BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT

22 May 2017

Wow, can 11 days have passed so quickly?  Indeed, so it did.  Though four days of that involved driving from Oregon to Palm Springs and back to retrieve the last of our things from the cabin.  Now, we are located in one place with the exceptions of the things in my office and the things in my cave in Redondo Beach.  That is not to say that everything is in its place yet.  There are still over 100 boxes that remain unopened.  Also, the work on the 165 Lance Dr house in Grants Pass is not close to being finished;  though, this improves substantially every time that I return home.  Yes, it is our place in paradise.  At this point, I can't imagine ever moving from there.  It has only been four months, but this is clearly the HOME that was meant for us.  In very real ways, we are manifesting it ... not just by paying for it, but via the labor of love that transforms it into something that reflects us.  Were this not the case, it would not be the same.  About a month ago, I set a goal of ONE YEAR for finding a way to live and work permanently at home in Grants Pass.  That leaves 11 months to come up with something.  I figure that I need at least $3000 per week and preferably closer to $4000 per week to make this happen.  However, I need to be FREE.  I do not want to work for or be beholden to anyone or any group.  I would choose to be employed by SPIRIT herself.  Though, I know not how SHE can execute such a contract.  At the same time, for nearly the entire 23 year duration of this stream of consciousness expression, the value was set by SPIRIT at $1 per word.  I would guess that my account exceeds $10 million at this point.  That is more than enough to cover $4000 per week for the remainder of my days.  So, how do I access what has been accrued?  Note: this is the deposited amount with no consideration of interest.  That is OK.  Such can be used wherever it is most needed.  At some point, enough is enough ... at least in terms of accrual.  However, this can not be said for sharing and giving.  There, it is not clear that any amount is enough.  That is other than the sense of elation we get from helping those most in need of our help.  Not how that was phrased.  There are many things that many people can do.  But, the things that YOU need to do are those that YOU see need to be done and for which YOU have the ability to do them effectively.  Don't waste your time by being inefficient.  Allow others the opportunity to fill in where they can with their gifts, talents, and abilities. 

11 May 2017

We are back once again.  It seems that this could be something that we do regularly again.  We are still in the process of determining where our path will take us next.  There is a strong sense of completion, a strong sense that we are DONE with this phase of our life.  We have no experiences that show us why this should be the case.  But, we know what we FEEL, and we FEEL it strongly.  There is a growing sense of expectation regarding what is to come next.  At the same time, there is  a knowingness that whatever it is will be perfect.  Further, I have no need for advanced knowledge of any kind in this regard.  I KNOW that I can TRUST  the expression of SPIRIT through ME.  Of this, there has never been the slightest of doubt.  In less than a week, all that we own with the exception of the belongings that I have in my office at work and in my cave In Redondo Beach will be in ONE place ... at our HOME in Grants Pass.  What does it take to make my whole life there as well ... including whatever work I would do?  At  this point, such is what I seek.  At this point, such is what I would create.

