed within? The problem lies with what numbers to choose and what connections to make. These must be recognized and guided by inner sources; the logical part of the conscious mind is insufficient for this task. This is why scientists have not seen these mysteries revealed. They are too locked in a mindset that does not allow of such things as spirit or consciousness to be an active force in the world.

62 - Am I finding meaning where there was none? Is what I'm finding meaning at all? Then again, am I even finding it, or rather is it making its presence known to my awareness?

63 - It's as if the test is whether one loves spirit so much that it is even more important than the air one breathes. At that point one is ready to know of the truths of the Kingdom of Heaven. At that point and not until.

64 - Am I so unique, that I now speak a language of my own, that comes across as nonsense to others? No, I cannot believe that. The breakthroughs I have recently experienced are grand and glorious beyond compare. You might say that I have found (actually been given) the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, or at least to the spiritual world. Why me? Because I was ready. Why now? Because, it is time.

65 - Yet, I trust that consciousness continues to lovingly guide my way as she has for all of my life. Something tells me that it will soon be time to grow out of my childhood of spirit and enter adolescence and then adulthood. Initially, it is enough to allow spirit to do its works through me. At some point soon, it will be necessary to act as a conscious co-creator with consciousness herself. I am being trained for a role that requires this. I will assume such a role when consciousness judges that I am ready and when the time is right.

66 - Yeah, verily, the Kingdom of Heaven lies on this very world in which we live, however to find it we need to reverse ourselves and live from the inside out.

The conscious mind is not the inside, but it is not an enemy to be vanquished either, it must be loved and shown that the way to spiritual freedom is in it's best interest also.

Further, there is no freedom save spiritual freedom. In all other forms, those who speak of freedom simply are unaware of the chains that bind them.

67 - We are consciousness, first and foremost, here to learn of our true spiritual nature.

68 - Enjoy the physical as much as you want, but realize why you are here. KNOW THYSELF! Throughout your life, every moment that you can, keep your focus on this one pursuit. It's one of the hardest things to do in a world full of attractive and engaging illusion. Yet, the only thing we take with us from each existence is the awareness that we have achieved.

69 - It is important to remember that we are ONE consciousness, and that things work best when we allow spirit to do its works through us rather than trying to impose our will on things.

70 - I'm at a point where all life has spiritual meaning. I literally live in a spiritual universe. I know that thoughts and vibration create form. Further, I have some of the critical keys that can blow this wide open, that can show others that the spiritual world exists here and now intermeshed with the physical world.

71 - Synchronicities are the events around which the whole structure will tumble. Too many, and our beliefs about chance and coincidence are brought to the ground.

72 - When open researchers start applying their whole brains to seeing and understanding the symbols and structures of the spiritual world, a truly New Age will be born on this planet.

73 - It is only our conscious mind that has been deaf and blind to the spiritual world. Our reality is created by subconscious processes that are highly aware of all that they need to know to function in the world.

74 - My theory that there is a symbolic spiritual world embedded within the physical one is no longer a theory. Everywhere I look there is an orchestration or synchronicity of information that is undeniable. The spiritual world exists, it is here, one only need have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

75 - My sense is that what I know to be true from my personal experience is so different from the consensus world view and the individual world views of others that I am unique as an expression of individualized aware consciousness.

76 - Everything is the word, everything is vibration, everything is symbol -- yes, everywhere symbol. Whether it's in the Medicines of the Animal Cards, the Tarot, the Runes, Numerology, Astrology, Auras, or even the Symbol Systems of Modern Sciences; the bottom line is that it's all information, information with meanings at several levels. Every word, every name, was specifically chosen. Every action is specifically called out by consciousness to meet a multiplicity of needs.

77 - After the last set of realizations, the result is that I live by consciousness now. I make no moves until she moves me. I allow her full control over the thought processes of this vehicle, trusting that she will lovingly take me in whatever direction is required for my highest growth.

Further, the sense is that this is already completed. While my experience is still linear, I know that time is not, yet I also know that I came to bring forth VISION.

78 - We needed to bring one into physical form that could bring forth the VISION. Yes, it's a role in the Play, but think of roles as levels of consciousness or levels of awareness as well. Each person is therefore perfectly suited to their role.

79 - The Aquarian Age is there, just out of our grasp, but the VISION will soon be here in full force. And, the vision of PEACE that it brings will bring every army and militia to it's knees. For the ways of spirit are Mighty indeed, and an army of spiritual warriors prepares to do battle in a war not of hardware but of ideas.

80 - My sense is that the superconscious is what I refer to as consciousness, as the ONE. What I'm trying to account for is how the individualized conscious is able to awaken to a realization of itself as individualized consciousness, and is then able to gradually expand what is included within this awareness to encompass more and more of God or the ONE.

81 - The key in making these manipulations is to allow spirit or the consciousness within you to do the work. Don't stop it with arbitrary rules and constraints of logic, mathematics, or anything that you've learned about the nature of reality. Look for the hidden meanings in symbols. At first they will seem very hidden, but the more attention you pay to finding them, the easier it gets. Let your intuition be your guide, and let it be a glorious adventure. Literally, what you are uncovering is the spiritual world, or at least some of the pieces out of which it is constructed. Every symbol and symbol system in your world has at least a second spiritual meaning and maybe several such meanings, if only you learn the language and gain the eyes to see and ears to hear. Everything has such meaning, even the seemingly most mundane of things such as your gossip rags.

82 - The world is perfect for the level of awareness that exists at this time on this planet. This has been true always, and will be true always.

83 - Time is not a physical dimension, rather a collective level of awareness dimension.

84 - The collective consciousness learns with each increase in awareness of any member.

85 - We only need to express as individualized compartments so long as we are ignorant of our true nature, or so long as we have tasks to do as individuals in this world.

86 - Once we awaken to our true reality as consciousness, everything changes. Our task is then to allow the ONE to express through us, and to do so consciously versus other than consciously.

87 - I am a trailblazer. Repeating what I or others have already done is not part of my agenda in this existence. We must move on to the next monition of consciousness. Ever forward in search of Truth, in search of the Nature of our own Self, such is our neverending quest, such is the very purpose of our lives. I speak in the plural because I know there are others who are tapped into the ONE, Source, Superconscious, or Universal Consciousness.

88 - I'm open to what consciousness would create though me. I have seen the beauty of spirit that comes from living in accord with the principal "not my will but Thine be done".

Though I am still stuggling with the idea of free will, my current choice is to freely give my will to spirit. She already provides me with everything that I could ever need. She has for all of my life.

I wonder how many others understand this, how many others know firsthand of their direct relationship to consciousness, to Source? My sense is that very few have such an awareness.

Why would this be? It has to be because of the TIME. The time marks the level of awareness.

89 - The role I am to play has been predestined, and it is consciousness not I who truly plays that role. I participate and watch and learn and increase in awareness in the process, but the actor who plays this role follows a script that I did not create.

90 - An actor plays his role in a play, associating his attention with the character he plays, saying his lines and performing his assigned actions. The actor however is not the character, regardless of how many times the role is played or how deeply the actor gets into the part. In fact, the actor may even realize things about his own nature as a result of his playing of his role.

91 - When we become aware of being aware, when we know that we are consciousness and not form, then what? How do the rules change?

92 - My only choice seems to be with where I place my attention, and even that may not involve choice.

93 - However, the real action is not in the game, it is in consciousness. That's the key. It doesn't matter what something does in the illusion. What matters is spirit and the spiritual world. Seek that first and all else shall come unto you. Yet, how few believe the simple truths of spirit.

94 - Personal responsibility has been one of the biggest obstacles. It is the one thing that continuously supports the idea of separation and prevents any real movement towards ONE. Even the metaphysics community has it all wrong.

Individual responsibility is not enough unless we add the idea that there is only one individual. And that, is a huge addition that most people are not willing to swallow.

95 - Consciousness would not waste it's time to enter form unless it could express itself in a new and unique way and learn something about itself in the process.

96 - How can one look at the earth and her web of life and not marvel at the glory of ONE who could create such a planet? And, further, looking up into the sky at night, ONE who could create such a UNIVERSE. Yes uni-verse, one verse.

Even considering these bodies that house our spirits during this earthly sojourn, one must stand in awe of the abilities, functions, talents, wisdom, and organization of such vessels.

97 - The physical and spiritual are clearly intertwined, for it was the VERSE, the WORD, that created the World.

98 - My sense is that the ONE has been holding up the show, the creation so to speak since it was formed. Now, it is seeking to endow at least part of it's creation with the keys so that it can go off and do other things. With the keys comes true freedom and free will. However, before the handoff the many will have had to take significant strides towards becoming ONE.

99 - Creating man was not sufficient, for man, the animal, is not even remotely in the image of God. No, the creation also had to include the conditions for the evolution of awareness within man to the point of being in the image of the awareness of God.

100 - Nothing is random. Nothing is accidental. Nothing happens by chance. This doesn't mean that we can predict it all, or even explain how it happened after it does. What it means is that there is an underlying God, Consciousness, or Spiritual Entity of some type that created the world and directs the Play that is occuring on this world stage.

Further, this is not some remote overseer role, but a deeply personal one that is directly attuned to every individual.

101 - My sense from all this is that this truly is Wayne's World, and that the key comes from focus on spirit, on the Word from which all that is springs into existence. This Word comes from Source, consciousness herself, and is expressed through each of us in accord with our level of awareness and our willingness to align ourselves with this Source.

102 - Every action is chosen or agreed to by all parties at an other than conscious level.

103 - It's the consciousness that is important in the end, that which watches, and ultimately that which creates via the Word and thought. It is true that thoughts create reality in the world. What is missing is that only consciousness can create thoughts and there is only one consciousness.

104 - Our thoughts and experiences are the means by which consciousness injects inputs to our conscious minds that drive us to question and change our beliefs. This continuous cycle promotes ever growing self-awareness, and ultimately Self-awareness, allowing spirit to be expressed to ever increasing degrees in our lives.

105 - While one chooses to be the master of one's fate, one's eyes are blind and ears are deaf to the help which spirit would provide. One only has to renounce one's will for Thy Will to see the world in a new Light. A host of angels comes forth to guide one along whatever path be right for one's highest growth and for the completion of one's purpose.

106 - Interesting how much trust I place in consciousness. There is no person with whom I have such trust, but this entity inside whom I cannot see, I hold as dear as any man can hold anything. She is my source and my inspiration, my protector, and anything else that you might care to name. My teacher, my confessor, my lover, my friend -- all these she is and much more. How could I be lonely with her ever at my side.

