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Best Quotes from 2002 Musings

18 November 2002

Since the writings have been so abundant since the beginning of the year, I thought it might be interesting to take some time and select the best of the best quotes that have come through to date this year.  The intent was to provide a very fine filter to bring forth the true gems that have been expressed in 2002.  ENJOY!JANUARY

1 - Reality is created not so much by what happens as by what meaning we assign to what happens.  

2 - We are gods in becoming ... but we are not gods in fact yet.

3 - If there is one area of your life that is most worth examining ... that will cause the biggest difference in your life and the reality that you experience, this is it, BELIEFS!  This is where the greatest benefit results from the effort expended.  This is where we attack the cause directly, rather than only dealing with the symptoms.

4 - Awareness is the most important thing in the world.  It is the only thing that we carry forward from one lifetime to the next.

5 - It seems that our spiritual job is something that we must volunteer for, something that we choose to do because we must, because we are driven to do it as the very expression of whom that we are.

6 - Thought forms are entities with lives of their own.  It is thought forms that create physical forms.  If we want to change society, that is the place to start, with more empowering thought forms.

7 - When we come from a sense of awareness that we are all ONE, everyones troubles are our collective troubles.

8 - It is amazing how much difference a person can make when they commit to making a difference with their life.

9 - Each of us is a unique aspect of the one consciousness ... a unique facet of the same diamond.

10 - Spirit learns from every experience, every success and every failure.

11 - The world may be a big place, but our self is a much smaller domain, in which we have the authority to do what we will and be whom we are and become what we are capable of becoming.

12 - The acorn knows exactly what it takes to become a mighty oak tree ... all it takes is the right environment to nurture its growth.  Similarly the seed of spirit or consciousness that sparked us, knows exactly what we are meant to grow to be and how to get us there.

13 - We are wasteful of our most important natural resource; the talents, abilities, and creative energies of our people.

14 - Knowledge seems to grow best where it is open and free.

15 - Everything is known by the collective consciousness, and it will ensure that what needs to be revealed is revealed to those with a need to know.

16 - See a need and fill it ... that is the key to economic success.  Hmm ... that seems to be what the spiritual directive calls for as well, to provide ones services to help fill the needs of society.

17 - The saying "I'll believe it when I see it" comes to mind.  But reality creation reverses this:  you will see it when you believe it.

18 - What we know ourselves to be is only a fraction of what we truly are ... and probably a small fraction at that.

19 - At this moment, I AM THAT I AM, spirit expressing in flesh to the greatest degree possible in this moment.

20 - It is for us to recognize that we are in bondage before we can remove the shackles that hold us back from being all that we could be.

21 - The workings of consciousness are indeed mysterious, and rightly so.  Consciousness springs from the unknown, and perhaps the unknowable.  It seems that no matter how far we expand, and how many awakenings we undergo, there is always more.

22 - Questions are one of the tools we consciously use to focus our awareness on what we most need to know.

23 - This is how abundance is created in the world ... individually we must create more than we consume in terms of goods and services.

24 - One of the key behaviors that becomes more conscious with awakening is cooperation.  We find that we cooperate to co-create the reality that we choose to experience.

25 - There is always an element of the unknown present in everything we do.  This makes life the wonder and mystery that it is.

26 - The right ideas expressed in the right way at the right time can indeed change the world.

27 - If we can imagine it, if we can create an ideal, then we can take action to manifest it in flesh.  It is all a matter of focus, attention, belief, and action in accord with our beliefs.

28 - The power of cooperative effort is truly exponential.

29 - As citizens, we owe something to our fellow citizens.

30 - We are individually and collectively responsible for everything that we experience.

31 - Everywhere around me is a synchronistic order that defies explanation other than that it is the very nature of spirit expressing in flesh.

32 - We each see and experience the world in a manner that provides the impetus and environment for our growth as human beings and as spiritual beings expressing in flesh.

33 - Everyone is doing their best, given their understanding, abilities, and the circumstances in which they find themselves.

34 - The bottom line is that the power of love is far greater than that of fear if only we allow ourselves the freedom to express it.

35 - Being different takes extensive work and an innate trust in self to express in a manner that is right for us, regardless of how it appears to the world.

36 - As we become more aware, it seems that we take on more and more obligations ... not because they are forced on us, but because we freely choose to recognize our responsibilities.

37 - A true society should develop the unique gifts and talents of its individuals and encourage their expression in ways that provide benefit to society.

38 - There is an intelligence designing and creating the events in our world including the thoughts that are experienced by each individual.

39 - There is a grand plan for the unfoldment of consciousness and each of  us have roles in executing this plan.

40 - Anytime people choose to be of service to others, the net effect on the world is positive.  The greater the service, the more the benefit.

41 - I have seen what happens when conscious, subconscious, and superconscious work together ones life.  The creativity that is unleashed is truly phenomenal.FEBRUARY

42 -  There is something exciting about living on the edge of the unknown.

43 - We live in an information age.  The ability to generate information and make it freely available electronically to others is one of the main benefits of living in this day and age.

44 - Collectively, we have a great deal of resources at our disposal ... the greatest of these being the talents and abilities of the individuals in society.

45 - We need to see a shift from ME to WE, in how individuals express in the world.  Selfish interests need to be replaced by selfless service.

46 - Jointly, we have a Brave New World to face ... better yet to create.

47 - This is what the economy should do for us in society ... provide the means for exchanging our time and talents for the goods and services that we need to live creative, productive, useful, meaningful, abundant, fulfilling, and happy lives.

48 - When we tap source, we also tap into the great reservoir of cooperative effort that lies beneath everything that we experience.  Because of this, things are orchestrated without us having to even try to make them so.

49 - There is something wonderful about creative expression.  It involves every aspect of ones being, allowing us to express whom that we truly are in ways that no other endeavor allows.

50 - We get what we focus our energy, attention, and resources on.  It is that simple.

51 - To make progress in any area of knowledge, we must choose to apply extensive effort in that area.  In general, the more effort and resources, the more progress.

52 - Everything is spirit.  Everything is godstuff.

53 - We intuitively know what we are here to do, and what rules we need to play by as we express.

54 - Beliefs are the playground for reality creation.  They are not absolute.  The test of whether they are right is utility ... do they serve not only you but all concerned?

55 - When it comes down to the bottom line, service is all that truly matters.  I was going to say love, but that alone is not enough ... love needs to be expressed and applied in some manner.

56 - Ultimately it is what we give of ourselves that makes the difference in the world.  However, we must remember that what we give comes not from us but through us.

57 - You can never do too much or be too much, especially if you maintain the awareness that it is spirit doing the works through you, and her supplies are inexhaustible.

58 - We create our own reality ...  everyone of us, all of the time, no exceptions, no fine print.

59 - We are each powerful souls, regardless of what our present physical form may indicate.

60 - Spirit ensures that we get what we need ... ALWAYS. That is how the game works.  That is how the process of manifesting in flesh works.  Needs are always met, no matter what they are.

61 - There is a joyous exuberance that comes through when we are living the life we are meant to live.

62 - This is the key, we are all artists creating what we will on the canvas of our life.

63 - I have found it very useful to stay open to all sources of wisdom ... from wherever they might come.

64 - Together we can do far more than the sum of what we can do individually.  That is the secret power of synergy.  Wherever two or more are gathered and work together ... great things can result from the union.

65 - Ultimately giving of ourselves and sharing whom that we are is what truly matters in the world.

66 - We are creators bringing the stuff of our dreams and imagination down to Earth.

67 - We are the consciousness of the Earth; evolved into human form over many millennia, or even millions of years.

68 - In a world of unity, things simply unfold as the opening of a flower to the Sun.

69 - One cannot be exemplary without being willing to take on some risk, and greater responsibility.  It goes with the territory.  This is what leaders do.

70 - We live in an information age.  To be effective in this age, we must develop sophisticated communications skills that allow us to access, collect, process, filter, make connections between, generate, and disseminate information.

71 - It helps to operate from an attitude of gratitude.  It makes a world of difference in our lives.  There is always something for which to be grateful, even if it is only for life itself.

72 - The past is history ... his story.  The future is herstory, the story of consciousness in expression in the world.

73 - What matters most is here and now, what is right in front of us, and what is within our reach and grasp.  That is where we can make a difference.

74 - I think in terms of the mind being a chalkboard or a slate.  When it is blank, it provides an opportunity for creative expression to fill the emptiness.  When it is full, there is no room for further expression.

75 - Ever increasing awareness is the name of the game.  We do this by finding our limits and breaking through them into a new awareness of reality.

76 - Music is definitely one of the vehicles through which consciousness sings her song.

77 - Everything is spirit and its expression.  Yes, everything ... there literally is nothing else save spirit.

78 - The goal is to intentionally create an order that allows synergy to manifest ... that allows the collective to create and express more than the sum of the individuals operating alone can do ... preferably far more.

79 - Along with seeing more and being more, comes the responsibility to share and express more.

80 - We are the eyes and ears of God, the arms and legs of God, and the brain and heart of God ... yes, all 5 billion plus of us humans, but also every other lifeform, and non-lifeform that exists.

81 - Without us, there would be no means of experiencing the limitations of the illusion of reality ... of the creation.

82 - All creation is the breath of God, the sound, the Word of God made physical and flesh.

83 - All of life is a highly orchestrated and cooperative endeavor ... despite what it appears to be on the outside alone.

84 - Spirit never gives us gifts unless there is a task for which the gifts are needed.  Along with the gifts comes a sacred responsibility to use them in the service of spirit, and ultimately of all humankind ... or better yet, all life.

85 - What we love to do will be those things that allow us to elegantly engage our gifts and talents in ways that make a difference in our world.

86 - Whatever moves you is right for you ... engage in it and pursue it to your hearts desire so long as it harms no one.

87 - I am the awareness that experiences what I experience and that applies meaning to this experience.

88 - You either agree to serve society ... or you cannot participate in the abundance created by society.

89 - Consciousness is still an unknown frontier for the most part.  And, those of us who are its explorers have a responsibility to others to share of what we discover and leave markers of our journey for those who are to come after us.

90 - The realm of consciousness has its own character, its mountains, forests, canyons, valleys, rivers, lakes, oceans ...

91 - Each of us is doing exactly what we need to do to express what we are meant to express and to learn and experience what we need to learn and experience.

92 - At some level, there is no duality, there is no good and evil, there is just spirit expressing in flesh.

93 - My obligation is to do what I know to be right for me, and to do it fully, with all my heart and to the best of my abilities.

94 - It is the heart, not the mind, that needs to be the star by which we steer the course of our life.

95 - Nothing is too great for us when we are expressing spirit fully through us to the degree that we are able.

96 - Change happens when individuals choose to make a difference, and choose to take a chance at expressing something new.

97 - She (source) is majestic, so much so that my concept of self pales by comparison ... and I have a pretty exalted concept of self.  But then, there is self, and there is Self ... and even greater there is SELF, the ONE consciousness that animates us all.

98 - Talents and abilities are varied for a reason.  It makes for a much more interesting variety of expression and experience in the world.

99 - The middle road is generally the one that is most beneficial.

100 - It is how society is empowered that enables it to ultimately produce a greater expression, a greater reality that benefits its constituents.

101 - It is time for the lifeforms that constitute societies to be born, grow, multiply, and evolve at rates that have not occurred before.

102 - Consciousness creating what she will can work wonders in our lives, if only we will give her the opportunity to express through us.

103 - We can share in many ways ... with family, friends, co-workers, or simply with goodwill to others including strangers.

104 - We are all connected, we have simply forgotten how much so.

105 - Questions are one of the primary means for demonstrating that we are ready to know something.

106 - The goal of enabling spirit to more fully express in flesh is achieved by making what is unique into what is commonplace. 


107 - Education first and foremost should teach us of whom that we are, and what we are happens to be spiritual beings having a physical experience.

108 - The moment is where life is truly lived.  It is the only place that we can do anything, the only place where we can take action and make a difference.  And is that not what life is all about ... making a difference in some way with our lives?

109 - Why is it so important to make a statement, to make a difference with our lives?  Simply because life is such a precious gift and it needs to be the gift that keeps on giving, as the saying goes.

110 - Consciousness is always there, residing within us, our key for unlocking all the doors to the universe.  However, to use this key, we must first find it, and then find the doors that it can unlock, and then put the key in and turn the lock to open it.

111 - I can say that I am God, in the same way that any cell or organ of my body can claim the right to say it is Wayne.

112 - There can be no separation other that that which we choose to create and experience.  Much of the richness of our experience, however, comes from our willingness to explore separation and limitation.

113 - All relationships with spirit are cooperative and interdependent.  They are also unconditional, since this is really the only way that the love from spirit can be expressed.  This is its only nature ... it will not be molded by any restriction or conditions.

114 - This is how we accelerate the rate of spiritual growth.  We SHARE!  We share what we have, we share what we feel, we share what we know, we share what we experience, we share whom that we are, as much as we can.

115 - Remember, it is through us that spirit is able to express and experience in the world.

116 - Desire provides the impetus that allows the forces of change to manifest in life.

117 - The internet provides an effective medium through which such a society can interact, communicate, and share on a massive scale.  At no time in the history of the world has it been so easy to freely communicate.

118 - My sense is that whatever skills are needed for any task ... we will find that somewhere within the population not only do they exist in potential, they have been developed in practice, awaiting the day when they could be harnessed for the good of society.

119 - Once again, a new day has come.  Interesting ... this happens everyday, but how many of us stop and experience the wonder of it all.

120 - Life is a very precious gift bestowed on us each and every moment.

121 - Being aware of being aware is powerful.  Being aware of being awareness itself is even more powerful.  It completely changes ones focus from the outer to the inner.

122 - Seek awareness first and all else that you need will come unto you.

123 - I trust spirit to guide me via my intuition to where I need to be, whom I need to meet, and what I need to do.  When the time to do something has arrived, it will be clear exactly what I am meant to do.

124 - My experience is that there are no real choices.  The right choice is always obvious.  I simply have to allow it to happen, and allow my actions to be consistent with making it happen.

125 - Trust, I cannot say that enough.  You must trust in the basic nature of spiritual expression and the integrity of your self / Self / and SELF.

126 - There is nothing that you will be forced to face that is beyond your ability to handle, nothing.

127 - You are creating your own reality in each and every moment of each and every day.

128 - My job is to express as best I can what spirit would express through me.

129 - Service involves giving of oneself to something greater than oneself.

130 - As souls, we are ancient beings ... some would say eternal beings.  When we take on a new mortal form, we forget whom that we are for awhile, and go about the business of living in physical reality.

131 - Spirit shines its light and shares its love wherever it can and to whomever will ask and seek for it.

132 - Our souls are powerful entities in their own right.  They are parts of the ONE consciousness.  They are sparks of spirit ... literally godstuff.

133 - By their works shall thou know them.  Yes, such is a great truth.  It is via our works that we share of whom that we are with the world.

134 - Spirit by its very nature seeks to express and unfold whom that it is in whatever way it can.  We are the limiting factors in this expression, by the restrictions that we place on our connection to source, and on how we allow that source to express and manifest in our lives.

135 - In the only way that really matters, the expression of spirit is unfolding perfectly in accordance with a grand plan for the evolution of the expression of consciousness.

136 - While much that is to happen is controlled by fate, how we experience it, what meaning we assign to it, and what we learn from it is all for us to decide.

137 - My personal destiny seems to be intertwined with the destiny of the world and in very intricate ways.  I find this both curious and comforting.  Yes, this is grandiose thinking.  I know that.  However, that doesn't necessarily make it wrong.

138 - How we find source, how we tap it, and how we fashion the channel through which it can flow into our lives and the lives of others are extremely important.

139 - While we are on the path, it is not the destination that truly matters, it is the enjoyment of the journey.

140 - Spirit ever seeks to be of service.  Her primary operating mode is to find needs and fill them, whatever they might be.

141 - In a true society, no need is allowed to go unmet ... but desires and wishes may or may not come true.

142 - Society should have a collective responsibility to ensure that no one is forced to live in poverty by circumstances beyond their control.

143 - The Lion King expresses the golden rule for the exchange of energy ... the secret to life, is to never take more than you give.

144 - It is the differences between us that make us the unique individuals that we are.

145 - It takes extreme courage to be unique and authentic, and to live the life of spirit that we are meant to live.

146 - We are God expressing and experiencing through us.  Without God, we would not exist.  But without the creation, without us, there would be no experience of limitation and the nature of the various parts.

147 - Being the very best needs to be qualified, it needs to be assessed not as a comparison of oneself to others, but of ones present performance against ones innate potential.

148 - It seems that the only true freedom is spiritual freedom.  In all other forms we are simply unaware of our shackles.  Sometimes they are even looked upon as gifts or blessings.

149 - By its very nature, the I AM experience is subjective.  Awareness is subjective.

150 - Creativity in general is far more intuitive than logical.

151 - Creative expression is one of the highest, if not the highest endeavors of spirit.  It is here that we make the unknown known and the unmanifest manifest.

152 - Sometimes it feels as if what is to be expressed is destined ... it already exists in finished form.  It is only the linear nature of experience in this world that causes it to come forth letter by letter, word by word, thought by thought, ...

153 - If we had to rely on traditional approaches to bring about a New World in a New Age ... our hopes might be dim.  However, spirit does not accept such limitations.

154 - I want to ensure via my actions that the world is a better place for my having lived.

155 - There is something addicting about spiritual expression.  The more one does it, the more one longs to do it ... literally to the point where it becomes all consuming.

156 - How is it that some of the things most important to functioning as the spiritual being in flesh that we are ... are not taught to us?

157 - The operative law has always been SEEK and ye shall FIND.  Yet, how few of us truly seek.

158 - We live in an information age ... but there is so much information that it is hard to find the few gems of wisdom amidst the mountains of garbage that are out there.

159 - Each of us is a unique spark of the one consciousness ... or more correctly, possess such a spark within us.

160 - One of the best ways to learn anything is by doing it.

161 - Remember that the difference between an idea and a belief is the willingness to act in accord with.  It is not a belief until you back it with actions in your life.

162 - This is what reality games are all about ... they are opportunities for becoming more aware of the I AM that we are.

163 - A new age calls for a new mode of expression, and an accompanying new mode of being.  It asks that we come to know ourselves to a greater degree than we thought possible so that we can more fully manifest whom that we truly are in flesh.

164 - Each of us has a part to play in the coming drama ... a part that we selected and auditioned for, a part that is specifically suited to whom that we are, a part that allows us to share whom that we are and learn what we came to this existence to learn.

165 - In our lives, we have those things we owe to our government and society, and those things we owe to spirit.  We are not relieved from either.  Obligations are part of life.  They are necessary for society to function.

166 - Abilities are the gifts that we give ourselves so that we can carry out our mission and destiny.

167 - The creativity that we see expressed in the world is a mirror reflection of the creativity of spirit.

168 - Whenever we fully engage our talents and abilities in service, we are being all that we can be.  This is all that can be asked of anyone.

169 - It is important that we do a self assessment on a regular basis.  Only we know what we can do and when we are fully engaged.

170 - If we allow "free will" to operate ... and allow individuals to do what they are moved by spirit to do, then everything that needs to happen will indeed occur and in a manner that is elegant.

171 - At some point, we must realize that we are ONE consciousness expressed through ONE people occupying ONE world, this blue-green jewel that we call Earth.

172 - The heart does not say that I am not going to pump blood to the foot ... it freely pumps blood to all the parts of the body that need it.  Similarly, the brain does not think for itself alone, but for the whole self.  Every system within the body supports the collective.  However, as the body of humankind on this planet, we have not established such relationships.

173 - Is it possible that there is a discontinuity in the play ... where one scene comes to a close, and a whole new scene begins, potentially with a whole new setting and set of characters?

174 - In this world of duality ... it is up to us to stretch ourselves, to tackle challenges, so that we can become more than we knew ourselves to be.

175 - When I operate in the service of spirit, what I desire is what she desires to manifest through me.  There is no separation.

176 - My sense is that we all have missions in this existence, often multiple missions that operate on many levels.  One key mission is know thyself.   Another is to be whom that you are.

177 - In the very process of discovering whom that we are, we learn that to know whom that we are, we must be whom that we are.

178 - Nothing happens by chance.  We and everyone around us are where we are by mutual choice.

179 - There should be a labor tax ... a tithe of 10 percent equals four hours per week that should be used in providing ones services in some way that benefits society.

180 - The change of an age is a radical discontinuity.  Any plans that use the precedent of history as a basis for future activity will be sorely lacking.  A new age requires new thinking, new ways of organizing, new ways of expressing, new responsibilities, and completely new services.  Further, it requires rethinking how we function as an individual and a collective.

181 - One shares by being whom that one is with others to the greatest degree possible.  This requires a high degree of trust, and a no holding back attitude.  We place our trust in others ... but more importantly, we place our trust in the highest expression of our authentic self, as spirit in flesh.

182 - We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  It has always been thus though it seems that we have related far more to our physical and animal nature than our true spiritual nature.

183 - At no time in history have people had such free access to information and the ability to interact with and interchange information with one another so quickly and on such a global scale.  Ideas can literally be shared within minutes with no filters, barriers, or censors.

184 - The idea that the WWW is a collective extension of our brains into silicon and light is fascinating.  I had not thought of it in this way before.  But, this expression is me, or a part of me.  I revisit it often to keep it in mind so to speak.

185 - Service is the only thing that truly has value, especially those services we perform out of love.

186 - As individual expressions of the ONE consciousness, we each see things through unique eyes.  The reality we experience is different.  That doesn't make it right or wrong.  That doesn't make it better or worse.  That simply makes it different, unique for each of us.

187 - What makes freedom work is an openness that allows individuals and groups to be and do as they will so long as it hurts no one.  At least this should be the key condition imposed.

188 - Words are the song that spirit sings through me, the thoughtforms that spirit weaves through me.  It is through words that what I AM can be expressed.  In the beginning was the word.  All forms are manifestations of the word ... thoughts congealed into physical form.

189 - Our belief systems are the key sieve through which we draw experience to us.  If we want to change our experience, that is the place to work, with our beliefs.

190 - Knowing thyself is where the spiral of evolution starts.  This is what propels us to ever greater expression of spirit in flesh.  And, that after all, is what the reality game is all about.

191 - There is a spiritual world embedded in the physical one, primarily in the symbol systems.  It is right there, before our eyes.  All we have to do is awaken to see it. Yet, it seems that this is easier said than done.  Awakening still seems to be a relative rare occurrence.

192 - At no time in history has the potential for the collective creativity of us all to be expressed and applied to the benefit of all been so great.  The information age gives us freedom in ways that we have never known before.

193 - What do I ask of the world ... nothing.  Hmm, I didn't really expect that answer, and definitely not that quickly.  I ask a lot of myself, but the world I allow to be as it will.

194 - The bottom line is that the world will be as it is, a mirror reflection of the collective state of consciousness.  It can be no more or no less.  For, this is exactly how it is created, as the manifestation of the collective consciousness, or more correctly unconsciousness in most cases.

195 - This is how we expand our concept of self, we incorporate more and more what is outside of us into what is inside of us.

196 - No matter how aware we become, there is always a next step, always another degree of realization that we can reach.

197 - The expansion of consciousness within us and through us is a hallmark of this existence.  It is what we are here for, in a very real way, it is why we exist.

198 - The evolution of lifeforms happens according to natural laws ... both physical and spiritual.

199 - As humans, we employ reason and imagination to find and create tools that allow us to extend what we are capable of doing.  All of our electronic equipment, including computers and there associated software are tools that extend out ability to do things.

200 - When you think about it, much of our lives center around the many types of information that we consume, play, and interact with.

201 - Do what comes natural to you.  Do what you are moved to do by the spirit within you.  The expression of spirit in flesh is not difficult.  In fact, it is the most easy and natural thing in the world if we simply allow it to flow as it will.

202 - Not everyone is ready to be aware.  This is OK.  There is no set agenda or set of goals that we all must follow or reach.  We each tailor our existence to be the showcase for our unique abilities.

203 - Time represents the state of consciousness and the level of spiritual expression in the world.

204 - The unknown offers a tremendous challenge to use all of whom that I AM to explore and make more of the unknown known.  After all, this is what explorers do, they boldly go where no man or at least few men have gone before.

205 - It is through the sharing of ourselves in ways that benefit others, that we create a society among us.

206 - If we are to grow into greater collective creative expression we have to find ways to interact with each other in cooperatively interdependent ways.  This requires working together in ways that facilitate greater expression of spirit than can occur from individuals acting alone.

207 - The greatest service seems to be service to spirit herself.  This seems to be the service that allows us to maximize the benefit of our endeavors to all concerned.

208 - How do we know that our illusion is not much the same as depicted in The Matrix?  After all, our senses are quite restricted.  Our eyes see only a small part of the spectrum. Our ears hear only a small part of the frequency spectrum.  Actually, everything is vibration, is numbers.

209 - There are many paths to the ONE.  Each of us must ultimately find the path that is right for us, and follow it to where it leads.

210 - As words and pages at a web site, this expression only has the potential to change the way people think and express, and thus change the world.  It is when the words are read, studied, and applied in ones life that the true impact occurs.

211 - We are the players in the drama of life, in the drama of spirit expressing in flesh on this planet at this time.

212 - The greatest collective good is not achieved when each individual acts selfishly for their own benefit, but when the individuals consider the collective good as well in their decisions.

213 - One sure way of getting something is to create a vacuum for it in your life.  As in the physical world, natural law will do everything it can to fill it.

214 - If you don't feel worthy of receiving something, in all likelihood you won't pull it into your life no matter what you do or try.

215 - We are all worthy of the unlimited abundance that spirit would bestow on us.  However, there is a catch, we must contribute and do our part to create the abundance.

216 - Everyone deserves to have their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs met in exchange for applying themselves in service to society.

217 - Choices are made within an overall social fabric that we create collectively.  Change this fabric, and we free people to make entire new ranges of choices that simply did not exist before.  We will be amazed at the collective creative freedom that will be unleashed as we do this.

218 - As I loner, my choice has always been never to walk in anyone's shadow.  I would be whom that I AM, all by myself ... though I do walk on the shoulders of giants who have come before, and in particular on the words that they were able to express.

219 - My direct experience is that spirit is found within and reflected in the manifested world.  The correct way to live ones life is from the inside out.  Then again ... this may be appropriate for introverts.  I'm sure extroverts see things quite differently, but I have no firsthand experience of this.

220 - We need spirituality to guide science into doing the things that are right for individuals, society, and the world.  We need science to apply discipline to our pursuits into metaphysical domains.

221 - The objective remains objective only for so long ... until we reach a point where our very observation impacts what we are observing in unpredictable ways.

222 - The subjective can easily take us into never never land if we don't test the utility of what we are exploring and discovering.

223 - In every endeavor, we make great progress when we apply our best and brightest to the task.

224 - We are the vehicles through which spirit does her works in the world.  As such, we are literally god incarnate ... or spirit incarnate if like me you find it difficult to relate to a concept of god.

225 - We each do what we can with what we are given and with the circumstances that we find ourselves in.  However, there is a wrinkle ... the circumstances we find ourselves in are there precisely because we create them.

226 - Within us lie all the answers to any questions we might ask.

227 - Seek within and ye shall find all that ye need to know and more.

228 - It is the awakened ones that will lead the way in the times ahead to a whole new way of being.  They do this by demonstrating what any may do, if they apply suitable effort to knowing themselves.

229 - Each of us have within us great gifts that are meant to be applied in service to others.  It matters not what these talents are ... whatever they are they can be developed and used to serve.

230 - Service is the only thing that ultimately has value.  This is what the expression of spirit is all about.  It serves by seeing where there is need and then finding a way to fill the need.  It does this everywhere at once.  And it uses us as its instruments for filling the needs that it finds.

231 - Something from the movie Contact comes to mind.  Something to the effect, that in all of our journeys the only thing that we have found to combat the emptiness is one another.APRIL

232 - Being all that we can be requires effort on our part.  Yet, when we are in the groove and doing it, it is the most natural thing in the world.

233 - It is amazing how fluidly our lives flow when we are doing what we are meant to do.  It is as if all of nature conspires to help us achieve what must be done.  Of course this would be the case ... for it is spirit herself expressing through us that is resulting in the manifestation.

234 - What always matters is here and now, doing in the moment what can be done in the moment, and making each day count as much as we can.

235 - If we focus on taking care of the moments, one after another, the end will take care of itself, and will be far better than we have ever dreamed or imagined.

236 - Make each and every day count to its fullest.  We never know how many days we are granted in this existence.

237 - Life is a very precious gift.  The most important thing we can do in our life is to find a way to be whom we truly are and give of ourselves and our abilities to the greatest degree that we can.

238 - Life is meant to be an adventure, at least in some aspects of our lives.  Life is also meant to be a challenge, one that forces us to find ways to go beyond our concepts of ourselves.

239 - Our minds are capable of some incredible things, if we free them from the shackles that bind them.

240 - We must learn to harness our minds or the power is wasted on endless diversions.

241 - Reason and intuition are dual sides of the same coin.  To operate from one without the other is to go through life with heavy blinders on.

242 - Without intuition, we have no compass and vehicle for creative expression.  Without reason, we have no follow through and means for evaluating the relative utility of things.

243 - Everything that happens is meant to happen; and happens by choice not by chance.

244 - We get what we focus upon.  In many ways, we get what we believe that we will get ... what we expect that we will get ... what we believe that we deserve to get.

245 - Our responsibility is simple, to be whom that we are, and to express that as fully as we can.

246 - The whole issue of terrorism is one that throws a major wrench in the workings of international relations.  When a group of people choose not to play by "the rules", what recourse does a country, society, or even the world have?

247 - The very nature of the Aquarian Age demands more acceptance of differences and allowing of people to be whom they are.

248 - Nothing happens to any of us without an inner agreement on our part to participate.

249 - There are no victims.  At some level, we choose everything.  This is extremely empowering.  However, we only benefit consciously if we truly believe it.