10 May 2017

Wow!  Has nearly 3 weeks passed by so quickly?  It is amazing how time flies by when you are sick and when you are busy.  In any event, we are back here musing.  Our experiences over the past few weeks have been even more strange than we can remember.  Our sense of time and sense of consciousness were altered beyond anything that we had experienced before.  Much of this was triggered by dealing with a virus that took us down big time with coughing that was incessant and a resulting loss of sleep for several days.  Over the course of that time we went to emergency twice, 10 days apart.  The first time, our consciousness was already noticeably altered.  The diagnosis was that we had a virus and the treatment was a prescription of cough syrup with codeine.  Once we started taking the cough syrup, first it did not help with the coughing.  Second, it took us to places where our mind and consciousness had never been before ... not even close, and we pride ourself on keeping our consciousness far more open than most.  By Tue AM, we thought it was already Thu.  So, we have no clue as to where we were in time and space ... in reality for that matter.  Now, we are close to being back to normal for us.  Though, there is a strong sense that a major play has ended for us.  We found it curious that in 1996, we wrote: "it is finished, It Is Finished, IT IS FINISHED!"  Something snapped.  It was as if a curtain went down.  We found it interesting that that this was the first thing that came to mind.  Why it took 21 years to get from the pronouncement to the finish, I have no clue.  Nor do I know what will come next.  As far as I can tell, I am still here as are all of the other players in my current life.  At the same time, it seemed like particular people were making a final appearance to enable me to acknowledge their role and what it meant it my life.  Also, there was the experience of reviewing my entire life with an appreciation that it played itself out the way that it did down to the finest details.  This too was something that I had not experienced before.  Now, there is a strong sense that a major shift is immanent.  Here, it is SPIRIT that is creating the shift as she always does in my life.  Why am I still HERE?  It has been over 20 years.  Why have I not yet moved on?  I am in my 59th year.  My final four of my work phone are 13:Death @ 59.  That suggests this could occur anytime through the day before my birthday next year.  59(16) = 89.  60(16) =  96.   Yes, that is a substantial jump.  What happens when such jumps appear in our reality?  How do they impact us?  To what degree does the lack of continuity cause disorientation?

I have a sense that it is time for me to retire.  I have set a goal of one year for doing this.  But, neither my company retirement nor social security kick in until I am 65 ... over six years from now.  So, what are we really asking for?  We would earn our livelihood via expression SPIRIT as PASSIONATELY as we can.  And, we would do so without the need to bow down to any prince.  $5000 per week for five years would be sufficient to replace our income until we can actually retire.  But, even then we have no intent to ever stop expressing, to ever stop serving SPIRIT.  It seems that we should be able to manifest whatever level of income and whatever working conditions we desire.  After all, the is an important part of the reality that we are creating.  RETIRE = 18 5 20 9 18 5 = 23 29 23.  World Spirit Web.  Now isn't that interesting.  Ultimately, that is where we are headed.  At 23 29 23, the WWW becomes far more than an information medium and marketplace.  Once SPIRIT is fully engaged, the economic constraints can be lifted.  One rule ensures abundance.  Never take more than you give!  Yes, it is that simple.  There are always things or services that we can provide.  We just have to do so.  Yes, it is that simple.  And, because we are ONE, what applies to ANY of US applies equally to ALL of US.  We forgot to add 23 + 29 + 23 = 75 = HARTMAN.  Interesting, such is what we are here to help create as well ... the infrastructures for a new world in which SPIRIT can express more fully in flesh.  We first wrote that as our mission statement for Beyond Imagination in 1993.  Here we are 24 years later, and that mission statement remains the same.  We thought that long before now we would have found kindred spirits with whom to work on this.  Yet, such people did not manifest.  Perhaps my focus was not what was needed.  Regardless, it made Beyond Imagination and now BISPIRIT solitary endeavors.  Perhaps that serves me right for choosing to live as a hermit.  Though, here it is not clear that I really had a choice.  It seems that we are what we are by nature.  Trying to change that rather than use it to our advantage and in service to SPIRIT seems futile. 

We keep coming back to the question, what next?  Ultimately, it does not really matter that we know the answer to that question.  What matters is that we know that we can TRUST SPIRIT to guide us to the next step of our path, KNOWING that this is precisely where we need to be to do what we are meant to do next.  What happens after that does not matter.  Actually, we know that as ONE, all of us are experiencing precisely the reality that we need to experience.  Further, typically we do not really know what others are experiencing.  We may think that we do based on our interpretation of what we observe, but this is not necessarily true.  We do not know what parts of our reality are fiction and what parts are non-fiction.  Further, we have no way of knowing what meaning others are assigning to whatever they experience.