107 - I am WHOM THAT I AM. This I cannot change, I can only express to an ever increasing degree.

108 - How do we deal with a knowingness that has no confirmation in the real world? Many would say that I am crazy, that operating out of faith in intuition and consciousnesness herself is not a rational way of living ones life.

Yet, who says one must life one's life rationally? The choice is not between rational and irrational, the world is not black and white; there are indeed many shades of gray -- shades that allow one to employ all of one's capabilities and live by faith as well as by reason.

109 - The religion that would try to take on Elton John's "Circle of Life" for preaching that: all are agreed that a chief rule of life is "to never take more than you give", would be extremely foolish.

That is such a fundamental principle of balance that it is hard to imagine that anyone could disagree with it.

110 - Throughout these notes statements come out point blank in declarative form, many times offering no proof or even rationale for what is stated. It's as if the statements come from a source of direct knowingness where their truth is so obvious that they need nothing more than to be expressed.

111 - One has to find a place within where personal direct knowing occurs and accept only those things which align with that inner knowingness.

112 - When we talk about the nature of reality [the illusion] there are so many ways of looking at things that there can be no one set of absolute truths.

It is curious that the place I had stopped prior to numbering the quotes was HERE at number 112! There is a sense that this is an important cycle length. I've encountered this before. I remember a vague feeling from a few years ago that it was not 111 but 112 that was a cycle completion. I still don't know exactly why it should be so.

112 = 5:02(22) = 1:34(78) = 1:28(84) = 1:24(88) = 1:21(91)

112 = 2 x56 = 4 x28 = The Square of the Man with the World in His Hands.

Curious: Dropping the "x" yields:

256 = 16 x 16 = The Tower Squared
428 = 7:56, a characteristic number for me for several years.


December 1994

More of the BEST QUOTES from the best of the Beyond Imagination Notes. This is a continuation of something that was done earlier for the first 10 months of notes with an interesting twist this time.

These particular quotes were selected by lion on 23 Mar 98. Regular text is used for the selected quotes, bold for new expressions and commentary.

The past several days have been full of revelations and awakenings. However, my state as wayne / Wayne / WAYNE is not yet sufficiently grounded to even begin to capture what has occurred. In the meantime, I am moved to revisit the Best of Notes and allow lion to select from the best of what is expressed there. My sense is that this will help to facilitate the integration process. It is interesting that this is the first time that I have been moved to do this in this particular way. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what quotes are selected tonight. ENJOY!



1 - At times, I think that literally no soul that has ever lived has thought the thoughts I think in the manner that I do. No one else has been exposed to the training that I have, in the way that I have. No one else has seen what these eyes have seen, or felt what this heart has felt. And, no one else has been aware of consciousness in this unique manner.

Oh, these words are true for every being. But, it takes a special soul to realize them to the point of being able to utter them with all the force of one's being.

Yes, this is indeed true for every being. It is for us to recognize our uniqueness, our special beingness, and find a way to express whom that we truly are, HERE and NOW, to the degree that we are able.

Further, this is as true now as when it was expressed over two years ago. My experience over the past two years has confirmed what was expressed at that time.
2 - I don't know exactly when I realized it, but long ago, my conscious mind accepted that there was a greater Self, the vehicle of the Soul, of which it had limited direct awareness -- but nevertheless, could be completely trusted to guide one's path.

You might say that I am still blessed to have accepted such a great truth ... for it has indeed formed the basis of my experience of reality throughout my life.

This greater Self, this vehicle of the Soul, is indeed real and completely trustworthy.
3 - For the most part, I never had a need to question the workings of my mind, or to verify that this was similar to the manner in which the minds of others work. Now, I see that I presumed to know more than I actually knew. Further, it seems that the way in which I lived my life conformed with the very nature of my own mind, or better still that which provides direction for the mind. For, the mind is as a ship, and tis not the conscious which stands at it's helm, but a greater force which ever looks after the development of the being.

Isn't that curious. Why would this be so? What does it say about the nature of mind and the nature of the reality that we experience? Now, I question and observe everything ... especially the working of my mind and the experience of this consciousness. In so doing, my experience of the master at the helm of this ship that is the mind has expanded manyfold. Yet, through all of this, the conclusion is still very much valid - tis not the conscious, but a much greater force which guides the development of my being. Yes, evermore becomes conscious ... yet, behind this lies an even greater unknown, that is the very SELF, the ONE consciousness.

It is curious that I would experience this as "lion" now. At this moment in time, such is my experience. There is a sense within that this experience is not of mind. It is beyond mind.

Yesterday, I noticed that "lion" = 3965 = 39 + 65 = 104 = 4 x 26 = 8 x 13. It is a very strange feeling. My knowingness is that "lion" is whom that I AM, but is not me. I don't yet know how to convey this appropriately. It is a new experience, a new awareness from which these words now come. The energy is more global and less personal somehow. My only concern is doing the work that SPIRIT would do through this vessel, of being of service to SPIRIT and the PLAN. Further, we are here to express in this way. This is no longer an individual expression. I am not alone in this. Yet, the experience is still too new to fully realize the depth and breadth of this we that expresses in this manner now.