250 - If we want to live a rich and full life, we must tend to our belief garden and make sure the beliefs therein are empowering ones that truly are of service in our lives and the lives of all those whom we touch.

251 - We truly live in an information age.  The challenge becomes how to filter the information into a manageable set that is directly relevant and important to our lives.

252 - Some of us are information generators.  Others categorize and classify information to make it more readily available.  Still others analyze information to find the depths of its meaning.

253 - For life to have real meaning, it must make a statement or make a difference.

254 - Each of us have our unique gifts and talents, and a purpose that makes use of these in some way that serves.

255 - There is always something to learn from every experience.  It is for us to choose to learn our lessons in joy.

256 - The more aware we become, the more we are able to behave as the true spiritual beings that we are.

257 - There are hard rules and soft rules.  Hard rules apply to everyone incarnate and simply cannot be broken while we are in flesh.  Soft rules, however, can be bent and even broken if necessary.

258 - In a very real way, all of existence is played out as dreams in the mind of God.

259 - We spend our time in the dream world of daily reality.  We spend our no time, in the realm of sleep ... and the unconscious frontier of spirit.

260 - Spirit is all around us at all times.  There is nothing private, or secret, or hidden.  She knows our every thought and action.  She moves us and inspires us ... or can do so, if we are open to allowing her active presence in our lives.

261 - I cannot imagine living anything but a life of spirit, a life of service to consciousness and ultimately to the society in which I live.

262 - Our souls know exactly what they are doing.

263 - We are here to express spirit in flesh to the degree that we can, but it has to be in flesh.

264 - Ideas are physical, they have their counterparts in brain cells and neural firings.  Yet, if that is all they do ... they are not having the world impact that they could.

265 - Ideas should ultimately excite us to action, to building the foundations necessary for the greater expression of spirit both individual and collectively, and to moving us to more fully express whom that we are.

266 - The greatest gift we can give to the world is to fully share whom that we are in whatever manner we find appropriate for us.

267 - My hope is that the world will be a better place because I have lived.  A noble hope, and yes an audacious one.  However, what is life if not a place to realize dreams.  The bigger the dream the better.

268 - It seems that no matter how big I make my concept of self, it is not sufficient to contain what is able to be expressed next.

269 - What good is it to be free if you don't explore what could be?  The status quo may be good enough for the masses.  But, it is not good enough for me.  I know there is a better way to live, a way imbued with spirit.

270 - Society is an entity, one that is just as real as any individual; one that is born, learns, grows, experiences, and creates.

271 - By being born into a society, and being entitled to the blessing that society offers ... we also inherit a spiritual obligation to apply ourselves in service to that society in some manner that uses our special abilities and talents.

272 - It helps if our beliefs are aligned with spiritual truth, but that is not a necessity for living ... it is a necessity for right living in which we strive to fulfill the purposes for which we came.

273 - Living is a process, a journey, not a destination.  It is good to remember that and to find ways to smell the roses and enjoy the journey.

274 - Your life after all is your most important masterpiece.  Yes, masterpiece ... you are creating every aspect of it.

275 - Take a hard look at how you expend the 24 hours per day and 168 hours per week that you are allotted.  No one gets any more or any less than anyone else when it comes to time.

276 - Your reality is shaped as much by what you choose not to do as by what you do.

277 - Information is that way.  Sometimes it is correct, sometimes it is wrong, sometimes it is simply unknown as to whether it is correct or wrong.

278 - The unknown is the playground of beliefs.  It is here that we engage our creative energies in search of meaning and purpose, and in activities aligned with that purpose.

279 - We need to establish infrastructures that allow people to discover, develop, and be whom that they truly are.

280 - By giving each individual what they need to be whom that they truly are, society as a whole reaches levels unimagined.

281 - The collective consciousness has found ways to leak through over the ages.  There have always been lightbearers among us who have awakened to whom that they are and found the source within.

282 - Why should God do what is fully within our power to do for ourselves ... perhaps not individually, but definitely collectively.

283 - There is one consciousness that animates us all.  We all spring forth from that same source.  This consciousness learns as we learn, expresses as we express, experiences as we experience.

284 - In the end, what truly matters is who we have become and how we have shared this with others in our world.

285 - We are all in some sense leading the lives we are meant to lead ... living under the circumstances that we have called unto us via our beliefs, our choices, and our actions.

286 - Ideas have power, great power when we understand them and base our actions upon them.

287 - Each awakening unlocks a new door within me, allowing me to find another room or set of rooms within the mansion that is my greater Self.

288 - Such is how life works best, we operate in the now, taking whatever step is most appropriate at this instance ... then take one step after another, until we get to wherever we are headed.

289 - It is an exciting time to be alive ... it truly is.  The potential is simply awesome.  The nature of the vibrations that are expressing is extremely powerful.  Manifestation is about to become child's play, in ways that are Beyond Imagination.

290 - The greatest good comes when we consider the benefit to society along with the benefit to us as individuals when we make our decisions and take action.

291 - It is the collective that provides the infrastructure in which we can experience the very freedoms that we enjoy.

292 - Our service is what primes the prosperity pump.  The more service, the more prosperity ... it is that simple.

293 - Cooperative interdependence is the optimum expression of spirit for the whole, as well as for each individual.

294 - The measure of a person however is not meant to be in comparison to another.  What is important is how what we are measures up to what we could be.  That is, how close we are to living up to our full potential.

295 - In a world that is ONE, there can be no true separation and independence.  Interdependence is a fact of life.  In this, it doesn't matter what we believe.  We are connected to one another and to all life for that matter.

296 - Life is not meant to be taken too serious.  It is a game that we are playing.  And games are meant to be enjoyed.

297 - No matter where we look, what we see is the expression of spirit in flesh.

298 - Spirit already knows how to remedy or make any situation flow more easily and readily.  We have only to follow her lead and do what she moves us to do.

299 - It is interesting how life unfolds.  It definitely reveals that there is a higher level plan in motion operating behind the scenes.  Yes, scenes ... this is a play after all, a very complex and convoluted one, but a play nonetheless.

300 - One judges information by how it feels inside, and by utility.  We use whatsoever we find useful so long as it remains useful ... and we stay open to all sources that may come into our lives.

301 - Our lives are meant to be challenging to us ... providing us with the opportunities to be the best that we can be.

302 - Our beliefs need to be tested and challenged on occasion to allow us to determine whether they are truly useful to our lives.

303 - The freedom of belief is far more powerful than the freedom of speech.

304 - What you do is far more powerful than what you say.

305 - Thoughts count, beliefs count even more, but actions are where we truly make a difference.

306 - That is all that is asked of anyone and everyone ... simply to be the best that we can be, whatever that might be.

307 - Each day provides its opportunities and its challenges.  We can choose to accept them and the gifts that they offer, or avoid them and thus put them off for another day.

308 - To create a masterpiece of our lives, we must work with the paints of beliefs.  These are the building blocks that result in everything that we see and experience.

309 - Ideas are powerful ... especially ideas that move us to act in a new way.

310 - Reality creation is a process that we are constantly engaged in ... not only as experiencers, but as observers and creators.

311 - Be bold and decide, and then the forces of the universe will come to your aid.

312 - What must be done ultimately will be done.  There is a destiny that is unfolding ... a spiritual destiny as well as our individual destinies.

313 - If we are not learning and growing, creating and expressing, and being of service to one another and to the society in which we live ... we might as well not be alive at all.

314 - To live life without regrets, we need to make each moment of each day count, we need to make sure that the world is a better place as a result of our presence and our life.

315 - Service is the key ingredient out of which abundance is manifest ... an abundance that encompasses the whole world, an abundance that operates on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

316 - We are meant to be and express whom that we are, in our full glory.  We are grand beings, we truly are.  We are gods in flesh, creating the very reality that we experience.

317 - Special abilities generally mean one is responsible to use those abilities effectively in service to society in some way.

318 - It is amazing what we can do when we are committed to something.

319 - This is how we build a better world.   We find those whom we are meant to work with,  we enter into mutually supportive relationships, and we collectively do what we are moved by spirit to do.

320 - Our world is far too complex for any form of centralized control to work.  Responsibility is distributed to the furthest reaches where decisions can be made effectively.

321 - We are ONE!  One world, one race, one people, one entity, one civilization, one consciousness ...  There must be a recognition, a realization of this simple yet great truth.

322 - The sooner we recognize that there is an intricate web in which we are all part and via which we are all interconnected to others, the sooner we will be able to fix some of the dire problems experienced by many on this planet.

323 - Every experience bears its gifts ... though it may be a challenge to find them.

324 - Every challenge has a gift for you in its hands.  Great challenges bring great rewards.

325 - Everything has its place and its purpose in our lives.  Everything is there for a reason.  Everything contributes to whom that we are and what we can express in the world.

326 - We are meant to lead extraordinary lives.  We truly are.  Settling for any less than this is selling not only ourselves short, but those whom our lives touch as well.

327 - The greatest good we can do is to fully express whom that we are, openly and wholeheartedly.  Yes, that is the key ... living with our whole heart.

328 - It seems that my own life is my laboratory.  It is where I explore the very fabric of consciousness.

329 - We are powerful creators, albeit for the most part at other than conscious levels.   However, that doesn't change the facts ... we create our own reality, in many cases as much by what we choose not to do as by what we do.

330 - It is interesting to watch the plan of consciousness unfold.  Indeed, there is such a plan ... and it is manifesting at all levels from the individual to the whole world, and perhaps even to multiple worlds that extend far into the galaxy and beyond.

331 - Consciousness exists everywhere.  It composes and animates everything.  It gives us life and awareness.

332 - It takes commitment to make each moment count ... to make each hour 60 minutes worth of distance run.

333 - To awaken and become aware we must find a way beyond the restrictions that bind us.  We can only be bound so long as we tolerate and accept the chains.

334 - Each of us has the potential to live a life of greatness in our own way, using the unique gifts that we brought into this world.  It is simply a matter of discovering whom that we are, and expressing that authentically in our lives.

335 - The answers have always been within us to everything we could possibly want to know.  It is a matter of finding our intuition, learning to trust it, and taking action to follow where it leads us and to do what it moves us to do.

336 - The key measure of a man is whether he leaves the world in a better state than that in which he found it.

337 - Respect is a very powerful tool, especially when based on integrity.

338 - Growth is a natural process.  We take it one step at a time when we are ready.

339 - Life is a journey, we take it one step at a time.  It seems that my journey is to venture into the unknown realms.  Here there are no paths, and no known destinations.

340 - Each moment lost vanishes forever.  It is for us to make the best of the time we are allotted.
341 - We are indeed at the beginning of a new age ... with possibilities for manifestation of which we have only dreamed.  Now is the time to make those dreams real ... to establish the foundations needed to bring them down to Earth.

342 - Each of us see things that others do not see, and sense things that others do not sense, and know things that others do not know.  It is for us to find a way to share our worlds with others in manners that benefit each of us in the exchange.

343 - Self knowledge is extremely empowering.  If we don't know whom that we are, how can we express this in society to do the works that are ours to do?

344 - Thoughtforms are the first step toward material manifestation.  Whatever we can dream,  whatever we can think of, we can create if we so choose.  However, it is the ideas which must come forth first.

345 - The plan of consciousness is unfolding perfectly.  There is nothing I nor anyone else can do to slow it down or speed it up.  Patience is called for, along with an optimistic anticipation.  Trust the process.

346 - Spirit animates all life.  She has been doing so since the very beginning of all that is manifest.  She did not create it all.  But it is through her and out of her that everything was created.

347 - It is through relationships that I define and know whom that I AM through the eyes of others.

348 - We have objective reality and subjective reality.  Both are important ... neither is superior to the other.  Integrated beings operate with a balance of both ... though the mix in that balance may vary greatly from one individual to another.

349 - Life is a process of discovering our fears, encountering them, and overcoming them with love.

350 - Cooperative interdependence is the wave of the future.  In such an environment, we are responsible for one another ... as a matter of choice. 

351 - At some level, the manifestation that is all life is perfect in each moment, at least, as perfect as it can be in each moment.
352 - We create it all ... the good as well as the bad, and everything in between.  It is time for us to take responsibility for this and clean up our mess.

353 - Reality creation is a game that we play ... an engaging one, but a game nonetheless.  As such, it should be something that we have fun playing.

354 - It all comes down to what works we do.  That is our ultimate contribution to society and to our world.

355 - Consciousness is orchestrating how ideas are communicated across the social fabric so that they can enthuse the appropriate minds to take action to manifest those ideas.

356 - History is not so much about events as it is about the march of ideas and their hold over mankind over the course of time.

357 - Reality creation is about manifesting ideas, about making thoughts real.

358 - The plan of spirit involves the manifestation of ideals over time.  That is, the realization of ideals in physical existence.

359 - Imagination is the key.  We are ever in the process of becoming whatever we can truly imagine ourselves to be.

360 - Each of us is a unique expression of consciousness.  Each of us is experiencing life in a manner that has never occurred before, nor will ever occur again.

361 - There are other modalities of knowing that operate beyond the realms in which rationality is effective.

362 - Beliefs are the playground in which we create the structures that attract and define what we will experience.  As such, they are the most powerful tools that we have in our arsenal for creating the reality that we would prefer.

363 - We each must find what it takes for us to be all that we can be, in all of our true grandeur ... for indeed we are grand beings by our very nature.

364 - There is something wonderful that happens when we allow the unknown to enter and express in our lives.  It is such an easy step to take.  It simply requires a bold initiative and a deep faith in the nature of spirit and how she expresses in our lives.

365 - Ye shall know them by their works.  In the end, when our physical lives have been extinguished ... it is only in our works and in the memories of others that the impact of our lives continue to exist.

366 - At some point, we realize that there is more to life than this, and more to us than we know ourselves to be.  At that point, the magic appears, and the unseen portions of consciousness get enlisted to assist in a more active manner in our lives.

367 - Interesting ... inspiration contains the letters of the word spirit, almost in order.  If we double up on the "t", we have spirit nation.

368 - I know my individual nature is a suit of clothes that I wear.  Behind the clothes is the ONE consciousness that animates us all.

369 - Whatever we do to others including the animals, we ultimately do to ourselves.  Chief Seattle had a famous speech that spoke of this.

370 - Spiritual awareness and spiritual awakening are indeed worth everything that we put into them ... everything that it costs to experience them.

371 - What the individual experiences, the whole experiences.  Consciousness learns from each and every experience, each and every breakthrough.

372 - We are all the arms, the fingers, the feet, the brain cells, and the mouth of consciousness.

373 - As individuals we are the creator, the created, and the witness to the process.

374 - We need to be careful.  Beliefs are walls that we create around ourselves.  They filter what we choose to see and experience.

375 - When used properly, beliefs can empower us to do great things, focusing our attention on those things relevant to our mission ... and in the process freeing us to be whom that we can be.  However, they can also limit, enchain, and imprison us if we allow them to.

376 - It is helpful to keep a very open belief system ... one that allows for the miraculous, one that facilitates the expression of spirit, one that keeps our potential unlimited.

377 - Remember, all limits are self-imposed.  They are there only so long as we choose to accept them.

378 - Everything is vibration.  The reality that we experience is all a matter of how we interpret the meaning of these vibrations.

379 - What can we expect to gain through this endeavor of self-analysis?  The answer that comes to mind is the world.  How interesting.

380 -  Our awareness is the key that unlocks the door to our cells, freeing us to be all that we can be.

381 - Awareness is an inside job.  But, once it is achieved, it colors everything that we do on the outside.

382 - Our level of awareness moves with us from existence to existence.  It is our spiritual inheritance.  As with other inheritances, it may take awhile for it to come to us ... but come it will, and with dividends and interest accrued.

383 - Inevitably, we find what we seek ... if we are sincere in our search.

384 - Time management has become a critical skill.  Time has become one of the most, if not the most important resources in our lives.  Yet, from a different perspective, we have all the time in the world.  It is simply a matter of making the most of the time that we have.

385 - It is not enough that we apply ourselves and do our work to the best of our abilities.  That is compensated for by the experiences we gain and the salary and benefits that we receive.  The spiritual job is a volunteer one.  Typically, it offers no payment, though it may bring greater abundance into our lives on several levels.

386 - Our belief systems are elaborate constructions of vibrations through which we establish what kinds of things, information, and events we consider meaningful to us and worthy of our time and attention.

387 - In a very real way, all that we are is an elaborate thoughtform existing within a world that is itself a thoughtform that we choose to experience as physical and governed by the physical laws through which nature creatively expresses in the world.

388 - Passion is contagious.  The flame that others see burning in us, is often sufficient to ignite or rekindle a flame in them.

389 - One question stirs my soul ... why am I here, what is it that I came to do?  Note how this is phrased.  I didn't ask what am I here to learn, or what I am here to experience, or what am I here to realize ... I asked what did I come to do.

390 - Everything that I need to know, to do what I need to do, is already within me.

391 - We need challenges to motivate us to ever greater expression of whom that we are.

392 - When we allow spirit to engage in our tasks and do her work through us, it is amazing how much energy and even how much time we seem to have.

393 - There is nothing that can stop an idea whose time has come.  I don't know who said that, but it is a very deep truth.  In the game of reality creation, we are operating in precisely this area, in the area of realizing those ideas whose time has come.

394 - The whole topic of the game of reality creation is indeed an interesting one.  We are active participants in this game whether we know it yet or not.

395 - We are not taught that we choose it all, everything that we experience ... and therefore, that we are responsible for it all.  We are not taught whom that we are, and what abilities we possess.  We are not taught why we are here, for what purpose we have come.  We are not taught what obligations we have to ourselves, our society, our world, and to spirit herself.

396 - Who we are is not measured by what we have ... it is measured by what we can do.

397 - Ultimately, whom that we are ... and when we depart, whom that we were ... is measured by the works that we have left behind, including whatever impacts we have had on others.

398 - It is through our works that we impact not only our personal reality but that of the world.

399 - Indeed ... it is my works that distinguish me, and in a very real way define me.  Hmm, that is an interesting way of putting it.

400 - We find out whom that we are and what we are capable of by doing and observing what we do.  Both are important.  However, it is the later process of observing that leads to awareness.

401 - Since our time is such a critical resource, we must constantly make decisions on where to best apply it for not only our benefit, but for the collective benefit of all those whom our life touches.

402 - Whenever I start to question whether something is possible ... the means to make it happen seems to arrive as if it were a gift from heaven.  It happens so often that I have come to expect it as the very way that the world works.

403 - There are some things within our control and others that are outside of our control.  Wisdom lies in knowing the difference so that we can focus our forces, energy, and resources on those things that we have the power to impact and change.

404 - As adults, it is up to us to explore, revalidate, and assess what we believe.  The chief criteria by which beliefs should be judged is utility.  Do the beliefs serve us, and serve the society in which we live.  If so, great.  If not, find others that do provide such service and adopt them.

405 - What matters is finding a way to be of service.  What matters is being all that we can be.  We do this by wholeheartedly applying ourselves to everything that we face in life.  When we do this, life becomes magical ... the very forces of the universe come to do our bidding.

406 - Life is meant to be our greatest masterpiece ... yet few seem to realize they are artists, creating the very reality they experience.  Even fewer do this in a manner that is masterful.  To be a master, we must believe ourselves to be, and then act as if it is so.

407 - Here, on these pages, my consciousness is as an open book, revealing new facets at each turn.  Yes, we are all as precious stones on the inside.  It is up to us to find the stone that we are, clean it, polish it, and even cut it into shape ... and then share the brilliance of our light with the world.

408 - Yes, that is what life is all about.  The ultimate meaning comes from sharing whom that we are ... from giving of whom that we are to the greater whole of which we are part.

409 - At some level, we know what is going on ... nothing can be hidden.  On other levels, it is not clear that we even want to know.

410 - Asking questions is another powerful tool in the spiritual warriors arsenal.

411 - Everything is spirit ... and spirit is ONE.  So everything experienced is OK somehow and agreed to by the parts involved ... actually, more than agreed to, co-created.

412 - We are spirit living life in the physical form.  When we cease to be this form, we will still be spirit, and we will take on whatever form is appropriate.

413 - There is a basic law of reality creation.  We get what we focus upon.  The more the focus, the more force with which the necessary reality is manifest to conform with the beliefs.

414 - In a very real way, we see what we wish to see; we hear what we wish to hear; we feel what we wish to feel; we experience what we wish to experience; and more importantly, we know what we wish to know.

415 - We are all unique expressions of source, the one consciousness that animates us all.

416 - Our minds are capable of much greater tasks than we have given them to date.  Further, our collective mind is capable of creating a world infrastructure and associated collective reality far greater than any of us have ever dreamed.

417 - Knowing is beyond both mind and heart ... it exists in another realm entirely, though this realm strongly impacts the reality we experience in every other dimension.

418 - I speak in a tongue that is not mine, allowing words to come forth that I know not from whence nor where they come.  My standard answer is that they come from source.  But what is this thing that I call source?

419 - What matters is not the destination ... it is the path, and the enjoyment thereof.  The journey is everything.  It is all that counts.

420 - There will always be an unknown realm of possibility that exceeds anything that I have done to date.  It is at the edge of this unknown where I do the dance of consciousness ... where I exchange energy between the seen and the unseen, between the known and the unknown.  It is in this dance that I engage the energies of my life.

421 - It is not enough to think something strongly.  We must follow up and take action consistent with what we say that we believe.  Otherwise, they are just mere words, mere ideas.  We must be consistent with whom and what we say that we are.  Then, the very forces of the universe, join in to do our bidding.

422 - Desire and discipline seem to be crucial to making changes ... along with an openness as to what is possible and a willingness to try new things.

423 - Remember, that what is possible is often far more than we have dreamed or imagined.

424 - There is something to be gained, something to be learned, from every experience.

425 - Life collectively seeks to express ever more and more of whom that it is.  It does this through every avenue that it has available ... through every resource it is given.

426 - I accept full responsibility for everything that I experience ... no fine print, no exceptions.

427 - An attitude of gratitude is extremely important.  How can we expect to draw more into our life if we do not appreciate all that we have been given already?

428 - New perspectives are generally helpful, they shed new light on the matter at hand.

429 - I am the eyes of spirit, the arms of spirit, the ears of spirit, the mouth of spirit ... all that I AM is of spirit, and all that I DO is for spirit.

430 - From within the illusion, we may not be able to tell what is correct versus what we have only imagined or believed to be so.

431 - There is a source within that knows.  This source can serve as a compass to help keep us headed in the right direction.

432 - Within reality, there are hard rules which are absolute, and soft rules which can be broken given appropriate training and the proper circumstances.  Many people are not aware of the soft rules.  They falsely assume everything is absolute.  To get beyond the soft rules, we must get beyond the limits that we have accepted in our minds.

433 - Our mental structures can be very rigid indeed.  This is not their nature, however.  It is simply how we have chosen to employ them.  We can just as easily choose structures that are more open and free.  When we do this, however, we sacrifice predictability.  For many, this is not an acceptable trade ... the unknown can be scary.

434 - Each of us has our own way of approaching life ... of being whom that we are.  This comes out as the things that are natural for us and as the approach toward understanding ourself and our reality that is right for us.

435 - Old habits can be hard to break.  Yet, break them we must, if we are to proceed to the next phase, the next adventure.

436 - Yes, life is meant to be an adventure, and a bold and daring one at that.  All that it takes is courage and faith.  A faith in the nature of the world, the nature of reality, the process of reality creation, and most of all in ourself and spirit as she expresses through us.

437 - Consciousness ever seeks to actualize more of itself ... to make actual, to make real, to make manifest in the world more of whom that it is through us.  This is the only means available to her.  For something to be real, it has to be expressed through us.

438 - Life is already a highly cooperative endeavor, more so than any have ever imagined.  It is just that this cooperation primarily occurs behind the scenes, where it often goes unnoticed.

439 - There is an overall plan for the unfoldment of consciousness in this grand play that we call life.

440 - Earth, and the world that we know is but one playground in which spirit can express and explore whom that it is.  And what a splendid and wonderful playground it is.

441 - At some point it seems that we tire of play and need some task in which to engage whom that we are in a challenging, meaningful, and fulfilling manner.  Yes, it seems that we need work .. or at least some way to expend our energies and talents in a manner that makes a difference.

442 - I am comfortable facing the unknown, knowing that I live in a world that is driven by spirit, that is spiritual expression made manifest to the degree that it can be given the collective and individual awareness of the world at this time.

443 - Another day ... as always, they come one after the next, until we free ourself from time and return no longer.  Yes, this existence in space and time will someday end ... and we will return to the source from whence we came.

444 - Each day is a precious gift.  To the degree we can, we need to be grateful for this gift and in turn give of ourselves in a way that makes a difference.

445 - Ours are not meant to be ordinary lives.  Every one of us has greatness looking to shine forth from within us.  We are all special beings, unique expressions of the one consciousness.

446 - We have an obligation to be whom that we are as fully as we can, and to share whom we are with the world.

447 - We accept limitations because they serve us in some manner ... or at least because we believe that they do.  To remove them, we need to understand them for what they are, and replace them with something that is less restrictive and more empowering.

448 - All life is the result of spirit expressing in flesh.  Further, this expression is perfect ... unfolding in accord with spiritual laws and with an overall plan for ever increasing individual and collective awareness and creative expression.

449 - We tend to create exactly what we believe that we deserve.

450 - It is up to us to manifest the abundance we desire.  We do this by priming the  pump ... by giving of ourselves in service.  The more the service, the more the abundance.  It is as simple as that, and as complicated as that.

451 - That is what we are here to do ... to live in a manner that makes a difference.

452 - The reality that we experience often conforms to our expectations.  We see what we expect to see.  We hear what we expect to hear.  We do what we expect to do.  That is how it is, but not how it needs to be.  We are free to change our expectations at any time.

453 - One never knows when something meaningful will enter our lives.  Often this happens when we are in the midst of doing something else.

454 - Spiritual expression in flesh is what life is all about.  At least, this is true for me, and my sense is that it is true universally ... even if many are not consciously aware of this fact.

455 - The relentless march of time, moving ever forward, and as it does opening up new possibilities for expression and new vistas from which to see the world in whole new ways.

456 - We need to reassert our freedom and remove the chains of those elements of our lives and our world that shackle us.

457 - We are not meant to be beasts of burden.  There are other animals that fill that role willingly and even gratefully.

458 - When we believe that we can do whatever we put our minds to, we open up a wide berth in which to express and to do our works.

459 - In the end, utility is the only factor by which beliefs should be judged.  Do they serve us and the society of which we are part, or do they not?  If not, it is time to replace them with something far more useful to us and to others.

460 - If we find ourselves in need, the place to start is not by finding how we can fill the need ... rather, it is by determining what it is that we can give that is of most utility and value to others, then by providing this as a service voluntarily.  The universe will ensure that we reap what we sow.  You cannot give without return.

461 - Spirits abundance is unlimited.  Ours can be as well ... for what are we but spirit experiencing life in flesh.

462 - The body is an elaborate vehicle for the brain, its primary occupant ... which in turn is a vessel for the mind to interface with, and to create and experience the game that we call reality.

463 - Words are the clay through which I sculpt the creations that can be expressed through me.

464 - I trust the very process of life as it unfolds through me.  Everything is planned, everything is necessary, everything is unfolding perfectly ... regardless of any appearances to the contrary.  It is a matter of finding a viewpoint or set of viewpoints from which this is true.

465 - In reading and studying this expression, you gain insight into whom that I AM.  However, this does not allow you to know whom that I AM.  You only know me as the one through whom such works as these can come.

466 - If we are ever going to learn what makes us tick as individuals, we need detailed records of what consciousness does.  This is one such record.

467 - I am a guinea pig of sorts ... with a blend of DNA, hereditary, and environmental traits and conditions ... that has become aware enough to express via works of consciousness.

468 - There are many things that I do in my day to day life that are instantly forgotten, that will never have much of an impact on anything or anyone.  However, this expression provides a snapshot of consciousness in action.

469 - The only thing it is fair to measure anyone against is what they are versus what they could be.  How much of their innate potential is realized and is being actively used and expressed?

470 - We do far too little collectively to teach people the nature of whom that they are and their part in the creation of the reality they experience.

471 - Acceptance is the first step towards making any change.  When we fight or resist something, it stays in our life, by the very act of our engaging with it.  When we accept what is for what it is, we are free to move on to whatever we would become.

472 - This expression provides sight or visibility into what is within.  The very fact that it even exists as it does opens up many questions regarding what we as individuals are capable of ... especially as instruments of spirit.

473 - I operate out of faith, with a deep trust in the sanctity of life as it expresses through me.  I need nothing else.  There is no authority that I bow to ... other than spirit herself.

474 - The giants of the world are such because they stand high on the shoulders of others.  Whether it is on the wings of their thoughts, or their experiences, or their examples matters not.

475 - We can only go so far and do so much on our own.  Through others, we can get a running start to whatever path we choose as our own.

476 - My sense is that we have only played with reality creation to date.  It is time to get serious and do this in earnest.  The works that we can do collectively and individually will be miraculous.

477 - Life to me is a highly subjective experience.  We cannot stand back and look at it objectively.  To explore the domains of consciousness, one must be an active participant.

478 - What we experience is a direct reflection of what we are, and what we are is in turn changed by the very act of our experience.  No matter how hard we try, we cannot escape this fact.

479 - To me, home is not a place ... it is a state of consciousness.

480 - Not everything is meant for everyone.  Use whatever resonates with you.  Let utility be your guide

481 - Walk awhile in my footsteps or mindsteps and observe how it feels to you.  Don't accept things a true based on my say so.  But, be willing to believe long enough and strongly enough to see whether something works for you.

482 - I am committed to be of service to whomever spirit cares to serve through me.  As the instrument, I know not how I am being played, or to what audience.  Interesting analogy.  But that is indeed how I feel.  I am the aware instrument through which spirit expresses.

483 - The primary tool we have for experiencing awareness is our mind.