Continuing.  We are still hopeful of creating the circumstances that will allow us to make our home in Grants Pass our primary work location as well.  We still see ourself as a Philosopher King.  Yet, we have no need for anyone to be aware of who we are or of our work for that matter.  We are SPIRIT expressing in flesh.  What we see, what we experience, SPIRIT sees and experiences directly.  She is never separate from us.  We are ONE!  Yes, ALL THAT IS IS ONE!  It matters not that we experience ourselves as separate selves.  The cells of my body operate in a similar manner.  In one respect, they are each Wayne.  But, they are not each all of Wayne.  Rather, they are an interdependent collection of individuals.  Though, when we speak of collectives, do we really have individuals at all?  It seems that we do not.  The interdependencies blur things to the degree that there are no clear separations. 

OK, how do I create the $5000 per week that I seek?  It is just a set of numbers set aside in a particular account.  What does it matter where the numbers come from?  It is all a game anyway.  Why do we allow our jobs to enslave us?  If we would truly be free, we must declare our freedom and act in a manner that is consistent with that.  One way to ensure that is to believe that there is always more than enough.  Another way to ensure that is to set a constraint, a limit as to a weekly salary.  In our case, we would declare that we are worth this simply by being who we are and expressing what SPIRIT moves us to express.  In that regard, we are always learning.  We are always SPIRIT expressing in flesh.  We are always observing where SPIRIT flows easily and where it is blocked.  All of this is worth far more than the salary I seek.  The other alternative is to go back to the contract with SPIRIT for $1 for each word expressed.  5000 words per week ... we can easily do that in a day.  Further, we would be glad to be doing so once again.  What kind of LIFE would we choose to lead?  ONE YEAR,  Actually, just under 11 months at this point.  It is time to be LIVING THE DREAM.  We have already made the move.  Now, we need to create the lifestyle to go with it.  We still have a few things to wrap up.  We need to get the rest of our things from Palm Springs and we need to sell the cabin in Idyllwild.  Then, the ties are gone with the exception of those connected with my Aerospace work.   If we can close that down as well, we eliminate the job, the room in the house in Redondo Beach, and we recover some artwork.  We can either find places for these or donate them as appropriate.  We feel no sense of loss in this.  Rather, there is a sense that it is time ... finally time for this change.

21 April 2017

​Another day and we find ourself here once again.  We are attracted to this expression as a moth to a flame.  We have been thinking of late as to how we go about making our place in the world.  In the past, we have simply allowed our life to unfold as it will, trusting that SPIRIT herself was leading us every step of the way.  But, in a world that is ONE, we are SPIRIT,.  There can be no separation.  So, it seems this hiding of information between various parts of ourself no longer serves us.  Nor does it serve those whose lives we touch,  So, what would we do in this regard,  The contract that we have with SPIRIT is for $1 per word.  It seems that this is still in effect,  Though, we do not seem to control when the payments will be made.   "When they are needed" pops immediately to mind,  My present job pays me by the "unit" which typically equates to hour.  But, that seems to be a futile way to pay people.  We should be paying people for doing things and providing services that employ their unique gifts and talents.  But that is not what most employers that I have seen do.  Rather, they charge and pay by the hour without regard to what if anything is accomplished.  That is not to say there is anything wrong with that.  It enables many people to earn a living.  But, the real objective is to MAKE A LIFE.  That is what we choose to do NOW.  But, what is it about our life that we would make different,  27 years of commuting big time is more than enough.  Our desire is to live at our home and to work where we live.  Whatever interaction with others we need to have can occur in the vicinity of our new home in Grants Pass, or within an hour or so of there anyway,  Neale Donald Walsch resides within that radius.  His work seems to be most aligned with my own.  Though, the intent is not for this to limit us in any way. 