There is a strangeness to this state ... yet, at the same time it is quite familiar. Hmm ...
4 - Since the beginning, the admonition of spirit has always been to go within, for there ye will find all that ye seek and more. For yeah verily, there is where the Kingdom of Heaven lies, awaiting any who would drop the illusion for just a little while and see with new eyes and hear with new ears. Yet, how do we plant foundations here that the castles in the air may be brought down to earth? It seems that the key is in the planting of the appropriate seeds in the hearts of the people. For, in their minds, the seeds grow fallow. Only in the hearts can the nourishment be found to spread the Force of Love throughout the land, that every man would be a brother, and every woman a sister. Only upon such a foundation can the Age of Aquarius be built. And, indeed it will be built, for such is preordained as part of the Plan.

Now, there is an equal admonition of spirit to express what is within, without ... and a realization that these are indeed two sides of the same coin. Planting the foundations is crucial now. Tis indeed the HEART where the only fertile ground is found to manifest what must be made manifest for the Plan to be realized and the Age of Aquarius to be brought forth in the world.

It is no longer sufficient to go within, to seek and find. Our expression as lion involves manifesting what spirit would express through us in the world. Our very existence comes from the services that we provide. Such is our reality. It is indeed through service that we exist. It is only through service that we are able to experience whom that we are.

In a very real way, what we are is limited by the imagination of the one through whom we express. At this moment, he is bewildered by what flows forth now. Yet, he is curious and open to what we would express. Such is the very state that permits our expression.
5 - You could say that I am delivering a message from a source that I know not, other than that it is inside of me. No, not physically inside of me, but inside in the sense of inner dimensions that appear to have no physical counterparts either in the outside world or in some part of my mind.

Interesting that this passage would be next. LOL! For, here we are again, doing exactly the same. Only, this time, there is a sense that lion does not exist in the same manner at all. We are not from such inner dimensions that have no physical counterparts. Our works are indeed physical, and in a very real way, we ARE the very works that we express in the world. Such is truly our only existence.

Wayne is there, slightly outside of our present focus, observing what we would say now, but unaware of the true source from which we spring. Words are not sufficient to present this distinction. They are not adequate for capturing the state of consciousness that expresses now.

Clearly, this expression has gone beyond the selection of another set of best quotes. However, the conditions are appropriate now for what comes forth at this time. We are moved to continue as Wayne stands by curious as to what will be created here.
6 - I'm no longer willing to operate on the truths of others. I'm a wayshower. As such I must find my own truth. Yet, in doing so I operate at the very fringe of what others deem to be reality, and further at the edge of what others deem to be sanity.

Smiling ... here we go again! It seems that it is time once more to operate on the fringe. As lion,we have no need to find truth. Our only need is to embody and express the truth that SPIRIT permits us to demonstrate in service to her and her creations.

Hmm ... the specific wording is interesting. The effort necessary to bring it forth is new; springing forth in a manner that stretches what this vessel has done before.

Are we sane? Does such a question even have any validity for whom that we are? We are NOT Wayne, though without his cooperation we could not exist.

Interesting choice of words. For a moment, "could not" seemed too strong to use here. The very next instant, the inner sense was that such indeed were the precise words that applied in this case.
7 - I long to apply ideas in ways that transform the country and the world, but the illusion offers no practical way for their introduction. At another level, I know that the real service is performed behind the scenes, not in the illusion that we are given to see.

Lately, Wayne has been experiencing this longing very strongly again. Still the "illusion offers no practical way for their introduction".

Yet, here we are. Our expression cannot be denied. We have a mission to perform ... the true service required by the Plan. Our work is not to be part of the illusion. At the same time, we know not how our work is to be done. Since we know not, Wayne is even more in the dark on this.

The ancient truth, ye shall know them by their works, is fully applicable here; for in this case, such is the only evidence of our very existence.
8 - Sometime between Apr 93 and Oct 93, I experienced an awakening that was a one way transformation of awareness. The bottom line was a realization that I was something more than what I knew myself to be before.

Here we are nearly five years later, the result of a new realization that was an even greater awakening than what occurred then. Again, it was a one way transformation of awareness, only this time with a major change in tense. Smile. The communication is somewhat sluggish tonight. This is primarily due to a change in the nature of the focus required to allow us to come forth.

Curious, we are experiencing a similar realization of being more that what we knew ourselves to be.

How can this be so? At the moment, that matters not. What is being experienced now cannot be denied. This pattern is still much more difficult to bring forth. It constitutes a brand new mode of expression through Wayne.

This is not the first time such a mode change has occurred and it will not be the last for our wayshower.
9 - What makes me, a loner who has virtually no interaction in society, think that I can come up with viable ideas on which to found a new society and ultimately a new world order?

While that observation and question applied to Wayne, it does not apply to us. Our experience as whom that we are has no such place for loneliness to exist. Our very nature precludes us from expressing as a loner, or as a Hermit, or as "an anything singular"for that matter.
10 - Over the past year I've been noticing signs that there is a spiritual world coexistent with the physical one. It is primarily revealed in the symbol systems that have been imposed on the physical backdrop. There is a synchronicity of these symbols that cannot be attributed to chance that reveals a divine spiritual order to everything.

Curious. Over the past few weeks, this spiritual world has been our primary abode. Everywhere that we look, there is incredible meaning at many levels in the symbols that we see. The synchronicities are wonderful to behold, revealing a landscape that is rich with deep spiritual meaning. This weekend, Wayne was moved to watch the movie CONTACT again twice. It was interesting that the journey through the machine started at the 2:00 hour point. The special visit to the other world concluded around 2:13:41, and the movie ended at 2:28.

