BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


9 Aug 17

Another day.  Once more we come here to express.  WHY!  We come here because it provides a blank slate that will capture whatever SPIRIT would express through us.  No, we don't come here to communicate with others.  That would assume that there are others who read what is expressed here.  From the limited feedback that we get, that is too much to assume.  Though, we know that we are not alone in experiencing this expression.  In a world that is ALL ONE, there is no space in which to be ALONE.  Such simply cannot be.  That does not mean that we do not perceive it to be such.  But, what we perceive and what is real are not the same things, not the same things at all.  The moment that we believe that they are, in that moment we limit ourselves needlessly.  So, where do we go from here?  It seems that we are entrenching ourself in our current reality for what could be a while.  Indeed, for what could be the next 5-6 years.  On the one hand, that seems so difficult to accept.  Yet, I know that SPIRIT guides me to exactly where I need to be to do what is mine to do.  I would not shirk this responsibility.  But, it is a responsibility to SPIRIT, to ALL THAT IS, not to any specific person or group of beings, not even to the collective.  The sense is that my call to serve comes from higher than that.  Further, it is not a call that I can deny.  I must do what I must do.

8 Aug 17

Just noticed that this is an 888 day, at least as presented immediately above.  In particular, an HHQ day.  Higher HeadQuarters comes to mind.  This is the only day of that particular format.  888(16) = 2184, the final four of my SSN.  It seems that there is something significant about that.  Though, at the moment I know not what that is.  That does not bother me.  When I need to know something, SPIRIT herself finds a way to present it to me in my life.  Indeed, that is something that I know firsthand that I can count on.  This awareness has served me well since 1974, and particularly well since 1993.  Can it really be 2017 already.  I still fondly remember those times in 1974, when I encountered Plato, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, Transcendental Meditation, and Jane Roberts channeling Seth.  Yes, all that and so much more in a single year.  I never was the same again.  Can that really have been 43 years ago?  Now, I am 59.  Literally in my 60th year in this existence.  Then, I was in my 16th year,  That is very close to a 4:1 ratio.  Yet, I am as much of a hermit as ever.  It seems that persona is deeply engrained.  So deeply that it is an essential part of who I am.  Yes, I mean that.  Such is the only reality that I have known in this existence.  Further, I sense that such has been the case for me for many existences.  I remember writing of being a member of an order that was here to observe how SPIRIT is flowing and to do what we can to remove any blockages that we find.  I have encountered nothing that leads me to believe that such is not the case.  I have chosen to live a life of SPIRIT.  I have chosen to serve as a vehicle through which SPIRIT expresses.  Given that the vast majority of this expression is written, that would make me a scribe.  SCR I BE.  SCR = 19318.  A I CAH.  318 has been a characteristic number for me my entire life.  2 x 159.  That is 25 from 2184.  25 is 2:Love/Wisdom 5:Concrete Manifestation.  Those are my top two rays.  They are also why I am here. 19 + 31 + 8 = 58, the year I was born, and my age last year.

​Continuing.  That is not something that we do often.  It used to be different.  There was a  time when we mused an average of 3-4 hours per day for months in a row.  Indeed, our record was over a year of consecutive days of musing.  Now, it seems that we don't have as much to say.  Or, SPIRIT does not have as much to say through us.  Why that is, we simply do not know.  We continue to do what we are moved to do.  As always, we know not what that will be prior to doing it.  We are constantly amazed by how our life unfolds.  For us, that is enough.  It matters not whether others are aware of this or not.  Ultimately, that does not change anything.  More and more, we come to the realization that we cannot change the world.  We can only change ourself and how we respond.  And, it is not clear that there is much choice in he latter at all.  About the only choice that we see is the degree we include time in the process.  React or respond.  It seems that is the ultimate choice ... perhaps the ONLY choice.  The difference is that the first is instinctual in the moment while the latter is considered, if only for seconds.  Though, we have to wonder which is the preferred way.  Does SPIRIT operate through us via instinct or response?  Actually, that is not a valid question.  It is all SPIRIT in expression.  Literally, there is nothing else.  There simply cannot be.

7 Aug 17

​I did drive back to Redondo Beach yesterday.   It took 13.5 hours.  That was 2.5 hours than the trip up.  Needless to say, I was not in any condition to muse after that.  Indeed, it was 10PM by the time that I arrived.   I did encounter a surprise when I arrived.  My Facebook account worked once again after being blocked for over a week.  Though, it seems that only one person noticed one of the posts that I made today.  What can I say?  I keep trying.  I never know how the universe will respond.  Besides, in reality that is ONE, there is no separation.  The action and the response are not separated in time.  Yes, it appears that they are.  But., appearances can be deceiving.  Time is an intimate part of our reality.  It is necessary for us to be able to experience reality as we do.  But, it is not the only way that reality can be experienced.  Indeed, it is but one way of many ways.  A quote from Jesus comes to mind: "In my fathers house, there are many mansions; I go to prepare a place for you."  What an interesting concept.  But, it is not clear that we need a master to prepare such a place for us.  The master that we need lies not outside of us but WITHIN.  Further, it is not something that we have to strive to become.  Rather, it is something that we simply need to allow to come forth.  It is a matter of BEING what we ALREADY ARE.  This is easy to say.  However, it is not so easy to do.  That is not to say that the effort is not worthwhile.  Indeed, it may be the most important thing that we can do.  Here, it is not a matter of what we can do for our self.  Rather, it is a matter of what we can do for SPIRIT, for ALL THAT IS.  The more that we are able to accomplish, the lighter the load becomes for everyone else.  We are in this together.  This has always been the case.  The more that we see of the whole enmeshed in our personal reality, the sooner we unravel more of the mystery.  This is the game that we are playing.  Play well!  Also, have FUN!   Games are meant to be FUN!