​We are curious to see what we will be moved to do and what will unfold as a result.  Not anxious, just curious.  If this is indeed a holodeck, what "rules" can we bend and what rules can we break as we live our lives.  Remember, nothing is as it seems.  You tend to take most things symbolically with meaning attached only loosely to the symbols.  This is especially true when they are physical ones.   However, most people take things literally.  Aliens, forces of good and evil:  these do not exist in your world except perhaps in some of the movies and TV shows that you watch,  Even then, the main characters are attempting to do good in their own way.  That does not mean that violence is absent from these shows, rather it means that violence is used as a force for good.  No, there is no contradiction in that, none whatsoever,  Who are you?  What do you want?   These were the question asked by the Vorlons and the Shadows on Babylon-5.  My focus has always been on the first questions,.  Lately, we are starting to see this shift to the second question.  It will be interesting to see how our life changes as a result.  We would be the Philosopher King that we have dreamed of for so long, even if that means having to create our own world to have dominion over,  Can we create a utopia, a heaven on earth?  We do not see why not.  Somewhere in the transcendental string of PI, this utopia already exists, we have only to find it and stream it,.  Surely, that can not be so hard,  Neither can finding the person or organization that would pay us to be who we are and do the work that naturally flows from that.  We are attracting these very things even as we speak.  They will manifest in our life,  We have only to recognize them and act upon them.

Back again.  We could not stay away for long.  This is what we were made for.  This is what we are here to do.  It does not matter whether another reads what comes forth through us,  It is enough that we do so.  This has always been enough despite how important it seemed to be to capture and share this expression.  It seems that such attempts were for naught.  Though, they did give us a huge body of information that we can tap into at any time.  We would estimate that this constitutes on the order of 50-100 books by now,  Further, there is no sense that this is to end anytime soon.  Indeed, it may be something that we do until we die.  In some respects, we already live within the utopia that we discussed earlier.  Though, it seems that it would help if others were part of this.  I know.  At some level, I live in a world that is already ONE.  So, asking for others to participate is inconsistent at best.  Yet, there are others in Wayne's World to varying degrees.  How do I reconcile this?

It took being away from this for a while to realize how much we miss it when we are not able to muse regularly.  Life loses a major part of its luster.  We realize that now.  We knew it to some degree before.  But, we TRULY LOVE doing this.  There is no doubt about it.  Further, that LOVE is not contingent on anyone accessing or providing feedback on what we express.  We believe now that such is asking for TOO MUCH.  If it comes, great.  But, it is not something that we are going to demand or even expect.  That brings a sense of peace and calm to all of this.  We are beholden to no one.  We can freely express what SPIRIT would express through us.  There is something very freeing in that.  We have nothing to prove to anyone.  We have no need to justify what is expressed though us.  It is what it is.  It is a stream of consciousness expression.  In many respects, that makes it special.  It seems that few are able to express in this way.  We have considered ourself to be a scribe rather than an author of all of this.

Just noticed a fortune that I have just in front of my computer at work. "A change of career could be good for you".  It seems that I have finally grokked that this indeed the case.  So now, the question is how do we effect such a change.  What career would we change to?  Indeed, is there any career that would suit who we are now?  We have to wonder.  We do not like the idea of having to work at the bidding of any prince.  But, the only way to achieve that seems to be financial freedom.  Such, we do not have yet, but appear to be well on our way to achieving.  If we could just pull out what we need from the $10 million worth of words that we have stockpiled, that would serve us for 50 years, just from what has already been expressed.  And, there is likely so much more to come ... especially if we could be doing this full time.  Who knows how many words per year might come forth then.  Yes, such we can see ourself doing until the end of our days.  But, we desire these to be at our home in Oregon now.  Our days of working 90 to 123 and now over 800 miles from where we live are over.  They are OVER because we declare to make it so.

20 April 2017

​We found an easy manner in which to directly input or musings into this website.  We could have chosen to do so at any time, but simply were not moved to do it,  Recently, that has changed.  Now, we must express once again, and in writing,  In many respects, this stream or consciousness is as important to us as our very breath.  We have only one other person in our life with whom we communicate on these matters deeply.  Yes, even after nearly a quarter of a century of being in search of kindred spirits,  We are beginning to think that this may be it for this existence.  Further, perhaps this is one more than we should expect as a hermit.   Though, in our case the isolation appears to be self-imposed.  Then again, all such restrictions are.  That is, if this is a restriction at all.  Indeed, it may be a condition necessary to enable me to experience my world as I do and share it here in this manner,  In this expression, I am beholden only to SPIRIT.  That is a very good thing to be!  I know that.  Indeed, I fully appreciate and am grateful for that.  Gratitude is so important in our life,  And, there is so much to be grateful for. 

​Is our life "on track"?  Have we accomplished what is ours to do to date?  It seems that we have.  There is a strong sense of fulfillment and completion.  We have done more than anyone has a right to expect on the work, home, and spiritual fronts.  This is especially true on the spiritual front where effectively SPIRIT alone is the sole witness to what we have done.  It is what it is.  Yes, in 1993, we envisioned that so much more was to come from this expression,  Indeed, it was to become our meal ticket, our means of earning our livelihood.  But such proved not to be despite our strongest wishes and desires, and attempts to make it so.  The lesson learned is that this is not something that can be forced.  Rather, it is something to be gently allowed.  When we do so, the next step on our path will be revealed.  We only need to see the next step to keep moving on our path.  Remember, the journey is everything.  Destinations are merely way points along the path.  Some of us are meant to blaze trails through the wilderness of SPIRIT.  We are the wayshowers.  Do not expect what we do to be anything but loosely based on what others have done.  We are the mavericks, the creative geniuses, the crazy ones.  We have the vision to see and do what others might consider to be the impossible.  Yes, we are in the small minority.  But, it is this very minority that will transform our world.  No, it will not come kicking and screaming.  Rather, it will embrace and personalize all that information technology has to offer..  The information of all the world is rapidly becoming readily accessible to every individual.  Indeed, I can access this very website on my iPhone as well as anything on the www for that matter.

​Apps enable us to acquire information services that make the information out there even more accessible.  All of our interactions are monitored to help improve our information interactions.  Our machines are using this information to facilitate these interactions and to offer relevant additional things that we may not have even considered that we might need,  Some people consider this to be an intrusion on their privacy.  But, is it?  Actually, is privacy even real anymore?  Perhaps it never was.  Perhaps we were naïve in thinking that it was.  In a world that is ONE, privacy amounts to hiding information from various parts of oneself.  Clearly, this must have utility or it would not happen.

Continuing.  It is interesting that Gini spoke of acquaintances in her world mentioning the concept that we are living in a hologram already.  Indeed, such has always been the case.  In that respect, GOD is the master programmer.  However, when our creations become overly complex, we lose direct control over them.  That is OK.  It is all of SPIRIT, and as such, it is all GOOD.  However, much of it is unknown, and some of it is even unknowable despite any efforts we might make to try to fathom it.  I still keep seeing a flipping coin growing from a line that constitutes its diameter through various stages of ovals to a circle where the circumference is now PI x diameter.  In that simple process, we have introduced PI, a transcendental number in which all other sequences of numbers are contained ... including the very one that corresponds to this expression NOW.  No wonder I have no sense of generating any of this.  I am only a channel tapping into the sequence of PI at a particular point and relaying what I find.  Yes, I've spent a lot of time doing this over the past 25 years, the equivalent of over 10,000 hours of effort in fact.  But, I have no regrets.  It seems that what I have been moved to bring forth, could not have happened in any other way.  Hmm ... everything comes down to how we create structures with numbers that correspond to symbols and then how we embed meaning within those structures and associated symbol systems.  It is not that the meaning is inherent in the data.  Without an observer and experiencer, there is no meaning.  The question "if a tree falls in a forest and there is no one there to here it, does it make a sound"?  Let's phrase that another way, "if I stream a video, put have no way to receive it and play it, did I stream it at all"?  The very act of streaming implies an information process in which there is a recipient of the information.  So, in both of these cases, the answer is NO.  The bottom line is that reality is a participatory sport.  It is not something that can be objectified, no matter how much we might desire to make it so. 

