BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT


Best Quotes from 2003 Musings

Wayne Hartman

The following is an indexed set of best quotes selected from the 2003 Musings in this book.  It is organized by day in the same manner that the musings were presented.  It constitutes what I consider to be the gems from this expression.  It is not necessarily meant to be read in any order.  Allow the numbers that come up in your life trigger you to read particular quotes.  The universe has a way of pointing us to the material that we need to see when we need to see it, if only we allow her to do so.  Also, if it moves you, feel free to open the book to any page and start reading from anywhere on the page.  When you do this, the universe will ensure that the passages you find have relevance to your life at this time.  At least, that is how it works for me … even though I generated all of this.


1 January 2003

1 - Everything is consciousness in expression ... and consciousness experiencing what is being expressed. 

2 - Were we aware of our true nature, the atrocities that are committed by us against us, would cease in a heartbeat. 

3 - It doesn't take the whole world to change the whole world.  All that is necessary is a critical mass, a subset that is sufficient to plant the seeds and generate the foundation. 

4 - Right and truth are relative terms in this existence.  It is important that we remember that our way is a way and not the only way. 

5 - Through cooperation, we are building the organs, the organizations, that constitute the body for spiritual expression on the planet. 

2 January 2003

6 - We see what we need to see, when we need to see it.  We experience what we need to experience, when we need to experience it. 

7 - If we aren't changing the spiritual beliefs, we aren't tackling our problems at their core. 

8 - What we experience will be in accord with what we believe.

9 - Beliefs are powerful ... some of the most powerful things that we have in our arsenal. 

10 - It is amazing what we can do when we willingly cooperate and go with the flow.

3 January 2003

11 - Many are engaged in the dance of consciousness.  But, few record that dance and make it available for others to experience.

12 - For life to have value, ultimately it must be shared. 

13 - The only place that we have any power is in the moment ... right here and right now. 

14 - Change what we believe, and we change what we experience.  When we do this en masse, we change the world. 

5 January 2003

15 - There is a role that I am playing, there is a play of consciousness that is unfolding in my life. 

16 - Where the abilities are great ... so are the expectations of their usage.

6 January 2003

17 - Ye shall know them by their works is a powerful truth.  It is by the works that we do, that we impact the world. 

18 - I would live a life of meaning, of purpose ... a life that makes a difference to many. 

19 - Constraints only exist to the degree that we believe in them.  There is always a way over them, through them, or around them.  Though we may have to be patient and creative to find these ways.

7 January 2003

20 - It is by our example that the mold is set through which events in the world are shaped.

21 - Here, I see things revealed that I did not know that I knew.  Each paragraph is a new revelation as well as a spontaneous creation.  Here, more than anywhere else, I can live in the moment ... awaiting each letter, each word, each thought. 

22 - Independence is an illusion in this world.  There are interdependencies everywhere we look.  We are all richly interconnected in the web that is LIFE.

23 - Complex systems need feedback to keep them within proper operating constraints

24 - What is the overall state of health of humanity?  My sense is that it is dying rapidly ... and in need of something to heal it and bring it back into balance.  That something is a set of spiritual beliefs that truly serve us ... all of us.

8 January 2003

25 - We need to allow some room for the unknown, for the mysterious ... to enter into our lives.

26 - Spirit has much more in store for us than we can imagine, if only we will allow her to impact our lives as only she can.

27 - Whatever we experience is right for us ... it is a way, not the way.  It helps to remember that.

28 - There are as many paths to spirit as there are people.  Each of us must ultimately find the path that is right for us. 

9 January 2003

29 - This expression, this stream of consciousness, is my connection to the eternal within me.  It is where I tap into a source that is far more than I know myself to be. 

30 - I've found it is always good to leave spirit sufficient room to express as she will in my life.

31 - The most important thing that I can share is whom that I AM ... and in the process of sharing, hopefully show others more of whom that they are as well. 

32 - Be all that you can be is a strong spiritual directive for all of us.  It doesn't matter what that is.

10 January 2003

33 - It is not the world as it is that is important, rather it is the world as we are in the process of creating it to be.  That is, a new world order in a new age. 

34 - We get results wherever we apply our resources ... and especially the minds of the best and the brightest among us.  We can engage such minds on the next generation of weapons of mass destruction, or on how to create an abundant and peaceful society.  It is our choice. 

35 - It is within our power to create ourselves and our world anew, in whatever manner we choose for it to be.  Yes, we are that powerful.  Further, the time is right for doing this ... now as at no other time in history.

11 January 2003

36 - Exploring where others have been may yield some new information, but exploring the unknown, exploring where none or no more than few have ventured is a whole other thing.  This is what excites my soul.  This is what gives my life meaning.  Further, it does so even if consciousness herself is the only witness to my discoveries.

37 - Gifts are meant to be used.  The greater the gifts, the greater the tasks for which they are to be used.

38 - It pays to believe strongly whatever we believe, yet be open to more powerful ideas should they come are way. 

39 - It seems the time has come to make consciousness technology more available to the masses.  Actually, the first step might involve using consciousness technology to wake up substantial portions of the population so that they in turn can help wake up others that the whole world might awaken.

40 - We speak of building the foundations for a new world.  That involves building an infrastructure that supports each and every individual on the planet to be the best that they can be.  That means educational, social, political, economic, and spiritual systems that work to support this. 

41 - The infrastructure must support meeting the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of everyone.  At present, it does not come close.  Where there is hunger and starvation, the system is failing.  Where there is poverty and suffering, the system is failing.  Where there is war or violence, the system is failing.  Where there is ignorance and intolerance, the system is failing. 

12 January 2003

42 - I am the instrument ... spirit is the musician.  She is ultimately the source of the music that we play.  Yes, it is necessary that I do my part.  Without the instrument there would be no music.  However, without the musician, the instrument is useless.

43 - Consciousness is everything.  Awareness is the most powerful thing that we can possess because it is what allows us to create the reality that we are experience.  Awareness is thus the stuff of the Gods. 

44 - The right use of will is to choose to serve spirit and manifest things in her timing not ours.  Thy will, not mine, be done.  Actually, it is more than this ... my will is for thy will to be done. 

45 - Through our example we can impact others, who in turn can impact others, etc ... until the whole world is touched.  How we live makes that much difference. 

46 - The world will be a better place when we do are part by being the best that we can be. 

13 January 2003

47 - We are meant to give of whom that we are in service to our world in some way ... preferably in some effective way.  In return, we are entitled to all that we need and more.  That is the social contract.  No, it has not been publicly declared yet.  But, that does not preclude us from acting as if it is already in effect. 

14 January 2003

48 - It is when we do spirits bidding that we are being the best that we can be. 

49 - Spirit employs the best that is in us.  She knows how to elicit our best.  She guides us, she encourages us, she leads us, she moves us ... to the degree that we allow her to. 

15 January 2003

50 - Where one consciousness has been others may follow if there is a map, a record of sufficient fidelity.

51 - There is not you and spirit.  There is only you as the expression of spirit.  Only part of this expression is in flesh.  However, that is the part that counts.  We have incarnated specifically to allow spirit to manifest and experience reality.

16 January 2003

52 - There are many ways of striking out into the unknown.  Paths to some degree are the trodden directions, though some are far more trodden than others.  It takes a rare soul to venture into the unknown on their own. 

53 - The many are possessed of the mentality of the herd.  Blending in, and doing things as others do, are important to them. 

54 - I would be the consummate individual, yet much that I do is in service to things greater than myself ... in particular to society, to the world, and to spirit herself.

55 - I express by writing.  And, I write whatever I am moved to write.  What is it that does this moving?  The only answer I can give is the spirit within me.  She is the source from which all of this springs.

56 - I've know myself to be an ancient being for some time.  There is a knowingness, a wisdom, a common sense that I possess that is far beyond my years in this existence.  Some of the things that I know, as revealed in these writings are not things that I learned in this lifetime.  They had to come from somewhere else ... in particular, other places and other times.

17 January 2003

57 - Behind the scenes, consciousness communicates to consciousness through consciousness. 

58 - Destiny will ensure that those whose lives need to touch one another will indeed do so. 

59 - This may be our greatest choice as sentient beings ... the ability to choose what anything that we experience means on whatever scale we choose to apply that meaning.

60 - Our personal world reflects back to us whom that we are in the eyes of the world.  This may or may not be consistent with whom that we believe ourselves to be.  It is important to notice and note the differences ... for it is here that we have the power to do something.

61 - Our choices literally shape the reality we experience.  They carve out a place in the scheme of things to provide a context for our existence. 

62 - One sign that we need to know something is the questions that we are moved to ask.  When questions are formulated and expressed, it seems that they attract the very answers to address them.  Indeed, ask and it shall be answered.  It is that simple.

18 January 2003

63 - I must live a life of meaning.  There is no other option.  I would live a life that makes a difference to society and to the world. 

64 - While physical laws are beyond our control, social and economic laws are ours to create. 

65 - Spirit seeks greater and greater varieties of experience.

66 - Our forefathers set us up as a Novus Ordo Seclorum, a New Order of the Ages.  They knew that they were setting in motion something great, something that would be the shining example of liberty in the world.  They knew that this was spiritual work that they were doing ... it was far more than establishing a government.  They were part of a spiritual brotherhood, and they firmly believed that there was an unseen deity guiding their hands through all of this. 

67 - The most interesting parts of our life are in those areas where we have choice ... the very realm of beliefs.  Here we have true freedom.  We can believe whatsoever we will.


19 January 2003

68 - Each of us has a spiritual destiny.  But, we only achieve it if we accept it and allow it to happen.

69 - It takes being all that we are to manifest our destiny.  And, we are far more than we think ourselves to be, even those of us who already think in grandiose terms.

70 - That is the key ... to do as we are moved by spirit to do.  That means that we must have a connection to spirit within.  That also means that we must have the discipline to abide by what it tells us. 

71 - When we expend effort to know thyself, one of the fringe benefits is that we find the source within us. 

72 - There is nothing else except spirit in expression in this world.  Everything is spirit.  No exceptions.

73 - If we truly wish for our world to be peaceful, then we must live peacefully.  It is that simple.  When enough of us do that, the world will have no choice except to do as we do ... for, we are the world.

74 - If we want the world to be more cooperative, then we must be more cooperative.  Everything starts with what we believe and ultimately what we do. 

75 - No matter how grandiose our thoughts of who we are and what we can do, these pale in comparison to our true nature and reality.  We truly are grand beings and we are here to do grand things. 

76 - We have a purpose, a reason for incarnating into this very existence.  While we may have established some challenges to overcome ... we stacked the deck so that we would succeed in accomplishing our mission. 

77 - It is important that we find ways to give of whom that we are in service to something greater than ourselves.  This is how we abide by the spiritual economic law to never take more than we give.

78 - Competition by its very nature produces winners and losers.  It is not a WIN/WIN enterprise.

20 January 2003

79 - What I experience impacts me, it changes me.  And, when I change, my world changes as well to be consistent with whatever I have become.

80 - We are ever in a process of becoming more and more of whom that we truly are. 

81 - There is always something more to become, some new level of awareness to be reached. 

82 - Amazing things happen when we start taking responsibility for the world in which we live.

83 - It is through our actions that we manifest things in our world.  But, these must be in line with a belief system that serves us.

84 - Awareness is one of the most, if not the most important things in the world. 

85 - When we are aware, we experience firsthand our unity with consciousness ... at least with the part of consciousness that manifests through us and as us. 

86 - What we are and what we do are not separate things.  They are united such that one cannot exist without the other.

21 January 2003

87 - Along with abilities comes the responsibility to use those abilities to serve others in some way.  The greater the abilities, the greater the level of service required.  Yes, required.  Spiritual law demands that we use the gifts that we are given.

88 - Cooperation is the way of the future.  Competition has its place, but it needs to be limited to where it is truly of value.  Cooperation is always WIN/WIN, provided it is sincere.  Competition is nearly always WIN/LOSE. 

89 - All that I can do is share the path that I have followed in hopes that it may have some benefit to you as well. 

90 - Whether you choose to venture down that path, and the degree you choose to do so are your choice and should be based on the utility you experience in your life. 

91 - There are as many paths to spirit as there are individuals ... perhaps even more. 

92 - Cooperate and graduate.  It seems that we are at a critical juncture point in the growth of our world.  Either we learn to cooperate and work together to create a better world, or we fail and we suffer the consequences of our actions and inactions. 

93 - Our major problems are spiritual problems.  They can only be resolved with spiritual solutions.

94 - That was the only way to find awareness, to find consciousness … I had to go beyond anything my mind as I knew it could do.

22 January 2003

95 - We are all spirit manifesting in flesh.  Further, we are all souls that spring forth from the same ONE spirit, ONE consciousness.

96 - Consciousness is a form that spirit takes, a set of clothes that she wears. 

97 - Awareness relates to how much of the cosmic we have integrated into our lives. 

98 - We are here to evolve and grow into what we are capable of becoming.  This exceeds any concepts that we may have, no matter how grand they may be.

99 - I feel that a tithe of my time is the minimal investment in the spiritual side of life. 

100 - Spirit has given me many gifts, and she has been an instrumental guide for me all of my life.  I am clearly in her debt.  So much so, that at times it seems that there is nothing I can do to fully repay her for all that she has done.  The closest that I can come is to live a spiritual life, to allow spirit to express through me as she will, to do what I am moved to do, and to be all that I can be by serving others to my utmost capacity.

101 - Spirit is ever in the process of finding needs and filling them. 

102 - It is through community that we accomplish things far greater than we can accomplish with the sum of our individual efforts.  Here is where the power of synergy gets applied ... allowing spirit additional avenues for expression not only through us as individuals, but through us as a collective.  This is as the difference between the individual brain cells and the mind that occupies the brain.

103 - For each exceptional individual, there are many average ones.  Though, there is a sense that we are all exceptional in some way and one of our goals should be to establish the social infrastructure necessary to elicit and nurture the exceptional abilities of each of us.

23 January 2003

104 - Unless we are quiet, our own chatter drowns out any chance of receiving anything from source. 

105 - We live our lives on several levels, and it seems that there are things that we came to learn and to do on each level.

106 - We are all grand beings.  We truly are.  Yet, clearly a large majority do not believe thus.  That doesn't change the fact one iota.

107 - It is time more people realized how precious they are, how fragile, and yet how powerful. 

108 - I can't imagine living life without making a difference, without serving society in a big way.  That would be my definition of failure ... to go through life and not be able to make a statement, to make a difference because of my presence. 

109 - My home is a state of consciousness.  It has no location. 

110 - It is only in consciousness that we can find permanence, and even then it is an everchanging permanence. 

111 - We need to consider the impact to the collective when we make decisions.  The greatest good comes when we do this.  The greatest good will not always maximize the benefit to us personally.  But, we need to learn what is enough for us, and how to balance this against the needs of others.

112 - I am not building a house that requires a blueprint.  However, I am creating a path, and documenting or making a map of that path.  Ultimately this will allow others to follow ... to reach where I have been and venture out further, wherever there own inner guidance takes them. 

24 January 2003

113 - As the creator of this expression, it is my obligation to feed it, to care for it, to nurture it, to facilitate its growth ... and to assist in getting it into the mind and hearts of those meant to hear it.

114 - This is the testament of my life.  This is my spiritual manifesto.  Here, I share whom that I am as freely as I can.  It is my desire that this serve as an example of the degree and depth of sharing that I would like to see happen in the world ... in my world anyway.

115 - We are all different, with extremes being very different.  That is OK.  Variety is good.  Differences are good.  We just need to find ways to make beneficial use of the differences. 

116 - In society, it seems we suffer by trying too hard to put round pegs in square holes.  It would be far better to assess the shape of each person and then try to place them in the right place within society.  That place would be one where their unique gifts and skills are of the most benefit to society ... or at least are of value to society. 

117 - There are many types of intelligence, few of which are measured by IQ tests.  That doesn't mean that such tests are not valid, just that they are meaningful only to the people who possess the types of intelligence that they test.

118 - We can do whatever we choose to do.  It is a matter of applying our best and brightest and employing the necessary resources to do it.  We tend to do whatever we set our minds and our hearts on.  Resources are everything. 

119 - We know what is lacking.  We know what is not working.  We may not want to admit it.  We may fear what some of the alternatives might be.  The bottom line is that some of the fundamental foundations of society are cracked badly and may be ready to topple shortly. 

120 - Recognizing this, we have an obligation to use our power of free will to do something about it or to do nothing and allow the foundations to come crashing down. 

121 - I believe in the spiritual order of the universe.  Where there is a talent, there is a need for that talent.

25 January 2003

122 - We have the technology.  Even more important we have the ideals, the ideas, and the principles to build a better world for all of us.  The question is ... will we choose to do so? 

123 - Changing the world is everyone’s business, it is everyone’s job. 

124 - Change always starts with one person, or with a small group.  When you change who you are, when you change what you do, your world can't help but to be impacted.

125 - We are here to make a difference ... each and every one of us. 

126 - If I don't feel a responsibility to my neighbors, many of whom I don't even know, then how am I to feel a responsibility to someone in some undeveloped country whose country I don't even know exists? 

127 - We are all connected.  What happens to any of us, happens to all of us.  It doesn't matter whether we know those to whom we are connected.  The connections exist nonetheless. 

128 - This is a grand and glorious endeavor that we are participating in.  It will enable others to break the bonds of their minds, and experience consciousness firsthand.

129 - This expression is magical to me.  It is a mystery in the manner that it comes forth.  How I can speak of things that I have no right to know based on my education to date is amazing. 

130 - Step by step, our lives unfold.  With each step, the next one becomes clearer. 

131 - We are free to remove our shackles whenever we wish.  Though, this is difficult if we view our shackles as wings.

26 January 2003

132 - This expression is the cornerstone of my life now.  It is upon this rock that I build the foundations for my world ... and perhaps for a greater world that stretches beyond me. 

133 - If there is any area that is truly lacking in our expression, it is the spiritual.  For most, this has been the domain of religion for centuries, if not millennia ... and little has changed in that time.  This needs to be re-examined. 

134 - Spirituality is the pole that holds up the tent of the self.  Without it, we are effectively nothing.  With it, we can do all things, we are effectively unlimited. 

135 - Spirituality should empower us to be all the we can be and to do all that we are meant to do.

136 - It helps if we recreate ever grander versions of ourselves, for we are grand beings all, grander than we could ever imagine.  In front of us lie infinite possibilities.  It is for us to turn them into probabilities, and then into actualities in our lives.

137 - We are meant to actualize whom that we are.  The very forces of nature cooperate with us in this endeavor, if only we allow them to.

138 - We often do not think in such terms ... that there is a benign universe supporting us in all that we do.  But, indeed there is, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.  It is time that we realize whom that we are, and our relationship to All That Is. 

139 - We are important, each and every one of us.  Each of us has the power to make a difference, and a great difference at that ... to our family, our friends, our society, and even our world.  Yes, we are that powerful.  But, it is what we do that makes the difference. 

140 - We attract experiences in accord with our beliefs and in accord with what we need to learn.  What we most need to learn are the things of spirit.  Yes, there are other things that count.  But, the spiritual things are the things that count most.  Here is where our true treasure lies

141 - Our souls, our spiritual selves, are grander and wiser than we have ever imagined.  Even for those of us who already hold grandiose visions of ourselves.

27 January 2003

142 - The most important choice to make is to be whom that we truly are.  That one choice makes all the difference in the world.  That one choice opens up untold possibilities. 

143 - This is how we maximize our effect on the world.  It is that simple, be whom that we are ... and express that faithfully.

144 - Education should challenge us, not overwhelm us.  It should bring out the best in us.  Further, it should continue to do this so long as we live. 

145 - The day that we stop learning, we are as good as dead.  Yes, learning is that important to life.

146 - We can't afford to waste the abilities and talents of any of us.  This requires a big commitment from each of us.  We have to take responsibility not only for ourselves but for assisting others to excel where we can as well. 

147 - When we take advantage of another nation, politically or economically, the action is recorded on a national karmic record of sorts.  In the end, we will have to balance our accounts.  That is simply the way it is.  We balance our accounts by acts of kindness and acts of service.

148 - God helps those who help themselves.  But what about those who cannot help themselves?  Don't we need some way to help them as well?  And how does god do the helping anyway except through us and with our hands?

149 - We collectively have the power to change our world for the better, to create a utopia on earth.  But, it will only happen if we believe it, and if we choose to make it so.

150 - When we do the work of spirit, we are strong in ways that we are not otherwise.  It is amazing what we can do when we are serving spirit, and thus serving the world.

28 January 2003

151 - It is amazing what happens when one chooses to consciously live a life of spirit.  There is something magical that is engaged.  There is something that cooperates with us to allow us to do more than we could do otherwise.  This unknown, this unseen becomes present by its effects in our lives.  Spirit herself is able to work her wonders through us, allowing her to touch all those whom we touch.

152 - No regrets.  It is important to live our lives so that we have no regrets. 

153 - We create our reality via our beliefs.  It is up to us to make a masterpiece of our belief systems.  In doing so, we will also make a masterpiece of our lives.  Yes, that is the goal.  We are artists all.  Our most important work is our own reality, our own life. 

154 - When we focus on service, on what we can do to serve others, society, and our world ... we engage the greatest parts of ourselves.  We may not know exactly what we are doing, but there is a surety in our step.  We are personally guided by spirit.  Or, we can be if we are open to being so.  Our lives become purposeful, in ways that they have not before.

155 - The world is what we make of it.  It is fashioned by our hands and by our minds ... in particular by our beliefs and by our actions.  We can literally make it into anything that we desire it to be.  Collectively we are that powerful.  Individually we are that powerful.  We are the creators of our reality ... the masters of our fate.  We are the lords of our lives.  

156 - People must be given a spiritual manifesto ... a set of ideas on which they can base their spiritual identity.  The spiritual manifesto should explain what we collectively want to manifest spiritually.  Since nearly all of our problems are spiritual problems, this will go a long way towards fixing many of the things that are wrong. 

157- We need to decide what we want to be as a society, and as human beings.  And then, we need to make our beliefs and our actions consistent with getting us there.  It is our choice.  It is up to us.

158 - There is a reason the mind is split into subconscious, conscious, and superconscious parts.  Each of these organizations has its functions and its purposes.  Though, if we were to look for actual boundaries, we would find these divisions to be arbitrary.

29 January 2003

159 - If we are going to partake of the benefits of society, we need to be willing to invest some part of ourselves in that society.  We do this by contributing of our time and our talents.  We all have something that we can do that could benefit others ... something special that allows whom that we are to be expressed. 

160 - The Beyond Imagination quote for today is:  As citizens, we owe something to our fellow citizens.  It is curious, that is exactly what this tithe is all about.  It deals with how we fulfill our obligation to others. 

161 - There are depths to the self, to the soul that may never be fathomed no matter how hard or how long we try.  It seems that there are just some things that are meant to remain a mystery.

162 - Flexibility is a very good thing ... flexibility of body, of mind, of emotions, and of spirit. 

163 - I can only be whom that I AM.  But, I say that not out of any sense of limitations but with an understanding of the grand possibilities that this invokes.

164 - We are spiritual beings.  As such, at the very least we are eternal, immortal, all-knowing, and unlimited.  When we see ourselves as other than these things, what we are seeing is illusion ... not whom that we truly are. 

165 - The key is to realize that we are spirit first and foremost.  The illusions of death, lack of knowingness, and limitations are just that ... illusions.  Oh, they feel very real while we are experiencing them.  But how something feels is not the same as how something is.

166 - We have no real science of mind at the present time.  Yet, these lumps of gray matter that reside in our skulls may be some of the most powerful things on the planet.  They have taken eons to evolve and to become aware to the degree that they have. 

167 - We seem to be standing on the edge of a major breakpoint ... one in which the awareness of the mass consciousness experiences a radical discontinuity, one that rocks the very foundations of the world that we know.

168 - Each and every moment counts.  Not one moment is repeated.  Once gone, it is gone. 

169 - There is always sufficient time to do the things that need to be done.  That doesn't mean there is excessive time. 

170 - There is a sort of spiritual gravity that operates to try to get us to where we need to be to actualize and then to act out our roles in the play of consciousness.  Yes, we are all part of the play of consciousness.  This play has been in operation since the beginning of time, orchestrating things so that forms evolved that could house ever-increasing constructs of spirit in flesh. 

30 January 2003

171 - Life is meant to be easy over all, though that doesn't mean it will be free of challenges.  Quite the contrary, it will be full of them.  Challenges relieve the boredom and keep life interesting. 

172 - The surest way to stay on mission is to do what we are moved by spirit to do.  That means we must know when spirit is moving us, and then must do as she moves us.  This requires trust and faith in spirit.  That is far easier for some than for others to practice. 

173 - It is time for us, the consumers, to decide what we want for spiritual services.  I believe that will be very different than what we have offered today by most religions. 

174 - Spirituality is one of the most intimate relationships that we have, the relationship between us and the source from which we spring ... the spiritual source that expresses through us. 

175 - The collective expression of spirit in flesh grows greater and greater with each passing moment.  Each of us have parts to play in that collective expression.  We may not consciously know what these parts are, but we will moved to play them anyway. 

176 - What counts is what we do with our lives that has lasting value ... that makes a difference somehow, preferably a big difference. 

177 - We all have the same amount of time per year, until our last one anyway.  What we do with the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years is our choice, at least for a relatively large amount of that time. 

178 - We need to strive to lead lives of high positive impact.  High impact can be achieved by touching many at some level, or by touching a few deeply.  My sense is that the later will be the course for my life.  I just don't see this being the stuff of bestsellers.  Then again, what do I know?  There may be a publisher out there who thinks differently. 

179 - The idea that this expression could be programming for the mind is exciting.  Besides, I can't think of a more important endeavor.  If we can program people to be more aware,  if we can wake them up, then the potential for the expression of spirit expands exponentially if not faster.  This is a breakpoint, a radical discontinuity that takes us to a whole new way of being.

180 - Some things are meant never to be known, even though they may be experienced.

31 January 2003

181 - Life is a process of growth and of expressing whatever we have become as faithfully as we can every step of the way.

182 - The way is different for each of us, though our paths may cross at times, and we may share in our adventures.

183 - There is always room for one more step no matter how close to the unknown that we venture.  And when we step there and shine our light there, what was unknown becomes known and we are then in a position to take the next step, again guided by spirit all the way.

184 - We must be willing to try new things and evaluate their results to see whether they work or not. 

185 - Of ourselves, there is not much that we can do.  Spirit has no such limits, except for those that we place in her way.  It is important that we do what it takes to discover where we are doing this ... and then to remove the limits of our own accord. 

186 - There is a sense that there is no rest for the weary ... that past laurels, no matter how great, are not good enough.  We must move ever onward to the next monition of consciousness, wherever it may take us. 

187 - Whatever we do, we need to be competent doing.  The more competent, the better.  Also, this doesn't mean that we need to stay in the same vocation forever.  As our skills develop, as our interests change, as our life unfolds, we may decide there is something we would rather do.  This is especially true if we grow dissatisfied with what we are doing.  When it becomes not enough, it is time to find something more, something grander that challenges us and allows us to express whom that we are more fully.

188 - It is OK to yield to spirit.  It is not necessary for us to "be in control" all the time.  In fact, it doesn't hurt to get a little crazy at times.  We allow the geniuses among us great latitude in their eccentricities. 

189 - We are capable of wonders beyond imagination.  It is simply a matter of allowing them to come forth.

190 - Life is clearly an adventure now.  For me, primarily an adventure in consciousness.  Consciousness is everything to me.  She gave me birth, she nurtures me, she moves me ... yes, I owe all that I AM to her. 

191 - Differences are good.  Spirit expresses with endless diversity.  Yet, within that diversity lies a unity, a oneness, a wholeness that will not be separated no matter how hard we try.  I have said before, there is only one spirit that animates us all.  We spring forth into expression from that same ONE.  Unfortunately few seem to recognize this.

192 - What we do to any one of us, we ultimately do to all of us.  That is a very powerful principle.  However, we need to take the next step and realize that we have a sacred responsibility to one another ... a responsibility to care for one another and help each being to be the best that they can be.


1 February 2003

193 - One more unknown in my life does not make much difference at this point.  I have become so used to them that I expect them.  I am comfortable with the unknown ... sometimes more comfortable than with the known.

194 - Altering brain chemistry means altering how consciousness is experienced.  It is that simple.  Physical brain states correspond to mental states correspond to states of consciousness correspond to states of spirit.  There is a one to one mapping. 

195 - The brain is the vessel through which spirit can be made physical.  These very words are a testament to that.

196 - The seeds for change start with dissatisfaction with the status quo. 

197 - When we are dissatisfied enough to start looking for something new, we will be amazed at how quickly we find what we seek.

198 - It is crucial to our overall well being that we find work that we love to do. 

199 - I ask that you evaluate what I say by its utility in your life.  Does it make you a better person?  Does it make your life better?  Does it allow you to more fully express whom that you are?  If it does, then I have done my job and have provided one of the chief services that I am here to provide. 

2 February 2003

200 - Everywhere I look, things are connected in ways that are miraculous to behold ... ways that show that there is an order and an intelligence arranging our lives that few of us even suspect.

201 – Spirit’s ways are indeed wondrous to behold.  I couldn't make this stuff up even if I wanted to.  I wouldn't know how. 

202 - I would live a life of spirit.  I would live a life of purpose.  The key purpose seems to be one that has been with me since the beginnings of my quest around 1974.  I would search for the answer to the question WHY?

203 – Yesterday’s Columbia disaster is a case in point.  Yes, there will be a cause that is found for it.  It may take awhile, but the people whose job it is to determine such things are excellent at doing their jobs.  They will find what they search for.  However, they will be looking for a scientific answer. 

204 - No one dies before their time.  No one dies without choosing to participate in the event at some level of their being.  To what disciplines do we turn to find out why it was time for these seven people on this fateful morning on the first of February in 2003?  They will not be scientific ones. 

3 February 2003

205 - We have a right to use things.  However, with this right comes the responsibility of stewardship.  Can we really share all the world fairly and peaceably?  It seems that is the only right way to live.  However, what constitutes fair is open for interpretation. 

206 - Each of us must do our part to generate more than we consume.  That makes the choice of how much we consume ours ... so long as we pay for it with our services.

207 - Living as one is definitely where we are headed.  It is only appropriate, for in fact, we are one. 

208 - Divisions are OK if they are useful ... if they allow us to do things better.  However, they are dangerous as well ... potentially leading to a system of castes where some are judged to be "better" than others. 

209 - Differences are to be tolerated, even embraced.  We need to be wary of allowing such differences to divide us however.  We do this by recognizing the unity amidst the diversity.

210 - There is a grand spiritual destiny that is unfolding.  We are all players in a grand drama ... in the expression of spirit in flesh as us and through us. 

211 - We are spirit in the only way that counts.  Yet, we are not all of spirit.  There is a great part of spirit that is able to express through us, using whatever abilities and talents we have to offer. 

212 - Spirit may prod and push gently ... but it is up to us to volunteer to offer ourselves in her service.  This is one of the greatest and noblest things that we can do.  However, it requires a kind of resignation that most are not willing to embrace. 

213 - People should do what they are good at doing.  People should employ others to provide those services that they need that they are not good at providing for themselves.  This is the right use of others. 

214 - We need a means for society and the individual to agree on the needs of each individual, and we need a means for society and the individual to agree on what services the individual will provide to whom and how. 

215 - As free beings, we are free to choose to enter into such a social contract at anytime.  However, it is a contract between individuals in a society.  It is not between an individual and a government, or an individual and any organization for that matter.  The contract is between the individual, the part, and the society, the whole. 

216 - I would make a difference with my life.  And, this expression is in a very real way my life.  Life as expression, expression as life ... such indeed is how it is.  By their works shall ye know them.  Well, these are my works.  Welcome to my world!

4 February 2003

217 - Why do I not experience being the creator, even though the expression clearly comes forth through my mind and through my fingers? 

218 - All that I know is that prior to 1993, I didn't express like this, and since 1993, I can only express like this.  Though, even then, the expression has evolved substantially over the past decade.

219 - Ego in and of itself is neither good nor bad.  It all depends on how it is used. 

220 - Ego has a function.  It is meant to interpret physical reality.  However, it can be opened so that it facilitates and accepts the expression of spirit through us.  This is not something that it does automatically.  In fact, quite the opposite, it seems to be something that it fights. 

221 - I know that when I am moved to ask the question and to search ... the answer is close at hand.  That is simply how things work.  Another spiritual law in effect.  I believe it so strongly that I have come to expect that this is how reality works. 

222 - I am not a scholar.  I did not come to build upon the knowledge of others.  Further, I am not a researcher, curious about what is known in a given area of interest. 

223 - What is it that I want from life?  An infrastructure that facilitates the social contract: from each in accord with their ability, to each in accord with their needs.  That is a lot to ask for.  Or is it?  It seems that this is the minimum that we should expect. 

224 - Are there intentional communities that have worked out how to live harmoniously and peacefully, in a manner that allows individuals to meet their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs?

225 - Community is a different matter.  I break this apart as common unity.  This requires much more interconnectivity.  I don't think community happens by accident, it happens by intention.  We have to give into it.  We have to create it.

226 - When problems go unsolved for decades ... we simply aren't expending the right resources to fix them. 

227 - It makes no sense to have any person go hungry in a country that pays farmers not to grow food.  We have a surplus of food.  We simply need to make sure everyone can get to it as a right or entitlement, if they don't have enough money to pay for it.   The same is true of nearly ever other good and service that is produced. 

228 - We need to make more conscious economic decisions regarding how goods and services are to be distributed.  It is not clear that the present method of allowing the market to determine what goods and services are available at what prices really serves us. 

5 February 2003

229 - There is something infectious about being around people who love what they do. 

230 - What is it that I love to do?  Expressing in this manner is definitely near the top of the list, for many reasons.  One, it gives me a sense of accomplishment ... a sense that I have accomplished something of value.  Two, it provides insight into whom that I AM that I don't get in any other way.  Three, it allows me to touch the unknown realms of consciousness. 

231 - Worth is typically defined by the consumer not the generator of a service. 

232 - Yes, I consider this expression a service.  It is a product of the marriage of my consciousness with a source that comes from deep inside me, a source that I believe to be connected to Spirit, the ONE consciousness, herself. 

233 - This is a stream of consciousness expression, but I don't consider it my stream of consciousness.  For it to be mine, I would have to be in control of it in some way.  But, I feel more like a radio, tuning into a particular station. 

234 - The very forces of nature, of life herself, encourage us to grow and be all that we can be. 

235 - Everything is spiritual expression ... there is nothing but spirit expressing in our world.

236 - Our brains are among the most complex physical systems that we are aware of on the planet. 

237 - Mind, while it resides within the brain, does not seem to be contained by the brain.  Further, consciousness, while it resides within the mind, does not seem to be contained by the mind. 

238 - Spirit is orchestrating the unfoldment of the expression of consciousness in flesh. 

239 - We may or may not control what we experience.  But, we definitely choose the meaning of what we experience, especially the meaning to us, but also the meaning in a larger context.

240 - We are born to do what we came to do.  The trick is to find what we are born to do.  The key is to follow your bliss as Joseph Campbell would say.  Find what you love to do, then find a way to do it.  Yes, it is that simple. 

241 - There is an inner compass within each of us that knows exactly what direction we need to head in next.  We can choose to follow it and take the optimal route to our destination ... or we can ignore it and take a more roundabout way.  The choice is ours.

242 - People will awaken when they are ready to awaken.  There is nothing external that can be done to accelerate that.  Oh, we can try.  But, we will find that people will simply not get it until they are ready to get it.

243 - With awareness, we bear the very weight of the world on our shoulders.  No longer can we be content with our selfish behavior and selfish ways. 

244 - We can only do so much on our own.  However, spirit working though us can do far more than we could even imagine.  The lesson from this is to allow spirit to do the work. 

245 - Each of us is being groomed for a particular role in the plan of consciousness.  If we allow ourselves to ... we will fall into that role naturally. 

6 February 2003

246 - Why ... Why ... Why?  This is the question that I came to answer ... or to assist in answering anyway.  At this moment, I may not consciously know the answers, or even know how to proceed to find the answers.  But, the first step is always to start asking the questions. 

247 - Part of the problem with repeatability is that the intuition simply will not be subjected to any such tests.  Either we learn to trust what she knows and what she tells us, or we don't. 

248 - Life is primarily a subjective experience.  That is simply how it is.  We can try to make it objective, but the more we try, the more hollow it becomes. 

249 - When we open ourselves to the infinity of whom that we are, all sorts of possibilities open up for us.  We can do things far grander than we have ever believed possible. 

250 - We are only limited to the degree that we limit ourselves.

251 - All that we can do is be whom that we are, whom that we truly are ... not our limited concepts of whom we believe ourselves to be.

252 - We can create the world to be anything that we choose for it to be, both individually and en masse.  However, we need to see the bigger picture of what spirit is trying to create as a whole and find a way to relate our individual piece to that whole. 

253 - I believe that in capturing this expression and sharing it with others, I am somehow contributing something back to society.

7 February 2003

254 - To be all that we can be ... that is the goal.  That is the challenge that we all face.  It is not hard to do.  The very forces of the universe are cooperating with us in doing this.

255 - We have to believe in ourselves, and believe in spirit as she expresses through us.  When we do so, we will be surprised at the things that we can do. 

256 - We are grand beings all.  We are spirit enfleshed.  It is time for us to realize this and start behaving as if we know that it is true. 

257 - Our life is our masterpiece.  Yes, masterpiece.  We are all masters in the art of reality creation. 

258 - Part of the challenge of the information age is to put the information that we need at our fingertips when we need it.  Actually, for many, a voice input might be more appropriate. 

259 - If we are to truly see the value of information, we need to see it in all its glory, with all its connectivity.  We need to see how it fits within the whole. 

9 February 2003

260 - This expression offers me a chance to bring forth something new, something that no one has ever brought forth before in the same manner. 

261 - There is a reason for everything that happens in my life.  Everything unfolds in its proper timing.  There is nothing I can do to force things to happen.  This is an existence of allowing things to happen in a manner that is appropriate. 

262 - At some point, my desires are spirit’s desires.  There is no separation, no distinction.  Has that point happened already, or is it still to come? 

263 - If what we will manifests ... then our will is indeed aligned with spirit.  If not, then it is not.  It is that simple.  Lack of manifestation does not mean that we should cease trying.  Rather, we should re-evaluate what we are willing ... and perhaps change something.

10 February 2003

264 - I often say that my mission is to build the foundations for a new world.  Foundations are major elements of structure ... as basic as you can get.

265 - The application of a small amount of conscious effort on our part allows a great deal of energy of consciousness to flow forth into manifestation.  It doesn't happen automatically, however.  We have to provide the initial current. 

266 - I would build the foundations for a new world, in which people can express in community in ways that they have never expressed before ... and in which spirit can express in flesh more fully than ever before.

267 - My life has been one of destiny for as long as I can remember.  Though, I typically do not have the foreknowledge of what the destiny is prior to it occurring. 

268 - I prefer to venture far from the norms ... to the point of touching the very edges of sanity at times. 

269 - Nothing happens by chance in my life.  Everything is by design.  Everything happens for a reason, often for multiple reasons.

270 - It seems we are at or are rapidly approaching a breakpoint.  Beyond the breakpoint lies a rainbow of great brilliance.  Somewhere over the rainbow ...  there is a world that is beyond imagination.  All that we have to do is follow the rainbow and get there. 

271 - When you serve "society", who pays?  How do I collect one penny per person from 250 million people?  That would be enough to fund my work for 10 years.  Yes, just one penny from each person. 

11 February 2003

272 - This is a form of therapy for me.  It is a place of release ... where I can open my heart and soul to the world, even if the particular members that constitute that world are largely unknown to me. 

273 - This is material that impacts ones state of consciousness.  And, that has ripple effects into all other areas of one’s life. 

274 - There is no burden too great to bear, when it is rightfully ours, and when we have spirit bearing it with us. 

275 - It does take courage to do what is ours to do.  This requires stretching beyond what we typically see as the boundaries of ourselves to become something greater that we ever thought we ever were.  Yet, when we do this, we will never cease to be amazed, we will never cease to surprise ourselves by what we are able to accomplish.

276 - The quality and quantity of what has come forth has literally blown me away.  And, not only the first time, but each time that I go back and re-read what has come forth.  The question that gets raised is "did all of that really come forth through me"? 

277 - WOW!  I don't know what else to say.  This stream of consciousness that I tap is rich and deep.  Sometimes she is downright unfathomable.  She carries me to the edge of the unknown ... and even pushes me off the edge of the cliff at times so that I can discover my newfound wings of consciousness and fly.  It is easy to soar in consciousness, it really is. 

278 - How can an intelligent society know so little about something as important as consciousness itself?

279 - The game of life is stacked in our favor.  We are meant to succeed.  This does not mean it will be easy, challenges seem to be a natural part of life.  However, challenges can be just as easily be approached joyfully and playfully as they can be dreadfully. 

280 - Life is indeed a game that we are playing.  When we are operating at our finest, we play it win-win on every level.  There is always a way to do this.  It is a matter of being committed enough to making it happen. 

281 - With me alone, the stream of consciousness may have worked fine.  But, if we are going to engage others ... we need goals, objectives, and step by step work plans to achieve those goals and objectives.

12 February 2003

282 - I am not privy to the effects of this effort.  I know not who is moved by this expression in what ways.  I can only evaluate what comes forth based on what it means to me and how it applies to my life.  You'll have to do the same.  Utility is the only measure for evaluating information. 

283 - Does this expression provide anything that is useful?  Does this expression assist you in doing things to improve your reality and your experience of life?  If so, I have done my job well.  If not, find somewhere else to spend your time. 

284 - This business of reality creation is not easy stuff ... yet, at the same time, it is mere child’s play if we view it from the right perspective. 

285 - Life does not have to be difficult.  It is meant to be engaging yes, and to be a challenge ... but it is not meant to be overwhelming, as it seems to be for many.

286 - When will we start taking responsibility for one another ... full responsibility?  When we have people starving, this is not happening.  When we have people living in poverty, this is not happening.  When we have people who want work unemployed, this is not happening. 

13 February 2003

287 - My life continues to change all around me.  Yet, in many ways, I am still the same.  The setting is different, the props and the scenes are changing, but I am still much as I was.  I am still standing at the center awake and aware ... anxious to become something more, yet not knowing what that something more might be. 

288 - There must be a better way to employ my talents in a matter that serves society more effectively.  That is what ultimately matters to me.  How well was I able to serve society?  And even more important, how well was I able to serve spirit?  Though often the two go hand in hand. 

289 - This stream of consciousness is important somehow ... more important than any concept that I have of myself.  The hope is that what is captured here is sufficient to trigger others to awaken.  Whether it does that or not depends on how well I have done my job of bringing it forth.

14 February 2003

290 - Here I am able to be whom that I AM in ways that I can do nowhere else.  What good does it do if it doesn't involve others however?  Good point.  That is something I am just starting to realize. 

291 - There is an emptiness in my life, a void when it comes to relationships.  This is primarily my fault.  For the most part, I simply haven't been interested enough to apply the effort.  My concern has been with my self and with self-knowledge.  After all, Plato did say Know Thyself, not Know Others.  I say that with a big grin. 

292 - Questions are a powerful means of self-discovery and of reality creation as well.  They allow us to focus our energies on what we want, or more precisely, on what we need to know.  If we pay attention, we may be surprised at where our questions take us. 

293 - The journey of self discovery is truly an adventure, the likes of which no earthly adventure can compare.  However, we need to give our consciousness the space to soar to heights unknown and to realms beyond imagining.

294 - Crafting reality to be what we want it to be is creation at its finest.  The trick is to make sure what we want for ourselves is aligned with what spirit has planned for us. 

295 - At every moment, we are spirit manifesting in flesh as fully as we can here and now, under the circumstances that we have created for ourselves.  This is true for every moment that we exist ... for each and every one of us.

296 - The older I get, the more I realize that when it comes to our spiritual life, we have no real choice but to do whatever it takes to achieve what we must. 

297 - There is a destiny that we came to fulfill, a destiny that will not be denied.  Yet, it does not happen automatically ... it takes work, sometimes hard work, to make it happen. 

298 - It is often our work that gives our life its meaning.

299 - Consciousness is clearly a mystery.  Perhaps she is beyond anything that we will ever fathom.  That doesn't mean that we shouldn't try.  This might at least give us some rudimentary understanding that allows us to more fully express her in our lives.

15 February 2003

300 - It seems that I am meant to be a maverick.  It is not meant for me to follow in the footsteps of others ... at least not for very long.  I would make my own path through the wilderness of consciousness.  Yet, I would have companions along the way as well. 

301 - I have been going it alone for quite some time.  It seems that it would be much more productive to engage with others of like mind and co-create something grander than any of us can conceive alone. 

302 - We need to create a center for engaging in cooperative interdependent living at its finest.  This takes commitment, and it takes resources.  The first I am good at ... the second I could use some help on.

303 - In my reality framework the only thing bigger than me is spirit herself.

304 - There is a plan for the evolution of consciousness that is being manifested in flesh.  We are the players in that drama.  Our individual lives fit within the context of a larger whole.  We did not make that whole, but we contribute to it with every aspect of our being. 

305 - The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.  That is where the synergy of systems comes into play.  Evolution is building more and more complex bodies in which consciousness can be housed and enfleshed. 

306 - The greater and greater expression of spirit in flesh is the name of the game.  But, it has to be in flesh, or it doesn't count.

16 February 2003

307 - We can't afford to rest too long on past laurels.  It is for us to proceed ever onward to new heights and depths of expression.  Yes, that is an appropriate analogy.  It is out of the depths of spirit that the heights of experience and expression come.

308 - To grow we need to be willing to stretch.  When we do this, we demonstrate that we are more than we knew ourselves to be.  This is a powerful experience, one that we should engage in often. 