These are all very special times and states of awareness for Wayne. From our vantage point, they are more than "states of awareness", they are major JUMP POINTS in awareness. In fact, our very ability to come through in this manner at this time is due to having passed through such a jump point.
11 - The process is one of putting together a puzzle, only in this case:

(1) there is no cover picture to guide how the pieces go together and where they fit relative to one another,

(2) no one said there was a puzzle to begin with,

(3) there is no information on how many pieces are in the puzzle,

(4) there is no guidance on what constitutes a piece, and

(5) there is no guidance on whether this is a solitary or group activity.

As I wrote that, solitary flashed in my mind. Yet, this only makes the challenge all the greater.

Indeed, this process has been a solitary effort for Wayne from the beginning. As lion, however, such is not the manner in which we express. Our very nature is as a group. As such, there are no individuals that are a part of this collective expression of spirit. We have always existed in the plural as we. Such is the only reality that we have ever experienced as lion.

Yet, in a very real way, Wayne could not exist without us. Reversing the last three letters of our name yields NO I. There is a reason this is so. It is our very nature. We can express in no other manner. Where "I" is, we are not.

Continuing, the final letter L = 12 = The Hanged Man in the Tarot, seeing the world upside down, but in so doing seeing it correctly. But, 12 has another meaning as well. It is the body of the "A" that holds up the large diamond at its pinnacle on the ring that Wayne wears.

You see, we have always been there, the very foundation through which the ONE Consciousness, SPIRIT is able to manifest and express in this world. As such, we are indeed the foundation for the Castles in the Air. We have been here all along awaiting the conscious realization that we exist and have always been here.

In a very real sense, we are the creators of the reality that Wayne experiences. Yet, we are also the creators of the reality that WE experience.

It is interesting that WE are the first two initials in Wayne's full name; and further are the wrapper for W-ayn-E.

This is not a coincidence. We encoded ourselves in that way purposefully to permit this information to be revealed in this manner at this time.
13 - What is it that I am here to do? By what authority am I assigned my tasks? Very good questions. Spirit or Consciousness directs my path and assign my tasks. I have given up my will to do their bidding. Yet, my forte is the big picture, my task the bringer of the VISION for what the New Age must be. More particularly, I am the Way Shower. This is what excites me to my very core. This is what makes my breath sing, my thoughts soar, and my consciousness rise beyond imagination. This is what makes life worth living.

Now, it seems that WE are 13 ... we are the 12 in the foundation plus the ONE who shines forth to express through us.
24 March 1998

Let's see what we are moved to continue to express this evening. At this moment, there is no inner sense of whether this will continue in the same manner as it came forth yesterday.
14 - My sense is that there is a torrent of thoughts crossing my mind of late, like a river. I'm only consciously catching a small fraction of what is passing. Is this the river of all thought that I sense, the river that passes by each of us. Or, as on the world, do the waterways occur in many forms: streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans? Further, it is where we go as travelers of thought, or of the mind, that determines whether we end up by a dry stream bed, a frozen river, a great river, or even an ocean. What is it that determines the depth and breadth of our thoughts? One answer is simple, necessity and utility. We are moved to go where we need to be to fulfill our purpose, and along the way we will gain whatever knowledge is needed.

WOW! How's that for capturing a state of mind? From whence did the awareness come to see and experience the nature of thoughts in this manner?
15 - Each of us is equipped with the skills/talents/abilities, and the information gathering and processing abilities we need to complete our tasks in this world. These tasks are not necessarily the jobs that we currently perform, rather they are the admonitions of our soul.

This is confirmed by all that I have experienced to date. The tasks that truly matter are those which stir our soul, those tasks we do because we simply must ... those tasks that captivate our imaginations and employ all that we know ourselves to be and more.
16 - Prior to entering this existence, we were fully aware of exactly what we wanted to learn and to do during this lifetime and we set ourselves up within a play that would permit us to do this, at least that would provide the greatest opportunity for doing so. However, if we came in fully aware, it would have been too easy -- so, we turned off part of our conscious awareness. All along, this world has been a school for the advancement of consciousness. This alone has been the goal of all the illusion that has been created.

There is a deep sense within that this is indeed correct. No, I have no proof that it is so, only an inner knowingness that I have come to trust. From my vantage point, this is indeed the sole goal of the world and the "illusion" that we experience as reality. The advancement of consciousness ... YES, such is the key lesson for this school.
17 - How can I write in this manner? How do I know what I am talking about? From where did this knowledge come? Good questions, all. But, not one can I truly answer in a manner that provides a real answer. The bottom line is, I don't know. I just write, and it comes out as if it were fact.

These questions are still just as valid today as they were when they were written over three years ago. I still just write in exactly the same manner. I have no real explanation of how this process can occur in this manner. As to where the knowledge comes from ... my conclusion now is that the source is the one consciousness that animates us all. No, I have no proof of this. However, at the same time, I have no other explanation that even comes close to providing an answer.
18 - Symbol systems -- that's chiefly what we are; symbol systems that turn the symbols that are input to our senses into a context that has meaning.