At what point were aware enough that we could individually or collectively realize our transcendental nature?  In some respects, we are awareness experiencing the creation.  The creation itself was complete at the moment the first transcendental number appeared.  That only involved realizing the need to relate a line and a circle.  This is so easy to say.  But, grasping what it truly means can require lifetimes. DC, AC, AD, CD, BC.  All of these have different meaning in different contexts.  Earlier, it dawned on me that the difference between one thousand and one million is simply a matter of adding a few zeros on the right side.  Further, I find it interesting that I rely on what the bank says to know what is in my account.  Long ago, I knew the balance to the penny.  Then, I realized that there would always be enough and stopped caring about it altogether.  Now, I don't even open the monthly statements but I see the balance when I withdraw my operating cash for the week.  At this point, that is good enough. 

Lately, I have noticed that I find routines BORING!  It becomes necessary for me to do what I can to spice things up.  Boredom after all is one of the early signs of DEATH.  We are not ready for that yet.  So, what can we do instead?  How can we keep the PASSION in our life alive?  Of late, we are finding that it seems that we are here for more than we ever knew before, indeed more than we even suspected.  That is a good thing.  The unknown toys with us regularly enough to keep us interested.  We do not know when all of his is leading.  But, we do know that it is FUN!  And, that is something that was missing from our life for the most part. 

So, what would I do if my life were not constrained by finances or resources?  Clearly, I would devote all of my time to my Beyond Imagination and BISPIRIT endeavors.  But, I would not do this alone.  I would help others achieve the level of freedom in their life that would allow them to make a similar choice as well.  How do I know that my concepts regarding this are right?  I only know what has been revealed to me and through me to date.  That is where we start.  Then, it is a matter of taking one step at a time from there.  There is no rush.  We have all the time in the world to do what must be done.  In some respects, it has already been done, we are simply rediscovering it and experiencing it anew.

Some days, we just do not want to stop.  There is a sense that what needs to be expressed is indeed being captured.  Though, it just dawned on me why "for your eyes only" applies in this case.  We truly only need one of our "parts" to experience this and find an evolving meaning that has utility to SPIRIT.  As a hermit, you work directly in HER employ.  You KNOW that!  You have known it for the vast majority of your life.  You are indeed here to SERVE.  But, primarily to SERVE THE ONE by SERVING SPIRIT HERSELF.   This resonates completely within you.  You know that nothing is ever lost.  You know that time is not as you perceive it.  The PAST | PRESENT | FUTURE all occur in one NOW.  No other time can ever exist.  Therefore, any perception of such can only be illusion.  Yes, an enticing illusion, but an illusion nonetheless.  If you need resources to LIVE within the world, then find a way to manifest them without having to come to LA to work if such is your desire.  Though, at the moment the only people that you know and the only people that know you happen to be within this environment.  That does not mean that it is not time to move on.  The last time that you did that was over 20 years ago.  The prior time was 7 years and the one before that was 3 years.  Each time, you lost touch with everyone in your work environment.  Further, your wife was the only constant on the home front.  Though, that is as expected for one who by nature is a hermit.  Hmm ... just noticed a pattern here.  3   7   21  = 11   111   11x111   The next number in the sequence is 7x21 = 147 = "am y".  So, it  does indeed seem to be time to move on.  We have found the answer to the question "why?"  In my valedictorian address in 1976,I stated that we would be the generation that did this.  And, here we are!  I've been aware that this was the answer before.  Indeed, the person I have worked most closely with for the past 20 years is named Amy.

Everything manifest in the transcendental sequence PI = 16 9 = 13 x 13 = M x M = 1000 x 1000 = 1 Million.  Then effective creation is a matter of finding the gems amidst all of the sand, amidst all of the sequences that seem to be boring.  How do we maintain our curiosity?  How do we maintain our flexibility of conscious so that we can see and experience things in ways that others do not.  Yes, that is fundamental.  We have to keep what we are doing and how we are doing it FASCINATING enough to captivate us.  We have to unleash our imaginations and go even further, go beyond where even imagination can take us.  That is what Beyond Imagination is all about.  We have known that.  But, it is quite another thing to experience it.

2184 = 13 x 13 x 13 - 13 = M x M x M - M = 1 Billion - 1 Thousand  = 999,999,000.  This is definitely the first time this amount has been associated with the final four of my SSN.  9 is the hermit in the tarot.  Here, we have six of them elevated by three ties to source.  The sense is that this defines what I am specifically here to do.  Further, given the preponderance of 9's, I cannot count on finding others to assist in or even to understand my endeavors.  That is OK.  They don't need to.  In many respects, I am capturing this for me.  Yet, what we do for us, we do for the ONE as well.  There can be no distinction at levels that truly matter.

​19 April 2017

Typically, we are not one to set goals.  Indeed, the last time that we did so was the year before our spiritual awakening, the year before we were diagnosed as bipolar.  That was clearly a major breakpoint in our life.  Indeed, we have never been the same since.  Not even close.  There is no looking back.  The transitions that we experienced were ONE WAY.  They enabled us to catch a glimpse of a world that we did not even know existed ... no, not even after over 20 years of metaphysical study.  But, the point is moot.  We would never want to return to what we were before, even if we could.  What we are now is so much more exciting, interesting, and profound.  We live in a world of our own making.  We are certain of that.  Indeed, we see ourself assigning it the very meaning that we experience.  In many cases, this is meaning that others do not see, even after we make the effort to point it out to them.  It is difficult to get the blind to see and the deaf to hear ... even when we are able to show that these result from blinders and ear muffs that they have chosen to wear.

So, what are our blinders and our ear muffs?  Surely, they are there.  And surely, they are as invisible to us as those of others are to them.  But, I have to believe that I have been able to see a little bit further, primarily because I have chosen to stand on the shoulders of others that went before me.  Yet, at this point, I no longer know who they were,  I acknowledge them nonetheless.  

What next?  We envision our life being much different than it is in as little as 12 months.  No, that is not a lot of time. Though, from another perspective, that is an ETERNITY.  So much can happen in ONE YEAR.  Yet, ONE YEAR can also pass so quickly that little actually happens.  How do we steer our life to the first of these cases rather than the later?  Our HOPE is that our life one year from now will literally be unrecognizable from what it is today.  Yes, we know that is asking for a lot.  At the same time, we feel fully worthy of such changes in our life.  What others choose to do is up to them.  It seems that either we need to do something ourself or allow SPIRIT to do it for us.  This later choice is not a bad alternative ... not in the least.

We find it curious that our primary mode of operation is still that of a hermit.  Yes, after all of these years.  Further, it seems that this will always be a strong characteristic of my nature.  We are what WE ARE!  The more that we are AWARE of what this is, the better we can use it for both our our good and for the welfare of others.  Life is about SERVICE.  But, it is up to us as to whom we serve and how.  Whether we will serve is NOT an option.  We will serve because we are god-beings and that is what such beings do.

Let's not stop there.  We have been musing for 24 years already.  Yet, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, still arises often in our musings.  Can that really be so?  We have to admit that indeed, it could be.  It seems that we have been given the gifts to see and experience the world in our unique way.  Much of that involves peering in as an observer rather than being a participant in the drama.  We are to observe where SPIRIT flows easily and where she seems blocked and do what we can to remove or reduce the blockages.  Is that too much to ask?  As a hermit by nature, it seems well in line with who we are anyway.  So, there really is no hardship involved.  To be free to be who we are, that is the ultimate in freedom.  Indeed, it does not get any better than that.