309 - We are here to learn whom that we are.  And, we are here to express whom that we are as fully as we can.  It has always been so.  Though, these simple truths have been hidden from us. 

310 - We don't need an elaborate religious system to explain whom that we are.  Deep down, we already know this.  We just haven't been allowed to trust what we know.  That can change far quicker than any can imagine. 

311 - This expression in particular constitutes "works" that have literally blown me away, completely undermining my understanding of whom that I AM and what I am capable of doing ... or more precisely what spirit is capable of doing through me. 

312 - At some point there needs to be some type of return on the investment of time and effort.  It doesn't necessarily have to be money.  But a service has been performed.  There needs to be a balance of energy achieved.

17 February 2003

313 - Various parts of the Beyond Imagination works have reached many thousands, so there is hope that by now they would have had some impact.  They have definitely changed my life.  And, as a result have had some impact on those few people whose lives I touch.

314 - Wayshowers don't work solely in the field of the mind, they work in the field of action.  They do things that others may see what is possible.  And, what is possible for me, you can do also.  It is a matter of preparing your consciousness and choosing to do it. 

315 - If we don't strive to be our best, we will never be able to realize that we are better and more capable than we had ever imagined.

316 - We are consciousness enfleshed.  It is high time we realized that and got on with the task of living as if that were true. 

317 - We live in a world where spiritual problems abound.  Hunger, poverty, crime, terrorism, war, ... all of these are spiritual problems.  They exist because we have refused to take responsibility to care for one another collectively. 

318 - Spirituality teaches us that all problems are our problems.  What we do to another ultimately we do to ourselves. 

319 - Spiritual expression is by far the most important aspect of my life.  This stream of consciousness expression is indeed that meaningful to me.  It is hard to imagine what my life would be like without it

320 - Spiritual giving is unconditional, or it simply doesn't count.  When we give conditionally, our reward occurs in whatever is exchanged.  When we give unconditionally, our reward is abundance ... we get what we need when we need it. 

321 - Spirit can only give us what we feel we are worthy of receiving.  To get more, we need to do something to increase our feeling of worthiness.  This may be by giving more, or by realizing the true value of whom that we are.

322 - I live in a world of my own making.  Is it an imaginary world?  I would offer that it is far more than that, it is Beyond Imagination.  That is what I was moved to call this expression when it began in 1993.  The name is still appropriate today.

323 - If we add the synergy of working in cooperative interdependent ways with others, the sky's the limit. 

324 - We would build a better world.  We would build a true society, where individuality is not lost, but is respected and worshipped.  Yes, worshipped. 

325 - There is a spark of spirit, a soul, in every individual.  That spark needs to be treated with dignity and given everything it needs to develop into all that it can be.  In return, the individual has an obligation to use their god given talents and abilities in service to society in some way.

18 February 2002

326 - We need to learn under what circumstances good enough is good enough so that we can conserve our resources for doing those things that we are passionate about, those things that consume our heart and soul. 

327 - The more comfortable that I am, the easier it is to share of whom that I AM.  But sharing is a two-way process, a give and a take, an exchange between two people. 

328 - My sharing for the most part is an anonymous opening of whom that I AM to any who might find and read these pages.  Within hours at this site, you will know more about me than all but a dozen or so people in the world.  That is how sheltered and isolated of a life I have lived. 

329 - These works show signs of a creative genius at work ... one that is beyond what I know myself to be.  Yet, the works were able to come forth through me.  My consciousness was able to deliver them.  That  says something about my level of awareness as well. 

330 - This expression continuously challenges what I know myself to be.  Just when I think that I've figured it out, something more comes through that blows me away.  Consciousness won't be contained within our arbitrary boundaries for very long.  She stretches them and challenges them at every turn. 

331 - The watchword is freedom.  Yet, within that freedom is sufficient structure to create the foundations for the society.  There is a balancing act that is going on.  Too much freedom and we have chaos.  Too much structure and we lack the flexibility needed to evolve and adapt ... two important characteristics required for life to exist. 

332 - Some people say "I'll believe it when I see it" ... but that is not the way of the metaphysician.  We know that it is the belief that comes first.  We shall see what we believe that we shall see.

19 February 2003

333 - Why does my life have to be so grand?  Why does my life's impact have to be so great?  Why can't I be just like everyone else?  The answer is simple ... because I am not like everyone else.  I came to perform a mission.

334 - My interactions with others have still been relatively minimal.  In particular, they have not delved into such areas as how my experience of awareness and states of consciousness differed from or were similar to their own.

335 - That is a sad commentary on the educational system ... that it focuses so much on filling our minds with the whats that it forgets about the hows and the whys, about the very nature of the mind and the consciousness that learns the whats.

336 - What must happen, happens.  What we learn from that, what we experience from that is our choice.  Reality lies primarily in the meaning that we assign to what we experience. 

337 - When we change the meaning, we effectively change the experience and the reality.  It is that simple.  The process of assigning meaning to things, events, symbols, etc ... is that powerful.

338 - Feel free to consider the realm of beliefs as a playground.  Believe firmly while you believe, but evaluate utility often, and be willing to change beliefs frequently should you encounter more promising ones. 

339 - All of this comes forth without forethought, without planning, without organization, and without editing.  It continues to amaze me that source can be this creative and original. 

340 - The words speak for themselves.  There is an intelligence that is revealed here that is beyond anything that I would claim for myself.  There is a wisdom that is expressed here that is wise far beyond my years, at least in this existence. 

341 - There is only ONE consciousness from which we all spring.  The partitions within that ONE consciousness are illusory separations that permit us to experience reality as we do.

20 February 2003

342 - Our beliefs about what is possible have changed a lot in the past century.  There is every reason to believe that we have only experienced the tip of the iceberg. 

343 - We need to decide personally which changes we will keep up with and which we will leave below our radar scope.  There simply is not enough time to deal with everything.  There is simply too much information for anyone to process it anymore. 

344 - Knowing that something exists, and knowing enough to be able to use it effectively is often enough.  That, and having the courage to apply what we know in service to others.  It is here that we distinguish ourselves.  It is here that we make our mark on the world. 

345 - On my own, I would be the beneficent dictator ... doing those things that spirit moves me to do for the good of society.  But, we need to be careful here.  Who ultimately judges what is for the good of society? 

346 - My way is still only a way, it is NOT the way.  Yet, as ways go, it is just as valid as any other, and far more documented than many. 

347 - These are the flights of fancy that I allow my mind to venture on.  Generally, they lead to discoveries that have some utility ... however, if you don't venture out and see, you just won't know. 

348 - Consciousness is not something to be taken lightly.  We are consciousness expressing in flesh though many see this upside down, seeing themselves as animals who happened to evolve enough to possess consciousness. 

349 - Free will doesn't mean that the force of gravity doesn't apply to us.  Why should spiritual forces be any different?

350 - Self worth is critical to manifesting abundance in our lives.  Unless we feel worthy ... unless we believe ourself to be worthy, we will not attract abundance into our lives. 

21 February 2003

351 - The quote for today is: "Everything is spirit.  Everything is godstuff."  Truth, simply and elegantly expressed.  There is nothing but godstuff, there is nothing but spirit in expression. 

352 - This is part of what we are talking about when we speak of building the foundations for a new world.  We need a supportive infrastructure at the core of society that recognizes the value and importance of each individual. 

353 - Perhaps someday I will be part of the cooperative society that I so desire to create.  What is meant to be, will be.  Of that I can be certain.  It's just that at this time I have no means of knowing what that will be.  That is OK.  Life is meant to be a mystery. 

354 - One learns to become comfortable with the unknown.  It doesn't have to be a scary and frightening thing.  It is a place we go to explore.  It is a place we go to engage our abilities and talents. 

355 - We call ourselves a developed nation, but we are far from being an enlightened nation.  What does it take to be wise?  We are still a young nation, with only 226 years since our Declaration of Independence.  Some nations have histories stretching back several thousands of years. 

356 - We were born as a melting pot that brought together people from many nations throughout the world to create a new structure, a new form of government, the likes of which had not been tried before.  By most accounts, we have succeeded in our endeavor. 

357 - We are arguably the strongest and the greatest nation that the world has ever known.  Oh, there have been empires that have spanned greater portions of the world.  But, none with the technology and wealth of information that we have at our disposal ... and none whose masses have had anywhere near the present average standard of living in this country.

22 February 2003

358 - Onward the adventure takes us.  The expression makes the unmanifest manifest.  These very words go from being potential expression to being actual expression. 

359 - I am consciousness in expression.  We all are consciousness in expression.  But, we also are us in expression.  It helps if these two ideas are congruent with each other.  It helps if what consciousness wants and what we want are compatible with one another.

360 - At what point do we jump from independence to interdependence?  This is a major step, a breakpoint in the way we think about society.  Yet, it is not clear that our organizations are taking this into consideration. 

361 - It is not clear that we have realized that cooperative interdependence is the only way to survive and thrive in the times ahead.  How close to the brink of disaster will we have to come to realize this?

362 - How do we declare our Cooperative Interdependence?  It is not like Independence, where we tell the King that we are free and refuse to be subject to you any longer. 

363 - Cooperative Interdependence is a set of relationships between the parts within the whole which are recognized as being necessary for the whole to keep functioning. 

364 - Everything happens for a reason in my world ... and generally, for a spiritual reason.

23 February 2003

365 - It is wonderful to be able to use what I consider to be my greatest gifts and talents in service to spirit, and ultimately in service to my society and my world.  It does not matter that few, if any, recognize the service that I am providing.  It is enough that I know, and that spirit herself knows. 

366 - The expression is what it is.  Judge it based solely on its content and utility.  I believe you will find it to be an original work.  It is different from anything else that I have ever read anyway. 

367 – This expression allows me to go back and revisit where my consciousness has been.  It allows you to walk in the steps of my consciousness as well.  I'm sure that you will find it to be interesting walking to say the least. 

368 - We need to be careful when we play with consciousness, for we truly are playing with fire ... the fire of spirit.

369 - I have realized that my will is for the good of spirit, society, and the world.  It is time that I engage it as the powerful tool that it is to manifest that good.  

370 - It is interesting that we know so little about consciousness.  We know so little about the mind and how it functions.  We know so little about the brain and how it functions. 

371 - The basic gray matter in the brain of a genius and an idiot is nearly the same.  Yet, their abilities are orders of magnitude different.  Perhaps my own ignorance is showing through here.  Perhaps others have published works that document some of this.  Perhaps collectively we know more than I am aware that we know.  It would surprise me.  But, it would be a very pleasant surprise. 

24 February 2003

372 - Hopefully, in sharing this stream of consciousness, you will be encouraged to share your own stream with others as well.  Each of us has valuable experience to share.  It is a matter of having the resolve, the discipline, and the courage to share it.

373 - The greatest thing that we can share is whom that we are.  And, more than anything else, we are consciousness/ spirit enfleshed.  It has always been thus, hard as that may be to believe. 

374 - Why do we choose to compete when we could choose to cooperate and make things better for everyone?  Yes, this requires getting beyond the me/my/I mentality to an us/our/we perspective. 

375 - We still live in a society where the individual is king.  So long as this remains so, we will find it difficult to create the structures that are necessary as the very foundations for society.  Note that I said difficult, not impossible. 

376 - We are the creators of our reality, we are the masters of our fate.  However, much of this is done at other than conscious levels unless we expressly take conscious control over the processes.  Even then, we only want loose control.  Much of the details of the inner workings of reality creation are superconscious. 

377 - We only need enough control to steer the ship of the self to where we want it to go.  That is, assuming that we have some idea as to where we want it to go. 

378 - Spirit is already expressed in flesh.  In fact, everything is spirit in expression.  What we are talking about is evolving the forms ... and building new forms, through which spirit can express in flesh.  We do this via conscious effort on our parts.  We do this by deciding what organizations we will participate in to what extent.

25 February 2003

379 - The communication is what it is.  Its merit lies in its content, not in its method of delivery.  And the only valid measure of content is utility.  In this case, both utility in our individual life, and utility for society as a whole.

380 - It still amazes me that I can have so much to say here ... page after page, for hundreds of musings.  Yet, I have so little to say to people in general. 

381 - I still read a book now and then.  However, I am much more captivated by the information that I am producing.  There is something immediate about this expression.  There is something that speaks directly to my heart and my soul as nothing else does.  It is as if this communication were specifically tailored for me. 

26 February 2003

382 - Mysteries are OK.  They are what make life interesting.  They are what make life the wonder that it is.  As such, these are to be relished and enjoyed. 

383 - There are some things that will never be explained, try as we might.  However, there are many more things that can be explained given sufficient priority, resources, and of course funding.

384 - We get what we focus our efforts on.  If we want a more peaceful community on a worldwide basis ... we should not be spending tens to hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons and defense. 

385 - We are all the conductors of our own lives.  Moreover, we are the composers as well.  We create it all ... everything that we experience. 

386 - One of the primary reasons for doing it is to learn from it ... to learn whom that we are, and to learn the nature of spirit as she expresses in flesh. 

387 - This is why we live.  We live to learn whom that we are and then to express that as freely and as fully as we can in service to spirit, our self, our society, and our world ... not necessarily in that order. 

388 - For many, being responsible for creating their own reality is too big of a burden to bear.  They would rather have someone else to blame for their troubles.  Can we really live in a world without victims?  This seems so contradictory to everything we see and hear on the news. 

389 - After all, what good is a stream of consciousness expression if it is not experienced? 

27 February 2003

390 - We must do things that have utility.  We must do things that are of service, that make a difference in our world. 

391 - This expression is where I shine.  This expression is where consciousness expresses through me at her finest.  This is where the word is made flesh. 

392 - Life itself is a spiritual phenomenon for me.  That makes everything we do "spiritual". 

393 - Everything is spirit in expression.  There simply is nothing else. 

394 - The more that we know of whom that we are, the more fully and clearly spirit can express through us.  However, self knowledge doesn't just come to us ... we have to pursue it with all of our heart and soul. 

395 - This, more than anything else, is our directive from spirit ... to be the best that we can be, and to do what we are moved by spirit to do.  These two things are crucial.  They are the foundation for right living and for building a better world. 

396 - Spirit operates from needs not wants.  She ensures that needs are met wherever they arise.  However, she often uses us as the vehicles for providing the goods, services, or experiences necessary to meet the needs.  "God's hands" as the song says ... that is what we are.

28 February 2003

397 - My reality framework is clearly more open than most.  I accept things as real that others would dismiss as nothing more than products of an active imagination.  But, that is why this expression is called Beyond Imagination.  It deals with reality in new and unique ways

398 - I am spirit in expression now.  We all are.  We have always been, and we shall always be.  The issue is how do make this expression better?  How do we allow it to flow more smoothly ... or, if not smoothly, at least more abundantly? 

399 - That does not mean turning up the volume to the point of excess where we burn out.  However, I think that most of us will find that there is far more that we can do without risk of even coming close to this point. 

400 - When I say spirit, that is something I look for inside of myself.  It is something to which my intuition is tied.  It is not an outer force of any type, and it is definitely not something that I have ever found through religion. 

401 - Spirit is a feminine source from which we all spring.  She is the ONE consciousness that feeds the individual consciousnesses of each of us.  Here I speak not so much from authority, but rather from my own personal experience. 

402 - Everything happens for a reason.  There is a grand plan of consciousness that is being played out.  We each have our roles to play within that plan.



1 March 2003

403 - We are winding down to the 10th anniversary of the beginning of this expression.  The first day was 5 March 1993.  It is simply amazing that a decade has passed already.  I would have thought Beyond Imagination would have had more impact by now. 

404 - Why is my will any less important or any less valuable than that of anyone else?  Why should I not do what it takes to exercise my own will, so long as it harms no one ... or so long as the benefit is greater then any harm that might be done? 

405 - Spirit has been by my side for many years.  She has been my guide, my teacher, my friend, my companion.  It seems time that I should have others in my life to fill these roles as well.  Not that spirit hasn't done a superb job.  It is just that I need something more now.

7 March 2003

406 - Our republic is the showcase for democratic government in the world.  It is the standard by which all others are measured. 

407 - Our people have a degree of freedom that is unknown in many parts of the world.  Further, our people have a degree of creativity and industriousness that has resulted in the strongest economy in the world.

408 - For me, there is only ONE spirit, though each of us only seem to possess or be aware of an individual spark of that spirit. 

409 - We can dream of and imagine many things, but that is not sufficient to make them real.  Here, we need to go Beyond Imagination and manifest as we believe. 

410 - It is interesting how often that phrase comes up ... beyond imagination.  The name seems just as appropriate for this material today as it did when I came up with it a decade ago.  Whatever you can dream, whatever you can imagine, you can achieve.  Someone said that. 

411 - However, how do we take the next step and get to places beyond anything that we can yet imagine?  The sense is that spirit knows of such places and can guide us to them if we let her do so. 

412 - It just takes one pebble to cause ripples in a whole pond of still water.  Am I that pebble?  Is this expression the equivalent of throwing the pebble into the pond?  Will what I have to say make the world a better place? 

8 March 2003

413 - In a way, my life is no longer my own.  I have willingly chosen to give a significant part of it in service to spirit and ultimately to society and to the world in the process.  Yes, I think in grand terms.  I don't know why exactly.  They just seem to suit me somehow.  It is as if I were born to express in this manner. 

414 - We are all interconnected in ways beyond anything that we have ever dreamed or imagined.  When I do something, when I realize something, the very fabric of consciousness is altered as a result. 

415 - Consciousness learns from everything we do, everything we think, and everything we realize.  No act of kindness goes unnoticed ... nor any act of neglect nor any atrocity. 

416 - We are all held accountable for what we do, and to some degree for what we could have done that we failed to do. 

417 - The measure that we are ultimately held against is what we achieve versus what we had the potential to do ... with what we could have been.  This makes it very important to live our lives without regrets. 

418 - We don't want to be in a position of remorse over what we might have done differently.  It is for us to seize the moment and reduce or eliminate these might have dones from our life. 

419 - How can I spend thousands of hours doing something and not really understand what it is that I am doing and how it is that I am able to do it?  It is truly amazing. 

420 - There is so much that is unknown.  And, there may even be large parts that are unknowable ... they may be such that our minds are incapable of conceiving of or comprehending them in any fashion. 

421 - There is nothing that says we have to understand everything that we experience.  One can comprehend the awesome scenic beauty of Yosemite without having any understanding of the forces of nature that occurred over time to carve those very features we find so beautiful. 

422 - Similarly, we can marvel at the wonder of the human body as it has evolved over the eons as the house for the mind. 

423 - We either change with the times or we wither and die. 

424 - What can be impacted now is what is HERE and NOW and via causality what will be in the future.  But, the future will take care of itself if we focus on right action in the moment. 

425 - Spirit is somewhat neutral.  She seeks to express in whatever manner she can express through the resources that she is given.  She is given resources by our willingness to do her works.  We have to volunteer for our spiritual jobs or they simply will not be done.  That is just how it is. 

426 - Spirit will not force her way into our lives.  She gently prompts us at times, but it is up to us to listen and to choose to abide by what she says. 

9 March 2003

427 - The very fact that this expression exists is proof that other than conscious parts of ourselves can indeed create things in our lives ... in my case, a stream of words, over three million of them to date. 

428 - Consciousness is highly creative and quite prolific if we allow her to be.  It is amazing how much work we can do when we resign ourselves to allowing spirit to work through us.  It seems that when we do so, our resources increase many fold. 

429 - Attitude is everything!  It truly is.  When work is drudgery, it is an endless chore to get through the day.  When work is a labor of love, we look forward to the opportunities of each moment and the day simply flies by.

430 - There is still a strong inner sense that I am to have world impact somehow ... that what I do will make a difference to the world

431 - One step at a time gets us to any destination eventually.  However, remember to enjoy the process ... each and every step of the way. 

432 - Live your life in a grand way, as only you can do.  Allow all of whom that you are to be expressed.  This is easier said than done.  It takes courage to be all that you can be.  It takes courage to exercise ones freedom of expression to the fullest.  But, we must be brave and do so. 

433 - Life is meant to be a grand adventure.  If that is not the way we are experiencing it, it is high time to start making different choices so that we experience a different reality more consistent with this. 

10 March 2003

434 - This is a different way of looking at destiny.  It is not something that happens to us beyond our control.  Rather it is something that we create in our own lives. 

435 - Why is it that I have been selected by consciousness to express in this manner?  I don't really know, but I consider it a gift and a blessing.  Along with such gifts comes the responsibility to use them effectively in service to society in some way.  This is true for all gifts. 

 436 - Whatever abilities we have are there because they are needed by society.  It is for us to find a way to apply them in service. 

437 - If everything is spirit, my relationships with others are just another flavor of relationships with spirit. 

438 - What has worked in the past is not necessarily good for the future.  We need to be open to changing our ways, even characteristics that we consider to be fundamental to our being ... perhaps especially if we consider them such.

11 March 2003

439 - I have said that spirit is a stern taskmaster.  Indeed, she is.  But, it seems that I task myself even more sternly.  I do this because I know something of whom that I am and what I am capable of.  It is simply not acceptable to me to be less than I can be. 

440 - Awareness, allowance, and acceptance ... these are the keys to living life.  Until we are aware, until we allow, until we accept ... there is nothing we can do to change things to the way that we would prefer for them to be. 

441 - Until we are aware of whom that we truly are, we can't begin to be all that we can be.  Even then, it is ever a work in progress as who we are is continually evolving into something greater and grander than we have ever been.

442 - I'm excited by the possibilities for what lies ahead.  It seems that it is time for one scene in the play to come to a close and a whole new scene to begin.  In some plays, this allows an opportunity for a discontinuity where a major change in the setting can occur. 

12 March 2003

443 - If I am to succeed in ways beyond what others do, I need to be willing to invest more of myself into what I do than what others are willing to invest. 

444 - Ultimately, we reap what we sow.  What we invest of ourselves ultimately pays dividends.  Maybe not right away.  Sometimes it takes time for the interest to compound or for the market to turn around.  But, in the long term dividends will accrue for all that we give of ourselves. 

445 - This is the greatest thing that we have to give ... ourselves and our abilities in service to others, our society, and our world.  We have an obligation to society, a sacred obligation.  However, it comes in the form of a contract between the individual and society. 

446 - Each individual is obligated to use their abilities as fully as they can to serve society.  In return, society is to provide each individual with all that the individual needs. 

447 - This doesn't say that government provides this to each individual, it says that society does.  How does society fulfill its part of this contract?  It does so by its individuals and its organizations creating and providing goods and services to those who need them. 

448 - How do we get companies to shoulder the responsibility for matching individuals to the jobs that are best suited to their abilities at a level of compensation that is sufficient to meet the needs of the individual?  That is what the social contract demands, and the economic system is the arm of society that exchanges individual services for fair compensation. 

449 - The free market has been the primary influence in shaping the current wage structure.  Wages are based on the forces of competition and what the market for various types of services will bear. 

450 - Individuals are complex interdependent systems.  The organizations that we create within society are simply larger such systems composed of many individuals performing particular functions.

13 March 2003

451 - Destiny calls.  I would allow it to unfold as it will.  Actually, I would be an active agent in enabling it to unfold as it must.  That is a different way of looking at things.  In the later way, my will matters ... my will makes a difference in the world, especially if it is aligned with the will of consciousness.

452 - The Beyond Imagination material deserves to be heard ... to be read.  It deserves to have an audience.  How large that might be, only spirit knows.  Until I take the risk to publish and see what kind of response there is, I will not know. 

453 - We are meant to live our lives with no regrets.  That doesn't mean that we have to do and experience everything.  However, we do need to do and experience the things that are important to us. 

454 - No regrets doesn't mean that we have to do everything perfectly.  Good enough is sufficient.  In a resource constrained world ... we need to establish reasonable criteria for what is good enough.

455 - When my ego is involved in the process, the outcome is far from certain and is typically far different than I imagined it would be going into the situation. 

456 - I can come across as grandiose at times ... even extremely so.  I clearly think highly of myself and my abilities.  But then, how many have the presence of mind and the presence of spirit to express in this manner?

457 - I would bear the burdens of the world to facilitate the changes that must be made.  It matters not that no one asks that I bear these burdens.  It is sufficient that spirit reveals to me what is mine to bear and what is mine to do.  I am her willing servant. 

458 - Each moment that is wasted cannot be recovered.  But, we need to be careful about how we assess what constitutes waste. 

459 - Meditation and quiet time are important.  It is amazing what benefit silence can bring to one's life ... especially if it allows you to connect to and listen to the source within you. 

460 - Spirit is there, ever ready to communicate.  But, she awaits us to take the initiative and invite her to play an active role in our lives.  Even then, we must develop a relationship with her.

14 March 2003

461 - I have great expectations.  But, the work that is being done through me is of a nature that could ultimately have world impact.  Yes, the grandiosity is coming through again.  Clearly, I have a high opinion of myself and my abilities ... perhaps too high for my own good. 

462 - In effect, this is an extension of my memory ... an extension that exists in a medium that is freely shared with anyone who can find it. 

463 - Spirit works efficiently.  It seems an awful waste that all of this would have been generated and not used.  But, spirits ways are mysterious. 

464 - What counts is not what we have done in the past, but what we do from this moment forward. 

465 - Our lives are to be lived in the present with an eye to the future.  This does not mean we neglect the past.  It has its lessons to teach us.  We learn from it, and hopefully make better choices in the present. 

466 - We are ever in the process of choosing to express the grandest concept of our self that we can express. 

467 - The economic system requires an exchange of energy, not just an application of energy.  Here, I apply a lot of energy.  I believe it is in a way that will ultimately be of service to society ... but what must happen to turn this expression into a service? 

468 - How does society pay for the services that it consumes?

469 - Being able to name something is not the same as understanding what it is.  I tap source using my intuition.  However, that doesn't explain anything about the nature of source other than that it can connect to our intuition.

470 - My mission requires working closely together with others to create a new order ... perhaps even a new world order.  The order will be spiritually based because we are spirit in expression. 

15 March 2003

471 - We are all spirit expressing in flesh, here and now.  There is nothing but spirit.

472 - I would change the world.  Yes, I believe that my existence is to have world import somehow. 

473 - At this point, it seems that will happen through my works.  And, right now, these musings are my works.  Will they transform to something else in the coming quarter century?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Though, at this time I do not know to what. 

474 - Spirit defines the grand schemes and I take care of the details.  Though, even there, I don't tend to be detail oriented.  I live my life in very general terms.  In fact, much of what constitutes my world is abstract ... in the realm of ideas and ideals

475 - Belief management is one of the most important skills that we can learn.  Yet, as far as I know, it was not a course taught in any formal school that I attended in eighteen years from kindergarten through a MSEE at Stanford.

476 - Each of us have unique gifts and talents.  Part of our challenge is to find a way to use them in service to society and the world. 

477 - All that is asked of us is that we do our best ... that we be the best that we can be.  It is not for us to judge this in comparison to others, but in comparison to what we are capable of. 

478 - We know what we are capable of.  It is not easy to fool ourselves. 

479 - We each live in worlds of our own making.  We each create our own reality.  Such is how it has always been.  Though, it seems that we are entering a time where we have far more options and where the time from thought to manifestation is drastically reduced.

480 - Everything in our lives is there to teach us something.  Sometimes it takes many years to determine what that is. 

481 - Life is a grand adventure in consciousness.  That is exactly what it is meant to be.  Yet, it is also a physical sojourn ... and it is to be enjoyed in the body as well.  You can't do that if you neglect the things of the body in favor of the things of the mind and the spirit. 

16 March 2003

482 - It is spirit that is the wind beneath our wings.  She allows us to soar to heights that would not be possible for us otherwise. 

483 - When we make choices of desperation, we experience desperation.  To get beyond this we need to realize that it is our choices that are creating the reality that we experience ... and that we are free to make more empowering choices at any time.  For this, we need no permission.

484 - This expression keeps me one step removed from the edge, the place where the boundary between sanity and insanity blurs.  At times I may even cross the line.  But, generally, only for a moment.

485 - Being genuinely interested in others as individuals is not an acquired skill.  Yet, it seems to be crucial for building relationships. 

486 - We can do far more working together than the sum of what we can do working separately, that is provided we have the right working environment.  That last condition is a big one.  We are still in the process of learning what works and doesn't work for collective behavior. 

487 - We are so used to being independent that it takes extensive training to think and act in cooperatively interdependent ways. 

488 - We are responsible not only for ourselves, but for one another.  The sooner we realize this and act in a manner consistent with it, the sooner many of the problems that plague our society will start to diminish and vanish.

17 March 2003

489 - Life is meant to have an element of spontaneity.  This is what keeps us awake and alive. 

490 - I must live as I believe.  I must be true to what I know.  I must express what would be expressed through me, and I must be the best that I can be.  To do less and to be less is simply not acceptable

491 - We can read books, we can take classes, we can meditate, we can practice yoga, we can take walks in nature ... all of these help, but none of them necessarily trigger a change in awareness. 

492 - Ultimately that is what life is all about, the level of awareness that we are able to achieve and demonstrate.  Yes, the demonstration is important.  It is not enough to be something, we must also do something with whom that we are.

493 - The words in this expression have the potential to impact the world far longer than I am around.  Yes, I believe what flows through me is that important.  I only hope that I will be around long enough to see some of the impact.

18 March 2003

494 - The creative process continues to be a mystery.  I would have it no other way. 

495 - Destiny ... everything that is happening in my life supports achieving a spiritual destiny that I planned for myself long before I entered into this incarnation.  How can I know that?  I just do.  It feels right to me. 

496 - I've been watching my life unfold since my sophomore year in high school.  That is when I became aware of being aware of being in the process of knowing myself.  That is when I started on the path of metaphysics. 

497 - It is time for my reality to change.  I need to be engaged with others to carry out the work that I am meant to do.  There is only so much that I can do in isolation.  It seem that I've come close to maximizing this.

498 - I would be whom that I AM.  That is the only thing that I can be.  That is the only thing that I want to be.  It helps tremendously if what we want to be agrees with what we can be.

19 March 2003

499 - This expression is a record of a stream of consciousness ... a stream that anyone can follow, a stream that hopefully leads you to increased awareness of whom that you are and what you came to do. 

500 - Does the stream have a purpose?  To date, not that I can tell ... other than to be a vehicle for consciousness to express. 

501 - On my own, fate was pretty much in my hands.  I could do what it took to get the job done.  But, with cooperative endeavors, no one person has such power.  The rules of the game have changed ... and I have not yet learned how to play by the new rules. 

502 - My life is like that.  It is meant to serve as an example to others, an example of what spirit expressing in flesh can do in the world, an example of the difference that one person can make when they choose to serve humanity by serving spirit. 

503 - This expression is my legacy.  It is one of the gifts that I give to the world.  Actually, that spirit gives to the world through me. 

504 - I would change the world.  How's that for a goal?  Yes, it is a bit grandiose to think that I am capable of doing this.  Actually, maybe substantially more than a bit.  But, grandiose or not, there is a strong sense that this is exactly what I am destined to do. 

505 - I'm looking to meet kindred spirits with whom to enter into cooperatively interdependent relationships to do works that we mutually decide need to be done. 

506 - The very facts that this stream of consciousness expression exists and is shared in the manner that it is offer great hope for the world.  They show that we know far more than we ever dreamed that we knew.  Literally, our abilities are Beyond Imagination. 

507 - We are capable of so much.  All that is required is to unleash our potential by freeing ourselves from our self-imposed limitations. 

508 - We become so used to limitations that often we forget that they are limitations.  A quote comes to mind: none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. 

509 - Freedom is one of our most valued possessions.  But, it is something that we have to safeguard or we risk losing it. 

20 March 2003

510 - I come here because it is fun, and because it is fulfilling.  But, I also come here because I am compelled to do so, compelled by a force that I am not really at liberty to resist. 

511 - Spirit knows what she is doing.  And, she is definitely pulling the strings in my life.  Whether she is doing this in everyone's life, I can only guess.  My sense is yes, but it may not be in such a direct manner.

512 - What is the relationship between us and spirit?  In my framework, there is only one spirit that animates everything and expresses and experiences through everything.  The same spirit that animates me also animates you.  So, at a basic level, we are one. 

513 - What I choose to do and choose not to do will determine how aware people become of the works of Beyond Imagination.  The destiny of this endeavor is definitely in my hands now.  It has been for many years.  But, it is clearly so now.

514 - Change ... just how much of that is in store in the times ahead.  That is one thing that has been expanding at an exponential rate.  It has reached a point where it is simply amazing that we can even keep up with it.  Yet, collectively, we find a way. 

515 - The things that need to get done get done.  The things that need to get learned get learned.  In the process, we find ways to discover and to express whom that we are.  The process is amazing to behold.  It is truly amazing watching the plan of spirit unfold. 

516 - Each of us touch the lives of others.  Some of us do this more than others, but all of us do this to some degree. 

21 March 2003

517 - What makes me think that any of this is worthy of public consumption?  I enjoy what is expressed.  But, would others find it interesting or beneficial? 

518 - My sense is yes.  The chief reason for this is that it offers a fresh perspective.  It demonstrates consciousness in expression in a way that is rare and precious.  The mystery behind its expression makes it that much more interesting. 

519 - This is a spiritual vocation for me.  It is my soul’s duty if you will.  As such, I have no choice but to honor it.  This is a sacred responsibility for me. 

520 - We create community by giving of ourselves for the greater collective good. 

521 - Communities, as collective entities embody synergy when they are functioning well.  Actually, all organizations have the potential to do this.  But, it is only potential ... until the organization operates in a manner where the power of synergy can be evoked.

522 - One day at a time.  Allow things to unfold one day at a time.  Trust that each day brings you closer to your destiny.  You will be employed doing what you are meant to do soon enough. 

523 - Be ready to accept new challenges and opportunities that come your way. 

524 - There is no time to waste.  Every moment is precious.  Every moment offers the opportunity for us to make progress on our path.

525 - We are free to fashion our reality in any manner that we choose.  However, we bear full responsibility for all consequences of our choices as well. 

526 - It is amazing how much we are capable of when we apply ourselves fully to the tasks at hand. 

527 - This is the grandest of new days that there is.  The change of an age offers a completely new promise.  It marks the end of one way of life and the beginning of a new way.  Literally, the rules of the game change. 

528 - We have equal opportunity.  We can be whatever we want to be.  We can achieve whatever our abilities and focus allow us to achieve. 

529 - The free market provides a large variety of goods and services for us to choose from at competitive and fair prices. 

530 - We are truly blessed to live in this country. 

531 - One thing freedom does not guarantee is access to information.  We live in an information age.  We live in a world where information is power.  For information to be powerful, it must be controlled.  That means that someone decides who has a need to know what information.  

22 March 2003

532 - I want to find those people with whom I am meant to work to create the foundations for a new world.  At this point, I have no clue where to even start. 

533 - Clearly I am not normal.  I don't believe that I have ever been that.  But, I do believe that what I experience as reality will be far more commonplace in the not too distant future.

534 - Now is the time for a spiritual awakening, the likes of which the world has never seen before. 

535 - It is interesting to observe how this stream of consciousness twists and turns on its way to only spirit knows where.  I am not privy to the direction or the intended destination in advance, if indeed there is a destination for any of this.

536 - Each day takes us one step closer to our destiny ... whatever that may be.  One step at a time, doing each day what spirit moves us to do, that is how we achieve what we came to do. 

537 - Could my books be used as textbooks some day for classes on the nature of consciousness? Consciousness is as consciousness does.  This expression is what consciousness does ... at least in my life. 

538 - Whose job is it to look after the whole of society?  Shouldn't we be employing our best and our brightest to do this?  Yes, I consider myself in such august company.  But, because of this I feel an obligation to society to use my gifts in her service. 

23 March 2003

539 - To date, the expression has not reached anywhere near the audience that I thought it might when the Beyond Imagination site was created in 1995.

540 - This work shows consciousness in expression in a manner that is different than anything that I have ever seen expressed.  That makes it worth it.  It provides an example of what consciousness can do. 

541 - Because I have lived such an isolated life ... the evolution of my  consciousness and its awakening were relatively free from much of the dogma of society.  I have lived in a world of my own making for a good deal of my life. 

542 - One step at a time.  Each step builds upon the step before.  That is how life is lived.

543 - There is a reason that I am a systems engineer by profession.  What better systems to work on than the social systems that provide the very foundations for our world.  Here we are talking about the government, economy, educational system, and society itself. 

544 - We live in an interdependent world, like it or not.  There is no way to be independent in an interdependent world.  Interdependence requires cooperation for it to work smoothly.  Independence has no need for such.

24 March 2003

545 - It is amazing how quickly time flies by.  It makes it all the more important that we find a way to do something each day of lasting value ... something that at least has the potential to make a difference not only in our own life but in the lives of others. 

546 - What makes me think that a stream of consciousness is interesting enough to be worthy of attracting an audience?  I only know that the expression fascinates me.  It engages my mind and my consciousness in a way that nothing else that I have ever read does. 

547 - It is curious that I say have ever read ... even though this expression is generated through me.  But, I see it as I read it.  I experience it a word at a time as it comes forth.  It is as if I am reading something that is already completed. 

548 - That is one reason for entering into relationships with others.  If I find the right others, we can complement one another, assuring that we have the right skills for doing everything that needs to be done.

549 - My natural talents and abilities are such that I am perfectly suited to be doing exactly what I am doing.  If they were not, I would not be doing it. 

550 - There is no denying whom that I AM.  I must do as I am moved to do.  Spirit herself moves me and when she moves us there is no choice but to do her bidding.  No, this does not mean that I am a puppet ... or that I am controlled somehow.  My free will is still intact. 

551 - I firmly believe that we need to subjugate my will to THY WILL to accomplish our spiritual missions.  It is by allowing spirit to work through us, to express through us, that we do this.

25 March 2003

552 - Life is a journey, a magnificent journey.  However, we only see it as such if we approach it with the right attitude. 

553 - Attitude is everything.  It makes a phenomenal difference in what is experienced. 

554 - I am the authority in my own life.  We all are.  In fact, when you get down to it, we need no authority other than ourselves and the spirit within us.  These are always sufficient, but only if we listen to their council and follow them.

555 - A voice from beyond imagination speaks into my consciousness and I relay what she says.  What is of me versus what is through me?  There is no distinguishing this anymore.  Not that I ever could.  Everything comes through me. 

556 - The expression is what it is.  You are free to take it or leave it.  Take from it what you will.  Allow utility to be your guide.  Use whatever works for you, so long as it works for you ... then switch to something better whenever that comes along. 

557 - There is a time lag involved in reality creation.  This can be on the order of weeks and even months at times.  Be patient however.  In the end, things do indeed work out as they are meant to. 

558 - What we choose to do can help or can hinder the process, but it does not seem that it can change the end result ... not for the big things anyway

26 March 2003

559 - We take each day as it comes.  We apply ourselves where it seems that we can make a difference.  Whether we actually make a difference or not is a different matter.  The fact that we tried is ultimately what counts. 

560 - Our efforts are as important if not more important than our successes. 

561 - Ultimately, if we are persistent and innovative we will find a way to succeed at nearly any pursuit. 

562 - There is an unseen element, an intelligence that reveals itself to my mind that I may express it here.  But, is this intelligence not simply an aspect of me?  Does it not reside within my brain?  Why must I look to sources outside of the physical for this intelligence?  It just seems obvious that spirit, the ultimate source of this expression, is not confined to the walls of this body. 

563 - The question of which comes first comes to mind.  Does the state of consciousness create the corresponding brain states or the other way around?  My sense is that the state of consciousness comes first and creates the necessary organization to allow it to manifest in flesh. 

564 - Why am I not content to live my life as others do ... to count my many blessings, and enjoy my life as much as I can?  The bottom line is that such is not enough. 

565 - I am not content with what I have done.  I know that there is so much more that I am capable of doing, that I came into this existence to accomplish ... and I will not be satisfied until I have done what I must do.  It is that simple.  I am a man on a mission.  I know that.  It is an earthly mission, but it is one inspired by spirit herself. 

566 - My happiness is linked to how closely I am to carrying out my mission

567 - I would build the foundations that allow spirit to more fully express in flesh.  I know that I can do this because I have been able to establish such foundations in my own life ... in my mind and in my consciousness.  I share these with all who venture into this space that I call Beyond Imagination. 

568 - One learns what consciousness can be by walking in the shoes of where other consciousnesses have been.  I have always found that the great quotes were some of the best places to start.  They quickly take one to an altered state of consciousness, where the power of the quote is manifest. 

569 - Ideas have the power to move us deeply.  And, the right ideas at the right time have the power to change the world as we know it.

570 - I find it curious that I live such a private life, yet I freely share all that I share here.  You will know more about me from reading the works at Beyond Imagination than all but less than a handful of people know about me.  That is how few people I interact with. 

571 - There is something about the written word that is magical for me.  The fact that 26 letters, a space, and a few punctuation marks are sufficient to communicate so much is unreal.  Yet, so it is.

572 - If my craft is writing and practice makes one a master, then I should be getting close by now based on the volume of material that I have generated.  Yet, it seems that if this is so, I should be able to make my living from my craft as well.

27 March 2003

573 - How does what I express here fit into the grand scheme of things?  How does what I do contribute to the welfare of society ... to the betterment of the world?  Yes, that is the scale of difference that I would make. 

574 - Whether I am successful or not, only time will tell.  However, if I don't succeed, at least it will not be for lack of trying. 

575 - Consciousness is that powerful.  When she expresses, whole new realms of reality are born to be experienced by all who are drawn to them.

576 - I desire to live in a community ... yet, I sense it is one unlike any that has yet manifest on this Earth. 

577 - It seems that the world is ready to see communities based on new age principles arise, grow, and prosper.  These can then serve as prototypes that allow others to follow in like manner. 

578 - Communities are entities in their own rights.  They have properties of their own, above and beyond the individual properties of their constituents. 

579 - In a community, people cooperate and work together to achieve a common good and common reality that is better than the sum of individuals could have achieved alone.  They do this by choosing to participate in various ways in various types of organizations. 

580 - What we do makes all the difference in the world.  We can't emphasize that strongly enough.  We have the power to change the world.  However, it doesn't happen by thinking about it.  We have to take the next step and take action. 

581 - People will change when they are ready to change.  We have to give them the freedom to choose if, when, and how.

28 March 2003

582 - I was reading something earlier that dealt with the idea that one of the chief powers that we had was the control over our own thoughts.  Yet, this stream of consciousness runs completely counter to that idea.  I do not control what is expressed. 

583 - I am a unique expression of consciousness.  We all are.  We must be who we are.  Actually, that is all that we can be anyway. 

584 - Everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to unfold.  Spirit is ensuring that.  Yet, within the overall constraints of the play, individuals have free will that allows them to tailor the reality in their local vicinity. 

585 - We create our own reality.  We draw it unto ourselves via our beliefs ... and primarily our conscious beliefs at that. 

586 - If we don't like our experience, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  To change the experience, we need only to adopt more empowering beliefs.  Yes, it is that simple. 

587 - It is not clear how one teaches awareness to another.  There are things we can do to point the way, but ultimately it seems to be a leap that the mind needs to make beyond itself.  Awareness is beyond mind.  Then, what is beyond imagination? 

588 - My path is an individual one, one that spirit herself has guided me on.  It has no rites or rituals, nor does it have any sacred scripts.  It doesn't need any of these.  It reveals itself through the beauty of nature, through the revelation of truth within my mind, and through the recognition of spiritual truth in the creative expression of artists of all types. 

589 - Spirit would not lead us astray.  She always has our best interests at heart.

590 - Expressing spirit in flesh is the name of the game.  We do that by making thoughts conscious, and more than that, by doing what it takes to actualize the thoughts in the world. 

591 - To progress in life we have to be willing to let go sometimes so that something greater can come into our lives.  Unfortunately, we usually have to let go before we can embrace whatever comes next.

30 March 2003

592 - My medium is words.  The natural outlets for expressions in words are books.  It doesn't matter how few people read these days.  It doesn't matter how few are likely to pick up a metaphysical book.  Those who are meant to find me an my work will find a way to do so. 

593 - It is time for me to reach out and stretch beyond my limits.  That is what growing is all about.  We find our limits, then we take whatever steps are necessary to stretch beyond them.  We can do this at any time.  It is a matter of looking, finding, and overcoming. 

594 - This is a natural process.  Spirit has designed us for growth in this manner.  We are ever evolving into greater concepts of ourselves.  As our concepts change, our experiences change ... and hence our reality changes. 

595 - I believe that we each have a spiritual destiny to manifest.  Herein lies our opportunity for greatness.  We have each come to carry out a role in a spiritual master plan for the unfoldment of consciousness. 

596 - When all areas of our life are balanced, we are more effective in all that we do.  This more than makes up for the effort required to get us there.  However, we must take the first step and make the choice and the investment. 

597 - We must be willing to risk if we want to achieve rewards.  The bigger the risks, the bigger the potential for rewards.  But, there is a conservative side that says we should avoid risks where we can as they tend to lead to nothing but trouble. 

31 March 2003

598 - What matters to me is spirit and its expression in flesh.  It has to be in flesh, or the expression doesn't really count. 

599 - We can imagine a myriad of things, but we need to take them beyond imagination to make them real in our lives. 

600 - The words expressed here are my first step in doing this ... making the things of my imagination real.  The next step is to live the words.  I must live as I believe.  My life and my actions must be congruent with what I say that I believe. 

601 - I take responsibility for all that I create ... both consciously and other than consciously.  I accept all that I experience as the result of choices that I either have made or chose not to make.  Yes, the later are just as important as the former. 

602 - Actually, the most important of these choices are the beliefs that we have adopted.  These define the character of our life and the nature of the experiences that we draw into that life. 

603 - Every change starts with the adoption of a more powerful thought form.  . 

604 - As time goes by, other than conscious parts of me tend to become conscious parts of me.  That is what the process of self discovery is all about. 

605 - The self is very much like an onion with layer after layer to be unpeeled.  At times, it seems that there are so many layers that we may never get even close to the core. 

606 - But, then, in our quiet times ... when we look within, we find that still place from whence we spring.  It is in those times that we know whom that we are.  It is in those times that we are in touch with our inner self ... the seat of our soul.




1 April 2003

607 - We have a host of other than conscious forces within us that are actively engaged to do our bidding.  We task them primarily via our belief system. 

608 - What we do habitually ultimately determines our destiny. 

609 - We take one step at a time in that direction, but it is in that direction.  Unless we change, we will end up exactly where we are headed.  And, for most, this is exactly where we have been for ages. 

610 - Life is meant to unfold into ever greater and greater expression.  It does so naturally if we allow it to.  However, we have a tendency to get in our own way and set up roadblocks and impediments

611 - The fabric of reality is rich with meaning.  It is up to us to decide which sections and patterns to focus upon ... and then to determine what meaning to apply to what we find. 

612 - For any journey, we have to start with the first step.  And sometimes, it doesn't really matter in what direction we take that first step ... what is important is that we overcome the inertia and start to move. 

613 - We don't have to know the whole path when we start.  We only need to know enough to begin or to course correct and keep us moving in the right direction. 

614 - The unknown will be an ever-present part of our reality for all of our days.  It is time that we get used to that and accept it.  In fact, we can even find ways to use it to our advantage if we are innovative and think creatively. 

615 - It is out of the unknown that our greatest abilities come.  What we have experienced to date is only a small sample of what we can be if we harness the full power of spirit working through us.  Yes, it is that simple.  But, it is also that difficult. 

616 - The expression seems to have a mind of its own.  It knows where it wants to go and how to get there.  I'm just along for the ride much of the time.  I observe what comes through and am amazed that it can come forth through me. 

617 - Yet, it does.  And, I am left with the task of explaining how it is that this can happen.  I don't deny what I experience.  I embrace it and accept it.  Yet, at the same time, I know that it is more than me doing it ... at least more than the conscious parts of me. 

2 April 2003

618 - When we choose how to expend our efforts, we need to keep in mind that we should focus on doing those things which only we may be able to do ... those things which use our unique gifts and talents.  In doing so, we manifest the best that we can be. 

619 - Don't get me wrong ... I care deeply about society in general, and about the expression of spirit in flesh in the lives of individuals within society.  In fact, building the foundations that facilitate this is one of the primary reasons that I am here. 

620 - Source and I, me and source, are ONE in the only ways that matter.

621 - There is a part of me that says that I am meant to go it alone ... to remain the hermit, ever observing life from that framework and offering what I can of my wisdom to the world. 

622 - In this expression, I am interdependent on spirit herself to provide the very stream of consciousness that gets expressed.  Without spirit, none of this would exist ... none of this expression would have ever been captured

623 - At this point, my personal reality is still my primary concern.  But, my personal sense of reality is growing to encompass society and even the world.  What I care most about is how spirit is able to express in the world. 

624 - Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes for many reasons.  That does not mean there is not an element of surprise in what we experience.  The unknown is ever-present in virtually everything.  If it were not, life might be boringly predictable ... too much so to be tolerable. 

3 April 2003

625 - This expression is the one thing that I do that has a chance of surviving physically once I am dead and gone. 

626 - This is my greatest hope of making a real difference in the world.  My circle of acquaintances is relatively small.  Perhaps even very small by most peoples standards.  But, what I can do is generate words.  In particular, words that convey a meaning that consciousness would express through me at this time. 

627 - Consciousness will not be forced.  She reveals what can be revealed through us in each moment.

628 - The one thing still missing from my life is others ... especially when it comes to relationships of depth.  As I near my 45th birthday, my honest assessment is that no one other than me really knows who I am. 

629 - It is perfectly fine to be unconsciously competent.  However, it is typically preferable if we reach this state after we have become consciously competent. 

630 - To live as we believe, that is the admonition of our spirit.  It is curious that believe has the letters of the word live in the right order. 

4 April 2003

631 - I trust spirit enough to give her latitude in my life.  She doesn't need to convince me of anything.  I know that she has my greatest good in mind in all that she does. 

632 - There is something about spontaneous creative expression.  It elevates one to a whole new level of consciousness, especially when one experiences being aware of being the one through whom the creative expression is happening. 

633 - When spirit animates us in the manner, there is no denying our essence as spirit.  We become aware of whom that we are in ways that no other process allows.

634 - How do we create a better world?  How do we enable spirit to more fully express in flesh?  Yes, she needs our help in this endeavor.  We are her arms, her ears, her legs, her hands.  It is through us that she does her works in the world. 

635 - There is only spirit/consciousness in expression.  There is literally nothing else.  That doesn't mean that it is all light.  There are many areas of darkness and shadows.  But, these are only there until we find ways to shine light upon them. 

636 - In the end the restrictions that create the shadows will be alleviated.  The light will shine through, and the shadows will be no more.  And then, we will have to find other games to play ... games more worthy of our attention and energy. 

637 - The more cooperation, the greater the benefit.  It is that simple.  It is through cooperation that synergy is manifest.  As time goes by, we will find that the motivation to cooperate grows greatly.  Those who choose to do so benefit greatly. 

638 - I liken the stream of consciousness to a computer program.  Each sentence is like a line of code performing its intended function.  Since I don't know exactly what that is, it makes it difficult to decide what to keep and what to eliminate. 

639 - Being the creator of all of this ... or at least the one through whom it is created, I am clearly biased.  I think highly of my own work.  Perhaps we all do.  Yet, I know enough to know that such expression as this is rare. 

640 - Consciousness can get very convoluted at times as she bends back and reflects on herself. 

641 - Utopias don't have to be things of the imagination only, they can be real, they can be manifest in flesh.  However, it takes more than wishful thinking to make such things so.  We have to choose to act in accord with the vision.  We have to act as if the world that we desire already exists.

5 April 2003

642 - We should be compensated in some manner for the work that we do ... all work that we do.  We may not be paid for it.  But, there are other forms of compensation.  Job satisfaction, self-worth, and happiness are three that come to mind immediately.  I'm sure there are many others.

643 - How do I get the expression that is Beyond Imagination into the consciousnesses of more people ... in particular, into the people who are to help build the foundations for a new world? 

644 - There is a reason that I am a wayshower.  There is a group of people out there to whom I am to show the way.  Is this group one, one hundred, one hundred thousand, or ... ?  It is what it is.  And I shall find out what that is in due time. 

645 - There is something about this stream of consciousness expression that is unique.  There is literally nothing else like it.  How do I know that?  Clearly I haven't read everything.  But, I have read a lot.  And I don't recall anything similar. 

646 - This stream of consciousness challenges conventional knowledge as to what should be possible for a being to experience and to express.  Awareness has this way of poking holes in conventional foundations. 

647 - When we awaken, our consciousness operates at a whole new level ... one that could not be predicted from anything that we did or experienced before. 

648 - I continue to express as consciousness would have me express.  Even after a decade, there is still a sense of mystery and magic to all of this.  Consciousness unveils herself piece by piece, but there is always an unknown element in the expression. 

649 - It is this unknown that excites the explorer within me.  It is in search of this unknown that I venture out of my own consciousness to try to experience something more, something greater than I know myself to be. 

650 - My own consciousness is the tool through which I search and my experience is what I find.  Yes, this is different than most.  What I find is different because my consciousness is different and what I search for is different. 

6 April 2003

651 - Our subjective experience is as real if not more real than our objective experience.  It just exists in a different realm, one that won't be poked and prodded.

652 - In this very expression, I ask you to walk in the footsteps of my consciousness to catch a glimpse of the reality that is Wayne's World.  You may or may not like what you find.  You may consider me to be out of my mind.  That is OK.  I do myself at times. 

653 - Consciousness has chosen to give me some interesting experiences to integrate.  And, she's done this without having the benefit of being able to use others as a sounding board for how reasonable some of the ideas expressed were.

7 April 2003

654 - While I've been searching for likeminded others with whom to interact and work ... I haven't really found such in my journeys to date.  Those others who I have found that are awake are following their own paths already. 

655 - I need to be an active member of society yet at the same time retain my individuality and solitary nature.  This seems to be somewhat of a contradiction in terms.  However, it is not.  My body is already a society of billions of individual cells cooperating together so that I can experience reality as a solitary being.  Why should membership in society be any different? 

656 - Individuals with free will are much more difficult to get to cooperate than the cells of the body.  They have much less incentive to cooperate ... especially when they have been trained to compete from an early age, and that only the fittest survive. 

657 - One day at a time.  That is how we get from where we currently are to any destination.  It helps to remember that enjoying the process is more important than reaching the destination. 

658 - We may or may not have the right destination in mind.  However, if the process is right, it will take us to exactly where we need to be. 

659 - The creativity of consciousness seems to know no bounds.  She always finds more to express in more and more effective ways. 

660 - One thing that disturbs me is the waste or inefficient use of resources.  If we are going to do something, we need to do it right ... and we need to do it with as few resources as necessary so that other resources are freed to do other things that need to be done.

661 - What is it that I can do that no one else can do in the same way?  Those are the things that I am here to do?  Those are the things that I need to find?  This expression seems to be one of those things.  Though, it is not clear what its ultimate utility is.

662 - What is a change in one's state of consciousness worth?  Can I guarantee that such will be an outcome of reading this?  No, there are no guarantees.  But, there is a strong likelihood. 

663 - By walking in my shoes for awhile, by experiencing what this consciousness has thought ... you get to take a journey of sorts to another realm, one that is probably foreign to your habitual way of thinking, and hence may serve as a stimulus to wake you up just a bit. 

664 - My words provide an example of what one can tap into.  It is my job to bring the words forth and share them in this manner. 

665 - Different things work for different people.  What is wrong is forcing ways on people that are incompatible with their basic natures.  That presumes that we have some means of determining the basic nature of people.  Here psychology can help, as can some metaphysical disciplines. 

666 - My chief task is to build the foundations for a new world.  We will know that the foundations have been built when we see that the world has changed in major ways for the better.  These will not be imperceptible changes.  They will be very visible.

8 April 2003

667 - Relationships ... that is the core of the difficulty.  I have not established the appropriate relationships to allow me to thrive as a being in the world.  At least, I've developed the one relationship that seems to count the most, my relationship to spirit, to consciousness herself. 

668 - There is always more to us to fathom.  Further, there are always parts of us that may be unfathomable, no matter how hard we try to comprehend them.  Some things are simply beyond our minds power to understand. 

669 - There is a unknown realm of consciousness.  Part of that realm will always remain unknown.  We will always have things for which we can seek.  We will always have an unknown territory to explore.  That is just the way that it is. 

670 - The unknown offers us a realm that challenges whom that we are and forces us to grow into what we may become.  However, it only does this if we have the courage to face it and play with what it has to offer to us.

671 - Mystery is a very good thing.  It engages us and enlivens us in ways that nothing else does.  Mystery is able to touch the spirit in us.  It is akin to the sacred.  It stirs our souls.  And, our souls need to be stirred at times.

672 - Twenty five years to build the foundations for a new world.  That is the key task I know to be mine.  Yes, it is a big task.  Yes, it is too big for any one person to do.  I will be forced to find others with whom to cooperate and share the burden.  But, find each other we shall. 

673 - There is only so much that I can express on my own ... even with my connection to spirit being as strong as it is.  Cooperative interdependence is the next step.  It is one that does not happen automatically, but voluntarily. 

674 - Here, I am free to express whom that I AM.  It is strange.  I do so freely, without even knowing to whom I am expressing. 

675 - In a very real way, I am what I express.  Yet, I am more than that as well.  I am the entity that is aware of what I am expressing even as I express it. 

676 - You came as a troubleshooter of sorts.  You are able to see where spirit flows smoothly and where it is blocked.   Part of your job is to find the restrictions and remove them.  This makes you a spiritual healer of sorts ... but for society as a whole, not for individuals. 

677 - Whatever gifts we are given are meant to be used in service to spirit.  Serving society, serving humanity is serving spirit.

678 - That is one of the measures of success after all.  Did we leave the world a better place for our having lived? 

679 - Our founding fathers claimed that one of our inalienable rights was the pursuit of happiness.  They said nothing about actually finding and achieving this state of consciousness. 

680 - Self-assessment is difficult work.  And, one may not like what one finds.  But, it is better to know where one’s strengths and weaknesses lie than to wander through life unaware. 

681 - With knowledge, there is also the potential for selfwork, growth, and improvement. 

682 - It is up to the individual as to how much they want to do to achieve their potential.  We all have far greater potential than most of us even begin to suspect.  We will be amazed at what we can accomplish when we put our minds and our hearts to it. 

683 - We are capable of so much.  The question mark is how much of this we will actualize and manifest in our life?  This depends on what we choose to do.  This depends on whom we choose to be.

684 - There is a sense that all of this was an elaborate computer programming process, one that enabled my brain/mind to establish data structures that allowed me to perceive the world in new ways. 

685 - In particular, they allowed me to see the synchronicities that existed and as a result to become convinced without a doubt that there is a spiritual world embedded in the symbol systems of the physical world. 

686 - I haven't been too concerned about making things happen, or about imposing my will to force them to happen.  Though, it seems that in failing to do so, I have kept one of the major tools in my arsenal for reality creation in its holster. 

687 - My will is a powerful force that awaits to be unleashed.  It is not a monster.  It will not run amouk and create a mess of things.  Its job is to apply itself to achieve whatever it is that I desire.  Yes, that means I need to be careful about what I desire. 

688 - It seems that more things in life should be extraordinary.  It takes work to make them so however.  Though, when done right, it is not clear that it takes more work to do things in an extraordinary way than to do it in an ordinary way. 

689 - We need a touch of the miraculous in our lives.  This brings a level of richness that nothing else does.  What does it take to see the miraculous?  First, we must be in search of the miraculous.  This means adopting an attitude regarding how the spiritual manifests in the material world. 

690 - The miraculous appears in nearly everything.  There is so much that is unknown that the realm of the miraculous is wide open.

691 - Ultimately, everything comes down to utility ... does the information serve us or does it not?  We are the only ones who can judge that for ourselves.

9 April 2003

692 - Our beliefs must have some basis in reality.  It is alright to stretch things so that we force ourselves to grow and we can do this by setting our beliefs about what we are to something bigger than we are at present.  But, we need to be careful to take small steps. 

693 - Special numbers come up quite often.  I take these as confirmation that spirit is a work in my life.  Perhaps the numbers come up so often because I am looking for them.  Then again, perhaps it is the universe trying to tell me something.

694 - How do we decide what is ours to do versus what to leave for others to do?  The first test is whether the task requires our talents.  The second test is whether the task really needs to be done.  The third test is whether we are moved to do the task. 

695 - We are all incredible beings capable of doing extraordinary things.  We don't always live up to this.  But, if we look closely we will find that parts of our lives are indeed miraculous.

11 April 2003

696 - I choose to actively engage whom that I AM in this expression.  Yet, it is an expression that is still a mystery to me ... even after over a decade.  It comes forth automatically.  I don't think about it, or organize it in any way.  It is simply a stream of consciousness. 

697 - Yes, I believe strongly in destiny, especially spiritual destiny.  In some ways, it is as if I have no choice in the matter ... but that is only because I have already made my choice.  I have chosen to serve spirit.  That was a big choice. 

698 - Most of the little choices I don't really care much about.  Yes, they matter.  But, the sense is that if we focus on the big things and get them right, the little things will take care of themselves.

699 - Each year makes it rougher to live up to the standards set in the past year.  Though, it is strictly me that imposes this condition on myself. 

700 - Here I am engaged in the dance of consciousness in a way that nothing that I was ever taught prepared me for.  Am I good at it?  I believe so, but you'll have to judge that for yourself

701 - $1 per word seems to be a fair value for this work.  That would allow me to generate enough money to get the foundations of Beyond Imagination rolling as well ... something that has bogged down to date for a variety of reasons

702 - Beyond Imagination is more than this expression.  It is about doing things to create the foundations for a new world. 

703 - This expression demands a level of openness on the part of the reader.  Without this openness, much of the message is lost.  Then again, we're not asking that the book reach millions of people ... though that would be nice.  Tens of thousands would be respectable and more reasonable.

704 - How much do I believe in myself and my abilities?  Not enough to venture out on my own without a contract providing financial backing … yet, enough to believe that I am creating exactly those circumstances required for my liberation here and now.

12 April 2003

705 - My memory is such that I don't remember what is expressed from paragraph to paragraph, much less what is expressed from day to day. 

706 - What is done is done.  All that we can do is move on from here and express what spirit would have us express next.  At this point we still don't know what that will be.  We never really know until we see it happening.  Even after a decade, the process is still a mystery. 

707 - Mysteries are good.  They challenge us and keep our interest.  Not everything is meant to have an explanation, especially a logical explanation.  Some things simply defy logic ... they exist in a realm outside of that in which logic or even rationality has power. 

708 - We can use intuition to help find or assign the meaning to things.  We all have powerful intuitions.  Though, most of us have blocked the channels through which this intuition can pass information to us consciously. 

709 - When we learn to touch the depths of our soul ... we also reach out and touch spirit.  These two things go hand in hand.  We cannot achieve one without the other.

710 - Who knows what pearls of wisdom might be captured?  At any time the ideas necessary for my liberation or the liberation of others may be expressed. 

711 - The world is alive with spiritual meaning.  It is everywhere that we look.  It is embedded in all of the symbol systems of the world.  Everything has not one, not two, but multiple meanings. 

712 - These meanings are in varying contexts that can have little to nothing to do with one another.  Most people don't see any spiritual meaning in the world.  However, they can be made to see it if it is pointed out to them clearly. 

713 - A select few already catch glimpses of spiritual meaning ... maybe even vistas of it.  They can be assisted to see even more.  Further, they can be enlisted to serve as wayshowers for others. 

714 - It is time people realize that they are spiritual beings living in a spiritual world. 

715 - It is time we realize that most of our social problems are spiritual problems and that if we want to fix them, we are going to have to find spiritual solutions. 

716 - We need to find ways to embrace others regardless of their differences.

13 April 2003

717 - I would say that I am more awake and more aware than most.  But it has cost me a lot to get to this state.  Yet, the cost was for the most part a labor of love.  It was something that I did because I was moved to do it and because I enjoyed doing it. 

718 - How could something be so supremely important to me yet have so little importance to others?  I never really did figure out an answer to that.  The closest I came was a realization that each of us are on our own path and will draw to us those beliefs and experiences necessary to our own growth and development along that path. 

719 - It is not for us to impose our way on anyone else.  We can freely share our way with all who care to listen.  Indeed, we are encouraged to do so.  For, great benefits can come from such sharing.  But, we must allow others the freedom to take away what they will in their own way and use it in whatever manner they see fit.

720 - It is by sharing that we evoke the power of synergy.  We can learn from one anothers failures as well as successes ... and in doing so as a whole make fewer of the same mistakes and experience far more successes. 

721 - It is amazing what we can do when we put our mind to something, especially if our heart is set on it as well.  The mind and heart operating together is a very powerful combination indeed. 

722 - We need something in our life that we can be passionate about.  It doesn't matter what it is, but it needs to have the power to move us deeply. 

723 - When I am dead and gone, this expression will be what is left to show for the life that I have lived.  Is it worth my life?  Yes, this expression is worth living for.   I can't think of anything at this moment that is worth dying for. 

724 - We are meant to live in an interdependent society.  Actually, we already live in one, we just are not consciously aware of all of the interdependencies.

14 April 2003

725 - I don't seem to think as others think.  I don't seem to feel as others feel.  I don't seem to be aware in the same way that others are aware.  We are different in so many ways. 

726 - Spirit can express freely regardless of the amount of restriction and oppression imposed ... though it does seem to take exceptional souls to demonstrate this to us. 

727 - Spirit is amazing, however.  She can literally move mountains if necessary to effect her works in the world. 

728 - Yet, it seems she does most of this by revealing ideas and ideals to us ... ideas whose time we realize has come ... ideas we believe so strongly in that we are able to do what it takes to manifest them.  This is no small feat.  But, we are grand creatures ... and ours is a grand endeavor.

729 - These writings are my children ... probably the only ones that I will have in this existence. 

730 - I trust that the words come from spirit.  And, because of this, they have a level of credibility to me that I don't need to question. 

731 - Though, I do remember being warned by a teacher about accepting anything without question.  That hasn't stopped me.  I've been believing things ... and believing them strongly for nearly a decade. 

732 - It is amazing what firsthand experience brings into ones life ... especially in the spiritual domain.

733 - We are masterful creators already ... each and every one of us.  We are creating exactly the reality that we experience, every aspect of it. 

734 - Some of us might not like what we have created.  However, the only place to lay blame is with ourselves.  We create our own reality.  We always have, and we always will.  There are no exceptions to this. 

735 - Nothing happens to us by chance.  Nothing is forced upon us by others.  It may appear so under the circumstances ... but we co-create the circumstances out of what we believe.

736 - I'm anxious to get on with my life ... to achieve the destiny that I am meant to achieve. 

737 - I would make a difference with my life, a large difference for many if I can. 

738 - I will be what I need to be.  I will do what I need to do.  I will do this because I must, because it is necessary for the accomplishment of my mission.  Failure is not an option, in this I must and will succeed.  This is important to me, this matters ... perhaps more than anything else that I do.

739 - I engage in this dance of consciousness.  

15 April 2003

740 - At some point, I run out of free time in my days to apply to this endeavor.  Then, to do more I need to find ways to enlist and harness the support of others.  Hmm ... I hadn't thought about this before.  But that is indeed how I do more. 

741 - In this day and age, no one should be living in poverty.   We have more than enough economic capacity to produce the goods and services needed by everyone in society.  It is a matter of choosing to distribute these goods and services where they are needed. 

742 - There is something about exploring the realms of the unknown, especially the unknown of consciousness that excites me.  This is what I do.  If I knew how to make it my vocation ... I would do so. 

743 - There is a book with the title Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow.  I firmly believe this.  And, this expression is what I love to do, at least in the moment.  So ... how do we get the final part of the clause to kick it?  And, how much money are we talking about? 

744 - If we would change the world, we will have to do so through ideas ... ideas whose time has come. 

745 - Often, we do not know ourselves as well as we might think.  However, spirit is never fooled.  She knows us far more intimately than we know ourselves.  Because of this she knows what is in our best interest ... always. 

746 - How would I make the world a better place?  I would start with rebuilding the foundations of society ... the government, the economy, the educational system and I would ensure that underneath it all was a strong spiritual foundation. 

747 - Without this spiritual foundation, nothing else that we do will succeed in the Aquarian Age.  It is that simple.  This is an Age of Spiritual manifestation unlike anytime that has existed before.  Consciousness is about to flower in ways that she has never done. 

748 - We have seen hints of what she is capable of in individuals here and there.  However, we are about to see consciousness unleashed on a massive scale through organizations of people that have never chosen to cooperate in such a manner before. 

749 - And the works that will be achieved and the forces that will be unleashed will truly be beyond imagination.  We live in an interesting time in the history of humankind ... in the history of consciousness. 

750 - There is a plan of consciousness that is being enacted.  Day by day it is being unveiled.  Where it is leading and what we will be able to do once we get there remains to be seen ... but the sense is that miracles will be as child’s play. 

751 - We are that powerful.  We are creators of a very high order.  It is time we recognized this, and took responsibility for whom that we are.  Some do this more than others.  But, most do not do this anywhere near enough. 

16 April 2003

752 - We truly live in remarkable times.  That I can express something and within minutes post the information for the world to see is simply amazing.  It is a testament to our times ... and the nature of the information age. 

753 - Why put in the nearly 3 hour investment each day?  Is there not something better that I could be doing with my time?  At this point, I would have to answer no.  I do what I do because I can and because I must.  I am driven to do it by an inner prompting of spirit. 

754 - The investment results in a tangible product.  There is a sequence of words, on the order of 2000 words per day that are captured as this stream of consciousness comes forth.  Each day, something is created ... something that contains ideas, some of which may potentially change the world as we know it. 

755 - As you walk though my states of consciousness word by word, idea by idea ... you experience something that you could not otherwise experience.  Only you can judge whether the experiences that result are of value to you. 

756 - These thoughts are real to me.  The ideals conveyed herein may still be in the clouds ... but I have a strong desire to build the foundations under them that allow them to be realized on earth. 

757 - There are always ways to do anything that we do more efficiently and effectively thereby freeing us up to be able to be more and do more.  Sometimes this involves delegating tasks that others can do to others so that we can free ourselves to do those tasks more suited for us to do. 

758 - By more suited, in many cases I mean tasks that only we can do elegantly.  Yes, elegantly is the operative word here.  It implies effectively with the most efficient use of resources.  Yes, that is asking a lot.  But that should be the goal that we strive for ... to do everything with elegance. 

759 - Spirit knows what she is doing, even when we do not.  We can count on her to guide us and to protect us.  She takes us to where we need to go.  She brings unto us what we need to experience. 

760 - Life is a process of the ever increasing expression of spirit in flesh.  We are an active part of that process.  The more active we can be in this the better.  The more fully we can allow spirit to express through us, the better for us and for everyone our life touches.  It is that simple. 

761 - The search for self, the search for soul is the greatest endeavor of the first part of our life.  The expression of what we find is the greatest endeavor of our whole life.

17 April 2003

762 - This is my bread and butter.  This is my staple.  On this expression, everything else rests.  Without this, everything else crumbles.  Yes, it is that powerful and that important.  And, I know it.  Because of that, I choose to expend my time in this manner. 

763 - I freely choose to come here to engage in this stream of consciousness expression.  I consider it to be the most productive use of my time that I could engage in.  Just look at the record that has been produced as a result of this choice made over the course of a decade. 

764 - Look at how many words have been expressed that would otherwise not have been expressed. 

765 - It is obvious that I take pride in what I am able to create here.  There is something about creative expression that brings out the best in us.  It activates us in ways that nothing else does.  For me, it allows my consciousness to soar to new heights ... an experience that the explorer in me is ever in search of. 

766 - Some things are worth standing up for.  However, we need to be careful that the things that we choose to fight for are things that truly matter ... and not just matter to us, but matter in the larger context of society.

767 - How is it that all of this great stuff is able to come through me ... but doesn't seem to reach anyone other than me?  Surely, this is not all being done for my edification alone.  I guess it could be, but that seems like such a waste of resources. 

768 - Why am I so moved to share all of this?  This is especially interesting since I am such a private and quiet person in general.  Yet, there is this driving need to reveal this side of me to the world.  No, it is not all of me.  But, it is a lot of me. 

769 - I would share of whom that I AM with the world.  Further, I would do what I can to help make Wayne's World manifest in the world.  This is what Beyond Imagination is all about, to date anyway. 

18 April 2003

770 - Giving birth to the expression is one thing.  Getting it out into the minds and hearts of people is quite another. 

771 - Cooperative interdependence is the wave of the future.  It is the only way that we can continue to exist and to thrive in the times that are ahead. 

772 - The world is interdependent now.  In many ways, it has always been ... even when we believed that we could remain isolated and independent.  However, with our technology the world is a much smaller place in many ways than it has ever been. 

773 - What happens in one part of the world is felt in many others.  We live in a very intricate web ... and the web gets more and more intricate with each passing day.

774 - Why am I so moved to share all of this in this manner?  I don't really know, it just seemed to be the right thing to do.  It feels right to me.  There is a sense that this will allow it to be of some benefit somehow ... perhaps even to people that I never get to know. 

775 - Feedback is extremely important in systems.  It is what allows them to stay within their operating ranges so that they can function effectively. 

776 - In a social system, we need frequent honest feedback to allow us to identify what is not working and adjust our processes to try to improve things. 

777 - We won't always succeed the first time.  That is why it is so important to keep on trying.  Failure is not the enemy.  Failure is not something we avoid at all costs ... except perhaps in specific areas such as manned space flight. 

778 - Failure is part of the learning process on the way to success.  The sooner we see it as such, the sooner we will be able to see the gifts that each failure has to offer us.  Look at nearly every famous inventor.  All of them failed many times on the road to their success. 

779 - As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Find a way to take the first step, then the next, then the next after that.  You will be amazed at where it all leads. 

780 - The creativity of consciousness is without measure.  It exceeds any and all bounds that we try to place on it.  Once it is unleashed in our lives, we can never go back to being what we were before.  For we are awakened to the spirit that we are.  We have touched the fire within.

19 April 2003

780 - I would live a life of spirit.  I know of no other way to live.  In living in this manner, I would do what spirit moves me to do.  It is not that I do not have a will of my own.  I have just chosen to subjugate it to the will of spirit herself. 

781 - There are no absolute truths.  There is only our experience ... and often only our remembrance of what we think that we experienced.  This may or may not bear any resemblance to our actual experience.

782 - What would I do if the limits that presently bind me were unleashed?  That is an interesting question.  Would I live my life differently?  Would I make different choices?  Would I be a different person?  Would I express differently? 

783 - In all of these areas I am free to be different already.  It takes no input from outside authority.  For that matter, it doesn't necessarily even take any resources.  It is amazing how many of the things that truly matter in life are free.  Most of it is a matter of attitude. 

784 - It is important to go through life being the best that we can be.  Some people are as a candle in the wind ... ever fearful of being blown out.  It is much better to go through life as a blazing torch, not only lighting our own way but helping to light the way for others in the process. 

785 - Our mission is just that, our mission.  It is for us to seek and find it.  We can turn to others for help, but ultimately this is something that we have to learn and do for ourselves. 

786 - What sets me apart from others?  Physically, I am much the same.  My formal education, many thousands have had as well.  The twenty years of metaphysical reading and study sets me apart.  Then, the ten years of expression at Beyond Imagination put me into a whole new category of information generator.  It is this final step that made the greatest difference. 

787 - My awareness expands each time consciousness expresses through me ... especially when something new is expressed.  I'm ever having to expand my concepts of reality and reality creation to account for what this expression brings into my life. 

788 - This is more than mind-expanding.  This is consciousness expanding,  This is beyond mind, it is beyond imagination.  Imagination is a very powerful tool in our arsenal for reality creation.  However, consciousness does not restrict herself to the tools of the mind, though she uses these to the degree that they can be used. 

789 - I would be a unique individual.  Yet I would also build the foundations for a new society.  Yes, me, one who barely belongs to any society at present.  Perhaps that is the issue.  I need to build the foundations for a society that would be worthy enough for me to want to be a member of. 

790 - I exist within a society, but we have no contract ... or for that matter, even expectations of one another.  Don't get me wrong.  I am blessed to be born a citizen of one of the greatest embodiments of freedom in the world.  However, even America has its limits. 

791 - We will give up some of our independence for interdependence because we will see the necessity of it.  And, via cooperation, synergy will kick in to give us rewards beyond anything we had even dreamed. 

792 - We already live in an interdependent world.  The sooner we accept this consciously, the sooner we can start to take advantage of how reality creation works in such a world ... the sooner we can start to create the world that we choose to live in. 

793 - Yes, we are that powerful.  Yes, the times are such that the decision is ours to make.  We can manifest the world of our dreams, and we can do it now ... literally within years, not decades or centuries.

20 April 2003

794 - Cooperation is what it is all about.  That is how social systems function effectively ... through the cooperation of their members.  Here, we must do our part.  Cooperation is a mutual endeavor.  It is not achieved unilaterally, though that does indeed provide a start. 

795 - Synergy kicks in when multiple parties are engaged.  And, it is the power of synergy that we are seeking.  This is the power that can transform the world, that can alter it beyond our wildest imaginations.  But, we have to believe.  And, we have to do our parts. 

796 - It also doesn't help that religions hold power as organizations in the world.  The Catholic Church is one example.  It is one of the richest organizations in the world ... yet many of its constituents are among the poorest.  Something is wrong in this.

797 - Yet, at the same time, it does provide a service.  If it didn't, it would not be in business.  Yes, business.  Religion is very much a business enterprise these days.  Most religions anyway.  And, big business at that. 

798 - Our consciousness demands the freedom to be more and to express more.  To do this requires increased awareness.  Everything comes down to that crucial factor ... awareness.  The Aquarian Age is to be an age of awareness beyond which any have been before. 

799 - How do I announce to people that I exist, and that such a site as Beyond Imagination exists and has material that could be beneficial to them?  Were I to be searching, without knowing about it, I would not expect that such a site existed. 

800 - Whatever we ask for will be brought into our reality in one way or another.  It may or may not be as we anticipate or expect.

801 - For most of us, the garden of our beliefs is unkempt and overgrown with weeds.  As a result, it is not really clear what we will get from it.  The first order of business is to get our beliefs in order. 

802 - One belief that helps in this is that there are no beliefs so hidden that we cannot reach them. 

803 - Reality is subjective.  The whole process of reality creation is subjective.  It is not clear that the sciences will ever offer us answers in these domains.  These are the domains of the spiritual. 

804 - Yes, we will find that there are physical and mental counterparts to the spiritual parts of us.  However, it is not clear how much of a picture these will give of the corresponding spiritual domain. 

805 - Freedom doesn't mean that we don't have obligations.  In fact, when we are free, it seems we are in the best position to be able to accept those obligations that are rightly ours to bear. 

806 - Each of us have responsibilities ... sacred responsibilities that we must carry out during our life.  The sooner that we accept this and accomplish it the better.

21 April 2003

807 - We are each special and unique.  Spirit would have us celebrate this and allow it to permeate all that we do. 

808 - Personally, I find the unknown fascinating.  It is the appropriate realm in which spirit can be engaged in the pursuit of higher knowledge.

809 - It is from my spirit, not my mind, that much of this originates.  And spirit’s depths are very deep indeed ... perhaps even unfathomable. 

810 - Do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.  That is the spiritual directive that I follow.  To date, it has never steered me wrong ... not that I know of anyway. 

811 - What does it take to get people to awaken ... to become aware of the true spiritual beings that they are so that they can begin to behave congruently with this? 

812 - Never underestimate the spiritual component of individuals.  It is there in each of us, a giant waiting to be unleashed to do its works in our lives.  But, it only operates by invitation.  We have to choose to make it an active part of our lives. 

813 - Each of us came into this existence for a purpose, and probably not one but many purposes.  Some of us are more single-minded than others.  For me, right now anyway, this expression is it.  This is where I live my life.  This is where I choose to expend my free time. 

814 - The only thing I find lacking is the fellowship and friendship of others.  But, that has been lacking for my entire life to date.  Why is that?  Most of it is my own attitude toward people.  I consider myself to be essentially a hermit.  As such, I have effectively isolated myself from others. 

815 - There is no way for me to build the foundations for a new world on my own.  This will demand close collaboration and cooperation with others ... most likely many others. 

816 - If my rough count is right, we are rapidly approaching 3 million words.  Yes, that is a lot of expression.  It would be impressive for a lifetime.  But, that it has come forth part time in ten years is remarkable. 

817 - I can't imagine a more positive spiritual experience than what this expression has brought into my life.  I've shared it here as intimately as I can to give you a taste of what is possible. 

818 - It is not clear that the words do justice to the spiritual states that they attempt to describe, but they are as close as I can come at the moment.  My hope is that by reading these words you will be triggered to enter similar states of consciousness to those that I have experienced.

22 April 2003

819 - I feel a sense of duty to use the many gifts that I have been given in service ... primarily in service to spirit, but in service to society, humankind, and even the whole world in the process. 

820 - Can what one person does have that much impact?  Can it make that much of a difference?  I have to believe that the answer is yes.  That is one of the reasons I choose to express for consciousness as I do. 

821 - It is good to have a little magic and mystery in one's life.  Not everything needs to be explained.  Sometimes it is enough to be aware of some of the mechanics of a process to put it to use in our life.  We don't need to know everything, just enough to apply the process.

822 - How would I go about changing the world ... especially I, who have had so little to do with the world for so much of my life to date?  It does indeed seem ironic to say the least.  But irony or not, my mission is as it is, and it will either come to pass or not. 

823 - My sense is that I came into this existence by choice, specifically to play a particular role, to accomplish a particular mission.  And, I will do my utmost to carry out that mission to the best of not only my abilities but those whom I can enlist to assist me. 

824 - Synergy does indeed accrue from group endeavors when they are run properly.  Further ... it is only through cooperative endeavors that the potential for synergy exists at all. 

825 - It is curious that I, the epitome of the loner, would see myself as a world server and world transformer.  But that is exactly how I see myself and my role.  It doesn't matter that I live such an isolated life. 

826 - It takes a lot of courage to allow spirit to express her will in our lives. 

827 - There can be a fear that we will lose our sense of self in the process.  Quite the contrary.  I have found that I have gained not lost my sense of self through this expression. 

828 - I'll see it when I believe it versus I'll believe it when I see it.  These are two different ways of looking at reality.  How do we know when we've allowed our beliefs to jump into the realm of mere wishful thinking?  Does that even matter? 

829 - Can we not make wishes come true as well if we apply the appropriate effort? 

830 - Effectively, I am the container that spirit fills.  She can only take the shape of the forms that I provide for her.  The container that matters most to me is clearly that of my consciousness.  It is this that I allow spirit to fill as she will.

23 April 2003

831 - Each day is a new adventure.  We never know when it begins just where it will take us. 

832 - When the time is right, the means will be obvious.  That is simply the way that it works for me.  Perhaps it works that way for others too.

833 - There is a sense that it is time for Beyond Imagination to take off as an organization rather than as an individual endeavor.  That requires getting people to join and make commitments of their resources, time, and energy towards the pursuit of building the foundations for a new world.  Whatever skills are needed will be available within those who are attracted to Beyond Imagination to serve.  We serve one another, we serve society, we serve humankind, we serve the world, and we serve spirit ... not necessarily in that order.

834 - It is time to take charge of my life in a way that I have never done before.  The sense is that I need to consciously decide my fate and do what it takes to put me on the path that gets me there. 

835 - We've relied on consciousness for many years, and she has served us faithfully.  However, it seems that it is time to take responsibility for our own destiny and set our own course. 

836 - Elegance is one of the prime directives of spirit.  Spirit ever seeks to express in more and more elegant ways.  Elegance involves achieving a given result with the most efficient use of resources.

837 - It has astounded me that a decade could go by without seeing these works have the kind of impact on the world that I know deep inside of me that they are meant to have. 

24 April 2003

838 - This expression is not necessarily for everyone.  If it is for you, you will know it.  You will find yourself fascinated.  You will find it difficult to put the material down.  At least, that is how it is for me.  And, this expression definitely strikes me in that fashion even though I am the one through which it comes ... perhaps because I am the one through which it comes. 

839 - Yes, that makes me special.  But, no more special than anyone in their own way.  To whom much is given, much is expected.  I know that I have been given a lot.  And, as a result, I expect a lot from myself.  Will I live up to my own expectations, grandiose as they may seem? 

840 - I will do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission that I came to accomplish.  And, since I believe this to be in accord with the plan for the evolution of consciousness, I have no doubt that I will succeed ... for consciousness is behind me in this.

841 - Freely give!  That is the directive that creates abundance.  Freely give!  So far, that is what we have done here.  Though lately, we have expressed a strong desire to be compensated for this expression.  Is this a contradiction?  It seems to be, but is it?  We should be able to expect fair compensation in return for our services, especially when we are providing the best services of which we are capable. 

842 - The quote for today is appropriate somehow:

This is how we accelerate the rate of spiritual growth.


We share what we have, we share what we feel,

we share what we know,

we share what we experience, we share whom that we are,

as much as we can.

843 - That is what this expression is all about.  It is my way of sharing whom that I AM with the world in as intimate of a way as I know how. 

25 April 2003

844 - At this point in my life, this expression is what matters most.  Here is where I face the unknown.  Here is where I am my most creative.  Here is where the unmanifest becomes manifest as a result of my effort.  That is awesome power for anyone to have. 

845 - I'm grateful for all that I have been blessed to experience ... especially the levels of awareness, and the serving as a vessel through which consciousness can speak. 

846 - Awareness is one of our finest possessions.  It is what separates us from our brothers in the animal kingdom.  However, it only distinguishes us if we learn to us it properly as the wonderful tool that it is. 

847 - Once we have awakened, there is no returning to our slumbers, try though we may.  Awareness is turned on as if by a light switch ... but it seems that it cannot be turned off that way.  Once we have tasted of the fruit of awareness, that is it, we are aware forevermore. 

848 - Society is most effective when individuals are expending their finest abilities in service to society.  Of course, society needs to keep its part of the bargain and ensure the needs of each individual are met as a result.  That is the social contract, plain and simple.

26 April 2003

849 - I choose to demonstrate what I believe in the way that I live my life.  You see a lot of that in what I am able to share here.  This is the kind of sharing that I would like to see go on to a much greater degree in the world.  Perhaps it does, just out of my view. 

850 - Then again, perhaps it does not ... and as a wayshower I am being true to my name and showing the way that others might learn from my example.  This is not hard to do.  In fact, when you are doing it, it seems like it is the most natural thing in the world. 

851 - There is a sense that destiny's hand is at play in my life and in the fate of the world.  We shall see where she takes us.  It seems that we will arrive there soon enough. 

852 - We can trust that spirit has our needs and desires in mind and is considering these as she builds the fabric of reality that we will experience.  Our needs will be met one way or another.  Our desires may or may not be met depending on the benefit they produce for us and for others.  The greater the overall benefit, the more likely they are to actualize.

853 - Beyond Imagination is an entity ... an organization of one at the present time, created out of my mind to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. 

854 - The greatest benefit of all is for our gifts to be of service ... preferably great service to the world.  Will the world recognize this as being so?  That doesn't really matter.  Individuals whose lives are impacted will know that we made a difference.  At this point that is enough.

855 - Authors are more than writers.  Authors generate books for the consumption of the public in some fashion.  That seems to be what I am in the process of doing now. 

856 - Is it too much to expect that there would be others at least interested in if not passionate about the kinds of things that I am passionate about?  Is that too much to ask? 

27 April 2003

857 - I consider this to be my calling.  It is something that stirs my soul ... something majestic that I must do. 

858 - The nature of how the foundations of society function is not something many people would think twice about.  Yet, I come to build the foundations for a new world. 

859 - The nature of reality creation is too esoteric for most people to consider within their responsibility.  Little do they realize that we create our own reality all the time and it behooves us to know the nature of reality creation so that we can do a better job of creating what we need and want. 

860 - It is amazing what happens when we start to take responsibility for ourselves and the reality that we create.  When we do this spirit herself kicks in with untold forces to aid in our endeavors.  It is as if we command an army from on high to do our bidding. 

861 - By most people's standards, I haven't really had a life.  Then again, I've lived my life in the way that felt right to me.  I have no regrets.  I am grateful that it got me to where I am today. 

28 April 2003

862 - I still desire to be free in a way that I have never been before.  My sense is that this requires finding a way to enact the social contract for me personally.  At this point, I expect for this to happen.  If I can't make it happen in my life, how do I expect it to manifest in society and the world? 

863 - My life is becoming more conscious.  This is a process that began in earnest a decade ago ... but, recently has been taken to a whole new level.  It is about time.  One can't live ones whole life on automatic.  Well, one can, but that is not the most effective way to live.

864 - What is it that I want from life?  An environment in which to exchange the best services that I have to offer for having my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs met.  Is this too much to ask?  Indeed not.  This is exactly what we should expect. 

865 - Spirit does what she does by working through us.  We are her instruments, her hands, her feet, her voice, her mind.

866 - We're fortunate to have chosen to live in times that are to be far more enlightened than most.  We're not there yet, but we're getting closer with each passing day.  It is simply a matter of time.  Ours will be an enlightened society.  It is destined to be so. 

867 - My life is not yet the masterpiece that I desire for it to be.  Yes, it has its moments, even extended ones at times.  However, there is still a life’s worth of work to do.  But here, I am not talking about the work I am paid to do, rather the work that I am moved by spirit to do. 

29 April 2003

868 - Our bodies are our most intimate physical creations.  We need them to function well if our lives are to function well.  It is that simple.  Our bodies are that important.  Through them we make a statement. 

869 - We tend to get stuck in our patterns ... especially when that are comfortable to us.  It doesn't seem to matter whether they are good or bad.  But staying within our comfort zones is not conducive to living an adventurous life, and life should be a grand adventure. 

870 - The unknown is welcome in my life.  I would much rather be aware of and embrace the unknown in my life than allow it to remain dark and hidden.  The attitude makes all the difference in the world.  That is the power of awareness in our lives.

871 - There is nothing that prevents me from augmenting my abilities, or lack thereof, with the abilities of others.  I don't have to do everything ... only those tasks that are mine to do.  The tough part is figuring out just what those are.  Clearly this expression is one. 

30 April 2003

872 - This expression is part of my destiny somehow.  Capturing this stream of consciousness and sharing it, is one of the tasks that I am here to do.  It provides an example of the level of commitment and the level of openness and sharing that I would like to see in the world. 

873 - If we want to create a better world, we do it via demonstration.  We do it by providing real world examples for others to see and to emulate should they so choose. 

874 - Time is becoming more and more of a obstacle.  There is only so much of it.  When we choose to spend time in one area, effectively we are choosing to not spend it in some other area. 

875 - I believe that this stream of consciousness deserves to be heard.  It provides a record of one consciousness in action over an extended period of time on a fairly regular basis. 

876 - One of the prime benefits of the material for me has been to stretch my concepts of who I believe that I AM.  Somehow I have to account for the fact that all of this could come forth through me in the manner that it has.  That is a lot to account for. 

877 - One has to literally go beyond mind to experience being aware.  All the thinking in the world doesn't help.  One is simply aware or not. 

878 - Being aware of being aware is very high level behavior ... even if it is only low level functions that we are observing initially. 

879 - Finding the observer part of yourself is not the easiest of tasks, but can be done with proper effort and perseverance. 

880 - It is the observer part of ourself that is aware ... that sees things for what they are, that is not fooled by the illusions. 

881 - The world has changed tremendously in the last century, and in particular in the last 50 years.  The pace of change continues to grow at a rate that is such that no individual can deal with it any longer. 

882 - Cooperation is the only solution.  We divide the problem up into pieces that different individuals or groups can handle, and then we cooperate to come up with the overall integrated solution. 

883 - Cooperative interdependence is the way of the future.  It needs to be the way of the present as soon as we can make it so.  Actually, it already is, except it is happening at other than conscious levels.

--- MAY ---

1 May 2003

884 - Going through the entire set of musings to select the best quotes may be a challenge.  However, it is a challenge that I consider to be worth the effort.  It is like mining for precious gems.  What we find is spectacular.

885 - Some people give all that they are to their family, or to their relationships, or to their job, or to their community, or to their church, or to some combination of these.  Not me.  My focus is almost like a laser ... here in this expression. 

886 - What matters to me is the expression of spirit in flesh.  And, for me, that is what these words are all about. 

887 - Utility is the key criteria for any path.  Use what works.  Use what has value to you and ignore the rest. 

888 - Each of us must ultimately find our own path.  There are some roads that have been created that we can follow if we so choose between established destinations.  But, the interesting places are in the unknown realms of consciousness ...  at least, the most interesting places for me. 

889 - We have the power to create any future we desire ... but we have to do it here and now.  We have to want it badly enough to do what it takes to make it so. 

890 - Wishful thinking is not sufficient.  We are gods in flesh.  We are the creators of our reality.  It is time we starting acting as if we truly realized that this were so. 

891 - I still liken Beyond Imagination to an unchartered island which few have discovered and even fewer have explored. 

892 - Life has this way of living up to our expectations ... and occasionally exceeding them. 

893 - Notice, I said expectations not wishes.  Many people wish for a lot of things that they do not expect that they will ever receive or experience.  Expectancy is powerful.  However, it must be based on a sound belief system.  It does no good to strongly expect something to happen that you believe to be impossible. 

894 - When we combine expectancy, beliefs, and acting as if, we have covered all of the bases.  I believe it can happen, I expect it to happen, and I act as if it has already happened.  This accompanied by an attitude of gratitude goes a long way toward creating the reality of our dreams.

895 - Thus far, only a few people have provided feedback to let me know that my writings have helped them.  I suspect that there have been many more than this, but that they remain anonymous. 

896 - Unfortunately, that is one of the things sorely lacking in our world.  We need more feedback, direct honest feedback.  That is how we improve and how we assess how much of an impact we are having. 

897 - This expression gives me a reason for living.  It provides me with an opportunity to encounter the unknown on a daily basis and to creatively express whatever consciousness would bring forth each day. 

898 - There is something wonderful in that, something miraculous.  I am blessed to be chosen for this great privilege. 

899 - Life is meant to be lived in an extraordinary manner.  

900 - There is always a way to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  It is primarily a matter of attitude. 

901 - Our life will be what we make of it.  When we want it to be something different ... we need to make it be something different.  This is always within our power to do.  In fact, it is only within our power to do.  No one can do it for us.  This is something that we must do for ourselves.

2 May 2003

902 - Quotes, especially the best quotes from the best minds of the ages have always given me inspiration.  I find it curious that I come up with so many of them in my own expression. 

903 - Does this expression serve people in some way?  At the very least it provides some exercise for the consciousness.  That alone makes it worth the price of admission as they say. 

904 - I hope that what is expressed challenges you ... in particular, challenges your concepts of reality and spirituality.  I know that this expression does that for me. 

905 - We need to go beyond words, beyond imagination to actions that actually build the foundations for a better world. 


3 May 2003

906 - Consciousness by its very nature is subjective.  It is something that we experience firsthand.  Further, it is something that changes us as we experience it. 

907 - We awaken from our slumbers.  We become more and more aware with each new realization.  That is what life is all about ... coming to realizations of whom that we are, and then applying this in some way of service in our world. 

908 - Do these words take the reader to a different state of consciousness or a different state of mind?  Do they show the reader what is possible when we allow spirit to assume a major role in our lives?

909 - It doesn't take much to be an information generator.  One just has to allow it to happen.  But, then again, I have a natural predisposition towards writing ... so perhaps have an unfair bias and advantage in this area. 

910 - In relating the nature of my reality, I challenge people's concepts of who they believe that they are and what they believe about the nature of reality and the nature of consciousness.  I do this purposefully ... with the hope of helping people to awaken and become more aware of the grand spiritual beings that they are. 

911 - I am a unique being in all of creation.  No one has ever had the education, programming, and experiences that I have had to get me to this place in life.  Note that everyone can make this exact same statement. 

912 - We are all unique points of consciousness.  Each of us see the world in our own way.  This does not mean that we can't share what we see with others.  They may not get it.  But, they may get enough of it to relate to it. 

913 - Sharing is important.  We share what we have, we share what we experience, and we even share of whom that we are.  This latter is the most important of all.  For, whom that we are is more valuable than diamonds or gold. 

914 - We are souls incarnate.  We are spirit having a physical experience.  It is very important that we remember this and behave accordingly. 

915 - Under any circumstance, the choice that is optimal is always what spirit would choose to do.  If we can do that most of the time, we will have lived our lives well. 

4 May 2003

916 - It seems that I have entered a phase of my life where I am meant to manifest this expression on a major scale.  It seems that we need to go one step further and manifest the stuff of which the expression speaks as well. 

917 - There is a destiny that is playing itself out in my life right now, a spiritual destiny.  I believe this to be true for each of us if we seriously examine our lives.  It is for us to find what this destiny is for us, and then to do it to the best of our ability.

918 - Why is it that this particular stream of consciousness is selected to be captured, recorded, and shared in this manner?  What distinguishes this stream of consciousness from other streams of consciousness? 

919 - The bottom line as always is to do what we are moved to do when we are moved to do it ... knowing that it is spirit herself that is the motive force in our life. 

920 - When we find source, our lives improve dramatically.  Our attitudes change.  Our reality improves.  A whole new realm of possibility for what we can do with our life opens up before us. 

5 May 2003

921 - Each of us can apply ourselves in ways that provide value added.  For some this is easier than for others.  It is generally best if we do this in an area that is something that we love to do.  We can always find such areas.  Though, we may have to go searching for them. 

6 May 2003

922 - It seems that the time is right for unleashing Beyond Imagination unto the world.  I've been waiting a whole decade for this time. 

923 - I have been hoping that spirit would guide whoever was meant to find me to the Beyond Imagination site, but this simply is not happening ... at least not in anywhere close to the numbers that I had hoped. 

924 - I would build the foundations for a new world.  Yes, that is about as grandiose a task as one can get.  But, every nerve and sinew in me vibrates to this task. 

925 - There is nothing that says your primary job is the one for which you are paid, or is the one which takes the most time in your life. 

926 - There is a reason that this stream of consciousness expression is captured in the manner that it is.  My sense is that it is meant to be an example of what is possible. 

927 - There is a sense that my world is about to change in a major way ... it is as if my reality is to be blown wide open.  I've reached a breakpoint once again.  And, there is nothing to guide me as to what life will be like on the other side of the breakpoint. 

928 - A breakpoint offers us a chance for a paradigm shift, a chance to see the world in a whole new way.  But, we have to be open to it.  It doesn't force its way onto us.

929 - We have chosen an interesting time in which to incarnate.  At no time in history have the opportunities for spiritual expression been as great. 

7 May 2003

930 - There is only so much free time per day.  Until I find a way to free up more time for the work of Beyond Imagination, I am resource constrained ... with the primary resource being my own time. 

931 - For a decade, consciousness has been my constant companion, my friend, my guide, my teacher.  She has led me along my path every step of the way.  Even now, she feeds my mind with these words.  When she speaks, I listen ... and when I can, I act based on what I have heard. 

932 - Consciousness can only express physically, and this only occurs through our mind as expressed through our brain.  Ultimately, what counts is the physical expression. 

933 - I challenge myself to do more, to express more, and to be more.  I take the directive be all that you can be to heart and try to live up to that daily.

934 - Consciousness is the star by which the ship of self should be navigated.  I say should be because for many this is not consciously occurring at the present time. 

935 - Just as some people have GPS navigation systems in their cars, it seems that some people have Cosmic navigation systems in their consciousness. 

8 May 2003

936 - You are a spiritual being expressing in flesh here and now as well.  There are parts of you that are just as capable if not more capable than the parts of me responsible for bringing forth this expression.  You may not have found them yet ... but they are there, somewhere within you.  It is for you to seek and find them.

937 - This expression is my way of giving back to the world some of what I have been so fortunate to receive

938 - Here is where I interface with consciousness firsthand.  Here is where I see what spirit would produce in my life. 

939 - I have given consciousness a wide berth to take me where she will ... trusting that she knew what she was doing and that it was all for my highest good. 

940 - I am being trained to play a particular role related to ushering in a new age.  This involves building the foundations required for spirit to more fully express in flesh. 

941 - Life is not necessarily meant to be fully understood.  The unknown has its place.  It is an important part of nearly everything that we do.  We can do things to try to mitigate it and minimize its impact.  But, it will not go away no matter what we do.

942 - We are consciousness dancing and singing our song here and now. 

943 - Being spirit doesn't make our actions spiritual any more than being human makes our actions humane.  That is simply not enough.  It takes additional factors and effort aligned with spiritual principles for us to truly live a spiritual life ... much as it takes effort aligned with particular moral principles to make actions humane.

9 May 2003

944 - The very infrastructures of society at present keep us from meeting the needs of everyone.  When there is hunger, the system is failing.  Where there is poverty, the system is failing.  Where there are homeless people, the system is failing

945 - This is one of the benefits of living within a society.  We can set up mutually beneficial relationships and interactions that result in both our individual and collective growth.  This does not retard our progress.  On the contrary, it enhances it.

946 - Everything that happens in our life is there because we choose for it to be.  No one can help us or harm us against our will.  At some level we create or at least agree to all that we experience.  No fine print, no exceptions. 

947 - We learn from everything that we experience, and from some of the things that we don't experience.  The fact that something doesn't happen in our life is often as important if not more important as the fact that something does happen.

948 - We need to go through life with an attitude of expectancy.  We need to expect that spirit will provide us the help that we need when we need it in our lives. 

949 - The effort we expend on helping ourself is typically mirrored and magnified by spirit.  However, it all starts with us.

950 - As individuals, there is only so much that we can do.  But, when we allow spirit to work through us ... and help through us, there is so much more that we can do. 

951 - We need to be careful about placing too much emphasis on the separation of individuals and not enough on their unity and oneness. 

952 - Who should be providing help?  One avenue is charitable organizations and the people who donate to them.  But why should the few who give to charities take responsibility for alleviating problems created by society as a whole? 

953 - Social problems are societies problems and hence are everyones responsibility. 

954 - In my vision of the new world, needs do not go unmet.  We, as a society take responsibility for ensuring that the goods and services required to meet needs are created and distributed to where they are needed.  This means helping everyone that needs help ... regardless of the type of help that they need. 

955 - All of this expression has come forth as it has for a reason.  Ultimately, it is my way of helping a world that I see is in need of help. 

956 - Who am I to make such an assessment?  Just a simple soul with grandiose ideas about how I can impact the world. 

957 - The greatest help of all would be to provide an infrastructure in which each individual could thrive and have their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs met. 

958 - Karma is not a curse on us.  It is a collective account of what we have done.  Its primary utility is in keeping track of where we have gone overboard and need to achieve balance through additional right action. 

959 - We are not meant to handle everything in our lives by ourselves.  That is why we have others in our lives.  That is why we live in a society.  When we have exhausted our own means, it is appropriate to ask others for the help that we need.  We can ask God via prayer.  We can ask various social organizations specifically set up to provide assistance.  We can ask family and friends.  If we are sincere, we will get what we need.  We may not get everything that we want, or everything that we think that we need. 

10 May 2003

960 - What we can receive is often limited by what we feel that we are worthy of receiving. 

961 - Our self worth is crucial to our wealth. 

962 - The more worthy we believe ourselves to be, the more wealth we will draw unto us.  Wealth may be in many forms however.  It may come as health, relationships, money, job opportunities, education opportunities, growth opportunities, etc ... 

963 - We become more worthy by finding ways to give of ourselves.  What we invest in others, in society, and in our world ... pays big dividends in the long run. 

964 - One way to assess what we are presently worth is what we are paid in terms of salary and job satisfaction.  We have drawn our present circumstances to us for a reason ... even if that reason is to make us aware that we truly desire to be doing something else. 

965 - It takes boldness and bravery to escape the bonds the bind us.  Yet, if we would be free to pursue our destiny this is exactly what we must do. 

966 - When opportunity knocks, we need to be ready for it, and we need to open the door and embrace it into our lives. 

967 - Change happens when we make it happen.  We have to believe that it can happen.  We have to want it to happen.  And, we have to do things consistent with making it happen.  These are all within our power to control.

11 May 2003

968 - The purpose of life is simply to provide the opportunity for us to express and to experience whom that we are. 

969 - Life is meant to be lived spontaneously.  That doesn't mean that plans don't have utility at times ... but we need to be careful of allowing them to make us too rigid. 

970 - We are meant to create our reality in the present moment.  That is where we attract the events that play themselves out in our lives, and that is where we assign meaning to what we experience. 

971 - It is in the assignment of meaning to the events of our lives that we have an awesome power.  We are free to apply any meaning we choose to any event.  There is nothing inherent in events themselves that is good or bad, that is frightening, that is painful, that is helpful, or that is enlightening.  It is all up to us.

972 - More than anything else, we are consciousness enfleshed, we are spirit having a physical experience. 

973 - Consciousness is unfathomable.  There are parts of her that will remain unknown despite the greatest efforts on our part to understand her.  That is just the nature of challenge.  From our limited form, there is only so much that we can understand.

974 - Some might say that there is no purpose to life other than to live fully and completely.  My sense is that we each have a mission to perform, a destiny to manifest.  Deep inside of us, we know what these are ... however, it seems that few are consciously aware of these. 

975 - It is for us to seek out why we are here ... and then do what it takes to actualize it.  The spiritual law applies: seek and ye shall find.  However, we need to be sincere in our seeking. 

12 May 2003 

976 - To know, we have to want to know.  Knowing has to become as important to us as breathing.  That is what allows the breakthrough to occur.  That is what allows us to awaken to this part of ourself that knows.

977 - I don't think much about what constitutes right action or wrong action.  I have reached a point in my life where I know that spirit moves me ... so all that I really have to do is what I am moved to do in the moment. 

978 - Yes, to be successful, my work must have world impact in some way.  I know, that is grandiose thinking.  But, I see my mission in such terms. 

979 - The key to right action is do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.  Just make sure that it is spirit that is doing the moving. 

980 - Right action feels right to us and harms no one ... or, at least minimizes the harm that is done. 

981 - Right action is elegant.  It utilizes resources with maximal efficiency.

982 - There is a reason that I am being moved to publish these works.  The sense is that there is indeed an audience for whom they are meant ... and spirit will guide us to find that audience. 

983 - What I can do, you can do also.  However, it is not for you to do it my way ... it is for you to do it in your own way.

13 May 2003

984 - What distinguishes us as conscious beings?  What can we do that other beings in the animal kingdom cannot do?  We can reflect on whom that we are and what we have done.  We can desire and hope for things to manifest in the future.  We can take action in the present with an understanding of the future ramifications of our actions.  We can come to know whom that we are ... and we can choose to express that as fully as we can in our lives. 

985 - Know Thyself!  This is a spiritual directive.  It is not an option.  Though, there is nothing that says it is a requirement for each of us in this particular existence. 

986 - I came to be one of the aware ones ... one who would live an awakened life ... one who would be a wayshower ... one who would build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  This puts me in somewhat august company, the company of world servers.  Yes, I speak in grandiose terms because I sincerely believe my mission to be grand.

987 - Consciousness is as consciousness does.  You shall know her by her works. 

988 - Consciousness is more than my mind, yet she uses my mind as the tool through which to pass this expression.

989 - Facts have limited utility.  It is how information is connected that gives it power.

990 - When we empty our minds, nature or spirit will find something to fill it with.  It is that simple.  Though giving up our thoughts and getting to a beyond mind state is far easier said than done.  If it were easy, we would have seen far more people do it by now ... and it would be evident in the works that they are doing as a result.

991 - Our consciousness is one thing that we take with us when we depart this existence.  Our worldly possessions will remain in the world ... but what we have become in consciousness, this cannot be taken away, even by death. 

992 - The degree to which we are aware makes all the difference in the world.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Consciousness is our way of staying in touch with the spiritual part of us from which we spring. 

993 - Our consciousness is very much like a muscle.  It needs to be stretched and it needs to be used so that it remains flexible.

14 May 2003

994 - It is natural for spirit to express itself and to unfold itself as it will in our lives.  We have only to allow it to do so. 

995 - Our lives unfold in accordance with a plan that was scripted for our life before we entered this existence.  We created the script to conform to our needs to express and experience whom that we are.  We did this in concert with those whose lives we would touch ... setting up the scenarios for the realization of any relationships that we wanted to jointly pursue. 

996 - Our reality unfolds in accordance with a plan for our spiritual progression and evolution. 

997 - The most powerful connection that we have to source is our intuition.  It pays to develop this connection. 

998 - Many train their mind to operate logically but pay little attention to developing their intuition.  They would be much better served to do the opposite.  Though, there is some benefit to achieving a balance between logic and intuition.  Both together provide a powerful toolset for reality creation. 

999 - Express whom that you are.  Manifest the destiny that is yours to manifest.  Make your mark on the world.  Do something, anything, that makes a difference.  Make sure that you leave the world a better place for your having lived.  That is what ultimately counts in life.  Did our life make a difference ... preferable a big difference, but a substantial difference will do.

15 May 2003

1000 - Isolated facts, isolated information, are of limited utility.  It is in knowing how information is connected that its power becomes apparent. 

1001 - Indeed, knowledge is power.  However, it is powerful only when it is in the right minds and only when it is used effectively. 

1002 - Consciousness works through us.  If things are to happen, they will happen by and through us.  We have to take responsibility.

1003 - Cooperative interdependence is how we create the synergy necessary to do great works ... and these are great things that we are trying to achieve. 

1004 - We have a society and a world to create in whatever image we would choose to fashion it.  We are that powerful.  We are creators all.  We have chosen to live in a time when what we dream, what we imagine, can be manifest in short order.  But, be advised, be careful what you wish for ... you just may get it and have to live with it for awhile.

18 May 2003

1005 - Spirit can be trusted to act in our best interest ... not necessarily individually, but collectively. 

1006 - We are individuals for a reason, yet a great deal of our power comes from the organizations within the collective that we choose to participate within. 

1007 - When we see lack ... we are not living up to our potential.  When we see poverty, when we see hunger and starvation, when we see homelessness, ... when we see all of these things, we as a society are failing in major ways.  It is not that we don't have enough.  We have the resources, we have the technology, we just don't have the resolve to make the problems our problems and commit the resources to fix them. 

1008 - We are one people on one world on one planet, this spaceship Earth.  Further, we are animated by one consciousness.   At what point are we going to drop some of the country boundaries and start seeing one another as the brothers and sisters that we are. 

19 May 2003

1009 - There is another saying, if it is to be, it is up to me.  In this we declare our power over the events not only in our lives, but potentially in our world.

1010 - We can literally work miracles when we allow spirit to operate as fully as possible through us.  And, in the process, we can make not only our live, but the lives of those we touch into masterpieces.  

1011 - The sense is that for things to happen now ... we must do what it takes to make them happen.  They will not manifest of their own accord.  It takes our energy and our intent to feed them and coax them into being. 

1012 - We build a better world by building better organizations in which to participate in and from which to get goods and services. 

1013 - I trust that spirit knows what she is doing.  In particular, she knows where she is leading me in the dance that is my life.  The best that I can do is find a way to enjoy the process. 

1014 - The destination is often not the most important thing while we are on the path ... rather, it is finding a way to enjoy the journey. 

20 May 2003

1015 - Whether the world is as I perceive it is a matter for philosophy.  My reality is clearly as I perceive it ... but this can change in an instant if I decide to see the world in a different light. 

1016 - We each live in the shadows of our choosing.  Most of these are imposed by the belief systems that we have accepted.  Too change what we experience, we need to go to the source, and change the core belief systems. 

1017 - Our lives can unfold before us effortlessly.  Though, many prefer the challenges of problems of various types ... and hence engage in them. 

1018 - We need some drama in our life to keep things interesting ... to keep us awake.  Uncertainty can do this to us as well.  The unknown has a way of shaking up our lives if we allow it to. 

1019 - There is something powerful about spiritual expression.  It consumes us ... yet, it exhilarates us at the same time. 

1020 - We have a new world to create ... we have foundations to build.  We have dreamed of grand things and have kept our castles in the clouds for far too long.  It is time to plant the foundations under them and bring them down to earth. 

1021 - Choice without action in accord with the choice is no choice at all.  It is action that makes choice real. 

1022 - We are meant to be stewards ... caretakers of the things that are under our stewardship, one of these being the very planet. 

1023 - Mine is a life of obligation, but it is a voluntary one.  I willingly accept the responsibility to do what is mine to do ... trusting that spirit herself will show me what this is when I need to know it. 

1024 - Consciousness is the key that unlocks all the doors.  In fact, she is the very mansion of the Self.  She is the stuff in all of the rooms behind all of the doors. 

21 May 2003

1025 - In life, it is the journey that is the thing ... it is what we experience on the way in our day to day lives that matters most. 

1026 - We are powerful creators one and all.  It is time that we realized this and used our natural abilities to benefit our society and our world. 

1027 - Years ago I realized that independence was a farce.  We are connected and interdependent in so many ways that we cannot exist without one another. 

1028 - In a rapidly changing world, forms and organizations either need to evolve or they will die.  Flexibility is critical. 

1029 - The forms that are necessary for spirit to express elegantly will indeed manifest.  There is an overall plan for the evolution of consciousness that will ensure this. 

1030 - If we keep thinking in the ways that we have always thought, and keep doing the things that we have always done, then we will keep experiencing the things that we have always experienced.  If we want to change our experiences, we need to think differently and act differently.  It is that simple. 

1031 - It shouldn't be hard to find one's natural and rightful position in the world.  One should gravitate there as easily as a star does to its position in the heavens. 

1032 - I know that many resources are going untapped and others are vastly underdeveloped and underutilized.  When this happens, we all lose the benefits of the added productivity that could have been ... potentially productivity that could have even created new things that had never before existed. 

1033 - We cannot afford to waste the potential of our people.  It is that simple.  We must find ways to create the social infrastructures necessary for people to express whom that they are in service to society in exchange for what they need. 

22 May 2003

1034 - Happiness is an inside job, it is something that we do to ourselves.  Someone said something to that effect.  And, they are correct.  The only place to find true happiness is within.

1035 - There is a place inside of each of us that knows all that we could ever want or need to know.  However, it takes effort on our part to find that place ... and to communicate with it.  It takes effort and it takes desire.  Never underestimate the power of the later.  It is amazing what we can do when we are properly motivated. 

1036 - Each day, I am confronted with a miracle ... with the expression from a source that is unknown consciously.  Yes, this means that my very life is miraculous ... but no more so than that of any other. 

1037 - That you are alive and aware is a miracle, the miracle of life.  It is a precious gift that we have been given and that we continue to be given in each moment.  We need to make sure that we don't squander that gift.  We do that by making sure that we do something that makes a difference with our life.  It doesn't matter whether it makes a difference to one or to one million ... it just needs to be an important difference, a difference worthy of our having lived. 

1038 - It is amazing how much benefit comes from kindness ... even simple acts of kindness. 

1039 - Until we know whom that we are and what we are capable of ... we have no idea where we fit within the fabric of society. 

1040 - It is time to create an interdependent support group responsible for carrying out the work that Beyond Imagination was created to carry out ... namely the building of the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. 

1041 - Everything is spontaneous expression.  Yet, somehow it hangs together.  No, not necessarily from paragraph to paragraph or from day to day.  But, overall, there is an organization behind all of this.  That the organizing force is unknown or is other than conscious, doesn't change the fact that there is an organizing force.  Whether that be consciousness, or spirit, or even some part of me of which I am not consciously aware does not really matter.  Clearly, there is an intelligence that is revealed here. 

1042 - So long as it is only Wayne's World, effectively it is just a dream ... a vision in the clouds.  If I can transfer that dream into the minds of others so that it becomes their dream too, then perhaps together we can do something to manifest it and make a real difference in this world.

23 May 2003

1043 - Consciousness is ever a mystery.  I trust that she will continue to be for all of my days. 

1044 - We have the foundations for a new world to create.  It is within our power to do what it takes to create these foundations.  That may mean that we have to tear down old foundations that no longer serve us. 

1045 - You see here the results of connecting to a source within.  What that source is, I know not.  All that I know is that it is able to speak through me ... and it does so as long as I choose to be of service in this manner. 

26 May 2003

1046 - I speak simply overall.  Yet, even so ... out of simple expression can come the most profound of thoughts.

1047 - I have found that I am being the best that I can be when I allow spirit to express as fully as she can through me.  This is not a sacrifice of my self or my freedom in any way.  It is a choice to be of service to something greater and grander than my highest sense of self.  It is a choice I freely make.  Yes, of my own free will.  I would be what I AM. 

1048 - What is it that I want?  Unlimited abundance in exchange for applying my services for the benefit of spirit and hence the world. 

1049 - How do we put a price on creative expression?  ... especially when that expression comes from spirit? 

27 May 2003

1050 - Here, I am capturing something special, something that I have not seen captured in this precise way anywhere else. 

1051 - What I have to give is what can be expressed through me.  That is a lot, as evidenced by what has come forth in the past decade, and in particular, in the past 17 months. 

1052 - As a wayshower, it seems right to show that consciousness can indeed express in this manner.  Some will be comforted by this because it will validate their own experiences.  Others will be surprised by this since what is expressed will be quite foreign to what they experience. 

1053 - By seeing that another experiences in this way, it opens up new possibilities for their own experience.  No, it may not happen right away ... but there will be chinks in the armor that clothes the self ... and these chinks will eventually expose the true self that lies beneath. 

1054 - While I ask a lot of questions, it does not seem fair to question the integrity of the source of this material.  It is enough to use the measure of utility to determine whether the material has merit for us.  

1055 - Efficiency and effectiveness ... it all comes down to elegance.  Where can my talents be put to the greatest use for the benefit of spirit, of society, and of the world? 

28 May 2003

1056 - By the end of the year we should have combined works totaling in excess of 2500 pages.  That is no small feat.  In fact ... that is something of a miracle. 

1057 - This is my life!  This is where I will make the greatest difference to the world.  These words, this expression, are what will remain long after I have gone. 

1058 - I am living the life I am meant to live ... or coming as close to it as I can at this point in time anyway.  I need to stay flexible and observe how the universe responds to my efforts and react accordingly.

1059 - My books are my children.  Can I really go from one to five or six kids by the end of the year?  That is a little over seven months away.  Yes, that is a lot of work.  But what else do I have to do with my time that could be more important than this?  The bottom line is nothing!  

1060 - There is something satisfying about having one's name on the cover of a book.  There is a sense of contribution.  There is a sense that I have done something meaningful and of lasting value. 

1061 - I'm doing my part.  I'm doing things that enable the forces of the universe to kick in and do their thing.  I'm doing what I can do.  Further, I'm not leaving for tomorrow those things that I can do today. 

1062 - Do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.  That is a directive that I have lived by for over a decade ... actually for most of my adult life. 

29 May 2003

1063 - I'm really moved to do this ... more than I've been moved to do anything in a long time.  I can see all five books manifested in their published form.  The labor necessary to make this happen is completely within my power to control.  However, I do need some help with the financial end.  The costs aren't much.  But they are beyond what I presently have available. 

1064 - I am a man on a mission.  I will find a way ... with spirits assistance.  If these works are supposed to be born this year, the funds will be available to permit it. 

1065 - Best Passages was selected from a storm of expression that started on January 1 and lasted all year with rare exceptions.  I believe there were over 330 musings for the year.  There was nothing comparable in the expression prior to that.

1066 - It still strikes me as interesting that my first book could officially be available for purchase the final week in June, and my sixth book might be available for purchase by Christmas of this year. 

1067 - Details, details ... it seems that it always comes down to the details.  Why can't I just do my thing and created the books and trust that they will find their way to those who are meant to read them. 

1068 - Taking the step to transform the works officially into books is a major step.  It demonstrates a degree of maturity ... and a degree of belief in the works.  It will attract a corresponding audience in return, an audience who will be surprised and amazed by what they find.  Yes, the works are that good. 

30 May 2003

1069 - To say I am jazzed is an understatement of major proportion.  Clearly, I could spend every waking moment engaged either in this expression or in relating this expression to others.  Yes, I feel that strongly about it. 

1070 - Until you stop the river of thoughts that distracts you and engages your attention constantly, you have no room for the still small voice from within to speak to you.  She will speak ... but only if you are listening. 

1071 - Most people do not know how to listen.  Listening is hard work.  It demands our full attention.  However, we need to be relaxed when we engage in doing it.

1072 - I would show that what all of these words have shown is that what is important is not for us to express like another ... but rather for us to express in the manner that is right for us. 

1073 - The more passionate we are about what we are doing the greater the difference that we will make.  It is amazing what happens when we do what we love to do.  There is a powerful force that is unleashed to do great works.

1074 - Above all else, source is creative.  The more creative we become, the more we connect with source in our lives.

1075 - When we want a water well on our property, we hire a drilling company to dig the well and tap the water source.  Could the appropriate people provide this kind of spiritual service for others and assist them in tapping the source within.  I don't see why not. 

1076 - All that we can do in an one existence is the best that we can.  That is always good enough. 

1077 - But, in the realm of the unknown of consciousness ... here reason and logic are completely out of their elements.  Here, intuition must be relied on to provide a course by which to sail. 

1078 - Oh ... if only I could be doing this fulltime.  If only, indeed.  It seems time to walk my talk and manifest the conditions for my liberation.  Yes, I do feel enslaved to some degree by my present circumstances including my present job.  I am thankful for the job from the standpoint that it is secure and pays sufficiently to cover the bills. 

1079 - My spirit longs to be free ... completely free, and it is not clear that it can be that in the current work environment.  I've had this problem before.  In 1993, with Loral then in 1998, here. 

--- JUNE ---

1 June 2003

1080 - I'm still amazed at what came forth during that first year following my major awakening in October 1993.  The work is timeless ... it could endure indefinitely, definitely long past when I am dead and gone. 

1081 - Reality Creation 1010 is particularly peculiar.  It was definitely inspired.  That something like that could be created in 10 days still blows me away. 

1082 - I am meant to be an author of some reknown.  If I have my way, we'll see at least half a dozen Beyond Imagination books published this year ... spirit permitting, that is. 

1083 - It (publishing of books) is also an announcement to the world that I am ready to stand behind what I say ... and demonstrate it in the way that I live my life.  Yes, I did this to some degree before.  But, this is taking things to a whole new level of expression.

2 June 2003

1084 - I am indeed a madman on a mission.  I am consumed by this task of getting the Beyond Imagination works published as quickly as the universe allows.  For some reason this seems to be the right thing to do at the moment. 

1085 - These (books) are my children.  Publishing them releases them to do their works in the world.  They are an extension of me.  The ideas they express have the potential to reach and to impact many.  Whether they will do so or not remains to be seen ... but, this seems to be somewhat up to me.  What I do makes that much difference. 

1086 - Publishing makes a positive statement that I believe enough in what I do to commit my writings to public scrutiny.  Indeed, I do.  And, I welcome whatever feedback will come from this.  It was time to try something new ... something different, and this seemed to be the right thing to do.

1087 - Consciousness guides my every step.  She moves me to do what I do, and to express what I express.  This stream of consciousness is the stream of my life.  I have chosen to serve spirit, and in doing so to serve my society and my world. 

1088 - I speak of my world as if it were something that I own.  But, it is something that I create, or at least co-create. 


1089 - 2002 was about bringing forth Musings on a regular basis ... nearly daily in fact.  2003 is about not only doing that, but publishing books as well. 


1090 - The Beyond Imagination books are targeted for a relatively small market of folks interested in metaphysics, new age, consciousness, self-help, reality creation, belief management, and the like.  This is not necessarily the stuff of bestsellers.  Then again, I have no idea how many sales are required for something to qualify as a bestseller.

1091 - The sense is that it is time to consciously accept the mantle of my spiritual mission.  I have been touching on it and even doing parts of it for some time.  But, now it seems this is to become my primary mode of being.  That gives it a much greater emphasis than it has ever had before.

3 June 2003

1092 - These works are entities in their own right.  Yes, they are born through a collaboration of consciousness and me.  But, once born, they are free to impact and influence others in the world.  In this way, they do their works.  And, in this way, effectively I do my works and the works of consciousness.

1093 - Doing our works in the world ... that is what life is all about now.  Actually, it is all about doing spirit's works in the world.  But, I've reached a point where I believe that my works are indeed spirit's works through me

1094 - I have the been given the ability to see things that need to be done ... yet, many of these things are not things that are for me alone to do, or maybe even for me at all to do

1095 - There is a strong sense that this is indeed the work that I am here to do.  This is the work that puts a spring in my step.  This is the work that I love doing.  I just need to find a way to get paid to do it ... and paid well. 

1096 - That seems to be what all of this work of publishing the Beyond Imagination books is all about.  They are to be my ticket to freedom ... and the means for breathing life into the works of Beyond Imagination. 

1097 - There is a mission to be accomplished.  There are foundations for a new world to be created.  It is high time for us to get on with it, and do what we came here to do.  Yes, that requires funds ... but the universe will see that these are forthcoming, as long as we do our part. 

1098 - Do our beliefs serve us and those whose lives we touch?  The later clause is very important.  It is easy to fall into selfish ways.  We need to be careful to avoid this. 

1099 - We need to find ways to serve others as we live the life that we are meant to live.  This is not always easy.  But, there is always a way.

4 June 2003

1100 - There is a strong sense that my destiny is in the process of being manifest now ... that I have set the wheels in motion via my actions. 

1101 - I have chosen to live a life of spirit and for spirit.  No, this is not the easiest path to follow.  But, everything within me says that this is the right path for me to follow.  And, I choose to do what is right when I can. 

1102 - Meditation and quiet time have their places in our lives ... especially if our lives tend to be hectic.  In fact, the more hectic, the more that we need such peaceful times. 

1103 - There is a richness in the fabric of what is expressed.  I sense this as I write ... but, it is more obvious when I read what I have written.  There is definitely an intelligent source at work in doing all of this ... a source that is far more than I know my self to be at present.  

5 June 2003

1104 - I am spending a lot of time engaged in the works of Beyond Imagination.  But, I consider that to be quality time doing work that I must do.  Yes must ... it is as if I have no choice in the matter. 

1105 - The universe has her way of moving us to where we need to be ... preferably voluntarily, but kicking and screaming if necessary. 

1106 - One way or another we will experience the reality that is right for us to experience.  Generally this comes from our belief systems.  So, it behooves us to get these in order.  We will know when they are right because they will feel right.

1107 - We each have an innate knowingness within us.  It is important for us to find this knowingness and apply it in our lives.  The sooner that we do this the better it will be for not only us but for all those whose lives we touch. 

1108 - When we live our lives out of this knowingness ... our lives become magic.  We are empowered to do things that would otherwise be impossible.  That is because what is impossible for us, is not necessarily impossible for spirit. 

1109 - The bottom line is that there are great benefits to living a spiritual life ... benefits that go beyond anything that we can quantify.  Also, from this we are able to live a life of purpose.  We are able to do what we came to this planet and to this existence to do. 

1110 - Purpose is that way.  It resonates with us.  When we discover what ours is, it fits us like a tight glove.  There is no doubt as to whether it is ours to do.  We will know. 

1111 - Without the intuition, the value of the information obtained is greatly limited.

1112 - I am willing to give all that I am in service to spirit.  That is all that I have to give.  That has to be enough.  Indeed, our best and all that we have is always enough. 

1113 - Act as if.  That is a powerful method to apply to reality creation.  Much can be created in our reality if we do that one thing ... act as if what we desire is already so. 

1114 - We are spirit first ... then we manifest in flesh.  It is important to remember this.

1115 - Every fiber in me says that this is wonderful material ... the clearest expression of source that could come forth through me at this time.  As such, I gave it my best.  Further, it came from a source that while inside of me, was not really me.  Spirit, herself, deserves the honors and the credit for all of this.  Oh, I played my role as well ... and, without me it could not have come forth.  However, this was clearly a cooperative endeavor. 

7 June 2003

1116 - I'm still an isolated being, a hermit, expressing for a source consciousness that comes forth through my intuition.  I'm willing to give the bulk of my free time to this endeavor ... to what would be expressed as Beyond Imagination.  Why?  What is so important about doing this that it is worth this investment of my life? 

1117 - I only know that there is nothing that I would rather do.  This is something that I must do.  This is something that I am moved by spirit to do ... and when we are moved in such a manner there is no use fighting it.  The best course of action is to go with the flow, and see where the current of spirit takes us. 

1118 - We have foundations for a new world to create.  This is a monumental undertaking.  But, it is one that is well within our collective abilities and resources to perform. 

1119 - It seems that the time for creating these foundations  is now.  I've been talking about this being my mission for over a decade.  But, something has changed recently ... in particular, this year.  Now, the time is ripe.  The seeds are ready to reach fruition. 

8 June 2003

1120 - Yes, this expression is that important to me ... important enough that I am willing to lose some sleep over it, and I like my sleep. 

1121 - We need to take advantage of each and every moment, and do what we can to use those moments effectively. 

1122 - I would know whom that I AM.  And, I would share this with all whose lives I touch. 

1123 - Could it be that each of us has such a stream of consciousness within us to which we can connect?  All that it takes is to go within, be still, and listen.  Easy to say ... but, this still seems to be a relatively rare thing to do. 

1124 - All that has been expressed at Beyond Imagination over the past decade is the crowning glory of my life.  But, it comes from an equally important unseen, consciousness herself.  It is time for this expression to reach a wider audience. 

1125 - What makes my stream of consciousness any more special than that of anyone else?  For one thing, I am moved to record it in this manner. 

9 June 2003

1126 - Spirit does not allow us to pour forth our energies in this manner indefinitely for naught.  Eventually, the balance is restored and with interest accrued. 

1127 - I know that there is a destiny that I am here to achieve, a role that I am here to play, a mission that I am here to perform.  It is a matter of allowing spiritual gravity to do its thing and pull me down to exactly where I need to be. 

1128 - Society needs its dreamers to dream of things that never were.  However, on another front, we need a wake up call and need to start doing things that turn our dreams into our reality. 

1129 - Consciousness doesn't work from wants.  It works from needs in line with what we believe that we deserve. 

1130 - Do I create my own destiny ... or do I simply allow what has already been planned to unfold in my life? 

1131 - There is much that needs doing.  But, there are many hands that can share in the burden thus lightening the load for everyone. 

1132 - Each of us has natural talents and abilities that can be used to serve society and/or serve spirit in some way. 

10 June 2003

1133 - There is only so much time and energy available to spend on this endeavor.  That is simply a fact of existence. 

1134 - At this point, what matters is that the forces of change are in motion.  The play is unfolding as it needs to unfold. 

1135 - So long as I keep tapping into different places in the stream of consciousness, the resulting expression will be original

1136 - Is what is expressed here of such a nature that it could impact the world ... and do so positively? 

1137 - But, what is Beyond Imagination?  It is an ideal ... it is an entity created to embody an ideal ... created to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.

1138 - What can one person do?  Clearly the answer is a lot ... far more than we might suspect, especially when spirit is doing the work. 

1139 - That is the key.  We work best when we serve as the vessels for the work that spirit would do through us. 

1140 - It takes courage to live a spiritual life.  It takes courage to be all that we can be.  We do not lose anything in the process ... at least nothing that is truly important to us.

11 June 2003

1141 - I cannot imagine a more adventurous journey than the one that consciousness has taken me on. 

1142 - This is the best of what I can do ... and I freely choose to do it and share it with all who find their way to the world of Beyond Imagination. 

1143 - I have known since the earliest days of this expression that these works of consciousness were not mine alone ... they were meant to be shared with an unseen audience. 

1144 - The economic system could also free us to do things in new ways if we allow it to do so.  However, to do this we have to be willing to invest of whom that we are into "the system". 

1145 - The more that we can give in excess of what we take, the better.  Spiritual law will ensure that we receive what we need and what we deserve. 

1146 - Rights always come with their corresponding responsibilities.  There is no free lunch.  But responsibilities do not have to be experienced as burdens. 

1147 - Life is what we make of it ... no more and no less. 

1148 - We have chosen to live in some interesting times.  Yet, the changes that we have seen to date are nothing compared to what is in store for us in the times immediately ahead.  

1149 - It is curious that consciousness speaks through me in this manner, especially since I speak to no one in this manner and no one speaks to me in this manner. 

12 June 2003

1150 - This is stream of consciousness expression after all.  As such, it is far more important than anything that I might dream of expressing myself. 

1151 - Here, spirit speaks to me and through me to you.  I never know what is going to come forth.  That is part of what makes the endeavor so interesting to me.  That is why I am willing to invest so much of my free time in doing this. 

1152 - Ultimately, there is a sense that what is expressed will impact the world, and will do so in significant ways ... perhaps even major ways. 

1153 - For me, it is very important to live my life in a manner that makes a difference, a meaningful difference to the world in some way. 

1154 - I came to serve society, to serve the world, and to serve spirit ... not necessarily in that order. 

1155 - This expression is something I am passionate about.  Carrying out my mission is something that I am passionate about.  Spreading the vision of Beyond Imagination is something I am passionate about. 

1156 - I will continue to express so long as consciousness has something to say through me.  My sense is that this will be for the remainder of my years in this existence. 

13 June 2003

1157 - Some things that we experience simply have no explanations no matter how long or how hard we seek for them.

1158 - It is important that I leave the world a better place for my having lived.  Yes, that is a big responsibility to shoulder.  But, I gladly bear it.  I can't imagine living life in any other way.  It simply wouldn't be worth living.  

15 June 2003

1159 - The unknown can be a terrifying place.  But, it doesn't have to be.  It can be a place of adventure ... and even a place where we have fun exploring our own limits.

1160 - If you build it, they will come.  But, that doesn't seem to have worked in this case.  I built and I built and I built ... but while some came, nowhere near the numbers I had expected came.  I still don't know why. 

1161 - I still maintain the Beyond Imagination web site and post new material to it on nearly a daily basis.  I consider it an extension of whom that I AM.  I offer it as an example of the level of sharing that I would like to see happen in the world.

1162 - There is something about seeing your name on the cover of a physical book that does something to you.  It is a special experience. 

1163 - Things happen in their right timing in my life.  They cannot be forced, try though as I might.  Allowance is by far the better route ... for me anyway. 

1164 - Spirit must be given a vehicle through which to speak.  This stream of consciousness is the greatest gift that I can give to the world at this time.  It is by far the most productive use of my time that I am engaged in. 

1165 - It is important for our lives to make a statement ... to have an impact on society and the world.  This doesn't just happen.  This requires that we do something with our abilities and talents, and with our time, to serve society. 

1166 - Service is the highest use of our time that there is.  However, we need to make sure the service maximizes the use of our abilities.  That makes it the greatest service that we can provide. 

1167 - How many people choose to put 5000 hours into anything in their life?  That's an average of 10 hours per week for 10 years.  My sense is that the answer would be very few. 

1168 - I would do the work of Spirit, or allow Spirit to do her works through me. 

1169 - Beyond Imagination is about providing service ... the greatest service that we can to others, to our society, and to our world.  However, to do this we must know whom that we are.  Know thyself is as valid of a directive today as it has always been.  Perhaps even more so, since we are more complex beings then we have ever been. 

1170 - It is not appropriate to judge the experiences of one against the experiences of another.  What matters is did we do what we came to do and did we do it to the best of our abilities? 

1171 - The only person that can really judge how successful we were is ourselves.  We know innately what we are capable of.  We know when we are doing our best.  The usual signs are by how happy we are and how fulfilled we are.

16 June 2003

1172 - What do all of these works offer the reader?  That is a good question.  The biggest benefit is that you get to see and experience consciousness in action as she expressed in my life anyway. 

1173 - By walking in my stream of consciousness, perhaps you will encounter something about your own ... and you will in the process learn something about yourself that you never knew you never knew. 

1174 - We are here to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  Yes, that is a challenging task.  Yet, it is one that is worthy of our best efforts.  This is what the Aquarian Age is all about. 

1175 - The world is richly interconnected.  There are interdependencies everywhere.  There is an incredible amount of cooperation that goes into creating the reality that we experience. 

1176 - Time directly engaged with consciousness, with source, is special.  It is precious.  Because of this, it is not something to squander.  Also, for me anyway, it is something to share. 

18 June 2003

1177 - Spirit expresses through us to the degree that we allow her to.  That is where our free will comes into play to the degree that we allow her to.  She doesn't force her way into our lives. 

1178 - It is within our power to create the world to be whatever we choose for it to be both individually and en masse.  It is a matter of deciding what we want to create. 

1179 - We need to keep challenging ourselves to excel.  That means putting ourselves in positions that give us the opportunity to excel.  That means doing things that allow us to use our greatest abilities and talents in service to others and to our world in some way. 

1180 - How does one put a price on the wisdom gained from 30 years of metaphysical study and 10 years of metaphysical expression? 

1181 - Belief management is one of the most important skills that we can learn.  It dramatically impacts the reality that we experience. 

1182 - There is a sense that I am gravitating to the very position that I am meant to fill.  This happens naturally if we allow it to.  It is not something that can be forced, try though we might.  . 

19 June 2003

1183 - Here I operate in the spiritual realm and because of this, what comes forth is sacred somehow.  That does not mean that it is not to be questioned.  I question it myself at times.  However, it deserves to be heard and to be evaluated based on its utility. 

1184 - That is how spirit works, through us.  She has no means to affect the world directly.  We are her legs, arms, hands, and even her mind.

20 June 2003

1185 - How is it that finished work can come forth in this manner?  What is it that is doing the organization?  My answer is that source herself is responsible.  If it is a part of me, it is clearly an other than conscious part.

1186 - These musings, and all of the expression at Beyond Imagination have essentially been stream of consciousness expressions. 

1187 - There is this incredible sense that my destiny is in my hands now in a way that it has never been before ... not to this degree anyway.  There is a sense that I can make my life into whatever I desire for it to be. 

1188 - What you decide, you will create ... you will do so because their are a host of forces waiting to do your bidding. 

1189 - You have reached a level of awareness where you know that this is true.  You know that there is literally an army of unseen forces operating behind the scenes to make reality happen in the way that you say that you prefer it to be. 

1190 - The Beyond Imagination books are my children.  If they do their jobs well, they will help the world to transition to a new age in which spirit can more fully manifest in flesh. 

1191 - We stand at the dawn of a new age.  But the vestiges of the prior age are still with us and will be for some transition period.  The old will eventually whither and die ... and will be replaced by the new and all that it offers. 

21 June 2003

1192 - It only takes one idea planted in the right mind to make a significant difference.  And, these works are rich with ideas that can make a difference.

1193 - Making a difference is what it is all about.  The chief criteria by which our life will be judged is whether we left the world a better place for our having lived. 

1194 - We have to want to make a difference, and we have to choose to do things that have the potential to make a positive difference. 

1195 - To make a difference in society, we must reach people somehow. 

1196 - The chief directive is: do as you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.  This is how consciousness impacts the world.  She moves us to action.  It is through our actions that her ends are achieved.  But we are more than pawns in the game of life.  We are willing participants – cocreators all.

22 June 2003

1197 - It is important to do what we can to make each moment count, to make the most of our efforts in whatever endeavors we are employed. 

1198 - The operative word is elegance, doing the job at hand with the least resources and the maximum efficiency.  How many of consider it our duty to work elegantly?  

23 June 2003

1199 - With any timing, the only real answer is when the time is right ... and it is spirit that determines that not us.  Then again, spirit works through us, so could not spirit be determining this through us as well? 

1200 - We need to find ways to offload tasks to others who are capable of doing them so that we can free ourselves to do things that only we can do.  In so doing ... collectively, much more gets done and the world is a better place as a result.

1201 - Elegance is important.  We need to do things efficiently and effectively to the degree that we can.  Wasted resources can never be recovered. 

24 June 2003

1202 - There is something about seeing the children of one's mind come to fruition as published books.  This is different than posting works to the internet.  Perhaps it shouldn't be. 

1203 - I would live a life of service.  I would do what is necessary for spirit to do her works in the world.

1204 - Decide.  Then speak and act as if it is already done.  And, surely it will be done.  It is that easy. 

1205 - We are all powerful creators ... far more powerful than we might suspect.  Our most intimate creation is our body and the reality that it experiences. 

1206 - We are responsible for every aspect of that experience ... no fine print, no exceptions.  We always have been and we always will be.  If we don't like what we experience, then it is up to us to find a way to change it. 

1207 - Change the beliefs and we change the experience.  Beliefs are that powerful. 

1208 - Choices ... it seems that more and more I am having to decide where I am going to apply my time and effort.  Where can I do things that have the most impact? ... that make the most difference?

1209 - How do we turn the dream of Beyond Imagination into a flesh and blood organization of more than one person?  The books are a start.  They introduce people to a world of ideas.  This world may be foreign at first, but it will grow on them ... enough that they will decide that they would like to co-create such a world.  And then, the magic happens. 

1210 - What keeps us from realizing spiritual truths in the moment?  When the mass consciousness finally awakens, it will literally be as the difference between night and day. 

25 June 2003

1211 - I am being fed what I need to know when I need to know it.  There is a part of consciousness herself that is feeding me in this manner. 

1212 - I haven't found my limits yet.  Thus far, I don't think that I am even close to them.  Though, to progress much further I need a more supportive environment.  There is only so much that I can do on my own ... it is a lot, but it is still limited. 

1213 - If my output is any indication of what each of us is capable of then collectively we can unleash an energy that will take the world by storm and transform it into whatever we desire it to be. 

1214 - To me, life has a purpose.  It is more than just to exist and be happy.  I came to do something.  In my case, that involves serving as the midwife for the Aquarian Age and building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. 

1215 - Do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.  That is the directive from spirit.  That is the chief guidance to live by in the times ahead. 

26 June 2003

1216 - The bottom line is that I will continue to do what I have been doing so long as I need to continue to do it.  Some might consider it a hardship.  But, doing the work of spirit is never a hardship.  It may be difficult and challenging at times, but that is what keeps it interesting.

1217 - We are powerful creators, each and every one of us.  What we command to be so ... will become so, provided that we do it congruently. 

1218 - When something is good, the word will get out ... perhaps not right away, but eventually. 

1219 - Trust where spirit is taking you.  Each step is a step forward toward a destiny that is right for you at this time.  We would not lead you astray. 

1220 - Do as you are moved to do.  Trust that we are moving you to do exactly what you need to do in each moment.  Further, we continue to do this in every moment. 

1221 - Leave no room for doubt ... for where spirit guides us, our grandest destiny lies. 

1222 - Life is a grand adventure of consciousness. 

1223 - Live your truth.  Express what you know.  Be your grandest vision of whom that you can be.  Dream big.  Now is not a time to let limitation hold you back. 

1224 - Why would I choose to give this much of my life to this expression?  Is it worth it?  To me, it definitely is worth it ... otherwise, I would not be doing it.

27 June 2003

1225 - I trust that consciousness knows what needs to be said and will bring it forth when it needs to be said.

1226 - What is it that I have to sell?  What services am I able to provide and to whom?  And, who is willing to pay for such services? 

1227 - How do we build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh?  That is a monumental undertaking even for a major group. 

28 June 2003

1228 -Will my children (books) be able to support me and this grand endeavor that we call Beyond Imagination?  My sense is yes.  In some respects, that is why they were created. 

1229 - There is a sense that I am doing all that I can do at the moment to propel Beyond Imagination forward ... to make it a real force for change in the world. 

1230 - Our lives are meant to be adventures, they truly are ... adventures in consciousness primarily.  Clearly, some are more adventurous than others. 

29 June 2003

1231 - I prefer to view this as offering a service that happens to be captured as a stream of consciousness in a set of books.  The service is the states of consciousness that the material can take the reader to.  By allowing the reader to walk in my consciousness for awhile, it gives the reader experiences that he/she may not otherwise encounter.  They will learn things that they never knew they never knew.  And, in so doing, they will become more than they knew themselves to be.  That is what the game of the expansion of consciousness is all about.

30 June 2003

1232 - I have learned that I can give spirit the reigns to my consciousness and allow her to express as she will. 

1233 - The rewards of spirit are well worth every effort you put into developing your abilities. 

1234 - It is OK to be a little bit crazy.  It is OK to believe things that others do not believe.  It is OK to see things that others do not see.

1235 - Living life fully can be difficult.  However, when we are in the groove, it can be the most natural thing in the world. 

1236 - We are naturally suited to be whom that we are.  This is what nature gravitates us toward if we allow it to. 

1237 - Life is meant to be joyous.  It is meant to be playful.  It is not meant to be all work. 

1238 - That is what building the foundations for a new world is all about.  We want to make it easier for people to be whom that they are and to lead the lives that they are meant to lead. 

--- JULY ---

1 July 2003

1239 - Self-employment in the direct service of consciousness is my desire.  But, at this point in time I don't know how to manifest that. 

1240 - Life has a way of working out in the manner that it is meant to work out. 

1241 - Beyond Imagination - there is a reason that name came forth in the first day of expression over a decade ago.  Yes indeed, that is what this expression is: beyond imagination. 

1242 - I can choose to live my life in a manner that demonstrates what I believe.  I can be an example of spirit expressing in flesh to the greatest degree possible through me at this time. 

1243 - It is in the moment that I have the power to do anything.  It is here that I have the power to choose what to accomplish with the free time that I have available. 

1244 - Few people make empowering choices regarding how they expend their free time.  Many choose to be entertained. 

1245 - Every moment wasted is lost forever, never to be recovered.  Unfortunately, that is how the game works.  We can only lose time ... we can't gain it back. 

1246 - It is for us to do something each day that makes the moments special in some way.  No, it is not expected that we do this for every moment ... but there should be some subset every day that is special.  It is these special moments that make it worth it ... that make it worth having lived. 

1247 - When we go too long without such moments in our life we lose touch with our natural source of grace.

2 July 2003

1248 - What matters most to me is consciousness and its expression in flesh here and now.  I came to demonstrate what is possible in this area. 

1249 - This very expression is one of my demonstrations.  I share it in the hope that it will show you what is possible ... not just for me, but for you. 

1250 - There is some reason I am being moved to capture all of this.  I have to believe that it is for more than my own good.  I would live a life of service.  I would do things that matter. 

1251 - We are here to express spirit in flesh.  More and more, the very forces of the universe will encourage us to do just that. 

1252 - The goal is to create a society that I would want to be a part of.  How's that for a goal for a Hermit?  Yet, I do so dream of living in an ideal community. 

1253 - Page after page, musing after musing consciousness expresses as she will through me.  Without her, I am nothing ... my mind would be a blank.  However, she fills the void ... and she does this on a regular basis. 

1254 - Don't underestimate the difference that one good example can provide.  People are in desperate need of positive examples at this time. 

3 July 2003

1255 - The claim from 1984 was legitimate after all.  Less that a week after submitting the paperwork, a check arrived in the mail for my portion ... $1161.07.  That's just shy of being enough to cover the publishing costs for three books. 

1256 - So close to 1162, the birth of Genghis Khan and the year Becket became Archbishop of Canterbury.  This was tied to 832 in 1994 and started my foray into numbers and their meaning in my life. 

1257 - Literally money from heaven after two decades, money that I had no clue that was owed to me. 

1258 - People who find value in the Beyond Imagination works are encouraged to share the word with others.  One way or another the works will reach who they are intended to reach ... spirit will make sure of that. 

1259 - It is time to convene the best and brightest from among us once again and tackle the issue of Living in 21st Century Era Community.  We should be deciding how we want to live and then harnessing technology to help to make it so. 

4 July 2003

1260 - So, it seems that we have some idea as to what 2003 is all about.  This is clearly a year of manifesting ... different than any other that we have experienced to date.  This is the year that Beyond Imagination went public.  Hmm ... it seems that is what is in store for the second half of the year anyway.  .

1261 - I only know what I experience.  That is that much of this expression is new when I read it again. 

1262 - The WWW truly is an electronic extension of my memory.  It contains things that I've done that I don't even remember that I've done.

6 July 2003

1263 - Writing and publishing one book is an accomplishment.  Here we're talking about six and potentially as many as eight in a single year. 

1264 - When we focus on the present, the future will take care of itself.  That doesn't mean we should ignore the probable impacts of our actions ... indeed, we should consider these.  However, often we may not know the impacts. 

1265 - There is a sense that Beyond Imagination is about to be given wings so that it can take flight and do its works in the world.  Though, we need more than wings ... we need resources, a commitment of time and funds to help build the foundations for a new world. 

1266 - There is a benefit that comes from participating in cooperatively interdependent group of people ... especially when the group is aligned to do the works of spirit.  We will be amazed at what we can achieve, or more correctly, what spirit can achieve through us. 

1267 - I hope that my example demonstrates the power of sharing in changing the world.  No, we aren't there yet.  But, as the word gets out to more and more people, we are effectively building an army for change that nothing on earth will be able to stop.

7 July 2003

1268 - It seems that the more that I do, the more that I see needs to be done.  Yet, there is only so much time available to do things. 

1269 - The publishing of the Beyond Imagination books are actions that set in motion whole courses of events.  Where these will lead is ultimately for consciousness to decide.  But, it seems that they signify the birth of a whole new endeavor.  Further, this is one that I can put my entire body, heart, mind, and soul into. 

1270 - This stream of consciousness expression is always going to be an important aspect of my being.  It is where I get my inspiration.  It is my means of recreation.  This is not work.  This is consciousness at play.  It brings great joy into my life, the joy that comes from truly being of service.

1271 - We can't necessarily expect people to volunteer their time and skills for everything.  People should be paid what they are worth.  That doesn't preclude them from volunteering if they so choose ... but the volunteering should give them something back at some level, perhaps satisfaction and even happiness. 

1272 - We are worth what we truly believe ourselves to be worthy of.  This will be reflected in our reality.  What we receive will be in line with our beliefs in this area.  To receive more, we need to give more so that we feel worthy of more. 

1273 - When we give, it is as if we put money into a bank account.  When we receive, we withdraw from this account.  It is not clear that debt is allowed, at least not for very long.  Though, there do seem to be people that take far more than they give.

1274 - We are master creators, each and every one of us.  In particular, we are creating the very reality that we experience.

1275 - Spirit knows what needs to be done.  Further, spirit knows how best to employ me in doing this work.  It is a matter of allowing her to use me as she will.  I am the willing instrument that she plays.  There is no sacrifice in this.  Rather it is a great privilege to be used in this manner

1276 - We are spiritual beings having a physical experience in a world full of symbols with heavy spiritual meaning.  Everywhere we look, we see spirit in expression.  Reality is amazing to behold. 

1277 - We live in a miraculous realm where we possess the power to create the reality that we experience.  That most of us don't realize that we are doing this is a failure of our religions and educational system.

8 July 2003

1278 - Consciousness is expressing through each of us in every moment. 

1279 - More of the same begets more of the same.  If we want to experience something new, we must be different and do different things. 

1280 - Are we going to saturate the market with Beyond Imagination books?  Perhaps.  But, these works needed to be released in this manner.  They needed to be born so that they can have their impact on the world ... whatever that impact may be. 

1281 - I have reached a point where what I do in and of my own is of far less importance than what spirit does through me.  I am a willing instrument for the expression of consciousness.  I believe this to be the highest service that I can provide.  And, at this point in my life, service has the highest priority. 

1282 - This is a grand endeavor that we are engaged in ... building a better world.

11 July 2003

1283 - What matters is doing each day that which must be done each day.  We must focus on NOW and allow the future to unfold as it will as a result of our endeavors. 

1284 - What can be expressed is being expressed in the most fitting manner.  That does not mean that this will not change and evolve over time.  In fact, it will.  Though writing will always be a preferred mode of expression. 

12 July 2003

1285 - There is something special about stream of consciousness expression.  This is by far the most creative expression in which I am engaged.  And, for me, creative expression ... especially creative written expression is what it is all about.

1286 - Beliefs operate in the gray area of the uncertain or the unknown.  It is in the playground of beliefs that all of reality creation is accomplished.  That makes this a very powerful and important area. 

1287 - It behooves us to know what we believe.  It also benefits us to identify which of our beliefs result in which part of our reality.  It is only through knowing this that we know where to start to change our beliefs if we want to change our reality.  For, that is how we effect change, through our beliefs.

1288 - The future is what we make of it by doing what must be done here and now.  There is no other way to get there.  There are no shortcuts.  Though some paths are easier than others. 

1289 - It is for us to take the paths that are right for us ... and to do so joyfully and with all our hearts.  The effort that we put in makes all the difference in the outcome. 

1290 - We need to look at the return on investment for our labors and make sure that we are getting good value for the effort expended.  Not only do we need to do this as individuals, we need to do this en masse to see how we fair collectively

1291 - Just when I think I've got it, spirit goes and throws me a curve.  That is OK.  Life needs to have such moments to stay exciting. 

1292 - Do I really need to know how it will all happen?  Or, is it sufficient to trust that it will all work out in accordance with some grand plan that is being worked out by consciousness with our participation on other than conscious levels.

1293 - We must allow each moment its whole fullness and avoid rushing from one to the next as much as we can.  This can be hard at times ... especially when we know that greater things are in store. 

13 July 2003

1294 - We do things to help build the foundations for a new world.  We do this because we can and we do this because it is our work to do.  We are carrying out the great work now.  We have been for some time ... but now we know it fully. 

1295 - When we allow consciousness to express through us, we are serving spirit in the highest capacity that we can in the moment. 

1296 - The musings offer specific examples of consciousness in expression.  They may be similar to your own ... only I have been moved to record and share mine in this manner

1297 - Keep doing what you have been doing in the same way that you have been doing them and you will continue to get exactly the same reality that you have been getting.  If you want things to change, you have to change ... you have to do things differently. 

1298 - The changes don't have to be as different as night and day ... though they can be if you so choose.  A little change now can create a major change in the long term outcome. 

1299 - Start with little changes.  They are the easiest to effect.  Trust your intuition.  It knows what changes to manifest to get you to any desired reality.

1300 - It is up to us to define what the foundations for a new world need to be.  Yes, consciousness will work through us to do this.  However, she will not do it for us.  We are perfectly capable of doing this for ourselves ... with her loving guidance, of course. 

1301 - Those who are meant to be a part of this will find themselves attracted to the endeavor.  The will sense that there is something missing in their lives.  They will be moved to do something to make the world a better place ... and the will find that their contribution is enhanced by combining it with likeminded others. 

1302 - That is what Beyond Imagination is all about.  It is an attempt to get people working together to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. 

1303 - We are all spirit expressing in flesh.  We have been since the moment that we incarnated, and we will be until the day that we die.  Even then, we will still be spirit in some form ... just not flesh. 

14 July 2003

1304 - I have committed to live my life as spirit dictates.  Yes, that means giving up some of my apparent freedom.  But, in return I gain far more ... for I gain levels of spiritual expression that are far beyond anything that I would otherwise experience. 

1305 - Expression, especially written expression, is that important to me.  It is why I exist.  Yes, I meant to state it that strongly in precisely those terms.  This is where I come alive as I can in no other place.  This is where I can reveal and be whom that I AM, freely and openly.

1306 - My mind is blank tonight.  That is typical for these musings.  But, generally, consciousness fills it with whatever she would express through us. 

1307 - At some point, we have to accept that we have done enough ... and enough is enough.

15 July 2003

1308 - I trust that my life is unfolding in accordance with a plan that I am co-creating on other than conscious levels.  Can I co-create this on conscious levels as well?  It is possible, but it is not easy. 

1309 - However, it seems that this is something that is indeed worth endeavoring to do.  For when we become a conscious co-creator, we effectively become a god/goddess ... in our own life anyway.

1310 - Some things have consequences.  And, if we choose them, then we get to experience the consequences as well.  That is not to say that all such consequences are certain.  Often, there are probabilities attached.  However, we don't have to live in a world of probabilities if we choose not to. 

1311 - There is something powerful about uncertainty, about the unknown ... and about living our lives in the midst of it.  We may know a lot, but we don't know everything. 

1312 - There will always be more to learn, there will always be things that we do not know.  Such is the way of life.  It is inescapable.  All that we can do is make the best of it.

1313 - Collectively we have much to do to build the foundations for a new world.  This is one of my main tasks, but clearly it cannot be solely my task.  It is far too big for that. 

1314 - When I need to know, I will know.  There is no force in the universe strong enough to prevent it.  Yes, that is how powerful the principle of need to know is.  It finds a way to manifest, regardless of the obstacles that may be in its way. 

16 July 2003

1315 - I consider this to be one of the most meaningful things that I do with my time.  It has the potential to have the greatest impact on the most people.  Whether it does so or not ... we will have to wait and see. 

1316 - We have the foundations for a new world to create.  That is a major task that will require the skills and commitment of many of us working in a cooperative interdependent manner to achieve. 

1317 - It is not necessary that any one person have an overall understanding of the structure of the organization and the purpose of the endeavor.  It is OK for this to be a collective thing.  That is what synergy is all about.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

1318 - Together we can achieve far more than we can achieve alone.  Together we can create a far grander world, a far grander reality, than we could achieve operating independently.  When will we realize this and start cooperating fully and completely to create the world of our visions and our dreams? 

1319 - I know myself to be ONE individual.  But, I still experience myself to be composed of many parts ... parts which sometimes compete and fight with one another for resources and attention.  Over the years, this has become less and less as I become a more integrated whole entity. 

1320 - I am meant to be a force for major change in the world.  My life has meaning to the degree that it affects the world.  Yes, that is asking a lot of myself.  Yet, I know that my abilities are such that I can more than live up to this challenge. 

1321 - This is my life.  This is my world.  This is my reality.  I invite others to share in what I experience.  But I don't force it on you.  Take what you will ... use what serves you and those you touch ... and discard the rest or leave it for another time when it may better suit you. 

1322 - Utility is the only measure of value for anything.  Who does it serve and how does it serve?  That is one of the most important questions we can ask. 

1323 - We have great hopes for this endeavor.  At the same time we know that it is not necessarily our hopes and dreams that matter here.  It is the greater hopes and dreams of the society and the world that we serve. 

1324 - We are here to be of service.  We believe that we can be of more service with more resources.  This is one of our means of attempting to generate resources.  We did it because we were moved to do it, because we could do it, and because it was fun to do.  One cannot ask for much more than that ... that the work that one does is FUN. 

1325 - To me, it is our adventures in consciousness that matter most in our lives.  Perhaps that is because I don't have the responsibility of kids in this existence so I have the luxury of focusing my time and resources in this manner.

17 July 2003

1326 - I would take responsibility for changing the world; or for building the foundations for a new world.  Yes, this is a huge job.  But, every fiber within me says that it is indeed mine to do.  No, not solely mine.  Clearly, these are tasks that will require the cooperation of many.  But, I would choose to be out there leading the way. 

1327 - Everything has it's allotted hour in the scheme of things.  It is for us to be patient and allow that to unfold as it will.  That doesn't mean that we don't have roles to play and things to do.  Indeed we do. 

18 July 2003

1328 - The saying we have only just begun comes to mind.  Oh, it has been a major beginning over the course of over a decade.  But, what remains to be done far surpasses anything we have accomplished to date. 

1329 - There is something right about the time now, the world is ready to receive what Beyond Imagination has to give.  And, we have much to give. 

1330 - What has been expressed to date is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more where that came from ... so much more that lies below the surface. 

1331 - You have been soaring in consciousness for over a decade ... some might say without a safety net.  But, we have been there at your side every step of the way to assure that you are safe.  Deep down, you have known this; so, you have not been worried.

1332 - It is time to reach out and touch people ... and touch them deeply.  The Beyond Imagination message has the power to do that.  I just need to convey it with all my heart and soul. 

19 July 2003

1333 - Each day present a brand new opportunity to express what has never been expressed before.  That seems like an awesome responsibility when you look at it like that.  But it is one that is full of hope and possibilities. 

1334 - There is far too much information for anyone to possibly consume and use effectively.  So, we must choose what filters to apply to limit the information that reaches us.  We only want to see that subset that we have deemed to be of value to us.  We need to be careful about the filters however, they can prevent information from getting in that would be highly beneficial for us to see. 

1335 - In general, belief management is an important task to engage in on a regular basis.  This is our primary mean for influencing the reality that we create. 

1336 - Those forces responsible for reality creation within us forge reality through the patterns and limitations established by our beliefs.  If we want to change the reality, that is the place to do it, with the beliefs. 

20 July 2003

1337 - There is no need to rush or to force the expression.  What is not expressed one day can easily be expressed the next, if indeed it needs to be expressed at all. 

1338 - Life is a process of finding our limits and overcoming them.

21 July 2003

1339 - Creating the foundations for a new world.  Do I really need such a lofty task?  Indeed, I do.  Nothing less would be worthy of my attention and my talents. 

1340 - We are given gifts for a reason.  Generally, that reason is to use them in some way that is of service.  I have chosen to aim high in this regard.  Will I succeed in doing what I am attempting to do?  My sense is yes ... because I am not alone, and because it is spirit doing this through us.  Those two factors are what will ensure the success of our endeavor.  What we are doing is destined to be done.  We are just the instruments through which it is happening. 

1341 - This is spirit's work that we are doing.  It is her will that matters.  It is what she would do through us that is important.  My importance comes from serving her ... and allowing her to serve the world through me. 

1342 - Then, there is another part of me that says my will is thy will.  My will is but another instrument for spirit to use to serve the world.  It is there to be used not set aside or ignored.

1342 - Either we are responsible or we are not.  To me, this is a black and white area ... there are no shades of gray.  I have assumed responsibility for my beliefs and thus for my life. 

1344 - Though there is the possibility for groups to accept mutual responsibility for some things and thereby create grander forms of consciousness able to execute in ways that no individual could. 

22 July 2003

1345 - Make each and every moment count.  And do that for every moment for the remainder of your life.  Easy to say.  But somehow I think this one may not be so easy to do.  Yet if I can't demonstrate it in how I live my life, how can I expect others to abide by it? 

1346 - The time of awakening is coming and it behooves us to be prepared to the degree that we can.  We do this by opening to whom that we are, by finding our center, by developing our intuition, and by finding our place in the world and connecting with those we need to work with to perform our missions.  These missions always involve service of some kind ... service to self, service to family, service to community, service to country, and even service to the world.

1347 - That is a common theme here.  We are meant to live lives of service.  That is how we show our gratitude for the abundance that we have been so blessed to receive. 

1348 - We have the power to create the world of our dreams.  However, we also have the power to create worlds of our nightmares if we are not careful in how we manifest.  One key is to take responsibility ... full responsibility for all that we experience at both personal and collective levels. 

1349 - We will be responsible one way or another whether we consciously choose to be so or not.  It helps if our choices are aligned with spiritual law, but that is not a requirement for living.

1350 - When you operate on the edge between the known and the unknown you are bound to find things that you never knew you never knew. 

1351 - I have chosen to make my realm the realm of spirit, of consciousness.  That is where I find my home.  The physical world is but a small subset of that.  All that you see expressed here is physical ... but only as symbols in a computer system that get called up and translated into characters and words and ideas that convey this stream of consciousness to you.  This is all that you know of whom that I AM.  Here is where my prime interaction with the world occurs, even if that "interaction" is a one-way flow of information. 

23 July 2003

1352 - One learns how to express spiritually by allowing spirit to express though us.  It is that simple and that difficult.  We learn to experience altered states of consciousness by engaging our consciousness in altered states ... and not aided by chemical means. 

1353 - Do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.

1354 - For me, it is spirit that does the moving.  I need no higher authority than that.  Even if I thought that I did, there could be none.  How can I know that I am not fooling myself?  If I am, this is the most elaborate play that I have ever seen. 

1355 - In some respects, the universe doesn't really care what we choose to create, it supports our decisions anyway. 

1356 - We are the vehicles through which the universe, through which spirit acts in the world.

1357 - Creating the Foundations for a New World.  At the bottom of every one of these musings it is clearly stated that this is what Beyond Imagination is here to do.  However, so far these foundations have only been of words, of thoughts, of ideas, of ideals.  Though the right words in the right minds at the right time are exactly what it takes to build the foundations necessary to change the world or in this case build a new world. 

1358 - One of the guiding principles of this society is the principle of spiritual economy as expressed in: from each in accord with their abilities, to each in accord with their needs.  The goal would be to reach a point where this guiding principle becomes a social contract among the members of the society. 

24 July 2003

1359 - I consider myself to be an explorer of consciousness.  I expect to be involved in this grand endeavor in one way or another for the rest of my days.  In fact, I consider this to be the most important job that I do.  

1360 - I speak with an authority that comes from something greater than I consciously know myself to be.  Yet, the words flow forth anyway.  They are not conditioned by this is my opinion or any such words ... they come forth directly as if they were statements of fact. 

1361 - Judge what is expressed by its utility.  Ultimately that is the only criteria that is of any value.  Though, consider not only the utility to you, but to the collective whole as well. 

1362 - The time has come for us to get beyond our selfish considerations.  That does not mean that we are not meant to take care of ourselves ... it just means that we should give consideration to helping others also.

1363 - I, I, I ... I speak in the first person singular because that is what I experience most of the time. 

1364 - Reality is like that.  It tends to conform to our beliefs of what will be.  So, it is helpful if we believe in a reality that we truly want to experience.  We don't have to lock down every detail.  We probably couldn't even if we were to try.  But, we need to get the general stuff right ... at least right for us.

1365 - One step at a time.  With each step new vistas open up.  Until we take each step, we don't know what comes next.  I've been doing this for so long that it is OK with me.  However, there is a sense that it has been OK, but will not continue to be so much longer. 

1366 - It is time to expand my horizons a bit.  To do that I need to take off the blindfolds and see further than I have ever seen.  I need to see far enough ahead to be able to set overall priorities and plan my endeavors in line with those priorities

1367 - Cooperative interdependent endeavors are what the future calls for.  That is how we build a better world.  And, we do it one foundation at a time. 

1368 - I desire for Beyond Imagination to grow into a cooperatively interdependent entity ... an organization focused on building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. 

1369 - This could easily involve hundreds, though I see my primary interactions being with a much smaller core group, at least at first.  I still see myself as the "wind beneath my wings" type of person.  I am comfortable with a role in the background.  I don't need to be on center stage. 

1370 - I am an old soul, perhaps even a transcendental one.  Many things that are important to younger souls have no value for me.  In some areas that makes me lazy.  However, in other areas, especially the spiritual ... I am driven.  It just depends. 

1371 - Patience, patience, patience ... allow things to unfold in all their ripeness.  We don't want to pick the fruit from the tree too soon.  Allow the sun to nourish it until it is ripe enough to harvest.

25 July 2003

1372 - On 1 April 98, I was flying pretty high.  I found it more interest to see the list of titles near the bottom of the page that identified what I do.

Metaphysician, Consultant, Teacher, Visionary, World Transformer, Wayshower, Spirit Enfleshed, Explorer, Systems Engineer, Master Builder, Writer, Spiritual Warrior, Creator.

1373 - That is quite some list!  Though looking at it today, I would agree that every item on the list still applies ... and further, I will have contributed something significant in that area during my life if I haven't done so already. 

1374 - There is something magical in this ... to know that each day we have done something of utility, even if we do not know for whom it will be useful.

1375 - That is part of what I mean by making each and every day count.  We need to live our lives in a manner that we make a difference now. 

26 July 2003

1376 - You have to be a bit crazy to live a spiritual life and to allow consciousness to express in your life as she will.  But, there is nothing wrong in being a bit crazy ... we just need to keep it from going too far. 

1377 - The dreamers among us have always been consider to be crazy.  But, how many times have their dreams eventually become a reality?

1378 - Communities are groups of individuals who care enough about each other to be concerned with and stay involved in each others lives. 

27 July 2003

1379 - Making a difference in the world matters.  We need to leave the world a better place than we found it by virtue of our presence.  This we can always do.  It is a matter of having the resolve to do what it takes to do it.

1380 - A degree of awareness is a prerequisite for understanding much that is expressed here.  With the proper awareness, the expression is obvious.   Without it, the expression is laborious and confusing. 

1381 - That is one of the signatures of spiritual expression, it is intuition-based.  Reason is utilized and has its place, but it is not a primary means for revealing truth.

28 July 2003

1382 - What are you willing to do to see your works succeed?  In a real way ... the question is what are you willing to do to see you succeed, for your works are you.  The immediate answer was everything and anything.  Yet, there are still things that take me out of my comfort zone that I am reluctant to do.

1383 - It all comes down to service.  We give what we can, we take what we need, and we never take more than we give.  When we do this there is abundance, and everyone wins. 

1384 - This is my life.  This is what I do with my free time, the time that really matters in my life.  It remains important to capture this stream of consciousness.  So long as this is true, I will continue to do it.  I have no way of knowing whether this will be for another hour, another day, another week, another month, another year, another decade, or the rest of my life. 

1385 - What matters is what I am moved to do in the moment.  If I stay true to that, the future will take care of itself.  We can only make a difference in the moment, HERE and NOW.  That is the only place and time that ever exists for us.

29 July 2003

1386 - Who determines what is of value to society and of how much value?  And, who pays the bills for the services rendered to society? 

1387 - I serve as a willing vessel for source, the stream of consciousness that flows forth through me.  As it was in the beginning, so it will be unto the end. 

1388 - Ultimately, that is what counts in the end.  What lives did you touch and how did you touch them? 

30 July 2003

1389 - There is an intelligence that is involved in creating and expressing all of this that knows what has been expressed and ensures that only what needs to be replicated is replicated. 

1390 - Some day I'm going to stare at the blank page and simply have nothing to say.  Some day, but not today ... and not likely tomorrow either. 

1391 - I will reach who I need to reach when I need to reach them.  Spirit is orchestrating the show here.  All that I can do is play my role to the best of my abilities.  That is all that is asked of anyone.  I almost said demanded but spirit doesn't make such demands.  These she leaves for us to impose all by ourselves.  And, what a mess we seem to make of it.

1392 - Each day of expression is an act of creation.  We bring forth something that has never existed before.  We make what we unknown known, what was unmanifest manifest ... even if it is only in words.  Only words.  But, the right words in the right minds at the right times stir people to take action that changes the world as we know it. 

1393 - Such is the power of words.  It is out of words that deeds are born.  And, it is out of deeds that the world is transformed. 

1394 - Consistency is not a requirement for living a spiritual life.  In fact, if anything it can be somewhat of a hindrance. 

1395 - Once again I sit here alone with consciousness as my only witness and companion.  Perhaps I am not so alone after all.  At least I have consciousness by my side coming forth as she will.  It is not clear what I would do if I were completely on my own. 

1396 - Here, the stream of consciousness flows forth as it will.  In many ways, I am not in control of what gets expressed.  Yes, it comes into my mind and is expressed through my fingers.  But, in a very real way it is not mine.  It does not belong to me.  It comes through me, but is not of me.  Yet, there is no other author for these words.  There is no other entity to whom to attribute the words.  It is Wayne that translates the energy that flows from source into these words.  So, by all rights, he is the author. 

31 July 2003

1397 - It seems that so long as I am willing to serve as a vessel of consciousness, I will always have plenty to say ... for it is not me saying it, it is consciousness herself.  And, consciousness seems to know no such limitations. 

1398 - I desire contact, but I also love my solitude.  I would create a society but I am afraid to be among people except in precise ways that I control.  Something has to give.  What I say that I want to create is not congruent with the manner in which I am expressing. 

1399 - I am saying the right words.  And, in many cases even doing the right things.  However, there is still something missing.  I am acting from the perspective of the hermit that I AM.  So long as I continue to do this, my reality will be limited to what that perspective allows.  If I do it right, that can be a lot.  But, a lot is not good enough for me.  I know that there is more that I can do, that there is more that I can be.

1400 - We continue to engage in this endless expression of consciousness.  We do it because we can and because we must.  We do it because this is what we are moved to do by the spirit within us.  We don't question why. 

1401 - Beyond Imagination has grown into an entity in its own right.  Yes, I gave it birth ... and I co-created most of what is expressed there with consciousness herself.  But the ideas contained in the expression have a life of their own.  They have the power to move readers to act in ways that make a difference, that ultimately change the world. 

1402 - Consciousness just borrowed me for awhile to provide a means for allowing the expression to come forth.  Why me?  Because I was open and had the right skills to serve her in this manner.  Why now?  Because that is what I came to do now.  There were several cosmic triggers that turned me on.  But, once the awakening occurred, the level of awareness was such that I could be used in this manner. 

--- AUGUST ---

1 August 2003           

1403 - We are to live our lives fully in each moment, doing what we can do to make a difference in the lives of others and in our world.

1404 - Service to spirit is that special and that powerful.  It can transform the world, if only we allow it to do so through us.

1405 - How do I find those who I am meant to work with in this endeavor?  Are they searching for me as I am searching for them?  How will we know when we have found one another?  There will be no doubt, we will know.  We will recognize that we are kindred spirits.  We will recognize that we are brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, parents, and grandparents in the same spiritual family

2 August 2003

1406 - When we live in the moment, there is no next ... there is only IS.  If we would become something, we must simply be it.  Rather than plan to do something, we must simply do it.  We will be amazed by how simple and how powerful our lives become when we operate in this manner. 

1407 - We know what to do and how to be.  We've known all along.  It is a matter of choosing to do it.  Our lives are our creations.  It is for us to create well and build the lives that we truly desire to live.  This is within our power.  It always has been. 

1408 - In fact, we have created whatever circumstances we find ourselves in at the present time.  Because we created them, we are free to change them.  It is a matter of choice, and what we feel that we deserve in our lives.  Yes, what we believe that we deserve is extremely important.  This effectively throttles the abundance that we are able to receive.

1409 - The expression that is Beyond Imagination is meant to reach an audience somehow.  Thus far, it has reached some, but nowhere near the numbers it is meant to ultimately reach.  How can I know this?  I just do.  The amount of effort that is put into this expression suggests that it is intended to impact many.  I just can't believe that consciousness would be doing all of this just for me.

1410 - The words are not enough.  They must be backed by deeds.  It is here that these works are distinguished from other works.  We do what we can to make practical use of what is expressed.  What matters is utility.  What is important is what is useful here and now.

1411 - What are my hopes for Beyond Imagination?  That it grows into an organization of many focused on building the foundations for a new world. 

1412 - I need to be around others to provide the stimulation necessary to trigger me to act to a higher level.  I know that I am capable of such.  I have done it in the work environment many times.  Here I am asking to do it in a social environment outside of work.

1413 - Where do I get the material that I express?  I don't really know.  It just comes forth.  I don't question it anymore.  At one time I did.  But, the consistency is such that I simply accept it for what it is.  I trust that it is expressing what I need to hear, and what others need to see expressed through me. 

1414 - That is the power of a stream of consciousness expression.  Its origin is a mystery.  Mysteries are to be experienced, not understood.  They strike our heart first, and then leave their impact on our brain. 

1415 - Life itself is a mystery.  The thought process is a mystery.  The very means that we communicate is a mystery.  Everywhere that we look in our lives, we are confronted by mysteries.  There is nothing wrong with this.  It is OK for our lives to have an element of the mysterious, of the magical in them.  In fact, when they don't there is something seriously wrong.

1416 - Do today what can be done today.  And, leave for tomorrow what is tomorrow's.  You will know what that is intuitively. 

3 August 2003

1417 - We can count on consciousness to do its part, but we must take the initiative and do ours as well.  This is a mutual endeavor that we are creating. 

1418 - I am a wayshower, here to facilitate the birth of a new age, here to build the foundations for a new world.  Lofty goals yes ... but such I chose before incarnating this time.  Yes, this carries with it a large mantle of responsibility.  I know that, and I bear it faithfully.

1419 - What would we do next?  The famous five word question.  We continue to do as we are moved to do. 

1420 - Ever onward, expressing whatever consciousness would bring forth next.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the expression. 

1421 - This record takes you through the places where one consciousness has been.  Hopefully you find it interesting and mind-expanding or more correctly consciousness-expanding. 

1422 - These words are my gift to the world.  Actually, they are spirits gift to the world with me as the essential conduit. 

1423 - Most people allow circumstances to determine their state of mind.  Masters choose their state of mind and then fashion the circumstances to conform with it. 

1424 - If we want to be happy, we need to choose to do just that ... be happy.  We should be able to be happy regardless of the circumstances that we face each day. 

1425 - Life is such a precious gift.  It is our duty to make the most of it ... to do the best with what we are given, and to do what we can to make things better for others as well. 

1426 - When all is said and done, no one is going to ask where we lived or where we went to school or what experiences we had or what we owned or what our net worth was ... however, they are going to ask what we did to serve others that made a difference.  Those are the things that are important.  Those are the things that count. 

4 August 2003

1427 - Here there is no doubt ... I choose to be extraordinary.  To do this, the world needs some visibility into what I do.  The Beyond Imagination site and books are starting points.  However, much more is to be expressed before your time on the planet is over.  Don't worry, we will be there to guide and assist you every step of the way.  Consciousness helps its own in whatever ways it can. 

1428 - Trust your intuition!  I just heard that on the TV in the background.  I don't know what the context was, but that particular advice is very sound indeed.  It is our intuition that is our connection to source.  When we start to trust it, we truly begin to live. 

1429 - If only.  We need to be careful not to live our lives in such a manner that we regret the if only's.  If only we had done this, if only we had said that, if only we had experienced this, if only we had expressed that.  We must live our lives with no regrets. 

5 August 2003

1430 - Time is a precious commodity.  It is one area where we are all equals.  We each get 24 hours per day.  What we do with that allotment of time distinguishes us.  I like to do something that I consider to be of lasting value each day.  I consider this expression to be in that category. 

1431 - Spiritual services tend to work like that.  They empower and enrich the ones that are providing the service.  The greater the service, the greater the impact.

1432 - Well, at least so far as 2002 and 2003 go, if anyone were to ask what did you do of value in those years, I have a body of writings to point to both at the Beyond Imagination site and as Beyond Imagination books.  I deem it to be of tremendous value, worthy of spending roughly 1000 hours per year on. 

1433 - We create a better world by serving one another.  Society should facilitate doing this.  It should facilitate providing the greatest services for which we are capable in exchange for getting our needs met.  At present it doesn't do this very well for the vast majority of the population. 

1434 - We can accept that as the way things are ... or we can rebel and say that is not good enough, and demand that things improve.  We don't have to wait for outside changes to start doing things differently.  There are things we can do locally.  We can trade and barter for goods and services for instance.  Some people already do this with varying degrees of success.  The bottom line is that the economy should serve us rather than enslave us. 

1435 - I only ask that you judge the expression based on its merits and not on its source.  For me, there is no higher authority than spirit, as revealed to us via our intuition.  But that may not be good enough for some.  They demand proof.  Some things just don't work that way.  They will not be subjected to our petty demands for proof.  They require that we believe in something, often something intangible, something that has the power to work magic in our lives if we will only allow it to.

6 August 2003

1436 - When we operate in the now often there is no forewarning of what will be.  It just magically happens in the present moment.  Yes, life can be lived like that.  However, most of us need more structure than that. 

1437 - We are willing to give up some of the freedom in exchange for knowing some of what might happen.  Some need far more structure than others.  However all of us operate with some balance of structure and chaos in our lives that works for us.  There is no set level that is right for everyone.  Here, we are all different and must find what works best for us.

1438 - Information can be conveyed in books.  But it takes something more, a frame of mind to turn that information into knowledge, and then to apply that knowledge in a manner that constitutes wisdom. 

1439 - Also, there is another step.  It is not enough to be wise, we must apply our wisdom in service. 

1440 - The application of wisdom in service is what spirituality is all about. 

1441 - Life is too short to stay away from our mission a moment more than we have to.  That doesn't mean that we can't enjoy life and stop and smell the roses along the way.  In fact, our lives work best when we do these things.  We need to be grateful for each day, and treat it as the true gift that it is. 

1442 - And, we need to do what we can to make sure we have done our fair share each day.  That doesn't mean working every minute for 16 hours per day.  However, it does mean working effectively for a reasonable period of time each day and accomplishing something. 

1443 - We should take a measure of our productivity each day.  Was what we produced worth the cost of our labor to the customer?  We need the answer to this to be yes each day. 

1444 - Service ... that is all that truly matters in life.  In the end, what we will be known for is the service that we provided as reflected in the works that we have done.  Everything else is the window dressing of life.  But, the window dressing counts for a lot as well.  It is not to be taken lightly. 

7 August 2003

1445 - How do I transform this into something of greater service and benefit to society and the world?  That is an important question to ask in nearly every endeavor that we are engaged in.  How can we do this in a manner that provides greater service?  In the end, it is the service that we provide that sets us apart, that distinguishes us.  The more service, the better.

1446 - What makes me continue to come here to allow consciousness to express day in and day out for such extended periods of time.  I am choosing to spend nearly 20 percent of my waking life on this endeavor.  That is a huge investment.  What is the return on that investment? 

1447 - The biggest return is that I get to experience states of consciousness that I would otherwise not likely experience.  Equally important is the fact that I am left with a product to show for my existence. 

1448 - Why can I not just choose to be happy and be so?  Is that not what reality creation is all about?  Then why did the framers of the Constitution declare that the pursuit of happiness was an inalienable right.  They did not say achievement of happiness, only its pursuit.  And, what does a right to pursue something really grant to us?

1449 - Clearly I need to find more people willing to commit their time.  And, why should spiritual work be free?  This is great work that we are doing.  It is work that is worth a lot.  Why shouldn't it be well compensated?  Here we are attempting to do a service to the world, a spiritual service of great value.  Why is this any less important than the services of a lawyer, or a doctor, or an actor, or an athlete?  The bottom line is that it isn't! 

8 August 2003

1450 - We need only to trust the process of spirit unfolding and expressing through us and allow it to lead us on whatever path is appropriate for us.  It will not be the path.  There is no one path right for everyone.  But it will be a path that is valuable for us and those whom we touch in our lives.  We are also free to decide on our own path.  However, it seems much easier if we steer the course that spirit sets for us.

1451 - Each moment of expression, we leave a record of where consciousness has been ... at least that part of consciousness that could be expressed through us.  Each day we have something concrete to show for the fact that we have lived.  You may say that it is only words.  But the right words expressed in the right way can move people to commit deeds that ultimately change the world.  Words can be that powerful; they are not to be taken lightly. 

9 August 2003

1452 - Life is a precious gift.  It is a special gift, one that needs to be revered and respected.  That requires going through life with a proper frame of mind ... a proper state of consciousness.  Yet, from what I have seen to date the processes for finding these proper states are haphazard at best, assuming that processes exist at all. 

1453 - Many seem unaware of the need to find and develop such states.  Yet, it is the flexibility of our consciousness and the states of mind that we are able to achieve that determine much of our value in the times ahead.  It has always been important ... but the nature of the new age makes it extremely important.

1454 - The bottom line is that it is not how long that we have lived that matters, it is how well we have lived ... and, in particular what difference our life made to others and the world. 

1455 - There are many ways to make a difference.  It is up to us to find the unique ways that are right for us.  This is not difficult to do.  Start by finding those things that you love to do.  Then find ways to apply them in service.  The greater the service the better. 

1456 - There is always a way to be of service.  Usually, there are many ways ... so we want to optimize the amount of service generated.  The more service, the greater the benefit to society.

1457 - Intuition is a very powerful part of the self.  It is meant to be used as much if not more than reason.  It is a direct tie to knowledge and knowing where the rational mind often is only able to deal in the realm of facts and information.

10 August 2003

1458 - Each of us have filters that serve as glasses through which we perceive the world.  These filters are primarily systems of beliefs about what matters and what is important to us in the world.  Those are the things that we pay the most attention to.  This is simply how the process works.  It is the natural means by which we attract the reality that we experience. 

1459 - Building the foundation for a new world is no easy task.  It is a task of great world import.  It is a task that requires the very best from each of us.  And, the very best is the spiritual within each of us.  It is the spiritual that desires to be of service to our fellow beings.

1460 - What more can I give and to whom?  That is a useful question to ask ourselves from time to time.  What more can we do to serve?  I heard an ad for mentoring on the radio today.  That helps individuals one at a time.  I would hope that my impact could be more than that. 

1461 - Yet, doesn't change start with impacting one individual at a time?  Though, if we can change the infrastructures ... we can change the very environment that nurtures us all.  When we change the environment, everything changes.  For instance, if the economy can provide abundance for everyone ... that frees people from the concerns of making a living and allows them to focus their attention on things that really matter. 

11 August 2003

1462 - This is spiritual work we are doing.  It is unlike our normal jobs.  It needs to have a high return on investment ... in particular, a two-fold return in terms of the services rendered to the community and the fulfillment provided from participation in the endeavor.  The first of these makes the endeavor worthwhile to others.  The second of these makes the endeavor worthwhile to those of us who engage in it.

12 August 2003

1463 - What do I have that I can commit?  What I have to give is the most precious gift of all ... whom that I AM and the services that I am able to provide.  Ultimately, that has to be enough.

1464 - When we allow them to, things have a way of working themselves out naturally.  It is a matter of simply allowing them to unfold in our lives. 

1465 - We can also make things happen.  This can come across as forceful.  At times, that is perfectly OK.  However, we need to make sure we take into account the impacts of our creations on others.  Along with the power of reality creation comes the responsibility for all that we create.  This includes responsibility not just for the impacts of what we create on us ... but for all of the impacts of what we create.

1466 - Spirit primarily expresses through consciousness.  Consciousness is everything.  Without consciousness we would cease to exist as aware beings. 

13 August 2003

1467 - Continuous process improvement should be a way of life.  But, for that you need to have defined processes.

1468 - We each have things that make us special, things that we are meant to use to serve others.  That is ultimately what gives our life meaning and purpose.  We might serve family, friends, community, society, country, or even the world.

1469 - Belief management is the process of controlling beliefs so that they serve us and result in reality that we choose to experience.  It is our responsibility to manage our beliefs.  No, this was not taught to me in 17 plus years of formal education.  How can that be? 

1470 - How is it that we are not taught about such important things?  Many go through their entire lives and never figure it out.  That is a shame.  It seems that we owe it to our citizenry to share the word ... to inform people of these spiritual truths that can empower them to live more aware and enlightened lives.

1471 - Why can't we just accept things as they are, and allow them to unfold as they will naturally?  The chief reason is that the plan calls for us to be an active part of the evolution of consciousness, the evolution of spirit expressed in flesh.  It has taken thousands of years to get us to this point.  We are at a breakpoint, where a whole new level of awareness is to be manifest.

14 August 2003

1472 - I'm about fed up with network TV as well due to the amount of commercials per show that one has to put up with.  Yes, the commercials are what pay the bills.  Or, more correctly, we the consumers pay the bills by buying the products and services that the commercials hawk. 

1473 - In the present economy, the bottom line is that we, the consumers, pay for everything.  Most people don't think about that when they hear the astronomical amounts that some of the stars make per episode for the most popular shows. 

1474 - We need more choices as to what we can do with our time.  Being entertained is not the most productive use of our time and our talents.  For that, we need to do something, preferably something creative.

15 August 2003

1475 - Our focus is meant to be on the present.  What can we do here and now to make a difference?  Though, our considerations should include the difference that we make over time. 

1476 - Our actions in the moment can have ramifications that stretch into eternity.  In our considerations of alternative courses of actions we need to consider the long term impacts in addition to the near term ones

1477 - What we do makes a big difference in the world.  We need to remember that.  Thoughts without actions are mere passing fancies.  It is when we take action that the forces of creation are invoked.  Whether positively, negatively, or neutrally depends on our actions. 

1478 - Don't get me wrong, this is not to say that thoughts don't have power.  The right thoughts at the right time can move many to take action.  It is through such thoughts that the world will ultimately be transformed.  We need to give people empowering thoughts that replace some of the ones that they presently hold about themselves, the world, and the nature of reality. 

1479 - If our actions are to have impact, we must be connected to others somehow.  The more richly connected, the more impact that we are likely to have.  However, the more richly connected, the more difficult to predict the exact nature of the impact. 

1480 -That is OK.  We are not necessarily doing things for the impacts that they will have.  We do things because we are moved by spirit to do them ... damn the consequences.  The consequences will be what they will be, and we will be responsible for them ... but they are not to be a primary concern.  The bottom line is that we must do what we must do.  Such is our spiritual obligation.  But, how do we know what this is?  We go inside and seek until we find the answer. 

1481 - This is one thing that is clearly available inside of us.  At any time, source / consciousness knows what is right for us to be doing.  We can access and abide by that knowingness, or we can ignore it ... that is our choice.  Life flows far smoother when we access and abide be it however. 

1482 -There is nothing that says that life has to flow smoothly.  It can if that is desired, but it seems that most people need to encounter challenges in their lives that make them far from smooth sailing.  Each one of us makes choices in this area that are right for us ... that agree with our preferences.  

16 August 2003

1483 - Spiritual work is as deserving of compensation as any other kind of work.  Perhaps even more so because of its value.

1484 - The way we transform the world is through service.  It is that simple.  Service is a different way of looking at our relationship to the world.  When we think in terms of how we can serve, we engage the highest within us.  Service takes us away from our intense focus on self.  OK, some of us are more intensely focused on self than others.  Though was not the directive over Plato's Academy the equivalent of "Know Thyself" in Greek? 

17 August 2003

1485 - Spirit is on our side.  She will guide us to do what needs to be done.  Further, she knows the specific roles that each of us are here to play so she is in the best position to assign the work to be done.  We will get such assignments through our own intuition. 

1486 - One of the characteristic behaviors of awakened beings is precisely that ... we share.  The greatest things that we have to share are whom that we are and what consciousness would express through us.  These we share freely to the degree that we can with the world.  That is what Beyond Imagination is all about.  And, I am not alone.  There are others who would serve humanity by sharing in this same manner. 

1487 - The specifics of what we have to share may be different, but many of the general themes are the same.  They deal with what it takes to manifest community in a world that is ONE.  They deal with awakening to the spirit within us and allowing the greatest expression that can come forth through us to manifest.  They deal with what it takes to for spirit to more fully manifest in flesh through us. 

1488 - That is the objective of the game of life after all ... the expression of spirit in flesh; as fully as can be expressed by us at any given time.

1489 - Making a difference is what it is all about.  If we live our life alone, in isolation ... our impact is limited at best.  We have to find a way to reach out somehow, to do something to contribute to our society and our world. 

1490 - Consciousness is everything.  All of life is the expression of consciousness, of spirit, in flesh.  The challenge is how to allow consciousness to more fully express in flesh.  We can do this individually.  But, more importantly, we can do this collectively.  It is the collective expression that will ultimately characterize the age. 

18 August 2003

1491 - We've had plenty of practice with giving consciousness free reign to express as she will.  And she has done that admirably.  But, this only takes us so far.  We need to focus the effort to take it to the next level ... and in particular to start to create the foundations for a new world. 

1492 - We need to show why a new world is needed.  Then, we need to demonstrate that the principles for creating it are within our grasp. 

1493 - Collectively, we have great power.  We have the power to make the world into anything that we want it to be.  However, we must realize that this power is ours ... and that we have the responsibility for doing something with it. 

1494 - We could sit back and wait for things to happen.  However, we might find it more enjoyable to engage in the process of creating the reality of our dreams.  The process is truly beyond imagination.

1495 - Focus on the here and now and allow the to be to take care of itself.  Natural laws are unfolding here.  And spiritual laws as well.  We need to allow these to work and not get in the way.  Sometimes this can be difficult.  We believe that we know specifically what needs to happen and when.  Perhaps we do, perhaps not. 

1496 - We need to be careful about where our certainty comes from.  Sometimes we believe that we know far more than we really know.  At other times, we actually know far more than we believe that we know.  It is important to learn to detect the difference.  That is part of what self-knowledge is all about. 

19 August 2003

1497 - I've found that life flows much smoother if we allow what spirit would manifest in our life to happen and embrace that wholeheartedly.  Spirit knows far better what we need at any given time than we do from our more limited perspective.  That means letting go a little, perhaps even a lot.  But there are great benefits for doing so.

1498 - We speak of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from want, freedom from fear, and even freedom of enterprise.  All of these are valuable, especially the third and fourth, but the most important freedom is one that can never be taken from us ... the freedom to be whom that we are.  All that this requires is courage and passion.

1499 - Life is meant to be lived with passion.  There is always something to be passionate about, something that moves us deeply.  We need to search and find what that is for us and then do what we can to manifest it in our lives. 

20 August 2003

1500 - There is nothing that says that we have to be comfortable with everything in our lives.  Some things we simply have to do anyway.  We will know what these are.  We will know what is important and what is not important.  How will we know?  We'll just know.  This is something that we have to find inside ourselves.

1501 - I have read over 1000 metaphysical books.  Nothing that I have read provided a pattern or example for the material that I express.   That doesn't mean there aren't similar expressions out there ... just that I have not encountered them yet.

21 August 2003

1502 - My life is still a highly solitary one.  Yes, that is my choice.  That is, it is the result of the choices that I make regarding how I interact with people on a day to day basis.  Interesting.  I hadn't really thought about it like this.  However, if I want to see different results in my life I'm going to have to make different choices and do different things. 

1503 - It is as if I am the stranger in a strange land.  This is not my home.  I am not from here.  I just happen to be here now.

1504 - All of this keeps me from being a part of the world.  In fact, it keeps me apart from the world.  This expression is the one major exception that I grant myself.  Here I openly express whatever would come forth.  Further, I will answer any questions honestly to the degree that I can based on my understanding and awareness. 

1505 - By their nature, beliefs deal with the gray areas where we don't know whether something is true or false.  If we already know something, it is fact ... there is no room for belief. 

1506 - Beliefs are a playground for reality creation.  There are many apparatus in the playground.  It is for us to learn how to use them safely so that we can enjoy what they can do for us. 

1507 - Belief management is a skill that we should all learn.  It would make living our lives much easier.  It is through our beliefs that we create our reality.  Though, how many really know this?  How many look to beliefs as the first place to change when they want to change their reality?

1508 - There is a destiny that is unfolding in my life now.  It is not a destiny that I am choosing to manifest, rather it is a destiny that I am choosing to allow to manifest.  The difference is that I don't consciously know what I'm doing and why much of the time.  I only know that I'm doing what I'm moved to do in the moment. 

1509 - It's too bad that reality can't change as quickly as the images in our imagination.  Though, it seems that the time from thought to realization is getting shorter and shorter.

22 August 2003

1510 - My life will be defined by the services that I was able to perform to spirit ... to society ... to humanity ... and even to the world.  Yes, I dream big.  I accept responsibility on a grand scale.  I do so because such is what I am here to do.

1511 - Is all of this worth listening to?  Or, are these the rantings of a madman?  I have to believe that while I may be walking on the fine edge of sanity at times, that I haven't crossed over the line yet ...

1512 - Life provides the opportunity for consciousness to express in flesh.  The mind/body is the form.  Consciousness is the chief occupant.  When we die ... the consciousness departs and enters another realm where it can evaluate what it has done and learned, and where it can determine what it chooses to do next. 

1513 - We need to be able to free people to work on building the foundations for a new world.  This means buying their energy, their ideas, and their time. 

1514 - We should be willing to pay people for spiritual work ... as much, if not more, than we pay people for work in the private sector.  It is not clear that there is comparable or equivalent work.  If we build the foundations correctly, everyone benefits ... everyone prospers ... everyone wins.  That makes this some of the most important work that there is.

23 August 2003

1515 - So, what about the technology of consciousness?  It seems it is still in its infancy, even though it has been studied and practiced in the East for several millennia and in the West for over two millennia.  Then, why has so little progress been made? 

1516 - The bottom line is that we make progress where we apply energy and resources ... and we just haven't chosen to apply them here yet. 

1517 - Is it the majority that determines what gets done in this country?  It seems not.  The movers and the shakers have always been a small minority. 

1518 - Unless one enters the arena with an attitude of service, much is lost and there is great potential for damage.  The benefit of one should never be at the cost of many.  There is just something wrong about this.  We need to find ways that are WIN/WIN for all involved. 

24 August 2003

1519 - There is an inner sense that I am to live a life that has world impact.  And, here, I see the impact coming in how it impacts each individual.  Yes, it is audacious of me to believe that I will have such impact.  But, it is indeed what I believe nonetheless.  And, as I believe, so shall it be.  That is pretty audacious as well.  But, we create our own reality individually and en masse.  And, my sense is that I have much to contribute to the reality that is created en masse. 

1520 - How do we determine what our efforts are worth?  Right now, it seems the only option is to allow the free market to determine the worth of the goods or services that we supply via our efforts.  However, that means finding a way to offer ones services within the market.  It is not clear that I have really done that yet ... not wholeheartedly anyway. 

25 August 2003

1521 - What is the difference between serving the world and serving the people of the world?  Can you do one without doing the other?  Can you serve the whole without serving the parts, or serve the parts without serving the whole as well? 

1522 - Reality has a way of conforming to our expectations.  Not surprising given that such is how we create it.  However, our expectations must be more than pipe dreams.  They must be things that we are willing to work to achieve if necessary. 

1523 - Just wishing for something most likely won't make it so.  We have to take the next step and do something about it.  For one thing, we have to believe that we are worthy of receiving what we wish for.  Otherwise, it is unlikely that it will manifest.  Also, we have to be willing to do what it takes to achieve what we want ... with the exception of harming others. 

1524 - We are held accountable for both what we do and what we could have done that we chose not to do. 

1525 - "If you build it they will come ..."  I firmly believe that line from the movie Field of Dreams.  But what is it that I am building and who is it that I am expecting to come?  I would build the foundations for a new world.  And, I would expect those who are meant to be the major players in the new world order to come see what I am building.  Wow! 


1526 - That is expecting a lot.  Indeed, that is expecting more than my present station in life seems to entitle me to.  If I'm going to interface with the movers and shakers of the day ... I need an appropriate status that allows me to get in the door if you will. 



29 August 2003

1527 - There are always easy ways to do things if only we will look for and seek them out.  It is not that we are trying to get out of anything.  It is a matter of doing those things that we must do in as optimal of a way as we can.

1528 - How do we turn on the abundance pump?  It seems that we need to prime it with actions based on beliefs.  It is not clear that I am doing that consistently.  I am coming from a just enough mentality rather than an abundance mentality.  Just enough is only one step above a scarcity mentality. 

1529 - When we want to introduce something to many ... we have to think like many.  We have to hit them in a way that they will recognize as meaningful to them. 

1530 - Start a class ... you teach best what you most need to learn.  That would be one way of getting people to read the Beyond Imagination books.  Use them as textbooks for a class in Spiritual Expression, Consciousness, and Reality Creation.  This is clearly something that you are qualified to teach. 

1531 - Through the class, you might even find those you are meant to join forces with to create the foundations for a new world.  You never know until you try.  The effort opens up all kinds of avenues of opportunity. 

1532 - Give people a chance to find you.  Yes, to some extent you have already done that.  But, not everyone is "connected".  Some that you are meant to touch do not access the internet or WWW.

30 August 2003

1533 - How do I turn what I love to do into my full time occupation?  Is that in the cards for me in this existence?  This expression is unique.  It is the expression of consciousness through me.  OK, but that could be said of all books.  They are all creative expressions.  They are all works of consciousness.  What makes this any different?  Primarily, that this deals with a stream of consciousness in expression.  All of its organization, all of its flow, all of its content are dictated by consciousness. 

1534 - Consciousness points the way for you to go beyond yourself and experience things you never knew to be parts of you.  In integrating these parts, you become more whole ... more aware.  You come closer to knowing thyself ... step by step.  You can proceed at whatever pace you are comfortable with. 

1535 - Spirit doesn't force us to do anything.  She gently nudges and encourages us along the path that is right for us.  However, it is for us to take each step when we are ready.

1536 - I keep asking what next, expecting that an answer will be forthcoming.  But, to date, the only answer is the standard one:  do what you are moved when you are moved to do it.  That is the directive of spirit.  That is how I am to live my life.  It has been this way from the beginning. 

1537 - We don't spend nearly enough time on know thyself.  This is by far the most important aspect of our education.  Yet, 99 percent plus of what I learned in this area came outside of the tradition school environment.  To me, that suggests that we have a serious problem in what our schools teach.  Looking at the many problems in society and the world ... this is not surprising.  Without self-realized individuals, society and the world suffer greatly.

31 August 2003

1538 - The expression that is Beyond Imagination is going public and it is doing so in a big way.  It is only a matter of time before we see some of the things that we are doing succeed. 

1539 - I invite feedback and contact.  If you feel you are meant to be part of this somehow, please introduce yourself and let's explore what we might be meant to do together.

1540 - What does this stream of consciousness show you?  How different or similar is it to your own stream of consciousness? 

1541 - If I want to lay in a particular future ... it seems that I need to do some sort of planning.  This will allow present actions to be synchronized with what we desire to be. 

1542 - How do we differentiate what is from what is to be?  What are the steps to get from the former to the later?  We can rely on spirit and simply do what we are moved to do when we are moved to do it.  Or, we can take more conscious responsibility and make it our jobs to figure our what some of the steps need to be and then choose to take them.  Either way works.  The issue is one of conscious responsibility.

1543 - Imagine what you want to be.  Envision it as clearly as you can.  Then act in accord with this vision to the degree that you can.  Your actions will be the seeds that allow the stuff of your imagination to be realized. 



Musings of a Spiritual Warrior

1 September 2003

1544 - It is amazing what is buried in a few simple numbers.  But, spirit is very resourceful.  She makes maximum use of all that she is given to work with.  And symbol systems are one such area where there is much freedom to express meaning in an endless number of ways.

1545 - There is a difference between the works and the entity through whom the works are done. 

1546 - This expression in many ways constitutes the book of my life.  However, I am not fully in control of what is revealed. 

1547 - There is an inner source that directs the flow of consciousness that is recorded here.  For the most part, it is as if I am along for the ride. 

1548 - If I want to experience something different in my reality, I need to do something different. 

1549 - How do I imagine myself living and working in the days ahead?  Unless I can imagine it ... there is no way for me to create it. 

2 September 2003

1550 - It is here in this expression that I find myself doing something of value ... something that is potentially of great importance not only to me but to the world.  Yes, it is audacious of me to think in this manner.  But, how would you think if all of this was coming forth through you? 

1551 - Actually, in a sense, if you are reading this it is coming forth through you ... just in a different way. 

1552 - That is part of what this expression is all about, capturing a stream of consciousness so that others can walk in my mindsteps for awhile. 

1553 - There is no one way that is the way, that is right for everyone. 

1554 - Each way is only a way, and may or may not apply to any given individual.  We must find what works for us.  This will be different for each of us.

1555 - Why is it so difficult to believe that human nature is basically good?  Why is it so difficult to believe that people naturally want to do the right thing?

1556 - John Lennon's song Imagine plays in the background as I write this.  That could easily be a theme song for Beyond Imagination.  What he imagines ... we want to take the next step and manifest on Earth. 

1557 - Change starts with one person believing enough in something to be willing to do what it takes to manifest it. 

1558 - While many new age concepts are whimsical and many spiritual theories are indeed untestable, that by no means applies to all of them. 

1559 - The scientific method when it is applied in the wrong way can lead to highly erroneous and whimsical theories as well.

1560 - My sense of things is that consciousness and awareness are synergistic phenomena.  They are more than any of their parts would suggest as possible. 

1561 - I would go so far as to suggest that there is a soul that is non-physical that is associated with each of us, and that we are the physical projection of that soul.  How much can be projected depends on what we do to create a vessel through which that soul can express.

1562 - The world of our imagination is just as real as 3D.  It is expressed in art, in song, in books, in poetry, in dance, in philosophy and thought and in any number of creative ways. 

1563 - To some of us, the world of ideas ... of ideals, is just as real, if not more real than the world of form.  In fact, we consider ourselves to be in the process of manifesting the world of our imaginations. 

1564 - Thoughts do have power!  The right thoughts at the right times in the right minds have the power to change the world.  But only if they cause people to DO SOMETHING that results in the necessary changes.

1565 - Often, it is not what happens that matters, it is what meaning we assign to what happens. 

1566 - Choosing a life of spirit is not a matter of checking out, rather it is really a matter of checking in, in the grandest way that we can at this time in this existence. 

1567 - We are spirit experiencing an incarnation in flesh.  That is true for all of us.  It seems too many have focused so much on being flesh that they have forgot that their true nature is spirit.

1568 - As to when the grim reaper gets us …  we will choose the time, place, and circumstances for that as well. 

1569 - Everything that I see tells me that there is a divine plan unfolding on a very large scale.  It is a plan the involves the evolution of the physical vessels in which consciousness can express in flesh.  For the most part these have been limited to individuals thus far.  But, we are starting to see organizations being born that embody a collective spiritual consciousness.  As the times progress we shall see more and more of this. 

1570 - At some point, we are going to realize that we are ONE WORLD, and that there is ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that animates us all.  When that happens we will truly see changes that are wonderful to behold.

1571 - My sense is that something is pulling the world and associated forms within the world toward ideals that permit the greater expression of spirit. 

1572 - Someday, we are going to include the spiritual component in our "equations" and explanations of things.

1573 - Personal Power is the ability to apply one's skills and talents to co-create the reality that one prefers to experience. 

1574 - There is a difference between where you want to be and where you need to be.  It seems that spirit ensures that I am always at the later ... but perhaps not at the former. 

1575 - As to how I'll know when I'm finished, that one is easy ... I'll be dead.

3 September 2003

1576 - Clearly I am different than most people.  What moves me, what stirs me, what excites me, what motivates me, what drives me are very different for me than for others. 

1577 - Yet, I am flesh and bones.  I have two arms and two legs and a head just as anyone else.  The body is the same.  The brain may even be similar.  But the programming that has been experienced for 45 years is distinct for each of us. 

1578 - One area ripe for study is the brain, the mind, and the nature of consciousness.

1579 - It seems that my destiny is in my hands now.  Perhaps it has always been ... only now, I am truly aware of it as I have never been before.

4 September 2003

1580 - The only thing that guides me is an inner knowingness that what I am experiencing right now is limited and is definitely not all there is.  Spirit has more in store for me than this ... of that much I am sure. 

1581 - This expression is this prolific for a reason.  Yet, there is also some reason that my nature is as solitary as it has been for my whole life. 

1582 - That I could reach this point and these conclusions given these conditions and experiences says a lot about the nature of consciousness and spiritual expression. 

1583 - We experience what we need to experience to learn and to grow into whom that we need to be to carry out our missions in the world. 

1584 - Life is unfolding before us each and every moment.  And, what a grand process it is to behold.  Spirit animates it all, every aspect of it ... the bad as well as the good.  There is nothing but spirit in expression

1585 - There is a play of light and dark that is underway.  And we are the actors and players within that play ... creating and experiencing our reality.  But, there is a playwright and a director pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

5 September 2003

1586 - I would be a unique individual and would choose to do things my way.  Being normal or being part of the crowd do not appeal to me at all.  Though, there is a part of me that would be happy to do my work in the background rather than in the limelight.  Whether that will come to pass or not remains to be seen.

6 September 2003

1587 - My sense is that I am to live my life in the moment ... in the here and now, doing what I am moved to do in the moment, trusting that what I am moved to do is exactly what needs to be done.  That doesn't mean that I should ignore any feedback from the world.  Quite the contrary ... I am to invite it and use it to help guide my endeavors.

1588 - Everything comes down to a vision.  Do we buy into the vision or not?  If so, we should be willing to do things that are consistent with manifesting that vision. 

1589 - It seems that small changes are simply not going to get us to where we need to be to facilitate the birth of a new age.  Yet, who is empowered to make big changes?  The answer is simple.  Collectively, we all are!

1590 - Everything is as it is for a reason.  It is perfectly reflecting our beliefs about what reality should be both individually and collectively. 

1591 - There is a spiritual plan and destiny that is being enacted.  We are but the players in that plan.  We will do what must be done when it need be done.  And, we will do it willingly and cheerfully or we will not do it at all. 

1592 - That is how spirit works.  She doesn't force us to do things ... she gently nudges and allows us to do as we will.  Yet, in the end everything unfolds as it is meant to unfold.

1593 - How can I be so certain that destiny will unfold in this manner?  The chief answer is because I live in a world where spirit is expressing in flesh. 

1594 - We are ever in the process of building new forms that permit greater and greater spiritual expression. 

1595 - Regardless of appearances to the contrary, we are all spirit enfleshed, spirit having a physical experience. 

1596 - While we are physical, we are meant to be just that ... be physical.  Though that does not mean losing sight of our spiritual nature as we do this.

1597 - There is nothing that says that we have to understand everything. 

1598 - Our works and the impact that our life has had on the lives of others constitute what our life amounts to.  These are what survive us in the world. 

1599 - On the personal front, what we have done to "know thyself" and the degree of awareness that we have achieved are what we get to keep and take with us. 

7 September 2003

1600 - Our challenge has always been to find our limits and to either overcome them or find a way to use them to accomplish what needs to be done. 

1601 - The benefits of living an isolated life pale by comparison with the benefits of living a life in community.  I know this.  I just need to make it a real part of my life. 

1602 - Part of that is to create the very community that I would choose to be an active member of. 

8 September 2003

1603 - Each revelation from consciousness takes us someplace new, someplace that we have never been before. 

1604 - That is one thing that I can count on from this stream of consciousness ... that it will carry me into the wilderness of the unknown. 

1605 - This is not a popularity contest.  I am a unique being.  It is OK for me to experience my reality in a unique way.  And what works for me can work for anyone.

1606 - This expression is the most exciting part of my life.  This is where I get to touch spirit firsthand and where I get to share whom that I AM with others. 

1607 - We can't continuously improve things unless there is a feedback path. 

1608 - Collectively we are responsible for pointing out waste and inefficiencies so that we can improve these.

9 September 2003

1609 - I would build the foundations for a new world.  But, what does that mean in practical terms?  What foundations need to be built?  And, how do we go about building them? 

1610 - The world can be a better place.  But, it will only be one if we choose to do what it takes to make it one.

1611 - Consciousness is patiently waiting for the organizations to be created that allow it to be more fully expressed in flesh. 

1612 - These organizations are groups of people cooperating together to create something that is greater than any of the individuals could have created alone. 

1613 - There is a time lag between believing something and seeing it manifest in our reality.  This lag can be from months to days to hours in some cases. 

11 September 2003

1614 - Today marks the second anniversary of a day that lives in infamy.  The horror of what a few terrorists were able to do is etched in our memories.  The visions of planes crashing into buildings and two tall towers crashing to the ground.  These will stay with us forever as we remember all those lost in this great tragedy. 

1615 - Where we apply resources, we generally get results ... especially when we employ our best and our brightest.

1616 - One can do far worse than to have spirit as an active force in one's life.

1617 - Some part of me knows exactly what needs to be done.  No, clearly I don't consciously know what this is.  But, some part of me knows ... of that I am certain. 

1618 - I accept the fact that my conscious awareness of myself is limited.  I accept the fact that there are parts of me that know how to do things that I have no clue about, and further can do them well.  I don't even need to know what they are for them to work their wonders in my life.  I just need to be open and allow. 

1619 - We are truly magnificent creatures when we allow ourselves to be.  Unfortunately, most are not aware of just how magnificent they are.  This is a shame.  This is a failure of our educational system.  It fails to teach us the most important thing ... whom that we are. 

1620 - Perhaps it is to much to expect it to teach us this.  However, it should at least point us down the path toward finding it out ourselves.  Know Thyself!  That is the most important things that education should address.

13 September 2003

1621 - We have been expressing for over a decade.  One would think that by now we would have some idea as to whom we were expressing to. 

1622 - Can others benefit from what is captured as well?  It seems that yes, there is great value in surfing the waves of consciousness of others.  This has the potential to expand our own states of consciousness ... and such expansions are always good.

1623 - Typically, I don't have to work to make things happen, I just need to do what I am moved to do and allow them to happen.  Though, don't get me wrong ... doing what I am moved to do may require working very hard at times. 

1624 - It is time to connect with others in a cooperatively interdependent way to start creating the foundations for a new world in which spirit can express more fully in flesh. 

1625 - It is not just any revolution that we are seeking, it is a spiritual revolution.  These are both the easiest and the most difficult to achieve ... the easiest because spirit herself is behind our endeavors, the most difficult because most individuals are not operating from spiritual levels of awareness in their day to day lives.

1626 - Our lives are meant to be lived in the now.  This is where the point of power lies.

1627 - Since the beginning, there has been no need to organize the material in any manner.  It came through as it was meant to come through.  And it was shared as it came through. 

1628 - That saves a lot of work.  But, that also means that there is some intelligence that is responsible for originating all of this.  I would like to say that this "intelligence" is me.  But, that is not how I experience it ... not consciously anyway. 

1629 - I make a distinction between what I am consciously aware of and what I am not consciously aware of.  At this time, it seems the distinction is important ... at least to me. 

1630 - With a dozen or a dozen dozen, the added value of synergy is truly phenomenal. 

1631 - The bottom line is that it doesn't take millions or even hundreds of thousands to create massive change.  As few as dozens or hundreds may be sufficient in most areas if we organize effectively. 

1632 - It is interesting that I consider the musings and the books silent.  But, these are unilateral expressions.  They are effectively done in a vacuum.  There has been limited feedback to date to come from their expression. 

1633 - The future is what we make of it.  That is how the game of reality creation works.  We need to watch for disempowering beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones when we find them. 

14 September 2003

1634 - My life is only partially mine.  A large part has been given to the universe to do spirits bidding.  I do this willingly and joyfully.  I cannot think of a more fulfilling way to live my life and expend my energies. 

1635 - Words seem to be perfectly adequate for conveying what is being conveyed at the moment.  So long as that is the case, it seems that they will be employed to do what they can do though me. 

1636 - Living in accord with the vision is a two way street.  Society provides services to the citizenry, but the citizenry needs to give something back to the society in return. 

1637 - Collectively, we the people are the society.  It is not some thing that is separate from us.  Similarly, we are the economy, or the labor that generate the goods and services that the economy provides to the members of society. 

1638 - Each of us is responsible for our own reality.  But, to what degree are we responsible for the collective reality experienced by those around us? 

1639 - We create our reality both individually and en masse.  We can choose to do things that make a difference for the collective reality. 

1640 - We don't have to do everything.  It is enough for us to do our part.  We will know what that is.  It will be what feels right for us to do. 

1641 - Beings high on the realization scale find fulfillment to be a powerful driver for behavior.  For some, it becomes the most powerful motivator.

15 September 2003

1642 - How do I more fully express whom that I AM?  That is what is at the heart of the issue.  In doing that, I maximize what I allow spirit to express through me.  That is living at my finest.  That is living in accord with the directive - be all that you can be. 

1643 - This directive applies to each of us.  However, there is a collective responsibility to provide and infrastructure, an environment that facilitates this.  Presently, that does not exist.  We have to work too hard to express whom that we are.  This should be easier ... much easier. 

1644 - Hopefully, we will start seeing more involvement with others ... more of a communication, and eventually the creation of a community.  That is where the principles, the theory, hit the reality. 

1645 - We must find what really matters to us and find a way to do it.  If we are lucky, we will find a way to make our life's work our livelihood as well. 

1646 - There is a sense that 2004-2028 are to be the years of Beyond Imagination manifestation.  There is a difference between expression and manifestation.  It is the later that makes things real.  That is what comes next ... reality creation. 

16 September 2003

1647 - I have done a wonderful job in isolating myself ... so wonderful that it will be a challenge to overcome this should I finally decide that such is really what I want to do. 

1648 - Things will unfold in their own timing.  They cannot be rushed.  They will happen when the time is right and not until. 

1649 - I would hope that others would benefit from seeing the perspective of a different consciousness ... one captured in daily snapshots. 

1650 - I know that it would have helped me to read such works as mine when I was growing up to give me some idea as to what consciousness was capable of.  It would have stretched my concepts even more than they were stretched by the many metaphysical books that I read.  But, I had to wait until I could generate them to be able to read them. 

1651 - It is as if I am creating the very reality that I need to experience.  And, not surprisingly, that is exactly what I am doing.  But, not just me, that is what are all doing. 

1652 - Everything that happens in our lives is drawn there by our beliefs about ourselves, our world, reality, and reality creation.  We experience what we expect to experience, what we believe that we will experience.

1653 - There is a part of me that knows.  I have learned to access this part and give it voice in my life.  It generally comes from inside via my intuition. 

1654 - Unless we do something different  we will keep getting what we have always gotten.  If we want something new we must stretch somehow ... we must become more than we ever were before. 

1655 - Consciousness is my rock.  She is my foundation.  With her, I soar to heights Beyond Imagination and dream of things that have never been.  Yet I know that my dreams foretell of a time to come, and of a world to come. 

1656 - It is there just beyond my grasp but it is there just as vivid and real as anything in this world.  It calls to me to assist in giving it form, to assist in planting it firmly on the ground, to assist in making it real. 

1657 - We ask that our effort make a difference, that they have world impact somehow.  Yes, that is a lot to ask of anyone.  At the same time ... we are not just anyone.  We came with a specific purpose and mission ... one that would ultimately impact the world in a highly positive way.  Nothing can keep us from doing what we came to do.  We are that committed to carrying out our mission in this existence.

1658 - We need to have spirit operating in our corner ... completely, especially given the complexities of the world in which we live.

1659 - How is it that so much of this expression is expressed in the declarative.  There is no preceding it with "in my opinion" or "I have observed that" or "perhaps things work like".  No, what is stated is emphatic.  It is what it is.  It is not wishy-washy in stating what would be expressed. 

17 September 2003

1660 - It is spirits bidding that I do.  With her on my side I know that I can be assured that my actions are right.

1661 - We have no choice but to make the best of the cards that we are dealt.  It is not clear that we can do anything to change that.

1662 - To do each day at least one thing that will live on.  To say each day one memorable thing that has never been said before.  To express each day something new ... something that has never before seen the light of day.  If we do this, each day we will have done something that makes a difference. 

1663 - The differences that we have made not only in our lives but the lives of others are what truly matter.  It only makes sense that we should focus our energies on these. 

1664 - Much that we do is ultimately for naught in the grander scheme of things.  But, some things matter.  We need to find what these are and do them wholeheartedly.

1665 - I would build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  Is that asking for too much?  Is that not what a new age promises ... what a new age demands?  If not me whom?  Why not me? 

1666 - I still live day to day, reacting to what spirit presents to me in the moment.  Plans have little place in such an existence.  Our vision only extends out one step at a time ... and that is how we live our life, one step after the next trusting that spirit is guiding us every step of the way. 

1667 - I like operating on the edge.  I like questioning my on sanity on occasion.  It is good for the soul.  Life is meant to be a challenge. 

1668 - Life to me is a spiritual adventure or it is nothing.  There is no gray here ... not for me.  The spiritual colors everything that I do, everything that I see, everything that I experience, everything that I am. 

1669 - There are no problems that are too big for us to tackle.  We just need to be willing to do what it takes to do the right things.

18 September 2003

1670 - There is no place for chance in my worldview.  Things happen by design because we choose for them to.  We create our own reality both individually and en masse.


1671 - Compare not what you do to what others do.  You are doing what you need to do in the way you need to be doing it. 

1672 - It is not clear that we will ever make it to the point where all are sufficiently aware to lead lives of light ... lives of spirit, in this existence. 

1673 - It must be enough for me to see a core group operating in this manner.  Such a group will serve as a prototype that can demonstrate to the world what is possible.  The challenge will be to go from what is possible to what is probable to what is reality for everyone. 

1674 - What makes me think I know what is right for society any better than anyone else?  All that I know for certain is that I am moved to care enough in this area to express what would come forth through me. 

1675 - Why do I speak out in this manner ... especially given that I have no clue as to who will hear me?  The bottom line is that it doesn't really matter whether anyone hears or not.  It does matter that I express what I am moved to express.  Each time I do this, I reinforce a connection with source, a connection with the spirit within.  I affirm that it is the inner and not the outer that matters most in my life. 

1676 - Being happy seems to be elusive for me.  It has always been thus.  It is like I get an occasional taste of it, but most of the time it is out of my grasp.  That is OK.  Having things just outside of our grasp gives us something to strive for. 

1677 - What would it take for me to be happy?  If I don't know, how can I expect the universe to come forth with the right conditions? 

1678 - Happiness is a choice that we make!  It is an attitude that we carry with us as we approach the events of our lives. 

1679 - Our souls are wise beings that know far more than we can begin to contain within the gray matter of our brains. 

1680 - Beingness is permanent.  We are forever.  There is nothing that we can do that will cause us to cease to be.  Oh, these temporal bodies may wither and die, returning dust to dust ... but there is a spirit inside that is infinite and eternal, and that is inviolate. 

1681 - Remember, experiencing something does not necessarily make it real ... it only makes it experienced. 

19 September 2003

1682 - The "reality" of the consensus world does not conform with my understanding of how things work.  I live in a world that is primarily spiritual that happens to be having a physical expression at the moment. 

1683 - I have very strong spiritual blinders.  Unless something has a strong spiritual component, it just doesn't get through these filters. 

1684 - We all use filters to make our lives simpler by eliminating the things that we simply don't want to see. 

1685 - We only have so much time.  Filters allow us to focus that time on those things that are most important to us. 

1686 - We create filters via beliefs, primarily beliefs about what things mean and what things are important to us.  We need to be careful though.  In doing this, we are effectively constructing our reality to conform with our filters. 

1687 - We can literally change the world that we experience by changing our filters.  They are that powerful. 

1688 - There is no one objective world that everyone experiences.  We each have our own subjective experiences ... and you might be surprised at just how subjective these are.  Oh, there is a common natural backdrop to our experiences.  But on top of that backdrop we display incredible freedom and creativity to produce whatever we desire to experience. 

1689 - This is indeed the direction that we are moving in ... toward conscious creation of what we experience.  Along with that comes conscious responsibility not only for what our choices do to us, but for what they do to others and society as a whole. 

1690 - For now, it is enough to know that I am responsible and I am creating the reality that I experience.  If I don't like it, my beliefs are the place to go to effect the changes necessary to create something different.

1691 - We have given a lot of ourselves to share all that is expressed at Beyond Imagination.  All that we ask is that our sharing is not for naught ... that we find an appropriate audience that might benefit from what spirit has so freely shared through us. 

1692 - It is amazing that we live in an age where the freedom of information is so clearly manifested.  I can generate this now and within minutes of finishing post the file to a server in Monterey which makes it available to anyone in the world.

1693 - Information on it's own has limited utility.  It needs a context to give it meaning.  Who provides such contexts?  This seems to be a skill that few seem to have. 

1694 - One of the primary benefits of the Beyond Imagination experience is that you get to walk where my consciousness has walked for awhile. 

20 September 2003

1695 - What can one expect to gain as a result of reading the Beyond Imagination books?  For one thing you get to experience the stream of consciousness of one who has become aware to a greater degree than most. 

1696 - I liken this to the journal of an explorer of old describing the wilderness he encountered.  Only, my wilderness is the wilderness of consciousness.  What I am able to bring forth is the most faithful rendering of what I have been able to experience. 

1697 - The realm of consciousness is connected to the mind but extends far beyond the limits of the brain and the mind. 

1698 - Our body is one of our most intimate creations.  It seems that we should be making choices that keep it in synch with our image of what we want it to be. 

1699 - Patience.  There is an overwhelming feeling that I need to be doing more.  Yet, at the same time the guidance is to be patient.  Things will unfold in their proper timing.  You are in spirits hands now.  She would not lead you astray. 

1700 - You are here to express.  You are doing that.  Though, is not part of expression to ensure that the communication reaches its intended audience?  Actually no, that is not a necessary part of expression. 

1701 - Patience.  Patience.  Patience.  Spirit will not be rushed.  It may seem that the timing of things is urgent, but it is not so urgent as it seems.  Things are unfolding exactly as they need to unfold.  There is nothing that you have to do differently. 

21 September 2003

1702 - All that I ask is that people abide by the rule from The Lion King - never take more than you give.  Whenever you take something, anything, from anywhere ... make sure that you pay for it by giving back more than its worth somewhere in your life.  This doesn't always involve a direct payback to the source from which you took originally.  Allow spirit to ensure that the circles eventually return appropriately.

1703 - I only know that I was strongly moved to publish the books ... all of them.  Once that I knew that I could do it, it became more than a possibility ... it became a reality awaiting actualization.  I knew there was nothing that could stop me from doing what I set out to do. 

1704 - Nearly every aspect of our consciousness is beyond our understanding. 

1705 - We are naturally drawn to the things that work for us when we allow our inner resources to be expressed. 

1706 - There is a force within us that drives us toward actualization of whom that we are.  It helps if we cooperate and allow it to manifest what it will in our lives ... but many seem to fight it tooth and nail. 

1707 - Our Self knows exactly where we belong and how best to get us there. 

1708 - Spirit seems to thrive on challenges.  They keep life interesting.  Boredom is akin to death.  Actually, it is worse than death. 

1709 - Remember, we get what we focus effort upon.  If we want change in any area ... if we want to fix problems that plague us, we need to commit sufficient resources.

1710 - The spiritual part of us will not be denied.  It will have its rightful place in our interactions in the world. 

1711 - We take great strides to give the appearance that we are in control of our lives.  But, for most of us ... that is a front, not reality. 

1712 - The truth is that we are swayed by emotions over which we have limited control as well as thoughts over which we have limited ability to evaluate for ourselves.

1713 - I remember stating something to the effect that we need to ensure the living continuity of what we know by teaching what we have learned to at least one other living person before we pass on. 

1714 - Depending on our interests we may have to teach parts of what we know to different people.  We can't necessarily expect to find someone like us that would be interested in all of it.

22 September 2003

1715 - The more that I express ... the more that there seems to be awaiting expression.  At some point, I have to draw the line and say enough is enough.  Though, I am reluctant to do this.  I do enjoy this expression so. 

1716 - I try not to schedule much of anything.  I prefer to keep my days unstructured.  I prefer to be able to follow the chief inner guidance that I have received: do what you are moved to do, when you are moved to do it. 

1717 - This has always been good guidance.  I have been able to count on spirit to do the moving in my life.  And, she seems far more knowledgeable and able than I am. 

1718 - I can imagine doing far more.  But, will I have the opportunity to do so.  It seems that this is a matter of making not having the opportunity. 

1719 - We can do whatever we set our minds, our hearts, and our spirits to do.  It takes all three to reach the level of commitment necessary to make things happen.  And even then, it must be consistent with what we believe or it simply won't happen.  Beliefs are that powerful.  They are that important to the reality that we experience.

1720 - The universe works in mysterious ways.  But, she has given us symbol systems by which to gain insight into some of her activity.  However, it is for us to learn of these systems and engage them in our lives if they are to be of benefit. 

1721 - I am fully responsible for all that I experience.  The issue is one of at what level we make our choices.  To me, it seems that this is still primarily at other than conscious levels.  We can make it more conscious if we so choose, but this is not a necessity for living happily.

1722 - Make everyday count.  Do what you can do to make a difference somehow.  In the end, that is all that matters. 

1723 - Service before self ... that is the motto for the Air Force.  That is one of the mottos that I live by.  Then again, I could imagine how some people might consider this expression self serving. 

1724 - What else would I do with my life?  What would I do that would result in products of more lasting value?  Is not this expression enough?  Are not these ideas sufficient to be worthy of my presence on the planet? 

1725 - It seems the answer is no, or I would feel more satisfied than I do.  There is still a sense that I am not doing enough.  Perhaps I am being too hard on myself and will never do enough.  Then again, by definition, whatever I am able to do must be enough ... especially if I am sincere in my effort.

23 September 2003

1726 - We do the best we can with the opportunities that we are given.  Further, we realize that these are the very opportunities that we created for ourselves. 

1727 - There is a difference between being productive and busy and being happy.  For me, the former seems to be a necessary component for the later, but it clearly is not a sufficient component. 

1728 - Why is it that happiness is so elusive?  It seems that it should be a state that is natural and easy to reach.  But, this doesn't seem to be the case, at least not in my life to date. 

1729 - One way or another, it seems that Beyond Imagination is to grow into something from which great works can be done ... works far beyond anything we have created to date, works that go beyond words to building the actual foundations for a new world. 

1730 - All that we can do is carry out our roles as we see them.  If we do what we are moved to do when we are moved to do it ... we will be doing exactly that. 

1731 - It is not for me necessarily to choose to create whatever I would create in and of my own.  Rather, it is for me to actively allow those things to manifest that are consistent with carrying out my mission. 

24 September 2003

1732 - There is nothing that holds us to our prior choices except ourselves and our own inertia. 

1733 - At times this can be a good thing.  It can keep us going through the rough times and get us to bright days that lie ahead.  But, during times when massive change is called for ... inertia is not such a good thing.  It keeps us from getting to where we need to be, or results in getting there much more slowly or more circuitously than necessary. 

1734 - Then again, from another perspective, if we experience it ... then it is necessary, almost by definition.  That is a hard thing to swallow when you look at all the pain and suffering experienced by so many in the world.  Can all of that really be necessary?  How could spirit be so cruel as to permit all of that to happen in that manner?  However, the very way that we are asking the question is flawed.  Everything is spirit in expression.  Everything being experienced is being experienced by spirit.  If it could have avoided some of the hurt and the suffering, it would have.  So, the bottom line must mean that this could not have been avoided. 

