BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT

Beyond Mind

We have a story to tell, a story of a spiritual awakening that happened from March 1993 to October 1993 ... though, there have been many subsequent awakenings since then, some mild but others quite severe.  Anyway, what we experienced in 1993 was essentially a series of beliefquakes that rocked and shattered most of the foundations of what we thought that we knew about ourself and the world.  During the process. we found that our mind, our mental functioning, which we had relied on for our entire life could not be trusted.  We found ourself doing things and interpreting things in ways that simply did not make sense.  Many times we questioned our very sanity.  Though, we found that is a good thing.  It seems that so long as we have the presence of consciousness that allows us to do this questioning, then we are indeed sane.  However, you may not agree with this if you choose to read Beyond Mind.  Indeed, you may assess us to be quite insane some of the time.  Though, we have found that there is nothing wrong with being "out of your mind".  Indeed, it can be quite helpful.  It provides the opportunity to access and develop your intuition.  We have found this to be our direct inner connection to spirit ... to the ONE spirit that animates us all.
Hopefully, the experience that we documented will help you to put some of your own experiences in perspective.  Even better, we hope that walking in our mindsteps will trigger your own awakening experiences.  Personally, we found that two decades of spiritual / metaphysical studies, primarily by reading did not really prepare us for what we experienced then and since then.  Yet, at the same time spirit and the Self can be trusted.  We do not attract anything into our reality that is beyond our capacity to deal with.  Though, as we are experiencing it, this does not necessarily seem to be the case.
For me, the primary experience was one of soaring in consciousness.  It was something that I had read about to some degree, but never experienced.  It seemed that until 1993, I lived primarily in my head.  Yet, my last name is Hart-man, which sounds like Heart-man.  The vibration is the same.  You'll see throughout the Beyond Imagination expression that numbers and vibration are the building blocks through which everything is manifest.  Further, everything is spirit in expression.
We need to explain a little about the process of "musing".  For us, it is a matter of bringing forth a stream of consciousness.  Given that we have brought forth over 9 million words in the past 20 years, we have a lot of experience with this.  The only editing that we do is simple spellchecking.  We have no sense of originating any of this.  We type or speak whatever comes into our mind.  Indeed, we are doing this at this very moment.  Our focus is intense and immediate ... on the next word or at most few words that need to be typed.  Because of this, we don't really know what came forth until we go back and read it.  Though, it is interesting.  At the moment, we are experiencing a more broadened focus than we have been used to.  Since this expression began, we have attributed it to "source", our connection within to SPIRIT.  Though, while we have used these terms, it is not clear that we really knew what they meant. 
One of the most fascinating things that we find about this expression is that its meaning changes as we grow in awareness and evolve spiritually.  That feature has been true of many of the spiritual / metaphysical books that we have found the most interesting.  We also find it fascinating that the expression is so rich in quotable passages ... though, we are curious to see if you agree with that assessment.  See the Quotes section for some examples of this.
On 1 October 1993, we went through a highly meaningful ritual of resigning our will to Thy Will.  Two decades later, we still remember that as if it were yesterday.  That was followed by a 10 day stay in a mental hospital where we were diagnosed as bipolar.  Unfortunately, the medical profession simply does not have a framework for dealing with spiritual awakenings.  Further, no one else that I have met in any of my several stays in the hospital was experiencing anything close to what I was experiencing.  In my case, the soaring in consciousness had reached a point where it was extremely difficult to function "normally" in society.  My focus was on spiritual things that the vast majority of people do not seem to notice.  In comparison, work was unbearably slow and boring.  I have found that boredom is something that we need to avoid at all costs.  The easiest way to do that is to find something to be passionate about.
I created my Beyond Imagination website in the summer of 1995 and added a lot to it over the years.  However, for the most part, it was a solitary endeavor despite my attempts to involve others.  That is not what I expected.  Indeed, early in the Beyond Mind expression, I spoke of finding my spiritual family.  At this point, I have found one "spiritual sister" and that only happened four years ago.
If you are interested, do read Beyond Mind.  We are interested in any feedback that you might provide.  Honest feedback is extremely important.  You would probably be surprised at how little feedback we have received over the years despite hundreds of thousands of hits collectively to our site.  Without feedback, complex systems operate open loop.  Though, perhaps that is not a bad thing.  Effectively, it allowed all that we have brought forth to come forth as it did.
We find it curious that while we consider ourself to be a hermit and live a very solitary life ... we have been moved to post so much of our expression to the WWW where it is available to anyone in the world.  Such is the benefit of the information age.  We can participate and yet still remain anonymous to the degree that we choose.  Our BISPIRIT endeavor is our latest attempt to break out of this pattern and create a society of which we would choose to be a member.  Hopefully, what you find here will encourage you to choose to do the same.
Be Happy and Create Well!