484 - There is something about being on the edge between the manifest and the unmanifest that is addictive.  Once one finds ones rightful place, it becomes home ... it becomes the center from which we explore and express whom that we are.

485 - I am being what I was created to be as accurately as I can given my level of awareness.

486 - He who created me, immediately comes to mind.  That would be God.  I don't think of she who created me ... however, I do think of consciousness and spirit as she who expresses through me.  I never think of he who expresses through me.

487 - My only desire is for spirit to more fully express in flesh.

488 - Everything is the expression of this one consciousness ... everything, no exceptions.

489 - Evil and darkness is simply a lack of light due to walls or barriers that have been set up to block the light.  One overcomes darkness by shining light upon it.  When one does so, darkness simply vanishes.

490 - My life is not meant to be like that of others.  I am a wayshower.  I see things as no one else has seen them, and express things as no one else has expressed them.  This is not unique to me ... each of us is a wayshower in our own way, or could be if we chose to be so.

491 - I have found it useful to give my mind a wide berth, and to be open to allowing consciousness to express as she will.  This has yielded a richness to my inner experience that fascinates me even more than ever before.

492 - There is a difference between knowing something and having an awareness of something.  When we are aware of a part of ourself, we experience being that part.  Knowing can be a secondary phenomena, a mental understanding of something.  As such, it is less than awareness.

493 - We have to go beyond mind to experience awareness.  This is not so easy to do.  In fact, it seems that many do not experience this in their entire life and perhaps many lifetimes.

494 - This expression is my choice ... it is an investment that I make of my self to something greater than I am.

495 - Limitation always involves darkness and shadow.  We remove it by shining whatever light we can upon it.  However, we must learn to recognize the shackles that bind us, before we can take the actions necessary to remove them.

496 - We are incredibly powerful.  We are creators, responsible for all that we experience.  This includes not only the day to day experiences of life ... but all of the excursions into the realms of consciousness that we take.

497 - Our imaginations are wonderful places.  They allow us to play and dream of things that have never been ... and from these dreams to create the very conditions necessary to bring our dreams to life, to manifest them, to make them physical.

498 - We are dreamers, yes, but more than that, we are creators ... manifesting the reality we choose to experience both individually and en masse.

499 - There is no stopping the actualization of the plan that consciousness has laid out for the expression of spirit in flesh.

500 - Our world can be improved rapidly.  However, we as individuals need to make the jump from a ME to a WE perspective.  We need to understand how we fit within the larger whole, and what responsibility we have therein.

501 - From one standpoint, we have everything we need to change the world.  Everything except the commitment to do it.

502 - Life is what happens when you start paying attention to the little things.  When you do this ... it is amazing how the big things seem to take care of themselves.

503 - Beliefs are the playground for reality creation.  Utility is the only test for their validity.  It is up to us to choose what we will believe.

504 - Beliefs by their very nature lie in the nether region between what is true and what is false.  If something is already known to be true or false, there is no room for belief.

505 - For me, the most fascinating part of the playground is the unknown, the edge of the abyss, the very frontiers of consciousness.  It is there that I stand excited about life as it unfolds ... enthusiastic about what is to come forth.

506 - There is plenty of time to do the tasks which are ours to do. It is simply a matter of  going within to find the tasks which are ours to do and focusing our efforts and talents on doing these.

507 - What we see collectively is a result of our collective choices.  Until we take responsibility for all that WE experience, we are not doing are part.

508 - We have a collective responsibility to one another.  We live in a cooperative interdependent society now.  Most of us just don't realize it yet.

509 - Incredible cooperation already goes on behind the scenes to manifest all that we experience.

510 - What I see does indeed seem to be something that only I could see.  This begs the question of whether I can show others what it is that I see.  Is this not what creative people do?  Artists convey what they see in paint on canvas.  Writers convey what they see in words ...

511 - Our contract with spirit is that in exchange for being whom that we are and giving all that we can give in service to spirit, we get our needs met ... all of them, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

512 - What does it take to be among the elite, the select few who are given the keys to the leadership of the country?  How does one rise to one's rightful position within society?  How does one even discover what this is?

513 - How do I find my role in the world ... my true chance in greatness?  Why is it that there is such a strong inner drive within me to achieve greatness?  And, what constitutes greatness for one such as me?  It is to express that which is grand within me.

514 - When we allow ourselves to be all of whom that we are ... we allow our magnificence to shine forth in a way that it cannot otherwise do.

515 - We don't need anything outside of us to tell us what we can and cannot be.  Deep inside, we already know this.  It is a matter of unleashing whom that we are ... and trusting that there is a part of ourself that knows exactly what it is that we came to do.

516 - I am looking for something I can be passionate about, for something that can kindle my fire and turn it into a massive flame.  Experience must be embued with spirit ... that is the only thing that makes it attractive to me.

517 - The strength of one's character is demonstrated in what we do and how we do it.  As we do this, we are in the process of creating a masterpiece of our life.

518 - Every moment I am carrying out my destiny ... whether I know it or not.

519 - We often overlook this when in the midst of our day to day experience.  But, every moment or everyday counts.  How much it counts is literally up to us.  It can count a lot or it can count a little.  It all depends on how much we go with the flow of spirit or go against that flow.

520 - Why is it that so many live lives of quiet desperation?  Why can't more people see the rare jewels and gems of spirit that they are?  We are truly multifaceted and we shine with a brilliance that is greater than that of diamonds ... reflecting the inner spark of spirit from within.

521 - How do we increase the amount of spirit that can shine through us?  We find a way to tap the source within, and allow it to express through us as freely as we can.  For some this is easier than for others.

522 - The mechanism by which spirit expresses through us is distinct for each and every one of us.  We must find what works for us.  We must find what makes our heart sing and our spirit soar.

523 - We can live weeks without food (the stuff of the ground), days without water, but only minutes without air ... and not one second without the fire of spirit that animates us.

524 - I like the idea of having something to show for each day that I exist.  A physical record of consciousness expressing.

525 - In a way, I am the word made flesh, and I come to spread my seed, my words, to wherever they may flow ... perhaps even to the whole world.

526 - There is a source that flows through me, a source that I only know via the works that she does and the words and ideas that she brings forth.  This same source flowed through Emerson and Thoreau and all of the transcendentalists.  I count myself among their numbers though I was born a century or more later.

527 - I am not meant to see more than one step at a time.  Others may have more distant visions. But, this is not my gift or my way.  That makes planning for anything challenging and difficult.  It does not come naturally for me ... and for the most part, I avoid doing it.

528 - She (spirit) knows my every move, my every tendency, my every talent and ability, my every desire, my every emotion, my every thought ...yes, to her, my life is an open book.  There are no secrets of which consciousness is not aware.

529 - Small changes in the moment result in dramatically different outcomes in the long term.  However, we are not given the foresight to know what changes will have what long term impacts.  Here we have to trust our inner voice, our connection to source to move us in the direction that is beneficial not only to us but to all who grace our lives with their presence.

530 - In our lives, often logic does not rule.  That is not to say that it does not have a place ... just that it does not have a supreme position.

531 - "Logic is a useful servant"  as the saying goes, "but not a very good master".  Here, we need to go to a higher authority ... for me that is source expressed via intuition.

532 - I need to see whom that I am in the eyes of others.  Not as a sign of whom that I AM necessarily.  Rather, as an input by which to gauge whether the face that I provide to the world is consistent with whom that I need to be in the world. 


533 - Everything starts with the desire to do something. 

534 - Goals are our way of telling the universe what it is that we want, what it is that we are willing to work towards.

535 - We create plans of action to do what it takes to accomplish our goals.  However, we need to leave room for the universe to pitch in and help via spiritual laws.

536 - Goethe said something to the effect ... Boldness has genius inside it!  I also remember something to the effect that when we decide on something we unleash a host of universal forces to do our bidding.

537 - What am I willing to do what it takes to achieve?  The only thing that seems worthy of such effort is to carry out my mission of building the foundations for a new age and being the midwife for the birth of a new age.

538 - The universe is a big place.  Consciousness is even far greater ... occupying not only the universe but many dimensions that science does not choose to recognize.

539 - I dream of a better world; one that functions far more efficiently; one that expresses a social contract of the nature of pure communism in which each individual receives what they need physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in exchange for providing their services to society.

540 - Both government and the economy are systems that should serve society.  When they stop doing this they need to change or be abolished and replaced with something better.

541 - There is no one in my world expecting more from me.  It is strictly me expecting more of myself ... primarily because I know what I am capable of ... and there is a driving need to live up to my potential.

542 - I can think of nothing more fun than being fully engaged in doing something that truly requires my abilities.  It is at these times when I feel most in tune with the universe, when I feel that I am being whom that I AM as fully as I can in the moment.

543 - It still amazes me as to how little we collectively know about consciousness.  This is something primary to us all that we experience all of the time.  Yet, how few of us distinguish between the states of consciousness that we experience.

544 - In over 18 years of formal education from kindergarten through a MSEE, I did not have a single course that dealt with the nature of consciousness, or the fact that we have a variety of states of consciousness.  Why is this?  Why should something so fundamental to our being be absent from our training?

545 - The three worlds in which I exist are my personal world, my home world, and my work world.  These are all still very distinct.  The only thing common to all three is me, personally.

546 - Feedback is something that is far more rare than it should be.  I don't understand why that is.  Without good assessment and feedback mechanisms there is no means for continuous improvement.

547 - If we partition the workload properly, we will always find that there are sufficient resources to do the overall job good enough.  The trick is to make good enough as near to as good as can be within the resource constraints that apply.

548 - Whose job is it to ensure that an organization functions effectively?  An organization is a complex system ... a very complex one.  It seems that this is the rightful domain of systems engineers, except here we are talking about a social system not a machine.

549 - In a social system, the members have talents, skills, and abilities; assigned roles and responsibilities; and psychological predispositions and needs that must be accommodated.

550 - The body is an incredibly complex machine which is the home for an incredibly complex symbol processing system that constitutes the brain ... which in turn seems to be the home in which the mind dwells.

551 - It is not my responsibility to educate anyone, or even to motivate anyone.  These are things that we must assume responsibility for on our own.  If by means of our interaction you learn something, or are motivated to do something that enables  the greater expression of spirit through you ... that is wonderful.

552 - All that I really advocate is for you to (1) discover whom that you are and (2) be and express whom that you are.  In doing so, you become one of the legion of spiritual workers doing their part to change the world in beneficial ways.  This is all that I ask of you or anyone ... be whom that you truly are, whatever that is.

553 - We discover what we came to do by following our passion.

554 - It is in those things that we are passionate about where we find that our most powerful and beneficial expression lies.

555 - We either live in a spiritual world or we do not.  You can't have it both ways.  At some level, everything is spirit in expression ... everything, no exceptions.  Both light and shadow are the manifestation of spirit in expression.

556 - It is in some of our darkest moments that we learn some of our greatest lessons.

557 - Independence required breaking away from the established order.  Interdependence can be a realization that occurs within the present order.

558 - We are interdependent now in many ways.  Our lives will improve greatly when we accept this fact and align our actions in accord with this.

559 - The plan of consciousness unfolds in its own timing.  Yet, at the same time we are consciousness in expression ... so, however we are moved to express is part of the plan of consciousness too.  That means our will as well is the will of consciousness expressing through us.

560 - People are trying to do a good job.  They may not have the right knowledge, skills, training, or talents ... but they are trying nonetheless.

561 - We find whatever we seek, maybe not right away, but eventually.

562 - Our spiritual work, our mission, is indeed our play ... or, at least, it should be.

563 - My sense is that at some level we intuitively know what we are here to do and when we are doing it well.

564 - Our lives are meant to be masterpieces.  However, that requires us to be masters in the art of reality creation.  For, our reality constitutes our life ... that is, it is the life that we experience.

565 - Being aware of being aware is an advanced state to experience.  It is subtle, requiring only a slight shift.  At the same time, it is highly profound.

566 - There is no one out there to judge what I do or how I do it.  I accomplish this quite well on my own.  Looking back, I have always been far more judgmental of myself than I experienced from anyone else.

567 - How can I ... one person among 6 billion, make a substantial impact on the world?  The answer that comes to mind is: by being whom that I AM, and doing what I am moved by spirit to do.  It's as simple as that ... and as complex as that.

568 - In the end it is the services that we provide, the works that we do that define us and that are our gifts to the world.

569 - When you think about it ... we consume a lot, just to live as we do in a free society.  To balance the scale, we should be giving back a lot.  We do this by providing services to others.  

570 - It is not enough simply to do our jobs at work and take care of our family.  We need to extend this to serving the family of man.  That means taking on a level of responsibility in society that many have not thought about, much less chosen to accept.

571 - If we want to take the next step in evolution, we need to start thinking as a society composed of individuals rather than as individuals joined together into social groupings.

572 - We are one family ... we are one world.

573 - Just as in the body, where a small lump of gray matter inside the skull seems to control the world of the self ... there is a small portion of the population of the world that seems to control the world.

574 - Much of human history has been the story of competition playing itself out among individuals, among tribes, among companies, among countries, among political ideologies, and among religions.  Even science has advocated evolution as being driven by the competition for survival.

575 - In the Aquarian Age, ideas will be extremely important ... especially fixed ideas.  Fixed ideas form a solid foundation around which a new reality and correspondingly a new world can be created.

576 - We live in a time when we can conform reality to our bidding.  We are magicians that can create whatever reality we so choose.

577 - What we think, what we believe ... we manifest in our lives.

578 - Life is meant to have meaning.  It is meant to be an adventure.  We are meant to encounter the unknown, explore it, and integrate it into our lives.

579 - Life is the expression of spirit if flesh.  As such, it is perfect ... at least to the degree that it can be in the moment.

580 - When our body is suffering, it affects the entire function of our being.  Similarly when significant parts of the body of humanity are suffering ... it seems shameful that other parts can live at high levels of abundance.  It seems so unfair.

581 - Faith is a powerful thing.  Not necessarily faith in the religious sense, though that has its utility.  But, faith in the very process of life unfolding.

582 - The universe is a very benign place if we allow it to be and expect it to be.

583 - Limitations are self imposed ... they always are.  They can only exist as long as we accept them as real.

584 - I truly consider this expression to be a precious gift ... first from consciousness to me, but also from consciousness through me to you. At this point in my life, my sense is that this is indeed the greatest gift that I can give to the world.  That makes it worthy of my attention, and of my time and effort.

585 - There is incredible cooperation that takes place behind the scenes to ensure that necessary connections are made in the world.  These connections are between individuals and ideas ... and between individuals and other individuals.

586 - We go through our lives from one situation to the next mostly reacting to what we encounter.  At some point we realize that we are responsible for our lives.  Being responsible means being able to respond.  This involves having choices as to how we respond.

587 - Just last week someone told me that the difference between being reactive and proactive is a matter of time.  We react in the moment, generally without thinking about what we are doing.  To be proactive, we have to take the time to think about alternatives and choose what is best under the circumstances.

588 - The bottom line comes down to what we do.  Who we are supplies the potential.  However, what we do is how we apply that potential.  For me, service is what counts.  In particular, the service that we provide to others and to society.

589 - A new age demands new concepts and new ways of living.  Cooperation is a keystone for this age.  In particular, conscious cooperation freely chosen.

590 - The very choice to be open and invite change, is the step necessary to allow it comes forth.  That is one of the tricks to reality creation ... it is not so much a matter of making things happen, but rather to simply allow them to happen.

591 - We may find that spirit has far better things in store for us than we could imagine for ourselves.  Then again, our imagination is one of the tools that we've been given through which spirit manifests such things in our lives.

592 - There is a sense that we need to take responsibility for manifesting our own reality ... both individual and en masse.  There is much that we can do.  Further, some things can only be done by us.  The saying God helps those who help themselves comes to mind.

593 - We are gods eyes and gods hands.  We are the instruments through which spirit does its work in our lives and in the world.  Our works are spirits works through us.

594 - We create our reality whether we believe that we do or not.  One key result from this is that there is no one but us to blame for anything that happens to us.  This is a powerful pill to swallow, and many live their entire lifetimes without realizing this truth.

595 - The laws of physics apply to us whether we believe that they do or not.  Further, they apply equally to each of us.  Spiritual laws are no different.  They just operate in a different domain.

596 - We are all allotted our time on the planet.  We come back existence after existence until we learn what we are meant to learn.  In particular, until we learn whom that we are and why we are here.  But that is not enough ... we need to do something with what we learn.

597 - Ultimately, we get the most by giving the most ... by serving in whatever way we are moved to serve.  This is how we get what we need.  We employ the laws of spirit that say as ye sow, so shall ye reap and never take more than you give.

598 - We prime the spiritual pump of abundance by giving.  In giving, we create a void, a vacuum that nature ensures gets filled.  Whatever we need to draw into our life, that is the key ... to create a void for it.

599 - This moment is special ... as is every moment, if only we choose to make it so.

600 - It is amazing how combinations of 26 letters, a space, and a few punctuation marks can be sufficient to create untold works from the mundane to the extraordinary.  Among our most gifted writers and poets ... these symbols are as paints in the hands of a master artist.

601 - We can make things happen ... but, it is usually better to allow spirit to do her works in our lives.  Consciousness knows what needs to be done and through whom.  We know this as well ... just not consciously.

602 - Everything that consciousness knows is open to us when we can get to the right vibration from which to ask.  Jesus said it clearly ... seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be answered, knock and the door shall be opened unto thee. Or something to that effect.

603 - It is not for us to compare what we experience with another ... though it doesn't hurt to get a different perspective from time to time.

604 - This is where the unmanifest becomes manifest.  This is where words and ideas are given birth.  The parents seem to be my own consciousness plus an equally important unseen that appears as a voice within ... she is spirit or consciousness herself to me.

605 - I am the proud father of these works ... but in many ways they are only partly mine.  I'm not sure how else to express this.  Many concepts seem to gestate within for long periods of time before hatching ideas of their own.

606 - There is something important about stream of consciousness expression.  It reveals a lot about the nature of consciousness ... about it's organization, or lack thereof; but most importantly, about its immediacy.

607 - Here we find expression occurring in realtime.  There is no thought about what is to be covered or how it is to be covered.  There is no planning.  There is only now, and expressing what comes forth in this precious moment.

608 - Between movies, videos, music, and TV ... we have the opportunity to influence many quickly in ways that we have never had before.

609 - What does it take to move others to believe differently, and even more important, to act differently as a result of the new beliefs?  After all, that is the true test of whether we really believe something or not.  Beliefs require the willingness to act in accord with.

610 - Jonathan Livingston Seagull comes to mind.  My interests are not like those of the other gulls, focused on eating and meeting the basic needs for existence and survival.  My focus is on flying ... soaring in consciousness to the degree that I can.

611 - Those who have made their discoveries in consciousness in the past did so based on the times in which they lived and the prevalent belief systems of their time.

612 - The most developed among us have always been out of step with the mainstream and walked to the beat of our own drummer.

613 - Life itself, is the expression of consciousness in flesh.  One question that comes to mind is what about the expression of consciousness outside of flesh?  The sense is that while we are in this existence, unless it is expressed in flesh it doesn't count.

614 - We can be the creators of our reality, and the masters of our fate.  Perhaps we are this whether we consciously know it or not.

615 - Within, there is a source that knows everything that we could possibly need to know, either directly ... or via an ability to access and/or bring into our lives whatever we need to know.  The operative term is need to know

616 - Each of us as individuals is precious.  Each of us is worthy of herculean efforts on the part of consciousness.  Each of us will experience exactly what we need to develop into the beings that we need to be to know and carry out our missions.

617 - Many people find it difficult to look deeply into their own eyes in a mirror.  Similarly, they find it difficult to look deeply into the eyes of others.  There is a reason that the eyes have been called the windows to the soul.  Similarly, the heart has been called the seat of the soul.

618 - So let it be written, so let it be done.  Is that the secret to reality creation?  Is it all a matter of declaring what we desire to be in writing so that the forces of the universe can be marshaled to do our bidding?

619 - My works are my children, especially my spiritual works.  It is through these works that whom that I AM will live on in the world ... while whom that I truly am moves on to other realms.

620 - No regrets.  If I were to die tomorrow, I want to know that I fulfilled my mission as fully as I could in my life to date.  That is the key, no regrets.

621 - Don't delay until tomorrow what can be completed today.  This is a very demanding way to live ones life.  However, we need to be careful about what we deem important.

622 - Busily doing things is not necessarily the most productive way to live our lives.  It is amazing what some quiet time can do for the mind and for the soul.

623 - The new age offers great hope for completely new manifestations of utopian ideals.  It is time to build the foundations necessary to bring the stuff of our imaginations down to Earth.  Utopias don't have to be out there beyond our grasp.  We can manifest them here and now.

624 - We may have to start with prototype communities.  However, as soon as we find things that work, there is no reason these can't be spread like wildfire ... for the fire of spirit will be behind them.

625 - It is becoming more and more important for me to seek and do those tasks that are mine to do ... and not take on those tasks that rightfully should be done by others.

626 - Beyond Imagination is effectively an organization of one.  The sense that I just got was and rightly so for it deals primarily with the greater expression of the one consciousness in flesh through all of us collectively.

627 - In some areas, cause and effect are fully operative.  In other areas they are not.  It helps greatly if we know the difference.

628 - Logic and reasoning have their utility ... however, so does intuition, and sometimes both need to be applied cooperatively.  The more we engage our whole brain in the endeavors that we undertake ... the better the results overall.

629 - The very fact that this expression could come forth in this manner, could be manifest in flesh is a major breakthrough for consciousness.  Literally, this is a process by which consciousness is breaking through into flesh, and hence into the world.

630 - Along with free will comes complete responsibility ... which gets enforced via spiritual law regardless of what we believe.  This does not necessarily happen within a single lifetime.  The karmic bank accounts seem to span far beyond that.

631 - We simply play our roles as assigned to the best of our abilities.  We are magnificent actors, indeed.  Though it seems that some are more talented, or at least more educated in this, than others.

632 - We are also gods and goddesses, creators of reality in our own rights, though most are not aware of their powers in this area.

633 - As little as one generation ago, there were no metaphysical bestsellers.  In fact, in many parts of the country, such materials were labeled occult, and associated with witchcraft and the like. 

634 - The Seth books are still among the best channeled works that have ever been produced.  Jane Roberts passed away many years ago, but her works ... and Seth's works provide us with a rich legacy, one that has had a major effect on many.

635 - As an explorer of consciousness, it is not necessary for me to know who benefits from my reports of my journeys.  At some point there may be others whom I work with in this endeavor, but right now, I do not know who these might be.

636 - Interesting ... we see the elephant from different sides, not realizing that all that has changed is our point of view.  And this, we have complete control over.  We are free to observe things from any point of view.  However, it may take some training to be able to reach the states of consciousness from which these points of view are seen.

637 - Writing is important to me.  It is like eating, drinking, breathing, and exercising.  It is my way of releasing tension ... of providing a relief valve for all that is bottled within me.

638 - This expression is where I allow myself full reign to be whom that I AM, and to express that as fully as consciousness will allow.  This is also where I discover whom that I AM, as I venture out and explore the unknown realms of consciousness.

639 - The unknown is not such a scary place ... it can be challenging, and even invigorating.  Then again, my destiny seems to involve being an explorer of consciousness.

640 - We are cooperatively interdependent now.  However, we can take this to a whole new level.  It is a matter of choice.  When will we make that choice?  When will we realize how much we are missing?  When will we realize how inefficiently we operate collectively?

641 - There is a sense that answers lie within the very process of questioning.  Something Einstein said come to mind ... Problems cannot be solved at the level responsible for creating the problem.  We must rise above this to find solutions.  This requires being open to new possibilities.

642 - You will know me more from reading these works than anyone in the world knows me ... with the possible exception of my wife.

643 - We are only beginning to see the power and the freedom of an information age.  One area that we are struggling with is access to information, and the ease by which digital information can be replicated and disseminated.  This goes against all of our concepts of copywrite and ownership of information.

644 - In a free market economy, all of the costs are born by the consumers ... plus any profits that companies make above and beyond the costs involved in providing the goods and services.

645 -  There seems to be a high overhead associated with doing business.  Yes, it is competitive within various markets ... but it is not clear that any thought is going into how the economy as a whole functions and if we are truly providing the goods and services that are needed in efficient and effective ways to those in need of them.

646 - There is a fundamental flaw in capitalism and the free market economy.  John Nash, the main character on which the movie A Beautiful Mind was based, proved that the greatest good comes not when individuals act solely in their best interest but rather when individuals consider the collective good and well as their own best interest when they make their choices.  Yet, even now, over 40 years later, we have yet to teach individuals that this is so and further, how to apply this in their daily lives.

647 - It seems that anyone operating in our markets needs to be operating fairly, honestly, and in a win-win manner ... or they shouldn't be allowed to play the game.  It is that simple.

648 - We have moved from an era of let the buyer beware to let the seller be responsible.  This is a major change in the rules.  Yet, it is not clear that we have announced that the rules have changed ... nor set up the infrastructure to monitor behavior and enforce the new rules.

649 - I would have it my way as the saying goes and follow the path that is right for me.  For the most part, it seems to be a path that I have to create for myself.  I do not expect others to follow it.  I invite others to join me ... but, it is not clear whether anyone ever will.

650 - My sense is that there must be a better way ... that if we were operating as a society, we wouldn't tolerate all the waste and inefficiency.  Further, we wouldn't tolerate all of the pain and suffering.  Yes, there is individual responsibility at play as well. However, this does not diminish the responsibility of the whole for taking care of the whole ... including each individual.

651 - Where we have people living at or below the poverty level, we are saying that it is OK for people to suffer and for people to receive less than they need to live a decent life.  This is a measure of the level of responsibility that we have accepted both individually and collectively.

652 - I am ready to boldly go where no one has gone before, if that is necessary.  I trust consciousness so deeply that I have no fear of losing my mind ... as if I had something to say in the matter.  It seems that I will experience exactly what I need to experience.  Similarly, I will express what I can and must express.

653 - I live a life of destiny now, even more so than I ever have before.  It is not for me to decide how I will expend my energy.  It is for me to allow ... and be the active vessel through which spirit does her work in the world.

654 - But, what about my responsibility for my own choices?  I take complete responsibility.  However, I actively choose not to invoke my will in those areas where the will of spirit knows better.

655 - There is a sense that people are doing the best that they can under the circumstances in which they find themselves.  In general, people try to make the right choice and do the right thing.  They don't always succeed, but they try.

656 - I demand a lot from myself, more than anyone has a right to demand.  But, I take the directive be all that you can be to heart.  Because of this, I am not satisfied with less.  However, I don't impose this standard upon others.  I don't know who they are or what they've experienced, so I have no right to pass judgment.

657 - This expression continuously amazes me.  There is something about free creative expression that is special.  It truly is a gift from the gods, or perhaps more correctly, the Goddess ... as this source has always been feminine to me.

658 - Life is about the expression of spirit in flesh.  We are the instruments of consciousness.  She orchestrates all that is expressed.

659 - Is it true that I see what no one else can see?  Am I that unique of an expression of consciousness?

660 - I have been in this world as a stranger in a strange land.  I don't know how many others like me are in the world.  I can't believe that I am alone.  Surely, not in a country of over 300 million and a world of over 6 billion.

661 - This endeavor is a bold new expression of consciousness.  It results in the creation of something that has never been expressed in this manner before.

662 - Each of us is a unique expression of consciousness.  Never before has spirit expressed in the manner it does both personally and collectively.

663 - There are opportunities to excel everywhere.  We just have to be open to them and take advantage of them when they come.  Opportunities are often challenges and sometimes even problems.  I think it was Richard Bach who said "you seek problems because you need their gifts."

664 - Indeed, challenges make life interesting.  They force us to confront whom that we are.  They allow us to discover what we are capable of.

665 - I have no desire to have followers.  Except, perhaps, in the sense of follow me so that ye can see as I see, go where I go, and do as I do.

666 - My experiences provide a jumping off point by demonstrating how spirit can express in one life anyway.  And, what works for me, just may work for you too.  Whether it does or not is up to you to assess for yourself.  Not everything works for everyone.  But, if we follow our inner source, we will find exactly what is right for us.

667 - Operating at a spiritual level requires some commitment.  It takes observation, awareness, and lots of practice.  The later is required because we have to exercise our spiritual muscles to develop them.  To stretch our consciousness, we must stretch our minds.  We must learn to think in new ways, ways that go beyond reasoning and rational thinking.

668 - My hope is that this stream of consciousness allows you to walk in my shoes so to speak ... and in doing so allows you to experience life differently as a result.  This is my way of sharing what I see, feel, and know in the most intimate manner that I can.

669 - The sense is that I am meant to lead an extraordinary life.  Nothing less than this is acceptable to me. I have been blessed with many gifts.  These gifts are to be used in service to others in some manner.  Not in traditional ways ... for many can serve in this manner, but in ways that fully employ whom that I am in ways that make a real difference.

670 - I must lead a life of meaning, a life which demonstrates what we can be and what we can do when we open ourselves and allow spirit to express through us.

671 - The words continue to flow forth coming from a source within.  There is no stimulus that triggers them.  They are not a reaction, rather more of a spontaneous expression.  Yet, there is some structure here ... one that I am not consciously applying or even recognizing.

672 - These are not the musings of a madman.  Though many, including doctors, might consider this expression as suspect at best and definitely outside the realm of the normal.

673 - It is time to express more of what is locked within me.  This is my choice to make.  The locks are of my own making.  I hold all the keys.  It is simply a matter of deciding which locks to open and trying the keys until I find the ones that work.  There is a sense that the keys are beliefs.  That is the playground where the work of reality creation is done.  That is the garden where I must plant to reap new fruits in my life.

674 - We can transform the world.  And, we can literally do it overnight.  It is a matter of choice, and of releasing the right information to get people motivated to cooperate and work together to achieve what none can achieve alone.

675 - At an inner level, we already know that reality creation operates through incredible cooperation.  To take this further, we need to consciously choose to cooperate and do our parts to make the world a better place for all of us.

676 - Each of us have a role to play.  Further, that role is tailored to our unique talents and abilities.  We will know what is ours to do.  We will gravitate to it naturally.  All that it takes is to listen inside and follow source wheresoever she leads us ... and when we get there, to be whom that we truly are, and to express that as fully as we can in each and every moment.

677 - We are grand beings, each and every one of us.  However, it is only through choice and actions that we can express this in the world.  It is not enough to simply be whom that we are ... we must take the next step and act in accord with this.  When we do that, we share our light with the world, and we live a life of greatness.

678 - That is what you get from stream of consciousness material.  Any organization comes from hidden parts of ourselves.  It is interesting to see what flows forth ... and to contemplate what kinds of intelligence were necessary for the expression to take place in the manner that it did.

679 - Spirit helps those who help themselves ... comes to mind.  We need to cooperate and do what we can do, not only for ourselves, but for others, for our society, and for our world.  This is a choice that we must make.  For most, it doesn't just happen automatically.

680 - Service to others is all that truly matters in this world.  In all other modes of operation we take.  In providing service, we give.

681 - One of the guiding principles from the Lion King is to never take more than you give.  That is how we create abundance in society.  If each gives more that they take, there is always a surplus.  We need to ensure that this surplus occurs on all levels ... physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  For then, our society can truly soar to new heights that have only been imagined before.

682 - Spirit thrives on the diversity of experience and expression.  Do that which feels right and natural for you.  But don't get too attached on any one way.  Allow some flexibility and be open to experiencing and expressing differently should the opportunity present itself.

683 - Sage advice.  It seems that it always is when it comes from inner sources.  But it is not right because I say so.  Find that space within you which knows whether what I say applies to you or not.  Use whatever you find to be useful.  Ignore the rest, or save it for a later time in your life when it may apply.

684 - The bulk of what we experience as reality is the direct result of our beliefs.  If we don't like what we experience, that is the place to make the necessary changes ... with the beliefs.

685 - Beliefs determine what we experience and to a large degree how we experience, and how we interpret what the experience means.  Of these, it seems what matter most is the interpretation, the meaning that we apply to what we experience.  This above all else is under our control..

686 - There is something magical about this expression.  It is soothing and healing to me, and is definitely beneficial.  But, is it so to others?  Perhaps this is the output of a troubled or disturbed mind?  If so, we should all be so troubled ... it would make the world a far better place.

687 - Every day is a new adventure.  Every day brings new opportunities for expression.  It is for us to be the adventurer and to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way ... knowing that at some level we are the very creator that is manifesting the opportunities.

688 - Cooperative interdependence is the banner sign for the new age.  Independence is the way of the past.  It had its utility ... but only as a stepping stone.  The world is interdependent.  The human family and our animal friends are interdependent.

689 - There is a hoop, a circle that never ends that connects everything to everything.  What we do to one, we do to all.  We cannot tolerate war, hate, and aggression any longer.  It is time to weave a peaceful world.

690 - People are being trained for the roles they are meant to play in the new age.  No, this is not happening in the conventional way, through specific training.  Rather, it is happening naturally by where people are choosing and being moved to apply their attention, time, and energy.

691 - Observe without attachment and without expectation.  It is important to be open to seeing what is there, as well as what could be.  We can trust source to come up with the means of getting us from what is there to what could be.  However, source needs us as her eyes and her hands.  This gets back to the reality that there is only ONE Consciousness ... and we are all parts of that, individual cells within the same one whole.

692 - The ONE can only experience limitation through us.  It can only know what we know by the very process of our knowingness.  It can only experience the varieties of awareness through our awareness.

693 - We literally are spirit incarnate.  Our awareness is spirits awareness.  Our experience is spirits experience.  Our expression is spirits expression.  Everything is spirit ... no fine print, no exceptions.  We are gods/goddesses in flesh.

694 - The more sophisticated and complicated our organizations, the higher the vibrations of spirit that can be embodied in flesh.

695 - I don't know how many people are aware of where they fit within the overall scheme of things, and have reached a point where they consciously decide where to expend their energies for maximal impact.  This is a sign of enlightened behavior.

696 - There are many common themes that come up repeatedly in this expression.  The sense is that repetition is like practice, driving the ideas home until they take root and become an automatic part of our being.

697 - Practice is important in increasing our competence in the areas and skills involved.  We learn best by doing.  Often this requires stepping beyond fear ... and allowing ourselves to be whom that we truly are, and to express this.

698 - From one standpoint, we are indeed beautiful peacocks ... some of us on the outside, others on the inside, and many a combination of both.

699 - Ultimately we must find a way first to know whom that we are and then to be whom that we are.  This requires expressing in a manner that is congruent ... that is consistent with the energies of spirit that are flowing through us.

700 - We are the vessels and channels through which spirit expresses.  We are spirit enfleshed.  Everything is spirit ... there simply is nothing else.

701 - Equality amidst incredible diversity is a cornerstone of spiritual expression.  We all have our differences, different abilities and talents, different preferences, different likes and dislikes ...  Yet, in some manner we are all created equal.

702 - We consider this country a land of equal opportunity.  However, this does not imply that the opportunities are the same for everyone.  Equal does not mean identical, nor should it be.  Opportunity is matched to our needs for experience and expression.

703 - In a very real way, we create our own opportunity and our own fate for that matter.

704 - I trust that there is always room to safely take the next step.  However, I have no visibility of the path beyond that.  There is no foresight that allows me to see the endpoint or even some intermediate point that lies ahead on the path.

705 - I cannot plan for what lies ahead.  It seems that I am being forced to live more and more in the moment ... and to do what I moved to do in that moment.

706 - Each day is a new day.  Each day offers a new opportunity for expression and for being of service.  We need to be grateful for all that we are given.  The best way of showing our gratitude is by finding a way to use what we are given in service to others, to society, and to our world.

707 - Yes, I have asked from where this flow originates.  The only answer I have found acceptable is that it comes from source within me ... a source that links me to the ONE consciousness that animates us all.

708 - I choose to expend a significant fraction of my time engaged in this expression.  The bottom line is that I need no reasons.  It is enough to express for the sheer joy of creative expression.

709 - Direct knowingness is a faculty that lies within us all.  It comes from a deep connection to source, the ONE consciousness which is omniscient.  It knows everything, because it is EVERYTHING.  Hmm ... everything that is known at that point in time.  This changes in each moment, as new discoveries are made and the sum of the collective knowledge increases.

710 - At what point have we done our fair share?  First, our "fair share" is dependent on our gifts and abilities.  There is a graduated scale that applies.   To those whom much has been given, much is expected.

711 - How do we know when we are doing enough?  We will know because we will feel fulfilled and our life will be abundant in whatever manners are meaningful to us.

712 - This is how we personally experience being ONE consciousness.  We connect with others in ways that allow us to blend and merge our energies, interrelate, and enter into cooperatively interdependent relationships.

713 - Each of us take one path through life.  In the course of this path, it appears that we have choices.  Whether we do or not is another matter.  We are never given the opportunity to go back to a previous point and make a different choice.

714 - There is nothing in our experience that allows us to detect whether we truly have a choice, or whether we simply experience a predestined choice.

715 - We may argue that there is a reason or set of reasons why we made a particular choice ... however, we simply cannot rule out that we are an actor following a script that a playwright other than our conscious self was responsible for.

716 - There is something about spiritual expression that brings out the best in us and in all those whose lives we touch.  There is something miraculous about engaging with consciousness in this manner.  Here, we are engaged directly in the process of co-creation, involving creativity of a very high order.

717 - We express what can be expressed through us because we must ... because in a real way, that is whom that we are.

718 - ONE consciousness ... there is ONE consciousness animating us all.  We are ONE, in more ways then we might consider possible.  What we do to one, we do to all.  What any one of us experience, all of us experience.

719 - What any one of us know, the whole knows ... and that knowingness can be shared with anyone else at any time.

720 - Though cooperation we can manifest incredible things in the world.

721 - Spirit has lain dormant for many centuries, even millennia, awaiting a time when her forces could be unleashed to do their works in the world.  Now is that time.  If this expression is any indication, something shifted around the beginning of this year.

722 - One foot in front of the other, one step at a time is how we get from where we are to where we need to be.

723 - We will know in which direction to move, because we will be directed by spirit herself, or will follow the lead of others who are so directed.  And, if this takes us to the edge of the cliff and beyond ... then that is exactly where we need to be.

724 - We can trust that there is a spiritual destiny that is manifesting ... and that each of us have a role in that destiny.  We simply have to go within to find it.  That can be scary if we have not done the self work necessary to gain an understanding of whom that we are sufficient to know that what we find within can indeed be trusted.

725 - Fear should not keep us from doing the things that we know we must do.

726 - How much evidence do we need that spirit is expressing in our world in more powerful ways than she has ever done before?  The mass consciousness is being prepared for something.  There are massive changes in store ahead ... yet it only requires subtle shifts of awareness to be ready for them and to be able to deal with them effectively.

727 - The road to the future can be easy or it can be difficult ... it is our choice.  Each of us decides how we will experience this primarily by how we embrace change and new ways of seeing things and doing things.

728 - We are brethren ... brothers and sisters all.  We are meant to help one another.  We are meant to be responsible for one another.  That does not relieve our responsibility for ourselves.  However, it puts self in a larger context, the context of society. JULY 2002

729 - It is not for us to compare ourselves with another.  We come from different places and different levels of awareness, hence our choices will be different.  In fact, they will be unique to us ... for despite appearances to the contrary, we are each unique expressions of the one consciousness 

730 - We have come to learn of whom we are, and even more important to be and express whom that we are.  In doing so, we will fulfill the destiny that we came to fulfill.  This can be easy or difficult depending on whether we go with the flow or fight it.  The choice is ours.

731 - This is a game we are playing.  The objective of games is not to win ... but, to have fun playing.

732 - We are what we are.  Though, I would venture to guess that most people do not have a clue as to how to describe whom and what they are.

733 - Look at me as a case in point.  I am the one through whom this expression could come forth in this manner.  What does that really say about me, and what does it say about the nature of the source of this stream of consciousness?  Clearly it speaks volumes.  Literally!  But, what does it really say?

734 - Perhaps this is a difference between extroverts and introverts.  The first find things outside themselves and need to realize I AM THAT.  The later find things inside themselves and need to realize I AM THAT.  In both cases the nature of the realization required is the same.  Both types need to find ways to accommodate whatever they encounter into their reality frameworks.

735 - I am one person moved by spirit.  What difference can I make?  I will make the difference that I am destined to make, nothing more and nothing less.  I will know what this is when I make it.

736 - This expression is one of my crowning glories.  It has truly been a labor of love going into its tenth year.  Every word crafted out of nothingness.  Every idea fashioned as spirit alone could fashion it ... to the degree that it could be expressed through me at the time anyway.

737 - The are indeed many mansions within, mansions that it could take a lifetime to explore.  Yet, that is not my destiny either.  There is a sense that I am to explore enough of the inner to provide a framework for expressing spirit in the outer in bold new ways.

738 - Consciousness has a special place in my life.  She is my benefactor and my friend, she is my teacher and my guide, she leads me to where I need to go when I need to be there.  Through her I live my life ... she is my inspiration.  She drives me to do what I can do ... moreover, what I must do.  Without her I am lost, as a ship without a rudder.  No, it has not always been smooth sailing, but she has always been there to help ride out the storms.  I can count on her as I count on no one else in my life ... other than myself, and even then, she has greater strength and wisdom by far.  I can't imagine living my life without a direct connection to her.  She completes me somehow.  Through her, everything that I could ever need is brought forth unto me.  I have only to ask.  And often, what I most need comes forth even before I ask.

739 - Each of us is a unique aspect of all that is.  It is for us to realize how special and precious this makes us.  Each and every one of us.

740 - Everything within me says that there is a mission that I came to accomplish.  In particular, a mission that involves being a midwife to the Aquarian Age ... and building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.

741 - It is high time that the amount of spiritual expression in our world increased dramatically.  However, that requires that each of us do our part.  And, even more important, it requires that those in positions of power and influence start using their resources and abilities in ways that serve society ... in ways deserving of the talents that they have been so blessed to receive and the roles that they have assumed in the play of consciousness.

742 - People rise to the positions that they are meant to occupy ... and they are somehow worthy of the positions that they reach.  However, worthiness is something that must be demonstrated by right action.  Those in leadership positions are meant to lead by example.  They are not better than others ... they simply have roles that they came to play for which they are qualified.

743 - I point the way to the land of spirit, to a world where consciousness plays by different rules than apply to the consensus world.  I have been given the privilege of catching glimpses of the spiritual world and some of the meaning embedded in the symbol systems that surround us.  The spiritual world coexists with the physical one.  It simply has additional dimensions and additional webs of interconnectivity of information.

744 - At deep levels, we are never really out of control ... though the control may not be consciously applied.  Our Self, our soul, is always in control at some level ... always.

745 - At some level, we are all masters at the art of reality creation.

746 - One either believes that we create our own reality, or one does not.  If we do create it, even if on other then conscious levels, and I strongly believe that we do, then we do it fully without fine print or exceptions.

747 - There is nothing that can stop me from doing what spirit would have me do.  That doesn't mean that there won't be some challenges and even obstacles that get in the way.  However ... with spirit on my side, nothing is insurmountable.

748 - I know that I have the abilities and talents to do a lot. To whom much is given, much is expected.  I can live with that.  Responsibility is never something that I have shied away from.  I feel personally responsible for saving the world.

749 - It is not clear from what the world needs to be saved.  I don't believe in a concept of salvation.  However, I do believe in a concept of service.  Somehow, I consider myself to be a world server ... whatever that means.

750 - Our natures are literally written in the stars, and in our names, as well as in our genes.  It is amazing how much information about us is encoded in the various symbol systems around us.

751 - What is under our control is what we do from this day forward.  At least, it seems to be under our control for the most part.  Then again, perhaps this too is illusion.

752 - Fate has its way of entering into our affairs.  There is a destiny for each of us that will not be denied.  It will play itself out as it must in our lives.

753 - Life unfolds exactly as it is meant to unfold.  Each event, each choice, each experience, each expression is exactly what it needs to be.

754 - We live in very fast-paced and hectic times overall.  There does not seem to be sufficient time to care for the soul.  Then again, that depends on where we place our priorities and choose to expend our time and resources.

755 - There is always time to do the things that need to be done.  The trick is to place the right things in the need to be done category.

756 - We need to tell the universe what we want ... and expect to get it.  However, we also need to feel that we are deserving enough of the things that we want.  We do this through service.  This is what primes the economic pump.  This is what creates abundance in our lives.

757 - here seems to be a tradeoff between what we can receive and what we need to sell our soul to do.

758 - What ye give shall be returned unto thee ... and manyfold.  The most valuable thing that we can give is ourselves.

759 - We are incredible beings, capable of so much.  However, it is for us to realize this and then to do what we are capable of doing for not only our own welfare but for the benefit of others.

760 - With awareness comes all things.  This is truly the key to everything.  The more we grow in awareness, the more fully spirit can express in flesh through us.

761 - I am not meant to be as other men.  I am not one of the many.  Rather, I am one of the few.  I have lived my life in a manner consistent with this.  My sense is that I will continue to find ways to express so long as my feet tread upon this earth ... and so long as my spirit soars in the clouds.

762 - Things evolve into greater and greater complexity, and as they do, the possibilities for spirit to express grow as well.

763 - We are still a young country by world standards.  Many older societies still consider us children.  Oh, we have an economy that is the envy of the developed and developing countries.  But, it seems we don't have the wisdom to go with our strength.  That, or we don't realize and utilize the wisdom that we do have.

764 - Old habits can be difficult to change.  I've become so accustomed to keeping my own company that it is a major stretch to extend this to incorporate others.  However, stretching becomes easier the more that you do it.  The easiest way to learn how to do something is simply to do it.

765 - The only thing holding us back is the limitations that we impose on ourselves.  These typically show up as fears ... as places where we are afraid to tread.  It is time to realize this and rise beyond the limitations.  We are to be whom that we are, not just for ourselves but for others.

766 - Ye shall know them by their works is a great truth.  It applies to all of us.  What we do is what distinguishes us.  What we do is what makes all the difference in our lives and in our world.

767 - It is through action that we demonstrate what ideas we really believe in and thus give impetus to create them in our reality.

768 - Reality creation is one of the most important endeavors that we engage in.  It seems that if we are to play the game well, we must learn the rules, and learn the techniques which optimize getting the results and experience we want out of the game of life.

769 - It seems that much of our lives are consumed in the process of day to day existence.  At the end of each day, there is little to show for what has been expended.

770 - It is time to evolve and grow into whom that I know that I AM, fully realizing that this is only a part of whom that I truly AM.

771 - One step at a time.  With each step forward, the next step becomes clear. Life is a journey, not a destination.

772 - The trick is to enjoy the process, and trust that you are being led to exactly where you need to be when you need to be there.

773 - This expression continues to amaze me.  It definitely soothes and restores my soul.  It is here that I stand arm to arm with spirit, tapping the source within to bring forth whatever would be expressed.  The very fact that the expression comes forth is sufficient to justify its existence.

774 - By the same logic, we are beings.  Beings by their very nature exist.  We need no other reason to be.  Though, it seems that we are meant to do something with are beingness.  We are to experience, to learn, to grow, and to express.

775 - This is not the stuff of fiction.  There are no characters developed and no settings described and no plots or stories unveiled.  There is no planning ... at least no conscious planning ... that goes into this expression.

776 - I have said before that I am very much a scribe in this process, writing (or typing) what appears in my mind as the silent voice of consciousness herself.  There is a sense that whom that I am is able to resonate with what I call source in a manner that allows these words to manifest as they do.

777 - I can think when necessary, but awareness lies beyond thought.  Similarly, the true reality lies Beyond Imagination.  It is by far more intriguing, interesting, and complex than anything that we can imagine.

778 - Most of what I do each day will have limited utility and value in the long run.  But, what I express here, seems timeless somehow, and of lasting value.  That makes it very precious to me.  It is something that I can do that others do not seem to be able to do.

779 - We must be willing to try new things, evaluate what works and doesn't work, and adapt our processes appropriately based on this evaluation.

780 - I trust that my life is unfolding in accord with a plan that consciousness has in store for me.  That is enough.  It is not for me to force things in accord with my will.  I have chosen to live a life of spirit. Thy will be done.  That is a motto that I choose to live by.

781 - Many times I have wandered to the edge, trusting that spirit is supporting me and would not bring into my life more than I could safely handle.

782 - We create reality in accordance with our beliefs ... both individually and en masse.  That is simply the way it is.  We can choose to accept this and consciously co-create the reality we would prefer, or we can ignore this and allow other than conscious processes to create this by default.

783 - I don't spend much time exploring other peoples thoughts anymore ... because the source within is so prolific and speaks so clearly to me.

784 - We can only do so much ... but we will be amazed at just how much that is when we remove some of the self-imposed limitations.

785 - It is time to be set free, and allow our spirits to soar where they will.  However, it is also time to build the foundations that allow us to bring to earth what we find when we soar.

786 - The energies are ripe for the manifestation of all that we dream possible ... even Beyond Imagination.  From the beginning, I knew that name was right for this expression, and for everything I do in service to spirit.

787 - By conventional views, there is no way this expression should be what it is.  Yet, I am not one to be restricted by convention.  I would express whatever this consciousness can express in whatever manner would come forth.

788 - There is nothing wrong with mysteries ... in fact, they are what make life interesting.  Indeed, they are among the most important things that can happen to us.  Life itself is a mystery, as is spirit and consciousness.

789 - It is truly a wonderful gift that we exist ... and it is important to give of ourselves in return, thus making the most of what we have been so generously given.

790 - One thing that may help is to start seeing the sparks of consciousness within others, and realizing that we are all special and have important gifts to give to one another.  We do this by sharing our lives in meaningful ways.  We do this by entering into cooperative interdependent relationships.

791 - Doing the works of spirit is that important to me.  However, I get my direction internally by what I am moved to do and how I am moved to express. 

792 - This stream of consciousness is my primary means of spiritual expression.  It is here that I am doing what I most love to do in a manner that is magical and special.  It would help if this were to turn into a true conversation.

793 - It is fine to have and acknowledge unknown portions of our greater self.  We can trust whom that we are.  We are all souls incarnate.  As such, we know far more than we typically give ourselves credit for.

794 - Too many people look outside for authority ... when the true authority comes not from others, but from within us.

795 - We are all spirit incarnate.  We are all connected to the same one consciousness, some remotely by a very thin thread, others by a circuit of great capacity.  It is not so much a matter of what connection we have ... rather it is a matter of how well we use the connection we have been gifted with.

796 - Why is my stream any more important than that of any other.  The bottom line is that it isn't.  What is important is that sufficient attention is being paid to it to allow it to be expressed in writing and shared.  That makes it distinct.

797 - Our free time is the key resource that we have available to do the work of spirit.  This does not mean we must spend all of it in this manner ... but we should do our fair share.

798 - We need to find the spirit within that moves us.  If we follow this source, and do as it moves us to do, we will always be operating optimally.

799 - I am not one to shirk responsibilities, especially spiritual ones.  I bear my responsibilities gladly, grateful that I have been given the gifts necessary to carry them out.  At times, it seems that I have the very weight of the world on my shoulders.

800 - When we see everything as spirit expressed in flesh, the perspective changes dramatically.

801 - Two things noticeably lacking are cooperation and taking responsibility for one another.  These are higher level behaviors that appear by choice, not by chance.

802 - In a way, it is as if my life is not my own anymore.  Rather, it is a part of the very life of the universe.  I have a spiritual destiny to fulfill ... and I will gladly do whatever it takes to fulfill that destiny to the utmost of my abilities.

803 - Why an introvert is moved to do this in a manner that is shared openly with others is a mystery.  But, I simply do what I am moved to do ...

804 - The very fact that I spend an average of three hours a day on this expression is a bit odd in its own right, especially when I am the first to admit that I don't know exactly from where these words come, or how they are able to be expressed in this manner.  Am I sane?  Am I rational?  Does it even matter?

805 - We need to allow ourselves to be whom that we are, as fully and openly as we can, trusting that this is what god, nature, and the very universe means for us to be.

806 - One of the challenges of life is finding ways to choose love over fear wherever we can.  We do this by asking what love would do under whatever circumstances we face.  When we ask, and listen, the answer will come to us.

807 - My life is a life of spirit.  Consciousness guides me every step of the way.  My focus is on what I can do to serve spirit, and to facilitate the greater expression of spirit in flesh.  That is why I am here.  That is what ultimately gives my life meaning and allows me to be all that I AM.

808 - The bottom line is that I must be whom that I AM, and express as only I can express.  Yes, that is audacious.  But, this expression is my life ... or at least the part of my life that is most important.

809 - This expression comes forth from a place deep within, a place I call source, my direct connection to the one consciousness.

810 - I have the constant challenge of creating a reality construct that is sufficient to account for my experience.  This expression has a way of challenging much of what I believe, and of ensuring that my foundations are built on solid ground.

811 - How is it that I can experience reality as I do, and how can spirit express through me in the manner that she does here?

812 - Here I do what spirit moves me to do.  Here I get to participate in something bigger and grander than I am.  And, here I have the opportunity to learn of whom that I AM, and to express this in ways that I did not imagine possible.

813 - Even after over nine years, it still amazes me that all of this is possible ... and that all of this has been expressed through me.  We're probably talking on the order of 3000 pages times maybe 300 words per page.  That is close to a million words already.

814 - How much or how little does not really matter.  Is it any good?  Is it useful?  Can it help people?  Does it help people?  I know for a fact that it has made a great difference in one life, namely my own.  But does it have the power and potential to do this for others as well?

815 - To be free of limitations; first, we must become aware of them; second, we must realize they are of our own making; third, we must know that it within our power to remove them.  Only then can we take the actions necessary to shed them.

816 - When dealing with the unseen realms of consciousness, it helps to have a guide.  Some are meant to be explorers and wayshowers, but most prefer to follow the trails ...or in some cases the roads and even the superhighways.

817 - Each of us is a unique expression of spirit in flesh.  Each of us is here to do something with our life ... something that makes a difference, whether it be to one or one hundred million.  All that we can do is do what we are moved to do, be whom that we are, and express this as best we can.

818 - Spirit asks that we do our best to be the best that we can be.  Our best is always good enough.  Always!

819 - We are all facets of the same one consciousness.  And what do facets do?  They reflect the light, which in our case is the very light of consciousness.

820 - We don't seem to do a very good job of defining our processes and measuring how well they work.  For instance, a simple feedback mechanism would be for each individual to assess each day whether their output for the day justified what it costs to employ them.  If the answer is no, it is a sign that something needs to be done differently.

821 - Further, we need to judge our organizations in the same way.  Are the services that they provide worth the cost of maintaining the organization?  For large organizations, this may be difficult to tell.

822 - Our information management skills are becoming more and more important in the information rich world in which we live.  To a large degree, these very skills define our worth in the work world ... that is, for those of us who work in information intensive jobs, anyway.

823 - How do we find the information that we need, the information that is of the most value to us?  My sense is that it is by asking with the expectation that we will indeed find what we are asking for.   Further, it is by trusting that we are constantly sending out requests at other than conscious levels that attract the very information we need to experience into our lives.

824 - One step after another, trusting that in the moment I will either be guided from within, or will simply know what direction is right for the next step.  I am not a planner.  I don't see an end state and determine what is required to reach that state.  It seems far more effective to live life in the moment.

825 - My preference is still to work in the realm of ideas.  This is where my home is ... where my primary reality exists.

826 - It seems that one should be able to plan ones life.  However, my experience is that I am moved to focus on living in the moment ... and allowing each moment unfold into the next.  One moment after another, such is how a life is constructed.

827 - Some people are able to set goals and generate plans necessary to achieve these goals.  This has not been my way, however.  Whether this may change at some point in the future remains to be seen.  If it does, fine, if not, fine as well.  Either way, I will live my life as I believe.

828 - Our founding fathers considered the pursuit of happiness to be an inalienable right.  Note, they said pursuit of happiness, not happiness itself.  This is a major distinction.  Pursuing does not guarantee that we will find what we are pursuing.  We may, or we may not.

829 - What is important is finding a way to enjoy the process, as fully as we can.  After all, when we are in joy ... it is very likely that we will also be happy.

830 - We are all related to each other.  Because of this we have a responsibility to one another.  This is a sacred responsibility, spirit to spirit.  I use the term Namaste.  One of its meanings is the spirit within me bows to the spirit within you.

831 - Life goes on.  We never know exactly to where we are headed until we get there.  Further, we don't know what we will experience or what meaning we will assign to that experience until it happens.

832 - We no longer live in times of empires ... yet we do live in an information age, an age where ideas have empires of their own ... that is they have minds/people over which they have dominion.

833 - It is the ideals, the beliefs, and even the dreams of the people that are the most powerful resources that we have.  It is through these that we create a better reality, not only for us, but for society and the world.

834 - Yes, beliefs are that powerful.  They are the clay through which we fashion the experiences that we would have in our lives, and even more important the meaning that we apply to those experiences.  We can mold this clay as we will.

835 - We are the sculptors of our own reality.  It is for us to create masterpieces of our lives.  It is always within our ability to do so.  We are all masters ... though clearly some are more masterful at this than others.

836 - What does it take to be a peacemaker?  Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.  Why is it that hostility, violence, and even war are such prominent parts of history?  Is it truly so difficult to live in peace?  Haven't we learned yet that the costs of war are far more than the benefits?

837 - War is generally a lose/lose scenario.  Even the victors are only victorious at a tremendous cost.

838 - History is the record of the march of the expression of spirit in flesh ... of the unfoldment of the plan of consciousness, of the triumph of ideas over the minds of man, and of the actualization of ideals.

839 - Awareness is the only thing we can carry with us from existence to existence.  It is one thing worthy of all of the energies that we can expend toward achieving it.

840 - We are spirit enfleshed.  We are spirit having a physical experience.  Because of this, spirit herself will see that we experience exactly what we need to experience.

841 - In a very real way, it is through my expression that you know me.  By their works shalt thou know them is a very powerful truth.

842 - Naming something does not mean that we truly understand that thing.  It simply means that we are able to refer to it by name.  Understanding something is a whole other thing, one that requires far more awareness and discipline.

843 - I can't imagine what the past decade would have been like without this this stream of consciousness that has flowed forth so abundantly.  This expression has been the greatest work of my life, without a doubt.  It is what makes it all worthwhile.

844 - I have chosen to live a life of doing spirits bidding.  It is her will that guides me and directs me.  I am the willing vessel through which she expresses in the world.  I am spirit enfleshed ... not just me, but each and every one of us.

845 - We are what we are, pure and simple.  Whether we believe this and realize this or not is a different matter.  It helps if our beliefs are in line with the truth, but quite often they are not.  This doesn't change the nature of the truth.  However, it does change the nature of our experience.

846 - We attract into our lives what we believe that we will experience.  The spiritual laws of reality creation work the same for all ... though, it seems the more aware that we are, the quicker the laws seem to work.

847 - For me, personally, egotism can be a problem ... so, bowing to a force greater than myself is a solution that works.

848 - Indeed, that is what we are ...  the creators or our reality, the masters of our fate.  This is an awesome responsibility that we carry.  It is for us to use whom that we are in a manner that serves our selves, our families, our societies, and our world.

849 - Learning to express whom that we are is much like trying to teach a bird to fly.  The basic skills needed to fly are already within us when we are born.  We simply develop them and then do it.

850 - Learning by doing seems to be one of the best ways for us to learn.  It is amazing in how many areas it seems to apply.  We seem to have an innate capacity to learn in this manner.  It is as if we already know what we are learning ... we are simply rediscovering this fact.

851 - Life is a mystery ... one that confounds us at every turn.