1735 - Until we take responsibility for it, and for doing something about it, that is true ... nothing can be done except through us and by us. 

1736 - At what point are we going to realize that the reality that we experience is the reality that we are creating for ourselves both individually and collectively? 

1737 - A better world starts with each of us living a better life, and doing things to contribute to improvements in our communities and our world. 

1738 - We have the power to do great things, individually and collectively.  Whether we will tap this power and use it for this purpose remains to be seen. 

1739 - Allowing free will to manifest is not "cruel".  However, it does create an environment where unscrupulous operators could take advantage of gullible and unsuspecting victims. 

1740 - Do the victims choose to be victims.  In some cases we can say yes.  People choose to drink alcohol or to smoke cigarettes. 

1741 - Sellers should not be free to sell whatever buyers are willing to buy.  Hmm ... I wonder where that came from.  That is directly counter to the basis of a free market economy. 

1742 - In a free market, it is the presence of potential consumers that drives the need for a particular good or service.  Here, we are saying that is not enough.  The seller must demonstrate that his goods or services have more value than the fulfillment of some consumer desire. 

1743 - There is a deep inner longing to make myself known to others somehow ... to a much greater degree than I have ever done.  This can happen in two ways.  One, through personal contact and interaction.  Two, through exposure of people to this expression. 

1744 - Much of whom that I AM is revealed here in these works.  That has been true since the beginning.  This expression is my way of sharing who I am with the world. 

1745 - When I express, the only purpose that I have in mind is to express what consciousness would bring forth as clearly as I can.  I know that I am not consciously in control of what is being expressed. 

1746 - We always find time to do those things that we value the most.  In fact, that is one of the ways to find out what we value the most ... look at where we spend our time, especially our free time.

1747 - Express what would be expressed through you.  Worry not as to where it comes from or where it will go.  The material will reach those whom it is meant to reach. 

1748 - You will be guided each step along the way.  Just keep taking one step after the next in the direction that feels right to you.  Trust!  You will know what the right direction is.  You will know! 

1749 - The Self is not a body or a vessel, it is a being.  Yet, what is consciousness?  Is it not that which animates life? ... that which gives life to life? 

1750 - them and changing our beliefs rapidly should more empowering beliefs come our way. 

1751 - The power of beliefs is judged solely by utility. 

25 September 2003

1752 - Clearly, there is great benefit that comes from focused effort.  We are able to create far more than we have ever dreamed possible. 

1753 - Relationships must be developed and nurtured.  This takes time, effort, and attention. 

1754 - What is life without friends?  It can be quite lonely.  There is some comfort in having spirit by one's side, but that is not the same as having a physical companion with whom to share aspects of  life. 

1755 - These words are my way of documenting my reality.  My hope is that in expressing in this manner I provide a service, a great service to those who find this expression. 

1756 - As a wayshower, I demonstrate what spirit expressing in flesh is capable of.  But, know that what I can do, you can do also.  You are spirit incarnate, here and now.  You have always been such and will always be such, despite how much of this you have forgotten. 

1757 - You cannot escape what you are.  And, what you are is spirit expressing in flesh, pure and simple. 

1758 - It would be nice to have some reference points - some others in my life that I could use as sounding boards and as comparison points to see how consciousness expresses through them ... whether this be similar or different than through me.  That's what friends are for! 

26 September 2003

1759 - Books serve us.  They entertain us and they educate us. 

1760 - Spiritual economy is very simple.  Credit is given when we give, debit when we take.  The goal is to go out with a high credit balance.  To do this, we need to live good lives, lives of service to ourselves, our families, our society, and our world. 

1761 - It seems that Beyond Imagination is ultimately to impact many before its work is done.  However, most will not be aware of the impact that Beyond Imagination is having since it is working behind the scenes building the very foundations and fabric out of which the new age society will be built.

1762 - It is not so important who gets credit for the changes to the social fabric that are to come.  It is enough that the changes come and that they are instituted and reach as many people as possible. 

1763 - The bottom line is that it is spirit doing the work through us.  She deserves the lion's share of the credit.  Though, we must do our part.  Spirit cannot express physically except through us.  We have to do the work.  We have to manifest the ideas in the world and then take the action to make them more than ideas, to make them a living reality in our world. 

1764 - If things are to change, it is up to us to change them.  We are responsible for creating the world of our dreams ... but we need to beware of creating the world of our nightmares.

1765 - Reality creation can be a two-edged sword if we are not careful in how we engage in it.  That is why it is very important for our motives to be pure. 

1766 - Life is too short to waste.  We need to make empowering choices.  We need to make choices that lead to our happiness. 

27 September 2003

1767 - One could do far worse than to have the mysterious as a regular part of ones life.  It definitely keeps life interesting. 

1768 - We each have our roles to play.  It is for us to find what these are and then to play them to the best of our abilities. 

1769 - Hmm ... it seems that this includes the "evil" roles as well as the good ones.  Are they not playing their parts as well?  That is an interesting way of looking at things.   Were Hitler and Stalin necessary evils?  Were they needed to teach the world particular lessons?  And, if so, did we learn those lessons? 

1770 - What would I do next?  Five simple words of 16 letters.  How we answer this question ultimately defines our destiny. 

1771 - We do things in the moment.  That is the only point in which we have any power.  The future is dependent on what we do now.  And, we can only impact the future or the past by our actions in the present. 

1772 - You could say that I am lucky to have such a relationship with spirit.  But, it is not luck.  We can all have such relationships.  It takes work, but the key is to invite spirit to play an active role in our life.  We have to be willing to listen to her and then take action on what she reveals to us. 

1773 - We are being prepared for some grand roles in the coming times.  Spirit will be able to express in ways that go beyond anything that we have seen manifest before.  This is new territory that we are venturing into.  This is the grand adventure of consciousness. 

1774 - We are entering into some exciting times.  Times that will knock our socks off spiritually. 

1775 - Our spiritual roles are why we are here.  More and more, more of us will realize this ... until the world becomes the conscious expression of spirit in flesh.

1776 - Introversion is only a limitation if you are trying to engage in extroverted behavior.  The trick is to couch the problem in terms that the natural traits of introversion can address. 

1777 - We are free to reframe problems in any way that we desire.  We don't have to adapt us to the problem at hand.  We can adapt the problem at hand to suit us. 

29 September 2003

1778 - We planted well this year ... and the harvest has been bountiful.  Now, it seems it is time to bring the harvest to market and see what it will yield.  That is an interesting way of looking at things ... but it seems an accurate one.  

1779 - I have to believe that what I am doing has value ... that what I am doing is worth the effort and resources that I put into it. 

1780 - What I do, you can do also.  Perhaps not in exactly the same way.  And, even if you are good with words, your words will be yours and will be expressed in a style that is unique to you. 

1781 - There is a reason that we are all unique individuals.  There is something that is to be expressed in all of this.  Be whom thou are.  Such is the directive of spirit.  It is not for us to be as others are but to be as we alone can be. 

1782 - We speak with a voice of authority ... yet, where does the authority with which we speak originate? 

1783 - More and more, life is becoming the adventure in consciousness that it is meant to be.  Though, it should be an adventure in flesh and blood as well. 

1784 - We are physical beings after all.  Part of our task is to be physical.  We just need to find ways to be spiritual even as we are physical.  That is not so hard to do.   We cannot escape being spiritual ... ever!  

1785 - This is not a resignation.  Rather, it is a celebration of our nature as spirit in flesh. 

1786 - Life itself should be a celebration.  It is a tremendous gift that we have been given.  It is up to us to make the most of it and find ways to give back something of what we have been given. 

1787 - We need to make masterpieces of our lives ... living masterpieces.  Given that we are all masters at the art of reality creation, this should be something that is natural for us.  Masters create masterpieces.  That is simply what they do.  However, few of us are conscious masters at much of anything. 

30 September 2003

1788 - Who knows what can be accomplished with spirit by our side. 

1789 - It is not until the message is delivered to its intended audience that the work becomes outer expression. 

1790 - It takes people working together to express synergistic behavior.  There is only so much that we can do in isolation from one another. 

1791 - Clearly, I demand a lot from myself.  I don't place the same demands on others however.  I know what I am capable of ... or at least what I believe that I am capable of. 

1792 - My sense is that the reality is that I am far more capable than even I know.  This is not true only of me, it is true of all of us. 

1793 - When we start believing in ourselves, we can do wonders beyond imagination. 

1794 - It all starts with what we believe.  What we believe will be what we experience.  Effectively, beliefs are like self-fulfilling prophecies.  We end up drawing into our reality those things that conform to our beliefs.  That is simply how it works.  We create our own reality.  We always have.  We always will. 

1795 - If we don't like what we experience the only place to blame is ourselves.  We are creating it all, no fine print, no exceptions.  That is a tough one to swallow for many.  It is far more desirable to be able to blame something or someone else for our troubles. 

1796 - My destiny seems intricately tied to the destiny of the world somehow.  I've said before that my life is to have world import.  I am here to make a difference on a grand scale.  Yes, the grandiose thinking is peeking through again.  But, what am I to think given whom that I AM and observing what has come forth through me over the past decade? 

1 October 2003

1797 - I don't know if there are places people can go to ease the spiritual rebirth process.  I would hope that there are, but I have no experience to know one way or the other. 

1798 - It will be interesting to see where the energy takes us as the year progresses.  The sense is that grand things are in store.  We have to either choose to be part of them or get out of the way. 

1799 - What we think and feel is picked up and sensed by others around us;  perhaps not consciously, but on some level. 

1800 - Our souls are not fooled by appearances ... they know the truth!

1801 - There are many things that we are able to do without really knowing how.  It is fine for these to remain mysteries, at least for the time being. 

1802 - Mysteries stir our souls.  They bring a touch of the miraculous into our lives. 

1803 - The bottom line is that we don't have to search very far to find the miraculous at work in our lives.  Take something as simple as speaking.  When we begin a sentence we don't know how we will end it.  Yet, most people are able to speak perfectly fine anyway by trusting the process

1804 - The human body and brain are miraculous vehicles for the expression of spirit in flesh.  But, much of what they can do lies in potential only, awaiting us to take the steps required to actualize it.

1805 - We are literally on the threshold of a dream.  It is a collective dream that has been built from the best ideas that have been expressed over the millennia.  It is time for this dream to manifest. 

1806 - I am not satisfied with what I have done to date.  I know that there is far more that I could do if I applied myself appropriately.  You might say that I set the bar extremely high.  Perhaps too high.  Though if we don't reach for the stars from time to time, how do we know what we are capable of. 

1807 - That is when the magic happens.  When each of us does our part, whatever that might be ... everything proceeds according to the plan of consciousness for the greater expression of spirit in flesh.

1808 - We are all special in our own ways.  It is for us to develop our natural talents and find ways to use these in service to others, society, and even the world.

1809 - Dream big!  That is what dreams are for.  Push the envelope wherever you can.  Don't be content with the status quo.  Use your life to make a statement and make a difference. 

1810 - Not everyone is meant to change the world.  However, you can have a positive impact in the lives of your family, friends, coworkers, and those whom your life touches.  How far this impact stretches is up to you. 

1811 - Life is meant to be an adventure ... and an exciting one at that.  If such is not your experience, it is high time for a change so that it is. 

2 October 2003

1812 - When we challenge ourselves, it is amazing to see what we are able to deliver.

1813 - This expression provides a means for you to follow my thoughts and states of mind for awhile.  Hopefully that will allow you to experience states of consciousness that are new and different for you. 

1814 - This expression is meant to be mind expanding and consciousness expanding.  That is one of the highest goals any expression can have ... to allow us to experience being more than we knew ourselves to be before.

1815 - Here, we have a consciousness revealing its awareness of the reality it experiences in realtime on a regular basis for several hours per day.  That makes for an impressive record ... a record that can be shared and used to move others ... a record that can enable others to experience a whole new way of seeing things. 

1816 - That is power, the power to make a difference, a real difference in people's lives.  But it doesn't happen by just wishing for it to be so.  In this case we have to allow consciousness to come forth, we have to capture what she says, and we have to share what we capture. 

1817 - Consciousness' ways are mysterious.  That is OK, that is what they are meant to be.  We may never fathom her depths. 

1818 - It takes wisdom to know when to allow versus when to actively work on getting things to manifest.  That is part of the art of living.

1819 - It is in the asking of questions that we find the answers that we seek. 

1820 - We just won't know until we have the awareness and the courage to ask.  Yes, it takes courage to ask questions.  We have to be ready for answers that we may not like. 

3 October 2003

1821 - Change is in the air again.  A new season is upon us.  It seems time to reap some of what we have sown.  Though, we leave it is spirits hands as to how this will manifest. 

1822 - Spirit will not do for us those things that we can perfectly well do for ourselves. 

1823 - We are able beings capable of doing great works.  It is up to us to apply ourselves in such a manner as to manifest this. 

1824 - We will truly be amazed at what we are able to accomplish ... especially when we allow spirit to work through us. 

1825 - As an aware being, it is in the realm of consciousness, not of mind that I dwell.  There is a difference, a big difference. 

1826 - Our best is always good enough.  It helps to realize that people are doing the best with what they have at all times.  It is not for us to judge them.  We know not what states of consciousness they experience or what reality they face. 

1827 - What any of us experience, all of us experience.  It is a matter of being able to access that.

4 October 2003

1828 - We need to keep expressing as consciousness would have us express.  We can do great things, especially if we choose to work together to do so. 

1829 - We are powerful creators, each and every one of us.  But, what we can do collectively is truly phenomenal.  We have to let go of some of our independence to achieve this.

1830 - Serving as a vessel through which spirit can express in flesh is what I choose to do.  Yes, of my own free will.  I can't think of any better place to expend my time and energy. 

5 October 2003

1831 - Our numbers are growing, that is the numbers of us that believe that we have an active role in creating the reality that we experience.  At some point we will reach a critical mass and this will become a predominant worldview. 

1832 - Patience, one step at a time.  That is the trick to getting to any destination ... take it one step at a time and enjoy the journey along the way. 

1833 - It seems that many of us do not do this.  We do not appreciate the incredible beauty and majesty around us.  There is so much that is grand and glorious.  This very body that we inhabit is a miracle in progress.  It's complexity far surpasses anything we can even dream to create. 

1834 - We can dream of some wonderful things ... but unless we create works that convey these to others, it is all for naught. 

1835 - Actually that is not quite correct.  Consciousness herself is a witness to all that we do and all that we think.  If a thought can get through once, it is highly likely that it can get through again via another person.  It seems that no thought makes it through until there is fertile ground for it. 

1836 - Thoughts incite action when such action is necessary.  Someone said nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.  They were correct.  Indeed, ideas can be that powerful. 

1837 - I am letting my understanding of my nature limit how I am able to express.  Our natures are much more fluid and flexible than this.  They are not meant to restrict our expression, rather to enhance and facilitate it. 

1838 - It is for us to decide what we will do with our lives.  It is for us to make it the masterpiece that it can be.  It is for us to make whatever life statements that we choose to make. 

1839 - The bottom line is to find a way to make the world a better place for our having lived.  We can always do this.  Some make a difference in the lives of their family and friends.  This is perfectly fine.  Others make a difference by moving others.  The artists among us fall in this category.  Some make a difference by moving the state of our knowledge.  In technology, this can yield products and inventions that change our world.  Still others make their difference by moving us spiritually.  In the end, it is for each of us to find our place in the world, and make the difference that is appropriate for that place. 

1840 - Not everyone is destined to change the consensus world.  But, all of us are meant to make a difference in our private worlds.

1841 - Small changes in the nearterm can create great differences in time.  It is important to be flexible and to do things differently. 

1842 - When we continue to do the same things in the same way, we get the same results.  That is OK if we are happy and leading the life we would choose to live.  However, if we are not, the only way it will change is if we do what it takes to change it.

1843 - That is one of the tricks to life ... to get more you must give more. 

1844 - It is giving that primes the abundance pump.  In Eastern philosophy they know this.  However, in the West, we tend to think of the supply being limited and that we need to compete to take our share or others may take it. 

1845 - Giving more than you take creates a surplus.  The more that we do this, the bigger the surplus.  Then it is a matter of distribution to ensure that people get what they need. 

1846 - Simple economics, if we don't ensure that people get what they need, there is unnecessary lack and suffering.  Why would we choose to create that? 

1847 - It seems that what we have learned previously is called forth when it is needed in our lives.  Our lives build one upon the next to allow us to take on new roles and new challenges ever moving up the scale of awareness. 

1848 - In the end, it is the level of awareness that we have reached that matters.  This is what we get to keep from one incarnation to the next, though it seems that there is an inheritance that goes along with this. 

1849 - We don't just enter with our prior level of awareness.  That would make it too confusing to endure the slow growth of the body and the mind.  At some point in our life, we awaken to whom that we are. 

1850 - Actually, many seem to go through life without ever doing this.  Perhaps that is because there level of awareness is already in line with what they are manifesting. 

1851 - Collectively we are growing into a body for Cosmic Consciousness to inhabit.  The organizations that we create are the organs and limbs of that body.

6 October 2003

1852 - It seems that so long as I will allow her to speak through me, consciousness will have something to say. 

1853 - I accept what spirit has in store for my life.  It is not necessary for me to live as I prefer.  What matters is what spirit would have me do. 

1854 - In the end, it is consciousness that matters.  Yet, much of what states of consciousness we reach is demonstrated by what we do and how we do it. 

1855 - Consciousness is as consciousness does.  The goal is to become ever more aware and to express this increased awareness in all that we do.  This is how we live as the expression of spirit in flesh.  This is how we stay true to whom that we are. 

1856 - With the appropriate awareness we can achieve all things because it is ultimately spirit doing the work through us. 

1857 - Of our own, what we can do is limited.  But, spirit has no such limitations.  Her limits come from how freely we allow her to express through us to do her works. 

1858 - Spirit won't force her way into our lives.  It is up to us to invite her to become an active force in our life. 

1859 - The time is ripe for change.  We truly live during a wonderful time in the history or the world and the planet.  It will be interesting to see what challenges we attract into our reality and how we deal with those challenges.

1860 - The reward for doing what we love to do is unlimited abundance, all that we need will be made available to us.  But, we must do the work first.

1861 - Be grateful for what you have.  Unless we are appreciative of all that we have been given, there is no room to receive more in our life.

1862 - People are incredible creations that have the ability to do even more incredible things.  Why am I not as fascinated by them as I am by nature? 

1863 - Reality creation is an art.  It is a process that we go through to manifest the things that we experience.  We are all good at it.  Though, most of this is still done at other than conscious levels. 

7 October 2003

1864 - Consciousness takes us into new realms where we are able to explore aspects of ourselves and of the world that we never knew.  It is an amazing process. 

1865 - At times it is useful to take in feedback from others.  It is also helpful for us to give feedback to the world in which we live. 

1866 - Things will get better when we band together and do the things necessary to make them better.  That is how reality creation works.  It is up to us to do what is necessary to manifest what we want to experience.

1867 - Spirit herself is also my employer.  What do I owe to her?  She is responsible for bringing forth millions of words into manifestation through this vehicle in just over ten years.  What is that worth?  How do I repay her for all of this? 

1868 - These words have the potential to help awaken others.  In doing so, much good can be unleashed do to the nature of the works that these awakened souls will do. 

1869 - How do we know if we are becoming more aware?  In my experience, there is an inner recognition that something wonderful has changed, that we are no longer what we formerly thought ourselves to be.  We are more, much more ... we are spirit manifest.

1870 - We are all riding on one big spaceship ... that beautiful jewel that we call earth.  My sense is that few realize this.  And further, fewer still do something with this realization. 

8 October 2003

1871 - Every day is a gift from consciousness.  It is for us to find a way to use this gift in a manner that serves others in our world.  For introverts, this can be a challenge. 

1872 - How do we live in a manner that our life positively impacts all of those whom we touch?  That is indeed the goal for living right. 

1873 - We are meant to make a difference in our world.  We have the power to do that.  It is a matter of applying ourselves in a way that makes optimal use of our talents. 

1874 - Spirit expects from us our very best.  But, we cannot deliver that unless we expect it of us as well.  We need to demand our very best.  However, we need to be careful to not overdo it.  Good enough is good enough.  There is a point of diminishing returns ... a point where the effort to improve the result is not worth the added value generated. 

1875 - Selling 40 hours per week to make a living does not seem right somehow.  Though, I would gladly put in 60 hours per week towards spiritual work in exchange for abundance. 

1876 - I'm effectively willing to give my life to the expression of spirit.  How do I get her to employ me in this manner? 

1877 - I know that no resources are wasted.  We learn the things that we need to learn to carry out our missions in accord with our destiny.

1878 - Spirit has a timing for things that is beyond our comprehension. 

1879 - What about creating our own reality?  Yes, we can do that.  But, when we do we are responsible for what gets created. 

1880 - When we allow what spirit would create in our life, we are still responsible but we have the force of spirit behind what we are experiencing. 

1881 - When we resign ourselves actively to our destiny, the universe meets us and supplies to us all that is needed to carry out our mission.  We only have to believe that this is so ... and then follow through and take the necessary action in line with this. 

1882 - Did not our founding fathers call the pursuit of happiness one of our inalienable rights?  It is interesting that they did not say achieving happiness was a right, only the pursuit thereof. 

9 October 2003

1883 - These are the footsteps or mindsteps that I leave for those who choose to follow my path.  Clearly, it is a path ... it is not the path.  Follow it so long as it interests you and so long as you are able to grow from the experience. 

1884 - Don't underestimate the importance of feeling and of direct knowing.  There will be things that you just know even though there is no logical explanation as to how.  Try to go with that knowingness when you can.  It will definitely make your life flow more smoothly.

1885 - What comes forth from consciousness is amazing to behold.  The expression constantly challenges what I know myself to be and what I believe about reality and reality creation. 

1886 - Each of us have our parts and roles to play.  Each will present its challenges and its rewards.  It is for us to seek and find those things that we are meant to do. 

1887 - The very universe is conspiring to ensure that we succeed in this.  However, the universe responds to the actions that we take.  If we are silent, if we do nothing, the universe matches our efforts in kind. 

1888 - The key is to actively pursue our dreams of who we can be and what we can do.  Appreciate, but never be satisfied with what is.  There are always things that can be done to make it better.  Don't just think about what might be ... do something that helps to make it so. 

1889 - Many don't have the follow through to do whatever it takes.  However, that is what distinguishes those who succeed in manifesting what they desire from those who don't.  It is our actions that determine what we get in life. 

1890 - The greatest things that we can do are those things that serve not only ourselves but serve others.  It is service that matters.  The more service the better.  The universe ensures that no service goes unrecognized or unrewarded.

1891 - I can't tell what passages will trigger altered states of consciousness and changes in levels of awareness.  But, I know that the material as a whole has the power to do this.  That makes it worth something.  That makes it worth every minute and every dime that I have invested in it. 

1892 - If this communication is an example of what can come from being crazy, then perhaps more of us should give ourselves permission to be a little crazy. 

1893 - Everything comes down to actions.  What are we willing to do to effect change in our lives and in the world?  It is not enough to think something.  Though thoughts do have their value and are powerful.  We must take action in accord with what we believe to effect the change that we desire to see. 

1894 - Consciousness is the key.  Where we allow our consciousness to take us ultimately determines what reality we will experience. 

1895 - Consciousness is everything.  Consciousness spawns all expression.  She is the source of what you see here.  But she is also the source of what you experience hour by hour and day by day. 

10 October 2003

1896 - Being of service to the world is extremely important to me.  My life must make a meaningful difference.  It must contribute to the betterment of society in some way.  This is true to some degree for all of us ... but clearly for some more than others. 


1897 - The bottom line is to do what feels right for you.  You will know what this is.  It will call to your soul.  And, when you are doing it, it will animate you as nothing else does.

1898 - We can always hope.  We can always dream.  The journey to a better tomorrow starts with the step we take here and now. 

1899 - We are spirit incarnate.  It is useful to remember that and to act appropriately. 

1900 - There is so much that we can do.  There are so many areas where improvements are needed.  All it takes is resources and talent. 

1901 - We haven't established a contract between the collective and individuals that explicitly spells out who is responsible for what.  Until we do this, there will be such people that fall through the cracks of our economic system. 

From each in accord with their abilities,
to each in accord with their needs.

1902 - It is that simple.  Many won't like the fact that it is one of the key tenets of communism.  However, it has never been achieved.  If it had we wouldn't see communist economies crumble as we have. 


11 October 2003

1903 - We are engaged in the dance of consciousness.  And, what an elaborate dance it is.  Yet, it is one that we know innately. 

1904 - This expression is the one thing that I believe will remain long after I am gone.  I can hope that will be the case anyway.  Though it seems that I will need some sort of organization to be responsible for keeping the information alive and available to those meant to be moved by it. 

1905 - To whom much is given, much is expected. 

1906 - If you are going to dream, you might as well dream big.  Who knows, you just may achieve what you set out to do. 

1907 - It is amazing how the universe works.  When we declare our intentions with all of our heart and soul, an army of helpers comes to our aid.

1908 - Who does it serve and how does it serve them?  This is one question that we should ask often.  For all the work we do, this question applies.  If it doesn't serve anyone, then why are we doing it?  If it doesn't serve anyone, we are wasting our time. 

1909 - In evaluating our endeavors, we need to make sure that we consider all those who are impacted.  Sometimes it is not obvious who benefits from something.  However, if we think about it and give our intuition voice, we will see who is served and who is not served. 

1910 - Life is the expression of consciousness to me.  If I am not expressing, I am not truly living. 

1911 - What good is the written word without an audience to read it?  And, where do I find such an audience.

12 October 2003

1912 - Consciousness is illusive.  She comes and goes as she will.  She will not be bound or restricted. 

1913 - Each of us experience exactly what we need to experience. 

1914 - Life is about varieties of experience. 

1915 - Human life is primarily differentiated by consciousness.  We are aware of being alive.  Some of us are aware of being aware ... though this seems to take an awakening. 

1916 - Life itself is a mystery ... it is meant to have mysteries.  That is part of its attraction.  We live in a miraculous realm, we truly do.  It is important for us to see that ... really see that.  Otherwise, we miss out on some of the most special moments and experiences in life.

13 October 2003

1917 - For things to happen in our life, we have to believe that they are possible and we have to believe that we are deserving of them.  This later point is extremely important. 

1918 - We will not allow ourselves to receive anything more than we believe that we are worth.  This is one of the fundamental spiritual laws of economics. 

1919 - We need to be giving more than we receive.  We do that by being all that we can be and doing what we are moved by spirit to do.

1920 - We have no means of assigning ownership to spirit herself.  It is through us that spirit expresses and experiences life in physical form.  She has no need for the possessions of this world.  But, there is nothing wrong with us reaching any particular level of abundance that we choose. 

1921 - Unless we are grateful for it, we don't really have it.  That is, it doesn't hold a place in our hearts.  Gratitude is a very important attitude. 

1922 - It is important that we realize this and apply it ... thanking spirit regularly for all that we have in our lives, and even for the gift of being alive. 

1923 - Yes, life is a very precious gift.  It is not something to be squandered.  It is the gift that needs to keep on giving in order to stay alive and to manifest abundantly.

1924 - All limitations are self-imposed.  It is for us to choose the limitations that we are willing to live with.  We can always choose to overcome these and become more free at any time.  However, this requires awareness. 

1925 - If we are not aware that we are imprisoned and enchained, we have no sense that we need to work to remove the shackles that bind us. 

1926 - Yet, all of us have our shackles ... some more than others.  Most are content with living within them.  In fact, many bear them gladly, unaware that they are shackles at all. 

1927 - Hmm ... do organizations experience reality in a similar fashion?  Are they bound by shackles as well? 

1928 - We have the power to create far more potent organizations that we have created to date.  It takes work however.  It does not simply happen. 

1929 - What matters in the moment is what we do here and now.  Ultimately, the moment is where we have power.  It is the only place where we can do anything.  And, it is in the doing of things that we effect change in the world. 

1930 - Our life is meant to make a difference.  But, it will only do so if we make it do so.  That means we have to be more than a spectator.  We have to do things.  We have to share of whom that we are. 

14 October 2003

1931 - We are to be the instruments through which spirit expresses.  What happens after that is in spirits hands. 

1932 - Everything in our lives is the expression of spirit in flesh. 

1933 - Responsibility can be a very good thing.  It can give us power in that area of our lives ... in some cases, great power. 

1934 - Being responsible means that the buck stops here as the saying goes.  Any blame gets levied on ourselves.  Though any credit gets levied there as well. 

1935 - We are responsible for all that we experience.  We choose it all.  No fine print, no exceptions.

1936 - Spirit is an active force, a guiding force in my life.  I would have it no other way. 

1937 - Knowing is not something that is to be questioned.  Some things you just know. 

1938 - We can think a lot of things that we don't really believe and we can believe a lot of things that we don't really know. 

1939 - If we truly know something, there is no room for belief ... it is already truth for us. 

1940 - Whether it is territory, or ideas, or realms of consciousness ... the unknown always offers its riches.  It is but for us to find practical ways to use what we find. 

1941 - We are all spiritual beings at heart in the midst of a physical experience.  However, too many focus on being physical and lose sight of their ultimate nature. 

15 October 2003

1942 - What is metaphysics?  To me it is the study of the nature of consciousness, the nature of being, the nature of reality, the nature of spirit, and how all of these manifest in our lives. 

1943 - There is an observer part to our consciousness that watches everything that we do.  It doesn't necessarily judge.  It simply observes. 

1944 - It takes self work to establish the inner connection.  And then it takes courage to be all that we can be while executing what spirit would more us to do. 

1945 - Yes, it takes courage to live a life of spirit.  Perhaps that is part of the reason I call this particular expression the Musings of a Spiritual Warrior.  Yet, it seems that our major battle is with the self and its ways of perceiving the world. 

1946 - It is not clear that this battle ever ends.  It is the constant challenge of being an aware spiritual being. 

1947 - Ultimately, making a positive difference is what really matters.  The bigger the difference the better. 

1948 - The world should be a better place for our having lived.  But, it will only be so if we do what it takes to make it so. 

1949 - We have to want to make a difference.  We have to believe that we can make a difference.  And, we have to do what it takes to make that difference.

1950 - One way to make a difference is to help those in need who ask for our help.  There is a reason that they are asking, and in particular asking us. 

1951 - Sharing is how we make a difference in each others life. 

16 October 2003

1952 - The expression of spirit in flesh is what life is all about.  We are integral parts of the evolution of that expression.  It is through us that spirit speaks and does her work in the world. 

1953 - We are spirit enfleshed here and now.  We have always been and will always be. 

1954 - We are creating the very world in which we exist.  However, blinders will not necessarily work to remove those elements that we do not want to see. 

1955 - Complex systems operate somewhere on the continuum between order and chaos.  Too much order and there is insufficient ability to adapt to changes.  Too much chaos, and there is not enough structure to give form to our manifestations. 

1956 - Life itself is a complex system that exists on this continuum. 

1957 - The fate of the world lies in our hands.  Yes, it is grandiose of me to believe that.  But if we are going to make a difference in the world, we need to take responsibility and do it. 

1958 - Life unfolds miraculously before us. 

1959 - Spirit animates all life. 

1960 - We all live in a spiritual world.  That world is embedded in the symbol systems that permeate the physical world and our knowledge about that world. 

1961 - Often symbol systems operate on multiple levels.  The most important meanings are often hidden ... and may not be related at all to the common meaning. 

1962 - Wherever we invest our attention and energy, our world grows. 

1963 - Our beliefs are our primary means of making the choice as to how we will invest ourselves.  They determine what we want to see and ultimately what we manifest as our reality. 

1964 - I don't believe that there is anything that is the reality.  From what I can tell, reality is the subjective phenomenon that an aware being experiences. 

1965 - There is no objective reality.  That is why science doesn't ultimately lead us to spiritual truth.  That does not mean that it doesn't have it's place. 

1966 - Science and its cousin Technology have allowed us to create many wonders in our world and come to an understanding of many things. 

1967 - However, it will never be able to tell us the meaning of life, or the purpose of any individual life.  For this we must appeal to other domains and other disciplines. 

1968 - Do we really know how our eyes see or how our ears hear or how our mind thinks, or how our intuition intuits? 

1970 - Do we know how consciousness expresses in us?  Do we know what constitutes awareness?  Do we know how spirit touches us and infuses us with life? 

1971 - How can we think about being deserving of more if we aren't grateful for what we have?  There is always something to be grateful for.  Most of us will find that there is much to be grateful for, far more than we had thought. 

1972 - Just being alive is a miracle.  Being healthy is another.  Living in a free country is another.  Having the opportunity to be who we choose to be is another.  Enjoying the fruits of a free enterprise economy is another.  There are so many things to be grateful for. 

1973 - We are constantly creating what we believe that we deserve in our life. 

17 October 2003

1974 - We are free to believe whatsoever we choose.  Ultimately, the true test for beliefs is utility.  Do they empower us and help us to lead a better life ... including having a positive impact on all those whom we touch?

1975 - Where do we go to find the guideposts that others have left in the wilderness of consciousness? 

1976 - There is no one way.  There are many paths available to follow.  It is for us to find the path(s) that are right for us, or to blaze new ones if necessary.

18 October 2003

1977 - We experience what we need to experience when we need to experience it. 

1978 - There is nothing that we can do to force things to happen before their time.  However, it seems that we can do things that delay when things happen in our lives ... or perhaps even prevent them from happening.  Destiny is somewhat open ended.  It is dependent on our choices to play itself out. 

1979 - We truly do create our reality.  It is within our power to make our lives a living hell or a heaven on earth or anything in between. 

1980 - Our beliefs are our way of informing our self as to what we would like to see in our reality.  They include beliefs about self worth and what we are worthy of receiving.  They include beliefs about what is important and what is not important.  They include beliefs about the nature of reality and how it is created.

1981 - It seems that I make spirit responsible for everything.  However I take full responsibility for what I allow spirit to do through me.  So, there is personal responsibility as well.  I'm not trying to get away with anything.  I'm just doing the best with what I've got. 

1982 - In over seventeen years of formal schooling through an MSEE from Stanford, I don't remember even once discussing or covering awareness.  How can our education system claim to be educating us if it fails to include something so fundamental? 

1983 - If we follow the dictum to Know Thyself, nearly the first thing we encounter on the path is that we are an aware being with a consciousness only part of which we are directly aware.  In fact, it is difficult to tell whether the known or the unknown is the greater part of existence.  I would offer it is the unknown. 

1984 - The relationship of the known to the unknown is similar to that between the part of an iceberg above water versus below water.

19 October 2003

1985 - Someone asked whether these writings are channeled or automatic.  I don't know that they are channeled.  I don't sense them to be coming from an "entity" other than me.  However they do come forth automatically from something that I label as "source".

1986 - We each have our pieces of the puzzle to share.  Together we can create something magnificent.  We can bring forth a spiritual vibration that literally changes the world ... big time. 

20 October 2003


1987 - The blank page doesn't criticize.  It openly accepts all that I would care to express. 

1988 - Will the material ultimately impact many?  That we will see in the months and years ahead.  It will impact who it is meant to impact ... and they in turn will impact others.  And, in the end the whole world will awaken. 

1989 - I liken the process to an instrument being played by a master musician.  My mind is the instrument, spirit is the musician.  My awareness experiences the music that spirit is able to evoke through the instrument. 

1990 - Further, and perhaps even more importantly ... my awareness witnesses the process.  In doing so, I know that I am not doing it all, not consciously anyway.  There is a mystery involved in how all of this works.  The process is magical.  It is not meant to be explained, it is meant to be experienced.

1991 - We are spirit enfleshed already.  We have been for so long as we have been incarnate.  Though, it seems that few are truly in touch with the spiritual aspect of themselves. 

21 October 2003

1992 - There is nothing that says that your life's work will also be your means of earning a living.  Though, it would sure be nice if it were. 

1993 - At some point what matters is how we impact others.  I can impact others through my words and through my presence. 

1994 - The march toward a better future starts with the changes that we make here and now in the present moment. 

1995 - If we really want something, we need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get it.  As a spiritually focused being, this will be consistent with whom that I am. 

22 October 2003

1996 - One can do far worse that to serve spirit.  Ultimately, this is the one choice which matters most.  Though serving spirit by serving others is something that we must do in our own way.  This is the highest endeavor that we can engage in.  It requires that which is grandest within us. 

1997 - How can an outnumbered force overcome a much greater force?  The trick comes from the synergy involved when a focused group is formed.  When the time is right, the spiritual force will be unleashed and nothing in its way will be able to stop it.

1998 - Ultimately it is what we share that is of utility to others that matters most. 

1999 - That is how we make progress in any area of endeavor ... we share.  We share of whom that we are, we share of what we know, we share of what we have experienced ... as much as we can. 

2000 - Good choices are those that benefit ourselves and others. 

2001 - It is very important that we consider the impact on others in our decisions.  The best decisions are those that support both the individual and the collective.

2002 - There is the potential for synergy to arise in groups.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to arise very often yet.

2003 - The guidance remains:  do as you are moved to do when you are moved to do it. 

2004 - Cooperative interdependence is the way of the future.  It is time that we start to make it the way of the now, too.

23 October 2003

2005 - Spirit knows how best to utilize all of the resources that she is given.  She doesn't take, however.  She waits for us to volunteer our services. 

2006 - To play in this game we must cooperate and volunteer to serve.  These are high level behaviors that many do not appear ready to adopt.  That is OK.  We only need enough to keep the plan of spirit unfolding in the world. 

2007 - Time marches ever onward, and with it comes the need to do things that matter, things that make a difference in the lives of others and in the world. 

2008 - This doesn't happen by accident, it happens by deliberate choice on our part.  It is for us to choose what we will do.  Note, I did not say plan ... though many need to do that as well. 

2009 - We create reality by what we choose to do, not what we plan to do.  In the end, it is what we do that makes the difference. 

2010 - I can play with my beliefs.  I can believe them or not believe them as I will and experience reality in accord with my choices.  Knowingness is not like that.  It does not involve choice. 

2011 - It is far better if we base our lives and our choices on truth.  There is plenty of room for beliefs in our life.  We don't have to use them in ways that are ineffective or counterproductive. 

24 October 2003

2012 - Being in pain is definitely not good for the soul. 

2013 - Physical health is important to spiritual well-being.  While we are incarnate, we cannot escape being physical.  Nor is it desired that we do so. 

2014 - In consciousness, we are free to go where we will despite the restrictions of the physical.  However, there is something to be said about being in the body too. 

2015 - For so long, I have simply overlooked it (the physical) ... considering it to be a poor stepchild to the spiritual.  But, we are spirit in flesh ... and we are enfleshed for a reason, primarily because that is the only way to be incarnate and experience the great gift of physical life.

25 October 2003

2016 - Awareness is a one way thing.  One is either aware of not.  And, if you are, it is obvious.  If you have to think about it ... you are not. 

2017 - Awareness is not a mind thing, it is a consciousness thing.  You have to go beyond mind to reach it.

2018 - Consciousness is everything.  Consciousness is how spirit interfaces with us. 

2019 - We are consciousness in flesh, first and foremost.  It helps if we keep that in mind. 

2020 - Life is a process of continually realizing more and more.  However, it seems that many people are not really engaged in the process.  They have gotten stuck in their ways and have stopped growing. 

2021 - For me, to stop growing is to die.  You might think this to be true universally ... but it doesn't appear to be.  There are many who are happy to just enjoy life and be who they have become. 

26 October 2003

2022 - Mastership will come in due time if we are diligent in our practice.  Though, it is important that we are practicing the right things. 

2023 - The journey is everything.  The may be times when we are focused on arriving at some destination.  But the destination is just a point in time and space. 

2024 - Most of our life is spent in transit, in the journey.  Correspondingly, we should place most of our attention there. 

2025 - Life is about being where we are.  That doesn't mean we should neglect getting where we would prefer to be.  In fact, getting there requires taking action in the moment.

27 October 2003

2026 - There is always sufficient time to do what needs to be done.  That doesn't mean there is necessarily much excess, so we need to be careful how we use it. 

2027 - What we earnestly seek, we eventually find.  That is one of the laws of the universe.

2028 - There is something about the process of gravitating to ones destiny that is the same as the process of a star gravitating to its place in the heavens. 

2029 - Just being a group does not necessarily lead to increased productivity or utility of output.  It takes work to make this happen.  It takes work to draw out the synergy that is present in group endeavors. 

2030 - We need to be careful about what limits we accept.  Further, we need to realize that there is nothing forcing us to accept them.  We can be as free as we choose to be.

28 October 2003

2031 - To create your reality consciously you have to want to create something ... you have to be heavily attached to a desired outcome.  I've been reluctant to do that. 

2032 - I've been careful not to push my way upon the world.  The one primary exception is this expression.  Though even here I share in a manner that does not really push. 

2033 - Yet, at some point are we not evolved enough so that my will and Thy Will are one?  At that point, why do I force spirit to continue to do what I can do perfectly well on my own? 

2034 - We don't have to accept whatever would be.  We can choose to make a masterpiece of our lives and in the process inspire others to do the same. 

2035 - Each of us has our place in the scheme of things.  If we allow ourselves to, we will gravitate there naturally. 

2036 - I've learned to become wary of being attached to outcomes.  Things may or may turn out as we picture that they will.  There are a lot of factors involved.  Sometimes, it seems that it is best to just leave it up to spirit.  

2037 - The process of expressing is very different from that of thinking.  Consciousness expresses ... the mind thinks.  Consciousness knows, the mind only thinks that it knows. 

2038 - Consciousness is aware ... the mind is stuck in its mechanicalness,  unaware of the nature of spirit. .

29 October 2003

2039 - Hmm ... I just got a sense that included a strong shiver in my neck and head, 2004 is to be about finding my place in the world.  That feels right.

2040 - We can choose to live in a world that provides the feedback we need to be able to see our impact directly.  Such a world already exists.  We don't even have to create it.  We only need to choose to live in it. 

2041 - However, what we expect from the world we need to be willing to give in kind.  It is our actions after all that collectively create the feedback within this world. 

2042 - Spirit works through us.  That is the only way she can manifest anything in the physical.  It is up to us to be receptive to what she would express through us, and then to do it. 

2043 - What would I do next?  What do I want to do in the twenty-five years that I believe to be the rest of my life?  What would I do differently?  How would I express differently? 

2044 - I can see how people would have a difficult time getting  to know me.  They can see how I work.  But, seeing who I am is a very different thing. 

2045 - However, the laws of compensation say that each action will be compensated in accord with its worth. 

30 October 2003

2046 - I need feedback and interaction with others to provide a mirror for what I am doing. 

2047 - It is not enough that all of this impacts me.  I need to see how it impacts others. 

2048 - My natural tendency is to lead, not to follow.  I am the type to figure out what needs to be done and who might best do the various things that need to be done.

2049 - I will do what I am moved by spirit to do to the best of my abilities.  How the universe responds to what is expressed through me is out of my hands for the most part. 

2050 - We are free to believe whatsoever we choose.  It helps if our beliefs are of utility and empower us. 

2051 - We are far more powerful than most of us know.  This is especially true if we've taken the time to establish a relationship with the spiritual source that drives us. 

2052 - Spirit is not a mental phenomena.  Awareness is not a mental process.  We can be aware of the functioning of our mental faculties.  Awareness is above and beyond this.  It lies in a different dimension ... a spiritual dimension.

2053 - The mass consciousness learns from everything that any individual learns.  Further, it is not limited to conscious learning.  It knows what is happening subconsciously and superconsciously as well. 

2054 - Extroverts deal directly with the world as does the outer part of the body. 

2055 - Introverts experience things very differently.  They rely far more on intuition and inner feelings to guide their actions.  They have a direct knowingness, a wisdom that comes from being connected to a source within.

31 October 2003

2056 - I'm curious as to what the universe is going to do now that I've done my part and published the Beyond Imagination books. 

2057 - How do we invite people to our world?  And, how do we get them to choose to be part of creating a community? 

2058 - Yes, that is one of my toughest challenges.  How does a loner engage the world ... and do so in a big way? 


2059 - Alone, there are so many people that I can touch.  But if those I touch in turn touch others who touch others ... the numbers can grow very quickly. 

2060 - Sharing.  That's what it's all about.  Sharing what we know.  Sharing who we are.  We may think that we retain power by hoarding information and keeping things secret.  But, those who are truly powerful know that the key is to freely share. 

2061 - As spirit in flesh, we are wise beyond all years.  We just need to get in touch with our innate wisdom. 

2062 - We can live a life of spirit.  It is not difficult to do.  However, it takes dedication and discipline.  We have to want to do it. 

2063 - We have to be willing to make choices consistent with living such a life.  One such choice is to be the best that we can be at all times.  We know when we are doing this.  We cannot fool ourselves.

1 November 2003

2064 - One thing this expression has taught me is to take things one day at a time and trust that if we take care of the moment properly, then the future will take care of itself. 

2065 - It is amazing how much creativity can be unleashed in the moment.  Further, it is amazing what we can do if we just do it.  Too many people have excuses for not taking action ... for not expressing themselves ... for not being all that they can be. 

2066 - However, this is a choice that we make in the moment.  Further, we can only make it in the moment.  The difference we make in our lives and in the world happens because of what we choose to do ... not because of what we choose to think or even believe. 

2067 - We must be willing to take action in accord with what we believe.  That is what confirms that we are serious.  Otherwise, we are only paying lip service. 

2068 - Being alone most of the time is not necessarily the best way to live ones life.  Then again, I'm a solitary person ... a hermit by nature.  Or, am I? 

2069 - What I have experienced to date is not necessarily what I am, especially since fear issues have been involved. 

2070 - We create the circumstances that we face in life.  We bring them into our lives primarily by what we believe. 

2071 - We are spirit expressing in flesh, spirit having a physical experience.  There is a purpose for this.  There is something being gained by all of this expression.  The purpose is spiritual however; and many, including most of those involved in science, do not relate. 

2072 - We live in a spiritual world.  More and more this will become apparent, so much so that even scientists and engineers won't be able to ignore it. 

2 November 2003

2073 - Consciousness does indeed come through and she is an original character.  There is nothing like her as far as I can tell.

2074 - I would be whom that I am and no other.  I would do as I am moved by spirit to do when she so moves me. 

2075 - You can't expect to be told everything.  You have a brain.  Some things you are meant to figure out yourself. 

2076 - Consciousness doesn't tell us everything.  It seems that some things we have no need to know.  And consciousness definitely doesn't do everything for us ... though there is a lot that she can express through us if we allow her to. 

2077 - We are the instruments through which consciousness expresses.  It helps to be the grandest instrument that we can be. 

2078 - Do something to make a positive difference in others lives and in the world.  Find a way to make a difference.  In the long run that is ultimately what counts. 

2079 - When we have long since returned dust to dust ... it will be the differences that we have made that will remain.  Some of these will remain only in the minds and hearts of those we touch.  But others will be recorded as historic events. 

2080 - I'm still anxious to see whether the books have started to sell.  Though, whether they have or not, I still stand by my decision to publish them.  If they are meant to sell ... they will.  I just need to do what I can to facilitate getting the word out.  The books stand on their own.

2081 - At some point, enough is enough.  We have to accept that.  Though, most of us will find what we are capable is far more than we believed possible. 

2082 - We are grand beings.  We need to realize that and act as if we truly believed it. 

2083 - Too many of us limit who we are and what we express as a result.  However, all of these limits are self-imposed.  We can choose to change such limits. 

2084 - Beliefs are our springboards to a new life if only we use them as such.  They are powerful tools for reality creation.

3 November 2003

2085 - The book covers suggest just that, a redshift ... a shift to red, a shift to the heart. 

2086 - The social infrastructure needs to reform into something supportive that enables people to be all that they can be and that encourages them to express fully for the good of themselves and others. 

2087 - We need to measure our actions and policies as a society by what they do to the collective as well as to individuals.

2088 - We need to spice things up on occasion.  We do that by changing our habitual patterns of expression. 

2089 - In many ways, it seems that my life is about destiny unfolding.  It just happens.  I just allow it to happen. 

2090 - Consciousness continues to express and create as she will ... and I am ever amazed.

2091 - It is not for me to focus on outcomes.  Those are in spirits hands.  I can only do what I am moved to do when I am moved to do it.

4 November 2003

2092 - What makes me unique and different is how freely and openly I share information that many might consider too personal. 

2093 - I do it as an example of the level of sharing that I would like to see in society. 

2094 - As the generator of the expression it is my job to see that it gets to whom it is meant to touch. 

2095 - How do I reach more people?  What do I need to do to open this up by orders of magnitude?  Am I ready for the increase in correspondence that this will bring into my life? 

2096 - Choice and free will are interesting phenomena.  It seems that the further that we go on the spiritual path, the more automatic our choices become.  We find there is only one right choice for us and that that choice is obvious. 

2097 - Mysteries are good.  They humble us.  They leave us in awe of the power of spirit operating in our lives and our world. 

2098 - That is all that can be expected of us ... to do our best.  Spirit demands no more and no less.  Though, she is lenient even when we don't live up to our own highest standards. 

2099 - We need to accept people for who they are and we need to allow them to be whom that they are.  It is not our place to change them.  Though, we can offer guidance as we share of whom that we are. 

2100 - Sharing is extremely important.  It allows us to learn from one another and benefit from each others experience.  We are all going through this collective experience of living together.  It doesn't matter how separate or individual we experience things.  At some level, we melt into the collective from which we were spawned. 

2101 - We always remain intricately linked into the collective.  Sometimes we are even consciously aware of the connection. 

5 November 2003

2102 - Feedback is highly important but seldom provided for the things that we do ... especially the most important things.  It seems that is just the way that life is. 

2103 - I would not live my life as others live theirs.  I am a unique manifestation of the one, of consciousness herself.  I would be true to whom that I AM. 

2104 - We are ever risking losing ourself.  But that is not such an awful thing to lose.  For, it is only through losing our self that we find our greater Self.

2105 - It would be nice to be able to compare experiences ... not to measure one against another, but to see the spectrum of experiences and some of the similarities and differences. 

2106 - We need to watch against anything that is considered to be the way rather than a way.

2107 - Where do we go to share? ... to share our experiences? ... to share our knowingness?  ... to share our awareness?  ... to share whom that we are?  After all, that is what life is ultimately all about ... sharing!  

2108 - It is not what we possess that counts.  It is what we give, especially of ourselves. 

2109 - How can I expect others to create masterpieces of their lives unless I show them that it is indeed possible? 

6 November 2003

2110 - I am moved to reach people and to impact them in a meaningful way.  I have a strong need to make a difference in peoples lives and on a larger scale to the whole world. 

2111 - I live my life one step at a time.  After each step, it becomes apparent what the next step will be. 

2112 - My life is primarily about the expression of spirit in flesh.  That is to the degree that one who has effectively isolated himself from society can so express. 

2113 - Fate.  I strongly believe that there is a destiny for each of us and that fate will take us to that destiny one way or another.  It helps if we cooperate.  But, we will get there even if we choose to fight it. 

2114 - Beliefs are the garden through which we grow our reality.  They filter what we see and what we experience. 

2115 - Many people have not tended to their gardens hence they have extensive weeds.  Unfortunately, unlike with our gardens at home ... we can't hire someone to pull the weeds. 

2116 - In 21 plus years of formal education through a Masters degree, never once do I remember beliefs and belief systems being addressed.  Reality creation was never mentioned either. 

2117 - Yet, in metaphysics ... the fact that we create our own reality through our beliefs is nearly self-evident. 

2118 - I would serve spirit directly.  She commands my interest and my attention.  Her will is my will.  It has been for some time. 

2119 - Awareness is an illusive quality.  It is something that  we must pay attention to or we lose sight of it.  Sometimes it can be difficult getting it back. 

2120 - It helps to learn and develop techniques that get us beyond the limits of our mind and our ego.  When we get good, we can be aware whenever we choose to ... and to some degree, remain aware at all times.

7 November 2003

2121 - Life is about stretching beyond our comfort zones to do things greater than we thought possible for us. 

2122 - What we have done is not enough.  There is always more than we can do.  This will be true so long as we are alive. 

2123 - There is no resting on what we have accomplished.  There is always the next thing on our path, whatever that might be.  That doesn't mean that we can't stop and enjoy the process.  In fact, we should do so often. 

2124 - To do great things in the world we need to come from a mindset and a reality of abundance.

8 November 2003

2125 - This expression is always a surprise.  I never know what to expect from one paragraph or even one sentence to the next. 

2126 - Relationships are built slowly over time.  Friendships are a special type of relationships that are even more rare.

2127 - What would I do next?  Those five words ever haunt me.  It is not what we would think next, or what we would believe next ... it is what we would do next that is important. 

9 November 2003

2128 - There is definitely something to be said for mental labor.  For one thing, it pays better.  However, spiritual labor should pay even better.

2129 - Being outgoing is natural behavior for everyone unless it is blocked for some reason.  Remove the blocks and you release yourself to operate in new ways that are just as natural as your current ones. 

2130 - Abundance is the compensation for spiritual work.  Here we are talking about abundance on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. 

10 November 2003

2131 - What happens, happens.  The meaning that we assign to it determines how we experience it. 

2132 - Some people see the exact same challenges as blessings or curses.  It is all a matter of perspective. 

2133 - Sometimes we don't know if we can create something until we try. 

2134 - We have resources beyond our imagining.  We are souls enfleshed.  As such, we are all mighty beings ... no, almighty beings.  Yes, literally godstuff. 

2135 - Our fears however hold us back from being all that we can be and expressing what we are capable of expressing. 

2136 - Love and fear ... these are the choices that are ours to make at any time.  Do we allow ourselves to be loving or do we come from fear and limit ourselves needlessly?

2137 - All pain and suffering arises out of fear.  It takes love to heal it ... and to heal the world in the process. 

2138 - The more love expressed, the better everything becomes.  That is how we further enable spirit to express through us ... we transcend our fears and express love for all those our lives touch.

2139 - The stream of consciousness can ramble on at times.  But usually, even then it offers its pearls of wisdom.  There have been many pearls and other precious gems over the years.


9 November 2003

2140 - What happens happens.  We have no right to be attached to outcomes.  They don't serve anyone, and they are not ours to guarantee. 

2141 - There is an unseen hand at play in our lives that is able to determine outcomes.  We have to find a way to live with them, and if possible, to be happy anyway. 

2142 - That is the key to a successful life.  Find a way to be happy anyway, despite what happens in life.  When we can do this, we are truly free.  Circumstances may impact us, but don't move us from our center.

12 November 2003

2143 - Building the foundations for spirit to more fully express in flesh is a big job.  It seems that it will require many people to cooperate to accomplish it. 

2144 - Perhaps the seed ideas can start with as few as one person.  But, we need to go beyond ideas.  We need to base our actions on these seeds and do things to build a new world from the foundations up. 

2145 - We need to take better care of one another.  At some level we are ONE.  There is no separation.  We need to come from that level when we stretch our arms out to our fellow beings. 

2146 - We live in a world of abundance.  And, there are things that we can do to greatly increase that abundance.  Along with that, we need to fairly share what is generated. 

2147 - When we collectively fail to meet needs, we create problems in society.  When we allow people to exist below poverty levels, we as a society are failing in our collective responsibility. 

2148 - The bottom line is that the Aquarian age is dawning and this will result in dramatic changes in how spirit is able to express in the world.

2149 - We live on ONE world, ONE spaceship Earth.  The political boundaries are just lines on a map, invisible from above the Earth in space.  "Imagine all the people ... sharing all the world."  This line from John Lennon's song Imagine comes from the right vision.

2150 - Take it one day at a time trusting that your liberation is indeed forthcoming.  It may not be immediate.  But, opportunities will present themselves and you will be designing the life that you want to live. 

2151 - That is what reality creation is all about.  The highest art of its expression would be to create a masterpiece of your life. 

2152 - No effort is in vain.  It is all recognized.  It all creates a force in the world that will ultimately return unto itself.  The timeframe for the return is still relatively slow in the world ... but it is speeding up.

2153 - My life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to unfold.  The majestic oak is contained within the seed of the acorn.  My destiny is contained within the seeds of my being as well.  And I will naturally grow into what I must become. 

2154 - Everything is godstuff, everything is spirit, everything is animate.

13 November 2003

2155 - The bottom line is that I don't necessarily have to draw people to the works.  Consciousness knows what they contain and where they are and is perfectly able to move those who need to find them to the expression.

2156 - Once one gets the wake up call into greater awareness, there is no going back.  This is a one way trip of the light switch.  What was dim and dark is now clear and light.  The shadows have vanished to return no more ... until we find an even greater light source that is. 

2157 - What is destined will manifest.  It is only a matter of time.  All that I have to do is to facilitate it happening.

2158 - Many questions, but where are the answers?  Within, of course.  That is where all such answers lie. 

2159 - We are all spirit incarnate.  We are all divine beings.  We are all godstuff. 

2160 - It doesn't matter what we know.  It doesn't matter what level of awareness we have reached.  It doesn't matter what lessons we have learned or not learned.  It doesn't matter what we do for a living.  We are all equal before god. 

2161 - We are all souls.  We don't say that a first grader is any less than a twelfth grader.  They are in the midst of different experiences and different lessons ... but each is in their rightful place. 

2162 - With souls, there is no less than or no greater then.  We will all realize whom that we are eventually.  How long that takes in time is irrelevant.  What is expected is that we behave in accord with our knowingness and our awareness.

14 November 2003

2163 - There is a source within each of us ... our link to our higher self which knows things far beyond what our egos will recognize. 

2164 - Our egos are meant to be tools, not masters.  They have a function of interpreting physical reality. 

2165 - We are distinct individuals.  We want to somehow be better and more special than others.  Further, our egos want others to recognize us as such.  But, all of this separation is illusion.  At some underlying level, we are one.  We spring forth from the same source.

2166 - We don't question what we know.  We just know it. 

2167 - We can question what we think, and can even question what we believe ... but, not what we know.  That is certain. 

2168 - Knowing allows no doubt or it is not knowing. 

2169 - I am an instrument through whom spirit does her work in the world.  A living instrument yes, but an instrument nonetheless. 

2170 - Selfless behavior is rewarded with more opportunities to excel. 

2171 - We need to strive to be more selfless in our endeavors.  That means leaving the what's in it for me attitude at the door. 

2172 - You are not to be concerned with outcomes ... you are to do what you must do.  That's about as direct as you can get.  Outcomes are in god's hands not mine. 

2173 - That doesn't mean that I shouldn't be observant and learn from the outcomes that are created.  It just means that I shouldn't focus on achieving particular outcomes. 

2174 - Things work much more smoothly if we simply do the tasks that are ours to do. 

2175 - Elegance is the idea that the universe gets the maximum results for whatever effort is expended.  I like to believe that spirit is operating elegantly through me. 

15 November 2003

2176 - Spirit/consciousness is my refuge.  It is in her that I know that I am safe. 

2177 - The world can touch me only to the degree that I allow it to.  Yet, my world is a mirror reflection of whom that I AM. 

2178 - Each of us live within a world of our own making. 

2179 - Beliefs are our way of dealing with part of the unknown.  They may or may not be right.  Further, we may never know if they are right or not. 

2180 - What matters with beliefs is utility.  Do the beliefs serve us and others?  Do they help to make our lives better?  If they don't it is time to find new ones that do.

2181 - There is something to be said about being silent and maintaining a blank mind.  That is precisely what it takes to allow spirit to come through in our lives. 

2182 - So long as we are busy with our own stuff, our own desires, our own thoughts ... there is no room for spirit.  As soon as we let these go, she appears and remains with us so long as we listen to her. 

2183 - The more we develop that connection within us the more peaceful we become.  We no longer see it necessary to impose our will on the world.  We can allow and accept whatever happens as the will of spirit. 

2184 - Everyone is growing in a manner and at a rate that is right for them.  It cannot be any other way.  Spirit is elegant in how she manifests.

2185 - All is right in the world.  Hmm ... do I really believe that for my world, much less for the world at large?  In some respects I do.  I am doing what I am meant to be doing.  And, I have achieved a reasonable level of abundance for that. 

2186 - It is the great thoughts of the ages that can truly move us.  They strike a chord within and stir our passion.  It is no wonder that great thoughts come from the greatest minds and souls of the ages. 

2187 - One step at a time.  Each step takes us closer to our date with destiny.  All of us have a destiny.  And, we will indeed achieve it.  It is in the cards, so to speak. 

2188 - We cannot help but to be whom that we are.  One way or another we will get there.  Some go peaceably and quietly.  Others go kicking and screaming all the way. 

2189 - It helps if we accept who we are.  It helps even more if we discover whom that we truly are. 

2190 - Just as individuals have a destiny, so there is a collective destiny as well. 

2191 - Spirit is evolving the collective to permit increased expression of spirit in flesh through the organizations formed within the collective. 

2192 - There is a lot of work to be done.  And, spirit can only do that work through us.  But, she will not force her way through.  We have to volunteer. 

2193 - We are her eyes, her ears, her hands, her legs, her body, her mind, even her consciousness in flesh.  With that we can do miracles ... not of our own accord, but because spirit does them through us.  It is all a matter of believing, no knowing, that we are the instruments through which spirit expresses.

16 November 2003

2194 - Good enough is good enough.  There is only so much that we can expect of ourselves.  Oh, it is far more than most people imagine.  But, there are still limits. 

2195 - We each have a level of awareness appropriate to what we need to experience and to express.  No more and no less. 

2196 - None are greater and none are lesser in the eyes of God. 

2197 - We each came to manifest whom that we are to the degree that we can.  And, whom that we are is greater than any of us have imagined. 

2198 - There is only so much that it is capable of.  After that, we have to go beyond imagination to find more. 

2199 - It is amazing what 26 letters, 10 numerals, a space, a period, a comma, a left parenthesis, a right parenthesis, a colon, and a semicolon can do.  Out of these basic building blocks, all words, all sentences, and all paragraphs in this expression are built. 

2200 - It is important to notice how important the space is to communication.  Without it, our words would run together and our writings would be nearly impossible to read. 

17 November 2003

2201 - There is a destiny that is being played out in our lives.  It is being played out everywhere we look.  It is a spiritual destiny.  We live in a spiritual world.  It has always been so.  "One man can make a difference ..."  The show that I was watching just had that line.  I know that this is true. 

2202 - We need to actively work towards things.  We need to actively be the change that we want to see in the world.  I can't make a difference if I don't find ways to touch other peoples lives. 

2203 - I believe there is only ONE consciousness and that we are all part of that.  So, in revealing this information ... I'm really making it available to other aspects of my SELF.  So, there is no breach of privacy.  I do this willingly. 

2204 - I accept what is expressed.  I feel no need to restrict or constrain it.  Neither do I edit it.  What comes forth comes forth. 

2205 - There is something special about loving ones work.  It transforms labor into fun.  It is amazing what we can accomplish when this happens. 

2206 - We can be incredibly creative when we are properly motivated.  Love is one of the universal motivators.  It pushes us to be the best that we can be and to do works beyond imagination.  

2207 - There is a saying, by their works shall ye know them.  Ultimately, that is what counts, the works that we do. 

2208 - We tend to live up to our expectations, no matter what they are.  Further, the reality we experience tends to live up to our expectations as well.  So, we need to be careful about what we expect.

2209 - We live in a world of our own making.  We create the reality that we experience.  We do this every hour of every day so long as we walk the Earth. 

2210 - We have the potential to be experts.  In fact, we are masters at other than conscious levels.  We can become conscious masters if we so desire and are willing to put in the appropriate time and effort.

2211 - Each of us have our unique gifts and talents.  They are meant to be used in service in some way.  We have to find our place in the world.  We have to find where we can make the greatest contribution.

18 November 2003

2212 - Awakening brings a new level of awareness.  It is not clear how to describe it.  It is just something that you have to experience.  The mind cannot contain it.  It is a beyond mind experience.  It opens up a whole new dimension of freedom. 

2213 - Our minds may have a mental understanding that we create our own reality.  They may even believe this to some degree in some areas of our lives.  But, our spirits know that we create it all, no fine print, no exceptions. 

2214 - Things happen in our lives when we know that they will.  But, even then we must leave the timing to spirit. 

2215 - There is something to be said about living life in the moment.  In many ways, it makes it easier. 

2216 - Hermits don't build communities.  Though, they may indeed build the foundations for such. 

2217 - In general, we are all very competent at other than conscious levels.  One of our objectives however is to live a more conscious life, a more spiritually aware life.  To do that, we must open ourselves up to higher awareness and all that it has to offer.

2218 - I'm watching A Beautiful Mind.  There is a line "I need to believe something extraordinary is possible" that caught my attention.  It is the extraordinary in life that gives it meaning. 

2219 - We need to do what we are good at doing.  It helps if this is what we love as well. 

19 November 2003

2220 - What we know inside is incredible.  That is true for all of us.  We just have to find and learn to tap these inner sources.

2221 - There is a spiritual destiny that is manifesting in our lives.  This is true for all of us. 

2222 - We are spiritual beings having a physical incarnation.  While we are physical we seem to forget who we truly are. 

2223 - Awakenings are bleedthroughs that help us to remember our true nature.  They do this by changing our awareness.  They allow an increased flow of consciousness through us. 

2224 - Awareness and love can transform any work into great work.

20 November 2003

2225 - There is great power in words when they are used effectively. 

2226 -  The reward for providing services of great value is unlimited abundance. 

2227 - Everything begins with service.  We create a better society by serving one another better and taking care of each other. 

2228 - While we may be individuals, we are also members of a society.  If we focus too much on the individual, the society, the whole suffers.  If we focus too much on the society, particular individuals may not get what they need. 

2229 - The whole objective is to meet needs.  That is what spirit does, she meets needs wherever she finds them.  As spirit expressed in flesh, we have our part to play in this.

2230 - We are free to see the world through any glasses that we choose.  However, we need to be careful not to conclude that what we see is the world.  It is a representation of it, a representation that is an approximation. 

2231 - Our worlds are not the same.  They are not meant to be.  They may overlap and even intertwine in places ... but they are still distinct.

21 November 2003

2232 - There is something about movies.  You suspend disbelief for two hours to allow a set of images, music, and dialogue take you into a different world. 

2233 - We need to be flexible enough to accommodate and even embrace change for the many gifts that it offers. 

2234 - Be careful what you wish for.  What you create, you are responsible for. 

22 November 2003

2235 - What is expressed becomes a permanent part of history ... a record of consciousness in action. 

2236 - Too many people fight the inner self and insist on doing things their way.  This can work at times.  However, why fight with such an important part of us.  It seems far easier to cooperate and trust that it knows what it telling us. 

2237 - One could do far worse than to have a personal guide in one's life.

2238 - Life is meant to be experienced, not necessarily understood. 

2239 - We experience exactly what we need to experience. 

2240 - What is wrong with living in a world where the things that matter most are destined to happen? 

2241 - There is a spiritual destiny unfolding in each of our lives.  It is unfolding whether we believe in God or not and whether we believe in spirit or not. 

2242 - We are spiritual beings having a physical incarnation.  There is no way to escape our spiritual nature.  We can hide from it, and we can try to deny it.  But, that will only succeed for so long.  At some point we come to realize who we are ... and once we do, we are never the same again. 

2243 - That is what self-realization is all about.  As far as I know, there is no methodical path to awakening.  Yes, there are many things that one can study and learn, but awareness is elusive.  It takes a singularity, a breakpoint, to make the leap to higher awareness. 

23 November 2003

2244 - We are moved by a source that we can't even explain. 

2245 - Naming something is not the same as explaining it or knowing it.  The label does not equal the thing.  The label doesn't even describe the nature of the thing. 

2246 - We can live a conscious life full of meaning.  We can just as easily live an other than conscious life with similar fullness of meaning.  What matters is to realize the spiritual beings that we are. 

2247 - Life is a training ground and a playground for spirit.  This is where spirit is able to express physically.  But, she can't do this on her own, she can only be physical through us. 

2248 - This has been true for untold ages.  We are the vessels through which spirit expresses in flesh.  It is for us to do what we can open the channel so that we can allow the clearest expression of which we are capable. 

2249 - We will be amazed by what we will be able to do when spirit works through us.  It will be truly phenomenal.  It will indeed. 

2250 - In the end, it is our works, what we do, that distinguishes us. 

24 November 2003

2251 - At some level we are ONE.  At that level, all that any of us experience, we all experience. 

2252 - There is a difference between telling someone something and taking them on a journey into the realms of consciousness.  It is the journey that makes the difference. 

2253 - I trust the universe to provide me with the experiences that I need to learn and to grow and to be and express whom that I am.

25 November 2003

2254 - I have the fortunate job of integrating how all of this could come forth through me.  I don't need to explain it.  I just need to accept and integrate it with my concepts of whom that I am. 

2255 - For one thing, I am the being through whom this expression can come.  That alone says a lot about my level of awareness and my mission to serve on a grand scale in this existence. 

2256 - The only true measure of beliefs is their utility.  Do they serve us and those we touch?

2257 - We can embed spiritual principles everywhere in our lives.  If we truly look, we will find that they are already there. 

2258 - In nearly every aspect of our lives things are unequal: talents, abilities, income, possessions, education, jobs, responsibilities, opportunities, etc ...  So, in what respects are we created equal? 

2259 - If we can sit back and be the observer for awhile, we will be amazed at the insight we can gain as to how the process works.  This is a process of discovery. 


From each according to their abilities,
to each according to their needs.

2260 - I've said before that we need a social contract, a sacred commitment that we make to one another that defines what we are expected to give to society and what in turn we can expect from society. 

Be Kind and Do Good!

2261 - This is another directive that expresses a more spiritual component that addresses how we interact with others. 

2262 - Everything starts with kindness.  That is key to creating a better world.  Doing good, doing what we know to be right is also important. 

Never take more than you give!

2263 - This one is from The Lion King.  It succinctly states how to achieve abundance in society.  If everyone gives more than they take, there is always a positive balance.  There is always a surplus. 

2264 - In a service focused world, there are always new services that can be created and provided to society.  This is an open ended game that we are playing.  If we do it right, the surpluses should be able to allow us to all live as kings.

2265 - Unlike many others, I did not come to simply taste of the fruits of earthly delights.  That was not enough to draw me back.  I came to play a particular role during the transition of an age.  In this case, the transition is from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. 

26 November 2003

2266 - Listening to a tape by Wayne Dyer on Higher Awareness, one thing struck me deeply.  Something to the effect that the voice from intuition is God's way of speaking to us. 

2267 - It takes all kinds to make the world go round as they say.  At some level we are ONE.  So, what I do others can benefit from directly. 

2268 - What I do, I do not for me alone.  This is a service to spirit that I perform.  My hope is that it would benefit many before my time on the planet is done. 

2269 - Life is an adventure in consciousness.  There are two key points here.  One, life is an adventure.  And, two, life is lived in consciousness. 

2270 - We have no right to be concerned with outcomes.  Those are in spirits hands.  It is for us to do what we must do to the best of our abilities. 

2271 - Actually this may be overstating things.  Sometimes good enough is good enough.  We don't have to get everything perfect. 

28 November 2003

2272 - You have to be grateful for what you already have before you have any chance of obtaining more abundance in your life.  That is how the laws of manifestation work. 

2273 - Gratitude helps create the vacuum needed to draw more of anything into our lives.

2274 - Change your choices, change your reality. 

2275 - At some level, we are all ONE.  And, at that level we can address each other as parts of the same whole.  Not as distinct parts, rather as interrelated parts.  In fact, we will be amazed at just how interrelated we find ourselves to be.

2276 - A blank mind, a clear conscience, an aware consciousness ... these three things are important to the expression of spirit in flesh.  Unfortunately, these three things are not easy to achieve. 

2277 - The mind struggles constantly not to be blank.  Many do not listen to their conscience.  And, awareness is easier said than experienced.  Having all three of these at once is a major mark of distinction.

29 November 2003

2278 - Everything is the expression of consciousness, the expression of spirit.  EVERYTHING! 


2279 - You might say that we are not limited by form, rather we are enabled by it.  Forms allow us to do things and experience things that cannot be done or experienced in any other way. 


2280 - Limitation is ripe with possibilities for creative expression. 


2281 - It seems that many suffer through much more hardship than others.  One might ask if this is fair.  Then again, in a world where we create our own reality how can anything that we experience be unfair? 


2282 - There is an inner voice that knows when we are doing the right thing under a given set of circumstances. 


2283 - Right is nearly always subjective, it is dependent on the circumstances.  The sooner that we learn this lesson, the better off the world will be. 

2284 - Enough with the future.  It will be what it will be.  It is for us to do what we can to be ready for it and allow it to unfold in our lives. 

2285 - Ultimately, I will do what I am destined to do.  No more and no less.  Try as I might, I can only make the difference that I am meant to make.  Further, I can't help but to make that difference if I express naturally. 

2286 - If we fail for lack of trying, shame on us.  However, if we try and do not succeed, we can always try something different. 

2287 - Being aware is one of the most important states that we can reach in any existence. 

2288 - Our level of awareness is the one thing that we get to keep when we pass on.  Our worldly riches get passed along to others.  Our bodies become food for worms.  Our mind passes with the brain and the body.  It is only our consciousness that remains. 

2289 - Life is a precious gift.  To honor that gift, we need to do what we can to make the most of our lives.  That means doing things that make a difference in the lives of others.

30 November 2003

2290 - We can trust that the universe is leading us to exactly what we need to do when we need to be doing it.  This is always true if we will but allow it to be in our lives. 


2291 - Trust is the operative word here.  Spirit, consciousness, and the universe can be trusted.  They don't always give us what we want, but they always give us what we need.  That is just the way of spirit.  Needs are always met somehow. 


2292 - Everything is spirit in expression.  As such, we are the vehicles through which spirit does her work.

2293 - God helps those who help themselves is only a partial truth.  It seems that there are many who are not in a position to do this.  Yet, we can all be kind and helpful to others. 

2294 - Not everyone has a grand part to play in the scheme of things.  Yet, each of us can make a difference in the lives of others in some important ways. 

2295 - That is ultimately what counts.  What did we do that made a difference?  This is something that we need to be asking every day, every moment. 

2296 - We need to be on the lookout for opportunities to excel and to contribute.  We contribute most when we are doing the things that we love to do.  Indeed, love makes all the difference in the world.

1 December 2003

2297 - I would not be subject to a passive faith.  I would declare what I believe actively through my actions in the world.  I would make a positive difference in the world.  I would leave the world a better place for my having lived. 

2298 - There is no time to waste.  If we would make a difference, we need to start doing things now.  There is a long time lag between the doing and reaping. 

2299 - We reap what we sow.  We need to do what we can to sow well and ensure our seeds fall on fertile ground.  That provides the most likelihood that the seeds will take root and grow. 

2300 - Our abilities and talents are gifts from consciousness.  The greater these gifts, the greater they need to be used in service to others. 

2301 - In the end, the services that we have provided are all that really matters.

2302 - That is the key ... it is the process, not the end, that is important.  We need to fully engage in the process of life. 

2 December 2003

2303 - There is ultimately no good and no bad. 

2304 - The ego and the higher self are not natural enemies ... though their purposes can indeed put them at opposition to one another

2305 - Denying the ego only gives it that much more strength.  It seems that we need to accept it and then put it in its rightful place. 

2306 - It is amazing what we can do when we are passionate about something.  That is one thing that has the power to remove limitations ... passion. 

2307 - The debt you incur from receiving spiritual works is not to the creator of those works.  I know, this is not what we learn in economics.  But, there is a greater economics at play here. 

2308 - Spiritual economics ensures that we get what we need in exchange for doing what is ours to do. 

2309 - Simplify, simplify, simplify.  Our lives overall are far more complex than they need to be. 

3 December 2003

2310 - We are spirit enfleshed.  We can't be slaves to spirit.  Though, I have joked several times that spirit is a slavedriver.  However, that comes from seeing what she demands of me.  I don't regret one minute of being in her service or doing her works. 

2311 - Awareness is everything.  We are playing an awareness game.  The level of awareness that we achieve is the key thing that we get to take with us when we depart this existence. 

2312 - All of our worldly possessions will remain in the world.  Our bodies will wither and become dust ... or food for worms.  It is our spirit that will remain, and whatever it has learned as a result of this existence. 

2313 - The lessons of consciousness and spiritual awareness are by far the most important of our lives. 

2314 - It is not the length of time that one actively engages in the game that matters.  We have been doing this for many lifetimes, and we have all taken on a variety of nationalities. 

2315 - Being born and dying is much the same to the soul as putting on and taking off a set of clothes.  A body is just an elaborate set of clothes for the soul, a means for expressing and experiencing in flesh.

2316 - We don't want to ever regret that we did not do something or experience something.  That does not mean that we have to do or try everything.  The key word is what would we regret not having accomplished.

2317 - Not everyone who works on the foundations needs to buy into the vision.  Ultimately, they will see the benefits of their participation. 

2318 - The workmen for a house don't need to buy into the architect's vision, they just need to do their jobs and build the house per the specifications.

2319 - We can't tolerate a world divided into haves and havenots.  At the same time, we need incentives for excellence.  So, there is a fine balance that must be maintained. 

2320 - The bottom line is not wasting resources, especially human resources.  We need to make sure all are employed productively in ways that use their natural talents and abilities.  This requires thinking differently. 

2321 - Individuals are naturally designed to fit within the fabric of society as the pieces of a puzzle ... only on multiple dimensions. 

4 December 2003

2322 - Outcomes we leave to spirit.  Though, if we don't like the results, we can change our choices of beliefs and actions. 

2323 - There are some mysteries in life that are never meant to be fathomed.  That is OK.  We need to be able to embrace the mystery and the magic.

2324 - We are what we are.  There are no excuses needed.  We can all start from whatever we are and grow into whatever we need to be to accomplish our missions. 

2325 - The mighty oak is contained within the acorn.  In a similar manner, there is a plan for each of us.  Our lives are unfolding in accord with that plan.  All that is necessary for that unfolding is the right nourishment. 

2326 - We need to dream before we can achieve.  The grander the dreams, the better. 

2327 - We need our dreamers.  They are the ones who ultimately create the impetus for a better world. 

2328 - Questions are one of the most powerful tools that we have for exploring what we know and don't know. 

5 December 2003

2329 - No regrets.  We are to live our lives without regret ... either for what we have done or what we have not done. 

2330 - If we want to live our lives differently, we need to make different choices as to what we believe is possible for us and what we believe that we deserve. 

2331 - Manifestation should not be hard work.  It should flow naturally from being whom that we are.  It can do this if there is no resistance. 

2332 - Negative beliefs are one powerful form of resistance.  We need to rid these from our system as quickly as we can. 

2333 - Believe with the full force of your being.  That is what empowers beliefs to manifest things in our lives.  However, be ready to change in a moment's notice should a more empowering belief comes your way. 

2334 - Be not afraid to be different!  Be not afraid to allow your unique light to shine forth, not because it is better than anyone else but because it is whom that you are and you can't help but to express it.

2335 - Change is a way of life these days.  Though there is the constancy of spirit amidst the change.  At some level we are unchanging, eternal, and everlasting.  We need to turn inside and find that level.  Then, we have an anchor. 

2336 - No matter what happens in the world, we have the strength of spirit to deal with it.  That is part of what comes from living a life of spirit. 

2337 - We are a droplet in an ocean of water that is the one consciousness.  If we are at the surface, for brief moments we can separate ourselves from the ocean and experience life as a droplet ... but we are still water, we are still consciousness. 

2338 - That is the key.  First and foremost we are consciousness.  Everything else is what we do. 

2339 - We are not what we do.  We are not what we experience.  We are the doer and the experiencer.  There is a big difference. 

2340 - We are players in a grand play ... a play that is orchestrated by spirit every bit as much as a piece of music is orchestrated.  All the roles are defined and the precise timing for each note for each instrument and associated musician. 

2341 - Better to dream of grand things than to settle for an ordinary life.  At some point, we may in fact make our dreams come true.

6 December 2003

2342 - Life doesn't have to be a struggle.  Though, it seems that for many it is.  It is all a matter of attitude and approach.  We need to approach things in the right way. 

2343 - "Ask and it shall be answered."  There are inner parts to each of us that know the answers to any questions that we might ask.  The very asking of the question is an indication of our readiness to know the answer. 

2344 - Our consciousness already knows a great deal.  It is able to feed our conscious self what it needs to know moment by moment unless we place obstacles in it's way such as limiting beliefs. 

2345 - The more we can open our belief systems, the more that we can remove the limitations that bind us ... the freer we will be.  And with freedom comes all things that are important. 

2346 - This is especially true when we choose to cooperate freely.  All manner of things can then be manifest in our world ... including things that have never been manifest before.  Such is the power of synergy.  

7 December 2003

2347 - While we are physical we operate in both a material and a spiritual realm. 

2348 - We can't be spiritual while incarnate without being physical.  Neither can we be physical without being spiritual. 

2349 - I am responsible for my own reality.  We all are.  No fine print, no exceptions.  We each experience exactly what we choose to experience. 

2350 - If we don't like what we are experiencing ... it is up to us to do something to change it.  It is up to us to so alter our beliefs to create a better reality. 

2351 - Just because we see that something needs to be done, does not mean it is our responsibility to do it.  The job might belong to someone else who just hasn't found it yet. 

8 December 2003

2352 - The bottom line is that it is spirit doing the work through us.  If we just allow this to occur gracefully, we will be amazed by what manifests in our lives and the lives of others around us. 

2353 - It is important that we consider others and that we are considerate to them.  Compassion goes a long way as well. 

2354 - We must live our lives with passion.  Otherwise, it just isn't worth living at all.  Maybe this only applies to certain kinds of people.  But, I see it applying to everyone. 

2355 - It is not so difficult to live a life of spirit.  In fact, when your doing it, it seems downright easy. 

2356 - We need to be open to what the universe, what spirit, is sending our way.  We need to be ready to jump on the opportunities that come to us. 

2357 - We need to give spirit room to manifest in our lives.  This means becoming the vessel through which she expresses.  This takes some doing, but is not difficult either. 

2358 - There is a natural inclination within us toward expressing spiritually, toward living a spiritual life.  We can ignore it, or we can embrace it.  I advise the later. 

2359 - Whenever there is a choice between spirit and anything else, by all means choose spirit.  It will make life easier in the long run. 

2360 - We can do whatever we set our minds and our hearts on doing.  It takes both to achieve great things.  And such are the only things worth achieving. 

2361 - If we are going to endeavor to do something, it might as well be something grand ... something that takes our breath away as well as that of others who see what we have done. 

2362 - Life is meant to be a celebration, in particular, a celebration of spirit in flesh. 

2363 - Outcomes can be dangerous if we become too fixated on them.

9 December 2003

2364 - There is a part of us that simply knows.  And, it knows far more than most people give it credit.  This is the soul.  It is not surprised by anything that we might do.  She is in her native realm and expresses primarily through our intuition. 

2365 - Ultimately we are free beings.  As such, we can only be controlled to the degree that we allow. 

2366 - Either we create our own reality or we don't.  There is no in-between.  There is no fine print.  There are no exceptions.  We create this reality individually and en masse.

2367 - Know that you are in charge of all that you experience.  You create it all ... every event, every emotion, and every meaning.  That is simply how life works. 

2368 - We can't be forgiven by others until we find it within us to forgive ourselves.  Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do.

10 December 2003

2369 - Reality creation happens in the moment.  There is no other place to effect change.  The past is done.  The future is beyond our grasp.  Only the present offer us the opportunity to do as we will to create the reality that we choose to create. 

2370 - We are free to create the reality of our dreams ... but we are also free to create the reality of our nightmares, as well as any number of things in between those extremes. 

2371 - We need to dream big.  We need to expect the very best not only for us but for everyone that we touch.  As we expect, so shall we create. 

2372 - Ultimately it is not our beliefs but our actions that have the most impact.  Yes, what we do makes all of the difference. 

2373 - We are the instruments through which spirit does her works in the world.  In fact, everything that we do is the expression of spirit in flesh. 

2374 - We are all spirit.  We are all cells of the same one whole.  We are all droplets in the same one ocean of consciousness. 

2375 - But, we are quite interesting droplets in our own right.  It is through us that all the trials and the glories of limitation are experienced. 

2376 - Life is very special.  Limitation is not to be looked on in a negative light.  Just look at some of the inspiration that has come forth in art, in poetry, in literature, in music, in architecture, in science and technology and in any number of creative endeavors. 

2377 - Consciousness is the final frontier.  It is here that we face the unknown and even the unknowable.  Though we need to be careful not to mistake the unknown for the unknowable. 

2378 - There is an army of lightworkers trained and ready to offer their services to a world in need.  However, it is not clear that the world recognizes that it is in need or that these are the precise services that can help. 

11 December 2003

2379 - Life is an adventure in consciousness.  If you are not experiencing it in that way, perhaps it is time for a change in attitude. 

2380 - Consciousness is everything, it truly is.  When we focus on awareness, all things are added unto us. 

2381 - Abundance is our birthright, but it only comes if we claim it. 

2382 - As souls, we are entitled to a lot by our very nature.  However, if we fail to realize this nature ... we withhold ourselves from our natural inheritance. 

2383 - Spirit works gently in our lives.  She comes when she is invited.  She expresses through us when we allow her to. 

2384 - The more aware that we become, the more desirous we become of having spirit play an expanded role in our lives. 

2385 - Separation is illusion.  But, it is useful illusion that permits the richness of experiences that life forms and all matter experience.

2386 - Happiness can be elusive.  Some seem to have found the key, but most of us still seem to be learning in this area.  We are pursuing happiness as best we can but we are not necessarily finding happiness. 

2387 - It is interesting that our founding fathers considered the "pursuit of happiness" an inalienable right.  They said nothing about achieving that which we pursue. 

2388 - The directive from spirit is clear.  Be whom that you are and do as you are moved to do.  Trust the life force that is expressing through you.  Be kind!  Treat people with the full respect that they deserve. 

2389 - Service is everything, but only when it is done with love.  We are not meant to be slaves.  We are meant to love what we do. 

12 December 2003

2390 - Awareness is never forced upon us.  It doesn't come until we are ready for it ... though at the time it is happening, we may not think that we are ready. 

2391 - It is via our thoughts that we create our world and our reality. 

2392 - Life is full of contradictions.  We have to find a way to live our lives in spite of this fact.  Actually, this is part of what makes life so magical ... the very fact that it can find ways to rise above these contradictions. 

2393 - Yes, we can create reality via our thoughts.  However, that doesn't make all of our thoughts correct.  This is especially true of thoughts regarding whom we are.  These will never capture all of us accurately and completely. 

2394 - There will always be more to learn and discover about ourselves and about how we express in the world. 

2395 - Self-discovery is one of our major challenges in life, at least for those along particular spiritual paths. 

2396 - Individually, we will be surprised at what we can do when we put both mind and heart into our endeavors. 

2397 - The added power of people working together towards common goals is phenomenal.


13 December 2003

2398 - There is a destiny that is being played out.  We are the pawns and pieces in a game of chess.  As such, we go where the chessmaster directs.  Yet at the same time, we are the chessmaster as well for at least some aspects of our life.

2399 - Once awakened, the light of spirit is upon us and we can hide in darkness no longer. 

2400 - In this world, making a difference is what matters most.  There is always something that we can do to make a difference. 

2401 - It doesn't matter how rich or poor we are.  It doesn't matter what we do for a living.  What matters is what is in our heart and how we can give of ourselves to serve others.  Service is everything. 

2402 - If we knew who we truly are ... we would find that we are far more deserving than we ever dreamed.  That is what is ultimately in store for us as we realize our divinity as spirit manifest in flesh. 

2403 - The world is evolving in accord with some grand plan for the evolution of consciousness.  We are part of that plan.  We are the very elements of that plan in motion.  We are the consciousness that is evolving. 

2404 - Spirit manifests her will through us.  She has no other way of doing her works in the world.

2405 - There is a peace of spirit that comes from finding ones place in the scheme of things.  Once found, no one can ever take that away from us.

14 December 2003

2406 - We are meant to live miraculous lives.  Spirit is capable of all manner of miracles when we allow her to operate and express through us. 

2407 - We have to expect to see miracles if we are to see them. 

2408 - Life itself is such a miracle.  It baffles and intrigues and astonishes us on every turn.  It is truly a wonder to behold. 

2409 - The gift of life is truly a sacred blessing.  It is something that we are given freely.  But, it is up to us to do something special with that gift and share of it with others in some way, preferably in service. 

2410 - Service is not servitude.  We are not enslaved, we are free.  When we serve, we choose to give of ourselves in a way that helps others.  However, depending on the type of service, we may or may not know whom we serve. 

2411 - Destiny is not a bad thing.  This is especially true of spiritual destiny.  In some respects, there is nothing that can take you off of your path.  The very universe is there to assure that. 

2412 - Trust that your life has meaning and purpose.  For, indeed it does, even greater than you can imagine.  This applies to everyone, not just a special few. 

2413 - In general, people are always doing the best they can under the circumstances they find themselves under. 

15 December 2003

2414 - Throughout our lives, we do what is demanded of us.  We do what we must.  We do what circumstances force us to do.  But, there is a different way to live.  We can control the very circumstances that we experience.  We can create our reality.  We can do what we would do ... or what spirit would have us do.  It is all a matter of choice. 

2415 - We need to be careful about what we accept as directives in our lives.  We can be self-directed.  We can be spirit-directed.  It is all up to us.  It always has been. 

2416 - We can accept limitation, or we can turn away from it and seek freedom.  What we seek, we will eventually find ... we just need to seek sincerely for as long as it takes. 

2417 - What would life be without its challenges?  These are what allow us to excel.  These are what bring out the very best in us.  It seems that so long as we live and are willing to meet life openly ... we will have challenges to deal with and obstacles to overcome. 

2418 - Some things are worth doing, and other things just don't matter as much.  It takes wisdom to know the difference. 

2419 - We are living a life of spirit now.  When one lives such a life, the rules of the game change.  Everything becomes more benign.  All manner of aid comes to our assistance.  We become capable of doing incredible and miraculous things. 

18 December 2003

2420 - I am an information generator in an information age.  What more could one ask to be?

2421 - Life is about the expression of consciousness, the expression of spirit in flesh.  Yet, how many of us know what consciousness really is? 

2422 - How many of us know the varieties of consciousness and of spiritual expression in our lives? 

2423 - We are spiritual beings, first and foremost.  We are meant to know that, truly know that.  Some things we can doubt if we'd like, but this is not one of them.  There is too much riding on it, literally all that we are.

2424 - We are meant to live our lives in accord with a higher purpose, with a mission that is uniquely ours.  However, this does not happen automatically.  We have to do our parts. 

2425 - We have to play the roles we've chosen.  There are no surprises.  We auditioned for and were selected for these very roles.  We even create the roles that we experience. 

2426 - Not everything that we think we believe will manifest.  It all depends on the strength of the belief and its consistency with other beliefs in our arsenal.  It pays to believe strongly.  It also pays to have a consistent belief system. 

2427 - Change is the only constant in this world.  Avoiding change is tantamount to death.  We need to embrace change, and look forward to all of the possibilities that it opens up in our lives.

2428 - Our search for happiness does not have to be a lifelong endeavor.  We can find what we seek. 


2429 - Share of whom that you are with others more than you have ever done be for.  Be open and trust.  You will not be disappointed. 


2430 - Allow love to express itself in all that you do.  That is the secret of great works ... the amount of love that goes into them.

Anyway, hopefully you found the selected passages as moving as I did.  Perhaps even moving enough to want to return to them from time to time.   That is the most that we can hope for from the children of our mind … that they inspire people and move them to act in ways that serve themselves and serve others.  Remember:



Do what you are moved to do,

when you are moved to do it.


“Never take more than you give.”

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