BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


Beyond Imagination originated in February of 1992, when the first written communications started flowing forth from spirit through Wayne.  This continued through 18 September 2012.  In the course of that time, over 9 million words have come forth.  You'll find these in a variety of written works at other pages on this site.  Hopefully, by walking in our mindsteps, you will come to  know more of whom you are and you will awaken to the spirit within you.  In our case, written expression is the primary form of works that spirit does through us.  Though, any form of creative expression will work.  Feel free to explore our works.  Find what moves you ... find what has utility for you.  Ultimately, utility is all that matters.  Does what is expressed serve you and enable you to serve others better?  If it does, we have done out job well.  If not, put it aside until such time as it might be more of assistance to you and to others in your life.

In any event, welcome to Wayne's World, the World of Beyond Imagination.  I think that you will find it unlike anything that you have encountered before.  If my journey is any indication, you are in for some exciting and adventurous times ahead. 

ENJOY!  Be Happy and Create Well!


1992:  Declaration of Cooperative Dependence
1993:  Beyond Mind, Beyond Imagination Book, Reality Creation 1010
1994-1996:  Beyond Imagination Notes, Search for Center
1997-2003:  Musings of a Spiritual Warrior
2003:  Nine Beyond Imagination Books Self-Published
2004-2011:  Musings of a Spiritual Warrior
2011:  Reality and Reality Creation, Precious Gems
2012:  Final Year of Musings of a Spiritual Warrior
2013:  Creation of BISPIRIT, Beginning of Community Endeavor


Here are some ideas for how you might apply your tithe of time to produce derivative works that can serve others.  It can be as easy as selecting and formatting passages.  Though, it seems that the greatest value comes when you add your own perspective to the works.  Actually, that doesn't mean that you have to write if you don't want to.  Just the selection and ordering of passages that you find meaningful is in and of itself a highly creative act.

1.  Select quotes of passages from the many that we have identified, organize them in a way that expresses your perspective, and add commentary or explanation to reflect this.  This could also be done as a team endeavor with multiple perspectives expressed.

2.  Special topic works.  Choose a particular topic that interests you.  Select relevant passages similar to what we did for On Consciousness, On Spirit, and On Soul.  For those, we selected passages in chronological order.  Another option is to categorize the passages, rearrange them, and add additional text as needed to make the work flow smoothly.  We did this for the Reality and Reality Creation work.

3.  Develop your own work and incorporate whatever parts of the the Beyond Imagination expression would help to allow it to be of greater utility.  We believe that works that present spiritual / metaphysical principles and truths from a variety of perspectives will ultimately be superior to those that don't.

4.  Take any of our works or portions of our works and add explanations of what they mean from your perspective, or even from a variety of perspectives.

5.  Generate Questions & Answers works where you specify the questions and find answers from passages in the Beyond Imagination expression.  You could also add your perspective on some or all of the answers as well.

6.  Provide detailed feedback and assessment of any of the Beyond Imagination works.  That feedback can be whatever spirit moves for you to provide.

7.  Generate an overall assessment of the consistency and evolution of the Beyond Imagination expression over the period from 1992 through 2012.  What themes were repeated?  What new things evolved and unfolded over time.  Is there an overall flow and organization to the expression?  If so, what is it?  

8.  Assess how the Beyond Imagination expression came forth as a stream of consciousness.  What allowed this to happen?  What does this say about the nature of reality?  This could also be compared and contrasted with other metaphysical material that came forth over the past few decades.  

9.  Generate an Introduction to the Beyond Imagination expression.  Address each work in chronological order.  Select excerpts from each work that characterize that work.  If you want, add some commentary of your own to provide added insight from your perspective or better yet from multiple perspectives.

If you are interested in doing any of this, please contact: