For over 20 years, Beyond Imagination has been a solitary endeavor.  Yes, we have attempted to share all that has come forth.  Though, it is not clear that we were successful,  Now, it is time to change that.   Such is what we desire now.  We would create a community, a society, in which we live by a social contract:


The initial price of membership is a tithe of time = 4 hours per week applied in service to others outside of one's immediate family.  If 4 hours of time is a hardship, the equivalent dollar value of whatever time cannot be provided can be substituted.

Our intent is to develop many "projects" to which you can contribute.  Projects may involve creating works, services, or products.  We believe that we can do far more collaboratively than we can do alone.  If this interests you, do submit an application for membership.  Honoring the terms of membership is your own responsibility,   You are welcome to submit your own ideas for projects as well whether these are things that you personally want to be involved with or not,


Actually, as we found out a couple of years ago, this was the second Beyond Imagination expression, not the first.  That came over one year earlier on 17 February 1992. It was the Declaration of Cooperative Dependence.

I ask that the Universe send to me the conditions that allow me to engage my energies more abundantly, joyfully, and fruitfully for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned. And further, to send these conditions to me as quickly as possible for this good. All That Is, I offer my gifts, talents, abilities, and energies to do thy bidding -- in fulfillment of the tasks that we brought this presence forth into the world to accomplish. The time for doing this great work is here, and yet, I know that your timing is the right timing. All will be done in its right season and "There is a proper time for every season under Heaven."


It would be nice to have a spiritual retreat, a place where people of open mind can come to refresh and re-create their spiritual selves. This would be a sacred space -- a center for teaching and learning and doing. For it is essential that the spirit be given practical means by which to more fully manifest itself, here and now, on Earth.

The center should have much open space, a garden, a library, meeting rooms, and activity rooms. Those who come should be encouraged to share of whom that they are -- to teach what they know -- as part of the "price" of admission. There should also be tools and resources available for the building of other special structures of various geometric shapes throughout the compound. The shapes of these structures will provide alignment to particular higher vibrations -- that any who so desire may experience.

The center will include a core group of individuals that permanently occupy and care for the space. This does not restrict their freedom to travel, rather, the center provides the home base. A second group will come to the center on sabbatical, as resident members/teachers/facilitators, for a period of several months to one year. Finally, others will come for training/vacation/ recreation -- for a period from several days to several months. This group will include special souls who come (invited or self-directed) to share of whom that they are through teaching or providing their services to others.

The center will serve as a prototype for community in the 21st century -- providing a participatory laboratory for the development and testing of the principles, skills, and technologies required for peaceful, abundant, creative, cooperative living.

Metaphysics must be lived and demonstrated daily for its ideas to have real effect. The castles that have been built in the clouds must be brought down and rooted to the Earth. Dreams must be made manifest that a new world can arise that is truly "beyond imagination".


It is important that all aspects of individual needs be addressed: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Practical techniques must be demonstrated for manifesting reality sufficient to address all of these needs. The structure for teaching should be very open -- one on one, one on many, many on one, or whatever is necessary for the process to unfold. Further, the tools for allowing people to more fully understand their own natures should be an integral part of the community. This includes regular feedback / guidance from practitioners of various physical, psychic, psychological, and spiritual disciplines. Also, holistic health care should be available to all within the community. This includes both western and eastern medical practices, as well as a variety of alternative approaches. The bottom line is to use what works, and to realize that what works may be very different from one individual to the next.


Peace, balance, and harmony are key to the correct functioning of the community. They are sacred elements required for the creation of sanctuary. Awareness, allowance, acceptance and tolerance are also important.

Note added on 4/27/2013:  If you are aware of such a place already in existence. please let us know.  We don't have to repeat what others have already done unless it provides added services in some way.  Also, at the very least, we need to review the lessons learned and incorporate them in whatever we are moved to create.


Note how my spirit soars when engaged in this activity. My excitement and enthusiasm knows no bounds. This is what all my training has been for. This is why I came into this existence. Further, this activity is the most sacred gift that I can give unto the world and unto All That Is. Fully engaged, I can bring forth all my talents, skills, and energies to uplift the world and make it a better place for individuals to manifest spirit. This is my fair exchange for the gift of abundance that the universe so yearns to bestow on all of its children - including myself. To do less is to limit the natural flow that is possible. To knowingly do less is criminal. Tis better to express the full I Am - ness that I Am. For in doing this, I am making my life the true masterpiece it was meant to be. It is up to me to decide and channel my energies into those activities most attuned to my soul. In doing so, I fulfill my chosen destiny.


Do that which you love! Such is the directive of spirit. No fine print. No exceptions. And, do it now -- and always. Once you are given the knowingness, you cannot fall back into ignorance. Thy destiny must be manifest. For, the fate of the world is intertwined with the destiny of each individual. Each of you has the power to change your world, -- to enhance it in ways that go beyond your wildest imaginings. What you do and how you do it makes all the difference. You are that powerful, for ye are of God -- gods in flesh, the creators of your reality, the masters of your fate! Be happy and create well!

As you can see, we had a very auspicious start to the Beyond Imagination endeavor.  How could my spirit do anything but soar experiencing such as this coming forth?  And, soar it did ... far higher than I had ever experienced before.  It has been a wonderful journey over the past two decades ... truly breathtaking.  We have encountered the unknown more times that we care to count.  But, spirit has never given us anything that we were not prepared to handle.  Though, we have experienced many challenges along the way. many of these quite substantial.  Even at that, we would not trade any of it for anything.


This is easy.  The first step is to make a commitment to tithe some combination of hours or equivalent dollars that comes to an average of 4 hours per week = 208 hours per year.   For the hours that you tithe, we expect you to provide them in service to others outside of your immediate family in some way.  How you do this is up to you.  We encourage you to join with other members of our community on various spiritual / metaphysical projects, however.  We believe in that manner, your tithe can be applied far more effectively and efficiently resulting in much greater services overall.  We ask that you make the initial commitment for ONE YEAR.  After that, you can choose again based on what you have experienced and whether you assess that it is worth it.

The next step is to provide the following information:

NAME:  (pseudonym or nickname is acceptable)





        Of these, which do you most enjoy using



        How do you think
        To what degree do you tap your intuition





        What else would you like our members to know about you

Remember, SERVICE is everything.  It is how SPIRIT expresses through us to do her works in the world.  It is only through us that she can ACT.  Also, through service we come to know who we truly are.

Mail your application for membership to:

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BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT