BISPIRIT = Beyond Imagination SPIRIT

​​I’m a Metaphysician and World Transformer

I've managed my own creative team within me to create high quality metaphysical content at a pace that is Beyond Belief.   Though, it is all a labor of LOVE.  Such is the secret to all GREAT WORKS


- Served as an instrument through which SPIRIT brought forth over 10 million words including nine self-published books and over 41 additional works.  
- My team consists of me alone ... or of me alone with SPIRIT. I do not claim these works as my own. Yes, they would not exist without ME, however, this is even more so of SPIRIT
- Often "for your eyes only" is expressed. I have begun to believe that this is indeed true along with all of the ramifications that go with it ... including that SPIRIT would go so far as to create such an experience for one person. Yet my reality does indeed attest to that


Quick Facts

In-truth, there can be no separation.  However, it is a matter of awakening and staying awake to bring us to a place where we can realize this..  I believe my works can take you there

We should work together. Contact me if you are moved by anything at this site

I believe in the power of the written word. I've seen it transform lives first hand.  As a kid, I could not get enough Sci-Fi.  In 1972, that evolved to a PASSION for metaphysical books.  22 years later, that became a PASSION for metaphysical expression, primarily musings through me.  That has remained true to date with the exception of the generation of over two dozen picture quotes works.

February 1992 - Present


About Me

Big Picture Thinker

My technical degree and subsequent experience allows me to earn my living as a System Engineer.  Lately, I have realized that the step from applying my knowledge of systems in the workplace to metaphysical systems is not a major leap

I excel at seeing how parts fit together and function as a wholeThis involves adopting perspectives that allow me to see what others do not see, and make connections.

System of Systems Engineer


Age: 58
HOMETOWN:Grants Pass, OR
DEGREE: MS, Stanford - 1984
FAVORITE WRITERS: Seth, Neale Donald Walsch, Plato, Millman, Thoreau, Emerson

Yes, it is audacious of us to believe that.  But, so we believe anyway.

My indepth personal study of metaphysics began in 1972 and continues to this day. That is 44 years of unsupervised study specializing in the spiritual meaning of numbers, ONENESS, and everything being digital, composed of 1's and 0's. In the past two weeks, my perspective has shifted dramatically. I realized that all of the numbers and things that we can build with 1's and 0's are only approximations of the real and the transcendental. Ultimately 1's and 0's are limited to the countably infinite. Mathematicians have shown us that there is so much more than this. Indeed, the transcendental numbers alone are a larger group,.