BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


The following is the first Beyond Imagination expression.  For nearly 16 years, I forgot that it even existed until I rediscovered it when I was cleaning out my desk at home.  What a surprise to find that such an expression was the beginning of all of this!


17 February 1992

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all souls are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these include reality creation, free choice, growth, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and that souls are inexorably linked in the web of beingness, each dependent on the welfare of all others.

We further hold these truths to be self-evident: that to gain experience and grow, souls choose to manifest in physical bodies - as spirit in flesh; that these beings are created equal; that they are endowed by their souls with certain unique challenges, abilities, and talents; that they inherit from their souls certain inalienable rights, that among these include life, liberty, choice, and the pursuit of happiness; and that they too are inexorably linked in the web of life on Earth, each dependent on the well-being of all others as well as of the planet itself.

To provide an environment conducive to growth and to preserve these inalienable rights societies are created among beings. These societies are empowered strictly by the consent, cooperation, and active participation of the individual members. Whenever any form of society becomes destructive of these rights, it is the duty and responsibility of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new society that better serve their needs.

We are on the threshold of a new age; an age in which peace reigns supreme, in which consciousness manifests more directly and abundantly, and in which beings are challenged to realize their potentials for maximal growth. This can only be achieved by working in a state of cooperative dependence in which no part of the web is neglected or unbalanced. Realizing this, we actively choose to create the change necessary to bring about a true state of balance both within ourselves and in our world. As the first step, we declare our cooperative dependence on one another and on this wonderful spaceship Earth on which we reside, and we own our responsibility to act in a manner that supports all life while maintaining and expressing our unique individuality.

Further, we recognize that as a minimum all beings on this planet are entitled to adequate food, shelter, health care and education; that the wealth and resources of this planet are more than enough to meet this basic need; and that the most urgent priority is to develop a means to fairly distribute the resources such that all individuals are adequately fed, sheltered, and educated.

The second most urgent priority is to assist the Earth in returning to a healthy state of balance by undoing some of the damage caused over the past few centuries. This requires a commitment of resources, including our brightest engineers and scientists, towards solving many of the problems that have resulted from abusive technology use choices made in the pursuit of progress and economic growth.

In addition, we recognize that there is a mutual contract that binds individuals into a cooperative society. In this contract, the society provides the environment in which each individual is allowed to develop its unique gifts and talents as far and as fast as it is capable, and provides the opportunity to apply and use these abilities in a fulfilling and challenging manner that benefits the society as well as the individual. The environment must actively support the individual in meeting that individual's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. In return, each individual is responsible for applying their unique gifts and talents in a balanced manner that benefits the society.

The basic agreement is expressed best in the maxim:

     To each in accordance with their needs; from each in accordance with their abilities.

For society to function well, each individual must understand their sacred responsibility to maintain the balance by acting in a manner that ensures that their effort and contributions are truly in balance with the support that they receive form society.

The current prevalent economic systems, capitalism and communism fail to provide the critical processes and distinctions necessary to support a cooperative society. Neither system recognizes and uses the unique talents and gifts of individuals, nor does either system provide for the unique needs of all individuals even on the physical level - much less on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. A solely market driven economy lacks the discipline and responsibility necessary to ensure that the total value provide by a service or product exceeds the total cost of that service or product. It is not enough to be able to create a market for a product that allows a profit to be made, especially if the damage to the individual or to the environment is not accounted for. It is also not fair to use advertising in a manner that promotes a product by association rather than by the specific merits and benefit of the product. Balance requires that a level of integrity be applied to all transactions. It is not enough that an individual feels that a product or service was worth the cost. There is a greater accountability that must be achieved.

The major problems of current economic systems are caused by a failure to accept a few basic truths:

-  Technology has reached a point where individual needs for goods and services can be met by active employment of a relatively small fraction of the population.

-  The society must provide a place for all individuals to work to provide a means of exchange for meeting individual needs.

-  For individuals to be happy and productive, they must be allowed to apply their unique gifts and talents toward creative and meaningful work in a manner that also supports the individuals' growth and fulfillment.

-  The collective abilities and talents of the individuals within a society are its greatest resource. Vision and direction are needed to apply this resource in a manner that uplifts and benefits all life. A gift or talent is a terrible thing to waste. It is everyone's responsibility to assist in minimizing this waste. There is always a way in which to use these gifts and talents in some productive and beneficial way.

-  The purpose of an economic system is to provide the means for individuals to exchange energy in a manner that allows them to meet their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth needs, period. The challenge is to do this in a manner that far exceeds meeting the minimal needs of all, yet is not so overwhelming that it imposes undue hardship.

-  For any economic system to work properly, it must include meaningful incentives that not only ensure individuals fulfill their potential and meet their responsibilities but encourage them to stretch and use their talents and abilities to the utmost, both for their own growth as well as for the benefit to the whole.

As a first step in the conscious manifestation of our cooperative dependence we choose to act in a manner that is consistent with these truths; to join together to create societies that recognize and preserve these rights and to establish economic systems that provide a means for a balanced exchange of energies that allows us to meet our growth needs on all levels.