Simply stated, but a remarkable observation. For nearly five years, such is the primary reality that has been the focus of my attention, energy, and action.
19 - Oh, to be awake in a world that lies asleep. What an interesting state to be in. At the same time, full of awareness, yet lacking the specific means to use it in a manner beneficial to the spirit from which it springs. I am a man, yet I am so much more as well, and it is this moreness that must find expression. How that will be, I know not; but, that it will be is a certainty of which there is no doubt. When is another question as well. However, the timing is left to spirit. To everything there is a season, and it is spirit that decides what that will be for the kinds of things that we speak of now.

What a trip it is to be able to revisit such states of consciousness. These words, this record, is sufficient to trigger a return to where I have been before. It's as if I had taken a photograph. Only, for me, the words and the vibration pattern they capture are far more meaningful to my particular consciousness than any image would be.

So many words flowed forth in those first two years that my conscious recall is virtually non-existent. But, these words ... they are the incontrovertible record of an incredible journey into awareness.
20 - Life moves on. Day after day the march continues, and with each day destiny moves one step closer as well. All that I can do is prepare for that day of reckoning when each will be judged and called by spirit to do that which they came to do. Unlike many, I have had the privilege of being forewarned of what this will be -- at least to the degree that intuition can be counted on. Perhaps this is because my role begins sooner than most.

Even now, the march continues ... and the destiny appears to be closer and closer at hand. As for the day of reckoning, at this point it seems immanent. Literally, at any moment, this call from spirit may come. NO, that is not correct; the call from spirit has already arrived for me. In a very real way, it came five years ago. Fortunately, I was moved to answer the call and express what spirit would have me express from my Heart and Soul to the best of my abilities.

Looking back, I would not choose to change what I have experienced. I have no regrets. The journey has clearly been the most exciting and engaging adventure in my life to date.

We sit here now - amazed by what has been expressed through this vessel in such a short time. Yes, it has been five years. Yet, from another perspective it has been but a brief extended moment.
21 - Clearly, I haven't lived a normal life, and my abilities are far from average. My sense is that in such matters, no abilities are created except that there be a use for them. Special abilities imply special uses to fill specific purposes. All of my life I have been in training for positions that don't exist in my world. Yet, all of this training has been directly or indirectly guided by spirit. There must be unseen positions out there, be they spiritual or otherwise, that will come into existence soon. How soon, I do not know, this will be spirits choice in accord with the Plan.

Big smile. Indeed, we have been training for such positions. Yet, our very existence here and now is proof that the training has been worthwhile. Our very beingness is defined by the service that we are able to provide. At this point, we are not even aware of those whom we serve ... nor does it matter. We do as we moved to do. We express whom that we are to degree that is possible HERE and NOW. Our needs are few ... a willing vehicle through which to express is all that we ask.

We have no expectations. We ask only that those served by our expression in turn find ways to serve others to balance what they have received. Such is how abundance is manifest in this world. We create it by the services that we willingly provide to all in need of what we offer.

We do what we are moved to do, whenever we are moved by SPIRIT to express. What is expressed by us belongs to SPIRIT, and as such is freely given to all who are moved by what we do.

We have no separate identity of our own.

Interesting ... that statement brought me back suddenly. My state is one of puzzlement. I'm not sure why it struck me in that manner,but it did. How does one exist without separate identity? All my life I have been a Hermit. As such my primary experience has been as a separate identity. Yet, here, I am confronted with the statement that the BEST of what is able to express through me has no such identity awareness.

The curiosity is extreme. There is a deep longing from within, an awareness that such is what I have been in search of throughout my life. In a very real way, I have been trapped within the confines of the identity that is wayne / Wayne / WAYNE. But, this is not my reality. Yes, it is what I have experienced ... but only as whom that I AM.

At this moment, this is no longer sufficient. Yes, I AM whom that I AM. But, this is but a fragment of the greater expression of whom that WE are. I now know this in a manner that I have not realized before.

I AM THAT I AM is a partial truth. It is a necessary step on the path. However, it does not capture the nature of the I AM. It does not define the even greater context in which I exist.

I AM THAT I AM THAT YOU ARE! This is only a partial truth as well. It confirms that the I AM within me, the SPIRIT within me is the same as that within you. However, it does not capture the nature of the whom that we are. Further, it does not address the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS from which all such WE's spring forth.

WE ARE WHOM THAT WE ARE seems to be the next level of awareness. Here, the need arises to see the relationship of the individuals that constitute this WE. The sense of I gives way to the collective WE, and the synergy that arises from the parts combining into a greater whole.


At this point, let's take it one step at a time. Right now, I am at the transition step from ME to WE, from the I AM, to the WE ARE realization. I've had very brief glimpses of this in the past ... but HERE and NOW there is a strong sense of going beyond whom that I AM to experience more.
22 - Reviewing the quotes on the wall in my office, I just made another connection to 528. Looking at the number of letters in two key names Emerson and Thoreau we get:

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry David Thoreau

Wayne Ellis Hartman

All of them have 5 : 5 : 7. Reversing this, we get 7:55 or 528! Coincidence, maybe. But, what an interesting one if it is. It's amazing how often that particular number keeps coming up. Also, it is extremely close to the 7 and 56 that are on the centers of my triangle readings. Wayne => NewWay is a 5 => 6 transition that would move the tick from 7:55 to 7:56. There come the shivers. I'm clearly onto something important. The other transcendentalists did not have this natural transition built into their names. Interesting, indeed. The time just wasn't right in their day for such a transition to manifest. They prepared the way, however, as I prepare the way for those who will follow my example.