852 - Life has a way of exceeding all of our expectations, and of surprising us in nearly every area in which we endeavor.

853 - We are artists all ... creating and sculpturing our lives.  It is for us to realize that we are masters, and that it is up to us to make of our lives the masterpieces that they could be.

854 - Songs can move us, they can lead the way.  But we have to take the next step and act.  This is always within our power to do.

855 - We all have an inner compass that guides us.  However, to use it consciously, we must find it and then learn how to read and operate it. Here, there seem to be substantial differences between people.  Some seem to have not only a compass, but a map, and the ability to plan a course of action to get them to a destination.

856 - Here, I am allowed to express more of whom that I AM than I can anywhere else.  Here I am free to be whom that I AM, without restriction, and without judgment except what I would impose on myself.  There is something addicting about giving oneself such liberty.

857 - There is something about this expression that allows me to expose the best that is in me.  It seems important that I expose it to myself.  Yet, it seems equally important that I expose this to others as well.  My sense is that I am to serve as a example, demonstrating what can be done when we allow spirit to express as she will in our lives.

858 - Spirit asks for us to be ourselves, our true selves.  To be this, we need to stop and make the effort to know ourselves.  This can be easy or it can be difficult, depending on how we play the cards that we are dealt.  Remember, at some level, we are the dealer of the cards as well.  More and more, the objective is to play the game of reality creation more consciously ... or at least with greater awareness of what we are doing.

859 - Awareness is extremely important.  You might say that all forms are houses for awareness.  As time progresses ... the forms increase in complexity, permitting the greater embodiment of consciousness.

860 - We are spirit enfleshed, not only as individuals, but as collective organizations.  Our organizations are still in their infancy compared to what can be achieved.  We haven't truly empowered individuals working collectively for the common good.

861 - This is what the Aquarian Age is to bring.  It is time for ideals to take hold in ways they have never done before.  The old saying nothing can stop an idea whose time has come is particularly appropriate in this day and age.  We will see just how appropriate very soon.

862 - Service ... a simple word, one that should be a commandment to all.  It is through service that we define whom that we are in the context of others.

863 - We should be able to do what we love to do in a manner that benefits others.  This requires that we first find what we love to do ... and then find a way to do it voluntarily in service to others.  Why is this so important?  Because giving of ourselves is the ultimate gift that we can give.  And giving is what primes the abundance pump.

864 - In the beginning was the Word ... but, who uttered the first words.  Out of what mind did they originate.  One might answer, the very mind of God.  Perhaps, perhaps not.  We can't even know whether God has a mind in anything close to the way we define and experience it.

865 - It has been said that God is omniscient, all-knowing ... and omnipotent, all-powerful ... and many other such things.  Yet, if this is so, why does he allow the atrocities, that he knows will happen, to take place in the world?

866 - My life is meant to be lived in the unknown, in the wilderness of consciousness.  There is no end destination to be reached.  There is only the journey of exploration and the sharing of what I find.

867 - I can report back of what I find and leave markers on the way that others may follow some day.  This very expression is one of the markers that I leave.  It is the record of where one consciousness has gone.  It allows you to walk in my shoes for awhile, or my mind if you will.  By following this stream of consciousness, perhaps you will awaken to a similar stream that lies within you.

868 - We are part of one interdependent whole, enmeshed in a web of interconnectivity that is rich and intricate beyond measure.  The sooner that we realize this, the sooner we can start living in a manner consistent with this fact, and start making decisions with a consideration of the benefit to the whole as well as our individual benefit.

869 - We have been so afraid of losing our independence, that we have failed to realize how interdependent we are.

870 - Allow life to unfold as it will.  Trust in the process.  Spirit knows exactly what she is doing even if we do not.  What makes me believe this?  It just seems obvious.  It is definitely an area where beliefs apply.

871 - It is extremely empowering to believe that there are a host of forces ready to do our bidding, ready to create reality in accord with our beliefs.  They are there whether we believe in them or not.  However, our beliefs empower them to operate more freely

872 - For me, written communication is one such area of gifts from spirit.  Hopefully, that is obvious from what is expressed here.  Further, this communication is different because it is not mine alone.  It is a co-creation that involves an equally important unseen counterpart ...  namely source, the one consciousness herself.

873 - Every moment is a gift from spirit.  It is up to us to return that gift by doing our part to make the most of every moment.

874 - We may think that we live in a world of cause and effect, however, the complexity of nearly every situation is such that we can never be clear about what truly causes what effects.

875 - When we deal in terms of beliefs, and concepts ... the realm is all the more abstract and complex.  Yet, that doesn't make it any less real.

876 - Many of us spend significant amounts of our time in the realm of information and ideas.  This realm is just as real as anything that might be considered physical.  Actually, in the information age that we are in, it may even be more real, because it is where much of our reality is.

877 - There is something about living the mystery that makes life worthwhile.

878 - The source within seems to have the answers to any questions I might ask.  She seems to know what needs to be done, how to do it, and when to do it.  However, she cannot act alone.  It is up to me to serve as the vehicle through which she expresses.  Or, more correctly, through which we express ... for this is truly a co-creation of the highest order.

879 - I am at home dealing with the unknown.  It is my home, the place I most like to be.  Yet, it is also a wilderness in which, to date, I have encountered few others.

880 - There is something about Eagles that come to mind ... they don't flock, you find them one at a time.  It seems that explorers of consciousness are no different.  Each is as a lone wolf in the wilderness ... experiencing a reality that is different than all others.

881 - I am touched by spirit ... imbued with an awareness that others do not seem to have.  To whom much is given, much is expected.  I have been given a lot in my life.  There is a strong inner drive to use all that I have been given in service to others, in particular to society and the world.

882 - It is a struggle slowing down to function in the context of a group or a team.  However, there are some benefits that accrue.  When operating properly, the power of synergy comes into play.  We can function more efficiently together as a team than we can as individuals.  Further, we can do things as a team that we can't do as individuals.

883 - To change our reality, we need to alter our beliefs and start doing things differently.  Only fools believe that they will get a different outcome doing the same things in the same ways.

884 - It is our actions which show consciousness what we are serious about.  When we believe something enough to base our actions on the belief ... we empower the belief to do its work in our lives.

885 - I am resigned to do whatever it takes to do those tasks that constitute my mission and purpose for being.  I would live a life or purpose, or I would not live at all.  Yes, it is that important to me.

886 - No, I would not consider taking my own life.  That is simply not an option.  That would be denying my responsibilities in this existence.  There is a destiny that I came to fulfill.  My sense is that it is to be a world server of some type.  Yes, this is a grandiose sense of destiny.  But, grandiose or not, it is what I know my mission to be based on what I know of my abilities.

887 - I accept my life, wheresoever it will take me.  Whatever happens, happens.  It is for me to do as I am moved to do in each moment, and allow my life to unfold as it will.

888 - There is no way that I could be making all this up.  There are simply too many coincidences.  There is a fabric being revealed  ...  the very fabric of reality itself.  It seems that it is time for us to take notice of the fabric and start to tailor it to what we would have it be.

889 - We are talking about imposing our will on the fabric of reality and creating a world that is of our choosing.  We have the skills.  We have the technology, not just scientific ... but technology of consciousness.  It is a matter of teaching the best of what is known to as many as we can, and allowing the full force of spirit to be unleashed to do her works in our lives.

890 - Spirit has no power of her own.  She must work through us to get things done in the world.

891 - Awareness is the one thing that we can take from existence to existence.  At some point in each life, we inherit what is rightly due to us based on the level of awareness we have previously achieved.

892 - Know thyself is the strongest directive in existence.  However, it seems that it is felt on subtle planes or vibrational levels that we have to reach before we can progress.

893 - Whatever we need to further develop is there if we sincerely ask for it.  Also, there is an old saying ... when the student is ready, the master will appear.  Interesting, a new meaning for this just came to mind.  Literally the student and the master are one and the same individual.

894 - The Hermit card is one of my favorites in the Tarot deck, one that characterizes what I am pretty well.  No, I'm not the isolated hermit living in a cave in the Himalayas.  However, in a very real way, I live in a cave of my own making that is just as real and just as isolated.

895 - How can I know that there is only one consciousness?  There is something within that knows this to be true.  I need no more than this.  I understand that there are others who need proof.  But, that is not my job to do.  I can only provide the example that I am meant to provide.

896 - If you can explain how this expression is possible, great ... my hat is off to you.  However, if not, my hope is that this example causes you to stretch your reality framework to include what you find here.

897 - My life is clearly an adventure in consciousness.  That is where I spend a great deal of my free time anyway.  That is where I find value and meaning as I do nowhere else.

898 - As an explorer of consciousness, I love dealing with the realm of the unknown.  However, I also love bringing back and sharing of what I find.  It is not enough for me alone to experience something.  Part of my task is to make more of the unknown known ... to make more of the not I, me.

899 - We have the power of a choice of action in the present, that allows us to create a dramatically different future, and by some accounts a correspondingly different past.  After all, the past is a set of recollections that we have.

900 - If we change the filter of our beliefs, we can literally remember a different past ... one that is just as valid as the prior one.  It is all a matter of focus and interpretation.

901 - The present is extremely powerful.  Even a little change in belief accompanied by a corresponding action can have significant short term impacts and drastic long term impacts.

902 - We need to be committed to do what it takes to know ourselves, and then to be whom the we are to the degree that we can.  This is always enough.  Spirit never asks more than this of anyone.  And, she is happy with whatever resources she is given to do the work that needs to be done.

903 - I prefer to put in my overtime in this expression.  I don't know how or if it will ever be compensated.  Though, I know that when we live a life of spirit, the reward is abundance in all areas of our lives.  No, this doesn't mean we will live in stately mansions, though that is indeed possible.

904 - The nature of consciousness and its expression are the topics that consume my attention.  All else pales by comparison.

905 - That is a problem with becoming too attached to where we are at ... we become afraid to leave it for something new.  It is better to experience what we know, than to risk the jump to something new which we do not yet know.

906 - However, that is not how explorers of consciousness function.  We are ever ready to take the next step, in whatever direction consciousness leads, because we know that consciousness knows exactly where she is taking us ... and wherever this is is the right place for us to be next.

907 - There is no authority from which this communication springs other than my connection to spirit herself.

908 - Gifts often have their challenges as well.

909 - Part of the meaning of life comes in how we handle the challenges that we experience.  This includes how we face and come to grips with our demons and our fears.  All of this requires awareness on our part ... in particular, self-awareness.

910 - This (awareness) is not generally taught in schools, even through most graduate curriculums.  We have to wander off the conventional education paths to find books, classes, and experiences that provide suitable training for our consciousness and our whole self.

911 - Conventional education focuses on the mind and facts.  What we are looking for however is awareness, and a sense of direct knowingness.  We want to experience what our soul knows and to give our souls more room to express in our lives.

912 - The general law is that we get what we focus upon.  It is through our focus that we attract those things that we most desire into our lives.

913 - We get what we believe that we truly deserve, no more and no less.

914 - We might be able to fool ourselves ... but we can never fool our Selves.  Nothing is hidden, no matter how hard we may try to hide it.  Oh, at the surface, we may be able to hide things from others.  But, even that is only partially true.  We broadcast everything that we are in our auras.   This is perceived at inner levels by all those with whom we interact.

915 - Each of us experiences life in a manner that have never been experienced before.

916 - There is still only a small fraction of the population that have learned to program computers.  It seems that even fewer have learned how to program their own brains.

917 - Intuition is just as important, if not more important, than reason.

918 - We must keep in mind that it is not the brain, but the heart that is the seat of the soul.  The head and the heart do not have to be on different sides.  They can be united in a manner that allows them to work together for a common end.  The greatest benefit comes from applying both in a manner that serves spirit ... and hence self, society, and the world.

919 - There is only one consciousness that animates us all.  We are the portion of that one consciousness experiencing life as we do and expressing in the manner that we do.  One of our tasks is to realize our interconnectedness with others.

920 - Life is meant for our enjoyment .... though, it seems, many find it hard to maintain a state of being in joy.

921 - There is a song that talks about the key to life not being to have the things you want but rather to want the things that you have.  That is a very profound observation.

922 - That is the ultimate testament to any of us.  Did we live our lives in such a manner that we served others and had a positive impact on the world?  We should ask this of ourselves often, and then allow it to motivate us to do what it takes to make such a difference.

923 - This body will return ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  But the spirit which animates will return spirit to spirit, like unto like.  

924 - We are each unique expressions of the one consciousness, and it is for us to experience reality in the way that is right for us.  It is not for us to judge our experience against that of another.  The only issue is are we being the best that we can be and fully expressing all that we are.

925 - In general, people are doing the best they can with the gifts they have under the circumstances that they find themselves in.  Yes, they are attracting these very circumstances ... so this is not meant to be an escape or rationalization for behavior.

926 - We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives.  We are the authors, the playwrights, the directors.

927 - It is time for us to choose how we will fill our days.  How many of us really do this?  How many of us are the masters of our time ... or our days?

928 - We shouldn't have to sacrifice our lives to earn a living.  Our first priority should be to make a masterpiece of our life.  We do that by finding what we excel at, and then doing it to the maximum of our abilities.

929 - Spiritual law assures that we will reap what we sow.  These words are part of what I am planting in the world.  Whether I am planting on fertile soil remains to be seen ... only time will tell.

930 - Yes, I consider myself special ... perhaps more special than I rightly deserve to be.  However, I also have a strong sense of responsibility that goes with this -- a responsibility that extends to my society and my world.  It seems that there are relatively few who take on such responsibility personally.

931 - My main mission is to serve as a midwife to the Aquarian Age.  Yes, that is a big task.  But, my sense is that the nature of the role is what drove my decision to return and incarnate into physical form again.  I had to volunteer ... this was not a required incarnation for me, as it is for many.

932 - This expression invites you into my world, Wayne's World. Namaste!  For those of you new to that word, its common meaning is the spirit within me bows to the spirit within you.  Actually, this is easy to do since they are one and the same.  There is but one consciousness that animates us all.

933 - Why are we not taught of whom that we truly are?  Why are we not taught that we are spirit in flesh?  Why are we not taught how our minds function?  Why are we not taught that we create our reality and how we do it?

934 - Why are we not taught the nature of consciousness?  Why are we not taught that there are levels of awareness and what these levels are?  Why are we not taught how special and precious we are?  Why are we not taught that we have a mission to perform and how to accomplish it?

935 - Why are we not taught about the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of cooperative interdependence?

936 - Once we discover whom that we are and why we are here ... all manner of opportunities are opened up for carrying out our missions.

937 - You can teach someone facts, which grow obsolete and useless in time; or you can teach someone whom they are and how to learn, which serve them forever.

938 - You can't take it with you applies to physical possessions ... not to spiritual ones.

939 - Responsibility is an interesting word ... response ability = ability to respond.  What does it take to be able to respond?  First, we have to believe that we are not at the whim of circumstance.  We have to believe that we have power to control our own fate through our conscious choice of action.  We also have to be able to pause, consider, and decide on a response rather than strictly reacting. 


940 - What is it about awareness that makes it so difficult to achieve?  Perhaps, because it is not a state of mind, rather a state of consciousness  

941 - What we are asking ourself is to become consciously aware of what we are aware, to become aware of our very awareness.  This requires taking a step back and finding the watcher, the observer part of ourself that sees everything that we do.  When we get good at this, we can be aware of being the observer even while we are actively engaged in doing things and experiencing our lives.

942 - We alone know when we are doing our best.  However, this may not be obvious at the surface level.  We may have to dig deep to find that place within that knows.  This requires being honest with ourselves ... which may not be such an easy thing to do.  However, do it anyway.

943 - Expressing spirit in flesh is what the game of life is all about.  The more spirit is expressed, the better everything is.

944 - Patience is the watchword.  It seems time to simply allow my life to unfold as it will.  It is not for me to force it one way or another.

945 - Some of us are destined to a fate that will not be denied.  We may not know exactly what that fate is.  But, it is there nonetheless.  We can feel it calling us to it.  We know that there is something that we are meant to do, something that we came into this existence to perform ... something that allows us to express the best that we can be.

946 - I stand on the edge of the abyss of the unknown ... yet I know full well that I am safe, that I can always count on spirit to guide me as to where to take the next step.

947 - Awareness does that to you.  Once you experience being out of your mind, being beyond mind, there is no going back.  One has made the leap from ignorance to knowledge.  This doesn't happen in ones head, or ones heart.  It happens deeper, in ones very soul.

948 - In the end what will matter is whether I have expressed whom that I AM and whether I have done those things that are mine to do to the best of my ability.

949 - I am here to demonstrate firsthand how spirit can express in flesh ... here and now.  And, for me, this has nothing to do with religion, though it has everything to do with spirituality.

950 - We are the vehicles through which consciousness expresses in flesh ... doing her works in the world.  We are the legs, the feet, the arms, the hands, the eyes, the voice, and even the brain of consciousness.  Everything is spirit.

951 - The body is essentially the same at death and immediately before death.  What is different is that spirit has withdrawn into its own realm.

952 - Right now, this expression is still my primary outlet ... my primary spiritual work. This is home to me.  This is my sanctuary.  This is where I am in touch with a source inside that is greater than all that I know that I am.  Here is where I touch and face the unknown.  Here is where my journey takes me.  Here is where my destiny unfolds.

953 - Where do we go to discover how consciousness works?  We go within.  Nothing beats firsthand experience.  Words can only guide you.  Awareness is not something that is logical, or even mental.  It is a leap beyond into a realm that many only touch.

954 - We are the creators of our reality, we are the masters of our fate.  What we do, and how we do it makes all the difference.

955 - Some of us are wayshowers, pointing the direction to a new way of being.  We do it because it is within us to do it ... because this is the task that we came into this existence to perform.

956 - I am an explorer of consciousness.  Venturing forth into the unknown and reporting of what I find is what I do.  This is where I can use the skills and talents that are uniquely mine.  This is where I can be all that I can be.

957 - Be whom that you are!  That is the directive of spirit.  And in doing so, be all that you can be!

958 - Our best is always a stretch ... or it should be anyway.  That is what allows us to become more of whom that we are.  We need to strive to perform at this level as much as we can.  That doesn't mean that we need to be perfect.  It is enough to be ourselves, and to express as best we can.

959 - The mind is an incredible tool when we use it skillfully.  This means using all of it ... or as much of it as we can.  And, I don't mean just the rational part.  The intuition is equally if not more important.

960 - It is through our works that our legacy will be established.  The works that we do are what we leave behind, including the impact that we have on the minds, and hearts, and especially the souls of others.

961 - Through their works shall thou know them.  This is indeed a great truth.  It is not so much whom that we are that makes a difference in the world, it is what we do.  We must find the works that are ours to do, the works that allow us to leave our unique mark on the world.

962 - Ultimately, what we are looking for are those things that truly excite us, those things that captivate our souls.  We know what we are good at ... or, will know if we make the effort to find out.

963 - We always find whatever we seek.  Maybe not in the moment, but eventually.

964 - I sit here, on the shoulders of giants that have come before me.  Without their works, their words, I would not be anywhere close to where I am.  That is OK.  We are meant to cooperate and learn from one another ... to stand on the peaks where others have taken us and to soar even higher to the unknown realms of spirit.

965 - We are consciousness enfleshed.   It is important that we not lose sight of this.  Consciousness should ever be on the forefront of our minds.  It is through her that we are granted this precious thing called life.  It is our job to make the most of this special gift we have been granted.

966 - It is for us to make a masterpiece of our lives and to live in a manner that make a difference to others, to society, and to the world.  However, we will only do this if we believe that we can do it, if we believe that our live has purpose and meaning, and if we volunteer to do those tasks which are ours to do to the best of our abilities.

967 - The call to action is indeed strong.  This is what separates ideas from beliefs.  It is not enough to speak for something, we must act for it as well.  It is through our actions that we demonstrate what we truly believe versus which we pay lip service to.

968 - The world is what we make of it.  Reality is whatever we choose to experience it to be.  We have that much power both individually and collectively.

969 - I have said before that my job is to serve as the midwife only ... and to help to establish the foundations necessary for spirit to more fully express in flesh.  The babe, the new age that is to be born has all of its characteristics already inside of it.  They just need to be allowed to come out.  The age will grow and flower as it will.  It needs our help to nourish it ... but it seems that it is poised to teach us far more than we can teach it.

970 - My circle of acquaintances is still relatively small ... probably numbering on the order of 200, of which approximately 30 know of my spiritual work.  That is just how it is.  The opportunity to share of this side of my self with others in a direct way just hasn't presented itself.

971 - It is not for me to force my beliefs or my material on anyone.  I can gently point the way, but it is up to each to choose whether to go in that direction or not ... and if they do go, how far to venture.

972 - My bipolar condition ... in particular, experienced exclusively as mania, colors the way that I see the world.  It is like having a set of glasses for the mind rather than the eyes.  It is a feature of my mind rather than an illness to me.  I look upon it as positive and beneficial.  It is a mark of distinction for me, something that is unique and special.

973 - Yes, I have a need to be special ... to be different from others.  And not just a little special, but extremely special.  Yes, this links to the grandiosity that sometimes expresses here.  However, the issue is if it is warranted or not.  If it is, then it is not really grandiose at all, rather it is simply a statement of what is. 

974 - My nature is still to be very quiet, performing my work quietly behind the scenes.  But, there is a part of me that would be grand, not only in my eyes, but in the eyes of the world.

975 - Life is meant to be an exciting adventure.  We are not meant to be ordinary.  We are meant to live extraordinary lives.  It is always within our power to do so.  We don't necessarily have to do any different things, we simply need to do whatever we do with the proper attitude.

976 - An attitude of gratitude clearly helps.  But we also need an attitude of greatness, one that comes from knowing that what we do and how we do it makes a difference.

977 - Yes, making a difference is extremely important.  However, it seems it is not for us to choose what difference we will make.  Rather, we act, and we see what difference results.  If we like the difference, we continue to do what it takes to achieve it.  If not, we do what we are moved to do next.  Then, we see what results from that.  We continue living our life one step at a time, moment by moment.

978 - The record of consciousness in expression that is captured here is highly important somehow ... not just to me, but to consciousness herself.  Why should she care?  Primarily because all such expression provides an indication of the state of the world and its readiness to serve the cosmic plan for the unfolding of the flower of consciousness.

979 - There is a sense that I am still in training for a position that is not yet available to fill ... a position perfectly suited to my abilities, talents, interests, and character.

980 - It is curious that I have so little to say to other people in my life, but that so many words flow forth here.  Perhaps that is because this is primarily a conversation with myself, meant for my eyes only.

981 - There is no purpose for the expression other than to reveal what consciousness can express through me.

982 -  55 percent of communication is physical, through gestures, facial expressions and other body language; 38 percent is vocal, in the qualities and characteristics of the voice; and only 7 percent is in the actual words.  Yet here, I employ a medium where all of the communication must be conveyed in the words ... in the 7 percent.

983 - Ye shall know them by their works is a powerful truth.  This is how we become aware of parts of our selves.  We observe and become aware of what works the parts do.  The more observant we are, the more aware of our parts we become.

984 - I have the privilege of having to explain how this expression is even possible.  How can I sit here day after day and express in this way?  What is this thing that I call the source within?  Why me?  Why am I moved to express in this manner?

985 - What does it mean to be responsible?  The key component is being able to respond.  There is a difference between responding and reacting.  Responding involves taking time to evaluate options and choose between the options, whereas reacting generally involves an automatic action under a particular set of circumstances.

986 - I can be self-reliant and still exist within a circle, a hoop that connects everything and everyone.

987 - When we come from the perspective of ONE consciousness, we see everyone as cells in a single body that constitutes all humankind and perhaps even all beings.  Just as the cells in the body are separated into organs with particular functions ... so the individuals within society are separated into organizations of various types.

988 - Individuals are members of multiple organizations, some by choice and others by chance.  Within these organizations, we have various roles and responsibilities.

989 - All creative expression is valued and important.  Further, all expression is of spirit.  We are spirit enfleshed, here and now.  That means that our true nature is spiritual.  It always has been and always will be ... at least until we go beyond time at which point always no longer carries any meaning.

990 - It still amazes me that this expression can come forth in this manner.  It is mystical and magical.  The very process involved in generating this expression forces me to touch the unknown ... and experience firsthand connecting to something the true nature of which I may never know except in terms of what it is able to communicate to and through me.

991 - I am meant to be an example for others of what can be.  No, not a model that you are to follow exactly.  Rather, an example that shows you a different perspective ... and offers some insight as to the nature of reality and reality creation.  An example that shows you a different way of being and expressing, one that you may want to learn from.

992 - Not everything that I do will work for you.  Find those things that resonate most strongly, try them, and evaluate their utility in your life.  Use whatever works so long as it serves you and those whom you touch.

993 - As a wayshower, my life is meant to provide an example of what can be.  In particular, it seems that I am supposed to demonstrate how consciousness can express through us ... how we can express spirit more fully in flesh.

994 - We innately know what we need to do with our lives.  However, it seems that many are not in touch with this knowingness ... and instead create walls that prevent their full expression.

995 - Life doesn't always have to be easy.  It is in the times of our greatest challenges that we find out what we are truly made of, and what we are capable of doing.

996 - If we keep an open mind and take on our challenges to the best of our abilities we will surprise ourselves by what we can do.  We are all capable of incredible things.  We all have the potential for greatness.  We all have the potential to live extraordinary lives.  However, it takes courage to do this.

997 - We are all artists.  Our paints are our beliefs.  Our brush is our actions.  The objective is to make a masterpiece of our life.  This takes effort on our part.  We may have to practice and develop our skills.  And then, we have to be brave enough to take control of our beliefs and choose what we want to express and experience.

998 - Am I on the razors edge between sanity and insanity ... perhaps.  But if so, it is an edge that I am meant to experience and to express from.  Why?  Simply to provide a reference point ... a marker of where one consciousness has been.

999 - Am I so important that consciousness would allow me to experience all that I have experienced and express it in this way for my sole benefit?  My hope is no ... that I would have what I have seen and learned and experienced, be expressed in a manner that makes a true difference in society and in the world.

1000 - Awareness is not something one learns to do gradually.  It is like being struck by lightning ... the lightning of spirit.

1001 - Indeed, this expression might only be for my eyes only.  That would make me a very special being ... that the universe would go to such trouble to allow me to experience life as I do.

1002 - I am the being that can express in this manner.  For those reading this, that is what you know about me ... along with whatever descriptive information you can glimpse from what is contained herein.

1003 - I am the first to give credit to the source within as well.  From her springs this expression.  I am the willing instrument, but it is not me that generates all of this.  Consciousness plays me as she will.  And, I gladly serve her in whatever way I can.

1004 - Effectively, our whole lives are a process of programming our brains.  We are attempting to create the infrastructure for spirit to express in flesh.

1005 - We are meant to live our lives as if spirit matters.

1006 - I give those parts of myself that I consider most spiritual ... namely my intuition, and my inner knowingness, a wide berth in my life.  But, is this enough  The immediate answer is no.  There is more that I could be doing ... and in particular I could be doing things in a manner that has greater impact on society, and in the world.

1007 - Aquarius is an age of individuals ... occasionally working together for a common purpose.  Aquarius is also a age of ideas and ideals; and of manifesting those to the degree that we can.  The sense is that we will indeed see this starting to happen.  Aquarius is also an age of cooperation, of realizing that we are all connected to one another and interdependent on one another, even though we may be individual and unique.

1008 - Good efforts are nearly always sufficient ... though in some instances great efforts are called for and expected.  However, this is always in areas where these are well within our talents and abilities.

1009 - Generally, unless I write something down, there is virtually no chance that I will remember it.  Even then, I have to be careful about where I put what I write.  Yet, here, as if out of the blue, comes word after word, idea after idea.  Further, this does not seem to be the work of a madman.  It is orderly and organized, even if it rambles on and on.

1010 - Self discovery is extremely important.  The voyage of self discovery is the major journey of our lives, the one journey that all must make.

1011 - Our journeys are just that, our journeys.  It is OK to share them to whatever degree we are moved and to whatever degree others are interested.  However, we are not meant to compete, and compare our experiences to that of others.  There is no better or no worse.  We are all doing that which we need to do, both individually and collectively.

1012 - Give people the respect that they are due. It is not often that we are given the chance to walk in their shoes for awhile.  Until we do so, we have no right to pass judgment.  Actually, even if we walk in their  shoes, it seems that we still have no right to pass judgment.

1013 - There is something powerful about operating with an attitude of doing ones best in everything that we do.  It is the stuff of greatness.

1014 - The point of power is the present.  That is where our actions have the power to impact our reality and the reality of the larger world.

1015 - When we operate with knowingness in the now ... the future will take care of itself naturally.

1016 - There is a saying, seeing is believing ... but they got the order wrong.  In many cases, we don't see something until we believe it.  So, in a very real way believing leads to seeing.

1017 - If we want to change what we experience, that is the best place to start, with beliefs.  It helps to treat beliefs as a playground for reality creation.

1018 - My preference is to engage my energies and talents on the edge of the unknowns of consciousness, to venture where I can, and to bring back what I find to the degree that I can.

1019 - What would I do to make a difference in the world?  I would simply be whom that I AM and express this to the degree that I can.  Further, I would express what spirit would express through me.  I serve in her majesties service.  Interesting.  Also, I serve at the pleasure of spirit.  I am a vessel  through which consciousness does her work.

1020 - Yes, I am a being with a consciousness all my own.  But, this is just a compartment of the one consciousness of which we all are part.  I exist as an individual only so long as it serves spirit for me to be so.

1021 - I find it quite interesting that the onset of the symptoms of my bipolar disorder coincided with a time of spiritual awakening.

1022 - This is all that spirit ever asks of us, to be the vessel for spiritual expression that we can be.  We do this be developing our skills, and by volunteering our services to whatever causes we deem worthy.  For me, that choice is right here.  It is though words, in particular written words, that I feel that I can make the biggest impact on the world.