Realistically, this will have to be done incrementally, starting with individuals joining to form small groups to explore various alternatives for achieving these ends; and growing into ideas and processes that can work for the larger society of towns, states, regions, nations, continents, and the entire earth.

This transition will not happen overnight, but it also will not require centuries or even decades. Consciousness will not wait that long to bring about the changes necessary for greatly expanded growth. Each of us chose to incarnate at this time to play a part in the unfolding of a new age. It is time for each of us to look deeply into our hearts, remember what part we chose to play, and to play our parts to the maximum of our abilities. The major changes that we have seen in the past few years are only the beginning of a tidal wave that will take us into the new age. We are riding on that wave, NOW. The wave is just the medium, the energy of movement. It is up to us to choose how we will ride that wave, and where we will allow it to take us. But, the time of choice is here. We must take action now or we will be swept to wherever the wave takes us, and maybe even drown in the process.



Each individual is entitled to an environment that provides the challenges, resources, and opportunities to develop their capabilities as fast and as far as their desire, interest, effort, and abilities can take them. This includes an opportunity for meaningful employment that fosters the creative expression of one's ability and spirit in a playful manner that serves both the individual and the society, and that provides fair compensation that allows the individual to live in a manner that meets that individuals' physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

In return, the individual is responsible for applying their talents with full integrity to the maximum of their ability in a loving manner that benefits both themselves and the society.

This basic principle is captured in the idea:


For this equation to balance properly, both sides must fulfill their part with integrity. Integrity on the individual part includes delivering in accordance with ones' true abilities, and keeping ones' needs in line with spirit.

There is abundance to meet all real NEEDS. There is a subtle yet important difference between desires and needs, however -- needs generally recognize an innate balance in action, desire on the other hand are not necessarily couched from that place of balance.


While we are individuals, we are also part of a larger whole. To achieve the full potential of the larger whole, a Unity of Action is required in which the society functions as an interrelated group with each individual joyfully playing their part -- that the Magic synergy may happen to create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Consider the analogy of your own body. The cells are alive as individuals, yet the whole that is created because each cell lovingly fills a particular function is a magnificent creation that could not be achieved in any other way.

Similarly, the magnificence of a society is generated from the roles that individuals choose to play. Thus far, we have only participated in simple organizations, where the roles were temporary and not organized in a unifying fashion. The patterns exist for much greater structures - not in terms of size, but in term of their capacity to serve as a channel for the energy that flows from All That Is. It is time to start to create structures conforming to these patterns and learn just what can be created.

There is a song that Paul Stookie of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame sings that has words to the effect:

     ... whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name, there is Love, there is Love.

It is time to make such Love manifest in the world much more abundantly. But it takes more than just gathering, it takes gathering with purpose and spiritual intent.


Education is a fact of being. So long as we exist, we must learn and grow. Education is one of the major responsibilities of each individual -- not just as a student, but also as a teacher and role model for others. As Richard Bach states in Illusions:

     You teach best what you most need to learn.

Think about that, and the next time you want to expand your knowledge and understanding in some area, try teaching what you want to learn to someone else.

Master/Apprentice, and Mentor/Protege relationships are encouraged. Consider yourself responsible for ensuring the physical endurance of your knowledge, wisdom, and experience -- not in the form of books or writings, but in living form by passing it on to at least one other human being.

The primary purpose of education lies not in learning some fact, skill, process, behavior, or body of knowledge. Education's purpose lies solely in teaching beings how to learn. This includes not only mental processes, but also physical, emotional, and spiritual processes.

Life is a school, with each day bringing new adventures, challenges, and wonders to experience


The purpose of government is to provide guidance, focus, and direction for the community while maintaining the Peace and preserving individual freedoms and rights.


I have a dream,

- where each individual is provided with a loving environment that allows that individual to recognize and develop its' unique spark of light;

- where individuals are accepted for who they are and are allow and encouraged to express themselves fully;

- where a person is judged for whom they truly are and not by appearances;

- where integrity and honesty are valued and commonplace, and the wisdom of the Heart is heard and followed;

- where Peace reigns supreme and conflict is channeled properly into resolution;

- where Magic is omnipresent, and the wonder of Life is acknowledged for the special gift that it really is;

- where an openness pervades the land that rewards free expression and discovery;

- where spirituality is an essential part of day-to-day living;

- where decision are based on the true merits of the various alternatives;

- where each individual has the opportunity to find purposeful and creative work that provides challenge, excitement, and fulfillment;

- where ideas are exchanged freely and openly, among all who are interested;

- where vision is encouraged and rewarded, and its' dreams are used to guide human endeavors;

- and where people work in balanced cooperative dependence to create and manifest a true "kingdom of heaven" on Earth.

We have the power to manifest this dream, NOW. It is only a matter of choice. My choice is to actively engage my whole being to this end, to take full responsibility for my destiny, and to use my resources and abilities to create the reality I prefer. My hope is that you too will make this choice for yourself, so that we can jointly co-create a new world order that lives up to the promises of the New Age.