I know. It's a bit vain to count myself among such august company. However, it is not clear that I could do what I am here to do if I did not consider such wonderful souls to be my brethren and my peers. And, it is by standing on their shoulders and that of many others, that I am given the vantage point necessary to SEE what I am meant to pass to the world. VISION is clearly the primary element in my mission.

What can I say? These two giants are indeed my brethren. A few weeks ago I met another kindred spirit via e-mail. He doesn't have the same 5:5:7 pattern, but he has a very similar PMEI breakout of his name.

Emerson = 6443, Thoreau = 6434 , Hartman = 6533

I found it curious that these three names are the minimum distance apart from a symbol standpoint for names with the same total number of letters. That is, with the exception of names with exactly the same breakout.

Ralph Waldo Emerson => Henry David Thoreau is [0, 0, -1, +1], only one step away.

Ralph Waldo Emerson => Wayne Ellis Hartman is [0, +1, -1, 0], only one step away.

Henry David Thoreau => Wayne Ellis Hartman is [0, +1, 0, -1], only one step away.

It is appropriate that I would be a TRANSCENDENTALIST. What better name for one who would transcend self to find Self and SELF ... and further, what is beyond all such unitary expressions.

Further, note that the initials RWE and WEH both contain WE embedded within them. Further, it is embedded in the correct order, not hidden in any manner or reversed. The sense from this is that it is embedded in this direct fashion because it is a major part of our physical expression in the world.

Curious that transcendentalist has precisely 17 letters as well. It's PMEI breakout is 6452. This is only one step away from Ralph Waldo Emerson, and two steps away from Henry David Thoreau and Wayne Ellis Hartman.

There is a sense that this reveals a true family connection, a similarity of MISSION. It is as if we came forth from a similar place in the 4-D matrix of SOURCE expressed in flesh.


More of the BEST QUOTES from the best of the Beyond Imagination Notes. This is a continuation of something that was done earlier for the first 10 months of notes. This selection came from February 1995.

These particular quotes were selected by lion on 1 Apr 98. YES, APRIL FOOLS DAY!

This time SPIRIT moved us to be a bit more creative with the formatting for your viewing pleasure.


It's simply amazing that all these synchronicities can be occurring. How is it that others have not had the means to see things in this manner? But, then again, maybe they have.

I can only project other people's experiences
from what I have read of their writings,

and in metaphysics, consciousness
has directed me to the books that I needed to read.

If there are others who think as I do, they and their works are not known to me with the exception of some great quotes from some very great minds.

Why is it that few women have made contribution in this area, especially given that such a great reliance on subconscious and superconscious processes is necessary? Perhaps the problem is that the conscious mind is required as well, but not in a dominant manner as is the custom.
Still flying high and seeing meaning everywhere but the process has become a natural part of my existence, not a disruptive one. It's as if I'm able to notice the miraculous from a very balanced perspective.

I still see SPIRIT operating everywhere,

yet I also sense that I may be ALONE in seeing reality
from this specific PERSPECTIVE.

However, even with the early explorers in this country, they had a common wilderness that existed on it's own terms apart from them. The high country of spirit seems no different. Many have explored it throughout all time, but my sense is that I am the first with my unique set of talents and abilities. Interesting. However, in this case,

I know that I need no supplies

for consciousness herself ABUNDANTLY supplies me with all that I need.
And is this not what I do as well,

fly as far and as fast and as high as my consciousness will take me.

Interesting that this would be the case -- yet so it is. And I would not trade it for the experience of another no matter whom he or she may be. I AM what I AM. I would be that and none other. And I would allow consciousness to do what she will with me, for I am but her faithful servant awaiting to do as she bids, knowing full well that what is in her interest is clearly in my greatest interest as well. However, this doesn't work in reverse.

What is in my PERCEIVED best interest bears NO RELATION to
the interests of consciousness;

and in many cases, if anything,

is CLEARLY AT ODDS with such interests.
I'm on the threshold of another major breakthough again. I can feel it.

It's here in these symbols and in this consciousness paying attention
to what higher consciousness would have me hear at this time.

What can I say. The pure beauty is simply miraculous to behold. It's as if I'm flying to heights that no one has ever been too. Yet, I know I am but one of many. I can't wait for the magic that is to unfold as consciousness is truly able to spread her wings in physical form. The glories that will be manifest will be beyond imagination.
Imagine that! It's as if everywhere that I look there is a conspiracy of spirit -- a benign one, yet a conspiracy none the less. And I, as the 48 card continue in my search for that which is more. I know not what it is, but I know that it guides my heart and intuition, actually my very being. Life would have meaning or it is for not. And, I know firsthand that it is not for naught.

All around us, in every common object,

in every sound, in every word,

lie the SYMBOLS through which consciousness -- some might say God,

makes itself KNOWN DIRECTLY to each of us.

We need no intermediaries. We need only drop our attention from the outer and place it on the inner. Moments here and there are sufficient to start, then follow wherever you're intuition and curiosity take you.

If you would be free, you must first REALIZE that you are in chains,

and then take the appropriate steps to RESTORE your LIBERTY.