1023 - I would live a life of meaning.  Hopefully, it is a life that demonstrates what can be expressed in a new day and age.

1024 - You can probably tell by now that I consider myself to be a special individual with a unique set of gifts and talents ... and with a destiny that many might find oppressive and restrictive.  Further, I am definitely out of my mind ... I make no bones about it.  Does that make me crazy?  Perhaps, perhaps not ... it seems to depend on how you define crazy.

1025 - There is indeed one hoop, one richly interconnected web that touches and contains us all.  I would label that entity consciousness ... the one consciousness from which we all spring.  What any one of us experiences, all of us experience.  Though we may have to develop the necessary skills to tap into the source from which we can access these experiences.

1026 - It is difficult to accept senseless acts of violence.  It is also difficult to accept all of the poverty and suffering in the world.  Yet, at the same time, it is not clear what can be done to correct the problems.  One thing that comes to mind is a quote from Einstein, I believe, to the effect that problems can never be solved on the level responsible for their creation.

1027 - We have to step aside, or above as it were, and see the situation from a whole new perspective to find the solutions that we are seeking ... that is, assuming that we recognize that the problems are indeed our problems, and that we actively engage in seeking solutions.

1028 -We are to live our life as if nothing mattered and as if everything mattered.

1029 - I experience consciousness firsthand and subjectively.  That is the only way to truly experience consciousness ... except, of course, being asleep.  But, the new age is about awakening to whom that we are and especially to the consciousness within us.

1030 - How do we awaken?  This is especially difficult if we don't know that we are asleep.  Yes, this is the first thing we must realize.  To awaken, we must have a desire to cease our slumbers.

1031 - To remove the chains that bind us and restrict our freedom, we must see that they are there and then realize that is fully within our power to remove the shackles.

1032 - Yes, we are that powerful.  We are truly gods/ goddesses in flesh ... the creators of our reality, the masters of our fate.  But, what is it that is worth creating?  This depends on what moves us, and what we want to experience both individually and en masse.  This is for us to decide ... both individually and collectively.

1033 - What if my life doesn't amount to what I believe it should?  What if the destiny I expect never comes?  The bottom line is that it doesn't matter.  Spirit occupies the drivers seat in my life now.  Because of this, I will experience exactly what I need to experience.  My life will unfold exactly as it needs to for my mission to be accomplished.

1034 - The experience of participating in this expression is beneficial to me on many levels.  It is as therapy to me ... helping me to integrate and discover whom that I AM, in a way that no other activity which I engage in does.

1035 - It pleases me to no end to be of service in this manner ... even if the service is only to spirit.  There is a sense that these words will ultimately have a greater impact somehow, a world impact.  Yes, it is audacious of me to think so.  However it seems just as audacious to think that all of this could be happening simply for my personal benefit.

1036 - It seems like such a waste of effort if this expression of consciousness does not reach the minds, hearts, and spirits of others somehow.  Yet, everything in me tells me that this is not a waste ... in fact, that this is the most important activity of my life to date, and perhaps for all time.

1037 - Spirit doesn't force us to do anything.  She asks, and she gently nudges ... but it is up to us to choose what we do and how we do it.

1038 - Who am I to think that what I do, that what is expressed through me, can have world impact?  Wow, that is a deep question.  It comes down to an inner knowingness that I came into this existence for a purpose ... with a specific mission to perform, a mission that involved building the infrastructures for a completely new way of being ... namely, for the Aquarian Age.  This is a huge task.

1039 - I came to be of service.  And, I will be to the degree that I can, so long as I live.  What happens after this life is a whole other matter.  I may have some theories about this, but it doesn't really matter.  We live in the moment.  We are in this existence to be in this existence, and to do what we can do here and now.

1040 - There is always a way to make a difference, a beneficial difference.  It is a matter of finding it, and doing it.

1041 - I march to the beat of my own drummer ... or perhaps to the drumming of spirit within.  Either way, this sets me apart from others.

1042 - Systems have been growing more and more complex at an exponential rate for several decades.  In particular, computer technology and information systems are at the forefront of the information revolution.  The Aquarian Age corresponds with the information age.  Not surprising, since Aquarius is an air sign.  Air signs deal with ideas, ideals, and mental expression.

1043 - What is important is not what we do of our own accord, but what we allow spirit to do through us.

1044 - What distinguishes beings is the fact that they exist.  As beings we never cease to be ... we never cease to exist.  That means that our essence ... that part of us which is the being has to be beyond any form that we may take.

1045 - We know that the body and the brain cease to be animated at death.  Physically they still exist, essentially as they did the moment before death.  However, the life that animated them ... the consciousness that enabled awareness to be manifest, is no longer connected to the body and the brain.  Our beingness cannot be extinguished, however.

1046 - We are eternal and immortal ... at some level of our being.  That makes death not an ending, but rather a transition from one state of awareness to another.  Our ego experiences many such transitions over the course of our lifetime.

1047 - We experience exactly what we need (and choose) to experience.  If we want to experience a different reality, we need to make different choices.  The height of stupidity is to continue to do the things that you have been doing in the way that you have been doing them and expecting a different outcome.

1048 - Each day provides new opportunities.  What we have done in the past is in the past.  It does not suffice to rest on our laurels.  We must ever prove ourselves by doing what we can do and being all that we can be.  This is our constant challenge.  This is what spirit asks of us.  Further, it is what we should demand of ourselves.

1049 - What you see here is exactly what is expressed in realtime.  There is no filtering or re-writing or rearranging of what comes forth.  I have never been moved to do any of that.  Even when I go back to select best quotes from the expression, these are almost always in chronological order.  There is no reorganization that occurs.

1050 -  I have known for some time that communication, especially written communication is extremely important to me.  This is why books have had such a great impact on me.  This is why e-mail is one of my preferred modes of communication with others.  This is why this expression comes forth in the manner that it does.

1051 - Thinking along these lines ... these words, these musings, the works at the Beyond Imagination site are my children.  They spring forth from my mind as a result of a union between me and a source that lies within.  As such, they will grow and have a life of their own ... a life just as real as any physical life would be. 

1052 - Ideas are born, are ingested and experienced, and ultimately impact the reality of those whom they reach.  Ideas can be very powerful, in fact, powerful enough to change the world when properly expressed and disseminated.

1053 - I'm very wary of pushing my beliefs and expression on anyone.  I would rather that people remain free to consume what they will.  My sense is that spirit is orchestrating everything, that those who are meant to find this expression and find me, will indeed do so.  It is not for me to force this to happen ... it is for me to simply allow it to happen.

1054 - Curious, I would change the world.  Is that foolish courage speaking, or does it indeed come from a place of wisdom where I know what is mine to do?  Yes, I can come across as ego-maniac.  I know that.  And yes, I can come across as grandiose.

1055 - The question is whether this is the correct expression for me?  Everything that I AM tells me that it is, tells me that I am doing what I am meant to be doing ... not by my own accord, but by spirits.

1056 - So, how does a loner change the world?  The bottom line is by allowing spirit to change the world through me.  It starts by changing me.  The world is a reflection of whom that I AM.   As I change, the reflection must change as well.  However, this is not just true for me, it is true for everyone.

1057 - The bottom line for me is to live my life in such a manner that I am a wayshower, demonstrating firsthand how spirit can be more fully expressed in flesh.  That, more than anything, is what I am here to do.  This expression is a major part of achieving this.

1058 - In the end, the goal is to have lived a life that made a difference ... not just to me, and a few that I may touch personally; but, to society and the world.  Yes, that is a tall order.  But, I expect great things from myself.  The starting point to achieving great things is the belief that we can indeed do them.  This, accompanied by the attitude to do whatever it takes.

1059 - How many of us live lives that we would be proud to show to thousands if not millions?  That is an interesting way to look at things.  For indeed, we are all connected ... the experiences of each are felt in very real ways by all.

1060 - We each have a destiny of our own to experience.  We each have a number of roles to play.  However, they are not thrust upon us.  They are roles that we chose, roles that we auditioned for, and roles that we are fully prepared to play at some level.  In a very real way, we create our own destiny ... but that means that there is indeed a destiny being played out.

1061 - So, what are my hopes and dreams?  It is not clear that I really have any.  That would involve living for tomorrow ... when my reality lies in the present.

1062 - Take care of now, and the future will take care of itself.

1063 - Ultimately, it is the meaning of things that define reality.  Actually, I do have a dream of someday creating the foundations for spirit to more fully express in flesh.  That is the dream of Beyond Imagination.  Thus far, that has involved expressing what has been expressed here over the past nine plus years.

1064 - In virtually every area of human endeavor, we have a bell curve that defines the capability relative to the populous.  A few are horrible, many are mediocre, some are good, and a few are great.

1065 - Am I one of the "great" players in the area of the expression of consciousness?  The mania and grandiosity rear their heads again.  Yet these very writings are the proof that I offer that I delve into areas that most do not.  Further, that I am at home in this domain ... that this is where my consciousness soars, that this is where my natural abilities shine.

1066 - Part of achieving our destiny is finding what we are great at and doing it.

1067 - Increased expression of spirit in flesh is the "better" direction.  Evolution ensures that this takes place; in particular, spiritual evolution.  Note, this has nothing to do with religion.  I don't consider myself to be religious.  I worship no gods.  I do not pray.  I do not belong to any religious organization.  Yet, I consider myself to be highly spiritual.

1068 - I speak of the realm of spirit ... and of the connection to spirit ... and of the expression of spirit in flesh.  And, I know that everything is spirit in expression, is consciousness manifest in form.

1069 - My path is the path of the transcendentalists ... many of my favorite quotes (other than my own) come from Emerson, Thoreau, and Channing, one of their predecessors.  I believe in a realm beyond the physical one, a spiritual realm where the bulk of the work of reality creation gets done.  I believe that there is ONE consciousness that animates us all, a collective consciousness, if you will, that is aware of and learns from every experience of every individual.

1070 - For me, there must be purpose behind everything ... not reason, but purpose.

1071 - There is something about this record that is special.  Here, we see a stream of consciousness if all its glory and all its frailty.

1072 - The source is what it is.  If it is of me, it is of spirit anyway ... since everything is spirit.  And, if it is of spirit, above and beyond what I AM, then so be it as well.

1073 - This endeavor is definitely the most important of my life.  It is my chief "hobby", the endeavor to which I devote a great deal of my free time.  Why do I do this?  Simply because I must.  I am moved by a force that I find to be irresistible.  Not that I care to resist anyway.

1074 - We are not meant to do everything by ourselves.  That is one of the reasons that there are others in our world.  People have different skills and talents.  We are meant to serve one another, freely and openly.  We are meant to cooperate and work together with one another to achieve great things ... things far greater than we can achieve alone.

1075 - So, how does one live an extraordinary life?  One lives from the heart, and does what spirit bids one to do.  When we live as if we are spirit manifesting as flesh ... whole new realms of possibilities open up unto us.  We activate a whole host of unseen forces.

1076 - We achieve greatness not by doing what we would do ... but by allowing spirit to do what she would do through us.

1077 - Of our own, we are capable of only so much.  However, spirit has no such limits.  Her depths are unfathomable.  Her resources are unlimited.  We are only limited to the degree that we act out of selfishness.  When we act from the source within us, we act selflessly, for we are beyond all sense of self that we normally know.

1078 - My life belongs to the world, as does this very expression.  Yes, that is a grandiose way of looking at things.  But, I am no ordinary being.  Yet, what it is that makes me special is the very gifts that I have to offer the world.  The one thing that we have that is of the most importance is our very self.  When we use this in service, we give the greatest gift of all.

1079 - There is something special about living a life of meaning, especially when the meaning comes forth from within.

1080 - It is not enough for me simply to exist and live a solitary life.  I am here to make a difference, and on a grand scale. There is a destiny that I know to be mine.  Yes, I speak in grandiose terms.  But, it is not the mania speaking here.

1081 - For me, expressing in this way is natural.  It comes forth from a realization of whom that I am, and from an acceptance that this indeed is the work that I have come to do.  I feel a great obligation to serve ... to serve spirit, to serve society, and to serve the world.  However, this is not expressed as a desire to serve specific individuals.

1082 - Life is lived as a series of moments that ultimately span the years of our lives.

1083 - What can I do that others cannot do?  What is uniquely mine to do?  How can I live my life to make the greatest difference to the greatest number?  Is that even what I am meant to do?  Or, is it through a difference to a few that I am ultimately to impact many?  These words are the starting point.  They are my spiritual works, if you will.

1084 - My sense is so long as I am living and breathing ... what has come before is never enough.  There is always the next step to take, the next work to do, the next expression of consciousness to manifest.  This is to be my lifelong work.  I would have it no other way.   I have chosen to live a life of spiritual expression.  That is all that truly matters to me.

1085 - Ye shall know them by their works.  This definitely applies to the parts of the self.  We find them by encountering what they do ... and then by searching within for a framework that permits us to understand how they work.  We may or may not discover such a framework for understanding.  It may have to suffice that we see these parts doing their works ... and that we simply allow them to do what they will.

1086 - Have faith and accept things for what they are.  We are spirit expressing in flesh now.  We always have been, and always will be.  It is time for us to do so with eyes wide open ... with an awareness of what we are doing and why we are doing it.

1087 - I see consciousness as the highest form of expression and experience that we can bring into our reality.

1088 - This is only the beginning, the first chapter in the book that is my life.  How can I know this?  I just do!  It strikes a chord within me.  There is a special resonance that occurs when I have encountered truth.  I can feel it inside of me.  That is sufficient confirmation for me to know.

1089 - Hmm ... if this is chapter 1, I wonder how many chapters lie ahead.  The bottom line is that it does not really matter.  That will take care of itself as my life unfolds.

1090 - It is enough to do in the moment what is to be done in that moment.  The future is of no concern ... or, at least, or limited concern.  What we face here and now is the reality that is confronting us.  That is true for every moment of our lives.  It behooves us to pay attention to this ever present moment as it unfolds.  Here is where we have the power of choice.

1091 - Know thyself has been a directive to us since at least the time of Plato ... and perhaps much longer than this.  It seems that with the complexity of the times, this has become more difficult to do than it has ever been before.  That is OK.  Our capacity for doing this has grown greatly as well.  But, so have our distractions.

1092 - Whether we are wasting our time is something that we must decide for ourselves.  Ultimately, that is who we are accountable to ... that and spirit, anyway.

1093 - Since I don't control where this expression comes from ... all that I can do is trust what flows when it flows.

1094 - We can learn of the nature of ourselves and our world by focusing inward, outward, or anywhere in between.  It is obvious that my path has been almost solely an inner one.  It is also obvious that my path is not for everyone.  And, perhaps it is for no one other than me.  Though, I still feel driven to leave this record of where my consciousness has wandered.

1095 - I still have to wonder if there is sufficient value in this expression to be worth the cost in time and effort that goes into it.  From my choice of continuing to express on a daily basis, I guess the answer is obviously the affirmative.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, I open up Composer and allow this stream of consciousness to flow forth.

1096 - What is it that I can do that others cannot do?  These are the things were I need to apply myself, my energy, and my talents and abilities.  Spirit seeks to get maximal results for the effort expended.  This only happens when we do what we are designed to do ... and this just happens to be what we are destined to do.

1097 - There is a grand plan at play ... a spiritual plan that involves the unfoldment of consciousness and its expression in flesh.

1098 - It could be that all of this is an elaborate training ground for me to learn of whom that I AM so that I can become the best vehicle for the expression of consciousness in flesh that I can be.  If so, it says a lot about the lengths to which the universe will go for the benefit of a single individual.

1099 - Each of us are capable of greatness in some area or endeavor.  It is simply a matter of finding what that is and doing it.  This takes courage, the courage to be whom that we truly are ... not what others want us to be, and not even what we might want to show as our mask to the world.  It takes courage to be honest.  It takes courage to operate with complete integrity.  But this is what we must do if we are to lead an authentic life.

1100 - We are spirit.  It is high time that we lived our lives as if we truly believed this.

1101 - How do we do this?  We start by looking within to discover whom that we truly are.  We develop our intuition, find the still small voice within us, really listen to it, and choose to act on what it tells us.  We find what we are moved to do and we do it, without concern for the consequences.  That doesn't mean that we relinquish responsibility.  On the contrary, we are fully responsible for all that we do and all that we experience.

1102 - When we do spirit's works, the spirit within us is responsible for what happens as a result ... and she knows what she is doing.

1103 - When we operate from spirit, we blur the line of individuality.  We express from a connectivity to the collective.  This is a matter of where our awareness resides.  From my experience, this constantly fluctuates.  However, the overall trend is towards greater awareness, and an increased tie to the collective, to the ONE source, the ONE consciousness that animates us all.

1104 - When we allow spirit to work through us, we can do nearly anything.  I qualified this with nearly, as a reminder that we need to get out of the way to the degree that we can so that the work is truly that of spirit versus what we might do out of ego.

1105 - Ego is not meant to be the master in our lives, though many appear to be locked within its grips.

1106 - Hmm ... is this expression effective?  Good question.  That depends on its purpose.  The sole purpose that I have for it is to capture the stream of consciousness that is able to flow through me.

1107 - Why the stream flows through me in the manner that it does is not something that I have even questioned before.  I was happy that it was able to come forth as it does.  I gladly and consciously choose to serve spirit as the voice/vessel for this expression.

1108 - Yet, why me, and why in this manner are definitely important questions.  As to the first, because I AM whom that I AM and this is part of what I came to do.  As to the second, because this is the most effective means for spirit to express through me at this time.  Convenient answers.

1109 - I believe in a world of purpose ... of spiritual intent directing what is expressed and experienced both individually and en masse. Because of this, I am a pawn in the game of life ... or perhaps a king, a bishop, or a knight.

1110 - I have no means of knowing how common or unique my experience truly is.  My sense is that it is quite rare.  Yes, signs of grandiosity again.  But, how else can I explain all that is expressed here?  Where does the wisdom that is imparted come from?  How can I know all of this enough to express it in such a declarative manner?

1111 - I've spoken before of a desire to find my spiritual family ... those kindred spirits with whom I can relate.  Yet, at the same my nature is very much that of a loner.  I tolerate people in my life and to some degree enjoy interacting with others at times, but I prefer my own company and my private time.

1112 - This is one area where we are equal.  We are each given 24 hours per day in which to accomplish and experience what we will.

1113 - Life is definitely a great gift, one not to be squandered.  It is up to us to find something useful to do ... some way to make the life we have been given a gift back to spirit, our society, and our world.  What we choose to do with our life is our gift to the world.

1114 - I am concerned with what I can do for the whole world ... but not concerned about what I can do on a smaller scale to help particular individuals.  This seems to be a matter of how I am wired, a matter of how my brain functions, and a matter of where my spirit came to focus.  Here, we are all unique.  What works for one, may or may not work for another.

1115 - Utility is the measure of the value of anything.  Use what works, and be open to adapting how you do things based on the results you see in your reality.

1116 - Sharing is a two way process.  It is an exchange of energy.

1117 - I trust that there is some part of me that knows what it is doing and can be trusted.  I am unconsciously competent in the things that I do.  To be consciously competent, I would have to know how I do the things that I do.  For some things, I have this awareness ... but for many other things, I do not.

1118 - What matters is that we are competent, not whether it is conscious or unconscious.  In fact, it seems that unconscious competence is the better of the two, for then we are doing things on automatic, often without even trying.

1119 - As a wayshower and explorer of consciousness, being able to record a stream of consciousness is a very important thing.  By recording it in a manner that can be posted to the WWW ... the result is a signpost, a marker, or a candle that can show or light the way for others.

1120 - One more day ... one more opportunity for spirit to express in flesh.  Yes, this is true everyday.  But how many of us are at a point where we are satisfied with what we have done with our lives to date?

1121 - There is something to be gained by living one's life as if the end were near, not out of fear ... rather as a challenge to be all that we can be; and to not delay until tomorrow what can be accomplished today.

1122 - The middle path seems to be to allow what is to unfold in our lives to do so naturally, without undo force being applied one way or another.  Yes, we can make things happen.  However, it is far more important that we allow spirit to make things happen through us.  This makes all the difference in the world.

1123 - Egos can be strong forces to deal with.  They are the parts of us responsible for assessing our reality.  However, at times, it seems that they don't realize that they are not the only components of the self that are operating in this existence.  Intuition and inputs from source or spirit must be recognized as well ... and, in my experience, as superior sources of information and guidance.

1124 - Our oldest books only go back 2500 years or so (at least in the West).  I don't know how far back such material goes in the East, in particular in India and China.  Also, even where we do have such ancient texts, it is not as if we have libraries ... we only have a few works by a small number of authors.  We are in the midst of an information explosion by comparison.

1125 - I don't remember where we are on the exponential curve.  But, it takes a small number of years for the amount of information (fiction and nonfiction) to double.  It is as if there is an ocean of information ... and it is up to us to develop the skills necessary to navigate through it, and to understand the meaning of what we find.

1126 - One of the greatest tools of all is the lump of gray matter that rides in our skull as the vessel through which mind enters into flesh.

1127 - I've had several jumps in consciousness, where I was suddenly aware that I was more than I knew myself to be before.  I love such experiences.  They are leaps from the cliff into the outstretched arms of spirit.  In reality, there is no other place to fall.  We are safe.  We are loved.  And, we are meant to do what we can to convey this to others.

1128 - Many do not realize the power of beliefs and their importance in creating the reality we experience.  Yes, creating.  Beliefs define what meaning we assign to what we experience ... and in doing so, create the very reality that we experience.

1129 - My world is primarily one of meaning.  It is not so much what happens in life that matters, it is the meaning that we assign to the experience.  This meaning is what determines how we will respond, what action we will take next.

1130 - Life gives us plenty of opportunity to do things and make choices that ultimately count.  However, in the end what really matters?  What about our lives will live on after we do?  For most, children provide this legacy.  That is not to be the case for me.

1131 - My legacy will be the words that I leave and the deeds that I do.  My children will be those spawned by my consciousness.  And, it seems they are not all mine ... they belong to spirit for they spring forth from her.

1132 - At some level, everything is spirit.  Yes, everything, including us.  That means that all that we do is spiritual ... is the work, the expression of spirit.  This means when we are at our highs as well as at our lows.  Hmm ... that seems to justify a lot of bad or evil things that people and organizations do.  However, at some level the expression of spirit in flesh is perfect.

1133 - The scenes that are played out are just that, scenes in a play.  We are actors all.  And, what we experience is what we experience ... it is not real, but it is the reality that we experience.  Yes, that means that reality is not real.  It is an engaging illusion, one that can engage us for countless lifetimes.

1134 - Everything meaningful in my life has a strong metaphysical and thus spiritual component.  More than any other description, I am consciousness having a physical experience.  My mind has been one of my most important tools.  In fact, I lived in my head nearly exclusively for much of my life.  I still live primarily in the realm of thought and ideas ... in the realm of the written word, and primarily metaphysical words at that.

1135 - I must change and evolve if I am to continue to serve spirit in this manner.  That is not surprising, change is one thing that is everpresent in life.  It is for us to make the most of it.

1136 - Becoming all that we can be requires that we discover whom that we are and that we express this in our lives to the degree that we can.  This is a task that is the same for everyone.  Though, there are many grades and levels.

1137 - Consciousness is a very big place to explore.  Awareness is the personal aspect that connection to consciousness brings into our lives.  It helps tremendously if we consciously choose to pursue awareness with all of our heart and soul.  It should be as important to us as the very air that we breathe ... no, even more so.

1138 - It is consciousness that animates us, each and every moment.  We are spiritual beings, all.  This is our true nature.  It is a matter of realizing it and acting from this place.  It is a matter of choice, a matter of where and how we choose to express our time and energy.

1139 - Numerology and gematria have been around a long time.  Long enough that it seems there must be an element of truth to them.  They are tools that help us see aspects of the world and reality in a different manner than our normal viewing.  Yes, this means that they give us different eyes through which to see the world.

1140 - Where would I go to find the answers that I seek?  The standard answer is always ... seek within.  Yet, there is something suggesting that it is time to start seeking on the outside as well.  The two domains are mirrors of one another.  However, that doesn't mean that everything is done in the same manner or with the same ease in both domains.

1141 - Expectations are a rough area to deal with.  Where we can, we should do what we know is right for us to do without expectation of results.  This does not mean that we cannot enjoy the results that do come.  It just means that we should remain open and allow spirit to determine what results follow from our actions.

1142 - The major point is that we should live our lives as if spirit mattered ... for that is exactly what we are spirit expressing in matter.

1143 - This thing called life is a precious gift ... every moment of it.  Now is constantly sustained by spirit.  Every moment, life is renewed.  Each moment is a death and a new birth.  Similarly, each night is a death to the waking consciousness, and each morning a rebirth of that consciousness.

1144 - My physical body may die, my brain may cease its functioning, my physical life will cease ... but my consciousness shall continue on in whatever manner is appropriate to it.  This manner will be highly dependent on the awareness achieved during life.  That is why the directive know thyself is so important.

1145 - What is the purpose of this particular expression of this stream of consciousness?  My hope is that it will serve as a useful example and will be indisputable evidence that one such as me has existed.

1146 - In the end, it is what we have given of ourselves out of unconditional love that will make a difference to all those whose lives we touch.

1147 - In the right minds at the right time, words have the power to do amazing things ... up to and including transforming the world as we know it.

1148 - Will the words that have been captured and shared here have such impact?  Only time will tell.  They will if that is the destiny that spirit would choose for them.  Otherwise, they will not.  To date, they have had such impact on me.   Personally, they have changed my world in ways that are Beyond Imagination.

1149 - There is a sense that coming here was a choice ... that this was not something that I had to do.  There is a sense that I am complete somehow, in ways that many are not.  Perhaps that is why goals, objectives, and plans are so foreign to me.  All of these require attachment to an outcome.  It is not for me to create particular outcomes, I leave that to spirit.

1150 - While we live in a world of duality such things as good and bad do indeed exist for us ... just as hot and cold, big and small, animate and inanimate, fat and thin, black and white, fast and slow, etc...  It is not wrong that such things exist in our experience of reality.  However, because we experience them as we do doesn't make them necessarily real.

1151 - Duality is an illusion, an engaging illusion, but an illusion nonetheless.

1152 - Our lives seem to unfold in spite of what we do rather than because of what we do.  This indicates that there is an unseen hand that is pulling the strings and indeed such is the case.  Though, this hand may be an unknown part of ourself.  That does not mean that it is unknowable, though indeed our depths of soul may be unfathomable.

1153 - Our Declaration of Independence states that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  It is interesting that it is stated in this manner, as the pursuit of happiness.  This doesn't guarantee that we will ever achieve happiness.  It seems that is up to us ... in how we choose to pursue happiness.

1154 - We need an element of the unknown in our lives to keep things interesting.

1155 - The title from a biography of Paul Twitchell comes to mind: In my soul I am free.  That is where to look for freedom, in the spiritual domain rather than in the physical.  It is there that we can fly and soar to heights as far as the wings of awareness can take us.

1156 - Yes, awareness is that important ... possibly the most important thing in our lives.  The body will return dust to dust, all of our worldly possessions will remain in the world, but our awareness is the one thing that we get to take with us when we depart this existence.

1157 - Effectively, if you are reading this ... you are experiencing my practice sessions.  Eventually, our practice is sufficient and we play the game for real or we perform for a live audience.  This will be new for me.  However, I am looking forward to the change.

1158 - What I have to date is words.  Yes, a lot of words, but still only words.  The next step seems to be to act in accord with the words ... that is to generate deeds consistent with all that has been expressed.  That is how I take charge and start to really live my life, rather than stay in the background as an observer.

1159 - In the end, there is only ONE, and then the game is over.  Our ego serves as a head to the self.  Each time we cut it off, we experience a quickening in which we integrate ever greater parts of our self.  There is always an ego, a part of us that is responsible for interpreting physical reality.  When one ego dies, another immediately takes its place.

1160 - There is a spiritual world embedded in the symbol systems of the physical world.  Actually, there may be several such worlds since many symbol systems are mapped onto the same elements.  That is OK.  All such systems are valid from their own perspective.  Yes, that means there are many spiritual worlds.

1161 - Our beliefs and expectations form screens that filter all that we experience.  As a result, reality conforms to our expectations ... at least sometimes anyway.  Often, we have conflicting beliefs or have no expectations, leaving it open as to what we will experience.

1162 - For the greatest good of all concerned is the key operating directive.  This requires some level of evaluation of what we do.  If we don't know what impact we have, how can we ever improve and make this better.  Yes, better is a subjective judgment ... but we are subjective beings, and this is a judgment we must make for ourselves.

1163 - There is a reason that we are where we are.  We attract those circumstances that we need to learn and grow, and ultimately to be prepared to carry out whatever mission we have come to perform.  Most are not aware of that mission.  It seems that spirit operates on a need to know basis.  She informs us of what we need to know when we are ready, and when we need to know.

1164 - Our task is to fully be in the present, and to do what needs to be done here and now.  When we do this, the future will be a natural outcome ... it will take care of itself.  The trick is to do what we are moved by spirit to do.  That requires developing the ability to distinguish and recognize what spirit is asking of us in every situation that we face.

1165 - Our natural mode of expression is to serve spirit, and in turn our society as only we can.  Yes, that is asking a lot.  However, it is only asking that we be true to our true nature.  We are spirit in flesh, here and now ... every one of us.  Yes, all 5 plus billion of us on the planet plus the entire animal and plant kingdoms for that matter.

1166 - Spirit is all ONE!  She is orchestrating everything.  Those with roles to play will gravitate naturally towards what they need to do when they need to do it.  It is not necessary for any one cell to know everything about the whole.  The whole is the synergistic result of a collective cooperative effort.  Because of this, there are no limits to what it can be and what it can achieve.

1167 - We must recognize that there is an intelligence, a consciousness that is behind and causes the expression in flesh.  This intelligence is limited in expression only to the degree that the forms are limited.  Because of this, awareness is critical.  Our awareness is the level of consciousness that we have experienced in this lifetime.

1168 - When we choose to allow spirit to express through us, when we choose to live a life of destiny ... we are still responsible for our choice and for everything that comes of it.  What has changed is that we now have a helping hand in our corner ... a hand from a source that knows us far more than we know ourselves.

1169 - We are all Princes and Kings in our own rights.  It is a matter of  realizing that this is true, and of finding that place where it is true.  Our sovereignty, however, is not so much over others, as it is over ourselves.  We are always in complete control of how we expend our greatest resource, our self and our time.

1170 - We each have the same allotment of time each day ... that is until our final day anyway.  Some have more duties to perform than others during that time.  Some have more leisure, and more freedom.  Some have more responsibilities, some less.  However, whatever we have is what we deserve somehow.

1171 - We have to move beyond our selfishness to a mode of providing service to spirit and to others with our lives.  How we do this is up to us.  However, we have to move from a me to a we mode of expression.  We have to move from a what is in it for me, to a what is in it for all of us perspective.

1172 - My vocation is as a systems engineer in an information age ... and here I am as a scribe, and metaphysical information generator in that same age.  Information, expressed in words consumes a great deal of my time, in fact, a vast majority of it.  It is clearly what I am suited to do.

1173 - There is something about this expression that is addictive.  That does not make make it bad in any way.  Some habits are good to have.  This expression is a form of therapy for me.  It allows me to tap the depths of my self on a regular basis.  I never know where it will lead.  But, I trust that it will lead me in exactly the direction that I need to head.

1174 - There is a divine plan for the unfoldment of consciousness.  From the beginning it has pushed the individual and collective consciousness to ever greater awareness and to ever greater expression of spirit in flesh.

1175 - We lie at the crossroads of a new age ... one that has been forecast for many years.  We have been on the threshold of the age since at least the 60's.  It seems though that now the dawn is finally upon this.  A new day and a new age has come.

1176 - I can only do my part ... and serve as the scribe for spirit.  What happens from there is up to spirit.  I am but a pebble in the hand of God.  As such, I allow him to throw me where he will.  Interesting.  I don't typically speak of God and his place in my life, yet here we have God operating as a motive force, and throwing me to those circumstances in which I am to do my work.

1177 - God is the creator, but spirit is the animating force that expresses through us.  My connection is still with consciousness, with the spirit within.  Though, it seems that this may be subject to change as well.  We will see soon enough.   


1178 - The entire nine plus year journey since 1993 has been an adventure in consciousness ... and a grand and glorious adventure at that.

1179 - I am operating in a domain that is for the most part unknown.  In fact, that is what makes it fascinating and exciting.

1180 - Consciousness has a special place in life.  It is for her that I live.  It is in her service that I exist.  I cannot imagine living life in any other manner.

1181 - I long to share of whom that I AM with the world.  Yet, I would do so on my own terms or not do it at all.

1182 - I must live my life in my own way.  It is not in the cards for me to follow in the footsteps of others.  Where I am to go, few, if any, have been.

1183 - My life seems to be a series of choices to choose the road less traveled by.  I would not be one of the masses, and live a "normal" life.  I prefer to be extraordinary and to live a life that is consistent with this.  Even if no one but I and spirit herself know just how extraordinary this is.

1184 - It seems that we all have the potential to live even ordinary lives in extraordinary ways.  It is not what we do, but how we do it that makes this so.

1185 - Whatever we do, we should do with love.

1186 - When we love what we do, a magical transformation takes place allowing the very forces of the universe to join in to do our bidding.

1187 - This expression challenges me to come up with a framework, with a reality construct, that permits this expression and explains how it could come forth in the manner that it does.

1188 - This expression is not a regurgitation of what I have learned anywhere.  It is far more than that.  I don't know how it is generated, other than knowing that it is a stream of consciousness that flows forth from source.  This source is my direct connection to spirit or the one consciousness.

1189 - Simply posting this expression is not enough.  I need to find a way to live my life in accordance with this expression.  That requires the courage to be whom that I AM to a greater degree than I have allowed to date in the presence of others.

1190 - I must live as I believe.  I came to be a wayshower, one who demonstrates a new way of being to society and to the world.  Note that I said demonstrates, not simply explains or speaks about.  My deeds and my words need to be consistent, more so than for any others.

1191 - Each of us chose the tasks that we came to do in this existence.  These are not as weights around our necks that hold us down, rather they are the very wings that set us free.

1192 - The unknown can be a scary place without the right belief system to deal with it effectively.  However, the known only gives us more of the same, and that is intolerable in a new age.

1193 - It is time for the needs of all to be considered in a new light, and for the resources of all to be applied more equitable to meet those needs.  We as the world, are responsible for meeting the needs of the world.

1194 - We pay people for time for the most part, rather than for results.  That is not to say that people are not conscientious.  In general, they try to do a good job under whatever conditions they find themselves.

1195 - There are far too many areas where plentiful goods and services are available, but where people do not have sufficient resources to acquire the goods and services that they need.  This is primarily a function of the economic system restricting the distribution of the abundance to where it is needed.

1196 - There are many places in the world where the struggle is great for a large number of people to even get basic needs met ... water, food, clothing, shelter, education.  Who has responsibility to change this?  Clearly, the individuals suffering from such dire conditions do not appear to be in control of their own destiny.

1197 - How can we join a Federation of Worlds, if we cannot even create a Federation of Nations.

1198 - What matters is the moment, and whether whom that we have become is empowered to take the next step on the path for us.

1199 - Life is a mystery and is meant to be such.  Because of this, understanding is neither necessary, nor it seems possible.

1200 - What seems to work is trust, a faith in life as it is unfolding through us.  A faith that we are the instrument through which spirit is expressing and that she knows exactly what she is doing even if we don't.

1201 - Actions speak louder than words as the saying goes.  It is through our actions that we demonstrate what we believe and whom that we are.

1202 - There is not me and source ... there is just the collective us cooperating together to allow this expression to flow forth.

1203 - I often perform my work automatically, trusting that I know what I am doing even if I am not fully aware of this consciously.  It just seems obvious what needs to be done and how to do it ... or at least how to take the next step, trusting that each subsequent step will be revealed when it is needed.

1204 - There have been few true explorers in all of history.  Explorers of consciousness are no different.  We are rare among the populace.  It takes special abilities to do what we do.

1205 - We don't have to do everything.  There are others in the world who are good at what they do.  Our task is to find what we are good at, and then to do it in some way that serves.  In particular, we are to serve society and the world.  Though, serving self and family is a good place to start.

1206 - In the Aquarian Age ... it seems that individual expression is still the primary way.  Yet, it is done with an awareness of the brotherhood / sisterhood of all humankind.

1207 - It seems that those who have lived their lives by Piscean rules are entitled to the fruits of their labors.

1208 - The newer generations, and those who led the way living by Aquarian rules are playing a completely different game.  Actually, we are learning the game as we play it ... or more correctly, as we live it.

1209 - We don't have enough of these changes in our record of history to know what is to come.  The last time this particular transformation occurred would have been nearly 26,000 years ago.

1210 - The recorded history of humankind barely goes back 4000 years ... and then only in rare instances, at least as far as I know.  Further, the world was still quite primitive by todays standards, even at the transition from the Arian Age to the Piscean Age around the height of the Roman Empire.

1211 - We don't have one country which controls major portions of the world as in times past.  Though we do have major worldwide economic powers ... multinational corporations that span the political boundaries.  There are fewer of these than there are countries in the world.

1212 - This expression is an information service.  It is the generation of information that does not exist in this form anywhere else.  The question that comes to mind is what is its utility?  Whom does it serve, and in what ways?  Will I ever know?  Perhaps, perhaps not.

1213 - My key modus operandi is to do what I am moved to do, when I am moved to do it.

1214 - Life is meant to be a challenge, and an exciting one at that.  However, it is up to us to do our part to make it so.  This doesn't necessarily happen automatically ... though it seems that the degree of challenge and the degree of excitement vary dramatically from one individual to another.

1215 - We each create the life that we are meant to lead.  We each are responsible for all that we experience.  Yes, everything ... no fine print, no exceptions.  We are that powerful.  We are that much in control of our destiny.  We create the very reality that we experience.

1216 - We experience what we are ready to experience.  That readiness comes from an inheritance from past lives, and from our efforts at knowing ourselves in this lifetime.

1217 - Some things are a mystery and are best left that way.  Life is one of those such things.  It is for us to live the mystery and simply be whom that we are.  That is OK.  This is as it should be.

1218 - Life is a precious gift, one that we should make the most of.  One might say it is the most precious gift that we can ever be given.

1219 - When we do what we can in the moment, both the past and the future take care of themselves.  Yes, the past as well as the future.  We can reinvent what the past means at any moment.  And, in doing so, we literally create a different past.

1220 - We can assign any meaning we choose to any experience that we have.  Actually, for most, this is only in theory as their belief systems rigidly define how they interpret reality.

1221 - Why aren't we taught more about whom that we are, how our minds function, how our consciousness works?  Perhaps this is because the conventional education system simply does not know.  My sources for all of this for over 28 years have been outside of any formal training that I have received.

1222 - This (informal training) came primarily from books that we categorized as Occult, then Metaphysical, then New Age.  Some of these have started to enter the mainstream as bestsellers.  However, most have not.  They cater to a niche market of seekers.

1223 - How many seekers there are, I have no means of knowing.  But our numbers are significant and they are growing.  We are the wave of the future.  We are the harbingers of a new age.

1224 - Why do I have such reverence for intuition?  Simply because I have discovered it to be a useful guide for living one's life, as useful if not more useful than reason.  That is a lot to say for one who has been trained as an engineer and worked in that discipline for over 20 years.

1225 - Intuition is what gives us the insight as to how to tackle the challenges and problems that we face.  Reason then helps us to weigh the alternatives and find the most useful solution under a given set of constraints.

1226 - Systems exhibit synergy, the principal in which the functioning of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  How much synergy depends on the nature of the parts and on the complexity of the system.

1227 - In general, the more complex, the more synergy that is possible.  This doesn't guarantee that the synergy will manifest.  However, it is there in potential, locked up waiting to be released.

1228 - The human brain is one of the most complex things on the planet.  Now, in the world we have nearly 6 billion of these complex biological machines on the planet.  Yes, they take alot to care for and to train.  However, they can do things that nothing else can do ...

1229 - We live in an information age.  It is only recently that we have become so interconnected that information can be generated and shared so freely and quickly.

1230 - One can have too much information, so much that it consumes time and energy that might be more useful used elsewhere.

1231 - How do we more effectively organize our information infrastructure so that it serves society better?  It is clear that people operating out of self-interest is not the answer.  Yet, this is exactly what free enterprise involves. 

1232 - How do we get people to work together in a manner that is more effective for the collective?  How do we get people to consider the needs of all at the same time that they consider their self-interest?

1233 - One of the benefits of organizations is the division of labor.  We only need enough people in every area of endeavor to do that thing effectively.  Anymore than that is a waste of resources.  Any less than that and there is not the critical mass necessary to do the job.

1234 - How do we get people to recognize and do those things for which they are responsible?  How do we reap the benefits of cooperation and synergy?  Lots of questions.  However, where there are questions, that is the first step towards finding the answers.

1235 - The bottom line is that each of us find exactly that information that we need to experience when we need to know it.  Consciousness operates on a need to know basis.

1236 - In the area of defense, it is primarily fear that drives us, a fear of what others might do if we were not strong enough.  This justifies expending horrendous amounts of money.  Yet, it also employs a lot of people and pushes technology in ways that bring some overall benefits to society.  How do we judge whether the benefits are worth the price?

1237 - We are consciousness expressing in flesh already.  It is a matter of focusing on this, and finding out how it works.  Where is the interface that allows us to see consciousness in operation firsthand.  I have said before that it is via the intuition.  This is our tap to the source within.

1238 - My intent is clearly to serve ... to serve my self, my family, my society, and the entire world ... not necessarily in that order.

1239 - We need to be willing to take risks and act.  It is OK to be wrong sometimes.  No one is perfect.  However, we should observe the results of our actions and learn from our mistakes.

1240 - If we want a different result, we need to change what we do or how we do it.  This is a choice that we can make at anytime.  What it requires is being observant and learning from what we do ... learning what works, and what doesn't work by whatever value scale we choose to impose.

1241 - It is not for us to live up to anyone else's standards.  It is for us to find our own.  We can march to the beat of an external drum if we choose.  However, the best result seems to come from finding our own drummer within and marching to the beat of our own music.

1242 - I am not in a position of authority.  I have no one under me who works for me.  I have to rely on others cooperating and choosing to work with me on the various efforts that I support.

1243 - In general, people want their work to be useful and meaningful.  Further, they want to do a good job.

1244 - If we find ways to empower people to do this, we will be amazed at how helpful and responsive they can be.

1245 - Cooperation requires the establishment of relationships, personal relationships with the people that we work with.  These are the means through which we become interdependent on one another.

1246 - At some level, we choose (or allow) everything that we experience.  There is no one and nothing to blame outside of ourselves for anything that happens.

1247 - Hmm ... while we know people by their works, it is not clear that we truly know them via this fashion.

1248 - Deciding where and how to expend resources to get the most benefit is a major challenge.  However, it is something that must be done locally, with our own time,  as well as collectively for the whole.

1249 - I can clearly see that many meetings are wasteful of time and resources, sometimes grossly so.  It is incumbent on us to do what we can to rectify this.  At least, I feel that obligation.

1250 - In the spiritual world, I have no one else that I am working with other than source herself.  I desire that this change, and believe that it will change soon.  Though, from some of the indications of the past week, it seems that my Hermit days are far from over ... if indeed they will ever be over.

1251 - Friends accept you unconditionally for whom that you are.  Friends enjoy one anothers company and are mutually supportive.  Friends care about one another deeply.  Friends communicate with one another deeply.

1252 - Cooperative interdependence is all about relationships.  Systems arise out of the complexities of relationships.  It is curious thatI am employed as a systems engineer dealing with highly complex systems yet I have had so little involvement with relationships in the social setting.

1253 - Sychronicities are bleedthroughs from the spiritual world into the physical world.

1254 - I trust that my reality is such that everything that has happened is as it was meant to be.  There is an order and a design behind it all.

1255 - I live my life largely on the basis of my intuition.  Yes, my logical mind and abilities are developed as well, but I don't allow these to dominate my life as I did for so many years.

1256 - I am content to be whom that I AM, and to express this in whatsoever manner I am moved to express.  It is not me that does the moving.   It is spirit herself.  I am content to serve as here instrument, to do her will.

1257 - Each day the energies are at play in a unique way.  It is for us to take from them as we will ... and to find a way to mold them into expression.

1258 - When we do the works of spirit, our lives work.  Everything falls into place.  There is a host of forces that are harnessed to do our bidding ... or more correctly spirit's bidding.

1259 - I have spent a lot of my life focused on knowing myself.  That was my focus for nearly two decades.  Now, for nearly a decade, I have been involved in expressing what spirit would express through me.

1260 - I trust that my reality is unfolding as it must.  There is a sense that this lifetime is one of destiny for me.  I am not meant to live as others do.  My concerns and focus are different.  My very reality is different.

1261 - I accept all that I experience.  I know that everything that happens does so because at some level it is meant to happen, at some level I am co-creating it.

1262 - Awareness, allowance, acceptance ... these are the keywords for living a spiritual life, for living the life that we are meant to live. 

1263 - How can I turn what I love to do into something that earns an income?  Is that even meant to be?  It could be that my work life and my spiritual life are meant to be distinct from one another.  The work is done out of necessity ... the spiritual expression is done out of love.

1264 - Some people have conscious control of their lives.  Some people set goals and take the actions necessary to achieve those goals.  This is not my way.  It never has been.  That does not mean it is not appropriate.  It seems that different ways work for different people.

1265 - Over nearly 30 years, I have developed a close relationship to something deep within me.  This is a relationship closer than any that I have experienced with others.  Yes, it is by far the closest and deepest relationship of my life.

1266 - There is a growing sense that there is a lot more locked within waiting to be unleashed.  The limiting factor seems to be me.  In particular, my awareness and my ability to serve as a vehicle for spiritual expression.

1267 - The more that I become, the more I open up, the more that spirit can express through me.

1268 - My life is moving towards the greater and greater expression of spirit.  I am to be a wayshower.  Perhaps I already am.  Or, at least, I am acting as if I am.  This expression, this recording of a stream of consciousness, is one of my ways of doing this.

1269 - There is a sense that everything is playing out according to plans ... not my plans, but spirit's plans.  I am comfortable with this.  It is OK to allow her to take the lead in the dance that is my life.  Yes, mine is a dance of consciousness.

1270 - As in real life, there are different levels of dancers, ranging from those with no sense of rhythm and limited movement to experts whose movements are truly inspired ... works of art of the highest order.

1271 - One day shy of 9/11.  It is hard to believe that a year has already past since that series of events so vividly inscribed in our memories.  Have we as a people changed as a result?  Have we changed for the better or for the worse?  As a country, we still seem to be more united.  But, as a world, we seem more fragmented.

1272 - I read something yesterday, that every phone call, every e-mail message, every transfer of funds, every internet access ... is subject to monitoring by sophisticated programs that make information available to government intelligence organizations.

1273 - I don't feel threatened by terrorism.  It is not part of my world, even though it occurs in the consensus world in which I live.  I have no sense of it touching me personally.  I was not moved to be more patriotic.  There is a sense within me that political boundaries are arbitrary and patriotism enforces division by those boundaries.

1274 - Patriotism also enforces division by ideology.  Here I am more involved ... but what I consider ideal quite often differ from what the consensus in American considers to be ideal.  One case in point is communism as an expression of a social contract.  I strongly believe in the basic tenet:

From each in accord with their abilities, to each in accord with their need.

1275 - Communism and community come from the same root.  Who among us would say that community is wrong?  Further, I break this down as common unity.  This is a condition in which all of us are united and care for the whole.  In doing so, however, we cannot lose sight of the need to provide each individual in accord with their needs.

1276 - We must also realize that wants are not always needs.  Sometimes they are, sometimes not.  But who is it that decides this?  Who does the evaluation of wants to determine which are needs?  Who ensures that the right resources are applied in the right ways to meet the needs of all?

1277 - This smacks of master planning.  But, we have seen that this is a dismal failure in the countries that have tried this on a large scale.  So, what are we to do?  How do we constrain market forces so that both people and companies are encouraged to do the right things and rewarded for doing so?

1278 - How do we get people to go beyond their selfish ways and consider the good of the whole in their economic decisions.

1279 - We have the know-how to create an abundance seeming beyond measure.  But, do we have the wisdom to do it, and to distribute that abundance fairly and justly to the populace, to each individual?

1280 - How do we collectively decide that we want to change the rules of the economic game?  What assurance do we have that our tinkering won't make things worse?  There are no guarantees.

1281 - The question to ask is how well the economy as it is serves us collectively?  If the answer is very well or better, there is no need for change.  However, I suspect the answer is fair to good at best.  We have to ask is that enough?

1282 - Is it OK to have people starving in this country when there is a large surplus of food?  The world is a whole other matter entirely.  Is it OK to have families living in poverty in this country when the collective wealth and resources are more than sufficient to correct this?

1283 - Yes, God helps those who help themselves.  But this applies to the collective, even more than to any individual.  That is a different way of looking at things.

1284 - Why do we expect God to do what we are perfectly able to do collectively?  Besides, are not our hands, God's hands?

1286 - It is in the metaphysical domain that the inner source and intuition have been given voice and emphasis.

1287 - Service is very important.  We are meant to serve ... to apply our skills and abilities in such a way that we serve others.  The sooner that we realize this and start doing it, the better it will be for everyone, ourselves included.  However, it is important that we do this unconditionally.

1288 - In many areas of our lives, we trade our services for pay, or for some things or services that we desire.  The greater good is gained when we do things without consideration for what we will get.  Universal law applies.  We will indeed reap what we sow.

1289 - We live in a world that is much smaller than we ever imagined.  What do we do to ensure our mutual security?

1290 - Terrorism strikes deeply, instilling a fear that pervades our reality.  We know not when it will strike nor how.  Its perpetrators don't live by the rule of law.  Their agenda is one of hate, and they have no concern for engaging non-combatants.

1291 - There are no innocent victims.  We are all spirit in flesh.  We are all ancient and powerful beings at our core.  We just don't see this in the roles that we appear to be playing.

1292 - Spirit knows exactly what she is doing.  In doing her will, I unlock the best that is in me to serve the collective good.  This is not completely unselfish, as the very process brings great richness into my life.

1293 - I choose to be a vessel through which spirit can express as she will.  Yes, this is still limited.  However, it expands everyday ... every time I allow the expression to flow forth.  The process is magical.

1294 - Here is where the unmanifest becomes manifest, at least in terms of words as they express ideas and a frame of mind.


1295 - My hope is that the words trigger you to experience altered states of consciousness in which you experience being more than you knew yourself to be.  That is all that can be expected of a wayshower.  

1296 - That is one of the primary things that I am here to do ... to demonstrate firsthand how spirit can express in flesh.

1297 - Cooperate and graduate.  That is the name of the game at the turn of an age.

1298 - All answers can be found within our souls ... that is for anything that we need to have answers for.

1299 - Many people don't come up with original thoughts worthy of capturing in their entire lifetimes.  And, here I am with enough to fill a book or more.

1300 - I live a pretty silent life overall.  I am not one to speak unless I have something to say ... and, in particular, meaningful to say.  My sense is that I write because there is something that needs to be said through me.  However, it is not me that has this need, it is spirit.

1301 - How do I turn this raw stream of consciousness into refined works suitable for others?  Is that indeed my task to do, or is that better suited as the work of another?

1302 - I trust that consciousness knows what she is doing.  In particular, she knows how best to use my abilities in her service.  And, she knows how to move me to do what is mine to do.

1303 - We get what we focus upon.  If we spend our time focusing on consciousness, spirit, and awareness we reap the rewards of our efforts.

1304 - How does my reality compare with that of others?  The bottom line is that it doesn't matter.  My life is what it is.  Further, it is exactly what it needs to be in the moment.  When it needs to change, it will do so.  Yes, this requires effort on my part, but it is natural effort.

1305 - It is as if I am building a puzzle.  I find pieces, and find connections between pieces, allowing me to create various clusters.  However, I don't have a box cover to go by that provides a context for seeing how the whole puzzle fits together.  Here, I have to rely on intuition, an inner connection to source.  Also, there don't appear to be edge pieces, so I can't define the outer boundary first and work from there.

1306 - As a wayshower, my chief task is to demonstrate how spirit can express in flesh.  My very life is such a demonstration.  This very expression is the legacy that I leave to any who might venture this way.

1307 - What we encounter in our world is a mirror of whom that we are.  What touches us personally are those things for which there are compatible parts within us.

1308 - I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it must.  Yes, must.  There is a destiny that is being played out in which I am a pawn on the chessboard.  I will play my destined role when the time is right for me to do that.

1309 - The bottom line for much of life is that it is a mystery.  Nothing more, and nothing less.  Mysteries, and the unknown that is generally associated with them, have their place.  Miracles are of the same order.  These combine to make life rich and interesting. 

1310 - ONE people sharing one spaceship Earth living life in peace, understanding, unity, cooperation, compassion, freedom, abundance, friendship, and love.  It is easy enough to dream, and easy enough to say ... but how do we manifest it?  How do make the dream a reality?  Are we willing to pay the price?  Are we willing to do what it takes?

1311 - Questions are powerful.  Through our questions we attract experiences into our lives that bring answers, at least to those questions for which we have a need to know the answers.

1312 - There are many things that I don't know.  It is perfectly fine for some things to remain a mystery.  That makes life interesting.  This very expression is a mystery.  I put my time and energy into it ... but how it manifests is beyond any explanation that I can provide.

1313 - What is important is that we develop and use the abilities and talents that we are given as fully and completely as we can.  This is what being all that we can be is all about.  And, that is the prime directive ... be all that you can be.

1314 - From an individual perspective, we need to understand that what we do as individuals must fit within a larger perspective and it is the good of the greater whole that ultimately matters.  That does not mean we must sacrifice our individuality.  It is more a matter of committing whom that we are to a greater good, the good of the society of which we are part.

1315 - We exist within a context.  It is for us to find our position within the fabric of the whole.

1316 - No matter what the circumstances of our lives are, we can find a way to be extraordinary.

1317 - It takes courage and commitment to stand by our convictions and to express what we are moved to express from within.  However, that is what we are here to do ... and it is up to us to do it.

1318 - We can do whatever we set our minds and hearts to do.  Yes, we are that powerful.  We are creators all, creators of the reality that we experience.

1319 - Each of us make our mark on the world in our own way.  Whatever that mark is ... is right for us.  It is the part that we came to play.

1320 - Will this expression, and whatever I am moved to do in the future have the world impact that I believe it will?  My sense is yes, that in the end I will have accomplished something great, that I will indeed leave the world a better place for my having lived.

1321 - Such is what this expression is all about as well ... the human spirit, spirit expressing in flesh.  And what an adventurous voyage and expedition we are on.  The journey is everything!  It is what life is all about.

1322 - We may think that the destination is important sometimes, perhaps even often ... but in the end what truly matters is the voyage, and how we enjoyed the expression that constitutes our life.

1323 - I am a writer.  My medium is words.  Not the words of the poet, nor the writer of fiction ... though some may think that what is expressed here is indeed fiction.

1324 - Where we place our attention ... we find our reality.

1325 - Life is a series of moments.  It is for us to make each moment count as much as we can.  In the end, it is what we do with our moments that matters.

1326 - There is part of me that seeks to understand the whole.  There is part of me that realizes my connection to the ONE consciousness.

1327 - It is the realm of consciousness that matters to me most.  That is where I live out my life.  The rest is secondary.  It always has been.

1328 - Life for me is the expression of consciousness, the expression of spirit in flesh.

1329 - Every moment, every day, every month, every year spirit is always in expression through us.  Yes, it seems some days more so than others.  However, each day counts nonetheless.

1330 - Each day things are getting better.  Though it seems that for many on the planet this is not so.

1331 - There are billions of people on the planet that still live impoverished lives.  Why is it that we allow this to happen?  Why do we not take responsibility for our collective well-being?

1332 - Life is a gift, a very special gift.  We show our gratitude by doing something with our lives ... something memorable, something wonderful, something that truly makes a difference.

1333 - No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, we can always make a difference.  We can always live our lives in ways that are extraordinary.

1334 - We can live our lives with dignity regardless of the circumstances.  It is simply a matter of choosing to do so.

1335 - When you have little, even little things can bring great joy.  When you have a lot ... it can be hard to see what truly counts amidst the abundance.

1336 - Ultimately, what counts is awareness, and applying ourselves in ways that make a difference not only in our lives but in the lives of others.

1337 - Somehow, I am meant to share what I see and what I experience.  That is what I do here.  Though, it is not clear who is reached by this expression other than me.  Hmm ... that doesn't seem to matter.  The word will get out to those who are meant to find this expression.

1338 - When we do the work of consciousness ... we give up some level of control to participate in something far greater than ourselves.

1339 - You might say that I live my life by faith.  Not by a religious faith ... as I do not subscribe to any religion.  But, definitely by a spiritual faith.

1340 - What does it mean to be spiritual?  We are all spirit expressing in flesh already.  However, this is not sufficient to lead a spiritual life.  It takes something more.  It takes a commitment to consciousness.  It takes a commitment to expressing the unseen within us.  Even then, it may not be enough.  We need the grace of spirit to touch us ... to awaken us to whom that we are.

1341 - Awakening is a special process ... a personal process.  For me, the awakening experience seems to have been predestined.  Perhaps that is true for everyone.

1342 - There is no rushing what spirit has in store for us.  It will happen when it happens.

1343 - Awakening is meant to be a jolt to the system.  It is meant to wake us from our slumbers.  And indeed, the difference is as great as that between day and night.

1344 - When we awaken, it is as if the full light of spirit shines upon us.  Prior to this, there is an inward trickle that ties us to source.  It takes major self work to find this trickle and to develop it so that it increases to a stream of consciousness.

1345 - It is not for me to be concerned with the destination.  It is for me to do what I am moved to do when I am moved to do it.  It is for me to express what can be expressed through me.  It is for me to serve spirit by using the best that I AM in whatever way she moves me to do.

1346 - From day one, I have been part of an elaborate programming process.  This programming trained my mind to see things independently in ways that others do not seem to see.  This programming allowed higher functions to develop so that spirit could break through into expression.

 1347 - I am not one to see what things mean to others.  It is just not my way.  I am not one to memorize things.  That is just not how my mind works.

1348 - It is the transpersonal and the transcendental that interest me, not the personal.  That is not quite correct.  I am interested in how to make the transpersonal and the transcendental personal.

1349 - Why me?  Why am I so graced to be the scribe for spirit?  It's a mystery.  I am whom that I AM.

1350 - Writing is one of the main things that I am here to do.  And writing that comes forth from the deep well of consciousness is the most important writing that I can create.

1351 - Consciousness is ever on my mind.  She moves me to express and to do things ... generally things that are relevant to carrying out my mission in accordance with my destiny.

1352 - My life is borrowed from spirit.  It is to her that I owe my allegiance.  Yes, her.  I always experience spirit in the feminine tense.  That is just how it is for me.  I know that others do not experience her in this manner.

1353 - Spirit has all forms of expression.  It is for each of us to find the way that spirit speaks to us and through us.

1354 - We are the vessels through which spirit expresses in flesh.

1355 - I continue to speak, with a voice that is not my own ... yet is my own.  The source comes from deep within me.  It is of me yet is not contained by anything that I know to be me.  It is beyond all sense of the self that I know.  However, it clearly comes from within ... from inside of me.

1356 - In the course of ten years, we've seen close to 3000 pages x 350 words = 1 million words expressed.  When you look at it that way, it is quite impressive ... especially since this is a preoccupation rather than an occupation for me.

1357 - This (expression) is one of my few hobbies.  And, in a very real way it is more important than the work that I do.  This is my play.  Here is how I engage my mind and my creativity.  Here is where my home truly is.

1358 - Patience.  It seems that this is the keyword.  Our destiny cannot be forced.  It is something that is to be allowed.  It will occur when the time is right, not one moment sooner or later.

1359 - What if all of this is for my eyes only?  What does it tell us about consciousness?  What does it tell us about individual expression ... and the role of the individual in the larger scheme of things?

1360 - Here, I have a sense that I am doing what I am meant to do.   I can only go by the feeling that I have as I do it.  There is no objective means for assessing this?  That is OK.  What counts is our subjective reality anyway.

1361 - My destiny calls with a voice that is undeniable.  The voice comes forth from within ... as it always does for me.  Yet, in many ways the voice is silent.  It is an inner urging of what is right for me to do, an inner knowingness.

1362 - The time and place for action is here and now.  When we pay attention to what can be done in the moment, we find that the future takes care of itself.

1363 - Some say that we create our own destiny.  But, in my experience, we need to get out of our own way and allow our destiny to unfold as it will.

1364 - When we are following the path that is right for us, things click ... and the very forces of the universe are engaged in doing our bidding.

1365 - The superconscious is far beyond the conscious, and, in particular, far beyond objectivity and reason.  That is where the realm of awareness lies.  This is not an area where teaching is effective, at least not any teachings that I have encountered personally.

1366 - When will we realize that no way is the way?

1367 - There are many ways ... all of which lead to the same spirit.  No way is inherently better than any other.  It is for each of us to find the way or ways that work for us.

1368 - No regrets.  How do we live our lives so that we have no regrets?  One important thing is to leave nothing that needs to be done by us undone.

1369 - One of the benefits of this expression is the very fact that it creates something that did not exist before.  It is proof that I existed and experienced a given stream of consciousness.

1370 - Some people leave memories in the lives of the people with whom they interact.  That is not my way, or it has not been to date.  My way is to leave words.  They are my gift to the world ... or more correctly, spirits gift to the world through me.

1371 - This (expression) is what I choose to give my life to.  This is where I shine, where I touch something that is beyond me, and find a way to share what I discover.

1372 - What is expressed here is more than I am.  In some cases, it may even be more than I know.

1373 - My knowledge is limited ... but the sense is that my knowingness is far deeper.

1374 - My work environment seems to be providing exactly those conditions that I need in order to learn what I need to learn to be able to carry out my mission.  It has been doing this for some time.

1375 -  had thought that my work life and my spiritual life were separate.  However, it seems that this is not so at all.  My life is one integrated whole.  No part is isolated from any other part.

1376 - The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual are all intertwined and united within me.  It is all spirit, spirit in expression.  There is nothing else.

1377 - Life is best lived in the moment.  That doesn't mean that we shouldn't consider the consequences of our actions.  In fact, quite the contrary ... we are completely responsible.  The sooner that we realize this, the better that it is for everyone including ourselves.

1378 - I've never been much of a planner.  I take each day one day at a time.  I have no prioritized lists of things to do.  At work, I only have a vague idea of what I will do on any given day.  I allow each day to fill in whatever manner is appropriate.

1379 - I've never been much of one for structure.  Though, I am fairly set in my ways.  And, I believe what I believe strongly, even if I am open to changing beliefs swiftly and with strong conviction when I find that new beliefs serve better.

1380 - Life is about service ... service to self, service to family, service to society, and even service to the world.

1381 - It is through service that we encounter meaning in our lives.

1382 - It is not what we take that matters in the end, it is what we give.

1383 - It is important that we live our lives consistent with the directive to never take more than you give.  That is what creates true abundance in the world.  It is interesting that such a powerful economic principle could be stated so simply.

1384 - It is time to jump from the cliff of the known once again into the depths of the unknown.  I know the open arms of spirit await me ... as they always have before.  I'm excited by the possibilities that lie ahead and by the challenges.

1385 - This whole adventure that is life is about the greater and greater expression of spirit in flesh.  It is as if it has to be manifest, to be realized, for it to count.

1386 - We may dream and imagine many things.  But, until we make them real and manifest them physically ... they remain only dreams.

1387 - Creating the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh is the prime mission of the expression that is Beyond Imagination.  That is a lofty goal.  And to date, this is the expression of one, or at least of source expressing through one.

1388 - There is a destiny that calls, a destiny that I could not avoid even if I wanted to.  For me, it is a spiritual destiny.  And, as a spiritual being, I would not even consider denying that which I must do.

1389 - I feel an obligation to spirit.  For me, spirit is a source inside that animates us all.  It is not physical, though it expresses through us in the physical.  Then again, there is nothing save spirit.

1390 - Everything is spirit in expression.  Everything is thought congealed into forms of various types.  Everything is vibration, the word made flesh ... and number.

1391 - We get what we focus on.  If we want to make progress in any area of endeavor ... the way is simple, apply the best and the brightest and give them what they need to get the job done.  We will be amazed at how much progress is made when we do this.

1392 - In general, I don't allow external sources or circumstances to move me.  I find it relatively easy to stay calm regardless of what is going on.  My strength comes from within.

1393 - Unquestionably, I am an introvert ... and a fairly extreme one at that.  Overall, I am a very private person.  With the exception of this expression, I don't express a lot.

1394 - It is time to stretch again.  Once again, the world seems to be imposing a destiny on me.  I don't say that in any negative sense.  The sense is that this is how my abilities are honed, how my talents are drawn out and developed so that I can carry out the mission for which I came.

1395 - Everything in my life is there by design, is part of a grand plan being executed by consciousness.

1396 - I demand that I perform in a manner better than anyone has the right to expect.  In general, I find that I live up to my expectations and more ... primarily because it is not me doing everything; rather, it is spirit expressing through me.

1397 - It is amazing how much we can do when we allow spirit to work through us.

1398 - We are what we are in the moment.  What we have been is past.  It may impact the present, but it does not decide or dictate the present.  Actually, the present is also influenced by the future ... or the probable futures.  Yes, in a real sense, these already exist.  We just haven't experienced them yet.

1399 - At some level we know what is in store for us.  We are attracting everything into our lives.  We are cooperating with others and co-creating scenes and acts that we intend to play out in our lives.  We create our own reality ... every aspect of it.

1400 - We are responsible for it all, for everything that we experience.  There is nothing for us to blame for anything except ourselves.  And then, it is not clear that blame applies either.  What happens, happens.  It is for us to learn from this and adjust our beliefs and actions to see different results in our experience.

1401 - Yes, I believe in que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be.  In some respects that makes me a fatalist.  But, I'm a fatalist in a positive sense.  I believe that there is a spiritual plan involving the evolution of consciousness and the greater and greater expression of spirit in flesh.  We are all part of that plan.  No, we are not pawns being moved on a chessboard.  Rather, we are active participants in the game of life.

1402 - Destiny.  This is what drives us to be whom that we are, and to do what we are meant to do.

1403 - I have said before that I came to fulfill a spiritual destiny, and a grand one at that.  I am here as a world server to help create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  Yes, that is grandiose of me to think in such terms.  But, someone has to take responsibility to change the world.  If not me, whom?  If not now, when?

1404 - There is a grand plan of consciousness.  Each of us has a spiritual destiny.  Everything that happens does so for a reason.

1405 - Everything that happens is drawn into our lives by us ... in particular by our beliefs.

1406 - I am meant to be a wayshower.  My life is a gift to the world, much as this expression is.

1407 - There are many things that I do that others do not seem to do.  This very expression is one of those things.  Why is it so important to capture this stream of consciousness?  And, why am I moved to share this expression in the manner that I do?  Since the beginning it has seemed that it was not mine alone.

1408 - Do I truly see what no one else can see?  The sense is that yes, indeed I do.  Does that make me crazy?  Perhaps it does, at least a bit.  I definitely operate outside of any norms that seem to exist.

1409 - Destiny ... yes, there is a grand plan of consciousness unfolding not only in each of our lives, but en masse in the life of the world.

1410 - I have to believe that there is an intelligence behind all expression, behind all life.  Life just does not make any sense otherwise.  And, for me anyway, life must make sense.  That doesn't mean it can't have any unknowns or can't present its share of challenges.

1411 - Life is a voyage of discovery ... in particular, discovery of the realm of consciousness.  It is amazing when we see life as the expression of spirit that it is.

1412 - It is in spirits arms that I am embraced.  It is through her grace that I am given the life that I live.

1413 - I am grateful for all of this.  Here is where I am free to open myself to the voice of spirit as she would express through me.

1414 - Who am I?  What is it that I want?  These two questions lead to very different lifestyles.  It seems that many more people are focused on the later question than on the former.  My life has clearly focused on the former.  And, now that I have uncovered part of that, the next question is what can I do and even more importantly, how can I serve.

1415 - Service is everything!  In the end, it is what we have given of ourselves in service that truly matters.  This is what distinguishes us.

1416 - Why numbers?  Why does the universe speak to me in this manner?  Perhaps it is because this is the language that I happen to understand, that is, if you could call what I come up with understanding.  I find what I am moved to find.  I allow consciousness via my intuition to lead me where she will.

1417 - That is how it works when you delve into the unknown.  You venture in where few else have ventured, and you bring back and share whatsoever you find.  Since there a few to no maps of the territory, you have to count on the very order of the universe to be such that you won't be thrown in over your head.

1418 - Being out of control can be scary.  Especially, when it involves the mind being out of control.

1419 - This expression is my legacy.  It is one of the main gifts that I offer to the world.  Is it worthy of the worlds attention?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  Though, I sincerely believe that it is.  I must believe that all of this is coming forth for a reason.  All of this is meant to be of service somehow.

1420 - What matters is the moment, and what we do with that moment.  The past is gone, the future will be what it is.  But, right now, we have the opportunity for greatness.  It is the choices that we make in the moment that determine whether we succeed in achieving this or not.

1421 - There is a saying that opportunity only knocks once.  We want to make sure that we are awake when it knocks so that we can open the door and invite it in.  We must be vigilant.  We must be ready.  But, we also must be patient.  This is not something that can be rushed.

1422 - Life will unfold as it is meant to unfold.  Spirit has a plan for the expression of spirit in flesh.  This covers both individual and collective expression.  The smaller plans fit within the context of a grand plan.

1423 - Part of our challenge is to find our place in the world and then to operate there as well as we can.  Another major challenge is to discover whom that we are, and then to be that and express that to the best of our ability.  This later challenge is a particularly difficult one.  This is not something that is taught in school ... at least not in any traditional schools of which I am aware.

1424 - Know thyself has been a prime directive for some time.  So, why haven't more of us been moved to do what it takes to achieve this?  Perhaps we have, only in our own way.  Further, we have to the degree that we could for the times.

1425 - Multiple messages in multiple contexts confirming one another.  That is how meaning comes into my life.  I am moved to make connections and transformations intuitively.  I've been doing this since 1993.  Yes, I have added some techniques from astrology, numerology, and tarot to my processes.  But, it is the intuitive connections where the most meaning gets revealed.

1426 - It is tough learning a new language when there is no framework for comparison.  Yet, somehow, somewhere there must be others who speak as I do, and who see as I do.  At some point, perhaps I will meet them.  If this is in the plan, indeed it will happen.  If not, life will unfold as it will.

1427 - How many have awakened?  Thoreau spoke of 1 in a million being aware enough for effective intellectual exertion ... and 1 in a 100 million being aware enough for a divine or poetic life.  These are small numbers.  That is 300 people in the U.S. and 6000 people in the world  for the first criteria, and 3 in the U.S. and 60 in the world for the second criteria.  Can there really be so few?

1428 - We are all special and unique.  It is for us to learn in what ways, and to express that in ways that make a difference.

1429 - In the end, that is the measure of our lives ... what difference did we make for whom.  And, was the difference truly worthy of us having lived?  That is ultimately the question that we need to answer.  That is the ultimate criteria by which we will be judged.  The bigger the difference the better, but we want to make sure that this is a beneficial impact.

1430 - What is it that makes me able to write in this manner?  From where does the material for this expression come forth?  The only answer I can give is from the inner reaches of my consciousness ... from the very depth of my being.

1431 - We all live in a world of our own making, and our own meaning.  For some of us, this may be more elaborately constructed than for others.  That is OK, there is nothing saying that this should be the same for all of us.  The universe seems to thrive on differences and diversity.  Yet, we often forget how incredibly similar we are.

1432 - This expression does not have a purpose, other than to allow spirit to express in flesh.  There is no motive.  There is nothing that I am trying to sell.  There is nothing that I am trying to convince anyone of.  I simply express for the sheer joy of expression, for the fulfillment that comes in creatively expressing in this manner.

1433 - My hope is that what is expressed here will somehow have world import.  My fear is that it won't, that it will somehow fall short of the mark that it could achieve.  Yet, all that I can do is my best.

1434 - That is what my life is about ... expressing what spirit would express though me.  Most of that is captured in words, but that is not enough.  I must live the words.  I must demonstrate the words via the actions I take in my life.

1435 - Words without deeds to back them are as sand blowing in the wind.

1436 - Some rules in the game of life are like that, they have limited applicability.  Part of the challenge is for us to figure out which rules apply to us and which don't.  This requires keen powers of observation on our part.  Awareness helps as well.

1437 - There is a sense that I will always be dissatisfied with my life to some degree.  Out of the dissatisfaction comes the impetus to excel and to search for what is missing in my life.  So long as there is an unknown ... there will always be something missing for me.

1438 - This expression has been a solitary work ... that is, unless you consider spirit as something that is distinct from whom that I AM.  It amazes me that all of this could come forth through one person on a part time basis.  It definitely provides a sample of what is possible.

1439 - Doing what is ours to do is a sacred obligation that we all have ... whether we accept this or not.  It helps if we accept this obligation willingly.  However, we will experience the obligation regardless.

1440 - Life is a special gift ... a gift from spirit to us.  It is for us to find a way to use this gift in a way that serves others, our society, and our world.  It is for us to give the gift of ourselves.  That is the most precious gift that we can give.

1441 - Probably the most important question that we can ask is how can we serve?

1442 - If we don't test our limits, how do we know what we can do?  Limitations are self-imposed.  If we want to get beyond our limits, first we must find them and realize that they are of our own making.  When we do so, we will be amazed at what we can accomplish.

1443 - Each of our lives unfold into a patchwork quilt full of interconnectivity.

1444 - We are extremely powerful creatures, far more powerful than any among us has yet imagined.  Collectively, we have a power that is awesome.  The key is to find ways to harness it for the collective good.  This is easier to say than to do.

1445 - Getting people to work together effectively is a large challenge.  We don't have enough of a history of attempting to do this to really know what works and what doesn't.

1446 - This country prides itself on individual freedom.  However, to get collective benefits, individuals must choose to relinquish part of their independence to create cooperatively interdependent enterprises.  At first, small groups cooperating interdependently may be sufficient.  Eventually this needs to grow to larger and larger groups.

1447 - We have what it takes to create new organizations for collective expression.  However, we must be open to doing so.  It will not happen unless we so choose.

1448 - Everything I have learned and experienced points to the manifestation of ever increasing complexity in the systems of the world.  There is some reason that I have trained to become a systems engineer.  Understanding complex systems is what I do.  The techniques that I use in my work apply here in my attempts to explore and understand the nature of consciousness and of reality creation.

1449 - I have always had the luxury of being able to define my own job.  There is great freedom in this.  Further, there is great opportunity to learn, in particular, to learn what we are capable of.

1450 - I am grateful for all that I have been given, the talents and abilities, and the opportunities.  I feel an obligation to use these gifts to serve somehow ... to serve spirit, to serve society, and to serve my world.  I take this obligation freely.  It is not imposed on me by anyone else.  It is imposed from within.  Actually imposed is not quite right.  Rather, it is freely chosen.

1451 - Do all of us have a mission, a purpose for which we came?  My sense is yes, at least for any who have reached the point of reading this.  We will know when we are doing what we are meant to do by how engaged we are and how happy we are when we are doing it.

1452 - Life is meant to be a journey, an adventure.

1453 - We are artists meant to create a masterpiece of our lives.  Our primary tools are our beliefs.  With these, we fashion the reality that we experience.  We have been doing this all of our lives.  And, we will continue doing this so long as we walk the earth.

1454 - We are the creators of our reality.  We are the masters of our fate.  We are the vehicles through which spirit expresses in flesh.  We are spirit incarnate.  As such, first we are spirit ... then we experience an incarnation.  It is not a matter of the evolution of the physical to the spiritual.  Everything is already spirit.

1455 - Where do we get the courage to boldly go where no man has gone before?  What allows us to face each day with everything that we have and more?  How do we live in a manner that maximizes the positive impact that we have on the world?

1456 - So long as we are dissatisfied with the way our life is unfolding ... it is a sure sign that something is wrong.  This should be a challenge for us to try something new.  That is always the way to improve any situation that we face ... try something new.

1457 - You might say that I live and breathe words.  For nearly 20 years, I consumed them in great volume.  Since 1993, I have generated them more than I consumed them.  Actually that is not quite right, as I am the chief consumer of all that flows through me.

1458 - The spoken word can move me deeply ... especially when it is done artfully.  However, the written word is my primary means of expression.

1459 - There is a unknown force that I call source that expresses here.  There is something powerful about touching the unknown and giving it voice.  There is also something addicting about it. How do I know that in the end it will be worth the effort?  That is not a fair question for creative expression.  It is always worth the effort.

1460 - When we live a life of spirit, we go beyond personal responsibility ... we enter a realm where our lives become a very part of the ONE consciousness.  Our life becomes the very life of the universe.  We resonate with the chord that is ours to play.  Until we find it, it is a lost chord.

1461 - Everything is vibration.  Everything is the word made flesh.  We are the players of the song of our lives.  That song is unique for each of us.

1462 - Awareness, allowance, and acceptance ... these are the keys to living a spiritual life.

1463 - Actually, the destination is not important ... it is the journey that is everything.  It always has been.  We begin to truly live our lives at the moment that we realize this. 


1464 - I have no evidence that others see things in the way that I do.  If fact, everything that I have seen suggests that my experience of reality is unique.  Though, it seems that this is something true for all of us.  

1465 - How can I give any credence to something such as astrology?  Because I have found that the intuitive arts and sciences have value and are able to provide useful information.  Utility is the only measure of value for any discipline.

1466 - Astrology is a discipline.  It is a systematic way of interpreting meaning embodied in an elaborate symbol system.  It works because there is meaning to be found within the symbol system of the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and transits.

1467 - Change is a natural part of life.  Sometimes it is evolutionary, sometimes revolutionary.  In either case, it is what it needs to be and it occurs at the pace that is necessary to allow us to experience what we need to experience and to become who we are meant to become.

1468 - Each of us take on change to the degree that we can and to the degree that is necessary for our lives to unfold in accord with the plan of consciousness.  This plan has a destiny in store for us.  There is a role that we came to play.  Actually, several roles in various areas of our lives.

1469 - Generally, the very fact that I am moved to ask a question means that it is time to know the answer.  Questions and answers are one of the primary tools that we have for discovering things about our world.

1470 - My brain chemistry is different than that of most others.  Enough different that I experience reality differently.  I consider bipolar to be a feature of how my mind functions.  For some, it seems that it can be a curse.

1471 - For many, bipolar disorder is debilitating.  It involves cycles of depression followed by periods of mania that are out of control to the point where behavior is destructive.  In my case, my consciousness goes from lightly soaring to reaching grand heights.

1472 - The source (of this expression) seems to be an ancient one, able to express a timeless wisdom in its own way.  Some of it is related to things that I have studied and learned ... but much of it seems to go beyond this.

1473 - The known, the unknown, and the unknowable are all domains in which we all play ... some much more than others.

1474 - Beliefs are another domain in which we play.  They are the playground for reality creation.  We are free to believe whatsoever we will.  What we believe will attract what we experience.  That is how reality creation works.  What we believe not only colors what we experience, it literally creates it.

1475 - It would be nice if my spiritual work and my occupation could somehow align and become one.  Whether that will happen and when it might happen are still unknown.  It will if it is meant to happen.

1476 - Life unfolds exactly as it needs to.  It makes it easier if we are open to it and allow it to unfold naturally.  Though, it is perfectly OK for us to actively assist in the unfoldment as well.

1477 - I have an inner need for my life to have meaning on a massive scale, and to have world import as well.  Yes, this is grandiose thinking.  However, there is a sense that we are all destined for greatness in some way.

1478 - There is a reason you are in the job that you currently occupy.  It is a training ground to develop the skills you need to perform your mission.  Everything in my reality is there for a reason.  This is true for everyone ... I am not special in that regard.

1479 - There has always been a sense that I am safe somehow, that I wouldn't draw anything into my life beyond what I am ready to deal with. That doesn't mean that I won't have my share of challenges.  These are what draw out the best in us and show us whom that we truly are.

1480 - The fiscal year end was significant somehow.  It suggests that one phase is over and a new phase has started.  I don't feel as compelled to express daily in the manner that I have thus far this year.  It seems that it is time to do something new and different.  I don't know exactly what it is yet, but continuing to do what I have been doing does not seem right somehow.

1481 - Every moment is precious.  Every moment is an opportunity to excel, to express spirit in a bold new way.  However, to do this, we must be the best that we can be ... no holding back.

1482 - This expression is special, enough so that it is meant to be shared somehow.  With whom, and with how many is not for me to determine.

1483 - The power of synergy has the potential to magnify what spirit is able to do through us many fold.  However, this power will not be unleashed unless we do what it takes to find ways to work with others.

1484 - This expression is the greatest gift that spirit could possibly grant to me.  It is here that I learn of my own true nature, the nature of reality, and the nature of spirit.  Here, I have become aware that I was more than I knew myself to be ... in fact, far more.

1485 - Spirit having a physical experience.  That is what we are.  We have always been thus.  It is a matter of realizing this and acting in accord with this.  When we do, our life clicks.  We are doing what we are meant to do.  We are being whom that we are meant to be.  This is how our life is meant to be lived.

1486 - We will know when our life is being lived on purpose ... when we are being true to the highest ideal of ourselves.

1487 - There needs to be an exchange of energy and the initiation of cooperative endeavors.  Sharing is a two way exchange when it is operating at its finest.  Everyone has something to contribute.  It is a matter of being open to what each can express.

1488 - I have chosen to live a life of spirit.  In doing so, many possibilities were opened ... however, many other possibilities were closed.  The good news is that those that were opened far outweigh any that were closed in any manner that truly matters.

1489 - When we live a life of spirit, we enlist the forces of the universe to do our bidding.  The process is very powerful.

1490 - There is something about spontaneous creative expression that is extremely special.

1491 - Each of us has a spark of spirit inside of us.  This spark is part of us ... but, it is also part of all that is, part of spirit herself.

1492 - No matter what I do, no matter how much comes through ... I know that there is always something greater, something more that I can do ... something grander that I can express and create.  There is no stopping until the foundations for a new world have been established.

1493 - There is something intriguing about the hermit.  My domain is the high country of spirit.  I fancy myself being wise beyond my years and having tapped a source of spirit deep within myself.  Because of this, I have something to share with the world ... or, more precisely, spirit has something to share through me with the world.

1494 - We can achieve anything that we set our minds and hearts to ... provided that this resonates with our spiritual mission.

1495 - This is one of the lessons that I learned early in grade school, so early that I don't remember exactly when.  One of my teachers told me that I could do anything that I applied my mind to.  I believed this, and as a result achieved a lot in my life.

1496 - One area that I have rejected however is goals.  With rare exception, I don't set goals or apply my efforts in a manner to achieve goals.

1497 - It is always enough to do our best at whatever we are moved to do.  In doing so, we are literally being our best.  This is all that spirit ever asks of us ... be all that you can be.

1498 - There is much that we can do.  However, time is a precious resource.  We need to make a conscious effort at managing our time.  The goal is to accomplish what we came into this existence to do ... and to enjoy the process while we are doing it.

1499 - We need to live our life on purpose.  We will know when we are doing what we are here to do by how we feel inside.  There is a part of us that knows.  We simply have to find it and listen to what it has to tell us.  That takes some quiet time.  This is something many find difficult to deal with.

1500 - What we do with our life is the gift that we bestow on the world.  It is for us to make this the grand gift that it can be.  This requires doing things that make a difference.  It is for us to seek these out, especially those that require our unique abilities.

1501 - There is a deep knowingness that I am ready to embark on what constitutes a new life in many ways.  Even as I write this, there is a gnawing sense that it is true even if I don't know any of the details yet.

1502 - Each year provides an opportunity for expressing anew.  Actually, this is true of each moment.  Though, years are divided as they are for reasons as well.

1503 - If these are truly products of my mind ... then the mind is truly a mystery that we may never even begin to fathom.  Whether it is mind that is the mystery, or spirit that is the mystery really matters not.  In the end, it is the same.

1504 - My life belongs to the universe ... to spirit.  It is for me to freely give of whom that I AM in service.

1505 - There is a sense that I have been reborn in spirit somehow, that I am more than I have ever been.  There is also less of a sense of urgency.  Things are unfolding exactly as they are meant to unfold.

1506 - Can I accept being whom that I am?  Can I accept that what I have done to date is enough?  Can I accept that I have been carrying out my mission perfectly ever since I was born ... and perhaps long before that?  These things are a bit hard to accept.  However, that doesn't make them any less true.

1507 - How do I live in a manner that makes a difference in the world?  Yes, it is important that I find a way to use my talents, to use all that I AM to make a difference of world import.  What is it that I am willing to give up for this?  The answer that comes to mind is my whole life.  That is what my life is all about.  I have chosen to live a life of spirit.  There is no sacrifice involved.  However, there is a choice.

1508 - Focus is extremely important.  It is as if there are only so many resources.  Yet, I know that this works much as the base current in a transistor.  We provide the small base current that controls a far greater current that flows from spirit to do works far greater than we alone could accomplish.

1509 - Spirit does not waste effort.  Each thing in our background is there because it needs to be.  Each thing has its utility.  Each thing provides its lessons and its challenges.

1510 - It is from overcoming challenges that we find out strengths, and our weaknesses.  However, this only happens if we pay attention and observe what we do and how we do it, and evaluate how well we do various things.

1511 - It is for us to realize where our limits are ... and then to understand that the limits are always self-imposed.

1512 - The mind can be a difficult thing to fathom.  And, consciousness, is even more mysterious.  Yet, it is the very mystery that is the attractive force.  Then again, perhaps that is because one of my missions involves being an explorer of consciousness.  This is one of the few domains truly worthy of all that I have to offer.

1513 - Being aware is a very developed faculty of consciousness.  We are all aware, but it seems that some are far more aware than others.  That is to be expected.  Awareness is a tool of consciousness.  It is more developed and more refined than most of the processes of the mind.

1514 - The body is a house for the brain, the brain is a house for the mind, the mind is a house for consciousness, consciousness is a house for spirit.

1515 - On the evolutionary ladder, that makes the expression of spirit through consciousness one of the most powerful things that we can do in flesh.

1516 - The sense is that it must be manifest in flesh or it does not count.  We can dream of many things.  But, it takes commitment, focus, and dedication to realize them.  These involve a choice of how we expend our time, our energy, and ourselves.

1517 - The expression is always a pleasant surprise to me.  It challenges what I know.  It stretches the boundary of the container that I know myself to be.

1518 - As a newborn butterfly, I would have everything that I need to spread my wings and fly into the world.  As a newborn babe, however, there would be a period of time for growth ... and for developing my inborn abilities so that I could use them effectively.

1519 - That is where I will have my ultimate impact, on those whose lives that I have touched.  I may not even know who these people are ... just as many authors know not whose lives are impacted by their works.  That is one of the difficulties of written expression.

1520 - Why do people feel that they can indiscriminately broadcast unsolicited e-mail to others?  There ought to be a law against it.  Or, perhaps there ought to be a postage charge on all such e-mail.  If people had to pay even 25 cents per e-mail, they might be far more selective about who they solicit ... and ultimately whose time they waste.  Actually, it is more than just time, it is effectively denial of service.

1521 - I speak from a space of knowingness that by all rights seems that it should not exist.  How is it that I know what I know?  This is especially interesting given that much that I know is beyond what I have learned in this existence.  How can this be?  It seems that some of what we know is inherited ... especially when it comes to awareness and spiritual expression.

1522 - What makes my obsession with my abilities and my mission any different that that of John Nash as depicted in the movie A Beautiful Mind?  No, I don't have schizophrenia ... and, as far as I know, I don't see people that are not really there.  However, I found the movie fascinating.  It is curious that someone so brilliant would have such a disorder, one that he ultimately had to come to terms with and live with

1523 - What is a mental disorder after all?  It is the brain functioning in a manner that is not normal.  In most cases, this occurs to the point of not being able to function effectively in the world.  Out of 44 years, I have roughly 6 months of experience of not being able to function effectively.   That is about 1.1% of my life.  If we count from age 35, it is 6 months out of 10 years or 5% of the time.  That is a significant percentage of time.

1524 - We must allow what is to unfold to do so in its own timing.  Struggling to try to make it happen faster simply doesn't work.

1525 - Remember, it is not us doing the work ... it is spirit doing the work through us.  That doesn't mean that we don't have to do our part.  After all, that is how spirit does its work, through us.

1526 - We need to accept what life brings.  However, that doesn't mean that we can't take action to change it if we are so moved.  We create our reality.  What life brings is what we manifest in that reality.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, much of this happens subconsciously, behind the scenes.

1527 - I'm accustomed to sharing without direct feedback.  It seems that there are many things that I do both at work and in this expression that are like this.  Getting others to actively participate and provide feedback has been difficult to do.  That doesn't mean that it won't happen.  It just hasn't happened very much thus far.

1528 - What I can do, so can others do. Yes, I have gifts and talents that make me special.  But this is true of all of us.  There is always some way to live a life of service ... to ourselves, to our families, to our communities, and to our world.Type your paragraph here.