4 Aug 17

​Another visit home to Grants Pass is soon to come to an end.  In two days, I need to drive back to Redondo Beach once again for work.  Until I figure out how to earn my livelihood from near where I live, such will continue to be the case.  Oh well, it is what it is.  I am fortunate to have a job that pays as well as it does ... a job that I enjoy for the most part.  It seems that I am moving further and further from this goal however.  I now live over 700 miles from where I work.  Even by plane counting airport time, that is 4 hours each way and $250 round trip.  Though, that almost beats the commute time of 3.5 hours in traffic between Redondo Beach and Palm Springs each weekend. So, it seems that we pick our commute poison.  However, I have to believe that there is a better way,  It seems that working on my own might be a better course,  But, I don't know how to transform what I love most to do into a service that individuals would be willing to pay for,   Indeed, the whole concept of "business" does nit feel right to me.  It is not a matter of being busy and getting others to pay to enable you to do so,  But, how is it that we are compensated for anything?  In many jobs, we are compensated for our time.  We are paid to go to our place of employment for roughly 40 hours per week and hopefully engage our talents and abilities productively in areas that are of interest to the company or to the customer that hires the companies services.  We have been in our present job nearly 21 years,  That is three times longer than anywhere that we have ever worked before,  Further, until we moved in Jan 17, 19 years living in Cathedral City was a record as well far exceeding the 7 years that we lived in Monterey.

​Why does any of this matter?  Even more important, is it going to change anytime soon?  Retirement still seems to be 6-7 years away.  That is 2024-2025.  That may be when it is time to depart this plane of existence as well.  Maybe my estimate will change as the date comes closer,  But, that is 22:88 = 23:00(88).  Given that my dad was born in 22:00 and I was born in 22:22, this makes for a very interesting completion and transformation year.  At this point, all that we can do is observe how things unfold.  They always seem to do so in a way that surprises us,  That is good.  It is the surprises that keep life interesting.  The alternative might be boredom, something that we try to avoid like the plague.

​At the moment, besides our feet being troublesome, our biggest health issue is the chronic pain where the back of our neck joins our right shoulder.  This has been going on for over two months,  We have not been able to figure out what it means or determine what we can do about it.  However, it has reached a point we it heavily disrupts our sleep.  Lying down and even more so getting out of bed are very painful ... not quite intolerable, but close,

3 Aug 17
Hmm ... Somehow, we missed another day.  Oh well, that happens from time to time.  If we had a sizeable audience for our musings, it might make a difference.  It seems strange that we continue to do this alone.  That is, if you can call engaged fully with SPIRIT herself "alone".  That seems so remote from our actual experience.  But, the bottom line Is that a very small fraction of our time is spent interacting with others ... and an even smaller portion in any of our metaphysical pursuits,  Why that is still the case after 23 years, we do not know.  We had such different expectations when this endeavor began.  We can still remember our strong desire to meet kindred spirits,  But, these have been few and far between.  Also, they have been short-lived.  We don't know why.  We only know that such has been our experience.  We don't question this anymore.  If we are meant to know why, such will be brought to our attention.  It is not a matter of seeking it out.  Such is not the way on my particular path.  But, I am the first to admit that what is right for me is not necessarily right for others,  In that regard, each of us must find what works for us,  That doesn't mean that sharing is not required,  Indeed, the process of sharing can make our collective paths that much better,

1 Aug 17

Another day, another month already.  My, the year is passing by so fast.  Well, we did not get very far this morning.  That is OK, there is still half a day left regardless of whether you count clock time or waking time.  We'll just have to see how far that takes us.  We have mixed feeling regarding what we would do from this point forward.  We have made huge lifestyle changes in the past six months.  But, we still work in the same place despite moving to a new town in a new state that is over 700 miles from where we work.  That is a new record for us.  We went from 90 miles for 5 years to 123 miles for 20 years to 700 miles now.  Those are one-way distances.  Yes, that seems to be trending in the wrong direction.  But, it is what it is.  I observe it.  It is not for me to judge it, or even to like or dislike it for that matter.  The phrase that comes to mind is to follow your path and enjoy the journey.  Yes, the journey is everything.  We know that, but how does it change anything?  In particular, how does it change my experience and reality?  Surely, it must.  Further, it must do so in a positive way.

​There still seems to be something missing.  There is so much that I know and have expressed that I believe would be of utility to others.  How is it that I am to transfer this knowledge and the associate awareness to those whose live I am meant to touch?  Yes, that is one of my objectives at the moment.  At the same time, I allow my life to unfold as it will.  I know of no other way to live.  But, there must be a way to completion, to finding what is missing and incorporating it,