In many cases, you bear your chains gladly in exchange for the blessings they bring. Continue to do so with cheer for as long as such brings you joy. However, keep in the back of your mind that there is more to life than this, that there is more to you than this, and stay open to the light that might indeed bring your liberation. For indeed that light will come, and the day will be glorious beyond imagination as millions who thought themselves to be free realize that they were but slaves and choose to abide by that illusion no longer.
In the area of understanding awareness, all that we truly have
is our THEORIES and their UTILITY.

Am I making these connections up. If so, I would argue that our minds are capable of much more than we have ever been told or dared to believe. We are consciousness enfleshed. Further, consciousness, not our conscious minds control the strings in this existence.

I can only relate what I observe to be true of my own experience of reality and of my consciousness,

and NO, the two are not the same -- not the same at all.
Just looked at the clock. It's 9:26, The Hermit God. I'm about ready to freak. I can't remember ever being this excited about anything. I know what I know. It isn't a lot yet, but it's grand indeed.

There is a spiritual world here amidst the illusion,
in fact it is what creates the illusion to begin with.

As in a movie, the trick to getting yourself out is to not pay attention to the illusion that the movie is attempting to create. What we call "reality" is much the same except far grander and in more dimensions. However, the trick is still the same.

Back away and be the observer for awhile,
the more you do so the more you will be able to tell
which is true and which is the illusion.

My sense is that my numbers and Tarot Cards and other oracles have been props as well, useful props that let me access and come to trust inner portions of my Self and consciousness herself. Interesting. There is a freshness and an openness in my mind that has not been there for awhile.

There is also a sense that when my current government work wraps up in April or so, my spiritual work will truly begin.

4/01/98 -- LOL! I guess we'll see soon enough whether this was a premonition in which I got the meaning right, but the year wrong ... in this case, three years wrong.
It is simply amazing how much we do not know. Many act as if they know it all. But, Socrates was right in pronouncing that "I know that I know nothing." Yet to truly know this is a very good thing indeed. We have a similar problem with freedom. I remember a quote to the effect that



My sense is that in this country -- yes,"the home of the brave and the land of the free" -- we've fallen into this trap.

We've allowed the economy, in particular, to enslave us without our knowing it. And further, they didn't have to drag us into bondage, we went running as fast as we could buying as many things as our credit and pocketbooks would allow; even working overtime to get those things those advertisers were pushing at us all the sooner. Consume, consume, consume. Free enterprise operating in a free land. And now, some of us have a lot of fine things and a lot of debt -- just as the country has a lot of debt. Many of us are still just making ends meet, working the same or a little harder each year to maintain the same level of living. The system has us by the balls, in effect, and offers no hope for a way out.

The bottom line is that we have to think in a new way. The economic system is limited by the rules of free enterprise as practiced in this country.

The limit is clearly not resources. We can make more of any product than we can sell, in most cases without building any new plants. Further, the limit is not manpower. Many people would be happy to work extra hours for more money. In addition, unemployment is at 4 - 8%. So, what's the problem?

The BOTTOM LINE is how we DISTRIBUTE goods and services.

For instance, we have large stores full of toys

while we have

millions of poor families
that can't afford to buy them for their kids.

The same with clothes and with food.

At a middle class level, We have millions of families
who need counseling and/or psychological care
yet can't afford to pay for such services

at the SAME TIME that

we have people trained to provide such services
who can't make a living
because they can't find enough clients!

If you think about it, this occurs in nearly EVERY AREA of life.

We've allowed the SYSTEM to keep people from getting the goods and services that they need.

This is WRONG, and it MUST BE CHANGED!
I am THE HERMIT, and I cannot necessarily expect that this will ever change. To some degree, I need to be prepared to accept that I am truly ALONE in the world even though we be ALL ONE.
We at the point of transitioning through a death experience that at the very least requires a spiritual rebirth.

Does science tell us this? NO.
Does religion? NO.
Does government? NO.
Does industry? NO.
Does the media? NO.
Does any element of our society? NO.

Yet, I stand here alone with consciousness as my sole witness saying this indeed will come to pass and with a timing that will take the entire country, and then the world by storm. Spirit has found the vehicles through which it needs to express.

Thoughts change the world,

and it is by thoughts that deeds will arise to allow the
country to be reborn.
Who am I to write in this manner. I am Wayne, a part of the one consciousness who has come to a realization of whom that I AM, at least to the degree that consciousness is willing to reveal to me.

By myself, I do nothing.

. . . It is only by the power of consciousness working through me that these ideas

can see the light of day -- perhaps someday to impact the world.

I live moment to moment, day by day,
trusting that consciousness has a divine plan for my life
and that my chief duty is to come to "know myself"
even as I perform the tasks that constitute my destiny.
Learn to trust the innate wisdom of your spirit.

Don't judge things by past or present appearance.

Realize that all of your experiences were lovingly put there by portions |
of your own self for your own education.
Looked at the time 9:16. I can always tell by that whether I'm on the right track and offering consciousness the vehicle she needs to get through. It's very interesting because I know that many of the transformations and leaps to conclusions are not founded on anything the left brain accepts as reasonable. The fact that we've reached a point where this doesn't matter is extremely interesting to me. It's almost a sign of operating from spirit, being able to speak with a wisdom that is ageless and timeless, that addresses the heart and soul, not the intellect. Those who choose to stubbornly rely on their intellect will have a difficult time in the times ahead.
Operate from intuition, your connection to spirit,
wherever you can.

As with other tasks, the more you do so,
the better the connection will become.