BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


BISPIRIT stands for Beyond Imagination Spirit.  It seems appropriate since from the very first expression in 1992, we knew that all of this was the result of spirit expressing through us.  Until recently, this was a solitary endeavor.  But, we have decided that such is no longer enough.  The time has come to evolve Beyond Imagination into a community endeavor.  Whether that is a community of 13, hundreds, or even more ... we do not know.  Though, we long to demonstrate what can be done when a group of people commit to spiritual / metaphysical pursuits.  You can see what Wayne has been able to do alone.  Our sense is that such is just the tip of the iceburg.  We can envision doing so much more.  We ask, NOW, for the conditions that will allow that to happen.  

FIRST, we need people to join our BISPIRIT endeavor and commit to a tithe of their time.  That gives us a pool of resources for creating works, products, and services that can benefit other, spirit, or the world in some way.  Then it is a matter of organizing these resources to get the greatest results.  This includes giving people the tools and resources necessary to accomplish great things.  

SECOND, we need information services that allow our members to both access and make available spiritual / metaphysical information that can help both our BISPIRIT community and others.

THIRD, we need to free up time for particular individuals so that they can engage full time in their BISPIRIT duties.  That means providing sufficient income to allow them to meet their financial needs.

Personally, I seek financial freedom.  I define that to be a little more than the company that I work for is paid per year for my services. That comes to $400,000 for 1920 hours.  I would increase this to $500,000 per year.  However, I expect to work a minimum of 50 hours per week plus a tithe of 5 hours.  I do not desire to trade my present "master" for a new one.  I seek circumstances that would provide me with the freedom to engage in whatever manner spirit moves me.  To make this transition, I ask for a contract that covers 5 years.  After that, we can assess where we are at and determine what is in the best interest of serving spirit.  I would be happy to provide a monthly report on activities, state of BISPIRIT development, works, products, and services provided.

I suspect that a core group of others will seek such conditions as well.  Though, it is up to them to come forth and express the working conditions that they wish to manifest.

If you are interesting in freeing members of our core group to be able to work in such a way or know of individuals or foundations that might be interested, please contact:
We are very optimistic about what lies ahead.  Life has once again become the adventure that it is meant to be.  There is so much that we want to do.  Though, we are curious to see how our plans will change when others become involved.  Yet, at the same time, we know that we are ONE.  There is ONE SPIRIT that animates us all.  NOW, we desire that some of the individual parts of that ONE start to realize that they are truly ONE and act from that realization.  Our belief is that when this finally happens, the fireworks will go off and we will be able to allow SPIRIT to express creatively in ways that she has not been able to express before.

Please join us in this endeavor.  Your unique viewpoint matters.  You being who you truly are makes a difference.  Our HOPE is that the BISPIRIT community will encourage and provide you with tools that help you to awaken to who you truly are, and then provide a fertile environment in which to express who you have become.